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Incest with daughter(2016-11)

And in 2 daughter

yuna himekawa[6416]
She was a daughter and two people living to be in the 2 to divorce his wife.
Erotic video of sleep without foreign object in the middle of the night came suddenly daughter and are watching in the living room
\"- have seen hate it - dad odious of\"
\"You also do keep watching for the later\"
I \"What? Of later \"
\" you also because \"that any experience
that's right also\" it \"
daughter sat on my feet that are sitting on the couch, probably because I do not want to be seen to me the place that has seen perhaps.
Screen men and women in the place which is each other licking the genitals of each other
, \"Anna that - I also\" daughter
\"It's a natural and in love Yeah act\"
\"Fu Mmm\"
daughter touched his chest and look good Teru as did was because I touched the chest pledged the hand gently from the neck.
I thought either be resistance, but such a practice swing is when the roll squeezing the nipple because it does not show
was biting sweet the earlobe riding in tone because it is to comfortably likely as the \"off-down\".
Then also a big sigh
because leaked as \"Haa ~\" kissed on the lips.
So it has been replaced with the put the tongue was sucked big time.
And to bring massage the breast rolled up the pajamas, daughter cling by turning the hand to my neck,
\"or like the video?\"
\"The mutual Job?\"
\"Is Dad and Well disgusting\"
\"... but \"good
because customers came Following is later

Daughter 21-year-old

Was retired from the company I had started to work in one person, the daughter is still 13-year-old
in junior high school one year, I think cute uniforms look good, the burden to the daughter Kakekara
work and effort so that it does not, just Muga that time every day crazy name
is, I had to cherish as if it were a princess treats the only daughter.

 My wife is also the first time criticized me was retired from the company, such me
daughter was watching it did a unawares cheer to be my ally.
I was about to graduate from high school.
\"Dad, I am good to help together?\"
A No way, not going to the struggling daughter,
\"Thank you, in'm fine, even one person, you neatly is
let work for a company,\"
his wife also listen to it, daughter I had recommended the work for the
\"I, you might want from work hard together with the father,\"
daughter seemed had been decided, with me press cutting the opposite of my wife
I started to work.

 In initially normal parent and child, it has a relationship of daughter and body, still
did not know his wife. When I had a waking at work,
when the morning daughter came to wake, it was morning there.
\"Dad, suck\"
is also unaware of my daughter came into the futon, was suddenly.
It had been included in the nipple in my mouth.
\"Ugh Yeah ...! ...\"
\"Sucking boobs\"
I was included in the suddenly nipple in waking up, after another daughter
rub Sucking in crazy tits, again and again left and right nipple alternately
be included or I had smoked. Displacement under slip of the shoulder straps,
boobs are exposed, it also Nugashi by
\"father, Nugashi been\"
multiplied by the hand to the shorts, and Nugashi from daughter floated the waist
was seen for the first time, the daughter of the bottom in the hair thinner and the care
valley of mystery to the bottom in like that had seen.

\"Raise the father, I still have not experienced\"
open I gently the petals, flower core from under open gently
lick up slowly at the tongue, raising the daughter is cute voice, the body
cute twisting, eventually slowly in flower core and thrust put,
it had become one embedded in the daughter of flower core.
\"Oh hurts over Oh dad ... A'a' ...
dad ...\"
My daughter was turning the hands to strongly clings my back.
\"Paddle can be a little patience?\"
\"Yeah ... dad ... me and a woman ...\"
push-up daughter, I had to release the semen aiming at the uterus.
Daughter say that safety day, again and again challenged in love all day
I had gotten.

After that, I let pregnant daughter, finished the pipe cut
will be like having a secret relationship, daughter wake up to the pleasure of the body
seemed have, with or have been determined from the daughter, had a relationship
, but I, One morning, came in naked in futon to always like
sucking the breasts of her daughter, was in full swing that.
Not lead to ....... divorce will be seen come the wife
becomes a do not live at home, you spend a daughter and husband and wife sex life.
Detailed age and occupation will let me be Fushimi.

Father of comments pique ~

Read Do not the father of the comment finally climax of \"daughter 16 of curiosity\" ~~ and itching Do ~~ (laughs)

Pies to the daughter of a high school student

Yuka daughter became a high school student was kneading the strategy tries to Korashimeyo than repeating the words and actions such as to fool my father.
First of all, in order to get the sleeping pills, go to the hospital (not Mure sleep at night) and received a medical examination, in response to every inspection, the results diagnosis of abnormal-free (which is of course the result) does not Mure sleep even say when the spirit When might ones, who wrote a to a prescription to drink two weeks of sleep-inducing agent.
Receipt next to the pharmacy, came home also bought handcuffs toys Adult dealer on the way home.
We waited a ready're chance.
And daughter's birthday is coming, I decided to decisive action on this day.
This day is a large amount of drugs that were to flour to favorite food of spaghetti daughter furikake, was Mashi furikake so that the same also in the course wife. All two weeks I used.
After a meal, we wait for the spending effect leaves the time in the living room.
When I was after about two hours, I went to the room of the daughter I think and go to the kitchen became so quiet is in the house with his wife have worked because it was sleeping in the prone position on the table.
Daughter was also sleeping in the prone position on the desk.
The first breast transferred to a slowly bets To was rubbing from the top of the clothes.
Softer feels good feel of his wife, the clothes and handcuffed for when that happened behind him was enjoy the up shear raw milk.
Then Nugashi all the lower body, the (up ~) unexpected that her daughter was in the physiological, napkin that blocking the pussy, and immediately cock inserted wipe with a lightly tissue placed on a desk peeled off slowly the napkin , it has entered to root and cock is sucked in feeling Innovation null. It is the start of the high-speed piston. Kuchukuchu and obscene sound has resounded in the room, will likely go even faster is odd not comfortably rub feel the cock, was Omoikkiri ejaculation and to be out in I think that would be nice if in the physiology.
Remain slowly pull out the cock out not when or semen that magic in blood flowing from pussy to cock a dirty red was full of satisfaction that put across drop.
I left the room to remove the handcuffs so wearing the pants in the pants back the napkin to clean wipe the pussy and cock of each other in the tissue.
We arrived to sleep satisfied with the sense of accomplishment crawl in bets To return to the bedroom.

I want to conceived the Atsuko daughter!

I feel belly coming out a little Atsuko daughter feel, the Yui Yokoyama of AKB to rustic.
But constricted firmly there chest moderately tantalizing ♪ is the body in a C cup
is vigilance in the daughter-in-law and daughter double, so the reality is not fulfilled past while imagine have a sex like each other devour always violently each other and Atsuko image and Burachira chest Chira half ass breast Moro such as voyeur and daughter are reflected in such colorful image immediately ejaculation feeling comes and squeezes his son to look at, recently, but can not be middle. get in rolling up the vigilance puncture of daughter while sniffing the crotch of smell when there something panties just were able to ejaculate when rubbed the cock second bill!
If it is difficult to imagine how the visit is pleasant feeling of how much hell When you have something ejaculation to the daughter of the loss of virginity pussy while to hymen penetration of the daughter can have sex with her daughter in and out as they cock!

Want spree sex and Atsuko's daughter!

Want spree sex and Atsuko's daughter!
Daughter is 21 years old, but it does not have to still be made boyfriend, etc. once a virgin, if any misfortune to chance daughter-in-law, the beginning is forcibly committed, I'm going build forced sex relationship.

My daughter is transformed heroine

The father with the daughter of a small 6.
Daughter is a child that Mase, where I remember was the Are you sexy gesture and behavior from the usually
even much larger than the E cup and the age of the child chest.

Such daughter last month, now to play the main heroine of the play at the elementary school last cultural festival.
The theme is \"two people of elementary school students to fight the monster of evil\"
is a set of daughter with the boys of the partners, we are fighting the monster and the day-to-day as a makeover heroine.
Schedule is too late at all, seems ad-lib there were many, but is a story I heard from after the daughter, his own words from the middle is so was almost ad lib (the entire play because of the improvisation of the daughter you become erotic )
structure of the play is about 1 part 30 minutes. It was all three parts of the sandwich break twice.
Daughter is stronger than the boys of the hero, one-part and had defeated the monster without up in the two-part to be struggling
at the end, however the two-part first, finally defeat the enemy of squid and the plant was born from the flower beds were united and it will be
gone and excitement to that his daughter has been defeated, had desperately to suppress the rise of the groin in the gym.

2 and 3 of Part eyes of daughter majestic figure (?) Would like to write, even in my spare time.

People love the \"daughter\"

I see a story of everyone, incest is I feel that unexpectedly large. I, we have each other love with the daughter became 20 years old this year. Not obtained from me, but my daughter has been followed since I was 15 years old (high 1). Daughter has been sleeping together from a young age and, enters together in the bath, it was common. Even in junior high school, because it was the state that \"I want to sleep with Dad\" from the direction of the daughter, I had come to the slurping. Along with the high school entrance, \"I had better sleep anymore separately.\" And said I, but because cry out referred to as the \"Why?\", Reluctantly was out as it is. Night in high 1, daughter, in the futon, said \"from the front, dad liked. I want you to embrace.\" I said, was surprised. Not similar to the parent, and can well be studying, because I had the idea that the firm is also possible in the future, is such a daughter, not seem to bring up such a thing, my head was the panic. That night, I everything be spent without, again and again told the same thing, because it does not convinced no matter how described, from After a while, I have become a man and a woman relationship . After that, it looks like on the weekends each other seek each other's body. Because it was an excellent performance even in high school, me to pass to the National University in the straight, it has helped the parent of the burden.
Now, each other, start feeling a kind of affection, we believe that the future ahead, this state may be continued. However, although I think that should not and do not respect the daughter of intention, SEX with his daughter is a fresh, recently, or the costume play in the love hotel, enjoys or the car SEX. Once, but it is contraception, sometimes, on my daughter was taking pills, and even raw. (Because this is the hope of the daughter, but not too much ....)
When the daughter graduated from college, I would consider that of the previous two people.
The wife, when I was a student, cohabitation, daughter was born, I I had to live in desperately bytes, when daughter is 3 years old, has died suddenly suffering from cancer. After that, it is the daughter and two of life.
The wife who is in heaven, there is a feeling'm sorry, but it is not only ask forgiveness in it to cherish the daughter.

It is known to the mother

I 26-year-old bachelor, around the time my father had a night shift in the previous Worked company
I have had on the second floor in a public holiday, the father is not but notice was returned home
was happening at around 9 am, in the bath I would like to enter, no one
has a bath towel to the naked so, such as underwear, which took off with his father to the dressing room
should there was a, surprise entered the bathroom without even look at all
I father was in the bathtub.

\"For example !!?\"
Father also surprise of my naked was watching from the front
, \"I do not want, Dad went to had\"
\"Do What's you had?\"
\"Because Mon's rest, the other ... sometimes together in
I also I good \"from entering
flow in the shower the body, bathtub two people long in the lower body tub
and put it Mukaiae alternately,
\" Dad, over there to put \"
when crossing the bathtub, was looking to open a little dick in feeling,
it was found in the bathtub in the pretend not know.

While get to wash the body to the father, the father of the array is large
, \"Dad, I hate it ...\"
\"Oh ...\"
\"Hey, have seen me naked?\"
Silently nodded his father, and two people Upon exiting from the bath
was put invitation to my bed.
\"Dad, I only do not anymore virgin, fine with me,\"
put greeted his father, he had gone in love tied to one.
Crazy and my father, I've been made for lunch, no time at all
flare up violently without having to worry about, such as, I am looking for a father
in the middle that, although mother had returned home in the afternoon I
violent father sex It had become the other crazy.
Please and to your imagination after ........

Daughter of Shaved

Do When the 2 daughter opened the door of the bathroom I think whether the sleeping Nde quiet and Hazudagashi-down you are bathing in, was about to have shaved crotch of hair whopping safety razor.
\"I shave you why,\"
almost shaved finished have pussy became Shaved is ...
to me that has been seen as just stunned
said, \"Look! Would have become beautiful,\" Hatton and we has developed a ridiculous word to go back to
\"what ass hair was also shaved.\"
\"I as it is because the butt of hair invisible\"
\"Alright! ass dad'll shaved\"
\"Ee' embarrassed do ~\"
\"What you doing'll we've been entered together until recently has said,\"
\"I'm so\"
\"Hora' lend razor\"
is not tried to Sulo around to the back of the \"hey head down and\" daughter! Hair was not clean anus grows.
\"What happened?\"
\"Oh, yeah ...\" look closely man accustomed this bank even in Mokkorishiteteee-move, and with sucking anus was rubbing tracing the crack
\"Hya-you, dad it 's there ass, dirty yo ~ \"
is an activity that shake rub the breast with the other hand.
About 5 minutes seem to feel and caress I was also not held the penis become naked.
\"I've been out dad destination Ppokara solution\"
\"I in it I say, that when put in juice Gamanko made in the lubricating oil'm entering the smooth\"
\"Oh - I'm likely\"
\"Your here, pretty but wet whether they toying myself. \"
\" Yeah I sometimes \"
\" so? \"
\" But to not put in in it. \"
\" well today is penis put'll \"dad
crowned both hands on the wall to stand a daughter inserted from behind.
is the start of the high-speed piston.
Splashing sound and obscene sound reverberates in the bathroom.
Early in the interference of Iimanko also cum hit ejaculation feeling was dumped in bad and think back.
I was soaked by two people in a bath wash away the back of the semen in the shower.
\"You will not 's for the first time.\"
\"No. I father for the first time I\"
\"Well would have been hurt.\"
\"No. I I was not as at all hurt,\"
\"funny Do not - at first - Do I do hurts,\"
\"that was placed in the finger before for the first time \"I was put penis but there is
\" so? \"
even I have fit three times go to the Beck to after this.

Incest discourse

Daughter, does not stop the desire to want to do with Yuki.
Mood After masturbation side dish to Yuki to try when bad after the husband and wife quarrel
was terribly felt good. Yuki endure pain while tears to being fucked me, I massage to squeeze the milk that is not seen since elementary school entwined in and forcibly tongue lick the lips of Yuki, ejaculation, you're in the course. This recently stress method, how let's treat to borrow now pants.