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Incest with daughter(2016-08)

Father 46-year-old and a secret relationship

yuna himekawa[6040]
Four families, brother high school students 18 years of age, the mother 46-year-old
to the celebration of the 20-year-old father, I harbored at the hotel asked the father from
hope, had been asked to the body of the woman.
 Yesterday, I go out a little before noon, in the promise of the Father and the meeting
after lunch in the restaurant alone, in the kill time until the meeting
looking at the clock 1 hour ago, the father of cars waiting at the meeting place
in, immediately the passenger seat ride to the hotel on

a bed in a hotel room
, \"Dad, wanted to\"
overlap on my on, Deipukisu, gradually decreases with Sucking nipples
-out, feels good at rolling with the tongue
-sucking \"Anne ... dad useless over - \"
father of favorite tits, stimulated the well Sucking rubbed been nipple
is, it just would have been wet

I\" are already so wet, \"
the father opened there tongue Hawase, chestnut-chan also a stimulation in the tongue
\" an ... A'a' ... dad \"
father of the array also raised by example mouth ahead and it becomes want
\" Dad, hey want ... fast ... \"
to the father of it is amazing hard,
\" What do you want kana? say look \"properly
\" put Dad ... \"
is Stop playing cat and mouse, I'm being made ​​to say the ....
\"And I do not put not say\"
\"The want to ..., father of ... put\"
\"Do so, I want to do ... but wayward daughter\"
\"Ugh broken Oh Tsu amazing ... dad hard ... so \"
it is ... the\" good interference, more Ikuzo, sky \"
normal position me in is like, my father is great movement above, Deipukisu
pushed up while the,
\" Oh I feel good, \"
\" Dad I also ... more ... to \"
\" Oh I say, ... I'm \"in the Rare
feel really is the uterus to violently move my father,
\" put out Dad, \"
\" Ikuzo \"
amazing hot stimulation to the uterus feeling, clinging to his father also strongly skin
feel my father in close contact has been inserted all the way, while
the overlap and I do not move, the father of breath had disturbed. Inserted remains
rest, the father is restored in me, it is now left unplug from behind
or would blame that contained the perhaps semen, as sweet as a nut all the way
I had to sound each time of movement of the father has been inserted.

Again and again the father challenged, I also included the nipple to his father and charmed
\"by father nice\"
not rubbed sucking tits to his father, had been hugging each other in bed.
Today I get to class in the afternoon. There are still still lingering in the body.

Kobe night

I am 48 years old, blessed with my wife and three children, and live happily. The children are the eldest daughter, the eldest son, and the second daughter Sakiyoshi (14 years old) in the third year of junior high school. All three have good grades and grew up obediently, so they are proud children. Among them, the youngest child, Sakura, is a young girl, but she is a beautiful girl who is told by a colleague at the company that "Sakira is cute enough to be an idol." The other day, I went to Kobe for a one-night, two-day trip with my second daughter, Sakura, during the autumn holidays. I used to go on a trip with my family, but my eldest daughter went on to college and lived alone, and my eldest son was busy with club activities. Looking at the hotel room about Kobe, I and Sakura lost their words. It was just before the holidays, so I chose from the few hotels that could be booked, but the room I heard was semi-double was just a single room, which was smaller than the standard. The bathroom is small, and the bathroom is as large as you can take a shower. Saki is also a middle 3 though she is still young. I think I was reluctant to stay with my dad in a room like this, but he said , "Okay, dad. The room just sleeps." My child is a good daughter. That night, I ate at a hotel restaurant near Kobe Harborland. Sakiyoshi was also impressed by the atmosphere and the French cuisine he had eaten for the first time at a famous restaurant.The surroundings were all rich old couples and couples of beautiful men and women, but among them, Sakura's beautiful girl who wore a special dress stood out. A handsome man who seems to be in his early twenties was also glancing at Sakura, and the waiter said, "I envy my father to be able to eat with such a wonderful daughter." .. Saki was a little proud of being praised by everyone. When I returned to the hotel, the reality was waiting again. Looking over the small room , Sakura said, "I was in a very nice hotel until a while ago." Sakura seemed a little sad and felt guilty. Drunk with wine, I lay down on a small bed in a small room. "Dad, are you going to sleep? Sakira, I'm going to take a bath. Get up properly later." I was drowsy while listening to Sakira's voice. After a while, I woke up when the shower stopped. It was Sakiyoshi wearing a bath towel that jumped into view. The bathroom was so small that I was sleeping, so it seemed like I was leaving the bathroom and trying to change into my pajamas. "Saki, did you take a bath?" I tried to speak out, but Saki looked at me and closed my eyes. Saki turned her back to me in the narrow passage in front of the bathroom, with her pajamas and replacement underwear.With a feeling of guilt and the earnest feeling that "I may not have the opportunity to see my daughter's nakedness anymore ...", I could only open my eyes and see Sakura's changing clothes 1m away. did. Sakura took off the bath towel that was wrapped around her body. Even though I was on my back, I saw my daughter naked for the first time in a while. Sakiyoshi's naked body in the basketball club was fair and slender, but her butt was surprisingly plump, and my eyes were fascinated by the crisp, youthful hips. Is it about 10 seconds after Saki wipes her hair with a bath towel? Exposing my ass to me, I wore the hotel's pajamas without wearing shorts. Hotel pajamas are shaped like gowns and are buttoned in front. I didn't know, but Sakura is a type who is not good at tightening when sleeping, and it seems that she does not wear shorts as well as bras. When I put on my pajamas, Sakura came up to me and said, "Dad, get up sloppy. Take a shower early." I stood up and said, "I'm sorry, I got drunk with wine , " pretending to be just waking up. "I drink too much. I don't drink much wine." Sakura didn't seem to think at all what I was looking into. I took a shower, when I noticed that my penis had a hard erection. I thought, "That's stupid ... I'm lusting for my daughter ..." , but the erection didn't go away and my head was full of Sakiyoshi's naked body.While thinking about my work, I managed to suppress my erection, wrapped a bath towel around my waist, and left the bathroom. Sakura was already in bed. Perhaps I was tired from traveling, I left the TV on and took a nap. When I saw Saki's innocent sleeping face, I had an evil desire to see the body of my 14-year-old proud daughter. I can't control my desires, even though I think it's no good. When I was the eldest daughter, I learned from experience that if I missed such a chance, I would never see my daughter's naked body again. But anyway, my daughter is a daughter. There is no reason to do such a thing. If I had to calm down ... I thought so, and I tried to put my clothes off in my travel bag. Then I saw Sakura's bra that I had just removed. I checked the size with the tag on the back. Under 65 A cup. I was even more thrilled by the numbers. Both my wife and eldest daughter have a plump bust, and my wife is an E-cup and my eldest daughter is an F-cup. I heard from my wife that Saki was worried about the slow growth of the bust alone, but the moment I saw that size, the pretty and delicate Saki didn't seem to be adorable and messy. .. I asked , "Saki, are you sleeping?" , But Saki didn't respond. The top button on the gown-type pajamas is off, revealing Sakura's throat and chest. It's no good anymore. My reason was finally blown away.I want to see the breasts of my beloved daughter. My daughter ... Sakura is still a kid ... I should be forgiven to see her small breasts. I justified my desires. With that intent, I gently removed the second button with my quivering hand. (Ah ... what a cute boobs.) I was about to say it . The bulge of the chest was gentle, but it was certainly small and bulging, with a pretty dark pink nipple at the top. It sounds like a child, but the nipples are certainly different from what I saw in the bath when I was in elementary school, and I realized that Sakura is growing into an adult body. I was allowed to. I was absorbed in pushing Sakura's nipples a little. The crunchy feel is transmitted from your fingertips. When I let go, my nipples seemed to bulge harder. (Sakura ... sleeping ... nipple, do you feel it? It's a nipple that you can't do in junior high school ...) While tracing Sakira's areola with your finger, I tried to include the opposite nipple. When I flip the nipple with my tongue, I feel that the nipple has become harder. I couldn't stand it anymore. I removed all the buttons on my pajamas. Smooth Sakiyoshi's tummy ... Beyond the gentle lower abdomen, there was a 14-year-old genital with no pubic hair. (This is Sakura's pussy ... Is it a cute girl's pussy ...) I was absorbed in taking out the digital camera I had and took a number of pictures of Sakura's naked body.Innocent sleeping face, young breasts, protruding nipples, cracks covered with pale nipples ... Rolled up pajamas, white plump buttocks ... It feels smooth to the touch when stroked. I opened Saki's ass and shot a lovely 14-year-old anal that squeezed into the back. Then, bring my erected penis closer to Sakura's lips ... a commemorative photo. Sakiyoshi wouldn't even think that the first kiss was her father's penis. And I let Saki's hand touch my penis. The moment my slender daughter's finger touched my penis, I reached the limit. At the end I wanted to sprinkle semen on Sakura's breasts or buttocks, but I was afraid to notice it later, so I rushed to the toilet and ejaculated. I took a picture of Sakura's nakedness, put the buttons on my pajamas back, and fell asleep as if nothing had happened. The night in Kobe with my daughter is an unforgettable memory.

Daughter of underwear

I am a man of that there has been an apartment management in the provincial city 52-year-old.
Because only two buildings to say that is not so wealthy, I extent that Ikeru eat also not have to work somehow.
Five years ago from Shiniwakare with my wife, we live in and the two daughters of the current 23-year-old.
Daughter is a relationship with a reporter in the bureau of the newspaper return is quite slow, because fall asleep as falls down Once always back, morning How can often take a shower before you go to work, my daughter is now after the attendance wearing take out the underwear that was wearing from the washing machine to.
Winter is also pantyhose and bra!
Stop it and I think, it is useless looking at the daughter of dirty underwear.
Yesterday at Toka drinking with colleagues, and one end returning home in the evening, went to go change into dress from jeans taking a shower.
In nowadays has changed the date of came back,
because that was quite drunk, a colleague gave me escorted by three people.
And respectfully thank without totally conscious I laid a daughter to the room after saying, only for the time being one-piece let take off, was broken something when you look at the daughter of underwear.
Daughter is not likely to occur.
To open the legs, O & # 9898 the daughter of shifting the crotch portion of the panty in the transverse; or try to open or Nio' the Nko, but without all reaction,
gently and try to lick, smell and softening numb like feeling of pee but while exhausted licking all spread to the mouth, will ejaculate to not even touched on their own, so it was stopped back to us, there are still the photo and video at that time.
I think that at least it myself, but I might done it again.

Father and husband and wife sex life

Three years ago, her fiance and my mother had made ​​the relationship of the body.

A trip with his father and two people before marriage, for the father is always gently me
in the usual parent-child of its time is still my father, father came home from a trip
that day, some of the familiar is in the garage of the table, in his car did.

But the front door is closed, to not go from the people of the garden, the absence of such
there is even a car, I thought that something funny.
 My father opened in the duplicate key, but it was a quiet feeling Once inside the foyer
suspended at that time <uh Iiwa> father and face, hear a voice
like a second floor that has, gently climbing the stairs with my father , that time
heard the voice also <Oh mom ... feels good>
I e ...? ! Hold the mouth, it was his voice.

Voice from the innermost room of the three a room on the second floor, gently close
more, when my father opened the door, I had to see.
He is in the middle that had been pushed up actively the mother from behind
visible his when two people were away surprise, the naked in a hurry mother
had hidden.

The other I, anger shaking state, to become likely to pounce on two people
had been hugging me from behind in a hurry father.
\"You're ... at all\"
remains were hugged strongly to his father,
\"Masami ... Masami ... Masami\"
father remains hugged me stronger
, \"Let's go down Masami\"

I went into the living room I father of breast crying, the father hugging gently
me though, came a while to two people, and a sitting straight down the head
had been, my father also had become silent. While I embraced my father
\"went out also with two people,\"
I raised the Okina voice,
\"I'll let you know later, two people and go or not me out even today,\"
the straight face of my father about this the first time also saw, firmly I
was hugging. Stuffing mother in a small bag, he and
I went out of the house. After that, I father on weekdays you are in the company
is referred to two people in the house, it seems to have a discussion.

Father and one night became two people
, \"Dad, I love hugging me,\"
in pajamas, early time was still in the living room, pajamas in front of the father
took off, under did not have anything attached with the intention that .
\"Masami, ... even in the father\"
father who lift up my naked, enters and gently loved the bedroom
I was raised a virgin. Becomes incest, it tied the father of the real
was to know the <forbidden pleasure>. Please let me avoid age.

Wife of salad time

Married and sex can be enjoyed at the site I \"wife of salad time\".

First of all, please search for \"wife of salad time\".

Room at the Top

Men of the 27-year-old Sarariman of the company.
I was dating made ​​favorite child in-house.
Sometimes, but I was a sex, now also sex now mingle with older woman when I went for a drink.

From so mingle, I was told that it is divorced.
Daughter of the sixth-grade child, has been the talk there.
I have come to love is gradually drawn in such women.

From senior will be married, it has been why criticism and woman of Whirlpool.
Has been the enemy treat from the company of women will be break up with the company of a woman who had been dating.

When there is, now mingle with too when the people of the rumor also a separate and women who had been dating forgotten man.
Older women now live in three people wife and daughter become a wife.
Daughter, made ​​tame, has become so playful.

My wife is also night shift because it worked in a big hospital as a nurse.
My daughter is drinking the medicine before going to school, I heard that many of the drugs.
Reply e-pill ... Why did not return.
Also you can listen to love I was not in its remains.

Date from its day, the daughter of the body as the stand is, daughter come to mind, and playful come, we come to Dari rub or Sawa the chest under cover to Dosakusa.
Daughter Tara Papa, come hug laughing and disgusting.

Because tired, also tomorrow ...

Incest @ secret

I 33-year-old bachelor, was related to the father of last Friday night, mother
quote-unquote Mature divorce, but my father is 60 years old, seems to retirement age is 2-year extension
 A secret that does not say to his father, now up to the past five men the experience
becomes the abortion three times, is another pregnancy is difficult likely. Year-end party
of the night, drinking in the subordinates of two men and the room it unawares, two
to diverge in my uterus in shifts to open the body, that it is three
, but has been kept as a secret, I am in pregnancy It was abortion.

My father does not say to the 6 men of a glance, of course father, sex
is horny in my body that knows the joy of they've awakened
than the think so myself. The father to accept the uterus
has a womb absorption. This more than I will avoid.

Say to the last, I am you, but became incest, this becomes a
turning back is not possible anymore. Days of each other burning father and lewd love
becomes, it sucked the <tits> As of infants every day to his father,
also hair dick without and permanent hair removal, tailed Sucking my father
seems to father became healthy.

Small 6 daughter of virgin

March this year in a small 6 stepchildren of the daughter-in-law is now, because the strange voice is from a daughter of the room in the middle of the night had been masturbating in bed If you look a little.
And reminders into the room I tea useless to do that promised just because keep in secret do not tell anyone,
saying I better I will feel good that'll make you a father than in the one person
of then daughter-in-law in no time the stay has been cunnilingus shaved Tsuruman
when it is etch still the last had been asked to Cum in the mouth fired
because it is about another half a year, scattered pie chestnut also seems to be quite feel
we received barely yesterday virgin small 6 Nochippai was, Tsuruman, was inserted into the tiny pussy
when stimulated with mini rotor the chestnut was inserted slowly but there was considerable bleeding
had tears in as of and pleasant painful
of course, the end is a large amount bleeding and mixed sperm out in the came out in large quantities from minimum pussy

Relationship with his daughter two years ago

Are you ashamed to say, I also become the relationship of the real daughter and body, every day we go to bed together, the daughter of the bed.

Age ... is, because my daughter is 30 years old, I think that I can you can imagine
you. Opportunity is said and want to be free wife alone,
and was attended daughter in a field of the discussion, talk about the hearing have been my daughter
if it \"mom, not a good at do not live at home, rather than divorce
is nice that way \"I
and my daughter is a variety description to his wife, his wife can also consent to an agreement
seemed wife had decided the new address,
\" the care of the father I I see, so you might want \"
and then a few days later, his wife moving of also help with the daughter, wife to me
with tears face showed, daughter said a word
\"This look ...'s the'm not the last\"
had shown a dry surface and the other than a daughter.

Then it that after a few days have passed was the Friday weekend.
When I was taking a bath,
\"Dad, right now do not come out because I also enter\"
to show the face in the bathroom, and suddenly, daughter enters the dressing room, to the naked
enters the bathroom becomes, a daughter in surprise use the shower before I sit down
and shed the lower body

\"Dad, let sit\"
and sit on my knee, I asked embrace my face, to include the nipple
would be, was a surprise
\"sucking - - I do not leave boobs ... from now on
I'll not breathe boobs just like your father \"
let me breathe the left and right, I massaged sucking tits with young tension

That night, in the first night of incest, the daughter of the bed, for the first time know daughter
in the woman's body, but virgin I was not a, dating to before
the case had been listed in boyfriend had not heard why the divided
I daughter uterine forgive Pies in, then even or even changing Positions
while, and I challenged my daughter for the first time in a long time as long as the strength
in the nude until the morning and daughter, hugged her daughter before the get out of bed the next morning
to suck the breasts are, Although happen eventually became late
that day, I was spent mostly in bed, since the daughter and
is the sex life of a married couple.

Summer vacation where dad works hard

yuna himekawa[5995]
I was 44 years old, my wife was 41 years old, and I was 18 years old. Naoko, a first-year high school daughter, saw the couple's activities, and it was ridiculous ... One night, she was stripping off her naked wife's futon and enjoying sexual intercourse in the missionary position. .. When I thought it started shaking, the house shook violently. To his wife, "I'm scared..." Is Dakitsuka to say, was waiting to subside of shaking hugged his wife. The shaking subsided, but my cock didn't subside, so I inserted it again and continued the rhythm. My wife was about to climax and I was about to ejaculate. Suddenly, the door opened, so I was surprised, and when I turned around, my daughter was standing there. It was so sudden that I couldn't hide it or do anything about it anymore. My daughter saw her naked, connected with her genitals, and hugging each other. My daughter also witnessed the unexpected sight of her parents and stood with her hands on her face, saying "Wow ..." . Mazui ... I thought I had to get this place somehow, and for the time being, when I asked , "What happened ?" , My daughter Naoko said, "Earthquake ... I was scared ..." "Yes ... it's okay. , Come next to your mother ... " Naoko awkwardly sat down next to her wife, glancing at me. I left it inserted in my naked wife.My wife also seemed to be indescribable when she saw her in a hailless appearance, and silently tried to push me away. I felt awkward, but I thought it was better to be honest than to run away with strange reasoning. "Hey, Naoko ... now, dad and mom are in love with each other. When dad and mom love each other, they're naked and have sex. I'm already a high school student, right?" Kokun I nodded. "Good couple of the relationship is, I'm going to bed in love Koshite even if the number. It is obvious that such do it by. I'm not ashamed that ..." had hit the Un'un and nod. "A couple is allowed to have sex on a regular basis. You know ..." My wife hated me and tried to leave me, but "Mom is embarrassed. Look at what your dad and mom will do from now on. " Naoko seemed to be looking through the gap between her fingertips, covering her face with both hands. My wife is shy and refuses, but I thought that the only way to get through this place was to show sex education at school as well as show actual sexual activity. Although he hated his wife, he hugged him and pushed up his weaknesses. My wife couldn't stand the rhythm, so she shook her face from side to side, disturbed her hair, and panted. Naoko seemed to see her wife gradually disturbed between her fingers.As I look like Naoko, I show the meat stick that was in my wife by pulling out the meat stick that became cloudy with my wife's love juice, insert it slowly and repeat, and my meat stick goes in and out of my wife's meat hole Naoko was staring at her because she was trying to make her look like Naoko. When I entered the final finish, my wife said, "Oh, you, safe day, please go inside ... Ah, ahhhhh ..." "Uh, uh ..." I'm my wife's meat I ejaculated in the hole. When I pulled out the meat stick, the semen that was drunk flowed out from the meat hole that my wife used. I applied a tissue to it and wiped the meat stick clean. I was a little calm and said, "Now, a man's semen is poured into my mother from my father's body. At this time, if an egg called an egg appears in my mother's womb, it will be in my father's semen. You can combine with a sperm to fertilize and have a baby. You know. Dads are a couple and they manage the ovulation day so they stay raw, but when you have sex with a boy , I wear a condom so that I can't have a baby. I understand. ”The wife who kept the silence said , “ I understand what Naoko and Dad say. ” While holding Naoko's hand, the rescue ship Gave me an ovulation. The next day, when I was working every day to enjoy vaginal cum shot on a safe day, my daughter opened the door again. "Can I see it today? Where my dad and mom love each other ..." I couldn't refuse. I hugged my wife in front of my daughter and made a vaginal cum shot.The next day, my daughter came and went on a tour. On the 4th day, the night when my wife had menstruation and I thought I would be abstinent for a while, my daughter came and said, " Why don't you do it today? " I see ... Then, dad, don't you love me? I want to experience it, but I don't have a man who is nicer than my dad yet. " " Parents and children can't . " " Junior high school I didn't really like my dad for three years, but now I really like it. I don't have to have children. I have a condom. " " Naoko ... You 're 16 years old and you're already a woman. Then, please make me a dad ... " My wife sent a rescue ship to my daughter this time. I moved to the side of Naoko and gently crawled her hand over her pajamas. I gently stroked it from my chest to my stomach and thighs, but Naoko seemed to feel it. Already 16 years old, he seems to be a virgin, but he seems to have experienced masturbation. I thought it would be good, so I unbuttoned Naoko's pajamas one by one and expanded her chest. After gently rubbing the dewed, bouncy, slippery girl's breasts and nipples, she lowered her pants and slid her cute panties down. At last, a hill of pubic hair that had grown completely appeared, but when I pointed my finger at the crack under the pubic hair that had just grown and was not yet bristle, and stroked it, it was already completely wet.When I let the crackle crawl on my tongue and put the granulation in my mouth and draw a circle with the tip of my tongue, I found that it gradually became harder and popped out of the skin. "Oh ... oh ... oh ..." My beloved daughter's pant ... My beloved wife and my alter ego were trying to open the sexual door by my father. Feeling ready to accept a man at any time, he said, "Here's a man's thing, Naoko ..." , slurping the honey of my child. Let me spread slowly legs, while putting on the condom to cock, to his wife, "Mother, because finally put, doing it clasped firmly the hands of Naoko." And said, "Naoko, is now dad goes here It's okay, so hold your mother's hand firmly and relax your body. " " ... "The glans part sank in and pushed in slowly, little by little. "! ... Hmm!" While feeling the moment of deflowering , I slowly pierced Naoko's narrow meat hole with merimeri and hard meat. "Naoko, my dad's stuff is all in. This is a man. Okay, it moves a little slowly." When I started to move back and forth slowly, Naoko's face looked painfully distorted. .. Sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old high school student, sex with a real daughter, this excitement tried to lead to ejaculation in a blink of an eye. I wanted to finish my first sexual intercourse early, so I pierced and ejaculated strongly ... weakly. "Naoko, it's over." "..."I left Naoko, took off the condom, said, "Naoko, this is my dad's semen," and showed me the semen that had accumulated in the condom. The wife, who was watching the sexual intercourse between her father and daughter all the time, opened her mouth. "Naoko ... because my dad put it in first ... ... There used to be a time when you shouldn't have sex until you got married. Nowadays, many girls are before marriage. I mon is to experience. " " ..... " " Naoko is, this is virgin through protect up, No I ... "was dedicated to the favorite dad is my wife told me gently. .. After this, until Naoko left home to go on to college, she began to hold Naoko only when her wife had a period. My father and daughter loved each other three times a month. Blow also becomes good, in March last year, after graduating from high school, at the end of the father daughter sex, completely remember the pleasure, "Oh, Oh, Dad, Ann, Oh Pa, Papaa ..." and complete I remembered having sex. Naoko is now returning home during the summer vacation. "Hey, when my mom's period comes, lend me my dad again." "I can't help it anymore." When I got out of the bath and tried to enter the living room, I heard the conversation between my mother and daughter talking in the kitchen. Dad has to work hard ...

Father and mother @ incest I was

I 32 years old, his father 60-year-old, was tied with nature and father incest of this summer.
Father became mandatory retirement age, I'll go somewhere hot spring in the parents three people living
there hot spring has room bath, Naka signed up check in again if
I was Tsu. I think To late hour, in some of it first to take off my, parents
have seen the Father becomes naked in front of,
\"Come father, occasionally wash me\"
and get to wash a whopping whole body to his father, father in bathtub Chi soak my mother
I was watching, but eventually mother also entered in the three parent and child become a naked
underneath. That night futon is 3 servings is laid on character of the river, I yukata
to take a futon becomes a naked take off, the mother also becomes naked, my father and mother
each other overlap, raised also annoying voice, alternately when mother overlap with me
because it is not violently virgin than, wow uterus to accept the father
was clinging to his father felt the divergence.
 Sleeping in that night since three people, father and inserts me and mother by turns,
there is a lot of roughly put in my uterus.

Father-in-law and I

Although father-in-law was a fisherman, to lose the ship in the last year of the typhoon, because mother-in-law has died in the disease about 10 years ago, now living come from us husband and wife to the original of this year spring. Father-in-law is 62 years old, my husband is 38 years old, I am 28 years old. Father-in-law is a muscular physique in the color black seems to fishermen, but her husband who works in the IT relationship to go to college is a high tall and thin back in the lean men. Much I do not think parents and children, but the difference is integrated, Will a similar mother who died surely husband. Father-in-law who embarrassed the free time by eliminating the work, but was looking for a job, etc. Hello, it seems is to serve quite from now unreasonable. Every day, you can walk, could crush the time to clean around the house.
Such summer One day, my husband is now possible to travel about four days to the local sales office. I go at a father, husband went go to say to me and I asked him my best regards.
Of the third day is that of the night.
I was watching a naughty dream that night. It is a dream that has been committed to a non-husband man. Wrote the night sweats and wake up, it had been touched by hand unwittingly his dick.
When in the dark that, I noticed the sign of life. Sliding door it father-in-law was standing on the other side of the.
The house is in a two-story, father-in-law is the second floor, we couple had decided to sleep in the first floor.
Father-in-law came down from the second floor to the inner do not know, I was looking at my sleeping figure. Although the dark, because there is a small light bulb was on, my appearance was completely exposed to view. Moreover, we were touching a dick to see the naughty dream. It has welled up the embarrassment.
\"I'm different, your father-in-law's, I, I'm different.\"
Was out of my mouth, it was such a word.
While close to me slowly father-in-law
, \"I wish no wonder, I do not wonder.\"
Say muttered so, and sit down at my feet,
\"Leave me.\"
I say so, touch my dick It began you.
\"Your father-in-law's, is useless, you should quit.\"
\"Arere, though wet To so drenched,\"
it was true. While you are dreaming to be committed to the stranger, but my dick had got wet.
\"No it does, it is ,,,\"
No way, you do not want to speak the dream of contents.
After that will be pure white is in the head, it was at the mercy of the father-in-law.
When the notice, there was a myself shake the waist riding on top of the father-in-law.
\"Out, and over out in\"
the last I was screaming, but the father-in-law was exhausted out on top of the stomach.

From that night, I business trip husband did became fun.

Incest discourse

Not yet come is menarche to daughter. So it is released without hesitation in a raw. Maybe, I should have also certified wife.

My incest

I 25-year-old, 17-year-old brother, father 52-year-old
21-year-old after college graduation that took over the family business, office of women Orima
, but the father and I have become the No way men and women of the relationship between parents and children
think if I think have a non.

My mother died six years ago, I mother instead also looked at care of his brother
at the age of 20 with his father, the body of the virgin in the father and the hotel to the decision
had been accepted open. It is hurt, bleeding father
flowed gently gently in the shower, the current I speaking popularly
become Shaved, it became the father of his wife.

My brother did not know, of course, is the father you love one in the use of the hotel.
At the hotel with the convenience, violently kindling woman also joy also know
wake up to hot pleasure, such as numb to be released into the uterus, the father
will hug in close contact with the skin clinging strongly,

the father has asked to be satisfied you. Body of tone, thanks
also not break well boobs that are massaged Sucking father, Hari also lost
not, become a woman of the small of the back, so polished in Tsuyahada
fire, there is also freshness skin keeping the youth cage you.

Middle 2 daughter

I used to take a bath with my daughter until the 4th grade of elementary school, but when I was in the 5th grade of elementary school, I became more concerned about the opposite sex and stopped taking a bath. When my daughter was in the second year of junior high school, she suddenly asked, "Do you want to take a bath with your dad?" I thought that my daughter was making fun of me because of my daughter's unexpected bomb remarks, but when I said "OK" to my daughter, I took a bath first. After a while, I saw my daughter undressing! Hey hey! Are you serious! ?? As soon as my daughter took a bath, I was immersed in the bathtub. The young girl in the middle 2 had a slightly bulging breast and had no pubic hair on her dick. When my daughter finished washing her body, she said to me, "Daddy, haven't you washed yet?" "Ah, it's not yet, because it gets narrower when you come in." In response to my reply, my daughter said, "Then, take turns." When I got out of the bathtub, I started washing from my head. I poured hot water over my head and washed it away, and started to wash my body. What happened to my daughter today? My daughter looked at me washing my body from inside the bathtub and said to me, "Daddy, let's wash it there!" I was surprised and said, "Oh !? There ... where?" And my daughter said to me without any shame, "Daddy's cock!" If it is a stimulus other than myself, it is impossible for my daughter to not react, so I thought it would be bad if my daughter got an erection, and when I refused to my daughter, "Oh, I'll wash it myself!" Daddy, I'm embarrassed ~ "was laughed at by my daughter.I replied to my laughing daughter, "No, this is a delicate place for a man." Then my daughter asked, "Hey, daddy, how big is an adult's cock?" I was confused and said, "Oh! It's different for each person because there are individual differences! It's a girl's chest. When I explained, "It's like being together ...", my daughter asked me again, "Hmm, that's right, is my dad's cock bigger?" I replied to my daughter, "I don't have one," and she said, "Then, I'll keep it secret from my mom, so show me my dad's grown-up cock!" It's true that I was interested in the opposite sex, but as a parent I couldn't get an erection in front of my daughter, but when my daughter got out of the bathtub, she said, "Daddy, mouth and hands, which is better. I can do it because I've seen it on my cell phone! Doesn't it feel good for a man to be touched by a cock? " I lost my daughter's push and kept it secret from my mom, well, I stood up in front of her if she said so much. Then my daughter said to me, "Wow, daddy, awesome hair is bobo," and lightly grasped my stuff and started moving it back and forth . No way, I doubted that it was a reality for my daughter to squeeze my stuff by hand. "Ah, my dad's cock is getting bigger and bigger!" My thing turned into a man because I couldn't stand my daughter's soft and cute hands. "Eh! Daddy, it's amazing! Adults get so big and hard! Amazing!" While holding something that turned into a man, "Wow, daddy, thick cock !" I was surprised at the erected thing of the man I saw for the first time while widening my eyes and put it in my mouth."Yeah, yeah, yeah" My daughter's little lips opened her mouth wide and started to blow my stuff. "Dame, my dad's cock is absolutely thick!" I asked my daughter, "Eh !? Isn't it the first time for my dad to see that he's fat?" My daughter said, "Eh !? You're still a junior high school student! You're not a virgin ..." When I regained my mind, I pretended to be calm and asked my daughter, "Is my boyfriend's cock small?", And my daughter replied, "Yeah, my hair wasn't growing yet." I said to my daughter that I had to get out of this place, "Then, I've already shown you, daddy, I'll leave!" And on this day, my daughter-in-law had decided to stay at her parents' house for business, so I had dinner with my daughter and I drank beer. While drinking beer, my daughter was shocked that she was no longer a virgin and worried about her pregnancy. My daughter came in and told me that I was sleeping in my room. "Daddy, do you like me ?" I said to my daughter, "Oh, I like you," and she said to me, "Well, daddy, etch." With alcohol, my reason was that my daughter was no longer a virgin and the event in the bath changed my head into a man. When I stripped my daughter, I licked a small pink nipple while rubbing my small breasts. My daughter didn't resist, but she didn't move, so when I traced a small crack with my fingertips, I could tell that it was wet . "···Wet"When I opened my daughter's legs, opened a small crack with my fingertips, licked my clitoris and rubbed my daughter's breasts with one hand, my daughter's breath became a little disturbed. "Daddy, that feels good," as I continued to lick my daughter's clitoris over time, she seemed to have cramped her whole body and died. My thing has already transformed into a man and has become hard. When I lifted my daughter and brought the thing that turned into a man close to my daughter's lips, she gave me a blow job that turned into a man. "Hmm, hmm, hmm, daddy, dame, thick ..." I laid my daughter on her back and opened her legs to the left and right, put her body in and broke the glans with her saliva into a small crack. I pressed it lightly. "Daddy, be kind." I quietly sank into my daughter's words, and I could tell that my glans was sticking to a small crack and pushing the narrow vaginal passage into the narrow vaginal passage. "Ah, daddy, thick, thick!" When I got into my daughter's voice a little, I slowly moved my hips back and forth shallowly, and I found that my daughter's honey part gradually got wet. .. Little by little, I pushed it into my daughter's honey part, and moved my hips while listening to my daughter's reaction at the place where nearly half of the things that transformed into a man entered. "It's narrow, I can't tighten it so much ..." My daughter began to give a small voice to my transformed man. "Ah, ah, daddy, daddy's cock is so hard and thick ..." I pushed it further into my daughter's narrow vaginal canal . "Doesn't it hurt?" Whispered to my daughter, "Yeah, daddy came!" I slowly pushed to the root of my daughter's reply."Ah, uh ... daddy, awesome, big cock! Ah, daddy ... I like ..." A daughter who finally accepted the thing that transformed into a man to the root, I hugged her as a woman It was. "You're no longer a virgin! How do you feel more about your dad than your boyfriend's cock?" My transformed man's thing overflowed with hot love juice from the back of my daughter's honey. When I came, "Ah, daddy, awesome, oops, big boobs! Ah, daddy, daddy's cock ... oh, daddy ..." That night, I taught my daughter what a man was. I got crowded.

Mess in the home

But common story, but is ready to home also have a quarrel with his wife the night of married life.
Daughter, amazed and, I'm mom why sex, are heard as unpleasant.
His wife is angry children shalt silent, hysteresis Gimi
daughter burst into tears, this of hate

had been crying while clinging to me and came into my bedroom came up the stairs.
Wife legs will sleeping in the first floor of the bedroom to say that hurts.
If that hug the daughter of the body is the adult of the body, and have been excited to be hugged, Chinpoko is, I have an erection.

An attempt to raise Ri sow the skirt has been pressed by hand.
Let towards the face of the daughter toward him, has been fearfully close your eyes When you close the lips.
Daughter Once Karamashi put the tongue while kissing also has returned Karamashi the tongue while hug by turning on the neck the arm what has been excited.

Guard has also stretched out legs and put your hands are massaged the crack in the Pantei raised Ri sow the skirt is fading.
So it was going to me also to sleep which is also visible laid futon.
I took off his pajamas and pants while kissing.

Useless I tried to Nugaso the Pantei, I scolded by dad mom
in the secret of two people Na would be good ... Mom and Dad, would not over or want to listen look at the place that fights

even ~ ? ? ? \"I do not say to the mom
was Nugashi the Pantei to say that I have bought solution.
When the daughter in physiology heard that time comes, and the other, Pies so came to say that I'll come soon is I thought that it was all right.

While embracing daughter was on his back because the crack is wet, I hugged my daughter put only part of Ategai turtle the Chinpoko to crack.
With round ... eyes When you put all the way into the waist ... human ~ ~ ~ blocking the mouth with lips tuck your head
did not seem to hear his wife sleeping under.

And comfortably If you are working with waist was saying and I feel good to my daughter put to the back.
Daughter, I say and I really feel good because've heard that father of feels we have to say that I only I hurts.

I because it is all right because not hurt and get used to, how much I'll become comfortable, that so, father
and comfortably When I was talking with my daughter while moving the hips sperm has become likely out.

I say to my daughter and I'm going out comfortably, dad okay of
'm fine ... Wuwuu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
sperm, went flow in the pussy.
Sex is, after you finished, physiology daughter, was promoted because bitterness likely the visit and drink have got a low-pill go to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Since also contraception to be spicy of physiology is relaxed, he told It 's also safe to have sex.

Physiology daughter after three days, was down stroking the chest so came.
We daughter and sex every other day.
The best is to feel good and have a sex hugging each other in the nude while producing TV sound.
Also been feeling will come hug while wiggling the body daughter.

Daughter, because you have said that When multiplied by the voice is strangely seems to mom
I was impressed and I see. Cunning is the hear the surprise in.

Father and husband and wife sex life

Now 25 years old, his father 51-year-old
junior college after graduation employment destination, but was the father of the acquaintance of the company, there is
a small company, there is also the financial health is not good, qualified in myself
to get, even income in its own way increasing and father also joy, it still
goes to ... actually, my father Bathing recently, I also went to go later
in the father surprise, I also for the first time ... also to show the naked father

is my height 158 ?, other size is the secret ... bust is
small there is no prima facie B cup, hair dick is no darker
I think that it is normal. I father had been staring at the naked.
\"Do not look bad but ... so much\"
feeling looking up from his father sitting in a chair, dick in front
seems to have been seen.

Wash the back of his father, he asked also wash my back, in front of the father
I'm the father of the array had become larger when facing.
\"The other ... I hate it ...\"
\"Oh ...\"
\"Dad, my naked is beautiful? \"
\" I have a beautiful body, \"
I included the nipple Asked embrace the father to bare chest
smoked\" dad \"
father give to like to smoke both in feeling like a baby
,\" Dad, futon Let's go by ...'s fine, \"the

father of my naked from the dressing room, in my bed is lift up
was entered is lift up.
 Of course a virgin, father to accept to open the body, father to the uterus
was also acceptance of love. About a month has stood since then,
it has become a father and husband and wife sex life.
 Tits than previously Hari is rubbed sucking father every day
with the feeling that became well, dick be licking per well Sucking
is or smoked, my body is the sex of the father and the husband and wife
will be like, easy to wet dick now it has. Body changes
does it have, in the insertion of the contraceptive ring, the father I
have them out in the uterus.

In living with daughter

Husband and wife both working, Heck, daughter and two people living is already ten years towards the career woman is in a bachelor because of the high annual income, is the same as the no longer living together.

During the got a virgin one, daughter has grown up already erotic, had let him up every day 69.
However, since the etch itself is referred to as the ear, until the finger put.
Forcibly inserted gone to the love that you are Guta, Pies in a few minutes because the wailing.
And cradling that I love to say the Baka of Papa, I was asked to forgive.

Then almost every day etch for a while, but no longer want immediately pain, did not go in the insert.
After about half a year finally go shortly before menstruation begins to.

Since then, come to seek from the side of the daughter.
Chest suddenly bulge, daughter is become popular among like at school, to the dad and the best feeling good.
Although the time being there are boyfriend, it etches only once a week, saying that well sometimes feathers.

Yesterday the daughter of 18 birthday, the future is always was raw! I was told.
What about when you're a baby? Well, the mom want to lay in the secret.
Since the loss of virginity, Pies for the first time in a long time, my daughter is also Wow, amused and - coming out as dangerous.
Today also 4 shots w easy Positions Toka cute're Gugutsu pregnancy from morning.

Daughter and compensated dating

When the 23-year-old daughter came begging pocket money \"just big ,,\" \"Do you peach in the shoulder,\" \"I'll give 1000 yen After me let me hug Innovation Gyuu\"
\"true, Well 1000 yen charged\" 1000 She hugged her daughter and pass circle.
Nice touch! My daughter ran away with the \"end\".
\"I'll give ten thousand yen If you let me massage your feet,\" \"odiousness ,,,,, 20,000 I wish I me\"
blood in the car and head've been pounding climb.
\"Yoshi 20,000 Serve it ,, I by up instead mom is coming back,\"
I do not come back and not the evening. There may be two to three hours, but the daughter was also OK.
The sound of the car, the daughter of bed ask instead wear in hot pants turned over terrible touch until the groin up to hear.
Melting such a pleasure, it was paradise.
It was several times from其. We had almost the whole body massage also is in the nude state also contains the hotel. Terrible had soiled underwear was noticed.

Mistress father and incest

yuna himekawa[5921]
I 31 years old, to say that his father 56-year-old business management, so big companies
but not a, and also management of Nari form, I also Nari once the form
has been appointed to the officer.
 Father of the previous eight years position has had a relationship, a junior college to graduation after the father of the company
he occupied, for a while is a very natural parent and child, it is the employee of the company
night of a trip, the mother does not go, of course, mother will become officers
, but available to you, I also have such to show a face to the company that got
rather, it what form only of officers.

 That night, there was also drunk, but not so much eliminate the identity
to open the body to the father from the side of me
, \"Dad, me to the woman,\"
solves the band of yukata in front of the father, nothing under the yukata without, wearing no underwear
no bra, it was still a virgin. Style is also tentatively in confidence
T160, B87, W62, H67, of course, that hair care
Yes and thin, going to beauty Este from at that time rather than extending
from the whole body massage, and also care of that hair
asked, bikini Yes in the style for which it is worn, just
because it was a virgin, I was hurt, my father Shigami insert
feeling the hot shock to my back with, in such a force from the body is missing
now, and father I slept until the morning naked, but the eye is also a father to wake up
and become one, I was not finished once before breakfast.
Gone dirty sheets in bleeding, my father let haka the shorts
I'm me, a little bleeding when you see the shorts in the restroom
had with, I are leaving the memorial.