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Incest with daughter(2018-06)

It was good to set aside

When I was a young small, mischievous movie shooting. After a quarrel with his daughter, amazing feels good when you masturbate with this. Dad'm was mischief spree to you standing in saucy wearing uniforms of Anna short skirt, the first kiss, blowjob, cunnilingus'm dad gave me. Belly on the ejaculation, but also Cum vagina rubbing face.

Yochitsu diary

yuna himekawa[9995]
If you become unemployed employer is bankrupt, I went out and cheating wife. Small 4 daughter filthy Nante Mom! I cried I, lived in the remaining two people. When is later, at a small 6, the nipple has been conspicuous swollen breasts. Since the one-room only, sleeping side by side always together. Morning, daughter when the change into happening earlier, was spying the chest of silhouette bulging. I can not stand! I checked the net, it is etched in elementary school. When I think so, last night, hit the bath. Continues to murmur so, \"I love you\", the daughter reluctant to bare. In deep kiss, chest of caress, what was the idea, showed me a pussy suffer by hand to raise the foot as you say. Although faint hair is growing, it is beautiful. Spread with a finger say that tickles and lick the chestnut. But if continues, it has been a little wet. And to the easy-to-read system, the hymen is looked! Except for the back of the hymen spread with a finger, but not visible after dark. \"○○-chan, I'm good because I love?\" And I asked, what was defiant attitude as \"you got to be to say I hate\", eyes closed. By pouring lotion on pussy, was Nuritaku' also to penis. And pressing together the position, there was a little bit of resistance, entering. Whether painful to see the face of my daughter, I frown. Upon further pressing, I was stuck in a stretch back Once in the Kito. Was kiss to contain the cry that says \"Itai\" daughter.By no means comfortable with the feeling that you Gorigori narrow, but with excitement that I got a daughter of the virgin, was vigorously piston. View a binding moiety for a while and covered in blood. Fired at that moment. So, I gave in. It is etched cum many times from yesterday. Indeed, it does not stand anymore, and meal two people. Daughter has been as usual. To etch even tonight.

Love affair of incest

Happy, go immediately to the father of the original.

Small 6 raw vagina clinging

 Today, my 11-year-old daughter, who is in 6th grade, leaves school after 3 o'clock as usual, and she pulls out only the contents from the school bag on her back with a familiar hand, and the pleated line, which is a bright navy blue uniform, is also a vivid suspender skirt. After putting my face inside and letting me pose for the crab crotch and slowly squeezing the base of the childish light yellow cotton character pants, my father-in-law, I, is lying on the backpack in the living room. As soon as I fell asleep, my daughter-in-law who got the point completely became naked only in the lower body, and I put one hand on the penis that was already in a state of erection for 8 minutes and inserted it raw with slimy and Cali just put the G spot He lifted his hips to the rubbing position and shook his lower body back and forth or up and down, and he ascended many times.  And now, I'm sitting diagonally to the left against my foolishness of typing on a computer while sitting on a cushion at the desk in the living room, so I'm just typing on the keyboard with pleasure ...

Mistress of fifth grader who is also a daughter

 My wife, who is now dead, suffered from a malignant brain tumor last fall and died at the end of February without the benefit of several advanced surgeries, leaving the only daughter of 4th grade at that time and me. I have.  I could barely afford it, so I hired a housekeeper to outperform the housework in general, but the "compensation for losing my partner at night" was greater than I expected at the age of 34.  Therefore, I am secretly thinking about having my eldest daughter's eyes become a real mistress rather than a wife in terms of sexual life, and I am currently gradually implementing it.  The eyes born early on March 1st, who were born as an only child in my home, are slim and delicate like a slender Venus or nipple with a height of 139 Cm and a weight of 32 kg, as measured at a recent elementary school, and finally assert themselves. A light pink areola with a 100-yen coin slightly larger on the breast of a young child who has just begun to swell and is less than an A cup, and a translucent and beautiful nipple with a diameter of only about 4 mm. I'm doing.  And the hips that continue from the curve of the waist that is erotic like a maiden in love are also thin like a girl of this age, the degree of excitement is large and the length is quite characteristic 〇〇〇 (genital) secret vertical straight line From (I line), it can be said that it is a type of girl child who can not only see the ugly meat villas but also the lolicon of the world that only grows hair. ..

And the father of her husband

\"Well, Do not ask a father,\" her husband said that was going to work for you there is another meaning to it, but out as mediocre word has been multiplied by the voice as \"Saki\" from just father-in-law go out husband and it means \"good kana?\" laughing \"it's not ginger,\" I went to the bedroom of the father-in-law while pulling the hand of the father-in-law to kiss my father-in-law, as long-awaited and enter the bedroom, entangled the tongue masu father-in-law is pushing the futon to rape wildly then remove my clothes I will enjoy it even while saying \"well\" to loincloth licking my nipples tongue of the father-in-law has become hard, gradually dropped to below you and you Shaburitsuki to my pussy that is already wet \"Oh,\" I will turn licked Shaburitsuki the cock of the father-in-law while pressed against the mouth of the father-in-law a pussy replaced the upper and lower body does not accumulate \"Saki, It is good or I \"and \" your father-in-law's, poked in \"deep father-in-law so as not to think the 60-year-old too is shaking the hips \" out of want, want to be in \" what is my hot on my word of the father-in-law body I outpouring deep in the

And daughter of the junior high school one year

Because the thread has become many, the sex of the memorial while being seen for the first time in the outdoors, was new. I hope to work with you in the future.

Lunchtime sex with dad

I work for the same company, my father is "Director and General Manager", I am "Assistant Chairman Senior Executive Officer", and for lunch I make lunch for two people every morning and it is the executive room of "Assistant Chairman" where I am. Before eating lunch, after eating me first, it became commonplace before I knew it, and in the same company, I was also an incest parent and child, "Senior Managing Representative Control Executive Officer" and my daughter, "Senior Executive Officer General Manager of General Affairs Department" "Hanae-san" parents and children have lunchtime sex in the managing room at noon, maybe because their lustrous faces are absorbing their father's semen in the womb, or if the  weather is nice , "car sex" drive I was thinking, today is home, after writing, I take a shower, then go upstairs and have sex. My dad is waiting in the bathroom ...

With grandchildren

I am a 66 year old man. I left the company last year and now I'm living a boring life every day, but my only pleasure is my son's 43 years old, my son's wife 35 years old, my 4th grade and 1st grade grandchildren, my wife and 6 I live with people. My daily pleasure is to take a bath with my grandchildren, and at night my sons take care that my grandchildren get in the way and let me sleep. In the bath, I enjoy washing my two grandchildren's pussy by hand until my grandchildren say it's okay. At night, I have my two grandchildren lick their pussy, but the virgin and menstrual pussy has a sweet and fresh smell, and that taste is unbearable? It tastes completely different from the taste of my son's wife and wife's pussy and is addictive. Actually, I sometimes have sex with my son's wife. There are days when my son is a driver and does not go home at night, and when I take him to shopping from time to time, he does not get angry even if he touches his ass, and he says while laughing with Yarn's father, so maybe my grandson is 5 It was about my age. Did I turn my car to an unpopular mountain road on the way home from shopping at noon when my son was returning from Kyushu tonight? I asked where my wife was going, but I tricked her into showing her good points, entered the mountain road, stopped the car, and kissed her mouth. Tangle, lower my pants, put the cock in my mouth, squeeze, rub my chest, stroke my ass, lower my pants, insert one shot in a narrow car, hurry when I'm sick I pushed Sayo-san to put it in my mouth and gave him a drink, and then it was over, and then sometimes once or twice a week, every time Sayo-san asked for it. I go to hotels from time to time, but are you just worried about my son?

Daddy has been forced to daughter

My daughter I became a three-year 17-year-old high school, one month before, my daughter, so say lent Dad money, so say and say it's how much and about 200,000, to how much money I and do not say even listening? Since then also say give me a few times, when I say or put out a lot of money do not know why a high school student, said he and lend in the secret to mom, and say it has been found, reluctantly, started to say that of pregnancy, and the other 4 was like past month, and anyone hear children and with, or boyfriend of the child, and I do not know anyone of the three people in the classmate of the man and two people, you say? I do scold and what is related to the other so much a man in high school, but no one I have, of which is to say to calm face and had made because I could not contraception. Because no choice, I decided to'll put out. And in the hospital, and medical examination, I abortion date determined returned, her daughter is placed instruments to the doctor, like a time of his wife, when the belly I think is larger, and miserable, go home, daughter but Dad, show the belly and little is large, been kissed cheeks and thank you dad, I came hug, I wish daughter, those of below is not increased, it says that I have my daughter is large daddy and, by lowering thank and pants gave us money, and put biting into the mouth, expertly and Blow, to become drinking and Gollum until the juice that has issued, is surprised. One month since then, with me to drink several times, daughter, I me to say that I good dad, absolutely, can not it put cock, daughter that was pregnant, man is afraid, recently, tooth like in no Te, it was like a little frustration, might be of approaching me? But seems to be with you daughter looking at posts in this site, I do not have the courage. Daughter is also when are Ona' alone. Does not show the wife, if you do not stay a wife, I have had a finger in the ignored to stay, I want to say.What I may be put? It passed about a month after the completion another abortion.

Eloy child of this time

I fell into a state of excitement and had a physical relationship with my daughter. I was tempted by my daughter, and I couldn't help it. She was made fellatio and her pants were taken off and her pussy was rubbed on her face. 69 as if in uniform AV. I thrust my daughter from behind, and she was crazy many times. I wonder why such a voice comes out, I wonder if I have convulsions, I'm good at blowjob. Don't let your wife know what you're doing after this.

Licking the morning rushing dick

My dad was absent, so I was mischievous. When I entered my dad's room in the morning, I was sleeping shirtless. I'm thrilled just to be naked. .. Erotic. .. Even if I gently get on the bed and take off my pants slowly ... it doesn't happen at all ... If my dick is a little erected and I can't stand it, I can't stand it and lick the tip. .. The salty slimy string is pulled. .. Do you have a dad's naughty dream? I was thrilled. I love my dad's dick, so if I lick it from the back muscles with a brim, it gets bigger and bigger. .. I thought I was crazy to put it in the woman on top posture, but I couldn't wake it up, so I put up with it. .. I chewed the gingin's dick and moved it up and down as my dad taught me. .. My mouth is full of dad's naughty liquid and I'm happy. .. When I was holding it all the time, I suddenly got a pompon in my head. .. When I asked, "Ah? What about you?", He said, "Continue while looking at your father." I was embarrassed, but I love my dad, so when I was staring at him for a long time, he said, "Oh, I'm gonna go, let's go away" , but I wanted my dad's milk, so I stopped. I squeezed even faster without. .. "Yui ?? It's coming out in your mouth, isn't it ??At that moment , I felt that "Bulururu" was a tremendous amount of liquid in my mouth. My dad hurriedly said, "I'm sorry, show me your mouth," so I put out my tongue and showed it to my dad. My dad gave me a nadenade and gave me a hand saying, "Get it in my dad's hand," but I was a waste, so I swallowed it. .. My dad was surprised, "Well, did you drink it?" .. After that, I took my dad's dick again and licked it cleanly. After all, I love the morning one because it is fermented in various ways and has a very nasty smell. I want to practice blowjob more and more because I want my father to be more and more happy. .. If possible, please let the person who is looking here immediately measure the pee that has dried and smelled at the end of work> <

I ended up as a daughter

Thank you for using the page of my father who I have touched so far and for receiving advice. I also posted it because of the inconvenience. Please read it again and give us your opinion. I received a troubled consultation. About 30 minutes after I got home in the morning from the husband and wife of the couple I saw, I got a call to my house and said that I had a consultation. In my mind, I thought that it was a secret and I was indifferent to money, so I reluctantly decided to meet with them, and when I asked them to come to my house and talk to me, the couple was younger than me. I heard that my child couldn't do it, so I inspected it at the hospital, but my wife is still 37 and there is no problem, but my husband said that he might not get pregnant because there are very few sperms, so my husband I thought about getting my father to donate sperm, but he said he didn't like his wife, and he really wanted a child, so he asked my wife for seeds. Since they will be secret to each other, I will ask if I can do something about it, so I said that my wife might have an idea and let me think for a moment, but my wife understands, so I will ask you several times. I consulted with my daughter, and she said that she would be a sibling or sister, so if something strange happened in the future, I asked her if I could ask her secretly, and then I went home. I got it and told him that I understood it on the phone last night. He told me that he would let me go there on the best day of his wife's ovulation period, hung up the phone, and I was excited to be a married woman.Immediately after that, I got a call and my wife said that her period was over at the beginning of last week, so I think it's a good time to solo solo, so tomorrow daytime, I asked if my daughter could ask while going to school, I'm good. I answered. I don't see my face clearly when I take off my hat because I always see it in the field with a small and deep hat, but it seems to be my favorite and gentle personality, so I'm happy.

A 20-year-old virgin I gave to my father

yuna himekawa[9786]
 Whenever my dad takes a bath, I take a bath later, and I've been taking a bath with my dad since I was in elementary school.  I think my mother has always been annoyed and somehow noticed that I gave her to my father.  There is a V-cut that you can see a little valley in a mini dress, there is also a sexy front button, and you have a date with your father wearing it, so it may be natural to notice, at the time of fireworks last summer , Date with my dad While kissing in the dark, I opened the front button a little and let my dad put his hand in, and I took off my bra at the restaurant I entered on the way.  My dad's hands were pinching his nipples, twisting his body and making a little voice, but he wanted him anymore, he searched for a place where there were no people and became one there, fireworks were launched and the sound was loud. No one noticed the love of my father, and it became a memory of being absorbed in and loving each other.  I'm going on a date with my dad today, and it's a cute mini dress, but it's just 15 ?. I will go out first and meet.

Dad sleeping in the same room as his daughter

I am a 47-year-old wife and 45-year-old working at the city hall. The children are a son in the third year of high school, a daughter in the first year of high school, and a family of four. I just recently learned about this page and was impressed by the many posts I posted. Actually, it was about half a year ago. My daughter says my dad, my brother and mom are having sex? I was surprised to doubt my ears and listened again. When I got home from school, I could hear mommy's voice, so when I opened the room, mommy and my brother were having sex naked, so I closed the door and hurriedly returned to my room. Then my brother came and told my dad never to say it, but he tried to do it for my daughter, so I accused me of quitting. Perhaps because of that, my wife hasn't been with me for a year. I'm afraid to ask my wife, so I haven't heard it yet. When I asked, my family might fall apart, so I just warned my son and my sister not to touch them. Half a year ago, my daughter was scared and I started sleeping in my room. Since my child was in elementary school, my wife and I have been going back and forth only when we slept in different rooms, so for the past five years, four people have been in different rooms, so it's night time. I didn't know at all, but for the past year or so, my wife hasn't come at all, and my son and daughter are awake for studying, so I can't go to my wife's room, so I 've been sexless for about a year. But I'm also a man, so when my daughter, who becomes a full-fledged girl, sleeps on the futon next to her and sees her change of clothes, she gets excited. My daughter isn't conscious of it at all, and I'm surprised that she doesn't mind changing her underwear. Is there anything you can't write? I'm thinking about asking my wife to stop, but are you scared?

Incest discourse

Filled up was because Part 2 (^ Omega ^) 's woman in the \"pull\" people first saw I was smile that expresses I Gomen'nasai without knowing cleaning Blow time I was uh Shirokoーwhite yarn end finding a person of experiences in what more of you from the top? Lol is expected to be one with dad before going to bed today. And early kiss you want to flirt and hug.

Prepare from 4th grade

Every day I wait for the day when my daughter can escape and train my daughter. Since I was 4th grade, I took a bath together and widened my vagina. And daughter also whether attempts to insert more and more I think'm not hate from being tampered the vagina hole so you went together without harassment also invited to the bath becomes a small 6 sit the body as usual to wash bathtub Let me spread my legs and lick cracks from this time. Continue licking enough and make sure that the vagina hole is moistened and insert a hard erected rare treasure from behind. When all the push-in and push-in are settled, putting in and out starts. The rare treasure was tightened enough to scream in the cramped vagina hole, and the feeling of ejaculation boiled and released to the buttocks easily after several times of putting in and out. I'm premature ejaculation! Tightening as much as I think. I squeezed out the remaining juice and inserted it again, and when I hit my waist while rubbing my chest that started to swell a little, I was attacked by the feeling of ejaculation again and ejaculated. I think it's a good omeco, even if it's a kind of famous instrument

I want to be a middle 3 daughter

I don't know if it's full, but I didn't post until the end and I couldn't write my own post, so I made a new one. Can't read Takeshi's post? I was able to read the first two columns of posts. Well, even if our parents and children are good, it may be bad to recommend them to others! ??

Even though you and know that dont

Itadakitaku know that there is also such a parent and child in the world, posted. I have lost a beloved wife at 25. We are doting N child daughter was born instead. Daughter from an early age, until now, a honest and pure, grew up in bright and friendly child. But only one, I will have suffered with respect to gender. The daughter from the young time, was taking a bath together, now (my daughter is 19 years old) is because I do not want and not together even if the. I was like to have from the usual naked. Is such a hot summer day was not uncommon to spend all day naked. Such me look grown up daughter would the naked growing up without any resistance, we are in trouble. I am also a flesh and blood of man, it would look as a woman of one daughter, even unavoidable, there is honest, recently I have become not Gomakase to erection. Naked mature daughter, will in the tick as soon as my penis. The other day is finally in the bath, I have become the very thing. Always but I have to avoid as much as possible looking at the naked daughter, or the day because that contained the liquor, would be horny naked with my daughter, I have an erection. This is \"I from go up to Papa destination.\" Bad and I think that stand-up time, I have my penis came a little stagger before man of the face of the daughter.The next moment my daughter was grip the penis to Tossa. I did not go out voice. That you must tell you to stop, even if I know, but I did not say. Daughter began a blowjob in my penis. Boyfriend that knew you are, but such a thing where the did remember, I was confused and feeling good and the conflict is in my head. Daughter my penis, told me lick from the tip of the rod to the back of the bag. Daughter is say, 'I Ochinko of dad, J Mr. larger'll love Ochinko of cool No! Dad! Of (boyfriend), \"\" did not Taman wanted to Ofera from the front! \"And the like. I was a little happy to be honest, but I'm a bad father.

Daughter wife

My wife is the daughter stepchildren is the ex-wife remarried each other to say that my daughter (and eloped to make a young mistress at work destination) I think that there is no interesting to talk specifically because there is no connection of blood to say that incest This is stark and I would like to confess every day of intense sex ... with Yumi (now 23) has engaged in a small bike shop in my (38) Kanto region.