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Incest with daughter(2015-06)

The beginning with my daughter

yuna himekawa[4253]
The day when I meet my daughter (2nd grade) who lives with my separated wife. "Hey dad I've got my wish," "challenge" "I'd like a smartphone" "Thats have you mobile" "I He keeps old in Garake" "mom Te What?" "Datte useless" "absolutely If you want, you can buy it, "he said," I'm happy, "and hugged me. ・ ・ ・ ・ When I bought a smartphone and returned home, my daughter was playing with her while preparing dinner. "Hey I took photos after the father" "'ll there 's no camera" "also do it by image quality take a different'll smartphone's a beautiful," "I'll take after we eat rice" clean take and take one to take trial have "I'm clean take" "probably indeed smartphone" "Yoshi clanging'll take" watch sure to take in a variety of poses and have taken still beautiful, but one something the other is not enough. " Well , Shiori isn't enough, so why don't you shoot nude?" "Eh, are you shooting naked? It's embarrassing." "Your smartphone can't be seen by anyone." "That's right." "This is a video. also Yaro do Utsuru " " Yeah, the video mode "in this way my daughter to start shooting from the processing go take off your clothes. When I take off my jacket, I'm already an adult woman with pure white underwear. Her breasts are swollen and her hips are feminine."Do you take off all this?" "What's wrong with being seen by my dad ?" "Yeah, that's not true." When I started to reach out to my bra, a beautiful breast appeared as a pudding. It's beautiful breasts, the nipples are pointing upwards and it looks soft. Next, I saw dark pubic hair trying to take off my panties. Deeply, I also started to get up. My daughter saw it, "Oh my dad looks at me naked and I'm angry." "Because Shiori is beautiful and feminine." "I was seen as a happy woman." "Oh, it's very beautiful." "Let's lick it." " Have you ever licked and licked?" "I don't have it, but I see my mom licking it often." "Mom is licking?" "Yeah, a man comes and licks that person. " " do not bad in education " " Dad is not home a woman of the people " " not I "stay are you if," Well, " " How I " " frustration by " " Shiori'm know anything na " " common sense 2 various'll know "if even in good " great na " only I" know "Uh-uh of Kai" me "really licked by" good, I because it never But the " " Dad happy na " hurry daughter I took it off before I changed my mind. My daughter kneels down and grabs my cock"Wow, it's warm and hard, I'm licking this kind of thing," he said in his mouth. It's my daughter who can lick the cock for the first time in years. It feels good for the first time. Licking potash with your tongue. "Hey, can my dad touch Shiori?" Nodded, so I started rubbing my breasts with both hands. It's soft and comfortable. The pussy wanted to lick and "Let's go to Shiori Bet" nodded, so I pulled out the cock and went to Bet and slept and laid my daughter on top in the form of 69. The pussy of the daughter who ate the cock was opened again and the chestnut was rolled with the tongue. Try putting your fingertips in the vagina. It's moisturized. This happens when the so want to put in a hole cock "I want to put a wish Shiori cock here to" "put Ee'" "useless Kai" "Hmmm, Yaro bad I Once was a parent-child" "Dad another bad you burns I can't stand it. " " I can't help it anymore . " " Is it okay? " " Yeah , you can buy a smartphone and bring it with you. " I changed my system and spread my daughter's legs, put a cock on the crack, and put a little cock in the hole. "How does it hurt?" "Yeah it doesn't hurt . " I put it deeper. The potash of the cock is tightened in the narrow and cramped vagina. "I've got everything in, but how about it?" "It does n't hurt, but it feels strange . " Slowly start the piston.Knead the breast while pistoning. I was attacked by the feeling of ejaculation as soon as I had sex for the first time in a long time and fired it on my stomach. The accumulated semen flew to my daughter's face. "Dad flew so much. " It didn't hurt, but there was a little blood on the cock. "What Shiori was the first time?" "The first time was had by so yeah." "Well first impressions are" "U-such mon Kana I felt N" "Do so, or enter the bath because dirty?" "Yeah dad also together When I washed each other's bodies with body shampoo in the bathroom, my daughter got a complete erection and saw it, "Dad is fine again." "Can I put it in again?" "Okay, but here. ? " " Oh, I put in here " to stick his hands on the wall was inserted from behind to expand the legs. "Dad I feel good from a while ago" "I feel good or Shiori" "Yeah it feels good, I'm loved " "Why don't you stay today?" "I 'm fine but what my mom says" "I I'll call you. " " Dad wants to have more drinks. " " I hate you. " " Yeah , tell me more. " " Etch? " " Yeah, like moms do. " " Good dad, I'll do my best. "This was the beginning of Aise between me and my daughter Shiori.

And father hiding in the mother

-Less \"in the absence of the mother\" has become full.
To launch new we wanted to let write more.
I 22-year-old, 23-year-old husband, I have children of 10 months.
Because my husband is going to the construction site of distant at work, I am back in my home between them.
In the mother to travel, it is like a place where you are breast-feeding to the child father of real was horny look, we have hit me.
At first, it was not the way to hate, but I would have a relationship catapult partly loneliness there is no master. In could accumulate to be sure that there is no abnormal return to my home my father has been hugged me. However, it is also has become halfway while led to the insertion action of the Father came the wife of newspaper gentry's or neighbor. And we have entered into the father and the love hotel in the middle of a high-speed Inter close in the thing to return to reluctantly home. If you lay the child on the couch and into the room, it has hit me just as my father was waiting. It will continue to be wildly take off what you are wearing is pushed down to the bed. I also sometimes you do not put out big pant voice is a half-hearted feelings and my house, we had to follow in silence to the father of the act. Is taking off all my father as soon as become naked father in me will have to insert a penis. \"Ah, dad, say ,,\" I Shi accepted the father I have with look to expand greatly the leg in his back. \"I'll wanted embraced early in ah, Dad.\" \"Satsuki, barely Do not the suits lead to not hesitate to anyone.\" \"Do so, and to put out here if the big voice, and I also made ​​to any number of bold Ndazo. \"\" I think so, Dad. more, came in in more deeply to me, dad. More poked in. \"My father moved violently waist, 1 centimeter to the inside of me, and not enter deeply even one millimeter and it has been the cornerstone. And either would have been stuck in the father about 10 minutes. My father and I've approached climax. \"Ah, dad, say, Right on. Ah, we'll likely. Dad.\" \"Satsuki, I also it. Oh, I say, in, it'll get in.\" And \"I'll say, come, to come, Dad. \"\" Ikuzo, Satsuki, or say, Uu, \"\" good ,, Right on, ah, uhh dad's is coming in me. \"\" ,,,,, \"\", ,,,,,,,, \"Even over my father does not move away from me. Father to enjoy the lingering leave the penis in me, I have overhanging saying wheezing. \"Dad, terrible too.\" At that time the phone to my cell was incoming. I was Hanashidashi to be taking out a mobile from the bag stretched out big hand while connected to the father. \"Ah, mom. Do N, okay. Dad, now ,,,\" My father'm limp on my body. Moreover, while connected to the lower body of the father and me. Turn off the \"dad I, it in fighting a big cockroach in the kitchen now. And afraid to have a big cockroach Once entered into the house, and I was found ,, is scary, okay, because. Frog safe driving,\" so to say phone and was finally me father remove the penis from inside of me. I wipe the groin by immediately taking a tissue. Father of the out semen is I have defiled the futon came out from inside of me. My father and I calm a little went to the bath together. My father is been kissed hugged me among the bathtub. And it's me to come rub the breast. \"Dad, would leave so much to rub and boobs.\" \"Little wonder better to put up warm accumulating to tits.\" And \"but's Oh yeah likely, I'll get to feel.\" \"Safely if it was so that whether. Do not do not remove the hazy also in order to return to home. Satsuki, I'll have another holding once in bed. \"After that it is the difference between the previous rough sex, father to caress lick every inch of my body Give me, I was also fully give licking his father's penis. And each other lead at a slow time, we love one over the only time two people to change various position.

A daughter

Yourself 50s
bereaved wife now, daughter and two people living is the
daughter sub Lisa is what's he say is also very cute
still in 1 But already the body line of the divorced is nearing an adult
fact and Arisa out bulge is already already went to also become Arisa small 6
days after a month passed away wife has become the men and women of Naka
wanted to go into your and bath
telling, \"This is gonna's last\" chest face was
also me wash laughing to see the Arisa nude that was similar to his wife in sub Lisa embarrassed and I \"standing daddy\"
my cock I have an erection not similar to their own. I have robbed the Virgin of Arisa is pushing as it is sub Lisa broken my reason is to directly ejaculation the sperm is unable patience sub Lisa gave me licked \"because Arisa, Mon It's bride of Papa\" and smile a Arisa 2 times in the bathroom, was the Arisa that was love one as it is in the bedroom look like in It's the first pain wants to had was but felt gradually now to scrounge from their own. Nitrous Lisa is happily in the only two people on the night of elementary school graduation ceremony only wedding bouquet and collar married \"Arisa is the pet of dad. Now, please pussy every day\" to love one up as it is morning by begging from their own and beneath it may be you can and to pregnancy earnestly in the school or while wearing uniforms of junior high school and it has been put in every day

Of 10-year culmination

And asked the daughter-in-law and customs Miss that we have the out daughter and Mainichiko in the making who graduated from college in daughter-in-law
is made ​​in '12 daughter and physical relationship out of the cheating partner and house put the divorce papers
March of '10 this year
hard to was transformation daughter etch even us gladly accept
I want to like breast milk play by pregnancy early is my treasure

His wife and daughters sex slaves

My wife is I met edge father unknown children with援公partner gave birth in one in Thorpe Miss let me cum and depriving the virgin of the body of his wife was then nine-year-old from putting piercing and tattoo I get. Wife during the student days one, Nakasan, a high-2, then to up to drink the pill become soap Miss gave me gave birth to a daughter a total of five people in 19.21. And saying please wife was raised to be happy to let lay my children with cum in my daughter who gave birth to hurt the stomach and took the virgin on which it was raised to put the earrings and a tattoo on the body to me. Let me wife until the third daughter out of birth in me was five daughters is allowed to cum me in 9-year-old in the state that contains the wife as well piercings and tattoos as a testament to the loyalty of as my sex slaves and depriving the virgin below. Especially in the stomach of the eldest daughter is my second child, I am the first child in the stomach of a second daughter, is all my children. Because girls might be asked right to let lay baby husband like it now that dedicated her virginity to testimony of loyalty of his wife as well, \"to your husband like sex slaves, earn my money to Mitsugu to your husband like become a soap Miss I was told to and made ​​sure to lay a lot to \"like. At the same There are yourself I have wanted to be to premature death in exchange for earnestly been scrounge the cum from his wife and daughters every day.

I do not want to Mencius daughter

Everyone envy. It's playing from the time of the daughter and small. Recently it answers Even (now small 5) unpleasant.
But I call when I want to do friends.
Once, I did in three people with the daughter of a friend (boobs were small). It was a great excitement, it was wet full friends.
Both of whom did not put in painful (tears). We moved the child.
Still I want to play in three people as long cousin interest.
No But why her daughter does not want could only two people?