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Incest with daughter(2016-02)

Dad with sister

yuna himekawa[5481]
I saw my dad having sex with my sister. My sister's room is a room with a movable closet and a partition between 8 tatami mats, and there is a gap of about 15 cm in the upper part. Around the end of last summer vacation, after dinner, my sister said "I can't do my homework, help me" and spoiled my dad, and my mom scolded me "I'm just playing", but I did my homework with my dad in the room. I was there. After watching my favorite TV program for about 1 hour, I returned to my room around 8 o'clock and was studying or reading a book. Then, I heard my sister's small voice sobbing from my sister's room. I wondered if my dad scolded me for leaving too much homework, and when I listened to it, I heard a creaking sound of a chair. What? I got interested and got on my desk and looked into my sister's room. Two people were sitting at the desk. My dad put his sister on his lap and his homework prints and notebooks were spread out on the desk, but it was a little weird. My sister didn't even have a sharp, and she was standing down while clenching the corner of the desk, and Dad seemed to hug her belly and move her hips. When I looked closely, I was hiding in my sister's skirt, but my dad shifted his jersey pants so that he could see more than half of his butt, and my sister could see her butt a little from her skirt.     Somehow, when I thought so, my dad turned his sister's face to the side, kissed him, put his tongue in, and kissed him. "Daddy, daddy, daddy, ..." When my sister called her name in a soft voice, she got up from the chair while holding her belly.I took a breath. My sister's skirt slipped, her ass was exposed, and my dad's penis was stuck in it, and it seemed to be connected. With that cuckoo, Dad took him to bed to carry his sister, and when he made him crawl on all fours, he began to move his ass.     "Daddy ah," when my sister's voice became louder, my dad said in a soft voice, "Kana, it feels good ... Kana, dad feels good," while holding something like a hand towel in his sister's mouth. I made him move his ass a little violently.     I saw sex for the first time. I also found that my face turned red. It seemed that my place was getting hot. But the sex I'm seeing for the first time is my sister and dad's sex, my sister is still 11 years old, 5 years younger than me, but I'm having sex. What's more, I can't make a voice by moving my butt comfortably, but it seems to be amazing, so I clenched the bed sheets, looked back at my dad, and looked sad, but only my butt. I was shaking my whole body without it.     While standing on the desk, I put my hand in my pajamas and masturbated while fingering chestnuts, and I watched it all the time. "Uuu !, no ah!"While moaning, my sister bent her head, bent her back and stabbed her body, and even though she fell down on the bed, Dad lifted her ass and under her stomach. I put a pillow on my head and kept moving on my sister while making a crackling sound, and suddenly I moved my butt three or four times and it stopped moving.     It was like ejaculation. Moreover, in my sister's belly. Dad was lying down on the bed alongside his sister, whispering something in his sister's ear and stroking his hair. I sat down on the desk, fingering with my fingers.     When I got off the desk and sat down on my bed, I heard mom calling my dad from the first floor. Daddy replied normally, and after a while, he left his sister's room. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep, so I lay down on the bed, got naked, and masturbated with a rotor.     The next morning, curiously, when I got up on the first floor, my dad ate breakfast before going to work. My sister got up, so I looked at the two faces alternately, but my sister felt normal, and she was kind to my mom, and when my dad was about to go out, he said, "Help me with my homework tonight." That said, my mom gave me a small word, and it was really normal.      I have checked their behavior since that night. When I take a bath, my mom goes in first, then my dad and sister go in second, and the last is my order, but I went to the bathroom a little earlier while my dad and sister were in. I did. I got out of the bathroom, brushed my teeth in the bathroom, and listened.The sound of the shower was so loud that I couldn't hear it very clearly, but after all, I heard my sister's small voice saying "Uh, uh," and my dad was saying something. I thought I'd go in and see, I rinsed my mouth, took off my clothes, got naked, and tried to open the bath door , my sister shouted , "Daddy!" Sounded small, and my dad continued to say something and became quiet. Even so, when I went into the bathroom with a cheerful voice, my dad and sister were already taking a shower, and my sister was standing leaning against her. "Oh," or dad said in a deliberately bright voice, saying, "It's been a while since I saw Ayu naked," but that habit, I didn't look at me, and went out quickly. It was. My sister was also taken with a red face.     It was a bathroom, so I thought it wouldn't be in the room today, but when my dad and sister went upstairs for homework, I told my mom that I would study too. I went upstairs with a little delay. My sister's room was quiet, but I got on the desk and took a peek. Turn off the lights in your room so that you don't get caught. After all, homework prints and notebooks were spread out on the desk, but Dad was sitting on the bed facing me. Only the lower body is naked. My sister sat between her dad's legs and moved her head hard. Dad closed his eyes, stroking his sister's head, and sometimes whispering something in a soft voice.    Is that a blowjob? I was surprised. My sister seemed to be masturbating herself while moving her head hard, and one hand seemed to move in small steps at her crotch. When I wanted to see my dad's penis, my sister stopped moving her head and started sucking her penis from the side. I've never seen another person's penis, but it was big. I wonder if it's about 20 centimeters, and about two-thirds of the bite came out of my sister's hand sucking while clenching it, and the part like the head of a turtle at the tip of the penis seemed to be one size larger than the L size egg. I started to touch my sister's body, thinking that it would be in my sister's body. My sister's butt and chest are getting bigger lately, but maybe she's still 150 centimeters tall, she's one head smaller than me, and she's thin, but she has such a penis. I want to have sex. When my dad whispered something, my sister stood up and played a CD. It's not that loud, but I can't hear the two voices anymore. Only my sister took off all her clothes and lay down on the bed, and this time Dad buried her face between her sister's legs on the bed and began to mock. It seemed comfortable from the beginning, and my sister shook her body and started to wiggle her hips, and in less than five minutes she shouted something at her dad. Then, Dad also put his sister's feet on his shoulders, put the penis over his sister with one hand, and then inserted the penis so that he would sink down.    I can't see how it's connected from diagonally above, so I'd like to see more of the connected area. When I thought about it, I couldn't bear it, and when I got off the desk, I went to the immediate side of the partition, removed the clasp, opened the partition a little, and made a peek. I could see it from diagonally behind. My dad's penis was all in my sister's body, and my sister's penis was firmly in her mouth. When Dad starts to move his ass, when Dad tries to pull out the penis, Kana's ass is entwined so that it clings to her, and Kana's ass rises for a moment, and when Dad pushes in the penis, Kana's over there sticks and dents. And it was amazing.     I also took off my pajamas and shorts and masturbated while peeking. I felt more than usual, and I was about to speak out.

Incest discourse

Died when the mother is small, it is in the house I have become three of the father and sister and me.
I think it was the time of elementary school six years.
The middle of the night I heard voices of father and sister in the next and suddenly woke up.
\"No, Dad. Yukiko it would happening.\"
\"Haruko I do not go because not come when you call (the name of the sister) is.\"
\"Because things got to that odious father.\"
After such exchange, My sister has been taken is pulled the hand is to bare his father to his father's bedroom.
Under the older sister of the bed, sister of pajamas and pants had fallen.
I or the feeling you've seen what you do not look, I went down to the quiet first floor of the father of the bedroom while pounding the chest for a while.
Fortunately, my father and looking through the middle because door of his father's bedroom was open only a little sister have to sleep on the bed was a place that example sucking the penis became larger of the father.
\"Haruko, Do not like the cock of also dad good to Do became. Mom.\"
\"Dad, because they give me this time to the mother's story to quit.\"
I was going to e sucking your dick and glared at his father also father.
At this time, the relationship of sister and the father is not the first time at this time, I thought that there was from the front.

Incest discourse

When Kusurido of force agent to purchase, 360-degree forward and reverse rotation hand Vibe Squirting one point with bonus

Daughter and long-distance delivery

To house Once daughter is junior high school graduation a hate studying, because it does not to go outside only get crowded, put on the track, because it delivered to various places
on a daily basis also liked daughter, to come with, it became. Wife There is also such a thing was the day-to-day that because of protein would excited to have a look at the daughter of the body next to the driver's seat. According to the convenience store, it has a little fat because they eat such as fried chicken. Let alone daughter menstrual cramps will not because, drinking pill terrible. Desire, Tsunoru I touched the daughter of the body in place to nap boldly in only. Dad are you silent even without reply to say that me me put in without any thing to be vigorous resistance those who said no good. Shed his pants from Nugashi the Pantei, When you are not pushing the Chinpoko was erected in the hole of the split, it has already wet when I walked up to smoothly back, was the nail in the shoulder aloud and daughter hurts I've been on. To comfortably move the waist to put to the back I heard worth painful to daughter. I a little sore, dad \"I really feel good\" ... dad feels I ... \"only hurts\" become the \"Yeah\" ... it made ​​comfortably kiss ... I say \"down\" trying to kiss it sperm went flow into the hole while and I feel good and have Karamashi the tongue is moving the waist called the name of the daughter while. My wife is doing a nurse, you have when you do not come back is Ya sex hugging each other naked in the futon. From hugging her daughter, passed since about two years. Daughter also agony while aloud comfortably unlikely been clinging to feel. It is also fun work every day with my daughter and drive feeling even now my daughter has to accompany enjoying in one hand the smartphone

And the real daughter

It is the father of 42-year-old with a first grade of high school daughter.
When the wife is not the night in night shift part is, we are always SEX with my daughter.
Morning of attendance, because not in the early shift or most wife is sleeping in the night shift dawning, we are going to work from ask to unplug one shot in Blow to daughter. It was SEX and daughter last night. Perhaps because the results of the year-end test had to worry about was not good, it was always more aggressive. Many times was saying in the upper Cavalry riding on top of me. This day was to use three condoms.

You are dad

I'm working in a mobile phone shop at the age of 19. My mother is from die from breast cancer are living with his father and two people.
I's a Otosankko, about once a month because the would be lonely lost a mother, was raised by passing the back taking a bath together.
Father in the middle of the bath will have to come rub my chest. But always was the extent to which touch lightly going of light joke.
But that night, massaging the way also were different in the atmosphere until the father also of expression now. To release the hand Once massaged once if always, the night had continued to massage. It is also a gentle massage the way as I feel. Father of breathing and cause out leering voice as \"Aan ... Afun ... Haa,\" also had become rough. If so feeling was good and as it is left in the hands of my father, my father has been stretched out a hand to my important place in your free hand. I father and lean to the father will not be able to put up with has been the kiss hug me. My father went with the place of the father of the things taking my hand. Father of things had become hard. My father went up from the bath and take my hand. And it has a fierce etch been taken to the living room and wipe the body. Then, you have the about twice etch a week.

Angel too daughter

I'll be doing with my daughter still small 6 Dagana.
The first time you put your hands, but I was going for mischief
wonder if good not have to at all resistance, with the feeling of Kana that good
was able to last. I was crying in the like hurt. But settle for seeing began to bulge milk, settle for massaged, settle for licking. Of course cunt daughter is the best interference. It does not stop cunnilingus until gasping daughter recently.

Insertion of the 7 th

Only daughter of pussy that soon become a junior high school student's beautiful.
The leg was pussy further spread by hand we are stimulating the clitoris in the nose with smoke in the urethral meatus.
Daughter also rubbed clutching the Gingin cock.
7th is intercourse for.
Daughter is like nipple and chestnut feel best. Vagina is to still feel is a little longer it takes likely seem not feel.
Cock Condo - will plunge at once covered with a arm Chitsuana. Enter smoothly thanks to the jelly of rubber.
Start the piston to bite sweet nipples.
Cock of premature ejaculation feeling immediately boil is a feeling of ejaculation
will to launch a \"'ll die dad anymore.\"
Premature ejaculation also Will was one of the causes of divorce.