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Incest with daughter(2017-06)

Daughter and hot spring travel

yuna himekawa[7129]
This year, there are only daughter graduating from college.
Four years to go to the University of Tokyo, for the first time works from April to come back to the local,
me saying it to filial piety in the first salary, and we and his wife brought to the hot springs
of But it was promised that say they'll go, my how in the wife of involuntary
it will not go without, now to go in only daughter and me.
Since costly and take a separate room, supposed to stay in the same room
but was, my daughter does not seem to mind at all.
Daughter, really go kindness, I head good, the only man scruffy.
Well That aside, I soak in slowly hot spring, completely Rira'
Kusumodo. And, I'm down that had dinner in the room, payment daughter
, so, I had dinner not asked even beer.
But, beer wanted to drink after a meal, let's go to buy even a convenience store
I thought or, 5 thousand yen passed since referred to as the daughter me went to buy
directly below. My daughter has bought three Chuhai to beer six.
I thought it would be truly large, daughter came next, in a cup
so me in the footsteps, had in quite drink. It was also done then to daughter, but
the daughter is a place where drinking or about beer two seem to have liquor weak
not anymore Roretsu traveling around.
I'm with you a drink to still daughter thought to just anyway sleep.
Daughter that me leaning on me rather than said it was happy.
Daughter is me saying \"I have had is also healthy forever\", I
had tears.
My daughter began to doze off while leaning on me.
And, although had begun sleeping my knee to the pillow, I really
had to leave that for a while because it was Kokochiyoka'.
And suddenly, looking at the chest of the daughter, chest ... from yukata of the gap
daughter completely sound sleep state.
Lightly it had touched the breast.
But indeed Yari caught a futon can not be any more, the daughter
suffers embrace, it was laid to the futon.
Daughter is like a little awoke the eye, with its hands to me
has been a gesture fawn.
Although I can say definitely so daughter Innovation \"Koch tree\", I'm sure
what is wrong with someone? Or is Wake drunk
I do not know? I thought, but I decided to fawn on the word
daughter has been clinging to me.
And daughter I've been kissed, but that I was surprised
we have tongue entangled violently.
Daughter himself, will be naked, and my neck and ears and nipples
been crazy licking, grip my son, riding on its own
has been inserted.
There was a great thing to yoga sore daughter.
Of course, since it is not even thinking Nante contraceptives
put out the belly of my daughter, but I was finished, I also quite
had gotten to sleep as it is because it was by.
What was around 3 o'clock in the morning, I was awakened to the daughter
, \"Did you mean, was chucking Etchishi and me?\" He asked
because ... After saying \"I was committed to you,\"
her daughter for a while silence I ... \"from me?\" rang in
because it was asked was answered, \"it is obvious\".
Daughter of either \"I see ... Well favorite dad was convinced
had healed open I So huh good\".
I laughed.
\"'ll was great\" because it was asked to daughter me, \"What was wrong?\"
Daughter and answer frankly I is heard \"felt good was?\"
Was raised in saying so has been \"It was very good.\" .
Now that we have heard \"again and want?\", Obediently
it was Mashi \"consisting become\" Ttoii.
Then, rush to the nature and the second round
but different momentum of the daughter to the previous, daughter is quite sensitive as
also ascended many times in my finger in
Blow daughter is quite licked from erotic ball licking up ... Anal
seldom as my 50-year-old to come. Ejaculation of 2 times a day
was. Out Nante not the medium, of course. Put out the stomach
and then my daughter, gave me clean or licked the son.
And, it was a kiss as lovers until the morning.
Daughter also was me saying I try and steal the eyes of his wife
or taking a bath together, we are or etched.

But who should be the rebellious daughter

Daughter \"- committed pussy daddy committed by ~ MottoMiyu\" in sleep talking
've heard. JC2 But the me was masturbation side dish.
It would certainly be effective When you have Ona in the delusion that is committed to his father.
If I so much recently is present in the pants wearing a bath up, Do was stare and pretend not to see, the part of the penis.
Toka forcibly Blow tied his hands, Toka distort the face poked in Doggy Style, I Les rubbed the thin milk is kiss dirty lips with numbness nude
receive the ejaculation in the back of the vagina, or would have Toka.

Father and sex life

It seems over, the desk there is also a time now the office today
is from. It's premium Friday Saturday.

 I have two nights and three days in the hot spring inn that was carried out at the time of his father and the holidays, my father I do this week is accumulated without getting in my Saturday you will love one day of the day, second only from Friday night. Sayoko's parent-child also than will spend a busy night to shake the night of driver .....
 In addition to any ...


Us to that of the housework and personal belongings daughter 40-year-old who lives from the death of his wife in the next town from time to time come.
Some children When you are also husband to the daughter. The daughter ate together and cooked my dinner when it came before this. I drank two people.
Since drank had to stay on the phone to her husband to say that we stayed because I can not drive a car.
Drank much with two people to say that it Nomiakaso such et al.
Daughter I like wine but told me that he can not drink at home because there is not drink at all husband.
Enough drinking daughter was drunk. It laid the futon carrying a daughter to the bedroom. Thigh spilled plump breast is also made to reveal.
Not in contact with the woman from lost a wife I was horny to the body of his daughter.
Not wake up even if Nugashi what you are wearing.
I thought that it can not go to the real daughter was inserted in can not stand.
A moving and daughter responded from the bottom seemed to misunderstand husband.
\"You, I long time, Right on, Right on, say over over, A\"
issued indeed the last thought that should not be out in the daughter put in the daughter's mouth and pull out. Daughter as it was also sleeping drank it To very, very.

And the granddaughter of relatives

Toshi-kun, you'll be able to marry me my house like?
Well Do - my aunt's a granddaughter Do chills I can
'll Let Once was -
wonder if impossible - now a problem that I - Chika is still 12 years old?
Huh~? But But to be well licking to enter all penis of my house anymore Toshi-kun!
Well - certainly Chica pussy is also the best is the Do-cooking washing floor also Do's good good daughter-in-law
will? right? Nara Jan good! Do not let them out in If you do not me to your wife?
It - Do not - I'd likely leave even as soon trouble
to marry if? Go to be with Toshi-kun mon's alive likely to my house?
Uncle and aunt and mom me kana - forgive
mon not offend even okay I'm - come almost every day Toshi-kun home
Well N Chika house is not I Do not ... become a nominal will be involved from busy
city you and etch every day I mon is back Te-Toshi-kun other Iki likely? Kite also in because the other good ~ I can not stand my house!
A'a'! Toshi-kun! Toshi-kun! Like I ~!
Or cock?
Fool! Up! Ikuiku Ikuiku Tsu!
Tightening is ‥ Chica! I love you! U'o! A -
has come out in the A-Toshi-kun ... may be stayed Toshi-kun? More I try to etch-
Chimau Bale from coming back Kyoko and-father who I do mind is to me specifically?
Mmm Uncle're good but Kyoko sister That's troublesome
, such mon's loco parentis of Chica -
Jan Toshi-kun Datte likely
parents Pies incest Is ‥ and daughter
Kke'm useless I to etch the Toka parent?
Such the I incest
to - for example - inside and dad Toka Toka Jeezy Keita to the En there I ‥ to etch! Heck or even I felt like my house, such as unexpectedly Kyoko sister and Keita?
Keita's still a 10-year-old? How much happened - would be small and
I do not if you like the relationship even
or even mine small Chica is satisfactory?
All right because I like Toshi-kun! So - try to etch one more time?
Also was probably three more times
still is-ish healthy penis of Toshi-kun? Yappa'm Toshi-kun pedophile ~
Chica ~!
Kya! - it would be raped by Toshi Mr. Heck ‥ while still doing! ‥ aa When you put suddenly
~ Do I'll ~ erotic pussy is overflowing sperm from pussy Chica
also - early because good ~
It is? It seems entered line from Mom?
‥ Yaba'! It greeted me come! It will send me Mr. ‥ Toshi waiting waiting waiting for?
Each dial because send it go!
MY god Amazing! Amazing! Fierce! Huh? Ah! Cho ‥ Ma, Mama? what? Send it to okay Toshi brother ... have, because good! All right! N'! What do not even ‥ ‥ Cho Toshi ...
Oh Aki sister? Laundry clean up after - have asked to washing dishes of me, such as the evening meal is ~ hate not me to really Chica daughter-in-law in the basement? I is not sloppy? - but to do - I do not want to put on such a good daughter elsewhere like N
‥ up is heard in Toshi-kun no good ... Mom!
Anyway mind I thought there Do-Tsu M I Regards ~ Nja ‥ Chika because I go send
also believe-runner doctor! Jan's it When you hear ‥ in the phone!
Interference from a little while ago it was awesome?
Toshi-kun of idiot! Early acme Chae!
Chika ‥ last is Ikuzo while kissing in the normal position?
Yeah ... I love you Mr. Toshi?
‥ in'll Chica also love
love out of good by Toshi-kun!

Continued Yochitsu diary

 The day-to-day training from the pride ourselves the Virgin of the daughter (Emi) to your birthday at the end of her daughter last month, from Zetton Ms. Hirosuke Ms. Rorimani's like, valuable advice, which was rooted in the life experience of each of the people There was even day-to-day to give me the Toka and advice. In two days later the end of the seasonal change of clothes to summer uniforms thanks to customers, also to confirm housework referee of the family court to Watakushi the Emi custody who is the stepchildren of the ex-wife, although not what ties of blood and Emi, law and sunny in this is why was Tsu phase order to be father daughter and considered (Do not) (Do) from the to the public. Daughter of stay in bright and big eyes is delicate body with features as Kurikuri of double eyelid with a small face, on its feet Ya finishes a change of clothes and getting up early every morning at 2 Kaioku of the room given to myself and down to the downstairs dispense the breakfast, is invited me to the home engaged in self-employed in my available to you in the workplace and study of about 9 tatami room, laid starting from Misekko of genitals of each other on the floor or from the woman 's heart to say that there lugs do not want to contaminate the cunnilingus, and dark blue uniform skirt in the face cowgirl of take off to (carpet kind of) is a father I the only children pants of lying on his back, the hanging skirt forget from the lower body also take off away in the soft-shelled turtle Pont in the last upper body me blouse and already fucking with your hand to the penis of a standard size available to you stiff while wearing a sheer underwear summer of white The you have me to grow into girls who are doing until the cleaning Blow without. Blowjob Emi is, not only to the front and rear lips entwined mere tongue, because it is a so-called Cordova accumulation Blow Job, because for us blotted clean without leaving even the semen of trace who is remaining in the hundred Po, also refreshing feeling It is different. No way anyone, cheerfully every morning skip to our daughter is carrying a school bag in a state in which harboring the semen young vagina that was squeezed out from my friends and the shrill voice of school and out of the entrance to the elementary school as public the are collective school sounded! Such as A, I will not Yomoya Omowa ....

Daughter became an adult

Nice to meet you. Oh, I am a punishment 2 single.
Because they're unable to quite credit, I think I should try to write in here.
Now, you have one person daughter to become a 21-year-old.
In fact, it was the first time there was to be in the summer of last year to this daughter. Daughter is a daughter who gave birth the affair partner 22 years ago. From strange occasions it, or relationship ... and its partner
last year with my daughter, seemed to have been to have a good impression from when you first met.
I live in the Kansai region, at the same time in Tokyo and university entrance. While you are drinking a meal or with a few times, it also bonds of father-daughter ... until last year was in the dorm to each other, but to live alone from this year.
Relationship to move or shopping, while overlapping the meals and fleas, talk of boyfriend, talk broke up with my boyfriend, talk etc of the previous leg of the nail from the beginning of the previous
course, also talk of SEX ...
One day, slower is drunk , the conversation when it comes to get stopped in the daughter of the room
\"if there are no even a boyfriend, would you boring\" I
daughter \"that 's enough, man is\"
I \"21 woman What are you saying,\"
daughter \"because, Troublesome. Basically, we want to do \"
I\" Well, and are in the favorite woman before, would want to do if alone with \"
even my daughter,\" Dad? \"
I\" eh? \"
Also I want to do daughter,\" Dad? \"
I\" Mana \"
is also with my daughter,\" Mom? You are? Mom've got to say \"
I\" ... \"
daughter\" Hey, I do not win in Mom? \"
My\" mean? \"
Daughter\" ... You must not fall in love with dad as a man of the man? \"
I\" I say what ...'ll'm daddy \"
daughter\" But, without that there was also 20 years, when they first met, I Do not want a nice ... badly people mom remarried DV out ... So also farewell Te.
Useless kana ... \"
I\" Well, you are to cute, it was like was able to 20 lover, happy'll \"

soon as I said that, my daughter I've been a kiss.
It has become long enough. Following is When I am in the mood, I think that in less. Why?

Proud daughter

I have two daughters between me and my wife. Both of my daughters got married, but the children had left the nest, so I ended the cold couple relationship. I let go of the house and I lived alone in an apartment, and my ex-wife was a man. life have you One day, there is a contact from the direction of second daughter, it's such that the divorce. My second daughter was a full-time housewife, so I wouldn't be able to live without a job. I also have small children. I went to my apartment for that reason. It's an apartment with only 2 rooms, but my daughter understood. My child is only 5 months old and my burden has been quite heavy. It may be that I became a mother even though I had never seen my second daughter naked when I was in elementary school, but it's bold. Maybe you can't get caught up in yourself. Even when I was breastfeeding, I turned my back at first. Eventually, I started to do it calmly, and when I took my child out of the bath, my daughter remained naked and I didn't hide it anymore. When I began to get used to such a life, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and noticed something wrong with my daughter sleeping next to me. I'm sighing. I saw my daughter masturbating so as not to make a clear voice . I'm returning to a woman as well as my mother, so my daughter is masturbating frequently in the middle of the night since that day. One day I said, "Isn't it okay to make a boyfriend?"My daughter asked, "Is it annoying?" And said, "I want you to stay here all the time." "Why is that so? The man is already a mess." "You're alone like every night, or are you lonely?" My daughter suddenly said, "What was it?" "I'm only 25 years old, so I can start over ." He said, "I want to live with my dad." He asked me , "What about my dad ?" And when I said "What? What?", He said, "My dad is alone. When asked, "Sometimes I do that. I'm still a man." I answered honestly. There is no doubt that the wall between parents and children collapsed, or that I felt more intimate. is a certain night, and sleeping at night, getting closer daughter "not lend me hey dad, hey?" "What?" listen and daughter I was pointing to my lower body only "Dad is sleeping "It's okay, I don't really have to do anything," he touched my son, and as soon as he grew up, he climbed up and inserted himself. My daughter died in less than 30 seconds , "I'm going to go right after giving birth to a child , " but she started to sit down again, and in less than 30 seconds, the second ascension , 5 times in less than 5 minutes. I've passed away. While thinking "I'm not doing anything" saying "Thank you very much.""I'm sorry. Dad is half-hearted, isn't he?" And I was squeezed by my daughter and I ascended to heaven . I'm also old, so I'm getting into pain every day, so I went to buy sex toys without telling my daughter . I went to such a store for the first time, but I bought a standard vibe that is said to be a denma that is often seen in AV because there are various places . And I said to my daughter that night. When I showed him "I bought this", he said "I don't like toys", but I managed to persuade him. Normally, my daughter just gets on top, but when I hit the chestnut with a denma, it takes 30 seconds. On the contrary, it is an instant kill. My daughter also said, "This is a weapon," but she continues to die while convulsing her body ascending continuously. Her eyes are black and white, saying "My head gets sick." After tripping completely, I tried inserting a vibrator. A daughter who keeps dying even if she doesn't move. "I'll just go in" When I put my daughter in the back state and move it violently, I pull out the vibe that has passed away so much that I do not know how many times I have gone to continuous ascension while pulling the anal and put my finger in the pulled anal When I saw it, I ascended even in anal while saying "There is no use" . While saying "I don't know which hole anymore" , my daughter fainted due to the double attack of ascension and vibes and denma, and I'm inside with my daughter's anal. .. ..After all, my daughter's libido heats up and she attacks toys every night. She seems to have had a desire for slavery, saying, "I thought I was S, but it was actually M." And that day continued, and my eldest daughter When he came to my apartment, he seemed to feel that something was wrong, and he promised to say something else and taught me the relationship between my second daughter and me. But eldest daughter, without any state in which so much surprised, "of Anta much Dad toward the second daughter Innovation" not it nice to be causing even pregnancy turmoil "What I It was a love that" not a "But dad physical strength tough do? The eldest daughter said, "Because my dad is amazing" before I answered , "I'm a little envious because I'm always less" and "Why don't you make me a dad?" I was listening to the story thinking that I was pregnant. The second daughter asked, "Would you like to try it with three people?" And the eldest daughter answered with a laugh, "Maybe that's the case," but the second daughter was motivated and said, "This is amazing." I took out the denma and hit it against the crotch of my eldest daughter who hates it. When I was told, "Hey, dad, hold on to your sister," I also squeezed my eldest daughter in a bad ride. I thought it was just a bit of a mess, but I was hit by a denma from the top of my clothes, and my eldest daughter ascended in about a minute. I'm tired. The eldest daughter hates her when she begins to take off her eldest daughter's pants, but she doesn't seem to really hate her. The denma was hit again from the top of the pants and ascended for the second timeMy second daughter said, "Your sister is also very easy to die." When this happens, it doesn't stop anymore. All three became naked and continued to let their eldest daughter die. It was strange to see her sisters kissing and entwining their tongues. I also had sex with my eldest daughter. My eldest daughter is still married, so she doesn't come often, but every time she comes, she satisfies her sexual desire. I wonder if this is my father's job. I think I'll make it lately.

Limit ~

The daughter, all the way from a young age, but we are charged with Motomata
of course, because it is parent and child, more than that, is a taboo
we have it - to 1 in even such a daughter
also etch daughter, known to be an absolute no, split cut to do is I I - looks like enjoying
daughter gradually, I'd - come is a good body
and has seen a comfortably likely to face daughter,
something ~ mistake the committed is yo ~ likely
is their own while worry, softening , I guess I do not advice ~~