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Incest with daughter(2016-05)

Daughter Rie

yuna himekawa[5717]
I Rie have horny 15-year-old Anyhow, now my daughter
's is not
did from in the eyes of the sanitary products of Rie was peeping from toilet filth put six months ago
 what to say and then my daughter has decreased to the woman 
\" Oh ... will be like I think ... \"I want to lay my child
 desire that is not Utsuse to increasingly bulge action I
 brought out the panty of Rie was entering a port in the washing machine 
have comforted themselves by smell beneath  
these one day my wife came the opportunity will be going on a trip in the women's society
mixed with sleeping pills, which for some time had prepared at dinner at the time of food Rie 
was waiting for the time  
of Rie and two hours room to have go and Gutsusuri and Nemutsu I Nugashi pants panty of Yutsukuri and pajamas 
was smell of genital area that grows淫毛and even depression \"it's the smell of Oh ... virgin ...\"
up licking and open when the base Lori comes with shame plaque the Yutsukuri vagina 
this time to clean the hole in the ass lift the waist 
was licked Insert the tongue   
I opened the mouth of Rie become increasingly bold      
cock the put will be in the form of sucking 69 pussy 
rubbed in淫唇not unbearable and encourage淫汁put a finger on the honey pot of the daughter 
did not issue is in that was ejaculation 
 has been爆寝without knowing anything Rie       
But to Pies is that it is a problem of another time I thought ...... 

Raped daughter pregnant

Kanako 16-year-old high-1 daughter is attacked by a return middle of a convenience store in the byte 
did not notice because the intellectual Tsutano that was pregnant at the end of rape DaTsuta was a little to the thick of the body last month Kanako out Gradually come   
to stomach any more hide not if ... the man did was confessed to me and tied his hands with tape that had prepared Tsurekomi the return middle of a daughter in one box car \"kill'll be quiet,\" saying we did had ejaculated in a daughter that can not be resistance in fear .....          
I live with my in Kanako and two people divided into six years does not have any wife before 
that of six months ago I was worried would be publicly Once daughter suffer ...
I decided I gave up the abortion goes into another 7 months in but the hospital took in obstetrics and gynecology only can not be helped give birth is said that it is impossible was      
the later performs a procedure of long-term school closures only did was ... and three months past Kanako was birth to a girl waiting for a birth in high school  
I just below Yuki as the baby post immediately   
before giving birth also daughter in ... discharge to home was that there is no need to raise the boy you do not know if you are accepted from I do wash the commission is the body of Kanako  
was entering a port in the bath well earlier, but    
the daughter for the first time in a long time gave birth to a child as Futsukura Looking at the body 
scent of the female is to Omowazu to      
the lower body was good hugged become hot 
\"Kanako ... spicy and seed ... now will work hard ... because daddy is protect ... - \" 
\" without having to consult early as having down Gomen'ne ... \"  
I grabbed around big clad with precious breast before Kanako areola darkened 
suck gulp and left of the milk suck not accumulate that blown breast milk 
right of milk the squeeze when Kanako is ... let out a sigh 
open the crotch of her daughter greatly and carry to embrace suffering and Beck to 
Kanako and sip淫蜜cried moan ... 
\"Oh ... really the beginning of the Kanako to dad Virgin raised Takatsu Taaa ... \"\" I'm good ... now I give birth to a child of dad ... Kanako Ooo ... \" 
daughter Blow over the breast milk to my cock and that I will strip the chestnut that the
 bayonet Kanako in the normal position suck pussy juice 
KoTsuta the ejaculate to lift the foot fertilization .......

Those pussy even milk also of me

My daughter is my until puberty are plotting tries to continue put in a bath.
Many years of thanks to the achievements daughter is downright not be tampered the genitals to me
because without resistance which is also a show penis was yet erection. Has been out also constriction in body climax is a little breast in S3, but I'm messing around with vagina, is finish in the hands of the daughter to hold onto my penis If you're mood of intercrural sex or daughter of standing back from the back of the daughter Blow it Cum dry. Also to put finger to vagina has come to enter up to the second joint. S5 much in the insertion possible or. By the way, my daughter is amazing and I'll be cunnilingus joy, panting with a crimson face.

Girls I became a trigger for addictive dating ...

I started using the site that married woman New Life
was able to befriend the active college student. The relationship that occasionally well as phone in about a month for the first time the e-mail exchange. I was able to have a very favorable impression on the goodness of the rotation of the head, glad to be able to talk of reading and piano. To meet the holiday because the other side was also already feel that good here. Because for the first time of the interview people struggling not know selfishness. But is there the Kai, the child is dazzling college student who finally meet! Princess, such as except for the strange habit from Miyaji Mao! ! Neat and cute! ! Laugh shy to find me .... Uu ... half erection. Fun conversation while Metropolitan Government to Lookout. Just sinking sunset, because the night comes time romantic .... Try to turn the Hip aiming at the moment the conversation is interrupted. Waist thin .... Mao-chan Rashiku shy considerably, face down slightly in the red face. Moreover, already breathing has been rough. Ue! ! Koch also will be embarrassed, completely Bokkinkin. Hard to hide. Remain good mood, I was out of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government holding hands .... Eating Italian. Sat down, Mao-chan are embarrassed or when the face is facing. Morose or feet under the table, a lot of fun. Groin that is being wet on the taut also helpful not see from the other party .... But go to finish a meal karaoke, chillin snuggled not sing little song .... Hair good smell Innovation fa ~ ~ from .... ...... Another ..., there is no trick anymore ... endure! ! ! Toward here the face of Mao-chan with your left hand, kiss! Long kiss! ! And deep! ! The hand of Mao-chan is turn on my back. Is irresistibly cute roughness of breath like crying! ! Fukkire was the one, return aggressively put a tongue Mao-chan. Warm ~. This if tits also asshole touch! Mimomi ~ also to draw a circle from the top of the clothes .... Mao-chan to shift a little bit behind the body without a break in the tongue. It, or Ne is not loath! Dash to the hotel with her ​​eyes glazed Mao-chan. Hesitate to somehow really show the skin, but when I took off a preeminent style. Chest of form also beautiful best. Because I can not put up with each other Masaguri bathed roughly a shower in the futon. Well the sensitivity, I hope naive feeling thing is after all the most ... and I think while intently caress. If I work hard the hand man in the spirit of service, in the eyes, such as people have changed, \"fast, ~ put fast!\" Induction Squeeze and my dick to my dick! I was about to ascended not seem to unexpected female lion sore but there is patience. While kissing spree thrust in the normal position. Mao-chan can not say only with another Auau. it's the best…. The following are Segama back. Arm on whether the force does not turn, are supporting the body in towards the lateral face. And Ascension to hear a light cry of Mao-chan .... ... Kuha ... was felt good § .... After that, one shot in the bath. Face-to-face locus Moe. After that it was for a while get along, to farewell there a little variety. It is a little lonely .... We stuck to dating due to met you.

Let conceived a daughter

Bathed淫水daughter Iris 15-year-old in the whole body in the bathroom 
when I DaTsuta daughter 10-year-old small 5 of broke up with his wife that had been erected 
so time to too woman's iris love of the  
such a thing is no Katsuta  
always you in the bathroom to put a finger on the Sakuragai go together 
to break the hymen increase and one and two 
grown into a respectable abalone time to become a 12-year-old 
through in my engorgement the son is not the                         
beginning is then nightly intercourse 
plenty and from abalone swallow me smoothly even loose vagina now 
have Wu amused will be like issuing a drool 
shake the hips in accordance with the time to go I remember immerse you also go  
... it did encourage the ejaculation                           
recently it often happens that intersect in the bathroom
started to such play of soap 
you are crowded teaching adult pleasure ...                  
in the belly of the now daughter Ayame is children have Yadotsu ...
- my child is ...........

With my son's wife

I am also a stupid father-in-law. I am a bride. The trigger was my son's affair. While I was on the consultation, I got horny. As my daughter-in-law said, it seems that many young daughters now do themselves if their husband cheats. Keep in mind young people. My father-in-law is better. My son was asked by his wife that he was having an affair with a young child in the company. I promised my daughter-in-law that I would check with my son once. When I asked my son, "What's wrong with each other, so be honest," he was still trying to reach out to the children in the company . He says he has a relationship for about half a year. My son also said, "It looks like he's getting married to his wife," so I preached for the time being . In the meantime, the daughter-in-law seems to have been slamming (mobile mail) with confirmation of her son's affair. ... in, then two people of the story when I met the daughter-in-law to match, daughter-in-law that the such referred to as a "divided and son" was useless watermark. Up to this point, we had a face-to-face discussion at a coffee shop. 呑by changing the location "mood will go to the Pa' is drunk in wine from chewed up" to the tavern disorderly conduct. The first is the story of bleeding also once preached to daughter-in-law, but I was also heard complaint of the daughter-in-law, Nitsu a good turns reason that has become; a, daughter-in-law is "I also'll flirt & # 12316". "I'm not stupid," I was still calm. The bride began to say, "All my friends say that if my husband cheats, I will do it myself, even A child is actually doing it, and I also cheat and take the enemy."At that time, I was pretty much done, and in my head (it's not bad to hold this bride ), bad thoughts began to run around. Married 3 years, 28-year-old, too good to son of two breadwinners without children (I thought) thread Nda of my favorite body with. I was sick because I was drinking, and I was motivated to cheat because of alcohol if I refused, so I shook it, "If you have an affair, why don't you have a father-in-law?" Surprisingly, "Is your father-in-law serious? & # 12316 ;? I can be my father-in-law if Yoshio can take the enemy ." (But it will have), but I thought in my mind "really, really, much of the physical strength to please Hitomi during 'm certain I & # 12316;" and I became doubtful of Roretsu. If say or try to change the location and (of course love hotel), a pupil of the daughter-in-law is, "It was late tonight, it there (physiological) So today is go home, how to do is another day & # 12316 ;?" says So I thought I was able to escape, but as a father-in-law, I couldn't force myself , so I separated by emailing a convenient day. When you take a taxi, you can hold a 10,000 bill and say, "Don't change your money." Did the pocket money work? Five days later, during the lunch break, I received an email from my eyes {I want to see you next time, but how is it convenient? }When. Of course, the reply is {OK}. Is my son a lie or a truth? He said he was playing golf with the company guys.At this age, I don't need any particular reason for going out on holidays or something like that. On the day, "I want to go Dokoe?" Picked up a pupil in a car in the meeting place "anywhere is good." It's what also suddenly the I love hotel in the morning, this going to Boso because there are plenty of day time was in and. As I was driving around two tourist spots, I found a love hotel sign. There is an arrow in the direction of the seaside. Like a seaside hotel. It's nice to see the sea. The hotel was a beautiful hotel and I was hot. When I entered the room, Hitomi said something cute, "Dad, are you really okay with me?" "Is it okay for my eyes to be me?" "Yeah, please keep it a secret from Yoshio-san." I couldn't say this to my son or anyone. "It's a secret only for two people." My son (lower body) was gingin when he was fascinated by the body of the eyes (estimated: C & # 12316; D cup, T165 , W60, H86) that came out after taking a shower and wrapping a bath towel. You can see that it is. "If my father-in-law also takes a shower," I'm getting used to the wording. In the shower, wash my son and the hole in his butt well and return to the room. My son is enthusiastically making a tent on a bath towel wrapped around his body. Hitomi in the bed saw it and said, "My father-in-law, you're fine, you don't need any energetic agents."I'm not my grandmother at home, so I'm 28 years old. 55 years old is fine. Even the bride is a married woman. I don't know if my son is someone else's girlfriend, but he's working on a woman in the company. It's a story in bed with my wife and Hitomi. I also slipped into the right side of my daughter-in-law, who left her eyes open, and put her eyes on her left arm as a pillow . The right hand is from the top of the bath towel to the estimated C & # 12316; D cup chest. His eyes overlapped his hand from above. I was a little hesitant to remove the bath towel immediately because the other party was my wife , but I did not notice that I removed the end of the bath towel that was sandwiched between my wife's hands. Towel. Gradually bath towel while it is rub Dari rub the chest on the bath towel is Ikuko Te shift was noticed and I took at once stripped a bath towel. At the same time, the bride hid her face with both hands saying "I don't like it & # 12316; embarrassing & # 12316;", but the bath towel was in a state of soft-shelled turtle without underwear . The size of the chest is larger than C, and it is also a spindle-shaped boobs that is not up to D. When I asked my wife, she answered "C ..." in a small voice from between the hands that covered her face. Grandma Shinabi's boobs are incomparable. The moment I saw it, I was sucking on my wife's right chest. "Ah ..." It was the first voice from the bride's mouth.She sucked her right and left breasts, sometimes rolled her standing nipple with her tongue, pinched it with her lips, and each time she covered her mouth with her wife's hand, she mainly leaked the words of that line. Entangle the tip of the tongue and put deep into my tongue from his and the kiss Remove the hands that was applied to the face of the daughter-in-law has been allowed. My hands reciprocated from the chest to the lower part of the navel. It doesn't suddenly go into the cracks, and it's a rushing tactic. Did I keep doing that for 15 minutes? The waist of the bride swelled like rubbing her crotch. "My father-in-law ..." I realized that it was a reminder to the crack, and I pinched the nipple of my wife's left chest with my fingertips with my left hand on the arm pillow, rubbed it, and my right hand was in the crack with my tongue entwined with a kiss. A bride who spread her crotch a little and accepted my hand. The inside and outside of the crack are already messy with lewd liquid. When I try to use my fingers inside along the crack, when I hit the chestnut, I suddenly raise my hips. I can't imagine from my usual bride that she's a bride who feels quite a chestnut. When I tried to attack chestnuts intensively, I sometimes let go of Kiss's lips and started to say "Father-in-law ..." in addition to the words of that line. While rubbing the chestnut also sometimes pussy and try to put a finger to prompt me "Amego ... lyrics ..." settlement that. I said that my son was sex-less for half a year, but was my wife trained by her son after three years of marriage? I have to thank my stupid son.If you move the finger in the pussy back and forth, the entire waist of the bride will move up and down according to the movement of the finger. When I was moving my finger to search for the G-spot, I was surprised that the bride's voice suddenly became louder as if she had hit the G-spot . "I say your father-in-law's ... good ..." Hitomi and bring my lower body while lying towards the pupil is very natural to my son (An Inn I started licking example mouth a son to stand et al Auditors) did. He licked the warmth, muscles, and even the bag in his wife's mouth. "Oh ... my father-in-law ... two fingers ... two wishes ..." As soon as I made two, the voice of my eyes became even higher. Then, if I made the speed of fingering faster, I made my hips jerky up and down and said, "My father-in-law, I'm about to leak ... I'm about to leak ... Iku ... Iku." It seems that he has passed away, and suddenly he sits down and does not move, and sometimes his whole body just hurts. Inserting and inserting and removing the son of Gingin who is licked by the pussy of Gucho's wet eyes with M-legged legs in the missionary position and shining wet and standing up . My eyes put my hands around my waist and pull me out as if I were pulling them out. When I see my son going in and out of his wife's pussy, I'm excited just to think that I'm a bride. Raised as it was, sitting face-to-face, the bride clung to me with both hands and sat down on her own. The pant voice was mixed with that line and made various words. Eventually, the bride herself released her hug and took the back style.I think I was hungry for sex with my son. It seemed to be greedy to get it back at once. Returning to missionary position, my wife's hands held my back tightly, pressed her pussy by herself , and used her hips as if trying to put her son in the back. The two of us passed away at the same time and left the hotel after a short rest.

To hatred against director son

And I started is intuition.
I daughter of 24-year-old to have, I have.
Even his wife is the daughter that was subjected to a previous sore Tesio came to say that marriage. It also opponent is the son of director belly, I have been standing. All things the son of the manager came to say hello. Your father, I want to please marry the daughter. Daughter, dad ask was placed in the room for my daughter not scramble. Even if the face is laughing legs are trembling. In mind, Playful Do and daughter, to bring such as beer and let Kanpai daughter and call a substitute car when saying that it would be the car drank and Toriazu Kanpai. I'm not accustomed to feel that drink, did not almost drink. Daughter and boyfriend, and got drunk drunk today, I was returned to say that me back because too late. Daughter drunk, when you are lying face down, the beer remaining take out the sleeping pills that had been put in a drawer to say that is not sleep wife I was put sleeping pills in. Saying please will drink the beer remaining in the daughter, it was to take a bath. I was lying on top of the Body had bet because they say soon would come to hear that sleepy and go to the left daughter and Tokoro naked. How I can went Nugashi to say Do no good and not to take off my clothes daughter, I do not work in the only issue the Wu-do and the voice. Breast When naked, to bursting, I move and Purun. Daughter, father, and are you doing, hollow eyes from cold, with a kiss hug and put the knee between the crotch of her daughter to say Do 's a good idea to cover up the futon, the holes in the pussy It was put Ategae waist Chinpoko. Chinpoko as drilling gouged a hole is a daughter when he walked in the back I've been to shove someone away the shoulder out a scream and painful. It was a virgin. That man, I have become happy think that had not been broken. Stop by, it has shed dad and tears. You is I'm bad, Anna because the guy that said that the marriage \"daughter\" Why that of \"bullied\" into that director Irunda \"daughter\" such ... terrible waist a conversation while talking to daughter When are you moving comfortably divulge Aaa ~ voice semen, it went flow in the pussy. If out Do not because to talk to the boyfriend if go by cowardly, dad and it will say what, I'm you likes. Do not say I'll was found \"daughter\" mind to be his son-in-law also have daughter also married, was corner. Son-in-law is, if you do not come back in the relationship of the work has been hugging daughter.

Looking for a Serefu dating site without telling her husband ...

24-year-old is Saori. Marriage is the second year. She married her husband and 2-year relationship, but did not know to go mites now. It was enviable to hear talk of friends. What feeling die? ? ? ? Without telling her husband, I was looking for a Serefu in \"Pakoriraifu Madame\". And I want you to tell me to go talk also by e-mail. For the first time of the affair. While waiting at the station were also pounding. When I talk while walking from the meet and, entered the alley, came out the rotor, try to put this. Huh! here! I was surprised, but I put I think that not they teach you that to go. I have warm warm with dick is starting to throb in somehow strange mood. Entered into directly the hotel or cut or placed switch for about 30 minutes, it was like being leaked us if you see take off only immediately panties. Man while been licking spread my legs, I stare see me. I was embarrassed! This time, have put a finger, and where have touched to try or feel most I there! Ah! I have been concentrating a place to voice me. Touch is a glass of wine while, because there was also drunk? ? Sound I body sucks is hot now splashing sound and the man Chuba has became pleasant beginning to sound in the room. Well ~ ~ to say trying to get to be pleasantly my thing, I was surprised to come out in front of the face! ! I What happens When you came in such a thing? ? The other over there just imagined it than just, I was getting drenched. 69 in each other licking those of each other I had been saying in bullying more licking. Well Aa ~ ~ N was surprised myself Nante become so feel. Would say I ~~ freaky ask from me, it has been inserted. A place where you feel most of my until now due was Idi had become sensitive to there in every nook and corner. Head is becoming white. This sense was the first time. Look where you are inserted into a man! And I said Eh ~ this is me? so~! Further deep poked been to ah ~ ~ N broken would ~~~ told me shake more hip ~ ~ there is has begun to convulsions regardless of their own will, but to put up with is fainted, now , I thought I is not biting this pleasure. But freaking, becomes the sensation of the body emerges, the man has been pushed up further violently. Iiiiiii ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ would go - go ~ ~ gone gone in Tsu Kite Tsu ~ ~ has been squid been issued during the same time as the say. It was comfortable for the first time of feeling. Once because remember the pleasure, I had been followed by a two-turn. Once I was remember the trick, but I tried to with her ​​husband, it was still useless. Then it looks for Serefu I was allowed to be a man and three experience of 1 Kaikokkiri.

My wife is a protein daughter and sex

Recall a hilarious story
sex from birth daughter is, I mean to become a fight because it does not want to have.
Wife of the friend is are in the neighborhood husband'm had a sex wooed his wife because he went abroad with Single
Do not because I have been the parent of care in also frustration wife
wife at home call your wife, to your Chanomi it reasons that awkwardness is bad the husband of his wife 12 years overseas and come and go in Japan I was in two of the secret with his wife but at home in even retirement age husband is now daughter and sex, as I wrote in the other daughter is similar to me, lecher that I would, actually but to say that in sympathy because not bear to look at the place that is the fight in the sex I wonder who wanted to have sex. Wife daughter in the room my daughter and I have been sleeping on the second floor of the bedroom, which was extension of the first floor is a translation sleeping over a key from the middle to his room. I but it is next to the room, I mean that the sex in the betting from when you want to have sex in the student in me to open the key and ask the mobile phone become naked. Wife 9 It 's peace of mind because fall asleep by the time am I not go outside because any chance wife is to go outside and opened the glass When you come to the room of her daughter. Since the shutters keep open I have but close Returning to the room of the daughter of 17-year-old, Oman pleasant thing'm Pies in this order, I do not worry about pregnancy from taking the pill of menstrual cramps feel daughter It would have been overwhelmed because earnestly come to tighten

Forbidden door of 2 holes insertion

yuna himekawa[5671]
Half of my husband is on a business trip and is not at home. When you come back, you will be asked to spit out the semen that has accumulated in the puddle. If you think that you have been caressed because you are accumulating, you will be out immediately. It's been 5 years since I got married, but I still don't know about orgasm ... I'm really sad and very dissatisfied ... I 'm excited to see a nasty image on a DVD when my husband goes out. Sometimes I am myself. After watching it, I feel sad for hours and I feel very depressed. When I surf the internet while using a computer and think about all the nasty things ... I find myself naturally peeking at dating sites. One day, I lost the temptation and met a young boy at [Fruit Wife Time]. The child is in the first year of college and is new. It seemed that I was rejuvenated, and I was excited. After a while, another boy from the same university as him appeared late. When I was thrilled ... I was asked, "Is it okay for two people?" ... I wondered if they would both go home if I refused , so I nodded. .. Both of them are good young people who still have young people on their faces, and I thought I would love them.But it was me who was loved. When I entered the love hotel and took a shower, two people came in naked. When I look at the lower half of my body, the cock is getting bigger and facing up at a great angle. I'm so shocked (Young is amazing!) I'm very excited to be sandwiched between two people from the back and front. They washed it with soap on both hands from the front and back. It was also a wonderful time with a fun atmosphere of tension and excitement as the hardened penis was pressed against my body . It feels good to be rubbed with both hands from behind. From the front, the pussy and the hole in the buttocks are washed slimy and it feels so excited that I can sigh. Two stiff and powerful penises in my hands. I put soap on the two penises, washed them at the same time, and then wiped them off ... I sucked the two penises alternately. It's so hard that it jumps in your mouth every time you move your mouth. When you look at the two penises again while washing them with soap, they are both youthful and beautiful penises. I get excited just by getting out of the shower and thinking that it's about to start. When I thought that I would have sex in order, two people came to bed at the same time. My heart was throbbing, but I left it to myself. While tasting a hard and young penis with your mouthWhen the clitoris was licked and rubbed ... I was very excited with the best pleasure and great stimulation I felt for the first time in my life. I forgot the time and wanted to do this all the time. Young boys are really innocent, really exciting and excited ... it feels so good. It seems to be a lie that I was depressed by masturbating at home. Even my husband has disappeared from my memory. We enjoyed the pleasures with three people without worrying about it. After giving a lot of blowjobs to the two penises, I got on Mr. A and put Mr. B's penis in my mouth. It's very powerful and intense, it's a pleasure. The young penis feels great when you move your hips violently. When that happened ... I was hugged by Mr. A from below and stopped moving. Naturally, Mr. B's penis was away from his mouth. Mr. B turns behind and in the hole in my ass! While applying something cold, I thrust my finger into the hole in the butt, and the finger goes in and out of the hole in the butt, and then goes in and out ... I rub something. If I'm glad that I'm doing something nasty without knowing the reason, I'm gut, muzzle, guzzle. (Ah!) B's penis came in with both hands widening the hole in the butt. (It hurts!) But it hurt ... in just a moment, it immediately turned into pleasure!The dick and ass were pierced and rubbed by two penises at the same time. With excitement and great pleasure and excitement, the pussy cramped with so much comfort, and the consciousness went away ... When I woke up, the two people were looking at me with grinning from both sides. When I didn't understand what was going on, I was told that I fainted and fainted with a loud voice. It seems that he fainted and fell asleep as it was. When I touch ... the two penises are very energetic and when I hold them with both hands and rub them, they get bigger. Young boys are very reliable and sigh. Immediately after that, the second round. My pussy was already wet and wet, so I was immediately rubbed by two penises with my dick and ass at the same time. I can hear the dripping and dripping juice from the pussy and making a squeaking noise. That day I continued to spear until the two penises stopped erection. I wonder if they are on good terms, and at the same time I released a large amount of sperm into my pussy and ass ... The three of us drowned in a whirlpool of great pleasure. After that, I got tired of my husband's selfish sex. It feels good to caress it. I'm pretending to feel it, but ...I can't forget the 3P pleasures I learned from [Fruit Wife Time].

The moment that the long-sought Saffle was able

Was that of the mid-March. E-mail from the registration to have the [fruit wife time] to one of the women. \"36-year-old, married, But there is a condition ...\". Reply somehow worrisome. Within that is the e-mail exchange, now to be rendezvous you at the ticket gate of the station. Modest amount of money and also said that \"conditions there\", \"Strawberry? Ichiyon?\". Is the time, the married woman who has appeared. Street clothes in the small face also \"black miniskirt dress\" in Prof Street slender. Pantyhose black handle entering into that happy for me of pantyhose fetish in bonus suits. Beyond also like I noticed my little bit pointing at me in the feeling \"You?\". I as \"○○-san?\". Kokuri and nods her. ... \"Fine with me?\" I hear and also as \"Kokuri\". The purpose is the same both of them. Immediately, to a nearby love hotel. That along the way and listen to me \"really I want I'm? And\" \"I do not come to to ride the train if you do not want really!\" I say flatly. Enter the love hotel, and the idle talk little, bed-ins. I \"I'll lick\", or contain my penis in the mouth, or licking the back of the glans, very good Blow. \"If you do not Blow, I, do not wet the\" had been saying. I also, her Vaginal is wanted, to cunnilingus. Beautiful pink small Vaginal. I was no longer able to put up, insert with no rubber also. I thought the kana are told \"rubber put in\", she said nothing, elaborate Kuwae my penis Vaginal live. Raw is not Taman. While watching the slim her body, deep into the good tight Vaginal, my penis is incorporated Kuwae, lightly, move the waist with two people is I \"Yoku', Yoku' ...\" gasping her say excited about the voice on him uterus, ejaculation. She nods and \"Yeah\" hear me \"all right\". \"Also, me there?\" \"If you are happy with me,\" so say, replace the addy. It was the moment that the long-sought Saffle could. Then, if there once a month pace live have tasted the good her tight Vaginal. But, to Pies is large indeed risk, you have to it outside because I want to continue to see you much.

Creampie for a 48-year-old mature woman I met on dating ...

Last Saturday night, I met a 48-year-old mature woman I met on the "Lunch Face Bulletin Board". It was a week after the first sex. After holding it for the first time, I was begging for vaginal cum shot by email. To make the mature woman feel that way, line up words that make your teeth float. Is a mature woman my enthusiasm? I think it's because my period is close to my period, but it may be because of my enthusiasm. "I want to feel my favorite woman live." This is the last complaint. "I there is no way is been Kudoka so much passionate. I'll say to physiological also close." I "each other nasty, I suppose Aishiao violently. Accumulated in the reservoir and abstinence, I from full out." "Wow I got a reply by e-mail saying, "Oh, nasty lol." We met in the same place between each other as before. The love hotel chose the same place. The same place was vacant in the room. She wore a mini tight skirt. The stockings are my favorite black. My eyes were nailed to her lower body. It's a strange expression, but I think my eyes were "manko eyes". I hugged and kissed. She has also been actively using her tongue. When I pushed it down to the bed, I said, "Wait, don't panic. I have plenty of time. Let me take a shower." "Then, together." "No, I'm alone. Wait."She came out of the shower and I was a little surprised. Because he was dressed. "What's wrong? Put on your clothes." "You want to take off my clothes . I've felt it since I met you today. Ufufu." The mature woman was looking forward. Sit in bed and kiss carefully. Then push it down to the bed and put your hand in the skirt. The texture of the rough black strike is irresistible. It was already wet. "I'm wet." "Oh, I couldn't wait." The mini tight stripped off the black strike and panties together. That alone made the woman's scent pierce her nose and numb. I stared at the life of a cracked woman. "It's a shame, somehow." "What's the matter?" I flirted. "Licking or putting in ." I purposely put my tongue around the pussy. The mature woman felt, "Oh, yeah, oh." "Have you been your husband since then?" " Do n't do it, huh ?" "Really ?" "Really, early." I traced the crack of the mature woman with my tongue. I mercilessly use my tongue for a mature woman who says , "Ah, no, ah, ah ." Take off the tight skirt that got in the way, take off the top and the bra, and caress the breast.I used my fingers and tongue to caress carefully. The mature woman was eager for it. "Will you go?" "If you use your tongue so much, it's going to be useless. Come on!" "Still!" Actually, my penis was just broken. "Your bottle, please put it in." Dung! Suddenly I set the position and poke. I rushed into the bottom of a mature woman. "Uh, ah, ah," the mature woman shouted "I 'm going!" And then cried "I 'm going, I 'm going, I 'm going ." "What's wrong with you today? Passionate and fierce. Very good." I continued the haunting movement regardless. "Ah" "You guys!" I wasn't feeling ejaculated yet, but "Put it inside and make it my woman. I like it." "Okay, I'll be your woman. I'm your woman. . Put it out, put it out a lot! "A mature woman who shouts like crazy. I entered the last spurt. " Okay, let's go!" Spurt and "Ikuyo. I put out. I Uketomero." "I say, out of want, I'd like to come back again!" "Uu'! Accustomed to my woman!" I numbness is back, Mature of Man last pick in this I spit out the semen that had accumulated in the reservoir.Dobyu, Dobyu, Dobyu, Dobyu, Dobyu, Dobyu, and endlessly followed by ejaculation. "I love you, I'll go again," said the mature woman. Finished, the milf fawn in my chest , "become my woman. Really." "I felt the love to you to entertain me. I become your woman." Then rest a little, I extended the time Challenged the mature woman again. The mature woman is called Mieko. With my penis in my pussy, "Mieko, how about it?" "No, ... no, ... huh ." I also spurt to get the last drop. "I'll give you Mieko." Mature woman Mieko was so eager that she didn't reply. Hey, I spit on the commandments. Kiss, kiss, kiss regretfully on the way home after getting dressed. I stroked my hand in my crotch. "Oh, I want to be embraced again. " Mieko was completely captivated by me.

My father was the woman for me

I sophomore current junior high school, now 14 years old last month. The body is large bust 88, hip is the second from the back in There is also a class 94. Physiology began at the time of the small 6 at the earliest. When that time when there is that has changed is the father of attitude from I was entering a port in the bath, empty the glass door over the undressing is is like the father, was like being sniffed my underwear, such a thing is often Atsuta One night, sake I YoiTsuta father has been entering a port in the room that I have slept in, and I was Datsutsu suddenly lips touched my breast, \"Urarahana, you're my thing, go cute I I'm ... \"while refers so unbearable on take my panties and began licking over there in the mouth, and the other, pubic hair had grown. Surprised I was, but better somehow feeling, my father made of is I have entrusted himself to the left, my father gradually escalate to push your stuff in my mouth, \"Urarahana, Suck me\" father of things thick and there was about five centimeters, from the mouth had flow drool, and have pierced me, father and for a while I was ejaculation in my stomach. Now only is it one year I have to accept the father put the contraceptive ring. The other, now fully a woman of the father also remember to go. Dirty is also referred to, we intersect in various Positions. Likes is back, feel irresistible that are committed, we are almost every day, my father because my ass is in full view in the favorite position is higher after the cavalry, licking pussy \"Papaa ... Urarahana for example ... \"you me I have licking hanging and Piledriver in the ass hole also carefully drool say, this alone I am going. My father is 36 years old, it is to insert into my pussy longer erection in a few minutes and once ejaculation Blow in energy unequaled, I am shaved now, but my father was shaved and easy to Job, SANAE go recently felt immediately Acme and clitoris is sucked increases, the father now has poured plenty of sperm in me, it is felt to have hanging in the ass and Tarari, and I father of cock the do you clean Blow.

I want to put to daughter

Me pussy in 2 daughter also want Buchikomi the cock of black.
Even been put in a daughter-in-law of baggy pussy daughter of pussy is a concern.

And daughter-in-law

It might not be in the range of incest, but please let written. I am a grandfather, which celebrated its sixtieth birthday. Until now they had been living together in the four grandchildren of the son married couple and elementary school students. But was decided promotion and transfer to the son of an overseas branch office at the end of last year, become a bachelor from the surface of the grandson of education and life, I lived in three people from April. The other day, and have a memento organize wife, mountain of medicine of leaving drink came out. When I search for the name of the medicine, was thought to like the ... Tossa of strong sleeping pills is that of the daughter-in-law. Daughter-in-law is still young, and the 28-year-old, is similar to the actress who had come out to the CM of the square bottle, is also good personable reputation from relatives. Because GW is my son came back, GW dawning immediately, grandson reblogged or shine in the daytime, which is going to school. Since the daughter-in-law is always eat what was multiplied by the serial to plain yogurt at lunch, I put dissolved in advance in the yogurt. I was out of the house to tell the daughter-in-law comes to buy a book sure to allow begin lunch. Returning to the house sure to allow suitable time, futon is also not over in the bed of the bedroom, got off a daughter-in-law sleeping in like Komu fallen. \"Wife, so bad that? Okay?\" Hit the shoulder while a voice and, gradually and strongly the force does not occur. I tried to pat the cheek just make a sleeper's breathing. Hit a finger to his lips when hitting the cheek, was the feeling startled to softness. Hand in the tension and excitement was trembling, but it was a fearfully kiss. Sucking the lips, suck the saliva, was turned licking does not occur. I was Nagorioshika' release the but lips to suppress somehow, and then on his back the daughter-in-law was sideways. Moving as it is, the waist in the manner come to the edge of the bed, I was greatly expanded hanging legs on the floor. Since the dress when you move was turning up, remove the button-front as it is turning up, it was in his underwear. (Underwear thin blue was of the race) and a digital camera photography, issues a nipple flipping through the bra was taken to some extent. But does not change the pace of'm You're ... sleeper's breathing to react even if asleep, the nipple was softer in and are sucking light brown will firmly little by little. Looking at the shorts, it had stuck a very thin napkin. Only marked with thin, yellowish color, because the blood was not tired, even touching the pussy with your fingers and turn licking fill in the face. After a long time of a young woman of taste Toshigai in without any excitement partition, you ironing taken out Omowazu penis. And poke the beans under destination, it was still sleeper's breathing is out wet to remain unchanged. Excited taken I think by now that there was funny thought, but to it as was also a child making in accordance with the son homecoming of the whisper is the devil, ironing the pole push the glans into the daughter-in-law, I have as it is reached. It was some time stargazing back to me, also took a picture. Rather than the son also local of the daughter-in-law hanging my semen in close-up ... guilt while I wipe the daughter-in-law of the body with a wet towel welled up, semen also carefully remove that out, we left the bedroom in the restored. It has occurred after a few hours, but there is no change in the situation enough to anticlimactic. Tea and pledge of candy that I have put to eat also as usual, but also small talk. When I noticed If, I think that as usual granddaughter and I will also prevent to bathe together, but it does not have it. While I think it was good luck, I say to myself not to ever again, but you have to not be able to throw away a bunch of sleeping pills ...

And anal sex with a married woman says.

In the past experience of women and sex, a handful really, was the level of. Such yourself, Ever since I started using the \"mistress NuBra\", are playing so that a person has changed. And it is something easy because sex before about this, did not expect. It is easy seriously is because net Nampa. It hurdle is also low if the aim to one married woman, was also found quite efficiently fuckable thing. In the beginning, it was aimed at sex with female college student. But, this is impossible because there is high competition rate soon, I thought. Myself where I did not give up I think Elias, no, seriously in should either (laughs) say that Eloy is lowered a little more level, and do not become somehow if Aim for married woman, I was thinking so. The prospect is now hitting. The dating, and are a lot of married woman, which was A able to have the free time, I sniff man. It actually short up to the time also meet, an example that can not be sex dating is not even once. Now, a woman you have sex friend will have three. Among them, that us to cooperate in the most exciting play, A child-chan. This is quite quiet, is neat and clean married woman. But as usual contents Big Fucking, Nasty, ultra-metamorphosis. Play was developed anal, it from now come to appeal every time. I want to anal sex, and you may come signed up straight by e-mail. The gap of the word look and anal sex, is super-Moe. Women of the world also, do you thing or to this kind of appeal to the boyfriend? Well, maybe, I do not think also such a thing. Because sex friend I met in dating site precisely, will the thing that can be. In fact, or \"3 hours licking\" or \"over pee\", such hope is good. Everyone, it will be to live in containment various desires. It will explode \"mistress NuBra\" is a really nice place for man.


Masahiro Nakamura Jgosresxhs

With the fifth dad

My father is now my fifth father. My mom has always been a very free-spirited person and has been dating a number of men. From the moment I remembered, men took turns, and I had been watching sex in front of me since I was little. I lived with my mother in an apartment with 6 tatami mats, so it was natural for my mother and a man to be in the middle of sleeping. It was before I entered elementary school, so I think I was only five or six years old. I was mischievous by a man for the first time. I still remember it vividly. Right next to my mother who snores and sleeps, a middle-aged uncle opens my legs and licks my dick. I pretended to be asleep and endured. I couldn't even feel the pleasure of the act because I was too young, but I was embarrassed and dirty, so I prayed that it would end early. From time to time, I was given a penis, pretended to put it in, and even intercrural sex. I think I was about eight years old when I was finally put in. I used lotion to spread my fingers in and out many times, and I was raped while my mom was away. I forgot how many boyfriends my mom was, but I was sore and scared that I was crying all the time. The boyfriend married his mom and raped me many times, but soon after he was exposed to him, he divorced. I received a lot of compensation and used the money to feast on my kids' lunch at the family restaurant, and I was told never to say this.In retrospect, my mom might have deliberately raped me and added divorce damages in the form of a moratorium. Even though she lived in poverty, she had a lot of branded clothing and bags, and her makeup and hair were very flashy. This kind of experience was one in three of the boyfriends my mom brought. I had sex until my mom fainted, and when I fell asleep, I ... It's like that. I couldn't help it, but mysteriously I met someone who wasn't. That is the fifth father. Dad is younger than his mother and was 35 years old at the time. But I felt like a baby face and I had the impression that he was an older brother. Kind and kind to me, the stuffed rabbit that I bought is still an important treasure. At night, this boyfriend also licked my dick, but he was very polite and comfortable, and he kindly treated me, who was afraid, and let me go for the first time without inserting it. It's a contradiction that I'm still kind when I lick the dick of a 10-year-old child, but until recently I didn't doubt that I was pure love with my dad. Since I went there for the first time, I fell in love with my mom's boyfriend, stealing my mom's eyes and playing a lot of naughty play. Soon after, the boyfriend became a father and continued to play licking each other's genitals while his mother was away. I was first tied when I was 11 years old. I told him I wasn't a virgin, but when I told him I was the first to feel it, he was very happy. I used to wear rubber after the first tide, but except on dangerous days, I was raw and sometimes had vaginal cum shot.It feels best to love each other with raw material rather than with rubber. My dad's dick was so big that he was by far the best boyfriend of all my moms. Dad seems to be a favorite for moms, and he always had sex on weekend nights. My dad is also my thing, so I was very jealous. My dad knows my feelings and tells me that my favorite is Mari, but I'm lonely and always wanted to not have sex with a woman other than me. My feelings toward my mother became more conscious of being a rival woman rather than my mother, and my relationship became worse. It was just like I was unilaterally pre-preparing. The divorce between dad and mom was decided before I went to junior high school. Sometimes my mom had a bad relationship with my dad, but my dad had been collecting evidence for a long time that he was still dating and playing with a man after marriage. The damages were offset and the custody became the father. I strongly hoped that if I stayed with my mother, I would die in neglect, and if I forced him to take me, I would threaten to appeal to the government office, and then I went out without permission. Then, with my dad, I moved to the countryside where my dad's parents' house was and started living together in a small apartment. While attending a local junior high school, Dad began to work at a construction site. When I come back, I do housework, eat with my dad, take a bath together, have sex, and sleep. It was the best days like a newlywed life.I became pregnant in the summer of my first year of junior high school because I was so absorbed in it that I neglected contraception and had vaginal cum shot sex every day. However, I had a miscarriage soon and was hospitalized during the summer vacation. For the first time, my dad confessed that we were actually blood-related parents and children. Dad had been dating and parting with his mother many times (caused by his affair), and he learned that he was pregnant and gave birth to a child, and he was always suspicious that he was his own child. And my face is becoming more and more like my dad's mom (grandmother). The blood type is the same. He was convinced that it would be almost certain. But I love me, and even if my blood is connected, I think I'll stay with my child as it is. They said. At that time, my feelings were unstable shortly after the miscarriage, and above all, I was reluctant to love each other as a man and a woman with my father, so the blood connection is a secret of only two people. I decided to try. Even if I knew that I was a real dad, I still liked him. Rather, I was happy to know that he was a real dad, not someone else, and sex started to burn. I just licked my dad's dick, fellatio, and drank semen. Raw vaginal cum shot also became much more comfortable than before, and the frequency of rubber was decreasing, rather only raw sex was gone. I got pregnant for the second time when I was in the third grade before taking the exam. This child grew up well and soon after graduating from junior high school we moved to another land.After giving birth in that area, my child was raised in the form of my younger brother, a child born to a woman whose father broke up. The aunt who lives in the apartment next door was completely deceived by the lie, and she often helped raise children and gave me vegetables and rice. I felt a little guilty, but I was grateful that my life became difficult as my family increased. Since my life is centered on child-rearing, I didn't enter high school and was part-time in the office. My husband and dad work at the construction site every day, treat my children very kindly, and of course love me very much, so I am an ideal person. However, I haven't registered, and I can't. My son and I are calming down as our father's adopted child. I'm about to discuss the second person, but these days, I sometimes wonder if I can really continue to have children with my real father. That doesn't mean I can't leave my dad anymore. Dad, my husband is more than ideal and I can only love him. Dad is the only one who has children. The sex technique is also the best.

Majiiki sex suddenly raw inserted!

Only a bold statement when you're talking with her ​​and e-mail
Do not just a lewd married woman, but did not think only with
was a beautiful man of neat system and get sent a The photo. I was supposed to tentatively meet by repeating what emails or e-mail, but because that is often the fact that the photograph and the real thing is different was going go home you were ugly. Since the specified time has elapsed for about 5 minutes to go to the meeting place hurry, slender woman stood. It because I have to replace the The photo that she's soon to understand was a married woman of beauty system face also The photo with the exactly the same. Also that it is people like say the erotic words unabashedly by e-mail and from the appearance I did not think so. When riding in the car and try to hold the casually hand while moving in the love hotel had been faintly sweating. Release the hand stroking slowly thighs stretched out a hand on top of the skirt and face state are very shy face down. Stroked roll up directly thigh skirt with your left hand reaction with Piku' and touched a hand to the panty. As it arrived at the continued fuck dick love hotel. When you enter the room time to take a shower had been excited about regrettable I was construed rubbing the place suddenly throughout her pushing the bed body. I had never been this kind of beauty and sex until now I was excited about not control his sexual desire. Shed all the clothes, in the Nugashi her underwear until the thighs as it is raw insertion. \"For example, the other?\" Had been surprised to suddenly insert and for Konoato sex time is many hours were messing up her and I'll spear want unlimited doing. I was able to easily insert for but was suddenly was wet enough. Shake the hips immediately at a high speed into the \"fast, suddenly fast by Tsu!\" Grabbed and my waist has been trying to slow down the movement is I was still excited about her appearance that such resistance pretend crazy a waist continue it was. Whether she was also getting used to the friction, it is suffering spread the legs. \"There, there, N'n'a'\" and are repeated for a long time piston alive will likely because I thought to say the \"microphone\" was likely to be denied the Pies issued to medium without saying anything. \"Oh! Hey! Lie!\" And her appearance was surprised to suddenly put in. To overflowing semen without also giving a chance to rest dick count on Ma, it was to stimulate the chestnut. \"Well Tsu! Bean paste, N do, feels good!\" To wriggle, panting loudly her. \"Aak, go! ... Ikuiku!\" And had been scared while saying even after she had said, and continued stimulation. \"Hey ... Stop it already ...\" so that the time had also recovered my dick once again inserted while applying an electric machine. Then she cried abnormal until now, had been screaming. She come hug as \"Aa! Also Iku'!\". This time I also become alive likely at the same time put a microphone signal, \"I come out!\" Out in the second round. Crowded fallen each other, and cum again and again across the little break. 4 times, when it comes to five times even her in the vagina has become drenched order was not very pleasant, with or asked to disconnect Blow enjoyed sex with beautiful wife. The other she is to have you leave a \"affair rolls\", also newly think trying even to Saffle looking for a married woman to cum can.

Daughters that are too similar to his late wife

yuna himekawa[5636]
Look at this board, and there are many abnormal sexual desire who lust to daughter, a little relieved when I do I do not just. S2 is the father of the daughter and S5 daughter. 2 years after his wife died in an accident. It was imported much in shock. Last night, supposed to enter the daughters and the bath, when I saw a long time to S5 daughter of nudity, it is H memories with his wife had tried repeatedly S5 daughter and wife revived suddenly. Because, it was not the first time pregnant wife S5 3 semester. Just like naked body of his wife and S5 daughter at that time too, it is also similar face. The difference is his wife, S5 daughter is just not the H in the naive .... By the way, his wife was in together forever as not to create even other friends love each other H have the H play since I was a low-grade. After a long time of erection was shocking enough to feel the cock that gather Jin Jin and blood. My wife died, I think that as it is rape if a daughter of flooding and real as if you had outburst libido also dam was almost no. Also hide the cock looked away with a towel in a hurry, S2 daughter, \"Dad, cock What was that?\" The daily Shinashina S2 daughter cock only did not look of asked me anxiously noticed. S5 daughter hid before with a towel in a hurry, a moment face became red. Sour became I \"still enter later, entered with two people\" out of the bath in a hurry to say, rush to his room, while the imagination to commit the nudity of the previous S5 daughter, was masturbation. Best was felt good. And the sound of girls coming out of the bath, went into the bath in turnover and daughter who came out. Since that night was a little awkward, confined to his room early to say that the work, began to pull the Gonzo DVD with his wife that had been sealed in the closet. I chose to Okaz in Gonzo DVD is a large number Gonzo at the time of the oldest S6. Come cry remembering the wife won the libido that was resurrected. Cock and extra excitement seen wearing and S5 daughter masturbation while crying to get sore. This morning does not feel awkwardness, in the usual, but was carried out in three people in the shopping that has been promised, S2 daughter was not aware of at all until now also will look fogged with his wife. And around the time of S2, it was remembered was 69 imitate H book was picked up. For the first time it is time to have remembered the sexual pleasure. Now, it has fit of desire and want to and daughters that had been with his wife. And a little while ago, S2 daughter \"Only today, I try to enter the bath in three\" S5 daughter was also a smile seems to be aware of. We have now entered three people.

YoshiRa of daughter

Daughter relationship is one year has passed begun, now, I have rented a room in the city. Without any way because the have a wife at home, you sweet relationship with YoshiRa is not maintained. It is every Saturday, my daughter said, \"Mom, I stay in the house of friends in studying tonight test\" to my wife, I'm getting to be an all night mahjong. Saturday had been waiting for today, not wait anymore YoshiRa When I arrived in the room, we have put a tongue in the mouth as \"Papa ... I want full of cute tonight.\" Pushing \"YoshiRa, because Blindfolded Do\" as it is in separate house, take the clothes you are wearing, will start licking the daughter of the body from the toes when it comes to naked. When do the hand to genital of YoshiRa you are suffering, \"Papa ... feels good ...\", another plenty and the joy juice is, I lift the ass, I'll lick the anus Karabe Lori \"Haa ... go look ...\" YoshiRa to the other ecstasy-pass, 淫汁 inflated the clitoris've been and rolled in the tongue \"Dame Dame Damee ...\" clitoris bulge enough peas and hyperemia flow, I will sip it . Daughter takes the form of \"YoshiRa, pussy juice, delicious by\" 69 is sucking cock. Not accumulate anymore I will penetrate from the back, Zunzunzun, \"Ann, Ann, Ann,\" to put up I want to become to the go with it from licking pussy YoshiRa to the plenty and Blow take a bath with two people, and the 69 insert on. Straddles the top of my sleeping from it, Joro, you drink piss and Joro, it is \"pee delicious ... of Papa YoshiRa\" \"YoshiRa, good I ...\" cute daughter of piss highest. Downy back to Tsu bets and saliva exchange Sucking the mouth, and to shake the waist daughter put sitting higher above is from the other my cock imminent on whether finally ejaculation is seriously in the normal position, which have come up with patience juice you. The YoshiRa to avoid pregnancy is okay because they give him the pill. \"YoshiRa, Dad, I've had to go look,\" \"Papa, full, ... out to the pussy of YoshiRa\" daughter had been waiting for fertilization. Zunzunzun, and hasten the 抽送 the last time has come, \"YoshiRa, YoshiRa, YoshiRa A ...\" Dokun, semen has been infused into the vagina of the daughter came Dokun and waves. You are the real daughter and best sex I am a happy person.

Daughter of people with disabilities

My only daughter was around 6 years old and has passed also began to speak the words there is a failure from the time of birth.
My wife went out of the house, leaving the daughter tired of childcare.
We decided to put in the facility because I not been brought up in one person.
We decided to spend at home to the weekly Saturday and Sunday.
That although daughter now 18-year-old intelligence quotient was the elementary school students the same level of the 10-year-old.
One Saturday, my daughter came home as usual had touched the genitals in the lower body naked in the room. Surprised I
gently ask if the \"What What are you then,\"
\"I taught at the school, comfortably made ​​me if this\"
intelligence is low, but the body is aligned grows respectable even hair's Pichi gal of 18-year-old genitals were also represents the femininity.
\"Dad or I'll help.\"
I am also a woman said to her daughter without touching the woman's body since fled to his wife, I learned a great excitement in genital touching for the first time in a long time.
Was Mushaburitsui largely spread let genital his leg lay a daughter.
A little irritating and the sour smell was憑I the nose.
It rolled in tongue across the chestnut in the lips.
\"Why not feel good but\"
\"Yeah, dad Junko feeling good\"
\"Do so, Well dad also licking me paddle penis\"
\"Yeah, Junko lick father of penis\"
first intention of only caressing hands and mouth is this the feeling you want to pay the penis to Chitsuana becomes stronger
, \"Junko, father of the penis paddle good to put in here.\"
\"I Un'ii, put Dad's penis\"
, \"Junko is whether there is that you have put penis here.\"
\" no, not by \"virgin or ~ that put
laid several sheets a bath towel under the buttocks of the daughter
'll put\" Junko \"
\" Yeah, \"
we will put slowly. Do not know whether the penis of patience juice or Junko of love juice but was easily all fits, it is the moment that became the daughter and together. It was that the complexity is hugging inspiring and real daughter.
However, we continued to shake the hips forget all the tightening and comfortably too of the penis.
Accumulated semen in as to say that you want out as early
\"Junko, dad I can put it in your mouth because it is already alive likely paddle\"
\"something coming out,\"
\"Oh, I juice is out of the penis.\"
\" Junko juice dad to drink, \"
\" Oh, Yeah, and the other out - \"
we release what years of ejaculation in the mouth of Junko.
\"Dad I was really felt good, Junko How was the\"
swallow the semen in the Gokun and mouth
, \"I do not know -\"
\"Do so, or Junko also enter the bath together because I also dirty father\"
again Junko of I saw a naked figure, but was beautiful.
Tsun and above peeled breast, firm West, form a nice ass, and thought it was his wife inheritance. I do not want to release anymore. I thought I try to convey that you Shisaen contact the facility.

... When he was exhausted in me

The other day we have for the first time affair. And men other than her husband after marriage, we have to spend to be intimate relations without any 12 years. From a few years ago began to think I \"really Na whether good and got old in this state,\" the courage has been registered in the \"Hitodzu matching\". A lot of I got the invitation, but began the person and e-mail of your relationship a little away from home. Then I had an email exchange every day, from his \"No one was even tea together since come to near at work\" there is a teaser and, I was lost, but \"If tea only\" was OK with. But had The photo is got in the \"Hitodzu matching\" before, I was relieved actually well meet and try and feel than The photo is. After tea at a coffee shop, it was taken to a little forcibly hotel. I met with you that day I thought that there is no, but if you are pounding I have entered the hotel pulled a hand to him. He enters the room have worked lips turn the Hip. The white is in the head, that the face is flushed I understand myself. Because his fingers stroking gently my chest and waist, I have aloud feel. When his hand came in in shorts had wet much get embarrassed myself. After a shower, I love one violently with him. I did not have even thought Nante sucks his for the first time met. Even when he came into my, we have raised a loud voice. While feeling his weight, I had been firmly feel him in me. When he was exhausted in me, I felt a little guilt. But, this SEX was a long time. Much trouble, so was able to meet in the \"Hitodzu matching\" a little more, I might try going out with him ....