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Incest with daughter(2011-06)

Proud daughter

yuna himekawa[353]
I have two daughters between me and my wife. Both of my daughters got married, but the children had left the nest, so I ended the cold couple relationship. I let go of the house and I lived alone in an apartment, and my ex-wife was a man. life have you One day, there is a contact from the direction of second daughter, it's such that the divorce. My second daughter was a full-time housewife, so I wouldn't be able to live without a job. I also have small children. I went to my apartment for that reason. It's an apartment with only 2 rooms, but my daughter understood. My child is only 5 months old and my burden has been quite heavy. It may be that I became a mother even though I had never seen my second daughter naked when I was in elementary school, but it's bold. Maybe you can't get caught up in yourself. Even when I was breastfeeding, I turned my back at first. Eventually, I started to do it calmly, and when I took my child out of the bath, my daughter remained naked and I didn't hide it anymore. When I began to get used to such a life, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and noticed something wrong with my daughter sleeping next to me. I'm sighing. I saw my daughter masturbating so as not to make a clear voice . I'm returning to a woman as well as my mother, so my daughter is masturbating frequently in the middle of the night since that day. One day I said, "Isn't it okay to make a boyfriend?"My daughter asked, "Is it annoying?" And said, "I want you to stay here all the time." "Why is that so? The man is already a mess." "You're alone like every night, or are you lonely?" My daughter suddenly said, "What was it?" "I'm only 25 years old, so I can start over ." He said, "I want to live with my dad." He asked me , "What about my dad ?" And when I said "What? What?", He said, "My dad is alone. When asked, "Sometimes I do that. I'm still a man." I answered honestly. There is no doubt that the wall between parents and children collapsed, or that I felt more intimate. is a certain night, and sleeping at night, getting closer daughter "not lend me hey dad, hey?" "What?" listen and daughter I was pointing to my lower body only "Dad is sleeping "It's okay, I don't really have to do anything," he touched my son, and as soon as he grew up, he climbed up and inserted himself. My daughter died in less than 30 seconds , "I'm going to go right after giving birth to a child , " but she started to sit down again, and in less than 30 seconds, the second ascension , 5 times in less than 5 minutes. I've passed away. While thinking "I'm not doing anything" saying "Thank you very much.""I'm sorry. Dad is half-hearted, isn't he?" And I was squeezed by my daughter and I ascended to heaven . I'm also old, so I'm getting into pain every day, so I went to buy sex toys without telling my daughter . I went to such a store for the first time, but I bought a standard vibe that is said to be a denma that is often seen in AV because there are various places . And I said to my daughter that night. When I showed him "I bought this", he said "I don't like toys", but I managed to persuade him. Normally, my daughter just gets on top, but when I hit the chestnut with a denma, it takes 30 seconds. On the contrary, it is an instant kill. My daughter also said, "This is a weapon," but she continues to die while convulsing her body ascending continuously. Her eyes are black and white, saying "My head gets sick." After tripping completely, I tried inserting a vibrator. A daughter who keeps dying even if she doesn't move. "I'll just go in" When I put my daughter in the back state and move it violently, I pull out the vibe that has passed away so much that I do not know how many times I have gone to continuous ascension while pulling the anal and put my finger in the pulled anal When I saw it, I ascended even in anal while saying "There is no use" . While saying "I don't know which hole anymore" , my daughter fainted due to the double attack of ascension and vibes and denma, and I'm inside with my daughter's anal. .. ..After all, my daughter's libido heats up and she attacks toys every night. She seems to have had a desire for slavery, saying, "I thought I was S, but it was actually M." And that day continued, and my eldest daughter When he came to my apartment, he seemed to feel that something was wrong, and he promised to say something else and taught me the relationship between my second daughter and me. But eldest daughter, without any state in which so much surprised, "of Anta much Dad toward the second daughter Innovation" not it nice to be causing even pregnancy turmoil "What I It was a love that" not a "But dad physical strength tough do? The eldest daughter said, "Because my dad is amazing" before I answered , "I'm a little envious because I'm always less" and "Why don't you make me a dad?" I was listening to the story thinking that I was pregnant. The second daughter asked, "Would you like to try it with three people?" And the eldest daughter answered with a laugh, "Maybe that's the case," but the second daughter was motivated and said, "This is amazing." I took out the denma and hit it against the crotch of my eldest daughter who hates it. When I was told, "Hey, dad, hold on to your sister," I also squeezed my eldest daughter in a bad ride. I thought it was just a bit of a mess, but I was hit by a denma from the top of my clothes, and my eldest daughter ascended in about a minute. I'm tired. The eldest daughter hates her when she begins to take off her eldest daughter's pants, but she doesn't seem to really hate her. The denma was hit again from the top of the pants and ascended for the second timeMy second daughter said, "Your sister is also very easy to die." When this happens, it doesn't stop anymore. All three became naked and continued to let their eldest daughter die. It was strange to see her sisters kissing and entwining their tongues. I also had sex with my eldest daughter. My eldest daughter is still married, so she doesn't come often, but every time she comes, she satisfies her sexual desire. I wonder if this is my father's job. I think I'll make it lately.

The sex education course by the father and mother

Title is the very exaggerated, but the event once or twice a month, my daughter came to our bedroom couple, that the (light experience) and tour the workings of the night has continued at home. It is the beginning when you get down to it, I was a small 6, my daughter has had seen the site of us. If you open and be sexual life, it was a brainchild of my wife that should, not also be delinquent. Mother and daughter lesbian play of Oral primarily. Father and daughter also I was six nine blind at first, but sex is also mandatory contraception course ... from the second year. It is immature body of the daughter in the attack parents simultaneous blowjob daughter and wife of feels good, of course, it burns unexpectedly. Perhaps because congenial may have a family, you rolled wet aloud daughter to relax.


You have one daughter in the 3 for me.
I think was the Sunday before about half a year.
It is also trying not a cold Innovation? \"What's wrong\" and in the \"I want to go dad, hospital\" when the eldest daughter came home in the early afternoon from the club.
and I called it \"hurts to pee.\" It feels like this has been put up pretty,
daughter as \"absolutely hate\" and say, \"I dare me have a look.\" I and \"Do not Ya Yeah\".
You have not seen naked daughter for many years, but
it persuaded somehow honest, rather than such feelings horny, and I want to look worried, by lowering the pants forcibly half, I tried to spread the legs.
There daughter, and Na looks just like her mother. How hairy are also similar, and the hymen was still attached.
Would not a venereal disease. I was relieved a little.
Was it with confidence, you have already erection of my lower body.
Later, when you take me to the hospital, it was that examination that urethritis.
had to face bright red \"....\" daughter and \"De Ya do happen it from touching dirty hands\" among the car return. It was found in the intuition would have some that you hit. I was told with the intention of follow
\"You also because around, you may just touch on your own, or I not also a bad thing
apart,\" said I with Na guess correctly. . . . When you say
\"It's a health evidence
to.\", \"Mom are also often to Well\" and
it and did say, \"Yeah. I'll have and what is it act for sleep\" and to come Kikikaeshi as
\"distress?\" \"Which When asked at an interval of about or are you with? \"or? every day,
to say\" It's me \"Na'm gonna be almost every day my daughter was referred to as\" not \"every day you might\"
\"daughter\" Mom are we doing and I'm like \"Hey saw well but I though I had allowed to place true. I There was nothing for it but I wanted to look at the masturbation daughter
Toka'm like then so as to masturbation story and daughter well, mom is to while seen
I was supposed to have one Mise persuade somehow .
Daughter Once seen as well as the mother, and it feels like really excited, it's gone immediately.
Ascension and gone excited over the daughter that was exhausted, and also, After doing licking clitoris.
And that just made ​​it blowjob daughter Become a posture of 69.
And, you do not have sex, but Shuichi daughter and 3 have this kind

Incest discourse

When I was a high school student, parents divorced because of infidelity mom, I was taken over to dad how. It is adultery and but have worked seriously, Dad
seems to have suffered shock, it is now drinking every day. We can note the amount you drink too so many, but while said to \"know\", I did not try to quit.
I thought my brother in elementary school yet, show up in the kind of father whether and, every day, and to end early the homework, I was not let to say to bed early. Perhaps you had noticed,
but had heard me say that in silence. One day in just about three months and then divorce, by creating a dinner, after the brother was sleeping, dad came back for being late than usual.
Crowded collapsed on the spot, dad was looks very tight. When you hear the \"all right?\", It does not say anything just open your eyes faintly. Make sure there is no heat,
I went to an expression futon and say, \"I come not to futon\". When you return, you are trying to eat dinner, Dad was attached to buckwheat to finish eating.
Is referred to as \"hate\" When we hear the phrase \"? Enter the bath\", I went to brush their teeth. Because it was worried about whether or not fall, I was watching all the way from behind. Though,
it was a feeling like have a care of the elderly. When you have to get back into the bedroom toothpaste is over, stumbling, it was in the groove moss nothing. I was rushed to the \"Dad!\" Buckwheat.
Dad began to cry suddenly. I did not put out what voice, but tears came out tattered. Is referred to as \"Misato ...\" In an attempt to comfort somehow, If I desperately, was on his back on me.
I was surprised with the (! Example). Seeing the astonished face, we have heard, \"after all? Do not want? ... Or ... bad,\" said Dad. I thought I did not answer anything, but should not for dad, and shook their heads.
Dad grip my arm, and was trying desperately to leave. \"Misato ...\" I knew the difficulties of day-to-day dad. Dad, you drink liquor, but socially costly to the people of the company
avoided, will come back as soon as possible. You face a spicy look at, but it does not show in front of his brother at least. Thanks to the hard time not a vulgaris dad, we had been able to live.
Motivation comes out with that man is, have a relationship with a person of the woman I knew. That incest should not have sex with the parent to enter into one of the abuse at school also had learned.

Biological daughter

I was lost in a sick wife last year at 55 years old I am.
Second daughter is 26 years old 28-year-old daughter can have two daughters to me.
I am out of the house They both already married.
Had wreck mentally also physically quite like nursing wife I became rest tend to also work certainly.
To see me like that, daughters I was me using the mind to me.
While children suffer of 4 months old, you can come to me home well, second daughter also
told me so issues a face often is the eldest daughter. I do not have until late second daughter so have a job, but the eldest daughter
will continue to stay in the house well. Breastfeeding seems Asked, squeeze the excess breast milk several times a day, the eldest daughter to the freezer. .
I have seen One day, the eldest daughter is are you breast-feeding a child, \"This limited busty, forever and I wonder if I followed.\" First
daughter, but I enter solved likely stuck on the Pampanga certainly. . .
It is said, \"Have you've got the tits Ne~ene~e dad, mom?\" And,
\"my husband I'm well drink\" What is Innovation \"I wonder if there is a little\". . . While I think what I'm doing as \"ww ha-ha\". . . A
grimace, \"Hey I'm not not fit this meaning. Yo~o I do hurts too much tension\" What If shoot back with \"Do that I drink to me\" daughter would say to me \"... to wanton full anyway\"
My daughter said while breastfeeding. \"I also want to do\" to say
\"I wonder was saying such a thing even Mom\"
\"Yes, Oh had undergone a tub the other\" What daughter would say to me \"gonna come out from the other when Nomasu one\"
After passing to come with a basin from the bathroom so I say, began out breastfeeding basin by issuing the chest of the other. I do have that you do not see until now, but
I can not afford to not try and be done openly accordingly.
And becoming poor is becoming Pampanga as blood vessels stand out, breast undergoes breast milk I'll have a wash basin.
When you say it \"I wonder was such a thing a long time ago. I have remembered.\"
While it is said to \"try was found\" daughter so called \"? Can ask\" would I say, \"I've been remembered had been squeezed breast milk of mother\", and doing out the breast milk and massaging the breast of daughter were.
When you say, \"Yeah. Yo~o to remember the old days only a little,\" said daughter so say that \"I want to drink?\" he said. When you say
\"because not doing this for a long time\" I \"'s how to suck seems Ya kinda the way suck\" when I tried sucking nipples daughter daughter so say that I \"I
say,\" daughter \"Iiyo~o , habit or came out with smoked as you like \"so Ttoiu. To Korokoro nipples tongue. . .
Riding on the tone with my daughter because I say that \"Thats become comfortably ww ha-ha.\" . . .
In TEC band Te Akachanwane in the meantime. . . .
More squeezed breast milk daughter so say that I \"do not you put out still.\" . The nipples also my daughter. . . .
State of the daughter becoming amusing clearly in the meantime. . . .
It would be a kiss to his daughter about, and entangle the tongue. . . Then I inserted. . . .
And to it in with so I say that \"I do put out in the not pregnant yet.\" . . . .
this relationship with the eldest daughter has continued at a pace of once a month because the eldest daughter is willing to say that I can \"I'll etched if occasionally\"

Cute Sayaka

Are going out with her ​​daughter to become 22 (48) I. The'm in love in earnest.
After dinner, I was a bit of slap and tickle in the bath today. I'll be pressing a plump H cup Sayaka is hugging from behind me. Superb article I had become rather Gingin warp already. Feeling naughty busty
\"tits like Aan, Papa, the
sheath?\" \"Oh, me pressing more ...'m dying ...\"
Sayaka, let touch the superb article of his hand Sayaka, let squeezed.
It was made ​​to love each other in such a wind, Sayaka is from the days of 3, her bust was a G cup already. I I was able to have embraced a special feeling to her from an early Sayaka is young, it is your stuff finally. Apparently there is also Sayaka Electra complex temperament, we love me more than anyone that my. The body that was plump, her docile personality'm irresistibly endearing.
I'm a teacher of high school, but my head is full of things Sayaka even go to school, while looking at the photo you are smiling at boobs bare her, many times we have ejaculation in the toilet.
I do not dying cute is Sayaka anymore.
They will greet me with rocking big tits naked apron even when I came back tired, you often need to sex at the door.
I love one night in bed my evening course.
She is all of me.


Grade when five years, that of the night was not a business trip mother. I do not know what time, but I woke up the middle of the night a strange feeling to. I found my chest is being licked. Chest had come out and film to shirt and raised. It was found to be a father in the form of a head. I tried to move the body to get away in the moment, but I noticed limbs to have been confined to the edge of the bed at that time. I think there, and he or something leather handcuffs. The eggplant is not able to do anything, but I was still. Heart was ringing Dokkun Dokkun. My father was massaged very long time tits. There was little that it was his own, but was massaged to someone it was the first time. My father was very good when I think back. Feel or I say within that are rubbed the chest, such as going to be squishy is inside of me did. Although I have to get away first, it was going to be a pleasure if my father give at that time. My father does not directly touch the nipple, Dari does plucked or licking its close, you can turn massage and make a finger, it was doing things. Me because it was very insistent, rolling up of excitement the first time also remember to some extent. Body became Pi-kun consciousness flying finger Toka tongue is touching the nipple from time to time. My father built Sucking and Tadashi nipples suddenly. I had gone out to the tremendous voice comfortably. I mean, I feel that hot body in a mess everything already feel, we will be sucked out all. I did not stop voice is gone out Fu~un, Te Fu~un,. It has been deep kiss from his father, but it was also supposed to leave, but is in very comfortably. Body was also very hot, and are wound licking tongue while being tampered with the chest. The Hen came down the stomach in particular, but to come to Te Kuhn, I wonder if Tteyuu very painful, it has come to feeling what the heck everything again, this is me, much better. And immediately after that I thought as it is, I feel like Asokorahen Muzugayui has, feel painful and hot and feeling like an explosion has spread throughout the body. I think feeling crazy anymore, and was crying half maybe. Tara Chichi~tsu, what I do not stop at any it. Out of the night, I was fitted in the same eye about three times. It was pulling the curtain, but all is was over it was long past the noon. I got to know their body so I feel high while small five. It was silent and I thought not I get a thing from my father After you tattle on someone. I mean, it's small five? Once tasted once this pleasure, it is not stuck. I'm a high school now, but because the parent was divorced with a little since then, it is being held frequently to his father from it. Rather than me, feeling sex slaves completely at home. I mean, what I do is happy to be in as good father.


I'm 72 years old, my daughter is 48 years old who is the grandson anymore. It did it with his daughter.
It was invited to be bereaved wife, and either do not live in daughter couple who lives in Tokyo, but it has a living alone to say and want to live in the countryside, among a still healthy.
We took care to stay 2 to 3 to come in every month daughter is worried.
It is now that when came this time, while you are drinking with two people, and that tries to get in the bath together like a long time ago.
I drink a breath to see nude daughter was plump of 48 year old, was erected To Mukumuku involuntarily. Its Bokkiomi t

Motherless family

I was sleeping dressed daughter, that skirt the T-shirt.
When approached with the intention to fix a futon that had Hadake, crotch of her daughter who opened the legs loosely for rolling over looked.
Was unconscious. Touching over underwear, warm ...... moist. My daughter woke up in the place where I put the finger, it was returned to us for a moment, but can not stop anymore.
My daughter was not a virgin. High school students of today's precocious. ...... Man that knows this body is I need the other.
And out in about two times after all, poured also mouth to rant.
1 week from there soon. My daughter does not go home yet.

Incest discourse

When my body grew completely into an adult, I became a living copy of my mom when she was young. When I look at the picture of my mother who died when I was a kid, it looks like I am. Then my dad's bondage became fierce. The curfew becomes strict, and when I go out to play with a boy, I get angry. I was disappointed that my dad was looking at my mom inside me. I've always liked my dad as a man. When I knew the word incest and knew that I couldn't marry my dad, I was so shocked that it was pitch black in front of me. "When I grow up, I'll be my dad's wife!" I miss the time when I was innocent. At that time, I could hug my dad, lie on my lap, and take a bath with him without worrying about incest. With this body of an adult who has grown up big, he can't even hug his father. The day my dad came home very drunk, I sneaked into my dad's bed naked. "You ... you ..." While hugging, whispering, Dad fell asleep and misunderstood me as a mother. It's been many years since my mom was gone. Some of my dads still have moms ... "Kokoro ..." While muttering the mother's name, the father hugs my body tightly. I was very happy and very sad to be kissed with alcoholic lips.I was happy to have a first kiss with my dad, but he thinks I'm a mom. A hot tongue comes into my mouth and gets raped so much that I can't breathe. I was so excited that I could hear my dad in the room when I found out that he was out of breath. I'm so excited that I feel the inner part of my body getting hot. Dad's tongue licked my body and reached my boobs. My heart is filled with the joy of my dad touching my body, which I have never touched. When my dad's tongue touched his nipple, he felt as if an electric shock pierced his body. Every time my tongue clings to my nipple, it feels so good that I can't suppress my gasping voice. No ... If you make such a voice, your father will notice you. Incest can't be done by a serious dad. Dad's tongue began to trace this crack. I've been masturbating myself, imagining sex with my dad many times, but it feels great to be able to lick my pussy ... I was fascinated by the pleasure that my dad's tongue gave me. The clitoris is licked and tampered with with rugged thick fingers. Just being touched by my dad's finger makes me happy and happy, like a dream. Dad's finger has invaded my pussy. It hurts ... It seems that the pussy is being pushed out. But I can't scream ... because my dad will tell me.My fingers went all the way in and I started digging through my pussy. It feels good ... it feels very satisfying ... Dad's fingers are slowly coming out, trying to get something incomparably thick. This is slippery and slimy ... Dad's dick? I was almost crushed by the feeling that I was finally incesting ... giving my dad a virginity. I felt guilty about having my dad incest with this kind of deception. However, I couldn't stop the cock that was coming in while pushing my pussy wide and wide. The pussy hurts so much that it seems to tear ... I could barely kill the scream. The cock that finally got into the back was put in and out without hesitation, and every time it was moved, intense pain ran. It's said that sex for the first time hurts, but it hurts so much without any adjustment. Tears are bleeding and it's very painful and sad. There was no longer the joy of being one with my dad. I can't bite my lips to make a voice, hoping that my dad will ejaculate quickly and finish. It seems that the back of the vagina became so hot that it finally ejaculated. Dad pulled the cock out of my pussy and fell asleep again. I wiped the semen on my dad's dick and the blood that broke my hymen with a tissue to make it as clean as possible.Taking a shower and washing away the traces of incest, I couldn't stop the overflowing tears. The next time I have sex, I want to be people I like each other ... My dark passion for incest was cut off at the same time as my loss of virginity. I want to find someone I like more than my dad and get married as soon as possible. No matter how hard I try, I can't be a mother. The next day, Dad was trying to be happy with his mom's dream. I'll keep the incest in my heart for a long time. To continue to be a good parent and child.

··· ♪ and Papa

Me was I have a dad the other day. Next year, I become a member of society, but dad I'm always say I'm worried about Toka Amae-kko such like me comes out to society.
And, Mom I'm a teacher of junior high school, but I went to training the other day. We had fun while a lot of other talks you can eat rice made ​​two people and Papa.
And I went to have to say after the rice, Daddy I take a bath Nde and towels provided.
I was embarrassed By do say I \". Put Rio\" but I went into together after a long time dad opens the door to say \"Papa, it ~.'ll Leave it here,\" he said. First, Papa told me to wash the Rio next with raised wash Toka back of Papa.
Hand of Daddy I grew tits of Rio \". Thank you daddy\" I can \"~. Na'll get to clean\".
\"Rio, here? If\" ax Tteri, I washed out the pussy is getting nasty gradually If I had there and playfully \"Yada, ~.'m Not polite so much daddy\" 's. ... Voice comes out and faint \"Papa § ... or, N Ugh ...\" What.
Papa came rubbed chestnut is my best to say it \"you feel? Tell me more.\" and \". A~u ... Oh man.\" Knee even if the jerky feeling much come to be standing anymore.
I would say \"hate, more, and Papa muzzles, and mix\" I can say that because \"'ll stop. not tell\" me. Daddy,
chestnut or Korikori nipples posture daddy Then I ☆ who had out loud I \". Uu Yeah\" by pinching the chestnut in the finger with a bubble, since loading and unloading at Mach middle finger is face-to-face
guy became Okkiku of ☆ Papa that chat once said to me \". intends uhh Ahha~u\" earlier, because time may cause slimy Na Okki Daddy in ○ down Po also pleased very After Chupa Chupa in your mouth of Rio, Dad was excited, of ... issued in your mouth I \"Doku~tsu\" by suppressing Te jerked the hair of Rio.
Once you have all Cum \"Papa, wow. You're full. Delicious daddy\" Well, if you had been there and lick like crazy stinking each other in the posture of 69 Daddy put Rio on the mat.
After that, it's has been inserted I Zubu~tsu in such a way back cowgirl like Daddy put on the knee Rio Once inside the bath together and getting better, even if the other.
Daddy, come lick messing Toka nostrils of Rio you can Berochuーtowards Dad's face and I \"show Rio, Face feels\" are holding hands, \"Oh, daddy, good\" I were.
Among the hot water, ... were Chai also said Rio is me \"Aua Aa\" by exploiting violently.
\"Papa, also Rio,. Papaa'll go,\" \"Daddy Ikuzo. Dad in the Ikuzo. Rio because come with pounding is also laid on the mat just because I not done so already Dad and I \"have convulsion in want of.
As it is, Dad got out a lot and I Poison Dokudoku into the uterus of Rio. From it, I may be able to really feel because even ☆ just etch and Dad when you do not have a mom.