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Exam stress

yuna himekawa[28422]
I have become a man and woman with my son. The reason was the stress of my son's examination. However, it's not my son's stress, but my own stress, and I feel like I just wanted my son. I first had a relationship with my son around October last year. Career counseling began in earnest after taking the high school exam, and the teacher and parents were frustrated by their son, who was serious but had no idea what he was thinking. My husband doesn't even talk to me, "I'll leave it to him." On the night shift night, my husband was at the limit of thinking alone, so I went to the room to have him think seriously. Then, my son who repels annoyingly! It became like a half-mouthed quarrel, and my son went to take a bath as it was. I, who couldn't withdraw, chased my son to the bathroom. To my son, who said, "Don't come to such a place," he emotionally said, "I'll follow you until I hear the story." "Because my mom will come in," she took off her clothes and went into the bathroom in her underwear. He interrupted his son's words, "What's up, get out," and said, "Because it's really important now." At that time, I suddenly noticed my son's reaction. My son, who usually repels his face, looks down and doesn't look at me ... I said, "Hmm ...? What! Is it embarrassing?" Somehow, my son, who always repels me, became cute and just said, "I'll let you go back, so come out of the bathtub." Son "OK" I "Because it's OK"Eventually my son got out of the bathtub and I started talking about taking the exam with my back. For some reason, at that time, he listened to me honestly, and somehow I was happy and a little relieved. When I turn my son forward, "Well, the back is OK, so look forward," he keeps facing down and doesn't look at his face again. Even though I'm a mother, I'm in underwear and my son is naked. It's an embarrassing age, right? Thinking so, I decided to leave the bath as it was that day. I was happy to hear the story. However, what changed after that day was that it wasn't my son's room that talked about taking the exam, but the bathroom. I feel relieved for one or two days, but after three days, I'm worried again (I wonder if I'm studying?), And I want to tell my son about it, so I go to the bathroom. At first, I kept wearing my bra and shorts, but after gradually washing my son's body, I would like to soak in the bathtub and talk. Bath time with my son about every 3 days. By telling my son about taking the exam, my stress was alleviated. My son suddenly began to say that he was taking a bath with his son as usual the last night when his husband, who worked three shifts, returned to work during the day. My son "Mom! I can't sleep because I'm worried about my mother's nakedness ..." (Eh! No way) I didn't expect my child to say that. My son is a note student. It is no wonder that I am interested in the opposite sex.(Is it okay if the target is for my mother ...?) Only then did I start to worry about my son's penis. Instead of telling my son, he turned to the front saying, "I'll wash it once in a while," and I just looked at my lower abdomen! There was a well-grown son there. I was wondering if I should come this far, so I started washing my son's things with body soap. At first, my son also looked like he was in a hurry, but then he said "Ah! Uh!" And soon ended up. I "did you feel good?" Son "Yeah" It feels like my honest son has returned when I was little, and the bath is good! However, it seems that my son's feelings became stronger than my feelings ... One night, I hit me with a feeling of helplessness. My son "I can't concentrate because I'm worried about my mother's nakedness!" To be honest, I was happy and regretted that I had done something I shouldn't do, but I wondered if there was a way for my son to be satisfied. I did. My husband is a married couple who doesn't ask for me anymore. To be honest, I may have asked my son for an adult man as a woman. When my husband is there, my son looks at me with appealing eyes! The first thing I thought about was rubbing it with my hand in my son's room. First experience for my son. But my feelings escalate. Even if I go up to the room, I can't stay long because there is no reason.Feeling guilty about my husband, suspected that I will not return soon, I will return immediately with such thoughts! I myself became more and more eager to satisfy my son ... No, I wasn't satisfied myself. I made up my mind. (Let's make my son happy!) In early December, two months after the bath time with my son started, he said, "I have some shopping, so go out with me" and put my son in the car and go out. .. I decided to go to a hotel. I "Where do you think I'm going now?" Son "Shopping?" I "Hotel" Son "..." To my son who can't speak for a while ... I had a conversation like that, "Today, I'll be completely satisfied, so I can say anything." To be honest, I used to go to hotels when I was young. I knew the location, but I didn't expect it to come with my son. I entered the most beautiful hotel in a place called the hotel district of the Tomei Expressway IC. My son looks around and is curious! While wondering what to do if I meet someone, I hold back and enter the room. Let my son, who is standing on a stick, sit on the bed and fill the bath with hot water. As soon as I said, "I'm sorry I was surprised ...?" , My son hugged me. The gesture is cute and cute, and for a while, while hugging each other, I leave myself to my son's favorite way, gently touching my chest and putting my hands on my lower body.When I got hot water in the bath, I took off my son's clothes and I was naked. In the bathroom while hugging each other naked. "Today, large'll put slowly because the bath!" I by flowing back, firmly wash from back to front, while asked to wash the body to his son I "I might let you also wash mom today?", Chest I was thrilled by the pleasure I felt and the expectations that would arise in the future. My son hasn't asked for a relationship between a man and a woman, but he lay down on the bed and welcomed him, saying, "If you're a mom, you can love it." Even though I felt good once in the bathroom, I was excited to see my son who was resurrected. The chest is touched and licked and the hands are on the lower body. I hold my son and let him crawl his tongue as he pleases. When I crawl my tongue all over my body and became 69, I put my son's thing in my mouth. It's a hot and well-grown son's thing! (I want to put it in!) I thought so! I was screaming, "Yu-chan, you want to." Straddle over my son and put his son's things in the bush. The consciousness that I was a son was completely gone. Such a desire to be satisfied as a man who is not a son! Shaking his hips, his son's hand led him to his chest, and he enjoyed a pleasant sensation that he had never felt for a while. My son also released it into me many times. While hugging each other with a body that became sticky with semen. (Together as it is! I want to keep doing this!)The time passed so quickly that I had to go home just before I came out to go shopping. Since then, my son has less bath time at home and wants to go to the hotel. Somehow the stress of taking the exam has disappeared, and my son seems to be doing his best to take the exam. I hear that there are many people who have this kind of relationship from taking the entrance exam for children, but while saying that it is for children, I regret that I may have my own desires.

I accepted my son

When I found out that my 16-year-old son wanted my body, why didn't he decide to do it right away ... because he's so dear and missed that he's almost all of me. Whether it's motherhood or love as the opposite sex, I can't sort out, but I wanted to be loved by my son. But I think I wanted a chance. My son has grown so big that he can easily hold me. When there were only two such sons, I hugged me. And he muttered, "I like my mother after all." A son who was able to have something like her. When I asked him, he said, "I'm a really good girl," and I felt jealousy. When I said to my son, who was squeezing his chest, "Yeah, it's ticking!" "I don't like it!" When I shouted unintentionally, my son said "I'm sorry." From then on, I just hugged him. A son whose husband makes fun of the mother's complex. If you are free on holidays, they will follow you as if you were shopping. My husband usually has a bad mouth, but he is a very kind person. Sex has always been plain, and even now, if you ask for it twice a month, you'll be asked "what's wrong?" However, it was very rough or fierce, and I also made a loud voice and my husband blocked my mouth. I can't say it well, but my husband is a partner and I want to be with him forever. My son is a lover, but he has to break up.Last year, I couldn't go to my son's high school exam. I went there every year though it was the same. If I was planning to go this year, it would be a hot summer this year. My husband's company has been affected and seems to be quite busy. I can't take a rest on the schedule I expected. When I was disappointed, my husband said, "Let's go together." Well, I don't think adolescent sons would hate "ordinary" with their mother. But it's not normal. Forget everything, swim in the ocean, shop, drink and drowsiness at night. What a wonderful thing. Especially shopping can be enjoyed as much as possible. I was excited about what to buy because I was spending a budget because it was an overseas trip. After Obon, the tour price is cheap. Well, and although the hotel is old, a cheap tour in 7 days. What if my husband finds it and does this? What? "Is it okay?" "Come slowly." My husband was a husband, and I was suspicious that he was thinking of doing something wrong while we were away, but he did. And I decided to use it as a trigger. Departure near 11:00 pm. The plane is almost full. After all, about the site, the bus arrived at the hotel in the morning. I decided to take a shower and go to bed. I took it first. And when I was waiting for my son, I thought I should go. Panties on a T-shirt instead of nightwear. A little naughty guy. The son who came out with one piece of trunks was surprised at my appearance."Come here." My son touched my chest lying on his back. I smiled when asked "Is it okay?" When my son put his finger on it, he rubbed it with his fingertips. "Ah ... oh ..." I want to close my legs. "Take off." Take off your T-shirt yourself and panties to your son. The professor teaches a spot where you can play with it for a while and stimulate with your fingers, "I want to go, can you let me go?" I suppressed my voice while chewing the towel with my mouth. Eventually I reached by shaking my whole body. When he calmed down, he stripped his son naked, put on a condom, and accepted it. It feels like a penis that is about to grow up. "Something loose." My son was rude to me, immersed in the tied lingering sound. When I tightened my vagina, I slammed my hips, saying, "Oh, it looks good!" Even though it's a developing penis, it feels pretty hard. I also went lightly. After all, I loved each other until the evening and went shopping at night. Well, it was a sloppy day, but I always felt like a lover. I also went to the sea. A son who puts his hand on it in the sea and mischiefs it. My husband doesn't like kissing very much. But my son seems to like it and sticks to my tongue. How many times did you kiss during the evening beach walk? What I thought was that when I had sex, my consciousness changed.I know I love you as a man. After dreamy days, my husband and son are now thinking nothing. I'm thinking of enjoying sex with them.

It was associated with daughter

It is by the divorced. Work is busy new encounter of 14-year-old After also remains have been frustrated not only daughter is I have drawn up a form from the bath. I feel my gaze, \"Mom, Yada\" and I felt the woman in gesture rewound a bath towel. Will not be able to put up with while you are thinking of bathing together the next day, I went to the daughter of the room in one of the last night. Slip into the side of the daughter, which built a healthy-looking sleeper's breathing wearing pajamas, was Hadake pajamas. I feel the cute chest of projection to cami over wearing down, has become hard to still asleep and I'll touch gently. Daughter was awake and have some time tickle the nipple to cami over. \"That, Mom ...\" half asleep when was about to say I, I took the first kiss of the daughter push the tongue on the lips hugging on tightly. I pressed down from attempting to resistance was unplug the limp To force and continue to kiss. Once upon a time, we have more and more excited to remember that you have to force the middle a student in junior high school when I was a tutor. Touch the directly chest flipping through cami while continuing to kiss, try plucked from time to time by touching the much do not touch or touch the nipple. Daughter of the body is warped to bow to that time. Is bullying several times nipple Tachinobo to bedside away from the limp was the daughter of the body, I have to take off all the things that were wearing their own. I feel the daughter of the line of sight among the dim light. Told me that the \"beautiful ...\" in was dazed When asked \"How mother's body?\" The voice on the daughter take off all your clothes. From past experience, I think that remains but resistance at this time is longer if there was then remove daughter of pajamas, Cami, the shorts. But I was a little reluctant when. Remove the shorts gave me take off to float the waist to give up and say, \"I useless\" in a strong tone. Hug together to touch the skin, while nipples Sucking in the mouth, caressing the crack that has grown thin downy hair like a still only a thin pubic hair with your fingers. But not many, I love love liquid is secreted from the vagina. When touch because sometimes painful masturbation I thought that or not so much. And explore the vaginal opening with your finger says go cute as \"scary ...\". Today, the force of the foot to try to close as relieved and say okay because not put has exited. Caress the crack in the mouth spread like tear grabbed both of the ankle. \"Dame', Mother\" enjoyed the daughter of crack while listening to the cute voice and. But but not yet a woman of smell, picked the clitoris in the tongue, while you are or pull gently on both sides of the villa on the lips, I was able to I'll let squid smell Nari darker. Big while looking at the face of the daughter that is the breath, but I felt also immoral sense of Do I had been with his daughter, regret did not have. \"I'm sorry\" also I did not say to her daughter. Was lying naked, they slept together while breathe my chest. But I is mouth When you woke up was away, the daughter of the hand was still touched my chest. After a long time in the lesbian, it is also a daughter, I want to talk to someone, I can not speak, I was allowed to it in written. It might be less difference, but I'm sorry.

My incest discourse

I love the younger boy all the way from the old days.
We had some people the children of the part-time job even now in the workplace.
Only it'll be let go in fellatio saying gotten.
Looking at their faces that me feel in my blowjob
and irresistibly excited. Of course semen also receive.
But while the image of a really're raised in the son
are you a blowjob.
Son is still in junior high school students, there is no in such a relationship with me.
A dream a dream of you know.
I want to Ikase a son, want to drink his semen,
I would be abnormal as a mother?
But it might have the same kind of mother maybe, and
I tried to post thought.

My incest discourse

The other day was father and etch, came into the bath suddenly, cock of the burly father, and intrusion into my crack, was comfortable, then we are etched in the bath every day,

My incest discourse


I am 51 years old. It is a Tokyo resident.
There are sons of university students. It is 19 years old.
Daughter of the above has left home to get married.

Son does not know any women.
Son let me tomb a mini skirt,
(underwear, while still attached) greatly opened the leg,
you see in silence such a figure of the mother.
Do not touch one finger in my body.
Only look just to single-mindedly.
If it continues even seen 30 minutes back of my room
and masturbation.
It is a few degrees to the moon but has continued to this state.
It is more than another year. How did the private high school exam
with something \"in reward\" to the son that went well
I asked hope I .......
I was told \"I want to marry the mother.\"
Too sudden, quit kidding! But it was anger and
since then, much son suffer and thought me
too pathetic!
And after thinking to thinking, I can forgive the last minute
we will act this was.
My husband is cage to Hokkaido in the bachelor.
Well it is the same mother and child home.
I am a sales positions, the skirt of the work pattern above the knee length
(do not wear is extremely short.) Boulder that is
the son because there are many was a \"mini-skirt\"
It seems to do.
I is said to be younger than a year, meals and from the man
but received well the invitation of liquor, it one-to-one
to not be responded with, it can not be said in much less the family
is not even that you have to be.
I wrote only that of his son,
my own feeling that the embarrassing cuckoo
says that whether or not and ...
I recently, but the take the underwear to his son
be raised in accordance with it is said to think that good
now. (Or higher that it is probably impossible
I think.)
Son against me, love is getting stronger every day
because I started to think to go.
It is our current situation to say, but clearly the future
I do not know now what to do.
Thank you.

Like better son than husband

Husband, for me, because it was man that allowed for the first time skin, I thought all of the sex of the husband. However, for some reason if there is no sense of climax, it was always half-hearted feeling.
In one night, with a midnight snack in the high third son that the exam study, it did was open the door without knocking. Had jumped in front of the eyes, my son, and down the pants and pants at the feet, the penis, was had been squeezed by hand.
What was excited, the penis is, it did have an erection as warped.
It was a world of difference and squishy the penis of her husband. A solid likely-looking, in thick strong penis, I did had fascinated to not put out voices.
Son, me seen the silliness, and the face of blush, I was trying to raise the pants in a hurry.
\"Even without good Are yo ~! Hidden, Mr. Osamu also, Are Hey ~? Someone has become such age, and delusion the naked young girl, - I wonder has been moyamoya?\"
\"I ~ I ~!\"
\"I are you? fidget What did you do, I say clearly!\"
\"woman of the people of my delusions, ~'m a mom.\"
\"Well - I it? Why a ~ mother of are by! Osamu's mother? \"
\" I, I'm not feeling only a mom! \"
around\" Mr. Well-Osamu of, but there are Muchimuchi gal, - of why? \"
\" ~ I'm hard to say embarrassed in front of mom. \"
\" What but was shown to be that of! Osamu's masturbation said, Nante too late embarrassed, to mom, to do not think that there is only attractive excites Osamu's, anyway, can you tell us? \"
\" normally, in the daytime mom to see is, gentle, because such obscene thing looks to unrelated woman, such a mother, in the evening, and the father, from the wonder? that mouth is what sex, what is out the pant voice I wonder if? such a thing, when I was paranoid,'m Simão put a hand ~! \"in the pants without knowing
I, to more than you think, my son was felt the strength of the libido.
\"I'm? Affect the exam study on the head too much but hey - masturbation blur\"
\"Even me, I do it has been found, I'm no longer able to put up!\"
\"It is, let me see - mom, now, I was thinking, I actually have sex with the mother? \"
\" Oh! ~ it 's parent and child? \"
\" if the mother is, it still is not saying What may! Osamu Mr. exam study goes smoothly, if! Osamu san, I wonder if there is the courage? \"
\" want ~! \"the spear mom
\" well-dad, because they were already deep sleep, now, here, because mom is naked, Osamu's also I take off all your clothes! \"
I turned to the naked, sleeping on the son of the bet, was the insertion of the son of the penis.
At that moment, until now, to those of her husband had thought it all, my Oman has entered into this crack, son of the penis is thick and firm, was the size of her husband and uneven. I, the climax of been waiting for, it did also tasted many times.
\"Osamu's, mom, - of felt glad I - the first time a woman of joy! Not only tonight, now, I was the mother of the opponent! I let even during the day without a dad!\"


I twenty-eight-year-old, married, my husband, only Ichikai to the moon in the bachelor does not come back, I'm company nasty master. Marriage and relocation, and build a house, relocation. Since I also have your job, you do not go together. My husband is a national civil servants, it would be strange.
I, is living with his parents, brother couple has been living graceful asked built away in your garden. Elder brother's wife, Ms. Azusa is, I know my Osanatomodachi.
It was about ten o'clock of last Friday night, I, toothpaste and I was not, obviously it is, I had heard from the room of his brother married couple. Of a couple of life, \"the other want quickly come Iiwaa-down please, Aun\" gasp ... at that time was slightly open the door of the corridor, I'm a door leading to the room of his brothers, the bedroom is in the richness of dining masu, I'm there in the door was what opened.
\"Do what do you want, I look to say, I do not know and do not say, I look to say Come,\" \"because I Atsushi's nasty, known to give me not anymore Stop playing cat and mouse greed habit has, say no and no good? ... I do not know I want to, \"\" Azusa put in Oma, where I what I want, \"\" you know word embarrassing that I'll came oh ask of want to put the cock of Atsushi's in my pussy, Aiiwa , good good really strange to be going bad of good hits hits - such intense the would gone would gone Mumun'n there A'a' - of hugging word still so healthy hugging and happy \"I Even become a strange, me to bed. Busy finger. The next day, I told Azusa, \"Oh really in as found\" I I had opened the door of the evening bedroom, Are It was intense, \"immediately, Yada Yada - if you try, so to was how ornate, saw, heard of, \"\" Hey Azusa Let's go to my room, hugging as before, I Even dried fish \"us, until graduating from high school, I was in love to be the only two people. Night, or Azusa is \"I was I embarrassed that the time that Even I was asked to Hana-chan\" to his brother \"I asked so or, what was open door, Do was something cute likely, I'm so to'm alone now or I'll be the other party, but what Azusa, is useless or Na \",\" do not you get angry brother and sister's Johanna chan ... I to put up with \"not bad but pounding, imagination, is any of the brother, in me? .

Son and the last memories making

She lost her husband in the early, but we have watched the son of growth only without also remarried, son even into adulthood, I was also feeling that I got off the load of the shoulder.
Supposed to such a son is to get married, when it was introduced, my feelings were complicated.
On the surface was a mother rejoice the son of well-being, but his inner feelings, Zu Now that we have lived in - and two people, it did had felt loneliness, such as taken to the women of others.
But, the feeling to bless his son, was no different.
From son to one month before the wedding
, \"Mom, - I'd like to have mom and memories travel before marriage?
Of course, I feeling was not. Refusing
such as travel with the son, was thing of the distant past. Travel on the day, the son of the driver, looking out of the landscape, something was a feeling that was returned to the youth.
I arrived in hot spring inn, dressed in yukata, went into the hot spring. in the bathtub
and \"This is my son - that would be the end of the trip? ' \"
had become something painful feelings. Dinner also finished, had spent a son and temporary at the inn of the bar.
Back in the room, was Yes laid side by side futon. There was no discomfort apart.
Did drunk to alcohol at the bar
, \"Osamu-chan, mom, previously I'll become the next to ~\"
son, suddenly
\"mom, only tonight, as in the case of children, graces in the mother's breast also good ~? \"
\" Planning is also Osamu-chan, fine even into adulthood, still, I are you graces mom? mom I do not mind, \"
son enters into my futon, a face to around the chest It was had been buried.
Might be a large adult looks funny, but, for me, was a cute child even if the number.
Or trying to because there was a loosening of such care, son, put a hand from my yukata of the neck, it did have to touch the breast. Still, I had been thinking with your extension to the childhood of the gesture, strangely movement of the hand did difference. Did was a movement that adult men to caress.
\"Osamu-chan, the other, I go back to will be enough ~? Your home is your futon\"
However, It was obedient son if always, tonight was a different person of the way.
\"Mom, for a while, and - to this leave,\"
it is said so, this situation was had gone in the play of the mother and child.
Consciousness as my mother, was the was afraid to go faded gradually.
But, there is also the feeling you do not want to destroy the good atmosphere of the mother and son to here, I had to leave to be with his son. My yukata of the neck is Hadake big, was the twin hills of the breast is exposed.
Son of the hand I've been gently also massaged the breast. I in the mother of consciousness fade
\"- Osamu-chan, such a thing - I should not be a! Gonna be married soon ~? There ~ Osamu-chan, the Stop it - mom, to and you'll do?\"
\" and mom, I thought I want to be this way! I had come to love as a woman ~! \"
\" Ah, I do not go ~! gonna of such a feeling ~? mother! give me quit ask ~! \"
However, the son of the hand, came down from the breast enters the yukata of the skirt, was began to touch the thighs.
I, on the future of his son's behavior, but I want to really rejected, I am also a woman, was the passions of the body had been canceled. When the son of the hand began Nugashi panties, at the end of the resistance,
\"Osamu-chan, it just gonna be impossible to stomach becomes Are I! Mom can not go back Once you stop to such a thing ~ ~?\"
At last, panty is taken off on, my mother's consciousness completely exhausted, eyes closed, was in the mood to accept the son that there is only another, move forward.
The moment the son of the cock has been entered in me, something waiting is not the pleasure is attacked in the whole body
, \"Ah ~ Osamuchiyan ~ Osamu-chan ~ UU ~ feels good I - mom, going to be a strange -\"
\"Mom {pussy} are the best yo ~!
from my son, to think also depend unexpected vulgarism, my joy is reached the apex
, \"Ah ~ Okay ~ ~ ~ pussy pussy - cum - cum -\"

Daughter and mother-in-law

I of the 43-year-old housewife. My husband passed away a daughter 22 years old, has lived in the three-year-old mother-in-law 65. Two people also ... now on the road of lesbian two people is in play. It has been wet shortly called unlikely. Also, too.

A lover date diary with my son one day

The other day, the opening day of Vojore Nouveau was a coincidence, but it was an anniversary for me (46 years old, single) and Masao (son, 23 years old, office worker). It was a memorable day of the first anniversary, when the relationship between a mother who returned to singleness and her only son's parent and child was finally overcome and the relationship between men and women was layered and united. I'm living a little apart now, but I remembered the two anniversaries well, and I'm glad that Masao also remembered them. On the phone, I was told, "Mom, congratulations on your first anniversary," and I also returned to Masao, "Congratulations." I will write about how it is tied a little. About two years ago, I was very worried about the company I work for, so I consulted with a friend and she recommended me a light cigarette because I couldn't drink alcohol. I secretly started to smoke menthol, which was recommended to help alleviate stress and worries. One day, "Mom, you're smoking, right? What happened?" He pointed out sharply, "If I'm okay with this, I'll talk to you, so I'm a son, so I'll never betray you, so I want you to talk with confidence." He said enthusiastically. I thought that Masao, who had grown up before I knew it and had become an adult's heart, would be strong and dependable, and I confided all of my worries. Since then, Masao has become kinder, and I have somehow started to have a dear feeling for him. As a result, I was hugged and tied for the first time in a hotel bed in the form of being enthusiastically persuaded by Masao, but I still have no regrets.When he returned to my body for the first time, he said, "This is a memorial to me and my mother," and Masao inserted it deep into my vagina, raw without a condom. I stayed in that position for a while and kept a hard and thick thing in my body, and asked "Mom, do you understand this of me?" In my ear, so I answered, "I understand, I feel it in a very deep place." The alter ego of Masao that I felt in my body was very warm and spread closely to the inner wall of my vagina. "I will never forget it, so don't forget my mother," said Masao, who was happy. Express in deeper words than when I was hugged by Masao after he was exhausted inside my body inside the condom and I was the first woman to dedicate my virginity to him at the time. There must have been an incredible amount of excitement in my body. When I noticed that I was in tears, Masao kindly asked me, "What happened?" I shook my head and didn't answer, but after a while, I confessed, "I cried because I was happy, not because I was sad." When asked, "Don't you regret it?", I shook my head and said, "I won't." One year has passed since then. I found out that Masao likes my knees. He seems to love my knees wrapped in stockings, and whenever he finds a gap, he always strokes the knees that come out of the hem of my skirt with his fingers. Therefore, you will be asked to wear a skirt that is long enough to see your knees, and the color of your stockings will be specified and requested by Masao before the date. I don't feel bad either. Choosing date clothes that match the color of your stockings is fun, and the number of skirts on your knees has increased over the past year. Date diary.On that day, I was wearing stockings as requested by Masao. I chose something thin enough to look like white bare feet if I didn't look closely at the toe through, which felt like bare skin, and went out with flared skirts and sandals on my knees. When I meet Masao, he first asks me about the color and design of my panties. If you are in a car, gently raise the hem of the skirt and look into the back of the skirt to check the panties. This is another ritual event. For a meeting at the station, the two of us gently enter the restroom in a large private room in a nearby building, and Masao turns up his skirt and observes the panties from behind me standing in front of the mirror in the washbasin. Gently lower your favorite stockings down to your thighs, still observe your panties, and your fingertips crawl out. If you stroke the sensitive part through a thin piece of panties, your voice will leak involuntarily. Masao, who had his finger sneaked into his panties, bothered me by saying that he didn't have to say "I'm already wet", stroking the chestnut, and letting his extended middle finger invade his vagina. I've finally fallen into a state of staggering and standing. Then, I lowered my panties down to my thighs, stared at my part in the mirror, and looked at my ears, whispering, "Mom, my mother's cracks, and the tips of the cracks are clearly visible." "I'm sorry ..." I turn my face away and close my eyes deeply, but Masao's line of sight is nailed.That's right. The fact that I can see the crack at the tip of my woman's part is the fact that there is no hair to hide there. Three days before that day, I finally accepted the shaving ritual that had been required of Masao for some time, and I had him shave cleanly with his hand holding the razor. Until then, I had resisted and refused, but when I was hugged by Masao and kissed with a hot tongue, I was told "Hey, let's shave" and nodded a little and said, "It hurts. I don't like it, so shave it gently. " Then, in that private room, I served Masao a little by mouth before leaving. It's a happiness for me now to have a date in the city, hold hands with Masao, entangle my arms, kiss gently in an empty place, and treat myself as a lover. When I have lunch, I don't sit face to face, Masao sits next to me. I'm gently stroking my knees under the table and thinking about mischief. While walking together, I couldn't answer the question, "How did you feel when your son, I, took off your panties and saw the place where I was born?" I will ask you calmly. It's a fun date, even though I'm exchanging "I'm mean. Don't bother me with such a question, it's a secret." Then, with a tacit understanding, he enters a quiet hotel room with a world of only two people. Masao attacks my weak points and leads me to the top so much that I wonder if I can feel so much and lose my sanity. Now that he has grasped all the weak parts of my body, Masao has begun further development. I feel so much in such a part, and I have made a fresh discovery to the part that seems to be this body. Masao also confessed my favorite back posture.Even in the taxi on the way back, he is a gentle general who holds hands, but even though he has done so grandly, he gently guides my hand to his crotch. You can clearly see that it is hard through jeans, and the strength of youth makes you feel like you are going to break your hips when you are back. Gaze at Masao lightly and shake his head, saying "Da-me-yo-" with only the shape of his mouth, without making a voice. F, but Masao gets on the figure and tries to lower it to the fastener. I'm dying. If I refuse, he will ask me "again ...". Masao was also planning to return to his room, but he would have to tie his skin to him again on my bed in my room. It will not be a diary, but I will leave it here as a memorial to the first anniversary with Masao.


yuna himekawa[28318]
My husband last Saturday 6:30 around, more of the company came to pick. If you have a clean up of the breakfast, my son is of pressing the morning勃Chi cock hug from behind me. \"Good morning, Dameyo\" me son look back and is the Hozuri, did you kiss. My husband Even though the evening from being sent home by the golf tournament of trading partners, the son is to mischief for some reason. Son rolled up a one-piece, while fuck the Mitsutsubo Insert the hand in the panties, it lowered the panties. Remains to be said to his son, it has been inserted from the back and marked with both hands on the kitchen table. Son while massaging your breasts with both hands, I've felt immediately because you put out at a slow tempo. Son of the hands down from the chest, I began to stimulate the clitoris. I take it anymore even at the limit, \"Oh, feeling rock, die\" will issue and at the same time, I felt the feeling that hot things and convulsion in the uterus. Son after ejaculation, went back to the soon the room.
When I go to the son of the room taking a shower, she had been lying in bed in the nude. Remove the bath towel, I made a thick kiss hug his son. And son and I'll lick the nipple, I raise a voice say \"Aaa ... Aaa ...\". And reach out to the groin, I penis has been honorably erection. Give rubbing that big penis in La, did're rampage in and Bikunbikun and your mouth I'll example suck in your mouth. \"Sumie, would come out, Deru\" in my mouth, a thick mellow was spread. I was raised to clean up in your mouth. Until the afternoon, my son was ejaculation three times.

Divorced woman son

Divorced woman son 35-year-old, I 65-year-old, my husband is also opposed to the marriage, died without seeing the face of the grandchildren, you have me at a house and a pension.
I came back out in three years.
Not leave the company, it has continued, but it is part work from next year.
Children, the son only, husband from engagement initially was opposite.
Daughter-in-law is a Bettari to home, is not even a child.
Son, Hiroshi accumulate stress, I came back.
As I said to the white living on their own, for a while, it has continued until today because say by sponger
here, from before about one month, you will be spoiled.
Me with some companies working, we are a young make, so as not to lose the young child
showy color underwear or, string bread, does not wear only a T-back.
My husband was also pleased me.
Had beer drinking in the living bra and string bread on the day was hot, but has been stopped by Hiroshi, out drinking together, while you are talking, shoulder Toka
you rubbing your back.
Time shochu also drank considerably, placed a hand on the thigh, gradually the base of the thigh
will have to crawl into.
Maybe, would up here, and I thought, but started Masaguri the genital area in the little finger, we are about to put a finger in the string bread.
Atmosphere is poor, removed the cord when you stand the seat, will sleep on the floor
, Hiroshi has been covered overhanging.
Naked state I, seems not stick is fit to say that Stop
find the clitoris, it licked has been turned over the chestnut skin.
In after a long time of pleasure, to not think that the son, sucking a respectable dick
will, my son and out of the tongue into the vagina, licking also into the hole in the ass,
so you out, becomes irresistibly, I was exhausted.
Because to insert the cock continued, but was resistance, in the form only, to the sticky of pussy, enters not be divided, I have waved the waist in the same way.

To two daughters

I daughter two people I know twins, has been in the outlet to two people of sexual desire as a slave. Treats me like their toys.

Divorced woman to son is old

My husband is out of the day in the comfort trip of three days and two nights of the company. If you have started taking my son and beer from the afternoon, it has been to drink enough to get drunk imperceptibly. Son is strong is to master can not drink. I was had embraced the son of college students, to the neighbor of the son of the room. If you have interest and friendly child, it is you Nugashi my clothes. Was resistance in the hands and feet, but does not enter the force, is the kiss, I Pantei has been taken off. Timbo is inserted into the vagina, it was a little painful because it does not yet wet. I, I had aloud and I gently painful. The son has been put to the back without Mai placed. Son, Akemi, you're running a hip speak as cute'm a lover while moving the hips hugged me. I hugged my son, and according to the movement of the son of the waist and out - is the voice, did you ejaculate. His son, whispered in my ear and I feeling was good, was hugging each other is Temakura for a while in bed. While son fuck the vagina with your fingers, you ask To what the father of Timbo. I also clenched strongly hold to have Timbo, I replied with by this. The more dirty son of bed, went on prime. The son of arouses stand good Timbo, in the absence of my husband, I had elaborate fit. While my husband was required in the evening I returned from a trip, ejaculation in the 4, 5 minutes it was Munashika'. Three months since then, the son during the day that my husband is going to work, we have each other love. The son entanglement until you are satisfied with is each other, is enough to forget his master.

Vagina that break likely

The day before yesterday, I'm the son of love vagina waiting for my husband to come out to snap invites by erection Timbo. Ichinomiya to interface close to the love hotel, son you are wander the sex shop is 90 minutes of accustomed to deal a woman service time, me many times we make squid. Then, son I'm going to take the case to my friends of your opponent, my to Apato of Nagoya. Loving vagina me to introduce the I's girlfriend, came to pick was after one and a half hours. Timbo Iboibo is fitted three or is in, painful and dragon tattoo, afraid afraid. Son answered It 's love MILF yakuza. Madashimo if son one person, from time to time until the son of a friend, from being rented out. Also husband and 20-year-thumbed's vagina, plunged a variety of Timbo, the break is likely.

And the husband of daughter

He says that incest Is the husband's daughter.
Married daughter is now living with can not go to your daughter-in-law, leaving one person to me.
It was such a gentle daughter, but the house will be hospitalized with pregnancy 9 months I was living in something awkward air will be only two people of the husband and me.
I will be with each other tipsy mood and a variety of talk while drinking with two people out of the liquor in the evening drink and try to eliminate such air has issued a great word
is to eliminate the frustration How did \"Hey hundred kun of \"
\" ... if I ... \"
\" Toka women of liquor trade \"
\" Well, surely \"
\" Well are you treated yourself. \"
\" Yeah, well. \"
\" Well then I Poor \"
\" But, can not be helped it \"is that
I have a\" good way, how to \"
\" if there is such a good way by all means, \"
\" us \"in the secret to her daughter
do you thing\" Ee' so dangerous. \"
\" Apart from a tapir is I do not. \"
\" Well \"
\"Yes, I am to your opponent,\"
\"Ee', is a mother-in-law's,\"
\"these old people 's rather annoying Kana\"
\"that, mother-in-law's'm still young and beautiful,\"
\"jeez, I me to say that I'm happy I, Well let's go to my bedroom, \"
and shut the door to enter the connected in the bedroom the two people hand kissed violently.
What years of the kiss, my secret of flood state at this point.
When it comes to naked and undressed wearing of each other falling to hugging each other was left futon I have his penis, he was licking my pussy.
Hard, thick penis was after a long time. And he is
\"I wet very's mother-in-law of the pussy,\"
\"Well, I mon's already 8 years because I came to protect chastity from dead husband\"
\"I do not undue importance, though it is so beautiful pussy,\"
\"It 's in the future me \"hugging when me is absent daughter
good Tara\" in \"I
'll\" I'm happy, because I can not take it anymore Kite' \"
his Bae two nests has entered deep into the vagina, which has been Dasa closed.
Pleasure at the time was collar Su.
Love liquid even at menopause comes out about full.
So I caught his semen in the course.

Adolescent son

I am 42 years old. I divorced my husband five years ago and now I live in an apartment with my son. There are only two rooms, four and a half tatami mats and six tatami mats. The four-and-a-half-mat room with the entrance is a kitchen, living room, and dressing room. The back room is where our chest of drawers is, our son's study room and our bedroom. I know it's not very good to sleep in the same room as my high school son, but I can't say that. Living in such a small space, it was natural to see each other naked. They both change clothes in the same room, and when they take a bath, they are naked in the kitchen.    I took a bath together until the middle of the second year of junior high school because the hot water in the bath quickly drained. The reason I stopped going in together was because my son started to get an erection. My son suddenly grew up from the second year of junior high school and began to masturbate frequently. I thought it would be a good idea for a healthy boy, so I tried to stay in the living room until I went to bed as much as possible. But sometimes I was sneaking next to my sleeping. I remember pretending to be sleeping and listening to it with excitement. When my son was in his second year of high school during the summer vacation, he said, "I'm going to make my own bedroom," and when I arranged the lower tier of the closet, my eyes changed. Even when I got out of the bath, I started to be naked until I said, "Don't look like that," or stare at my change of clothes, or masturbate with my underwear. I'm done.Not knowing why it happened, I didn't know how to talk to my son, I just grated it. Besides, I couldn't have sex with my husband for a long time, and I was frustrated just by masturbating when I didn't have a son, so I started to look at my son's penis. At that time, there was a banquet at my place of employment. I drank a lot and I returned in the middle of the night. When I entered the room, my son was sleeping with a cute face. I wish I had slept with that sleeping face as it was, but I was sweating, so I remember getting naked in the kitchen trying to take a bath and putting the things I took off in the laundry basket, but standing up. The moment it suddenly went black, I suffered from anemia and collapsed. In the middle of the night, I woke up when I noticed that I felt heavy on my body and was shaking my body. At first I didn't know what it was, but my consciousness became stronger and I said "Stop it". My son was holding my legs in his arms and putting his penis in my pussy and having sex violently. Even if I said no, I couldn't help my son. My son's big erection penis was rampaging in me. While I was being stabbed, my body reacted, and at the same time, my sexual desire that I had endured until now became uncontrollable, I hugged my son and I was moving my hips from below. .. It was soon after that. When my son said, "Ah ~~~~~", he pushed the penis strongly into my back and squeezed it big and ejaculated.I was also dressed like lifting my son's penis from below and receiving ejaculation. My son, breathtakingly with Haha, tried to leave me, saying , "I'm sorry for my mother, I couldn't stand it when I saw her naked." I said something that made me embarrassed, saying , "Don't pull it out, just put it in." And while I was silent for a while, I was always enjoying the feeling of my son's penis inside me. And I asked my son what he had been interested in for a long time. "Kei-chan, why did you start masturbating in your mom's underwear?" Then my son said. "My mother's naked and naughty pictures came out of the box in the corner of the closet." "When I saw that, I started thinking about my mother." What? The photo was a hobby of my husband who broke up and was taken before. I also remember. All the photos were very embarrassing. I remember when I was still filmed, such as where I was doing it by mouth, having sex, masturbating, doing masturbation, having anal sex, etc. I'm here. All of that was seen by my son. I was bad because I forgot to hide it in the closet. My son said to me, "I'm sorry for my mother.""Mom was lovely. I was very excited. While masturbating in my mother's underwear, I fell in love with her all the time, and I was pretty much like that." .. I hugged my son tightly, saying, "I'm glad, Kei-chan." While hugging my son, I found my son's penis swelling again in me. I said, "Wow, Kei-chan. It looks like she's getting bigger again." ... I think I was hungry for sex after not having sex for five years. When I saw my son's penis getting bigger and bigger in me, the excitement came from the depths of my body and I couldn't control myself, swaying my hips. I was asking Kei-chan, "Hey, do it again. Do it violently." My son pushed my knees up to my shoulders with my arms and began to squeeze my sharp penis in and out. My body became more and more sensitive, and every time I was struck hard, I gasped. My son even said, "I can hear you next to my mother." I put my underwear near me in my mouth, and from the middle, I crawl on all fours and had him do it from behind. It's my favorite position. If you try to stick out your butt in that style, you will feel a lot when you are struck by a penis. After being struck several times, I got more pleasure than before.When I squeezed big, my son shouted, "Mom, I'm gonna do it," and at the same time, I pushed my body hard again, put my penis all the way in, and ejaculation started. I was so happy that I felt the ejaculation of my son with my whole body, saying "Oh ~~~" and pushing my butt against my son. For a while, both of them were connected as they were, as if time had stopped. After my son pulled me out, I loved my son's semen-wetted penis and used my mouth to clean it as a matter of course. And in front of my son, who was stunned after ejaculation, he sat on the futon with his knees wide open. After a while, my son's two doses of semen spilled out of my pussy. "Kei-chan, you gave me so much," said the son, "I was so happy with my mom's pussy." After that, we slept on the same futon, dressed as it was. Immediately I heard my son sleeping from the neighbor, but I wasn't excited for a while and couldn't sleep.

Even though I'm a mother

Enter from the entrance without making a noise and head to Hideki's room. I usually listen to CDs, but it was quiet that day. Is it a nap? While thinking about it, I opened the door all at once and said, "Wow!" Everything I saw at that moment was astonishing and somehow panicked. Hideki lying on the bed. No trousers or pants are worn and the lower body is exposed. And the genitals that stand up nicely ... This is just a masturbation act, an act that should be natural because it is a young boy. However, what he has in his left hand is undoubtedly my panties ... The next moment, Hideki sneaked into the towelette. A few seconds of silence, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" My beloved child in front of me is in favor of me. And I'm suffering from being seen by me who doesn't want to see the embarrassing place most. Anyway, all I thought was " I have to do something about it." I lay down and hugged him gently as if I was snuggling up next to Hideki wrapped in a towelette. "I'm sorry Hide-kun, I'm sorry that I came in without knocking." "..." "Hide-kun, masturbation isn't embarrassing." "...・ " " If you were around Hide-kun's age, you would have a lot of energy, so everyone would do it. " " ... "I have to somehow relax my feelings.But rather than masturbating, it would have been awkward to find out that my favor for me and what made me a "side dish". Hideki doesn't move even if he doesn't say anything. "I've been me with favor to Mom, I'm glad I mama a little embarrassing." "Mon would burn a little when I was masturbation think things elsewhere woman of the people." As it is I also entered in the towel together I did. It's still embarrassing to show my face. I'm still down. I became very dear and hugged strongly. Then I buried my face around my chest and left my body. "Mom also masturbates." "I know." Finally, the words came back. But why do you know? Did you take a peek? Well? "Mom always masturbates while thinking about Hide-kun." This was left to me. Until then, I had never thought about my real son as a sexual object. But by saying that, I felt like I could share my feelings. "Really?" "Really. Because I love Hide-kun. Mom and Hide-kun were thinking about it together." "I'm happy!" Finally , they looked at me. This time, on the contrary, I felt embarrassed, but I pretended that I wasn't moving, and said, "Well, let's show my mom's masturbation."This is a word that I just said because I was too sick. I honestly thought what to do. "Yeah, I want to see! I want to see!" , I can't finish this later. If this happens, become! Various thoughts ran around in an instant, but it was almost like a shit. I boldly took off my summer suit and pantyhose and said, "Look carefully," and started masturbating a little more boldly than usual. I was dressed only in bra and shorts, but I didn't take off any more. Stimulate the chest and genitals from the top of the underwear, sometimes on the back, sometimes on the depression. .. I felt like I was an AV actress and indulged in pleasure. I was surprised, but I felt this was amazing. It ’s more than usual. The mind and body have a mysterious relationship. It may be that the pleasure is doubled by the mixture of various thoughts that are seen by my favorite Hideki, who are embarrassed but pleased. And above all, the act of being in close contact with the body of a young man, the body of a cute son but full of energy, and the body of a man with a towering lower body, was more exciting than I had imagined. I went right away. "Wow! Mama! But I'm going crazy." Yes, there is no reason for a teenage man to be normal when he suddenly sees such an act. "Then my mom will help Hide-kun's masturbation this time." He said, holding his son's penis and stimulating it.Then Hideki was out of breath and clung to me. Great power. But the appearance was adorable and adorable. I put Hideki's thing in my mouth and caressed it with my tongue. It's the first time for me to have such a loving blowjob. The happiness of being able to caress the penis of my favorite son, who I love the most in the world. Is this hard to find? I'm sure it was really good, Hideki ran out in my mouth in no time. At that moment, Hideki's pant voice, which makes me scream, is cute and irresistible. Even so, a lot of semen is released vigorously. I drank it with Gokkun. Did they lie down for about 30 minutes after that? It's amazing that you're young, and it looks like you're getting bigger again. "Mom, I want to see mom's body too." Hideki seems to be getting a little bold. Slowly straddle Hideki and raise her upper body to a sitting position. After shaving my cheeks, I took off my T-shirt. Skin that has become soaked by sweat. A young scent with a scent. "I want! I want Hideki soon! I want to be pierced by a young man's strong cock !" A dense kiss that forcibly suppresses the libido that pumps up. "This is a kiss when I have sex. When a woman wants it, she invites me like this." The tongue is entwined and the breath is disturbed. .. .. Even that alone made me very wet. The first time I get so wet. After all sex with a loved one is the best. Now I love Hideki! All mind and body! "I love you, Hide-kun. I love you.""I also love and love mommy!" Hideki kissed my chest violently. "Oh ~" I suddenly heard a voice and my body reacted with Bikun. Hideki's lips are from the nape of the neck to the earlobe. I feel it with my whole body, so I'll just go. I stopped and whispered in Hideki's ear. I'm confident in my bust. The shape of the F cup is excellent for the age. Moreover, it has fair skin. From here, Hideki seemed to be broken again, and he snorted, pushed my body down, and greeted me. I already felt it so much that I was disappointed. Take Hideki's hand and press it against your chest and start rubbing. .. .. I have already exceeded my patience. I suddenly took off my shorts myself and this time I was pushing Hideki down. Straddling over Hideki, I grabbed a young meat stick that stood up and grabbed it with my hands. .. .. Oh, Hideki is inside me. From there, my head is white or red. A woman's instinct moves my body. She shakes her hips violently and leans her upper body, clinging to Hideki's body and whispering around her collarbone. Hideki and I are both bishobisho with sweat and saliva full of odors, my tide and love juice. I was devouring Hideki with my whole body. I don't know for myself, but it's easy to make a voice from the beginning, and I'm sure I was making a pant voice like a beast. Pleasure! A shock runs all over the body. From the flower core to the top of the head, toes, to the whole body. .. Hideki's meat stick, which I love the most in the world, is inside me! And the body of a man, a man, a young man who was dying for it is now mine!My eyes turned white, I couldn't see anything, and I culminated with the feeling of being thrown into a weightless space. 

Respectable phallic brother instead of bland husband

I love sex Once married I thought it rubbed that can be every day, but my husband does not come bland a month one only asked me.
Frustration feeling I had been resolved, such as in the electric machine.
What to my husband there, feeling that I say that ran me into the affair.
However, courage is also no, do not want to the male acquaintances, desire to say or was just Tsunoru.
Come brother three years younger in the place where had sent the day-to-day was such Moyamoya is in the house
because the say, \"to quarrel with the daughter-in-law by me stop tonight because I came out the house.\"
\"I ate Anta rice I hope.\"
\"No still but I \"
\" Yes, entered Once \"in the bath before because make from now
husband but\" to say that? \"
\" today is back to not come \"in business trip
've got to work hard as well,\" Wow - brother-in-law, well do not hesitate to admit the bath get by \"
\" to do Anta change of clothes? \"
\" as the be washing do underwear is so, only lend'm in \"pajamas of brother-in-law Mmm cormorant
are good only\" pajamas? \"
\" Yeah. \"
\" Well I'll be prepared, \"
brother bathroom I went to. As soon as going to the bathroom with the pajamas brother finished off already was about to enter the bathroom standing in the nude. That with admiration to the much larger cock than array of muscular stunning body and master
\"is also the older sister if what together to the university,\"
\"their, Well\" Hiyotto Once Ano respectable penis ...
I'm also in a hurry I went into the bathroom to take off.
\"I'll I'll wash\"
that wasteful say \"wash Take from Anta not bother gonna say,\" Oh,
if scooped have seen the brother wash while soak in the bathtub was washing the rise,
just looking in my dick've been wet. I did that to imagine a place where the Anna large from entering.
My brother had flown in the wash after a shower but had bristles above with erection more significant is that phallic.
\"I wonder not ask them loved your sister husband, my cock gonna have glistening eyes to see.\"
\"It's Anta brother I'm so ...\"
\"Nante Do not have sex with older sister younger brother that I'm saying something what old I \"brought in front of my face a big cock and so said, sit on the edge of the tub
would want to\" eat, even licking'll say, \"When I say so Suezen is put in the mouth of a large in somehow What with but was a cornerstone did not enter into the mouth too large, was the extent to which lick ahead whiff to licking. I wonder if entering of this big! It might tear! Then,
\"My sister children gave birth in may not because the pussy tight,\"
\"I think it's not large length because they also put many times things of my husband I do not give birth,\"
\"with a hand on the Well up the wall,\" try to put from behind It was made, but because it does not fit well
\"there sleeping because not enter while standing I thought,\"
I accept the penis to expand greatly the foot sleeping.
It has been inserted in the feeling that really split.
I'm such mon unexpectedly enter, another dick was likely to mind far become the phallic vaginal full wet to Bichobicho.
It is possible to say the woman ... in the womb
is going to be another habit. After all it has been squid three times in one night.
Yappa penis is the best! !

My son is my he

Last fall, when I was 45 years old, I met a man who was recommended to remarriage by a kind introduction from a certain person. After meeting many times, I noticed that I was getting cold somewhere, but when I confided to my son (23 years old last year) and consulted, I received fierce opposition from my son and refused. "Why is there a man named me? ..." My son confessed to me. Now I live apart from my son who got a job, but I have regular dates. Of course, it's a date for a relationship between a man and a woman, not as a parent and child. When I'm alone, the feeling of thinking about my son is no longer my son, but as a man "he", I'm in love with him as much as I can imagine if I have free time. It's been half a year since I started to overlap my skin with him. After six months of overlapping my skin, I discovered some weaknesses that I felt, and some were newly developed by him. He told me that he remembered the woman's voice when I was loved by him and the reaction of his turbulence. Now he's skillfully wearing something that will satisfy me enough, just by having him lead and entrusting his body. He was really happy when he made me squid for the first time. I was squid for the first time when I was licked by the tip of my tongue, sucked up the engorged buds, and inserted the stiff and stretched tongue into the space where I was born. I still remember the time when I was led to the top by quivering in the waves of pleasure. "I'm thrilled because the voice at that time is different from the usual voice," he says. I don't know if I'm crazy about it, but it seems to him that he's looking down at me and seeing my reaction.I was able to get acquainted for the first time in that position when he was poked in the back. It was also the first time for him to straddle a man's face and love each other at 69. He was the first to be loved by his tongue politely to Anus, and the shame was a pleasure. When I take a bath with him, he will wash his body and symbols, but he will also hug my body from behind and wash it. While crawling your mouth on the nape and neck that are exposed by bundling your hair, you can rub the bulge of your chest and gently and carefully wash it from your waist down to that point. I was told to "open my legs" to remove the soap, and that embarrassment when I was showered with hot water has now turned into a pleasure. I take care of it myself, but even the very short axillary hair that sticks out is carefully shaved with his razor. "Let's shave the bottom this time," he says, but I'm refusing for now, but I don't know when to forgive. He bought a nice set of underwear for me on a department store date last month. He chose it at the lingerie shop where he entered with a man for the first time. When I got off the underground parking lot and got into the car, he took my right hand and led me to my hard thing, and he asked me to "eat ...". It's a quiet parking lot with no sign of people, but I never included men's things other than the bed, and while saying "for the first time in such a place", I put his hard and big thing already exposed with my tongue I was licking. Whenever I love his stuff with my mouth, I brush my hair up and observe the profile I have in my mouth. "I'm embarrassed," he just laughs and is excited to see me with his eyes closed and focused on his stuff. His preference is to put his glans in his mouth, push it deep into his throat, and slowly slow it down."Don't put it out," I stab a nail. After this, I promised to enter the hotel with him, so I said so, but the mean man asks, "Where are you going?" "I can't say it anymore" "Say it properly" "Embarrassing thing" "If you don't say it, you can't enter" "... Oh ... n ○ ..." , He is happy. This difference, which can be said to a man's son as a woman, is because he has forgotten the feeling of being a son. Last week, I went to a suburban mall with him. I wore the underwear that he gave me without being prompted by him, but when I was asked, "Did you wear it properly?", I put my shoulders out on the empty stairs and showed my bra strap. But he didn't trust me yet. As I walked around the store for a while, when I said "restroom" when I was urinating, I said "me too" and we went together. As I walked, I asked him, "Where?", "Show me that you're wearing it properly," and he said, "Of course, it's a toilet." As I headed to the bathroom at the back of the aisle, he pulled my hand and brought me into a large private room. I wasn't calm when I was told, "I'm relieved here."Hugging me from behind, standing in front of the washbasin mirror, he lifted the skirt hem with his fingertips, revealing my panties in the mirror. I was so embarrassed that I closed my eyes and turned my face down, but he said, "I can't see it well," he said, even though he should be able to see the pale pink panties clearly in the pale beige stockings. When I lowered it to the thigh, I touched the panties with my fingertips and stimulated it. My urinary limit was just around the corner, but he didn't forgive me, and when I put my hand in my panties, I advanced my fingertips along the cracks, stroking sensitive buds and shaking me. .. "Ah ... in a place like this ... no ... oh ... oh" When I made an unvoiced voice, his hand was holding my mouth. "No more ... I'm out ..." His fingertips, who finally forgave me in my voice, were shiny and wet. He gave me panties, sat me on the toilet seat, crouched down in front of me saying, "You can put it out," and stared at my part. At last I reached the limit, and in front of him at a close distance, I threw pee vigorously. The sound of the sound and the sound of touching the toilet bowl and falling into the water overlapped obscenely, and I was already embarrassed, turning my face red and covering it with both hands. Eventually, when I finished putting it out, I nodded to him, who was meanly asking, "Did you finish?" And he carefully wiped my place with a piece of paper. I had a man wipe it off for the first time, and the shame was extreme. Then, after serving him a little by mouth, we left the private room. Even in bed that day, he loved me perfectly and gave me satisfaction. He basically doesn't use condoms. Be sure to throw it on my stomach and butt, because I trust him with absolute trust.In the afterglow of his arm pillow, I said to him, "If we had a baby, that would be nice." I said, "If you like a child, you want any woman." There was.

To my son in secret

yuna himekawa[28110]
My husband is a transfer family. It moves every two years. I have been working in rural areas for the past few years. It's been about 20 years since I graduated. The number of drinking parties such as alumni associations with junior high school and high school has increased. I used to go out when my son was out of hand. You did it in a TV drama, an alumni-related affair. If the person you longed for divorced and became single, there would be no woman who couldn't beat it. I should have just crushed. At his invitation, we met alone and went to bed. It was my first affair. In a word, she is good at sex. Unlike her husband's selfish sex, sex that makes a woman happy. Of course I was worried. Guilt of betraying her husband. What if you know? Even so, I will go if invited. When I heard about my friend's affair and heard it like someone else, I was like a lie. You have to be known. If you absolutely don't know ,. I told myself that, and as I met many times, the sense of crisis was paralyzed. I was feeling a little better. "Mom will be late, so eat alone." I prepared my son's dinner and went out with excitement. I was a strict mother to my son. But it was also a reflection of myself. I regret many times if I should study a little more. Especially when it was small, it was so high that I couldn't help it. "For you." "You look good?"I also had a dispute with my son. However, although I couldn't go to the university of my choice, he is a son who passed a fairly famous private university. It was one night. When I met him and came home, my son was in the living room. "What are you doing!" "What? What?" "I saw it." I realized everything in an instant. Every time I met him, I changed the place I met and the hotel I entered. The son, who was suspicious, turned on me and said he checked until he entered the hotel. I was told the name of the shop or hotel I entered and I can't return the words. " Say something!" "It's over. Everything!" It was hell for just a few days. When my husband came back, my son told him that everything was over, I thought so. I'm already mentally driven and angry. And the day before my husband came back. "What are you going to do ?" "What are you going to do ..." "I'll keep it a secret. Instead ..." It was a terrifying proposal. Tell your husband everything and either get punished or accept your son. However, it seems that the son did not intend to talk to his husband from the beginning. I felt like I should have been able to play with my body for a while. I slept on the carpet and covered my face with my hands. "Is this ...?"He was a son who stripped off my underwear and slammed it as he pleased. "No, no, stop ..." " Do you feel good?" "..." I feel like I can do anything anymore. "If you do, let me do it!" "I don't know." I took off everything and put it on my son's lap. .. "Like this," the son said, pushing up with his thumb and forefinger holding the clitoris and vagina. " No, I'm going!" "No, no, no, no, no, no!" I clung to my son's neck. "I'm blowing!" And accepted my son's. It's about the same size. But I felt bigger than him. "Tell me when you're sick! Don't put it inside!" He was the son who put it on his stomach properly. Then when I met him, I didn't feel much more fun than before. He was slamming at his place of employment. At first, I sympathized that it was difficult, but compared to my husband who experienced an unreasonable transfer, it doesn't matter. Then he said, "I'm not seeing you anymore. I'm suspicious and I don't want to bother you." My husband, who works silently, felt like a man and I loved him again. My son was far more worried about what he did that night than I was.Even though it was extremely expensive, I was ashamed to have threatened my mother. I treated my son cheerfully. "I can't help thinking about it, right?" "No, sometimes I want to do it again ..." He says he doesn't like that. "I'm bad! You shouldn't worry!" Forget everything and have sex! I suggested so. "Because I broke up with him. Take responsibility." We love each other with our sons. My son tries to watch a weird video by saying "Extreme" my body. "No today! Leave it!" I'm in trouble if I'm reluctant, and I control my son's desires.

I have felt to son

The reason is stupid mother Nante Anyway the son and etch. My husband was starting to Thailand in the comfort travel company from yesterday. Send-off by car to Centrair Airport, I came home in the afternoon. A lunch box that has been bought at a convenience store to you with your room to wake his son to eat with his son, opened the door from the knocked big twice a TV sound. Yipe and his son was surprised, but I also son was covered his face in the figure of the son you are rubbing erect Timbo sat on the bed.
Dameyo, it was also about 5 minutes was able resistance to say that Ne ask. The son of my body that I came out born to deep, did you ejaculate. After the son of release, I was crying frustrated. No way my son, again, it inserted. Son second time of ejaculation is long, what gender of a woman, I had reacted to the waist Tsukai of violent son. His son, being questioned as a \"momma, feeling the good\", entangling both hands from the bottom, he had been clinging to the son of the body. Last night, his son, remains to be invited to \"Come to my room\", went to bed together.

In front of son

I ... is a 35-year-old housewife. Children 2 people. And son of the junior high school one year, I am in order to embrace each other, go to the ruins of the Hotel Scam, pull the blankets on the bed, is made taking off clothes at the son of the hand, the rubber on the son of the bar, when the son came overlapping, the tempted it 's wife ... No, what ... 73-year-old husband of the next, when you release the son from me, and tie a son in the string, son ... and I have preserved, and your husband is take off pants, the pants , and covered with a thank rubber, and rubber Iran's okay, and son mother, am I in front of the son, was caught a cock of your husband, it is a bad mother.

Younger brother

 Last month the fifteenth day, the wedding of niece, was attended by the Takashi brother. Wedding in our brother relationship, Nde last a, was a very fine expression.
Because it was hotel of the ceremony, the room also asked to book, was night. After the formula is also, by changing the location, Nde after a long time, lively drinking liquor, exciting story, went into the room around nine o'clock.
I \"I'll come to shower before, but really good but it was a wedding.\"
\"I was yeah good\" Takashi
and come out from the shower, Takashi, I was drinking beer.
I \"throat, got thirsty, I also wonder if you drink, Taka-chan give me me also,\"
or to talk across the table, while you are drinking, Takashi, or holding my hand, Moteasobi the finger.
Takashi \"sister,'m liked that of sister from before ne me much, when the sister of the marriage has been determined is, to was really lonely, I was jealous,\"
I \"I knew, have my there still of, my I did was a favorite \"
Takashi\" I there, Oh sister, there of course, have I have \"
things in my\" sometimes laundry basket, Taka-chan was in my shorts soiled \"
Takashi\" I go to over there, \"
attracted my left shoulder, has been combined lips. I felt like this happens. While entwined tongue, put his hand on the yukata of the chest, and Masagu' your milk, sandwiching the nipple with a finger.
Takashi \"I me, I've seen naked sister, the sister of the room, the door I have a little bit open, but I did not direct, it has reflected in the mirror, take off your pajamas, wearing panty I was about to wear a bra, it was a very beautiful, remembering sometimes Even now, got to array \"
wide open a before taken a band of yukata I have exposed the only nude shorts.
Takashi \"sister, I try to stand, I'm beautiful, tits, to not sag at all, it does not even change the style, and take also nice to the form below
amazing amazing Ow\"
I \"unwillingly so much smoke is bad, do not put marks Taka-chan, I Come on, An'u Well I good, Okay, please give me, give me a hawk-chan \"
for want Takashi\" sister, what, why want the \"
I\" of Taka-chan mean \"
Takashi said Even\" I do not know that there is no, tell me, sister, \"
the want here I\", I want to put in per cent pussy of Taka-chan, the other coming ... oh, I came that contains Yeah, I more, Aiiwa , of glad I, happiness by \"
Takashi\" sister, but I say pussy, I look at the bottom of the mirror, you will see where you are in the in the sister, I have come full'm amazing sister, whitish your juice it's \"
I\" because the first time I feel so ... I put out to the outside, give me in your mouth, full out, because I'll drink all useless -. becomes strange, Aun'a A'a-Anan Uu \"
this night twice, once in the morning, I had to love a lot a lot.

Son who wants to fuck with his mother dressed as a woman

Nice to meet you, my name is Natsumi. I am 36 years old this year. I have a license as a regular nurse, but considering my son, I work as an assistant at a dental practitioner only during the day. My son is in the third year of junior high school this year and divorced 10 years ago and is a single-mother family.  It's been almost a year since I had a physical relationship with my son. The reason why this happened was to correct my son's bad habits at first. One day when I got home, my son in a blouse and skirt was masturbating. Moreover, I even wore slip bras and panties underneath. At that time I terribly scolded my son. But maybe that wasn't good.  Even if I promised not to do it again, my son hid in me, put on my clothes and dressed as a woman. After scolding many times, my son said, "I want to be a girl's daughter." I don't hear even if I say "You are a man". But if my son dressed as a woman outside, I was in trouble.  So I decided to make an appointment with my son. Never dress as a woman outside. And when you dress up as a woman, do it in front of me. My son understood.  I'm sure my son was embarrassed and couldn't dress as a woman in front of me.  And the next day I promised. When I got home, my son couldn't wait. My son said, "I want to wear the clothes my mom wore today." I faltered, but promises are promises. I changed my clothes at the dressing room and handed everything including my underwear to my son.  Then my son took off his clothes in front of me without any embarrassment. And I started to go through the panties I was wearing.I was already panicking in my head. When I noticed, my son wore all my clothes. As an aside, my son was thin and was the same size as me.  My son stared at me and said, "Hey mom, can I masturbate?" I had no choice but to nod.  The son began to rub his chest with both hands and eventually rolled up the hem of his suit skirt. There was already a penis that was sticking out of the panties. When my son squeezed his penis, he began to gasp with a voice he had never heard before, saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, hey, I want more of this."  I'm completely a woman. The left hand is rubbing the chest in the collar of the suit. And while shaking his hips violently, the penis is already sticking out of the panties and squeezing directly.  At that time, I was caught in the illusion that I was being violated. No one has had a relationship since the divorce. But with my son in front of me, the true nature of the woman awoke. But at that time, I didn't want my son's penis for some reason. On the contrary, I wanted to commit my son.  "You're already a girl's daughter. Then mommy will commit." I made my son stand and squeezed the penis from behind.  "Hey, it feels good, look," "Oh, it feels good." "Hey, tell me where it feels." "Oh, the clitoris feels good." My son is just as I am.  "Ah, I'm going" My son fired a lot of semen. In the end, my son fired two more shots with my hands. The next day, when I got home, my son wore my clothes and the days I squeezed began. But it only lasted for about a week.  I couldn't stand it in front of a young penis that hardened quickly no matter how many times I fired it.  "Hey mom, I'll do something more nasty," he said to his son, straddling his son's penis and shaking his hips.  Penis for the first time in years, I'm crazy about it, I didn't pull it out when I fired it, and kept shaking my hips until the penis stopped happening.  And with my son dressed as a woman, the days that led me to commit continued for about a month.  Then my son said, "I want you to put it in my pussy too," that is, I want to be blamed for anal.  At that time, I thought I couldn't go back anymore, so I bought a strap-on dildo with a double-headed vibrator.  First, my son and I face each other and start masturbating so that we can see each other's genitals. And when I get wet, insert one of the vibrators inside me. "Oh, I want you to come in as soon as possible," the son urges. After confirming that the inserted vibrator is completely wet, I remove the vibrator once, insert the other vibrator and tighten the band.  And I will insert the vibe that was inserted in me deeply into my son's anal.  "Ah, it's amazing, it feels good," the son gasps in an unprecedented loud voice. "I'm glad it feels so good. Then I 'll make it more violent." I switch on the vibrator, squeeze my son's penis while exercising the piston, and squeeze it violently. Every time I stabbed my son's anal, I was struck violently by the reaction, and I became irresistible, and when my son fired, I went with him. And I kept poking my son's anal until my son's penis disappeared.  My son was absent from school because he was closed today, and he was poking his anal from morning till a while ago.  I wonder if it's okay to do something like this, but I'm relieved because my son doesn't dress up as a woman outside. And since it doesn't fire inside me, I never get pregnant. However, I am worried about how long this relationship will last.

Doting son

I 42 years old. Husband 54-year-old, son 17-year-old high school two years, this morning my son to school
feeding in the car, we go to be welcomed back. The tuition in the morning today
is the end.
 To tell the truth, the bath even if not hidden even my naked together forever
give wash your head since I was son of an elementary school, a knee to the head at that time
was or give wash while included the nipple put, in the bath input
determined and Ru graces the \"mom boobs\", I also embrace the son
by including the nipple, sucking well but not out breast milk.

Son of the array from the days of elementary school, wash ahead is to expose the give and
clean wash, become an adult it is exposed Itsuma Nika destination
welcomed from behind standing, it has been raised to accept the uterus.

My husband will be told <I go to forever together>, but
not considered to be too late separately, now even the bath is together.
Before going to pick today, I will finish the shower.
Change of clothes also Yes available, is a promise to take him to the hotel.