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Incest with daughter(2015-03)

And dad ...

yuna himekawa[3853]
How do you do? I am a high school sophomore daughter.
I would like to talk during this time of the event.
I'm likes to masturbation hidden in the living room have a family.
I went to the living as usual also that day.
That day was on only father. I was a masturbation by suppressing the voice so as not Barre. Father of the bath up was watching TV with a single pants.
I've been masturbating while watching it fell to sideways ○ chin.
was also I have said twice excitedly.
In order to show off the pants in that after his father, by pushing up the ass on all fours in front of the TV, it was showing off.
Then, my father to come Not a close,
father \"I have made ​​a stain on pants. What was that?\"
I \"(Let How Bale Teru ....)\"
Father \"How did you?\"
And I \"(honestly) horny ether. The tried saying it because I saw pants
appearance, \"\" me touch?
\". Then, Mimomi from top of the pants. \"'ll Hand wet, even from the top of the pants\" father I was more excited about the words. Then, it was further excited to feel like being seen father \"I have seen naughty figure also announcer\" by the TV news. Was touch the pussy to put your hands from behind in the chest and pants. Then, it went up to suddenly upstairs. Extra excitement is said to be to bring anymore ended kana ... Toka I thought to have a hidden though was my room of Ma and father \"'ll know you are using either. Hidden trying to use this,\" and in embarrassment was. I \"pants string Hodoite. Look at my precious.\" Solved the pants of string, are spread your feet on the M-shaped, I was cunnilingus. It was still but is father \"delicious\". Father \"I have chestnut-chan erection.\" \"I anything to if for dad,\" I will be out is put finger in the pussy while said father \"Anyway tide blowing Morao will kana\" Here Ma appeared. When are much continues to rely on strength, my father is said to be saying \"will Fukasa tide in Ma to dad from now\", I \"embarrassed by\" father \"I stop and do not say? Alright to stop?\" it is said, was I have said. Father, \"we were able to well.\" And was Fukasa lot while alive. Then in a chair to take the string was tied at the M-regime. While devoted to Ma in chestnut-chan, was rubbed the chest. Went to because it was just, it was Fukasa second tide immediately. Was the stain and Bound remains Blow. It was me solving the string. I \"is the meat urinal dad\" father \"I can not stand. The putting over\" I \"Looks nympho in etch\" father \"today because there is no rubber to useless. Instead here.\" Be extended anal me \"Anal Masturbation penis inserted into okay \"father\"'ll put \"I\" Un~tsu \"anal from ether. Father \"out likely a face you have patience is cute,\" \"a I dedicated meat urinal\" I \"Na want brother of Ochi ○ chin also.\" It is said the father, \"Do not be satisfied with mine?\", The piston is violently, I that is pressed against the chestnut-chan Ma \"to make for more horny it? (me or you?)\" father \"Yeah. Ikuzo.'ll get in among.\" ejaculation anal. From it, ordinary I am sent a day-to-day. Or will the What was the overnight that is. I was very excited. Thank you for reading at length! Was high school experience of sophomore One day (*'∀)

\"Secret widow of sister-in-law and daughter\"


In large tsunami brother unprecedented, while helping to escape late people, died. (From their important family, and Nante save the other stupid elderly people ... why, I did not Hottokenai!?)
And, I was a frustrating think. At a later date, in the story I heard, old people, without the escape attempt, single-mindedly the old man who had remained in the house, apparently brother was rescued hard. Some people apologize and \"I'm sorry ...\", \"Why, helped on here\" There were some people who said hysterical to complain. Brother of the house, luckily, was not caught up in the tsunami, one year after the tsunami, was supposed to be to live and go to Karizumai. The pun, I, because I had been living alone in Yokohama, damage was little. After one anniversary of brother has finished, from brother of bride, in opportunity and that got your letter, my life has changed. Instead of his brother, it was testament to that I want you to look after. At first, but there was hesitation, to know the secrets of the daughter-in-law and daughter brother has left, I remember startle was of a still. Then two years ago, two people daughter-in-law and daughter, Yokohama suburb from Karizumai (leaving the house, as the house was left behind brother, as my summer resort, sister of the bride is sometimes decided to get to come to cleaning) move And then, with me was living alone and I live in another My Home. On the inner of the parents, but to get married by saying not raise Expressions because brother of wills, as not say complain, I keep stabbing nails. Is to have away from Miyagi Prefecture, from the neighborhood, only invisible family with two couples and a daughter. Me and sister-in-law, sex of me and Yoshimusume is, began in this way.

Of premature ejaculation phimosis Papa

Papa has been finally back home. I was directly down the pants at the door. The cock is retracted and the cute perfectly round sphere is projecting horizontally is, today morning, has become what is now the form is not fit to the body so I went to work with induce vomiting my Shirowata pants I know well whether. A little plain of white-ish transformation and Daddy foil. But Papa body line than the poor woman if you look only lower body if not stomach even out at all by thin is beautiful. Was muzzles and experience the smell and softness of the dick in the face by Hozuri the penis from the top of such pants. The Attakaku to you for some reason always good smell. The scissors your dick in lips, was Dari buy the smell of pants and slide the top of the pants. A If you are allowed to was straight upright brackets Papa, I was attacked lower body of dad is wearing a knee. Was rubbing ass in both the palm wrapped in my soft pants Turn the hand in the ass when you are buried my face in penis. Penis was becoming hard. And I like to play the cock of the dad in the face, but the massage is soon using their hands. Trace the big longer penis from the top of the pants and rub soft. The cock of the small because erect Papa will likely out of the Toko pants belly is because my pants. Rub the soft my cotton pants of Papa Tama wrapped from the top of the pants the ball in the palm of the hand, of the same time erect penis of surface and skin and pants'll rub as friction, of Papa in the pants penis became hard to tick. The irresistibly became Papa was a gesture, such as shake lightly the hips sticking out penis of remains yes still pants by Mozomozo is not the lower body while upright. Papa is soon fired when this happens. While you are rubbing the ball-and-stick while wearing my wear Shirowata bread stale, sometimes when pulling the pants of penis side and ass side up'll give you a lift of strengthening the ball and stick More seems feels good. Ass hole I also give to Hoji~tsu from the top of the pants. It was only the pants took off brackets, but was to bare the cock of Bing is down the stretch pants. From the body of the left upright and I feel penis protrudes. This is the cock of Bing has become considerably comfortably in rubbing cotton pants have left over is skin to feel, but like the cock of the dad was reluctant apex lips. Pink's head will to direct all beginning to see open ahead of such wearing skins you have at hand a cock daddy is closed as a pointed lips and down the skin towards the ball is. It is a good daddy shake wiggle hips attitude of feeling good upright in rubbing pants but, hip shaking is faster when I'll peel the cock of phimosis. Grasp the cock as it is, you can massage the ball with the other and chewy wiggle of hip shaking and in my one hand, you or tracing the hole in the ass at your fingertips. Pink glans becomes large hard, Dad and I is called would come out anymore. When chewy, skin has repeatedly or peeled or suffered. Among When fired to become likely After you have pulled down towards the fullest Tama to strengthen the skin'll be exposed to the outside be different from the everyday to fully open the pink glans it in like a pleasant only when I'll put it in the mouth daddy of mouth I've fired a lot. My wet wet and I'll let fired is always intact, only to not dad once is neglect I would be taking a bath as it is.