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Incest confession of women(2016-05)

Parent and child or more and less than men and women

yuna himekawa[26166]
I turned 44 this March, and my only son, Daiki, who was born 21 years ago, is a college student. Daiki grew up straight without any rebellion, and now he lives away from the university town, but he has a very close relationship with me. The meaning of being on good terms can be said to be a relationship in which you can talk and talk about anything. I wonder if there is a relationship that goes a little further. Daiki was a little lover when he was young, but now ... Daiki often invites me, and I also feel free to talk to Daiki and go out with him without showing an unpleasant face for shopping. They are doing it. Already last year, Daiki gently held my hand in the department store in the city where Daiki lived. I didn't dislike it when I said, "What? It's embarrassing," and I was happy and smiling at the inside, but at that time I had a subtle feeling. Even when you're having tea at a small table at the end of the aisle at a chain store in a department store, don't sit face-to-face, shift your chairs, and approach me at a 90-degree angle and snuggle up to me. I will. It was embarrassing, but comfortable, to put my hand on my right hand under the table, to trace my hand with my finger, and to feel caressed. I also remembered a little bit of the sexual feeling of a woman. When I go out with denim and pants once in a while, Daiki makes a disappointing look. Daiki nods when he asks, "Is it no good? Was the skirt good?"Daiki, who came back home after lightly hugging, sneaked up from behind me washing in the kitchen when my husband was taking a bath, hugging me closely to my back, and I I will put my face on my shoulder. I stroke my hair and say, "It looks great and looks beautiful. It's cute if you tie it in the back." I hold my hair and tie it in the back for observation. He whispers, "It's a white and beautiful neck, and the nape is nice." When my hugging hand came up to my chest, I said, "No, I have a dad," was it a failure? "Then, if I don't have a father ... isn't it okay?", He asked a natural question. Daiki's hands had already covered the bulge of my chest that I was having trouble with the words to return. As I was gently stroked and rubbed, the sex of the woman who slept deep in my bottom was about to wake up. "What should I do ..." While screaming in my heart, I began to feel Taiki's hands in my chest. Since then, at home when my husband wasn't there, I was spoiled for having a knee pillow, and when I gave him a knee pillow on the sofa, Daiki traced his hands to both knees and calves wrapped in stockings. It was hard to put up with the sensitive part of the back of my foot that was about to tingle, even if I was ticking, even though I said "Oh ...". I closed my eyes and thought about other things so that Daiki wouldn't notice, and I realized that the woman's body was really honest. On the day I was invited to go out, Daiki looked at the chest of my shirt and said, "Let's remove two more." It's a button on the chest. Even if you can forgive one, if you remove the second one, the bra under it will be visible and hidden. Still, Daiki let me remove the two buttons. If you move your arms and body a little, you can see the bra. Daiki's gaze continued to pour hot into my chest.When I was whispered in my ear, "Is it the same as my panties?", I could only nod, though I was having trouble answering. Daiki's request, "I want to make sure," was unexpected to me at that time. While talking about "embarrassing things ... I hate it" and "just a little", I managed to exchange them, but when it was time to break up that night, Daiki asked me again. I said, "Well, come on," and summoned Daiki to a blind spot where there was no sign of people. I showed it to you. I was told, "No, I can't see it well," and I closed my eyes and rolled up the front skirt. Daiki approached behind me, whispering, "That's no good," and when I put my hand in the skirt, I lowered my stockings from my waist and observed my panties exposed. "It's pink," "I'm embarrassed." And Daiki's right hand extended from the top of the panties over there, and his fingertips caught the sensitive part. Even if I twisted my hips saying "Ah ... Daiki ... No," Daiki's fingertips didn't miss me. Daiki finally sneaked his fingertips inside the panties to me, who was desperately enduring the voice of a woman. My words, "Iya ... Daiki ... this, in a place like this ... Iya" were like saying OK except in such a place. Daiki's fingertips broke into the inside of the vertical crack, and the wet fingertips reached sensitive areas. I could only get support from Daiki behind me, as my whole body seemed to lose power."Ah ... huh ... that ... no ..." Supporting me desperately enduring from behind, Daiki's middle finger stretched straight and touched the entrance of the vagina, "Daiki ... no ... I refused, but my fingertips, which ignored the voice, sank into my vagina. "Iya ... Hau" Daiki's fingertips moved around in the vagina like a living thing, confusing my normal consciousness and inserting it all the way to the root. It was unexpected that the words "Mother ... want?" Came out of Daiki's mouth, but I was already insane and disturbed, saying "nasty." I exposed the woman in front of my son so much that I couldn't go back anymore, so I couldn't help answering, "I don't like it here anymore." While holding me on my shoulders, I was swaying that night. I was led to the hotel. I will leave the development after this to the imagination of everyone reading here, and I will answer that it is the correct answer. Now I am completely filled with my son Daiki, and even the promise to break the physical relationship with my husband is made Daiki. I hadn't been with my husband for years, so it was easy for me to make such a promise with Daiki.

Is Segama to son

Is that of the couple of weeks ago, twenty-year-old son, is Yukio, Mom, now
so go to Takao, I've been saying lend not me, a digital camera, I'll good, with whom to go, yeah friends five and the people, we passed to say that I with a so care, after a few days, the weather sure is fresh green it also good was sent out early in the morning to say that I clean, I came back in good spirits around four o'clock, was how good will you, did you take pictures? I was taken Yeah, I not as good as mothers, that so, had entered card, What kind of had reflected, I'm this, E'me this, I was surprised about dizzy, there is , leave me and my husband stood, is take off the blouse with a hug kiss, skirt is dropped, is only in underwear, pressed against the face at the shorts husband kneeling, are stimulated there me, out the other voice and I'm, Toka for God's sake give me erase quit tired, I have entered all due to the last great, Toka the mother is doing to the mouth Dad, is Mom over there on their own, it is full of open , licked there, I'm out Mother loud voice, the best part is after all, started crying and Nokezo' mother entered the is Dad, scattering to the tits and face the father, it rake in the finger, tasty likely licking entranced, today I put up on, when Dad is a business trip, do not want you to me to be the same way, there will be no reason that can be such a thing,
parents and children, I love that the mother from the front Zoot, Even my mother, I love that seafood-kun, do not annoy the mother's sake, jar Na or try to show in this someone, I really mean, I because imported to another PC. 

My incest discourse

When I recruited e-mail friends at "Mada Milk Rouge", I received an email from a married woman Yumi, who is 7 years older. We got along with each other by e-mail and decided to meet in about a month. When I actually met him, it looked like Mai Asakura, an AV actress, and it was the luckiest encounter for me as a fan of her. First I went to drink, then I went to the hotel as a matter of course and had sex, but this time I had sex with rubber. From now on, the relationship has continued, but all of them are rubber condoms, and I started to fuck from the middle, but at first it is a pattern of raw rubber from the middle and finish in rubber. Once I thought I'd do it raw to the end, I ignored the request to put on rubber and tried to continue raw, but I was strongly rejected and I hate to force it, so at that time I reluctantly rubber Continued with. After that, I became reluctant to do it raw, and rubberization became commonplace. Somehow my desire to be alive grew, and I wondered if I could somehow be alive. I always used a love hotel, and I used two rubbers installed in the room, so I thought that I should handle these two rubbers well, so I came up with a little strategy and decided to carry it out. Finally, on the day of the operation, I started pouring hot water into the bathtub to take a bath as soon as I entered the hotel room as usual. Normally, I would play with each other while talking in bed until the hot water was accumulated in the bathtub, and I would take a bath when the hot water was accumulated, but at this time I decided to start the etch by the time the hot water was accumulated.Yumi-chan was conveniently wearing a miniskirt on that day, so I put my hand in the skirt, took off my panties at once, opened my legs wide and licked my pussy. Yumi was a little surprised at first because she suddenly did that, but gradually she started to feel like it. I had Yumi take off my jeans and pants, and as soon as the grown-up cock was revealed, Yumi started licking the cock. It's not good to take too much time with a blowjob, so I decided to put it in when I got licked moderately, and I put on rubber and inserted it in the pussy. Then, in the middle of the etch, he said, "You left the hot water out," and interrupted the etch, and went to the bath to stop the hot water. I stopped the hot water and came back, so I decided to take a bath anyway, so I decided to stop the etch and take a bath. I can't put on rubber to take a bath, so I removed the rubber from the cock and threw it in the trash. With this, I was able to dispose of one rubber successfully. I took a bath together, and after a while I got out of the bath and went back to bed, immediately put on the rubber and resumed the etch. I put it in various positions and interrupt it again when it's about time to finish. I said I wanted to go to the bathroom and couldn't stand it, so I went to the bathroom. I couldn't do it if I had rubber to add something, so I removed the rubber in the toilet, dumped the removed rubber in the trash can provided on the washbasin, and returned to the room. With this, I succeeded in disposing of both rubbers, and since there is no rubber that can be used in the room, I have no choice but to do it raw.When I returned to the room and pushed out in front of Yumi-chan, who was waiting in bed, to show me the slightly shrunk cock, she grabbed me. When I thought that I could do it live, I was so excited that I grew up in no time. And when you try to insert it again, what about rubber? Yumi-chan said, so I threw it away when I took a bath and when I went to the bathroom, and I honestly answered that I didn't bring any rubber. Yumi was in trouble, but she said, "I do n't have rubber , so I'll put it in raw." I pressed the cock against the entrance of the pussy and asked how it was. "Okay, I can't help it because I don't have rubber. You can put it in raw," he said , guts pose in his heart. Finally, it's been a while since I inserted it in Yumi's pussy. I felt more comfortable than usual. Just move it a little and it seems like it will go. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of life as much as I could, but it was hard to put up with it because it seemed like it would move too flashy. "It feels good to put it in the pussy raw after all. It seems that it will come out with just a little movement," he slowly moved his hips. "Does it feel so good? But you can't put it inside," Yumi-chan said in a sweet voice, whether it feels good to be put in raw. By the way, the original purpose was to be able to do it again live, so at this point I was not thinking of vaginal cum shot.When I started to move my hips a little hard, Yumi was also panting. I was about to go, so I asked him where he wanted me to put it out, and he said he could put it out wherever he wanted. I started thinking that this was a chance to have a vaginal cum shot, and I thought I would do it if I could do a vaginal cum shot. I thought I'd put it inside without saying anything, but I'd be in trouble if I got angry later, so I tried to find out first. "Can I put it wherever I like? Then I'll put it in my pussy." He said, "Hmm, it's no good inside . " He said with a hollow feeling. I asked again, "What should I do if the inside is not good?" "It's okay anywhere ..." I didn't refuse completely, so I was convinced that this could be vaginal cum shot. "If Yumi doesn't tell me where she wants me to put it out, I'll keep going inside. I'll put out a lot of semen in Yumi's pussy," he said, spurting at once. I said it wasn't good with a faint voice, but on the contrary, I was excited. "I'll put it out, I'll put it in Yumi's pussy!" Saying that, I put a cock all the way to the back of the pussy and ejaculated at once. I found that the cock was pulsing and ejaculating in large quantities, and I also found that it was ejaculating very vigorously. It seems that she was ejaculating for so long that she wondered when she would stop. Even after I finished putting out everything, I kept putting the cock in the back of Yumi's pussy.After a while, Yumi, who had settled down, said, "I really put it inside ... I said no ." I thought I was angry, but I didn't seem to be angry and I was smiling. When I pulled out the cock, only a little semen came out! But if it doesn't come out, I wonder if it's okay not to come out. After this, I made vaginal cum shot at the woman on top and back posture and it was a very satisfying day.

Son to be inserted

I am a woman to become a 58-year-old this year.
My husband taught me the joy of a woman of joy and sex also celebrated the death to seven death anniversary.
Children are also independently of each other with the home.
Seven death anniversary of the memorial service was also also return just finished children and grandchildren family.
Was a busy house and lock the door will be quiet now has the floor.
Breast touch the Jokage for the first time in a long time tingling also middle people falling asleep without body well into the bed was also rubbing painfully.
Sleepwear nor take off agony crazy die verge underwear, suddenly sliding door was open to slip ~.
To understand that it is the eldest son in was supposed to firmly lock the door of the twilight I suffer from my head with a blanket in a hurry.
Well, why son? I was pounding the embarrassment that has been looking at the Nasty dressed than naked it.
What's any good to say?
Was the cry seen the indecent treatment as a bad mother as a woman.
Sliding door had to take off the clothes you are wearing is the eldest son in a little shift peek and twilight blankets and whether that sound to a home's closed.
Why son suffer the blanket again the clothes ... No way ...
erect cock son stripped the blankets have appeared in front of my eyes.
Is a meat stick seven years.
Son to me mind is upset was brought to the mouth of the meat rod erection.
What sense that leaching erotic, I was directed to the lower divert face.
Cock of the real son can not Nante Kuuwaeru.
Son to me facing the bottom,
\"because mom would lonely I'll heal.\"
\"I can not do that, I you are my children,\"
I'm good because \"parent and child, I is gonna be the place of the father \"
\" should not, is useless, \"
son and tell them to give it to someone hot and had come to touch the breast and Jokage become horsemen pushing me.
\"Yan wet mother vagina Suggee\"
\"because it stopped to ask,\"
says in the mouth but Jokage will come out full of honest and honey.
It has been relentlessly pressing the meat stick to the mouth.
Finger (familiar even to copper) another moment that has entered into the vagina was E eaten the meat stick to select the sex of the woman than the mother.
The work of was charged to the husband fellatio was raised in the cock of the son.
\"Mother Suggee good Do Mutcha cock feeling Yeah,\"
my son has been stop the hands of feels good for either woman shadow.
I was prompted to move the hips.
Given a caress of knowledge to the meat stick to eat for the first time in a long time,
\"Mom I ...\"
lukewarm liquid came out mouth full.
My husband was swallowing also son of semen because me and willing swallow semen.
That peculiar smell reminded me a husband.
Later was ejaculation husband, bars I would deflated but remains stiff unchanged son of the meat stick.
What youth.
\"I now have because to squid the mother\"
was cramping the meat stick to say that in the vagina.
As soon as you put, the son has continued to shake violently hips.
Genuine pleasure that I had forgotten it has hit.
We taste the meat stick that does not result clung to his son to forget us.

Remotely controlled mother

After I (43 years old, divorced single) was embraced and loved by my son Yuya (23 years old), when I was immersed in the lingering sound in Yuya's warm arm pillow, Yuya who smoked cigarettes occasionally told me that When I was asked to smoke and asked, "Are you interested?", I answered, "I'm curious, maybe ... I'm a little scared." That was the beginning of a new pleasure. It was the beginning of last fall that Yuya and I, who became members of society and left the city, had a male-female relationship. It was a long time ago that we felt the opposite sex with each other, was it too late? Twice a month, we visit each other alternately to hug each other and confirm their love. In mid-February, Yuya came back to my room and told me such a story. When I was in my twenties, I had a lot of talk about drinking with my friends. I've heard but never seen a remote-controlled vibrator, a sex toy. At the beginning of March, I went to the town where Yuya lives. At Yuya's request, I had garterless stockings and boots up to the top of my thighs that day. Of course, the underwear matched Yuya's taste. I sat side by side at the counter seat by the window and had a cup of tea with Yuya. At that time, Yuya led my right hand into my jacket pocket and let me touch something. The oval round thing was big enough to fit in my palm. I was surprised at Yuya who approached me and said, "This is the example ...". Then, when I turned on the switch of the remote control that was hidden in the pocket on the other side, vibration started in my palm. Yuya changed the pattern and vibrated, saying, "There are variations." Certainly the vibrating rhythm was different. When I was told, "You should like one of them," I couldn't find a word to return.Though I thought this was the case, I was embarrassed to move it in my pocket at a store like this. When I drank tea and left the shop, Yuya said, "Let's try it right away." The place led by Yuya was the locked toilet in the private room in the basement. After being gently guided and closing the key, Yuya took out an egg-shaped black vibrator from his pocket. "Would you like to put it on here?" Let's put it on. Pinpoint. " Yuya hugged me, put his hand in the skirt, and traced the crack with his fingertips over the panties that were not hidden in the stockings. "No ... no ... in a place like this" Ignoring my words, Yuya traced and I also reacted. "It's damp ..." "I'm sorry ..." My feet were swaying and my knees were weak, so I could only cling to Yuya. Yuya put his hand in the panties. "Ah ... Yuya ... there ... no ..." When I stroked the most sensitive part with my fingertips, I clung to Yuya with a feeling of dismay and endured the pleasure. "Don't speak out," Yuya whispered nastyly was my only support for staggering. And Yuya put on an egg-shaped one at a pinpoint location in my panties. Holding the remote control in his hand, Yuya turned it on. "Ah ..." The vibration of this shock, which was the first for me, reached the heavens of my brain and ran through my whole body, and I couldn't get any strength. At the same time, this pleasure that I knew for the first time captivated me from then on. When I turned off the switch, I had Yuya support me for a while, dyed my face red, exhaled on my shoulders, and finally stood up. "Well, I'm leaving." "Is it as it is?" "It's a walk. I'm going on a date with this." I was prepared to collapse and fall, and Yuya pulled me out of the private room.Even if I was walking hand in hand or with my arms crossed, the moment Yuya's right hand was in my pocket, I had to make a quick decision. Yuya turned on the switch for the occasional short, defenseless moment when I was distracted by other things. I pulled my hips, closed my legs, and climbed the escalator, got off the elevator, and walked the stairs in an unnatural posture. Overcoming the embarrassment that might be noticed by others, I could only endure the pleasure with all my might. When I was whispered in my ear, "What's going on?", I could only shake my head. In reality, the inside of the panties was flooded and moistened. "It's hard if you don't wipe it off anymore." "I'm sorry ..." And again, the two of us gently entered the toilet in the private room, and when Yuya turned over the skirt, he put his hand in the panties and made an egg-shaped one. When I took it out, its surface was completely embarrassingly wet and shiny. "So ..." "Embarrassing" I looked away, and Yuya put his hand in the panties and confirmed the moisture. The moment Yuya carefully wiped my area with paper, saying, "It's hard," I thought that a fire would come out of my face."I'm sorry for my panties so wet. I have to take them off," said Yuya, who took off my panties and inspected the wet love juice in the crotch part. I rolled up the panties and put them back in my bag, "Let's do it" "Eh? ... Here? Do you have that?" "Because I'm going out" Without giving me a gap to think about, both hands on the washbasin Yuya slowly inserted from behind. This experience for the first time in such a place helped me with the sense of immorality doing what I shouldn't do, and to be honest, I was excited and burned. "Oh ... Yuya ... good ..." "Voice, no," I was burning more when I was told that. I couldn't see the face that I was struck by Yuya from behind and reflected in the mirror in front of me. As promised, Yuya put it out on my white ass. I wiped it off with a piece of paper, and I had it wiped clean, and I was already weak. Looking in the mirror at my burning body and sweaty face, and trimming my hair, Yuya put an egg-shaped object over me and said, "Let's put it in." Yuya inserted an egg-shaped object into the completely moist vagina. "Ah ..." I was pushed in with my fingertips, and only something like a tampon string came out. "Then, let's go," "Keep it as it is?" "If you take it easy, you may fall," said Yuya, who was nasty and left the private room. I was walked with the tension and pleasure that I couldn't get anymore. I hated the remote control that I operated in my pocket. I took a taxi with a feeling of being really tired, and Yuya also operated the remote control in his pocket, and the vibration sound that the driver probably heard was bullied me by itself.Since then, Yuya wears an egg-shaped object on me and walks with a secret pleasure, so even if I hate it, I must have that pleasure.

Or horny wife is the love?


H a wife Do you enjoy? The opportunity to get to know the H a wife ... you even women who had to know once this kind of stimulation does not get away from the pleasure. We'll see? If you are looking for others wife of M slave , please contact us. On the other hand in the Queen in M Men Wanted also does not change the fact that not one o'clock also escape the obscene delusion. No such thing encounter with M man in real life .... Also ride to the consultation S female M male. ○ ○ Kyu Roku San Ichi Ni Roku Ichi Yon Hachi

Girls I became a trigger for addictive dating ...

I started using a site called bulletin board of love and greed
was able to befriend the active college student. The relationship that occasionally well as phone in about a month for the first time the e-mail exchange. I was able to have a very favorable impression on the goodness of the rotation of the head, glad to be able to talk of reading and piano. To meet the holiday because the other side was also already feel that good here. Because for the first time of the interview people struggling not know selfishness. But is there the Kai, the child is dazzling college student who finally meet! Princess, such as except for the strange habit from Miyaji Mao! ! Neat and cute! ! Laugh shy to find me .... Uu ... half erection. Fun conversation while Metropolitan Government to Lookout. Just sinking sunset, because the night comes time romantic .... Try to turn the Hip aiming at the moment the conversation is interrupted. Waist thin .... Mao-chan Rashiku shy considerably, face down slightly in the red face. Moreover, already breathing has been rough. Ue! ! Koch also will be embarrassed, completely Bokkinkin. Hard to hide. Remain good mood, I was out of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government holding hands .... Eating Italian. Sat down, Mao-chan are embarrassed or when the face is facing. Morose or feet under the table, a lot of fun. Groin that is being wet on the taut also helpful not see from the other party .... But go to finish a meal karaoke, chillin snuggled not sing little song .... Hair good smell Innovation fa ~ ~ from .... ...... Another ..., there is no trick anymore ... endure! ! ! Toward here the face of Mao-chan with your left hand, kiss! Long kiss! ! And deep! ! The hand of Mao-chan is turn on my back. Is irresistibly cute roughness of breath like crying! ! Fukkire was the one, return aggressively put a tongue Mao-chan. Warm ~. This if tits also asshole touch! Mimomi ~ also to draw a circle from the top of the clothes .... Mao-chan to shift a little bit behind the body without a break in the tongue. It, or Ne is not loath! Dash to the hotel with her ​​eyes glazed Mao-chan. Hesitate to somehow really show the skin, but when I took off a preeminent style. Chest of form also beautiful best. Because I can not put up with each other Masaguri bathed roughly a shower in the futon. Well the sensitivity, I hope naive feeling thing is after all the most ... and I think while intently caress. If I work hard the hand man in the spirit of service, in the eyes, such as people have changed, \"fast, ~ put fast!\" Induction Squeeze and my dick to my dick! I was about to ascended not seem to unexpected female lion sore but there is patience. While kissing spree thrust in the normal position. Mao-chan can not say only with another Auau. it's the best…. The following are Segama back. Arm on whether the force does not turn, are supporting the body in towards the lateral face. And Ascension to hear a light cry of Mao-chan .... ... Kuha ... was felt good § .... After that, one shot in the bath. Face-to-face locus Moe. After that it was for a while get along, to farewell there a little variety. It is a little lonely .... We stuck to dating due to met you.


Mom and I have every day. Initially, it was not put or put the erotic magazine deliberately on top of the desk, the became a Kapikapi was released into the place the erotic magazine of ripe Jokei that I bought at a convenience store. Previously, big ass ... mom Dari smell looking for a wardrobe of mom underwear purse of had been ironing release every day in the side dishes. Become a likely heart is bursting when you find the vibe of ransacked 5 centimeters a chest of drawers, ... imagine ... mom watching lick Dari smell of are using mom Nante have put this over there to Onani - Works rolled. Just part of a big ass and pussy looking at the mom ... was kneading the plan. Dad is wearing Pantei of ... mom to be visible from a little bored ironing hallway the door of the room when the business trip ... On the third day, Deitch what snitch on yo ~ mom ... dad is my mom I love it, please look. ... Look where you leave mom I also told desperately while pounding. And that stupid Deitch ... of what are said ... we have to release to stand up in front of the mother standing in front of the door. Plenty of ... mom to the portion of the crotch fly to the chest will be down to the bottom just because snitch on a fool ... dad, yourself impatience also. Gets angry dad, what can I ... try to hug from the back of the mother I think I can be beaten, I'm sorry mom. Do not tell your father. Mother against Guigui in the ass thing that erection saying I'm sorry many times. Mom. Deitch not stop .... I - because say to dad mom, I love. Ass is suppressed rage of the told me Guigui ... mom ~ mom ~. Deliberately What mom ~ mom ~ as erotic magazine not stop. Deitch not stop .... Mom is solidified - I know to have great vibe. Words can not come out yourself of put to where I love mom - I love mom - great vibe while snuff and mom ~ mom ~ sniff the big ass squatting turning the skirt was snuff smell, speaking from the top of the Pantei. Mom a month both hands on the sofa, stop sticking out ass, Daichi ... I please quit 'm excited big ass mom ... shifted next to the Pantei with the right hand, the pussy many times licking mom ~ When you keep telling Mom-Mom, mom feels good I ... Deitch more licking ... mom Aaaaa with juice Oh plenty ... Deitch ... Deitch ... mom alive likely ... Dad has put the vibe here ... of not etch and of are using ... because not Deitch dad mom-love mom - I was turning licked the pussy. Obscene smell is filled is in the face sticky to sit on the sofa, was turning licked sat spread out both feet on the floor. Daichi ... mom alive likely. Iiyo' Aaaaa ... pee Chau Deitch ... I'tsu? I'm sorry I ... I'm sorry ... Deitch does not stop ... Deitch ... soaking in the face will out ... was drinking while saying Innovation mom ~. I put as it is ... was to mom-love mom - immediately entered. Hot I ... mom-hot I ... I love, also wonder if moving the waist 5 minutes? Mom go ~, Mom go ~, Aaaaa ... feels good mom dont ... put out as far as it will go out Daichi ... I have put out. Pull out and also pee had to skip two meters position. Spread a big ass with both hands in the all fours inside out with both hands was licking anal mom. Also come flowing sperm from the pussy. Daichi ... mom - not ... look strange to have become is beginning now. . Now, we have various daily and mom ... is there anything.

Mother's confession

I recently got into a relationship with my only son, who is 18. I am 42 years old and my son is 18 years old. I divorced my husband 10 years ago and have been living with my son for a long time. Since I was a woman in my thirties, I've been alone, and I've managed to distract myself by relying on tools such as vibrators and rotors I bought online to comfort my sometimes burning body. However, by accident, I snooped on the scene of my son's masturbation, and the nature of the woman who had been holding down until now was ignited. It goes back a month. When I got home a little late at work, the lights in the house were off, so I opened the front door with a master key and went inside. I wondered if my son hadn't returned yet, and when I went to look into his room, he was squeezing his erection while wearing headphones and watching an adult video in a dark room with the lights turned off. I did. I hurriedly tried to close the door, but when I reconsidered and looked inside again through the slightly opened gap, my son Pace was a big and strong Pace that was as good as an adult, and my heart was fluttering. I was so surprised that it rang. And when I looked at my son's hand, I was holding my shorts, and he sometimes rubbed them on his nose, smelling them, and holding them in his mouth. Looking at that figure, I felt the illusion that my son was caressing my dick, and I felt my lower body getting hot with Jean. After that, when the finish came to my son, he shouted "Uh! ... or mom! ..." and spit out a tremendous amount of cloudy liquid vigorously at the woman on the screen of the video. I did.I was suffocatingly excited, but I gently closed the door and hurried into my bedroom so that my son wouldn't notice. When I fell into the bed, the big and strong lips I saw in front of me and the son who climaxed while yelling "Mom ..." came back to life, and I wanted to hug him tightly ... I want to kiss my lips, cheeks, and all over my body ...) Such feelings began to swell, and my excited body trembling did not stop. I took out a thick vibe from the drawer of the bed like a mess, inserted it into my already wet dick, turned it on, and pierced that big pace of my son. I got acme many times while thinking of myself being struck. The next day, after my son went out, I secretly went to see his son's room. There was a lot of man-smelling tissue in the trash, and from under the bed, in addition to my shorts, bras, stockings, and used sanitary napkins came out. And in the sports bag under the desk, the video was hidden like a mountain. The title is Mother-Child Incest Game Mother and Child Reality Incest Forbidden Mother-Child Copulation "Yoshiji" Mother Creampie SEX Mother Wants To Be A Mother! Big Breasts Mother's Dirty Creampie Mature Mother Creampie 38 Years Old Disturbed Mother Forbidden Charity Mother Predominant Examination Comfort Mother ... All of these were just videos of mother and child incest. When I saw it, I thought that if she wanted my body so much ... I could be a woman from her mother ... .. That night, my son came home after 9 pm.Just as my son usually said, "I'm back, mom ...", I could think of my son's masturbation last night and my son's room this morning. , My heart was beating faster. "Yeah ... my mother is back now ..." "It was cold today ... I want to take a bath right away ..." "My mother was just pouring hot water to take a bath ... after a long time. When I asked, "Would you like to join us?", My son looked surprised at first, but he gasped and nodded. My heart was also throbbing with tears. When I took a bath first and waited, my son covered his lower body with a towel and came in. I got out of the bath and decided to have my son wash his back. To my son who washed his back with soap, I said "Thank you" and turned around. My son's body in front of me was muscular and was already a man's body. My son was careful not to let me see the erected pace by hiding the front with a towel. (My dear son's pes, hard, thick and youthful pes, what kind of taste does it have, how much it will go wild if I get in there) .. I took the plunge and said to my son, "Hey ... it's going to get cold tonight, should I sleep with my mother?" The son said "eh" and then said "yes" and went into the bathtub. I had a good year and my heart was sick. I got out of the bath first and went to the bedroom.After a while, my son came into the bedroom in his pajamas. My son sat next to me sitting on the bed without saying anything. When I looked into my son's eyes, it seemed that his clear eyes were filled with a ferocious young sexual desire to mate with his real mother. In the air filled with stuffy tension, when I asked, "Do you think of my mother all the time?", My son shook his head and said "Yeah," which was like a signal. , My son hugged my shoulder. The heartbeat of my son clinging to my chest was transmitted. How long have you been doing this, feeling the warmth of each other? My son, who suddenly raised his face, said, "I wanted to do it with my mother ..." The straight word made me lose the tag of my mother's heart, and my heart was filled with hot things. .. (Oh ..., my mom wanted to be with you ...) From the first time I saw my son's masturbation, I was hoping that my son would pierce me ... "So much ... did you want to be a mother? ..." I said, and my son gently turned to my lips. I quietly closed my eyes. When my warm son's lips touched my lips, I felt a current flowing through my whole body and quivered slightly. My son sucked his lips violently as if he was sucking. After a long, hot kiss, my son slowly laid me on the bed and asked for my lips again. Then my son unbuttoned my nightie and exposed my breasts.My son's hot sigh was clinging to his skin. My son sucked on my breasts, as if he had returned to a baby. While doing so, one hand extended to my lower abdomen and inserted my finger into the burning secret meat in my shorts. My honey pot, which was already moisturized, facilitated the entry of my son's fingers. My son raised his face from his breast and overlapped with me. I stretched my fingertips into my son's crotch, asking for my son's lips, and touched a big, hot, pulsing cock. My son was impatient, once he got up, took off my panties, opened the secret meat with both hands and looked into it as if to look inside. As if the son saw something unusual, he said, "Mom ... I came out of this hole ... The inside is a beautiful pink color ..." and pryed my finger again on the hot honey pot. I put it in. I was about to make a voice without thinking "Oh ...". When my son put his fingers in and out, he made an obscene sound like "nuchanucha" and I became so embarrassed that my face turned red. My excited son asked me in a loud voice, "Mom ... can I put my in?" When I nodded, my son put his elbows on both sides of my body and kept his lower body in close contact, not to put weight on me. (Finally ... I'm pierced by my real son's hot cock ...) I put my hand on my son's hot, pulsing big cock and led him to the vaginal hole where he was born. As soon as the tip of my son's hard cock touched my vaginal opening, I felt the excitement of trembling for the first time in more than a dozen years.When I told him "Now and Then, Here and There ...", he suddenly inserted a meat stick so that his son would sit down. My son's big cock pushed the vaginal opening all at once, and I was roughly pushed up to the innermost uterine ostium, and I felt a dull pain. I frowned for a moment, and my son was still in the wind, not knowing what to do. (This kid hasn't had any experience yet ...) I thought so in my heart. "Okay, move on ..." I said, and my son slowly and gently started the piston. " Let's do this?" I nodded with my eyes closed so that I could enjoy the pleasure. I also used my hips a little to help my son move, and as my son gradually got the hang of it, his hips became smoother. When I felt that each other was breathing hard and my hips were moving more violently, my son shouted "Oh!" In a surprised voice. When my son pushed his hips up against me, he pulsated the cock and ejaculated while shaking. Hot liquid has been released to fill my vaginal opening. When I thought that my son's semen was definitely about to reach the inside of my womb, the word (pregnant my son's baby ...) came to my mind for a moment, and at the same time I was scared. On the contrary, it increased sexual excitement abnormally, and I just turned my arms around my son's head, hugged me, and pushed my waist strongly so that the tip of my son's cock was inserted into my uterine ostium. It was.After receiving my son's in utero ejaculation, he remained hugging each other for a while to calm his rough breath. I didn't reach sexual climax, but I definitely felt the joy of sexuality as a woman. It may have been the joy of becoming a son's woman from her son's mother. Once upon a time, I felt a mysterious chain of life that the little life that lived in my stomach was born and grew from my body, and that seed of life filled my womb again. I was so happy that I slept naked, hugging my son. We have crossed the line between mother and son, and every day, as if we were obsessed with the pleasures of this immorality, mother and son devour each other's bodies and seek each other.

Heart robbed by my son

yuna himekawa[26064]
At the age of 44, I gave birth to my son Hideki 22 years ago. It was in late March that Hideki, who graduated from the university, went out to help him move to a room in the city where he would start working in April. I was able to move safely, had dinner with me, and I was planning to go home where my husband was waiting. I was eating a beer that I couldn't drink because it was recommended by Hideki. I was in the middle of taking a taxi to the nearest station, which made me feel tipsy. With the help of the loneliness and sickness of leaving, I put my face on Hideki's shoulders and snuggled up to my body. "I'll be lonely," "I'm sad and painful to leave my favorite mother," whispered in my ear. When I was happy with the words and unintentionally held Hideki's hand, Hideki also enthusiastically held it back, and while they were still silent, they were always entwined with the fingers of their connected hands. I did. I noticed that the way of gripping such fingers is not that of parents and children, but that of men and women, but I was holding it tightly with my beloved Hideki. When I was whispered in my ear, "Do you like me?", I could only nod. He gently said "I like it" to Hideki's ear. "Then kiss my cheek," half joked Hideki, and I kissed my cheek. "Then, thank you, too," said Hideki on my cheek, and the joy and excitement of kissing me was so pleasant that I felt tipsy. "Then, here too," jokingly, Hideki extended his lips. When I said, "I'm embarrassed, close my eyes," Hideki closed his eyes, and I was kissing Hideki's lips.I was an elderly driver, but what did you think when you saw us in the mirror? After that, I kissed Hideki several times with my fingers entwined. Hideki said, "Why don't you stay tonight?" And I was a little confused. I have to go back to the house where my husband is waiting, but I don't want to be separated from Hideki ... When I'm struggling with that feeling, I make the ultimate choice, "Which is more important, my father or me?" Hideki was approaching me. I was tipsy and thought seriously. But the answer was already out. That's why I answered, "Hideki." When I got off the taxi at the station, Hideki pulled my hand and led me to the back of the station. Beyond that, the neon lights outside the hotel at night were shining. The feeling of "No way ..." and the heartbeat of my heart pounding were inversely proportional. When I was told, "I'm not doing anything ... let's sleep naked," I wondered how much I could trust or was disappointed, and I was drawn by Hideki and walked down the street of the hotel. I did. The hotel room was much cleaner and farther memorable than the one I knew. When we took a shower with each other, wrapped in towels and snuggled up to Hideki in bed, it was beyond the sense of mother and son. Hideki, who said that he would just sleep naked and snuggle up, said, "If my mother allows me." Sudden words solidified my mind and body for a moment, but I was surprised to hear the words , "Absolutely a promise of only two people."I made an excuse to my husband that I couldn't finish cleaning up Hideki's room, and that night I was embraced by Hideki. He was really kind, loved my body, and took the time I've never experienced before. He even included his toes in his mouth, crawls his tongue under his armpits, and melted my woman's part with a caress of her tongue and mouth that was beyond shame. Later, I heard from Hideki that I was intrigued by my voice. The most sensitive part was also licked and rolled with the tongue, sucked up, and when the extended tongue was inserted into the vagina, he shouted Hideki's name and fought against pleasure. It is now a long-distance relationship with Hideki. He sent me phone calls and emails, and he kindly took care of me when I was lonely. When Hideki said "Do you want to do it?" On the phone, he turned red and answered "I want to do it." Hideki said that I was cute, and I seemed to be fascinated. is.

And his brother

 Mother in the front door, because the show-chan Aya is coming, says You'd better make delicious things, parents, in the board of directors of the town council, and most subsequent drinking, as karaoke are the main requirements in, I think that probably become Asagaeri. Say that show-chan is my brother, the name, but I'm positive raw, so was born the New Year, parents also, I also, seems to say that even the friends show-chan, the show-chan, the kitchen work I got to to kiss embrace with me that from behind doing, Kora' please gargle wash useless hand, Hi Okay with your clown, in the washroom, in the upper body naked ... junior high school, high school and consistent with the university body who want to be land-based part on, I also admire much thick chest, is hugged tightly, blocked the mouth, hands and hips to the waist from the back, it is caressed slowly so tracing the underwear line, back the hands again to lower the one piece of the zipper to near the waist, I dropped in at a stretch feet, the favorite white mini slip of show-chan reveal, so white slip've got to excitement to see through underwear I, also slippery fabric feeling, this is you know I also taken a bra, or are Korikori the nipple to slip over, is a great pleasure, the pleasure is transmitted to the secret cleft, sounded the intercom voice I'm sorry of delight since better was, write a history that has become such a relationship to the next time.

The story of mom friend

\"Back to my bed, it brought a pillow,\"
and \"nothing did not happen?\", I tried to ask in interesting curiosity.
\"I do not mean I was expecting something, as it is in the morning was that of if Mezamere\"
\"Yes ...\"
in is invited to \"then Tomoya several times, the bath also are also lying. Bathing, extra place but has cautioned Nante useless'm ... not touch \"
,\" Tomoya-kun is, usually it? ... excitement Toka ... \"
I'll have\" to. because those of ... Tomoya increases referred to as the warped ones had been \"on, Mr. Maki was red a little face.
I also did not go out words. I take the plunge, I tried to ask.
\"Yes ... I more relationship?\"
Maki, who face down the face to the table was nodding small.
\"Yes it\"
\"to where?\"
\"Until the end ...\"
I stare at the face of Mr. Maki, it was explored that it is not a joke.
\"To Tomoya-kun, it inspires is I did.\"
\"I have been embraced. Now in Love Love, love asked to're\"
Maki's confession, was testament to the depth of a close friend.
\"Contraception, firm that the? And\"
\"Of course, but there are times when you want issued Yeah. During, it just do not have forgiveness,\"
\"a little, I was relieved,\"
\"to Keiko also, there are Yu-kun 'm not \"
\" Yes ... \"
\" the moment that are really loved, deeper things I \"feel the happiness of the woman
Maki is that he has confessed, discharge all the contents of the chest, which had been tense, always a beautiful smile showed me to me.

... The son of proclivity

From getting to and dont son relationship, I was no longer feeling the life of her husband.
Son, come in search of abnormal sex.
My husband is in the bath, I sow a skirt from the back next to the kitchen, you come Insert Shifts the panty.
This, was not it has thrill and excitement.
In addition, to not wearing underwear to each other, in the morning of a crowded train, we enjoy the fondling each other.
For example, I do not unbearable sense of thrill that should not be a crime because it is already understood to each other also been found.
This time, only I thought what comes asking, you come thrilled.
Funk in the box public telephone Tsu Bo, Standing Man funk ... in the grove of performances

It has been a fallen son

That day, was a very hot day in broad daylight.
It was a washing in the kitchen with the cooler. At that time, it has been suddenly grabbed by handcuffs hands from behind. There was a picture of his son and frog waving behind. My son did not notice even that you are in behind me I have screamed.
Wildly \"I what are you!\" And \"It's Punishment!\" To my question pressing me to sink, it was wound on the chain of the handcuffs to the water pipe.
He said to have a naughty, a high school student of 17 years old. It was like looking at a nightmare.
Son of the state was obviously feel different than usual.
The bad feeling was crossing the head. The moment that I thought that there should be such a thing, son of the hand has been stretched in the ass. . It flutters, and the body was trembling.
Body was felt to rigidity. Son while Nozokikomi my face, has been turning stroked ass.
Face to stare into my face was a look such as enjoying my reaction. I revived an old nightmare, now filled in with the feeling of shame than the feelings of anger.
Far quit son \"stupid thing is please stop!\", I've been suddenly rolled up the skirt.
\"No ...\" I was away screaming without There are year. Even though 42-year-old aunt ... I had blushed.
Can not also be looking at more of my son, I had head down.
\"Embarrassing ...\"
\"My God is so embarrassed to be looking at the underwear in my son ...\".
And yet, I felt the coming wet at the same time. It was mother disqualification.
Even some expectations ...
I was told to pay out it \"ask ... Stop it.\"
Son has been the butt from the top of \"such clothes have a Misako'm bad!\" Underwear to grab.
And it was built a nail. I have to crawl your fingers until towards the back of the ass is spread the \"painful ...\" legs. Incredible thing to you my embarrassing part began massaging with the fingers. I instinctively raise the voice.
\"No, such Toko ...\" \"This is the first time I'll ... I'll have developed\"
son, has been touched only there relentlessly to give shear underwear.
grounds will be crying and \"Please Stop it\", he appealed.
Son of action was just to escalate. It has been pulled down the underwear to the bottom of the ass.
Small banana wrapped in contraceptives in front of me has been exposed.
\"That absolutely hate ...\" still, nothing said Do I'm not either ... really lewd woman not ... Misako ... \"\" Absolutely useless ... \"I was desperately close the legs. Son beating the ass smack, he has said, \"Hirogero the legs ...\".
\"Ouch ...\"
... when you notice
to open the legs
, \"its, the wonder in my ass ... ah ... get into it,\" was incorrectly thought such a thing.
Son, suddenly, destined came in ... slowly ... \"Ah ... would come in\"
body trembling did not stop.
\"Embarrassing ...\"
\"Is not it have been twitching ...\"
son had been staring at the ass still.
Son began to move the hand in a rough feeling without subsequent pardon. It was shock.
I was issued a loud voice so returned warp the body. But, son rather than loosen the hand, I was feeling coming move more violently.
I was not only desperately endure while screaming.
\"Break! I will break! But ... why,\"
\"scary ... going to be a strange,\"
cried in the double suicide. As it is ... I went down.

Son and the relationship ...

I am a housewife of 38 years old.
My husband and is of a sex-less third year at the difference one size
also imminent, no matter how from I do not us to the other party.
I recently purchased a rotor in the mail order.
It is the daily routine to masturbation after bets finished the housework.
While forcibly fucked ... various delusion to physical labor ...
my important secret unit in the nude in front of a model of the bedroom and Jin Jin
many times while raising the dew voice is never showed to my husband
passed away It will get. After you have gone one day I ended up sleeping. High one son Eiichi and chest of around opens the painful eyes I've been sucking the nipple touch my chest. \"What are you doing Chiyotto Eiichi, stop please\" my not convincing there is the word ... of naked Eiichi came back from school I had to see my bedroom. Was away from me calms Eiichi. \"I just want a mom likes! So mom,\" I was totally upset the sudden confession. Eiichi of the hunted has become already big. \"Are Eiichi ... mom is good for the first time ...\" Eiichi was nodding. \"I'll say I absolutely secret! The father,\" I give you ... to such a feeling ... in the man Eiichi was raised Shigoite the penis suffered skin to naked the Eiichi. Was raised by stripped include skin-to-mouth. After a long time of the penis ... I includes up to base while watching the Eiichi larger Shigoite raise and double position of master entangled the tongue ... Eiichi is're feeling. \"Mom ... I ... would gone ...\" \"Go out to say Are I ... mom your mouth ...\" Eiichi while moving the hips up and down \"It's like mom ... Oh ~ mom ...\" Eiichi's me immature sperm I ejaculate in your mouth. I was raised to drink. It's a great amount. I was raised drinking divided into three times. \"Mom Thank you ...\" Eiichi my Are ... began licking massaging the breast to fill the face to the chest , \"Eiichi ...'m useless ... No more useless ... oh ~\" penis just out now, are you another erection is. \"Mom ... Also Serve you ...\" I was raised in or drinking Eiichi of sperm contains the mouth.

I love my son

The day before yesterday and yesterday, I am a 44-year-old housewife who was embraced by my 23-year-old son Hiroki for the first time in a long time. At the same time that Hiroki got a job last spring, my husband's transfer overlapped and I became a member of society, so I had a strong desire to be independent, so I had no choice but to leave the city along with my husband and stay in the room. I left. Hiroki now lives alone in his home. Even so, I make an excuse that I'm worried about Hiroki's life, and I go back to my house twice a month to take care of Hiroki's personal belongings, clean up, and prepare meals. It was before Hiroki got a job that I and Hiroki developed into a relationship between men and women. To be honest, I was happy to hear that he said, "What do you think of me? ... I like my mother." My words, "I am too," were serious. "Then, let's go out" and "I'm okay" started in a way that I didn't know how seriously I was joking. Hiroki, who noticed the details, took away the debris on my hair and found the stockings with the calf. When I realized that gentle Hiroki really thought about me, I thought it was the correct answer to start dating. One day, as I was talking in the car, Hiroki gently hugged my shoulder and suddenly robbed me of my lips. "Hmm ... I'm already sly ..." I hugged me and exchanged a hot kiss this time. I felt the scent of a man from Hiroki, and my heart was a woman. After Hiroki's hand stroked the bulge of the chest, I started stroking the kneecap of the stockings that had come out of the skirt and held it down."I'm new to Hiroki, but I don't like it here," he said. "Then, let's go", there was only one place to go, and in the hotel bed, I was embraced by Hiroki for the first time on that day. While hugging me, Hiroki dexterously gently removed the wedding ring on my ring finger on my left hand. The moment I took off the ring, I was neither a mother nor a wife, but a woman in front of Hiroki. The ring was pulled out, and the uninterested master didn't notice it, and now the ring finger is fitted with a nice ring given by Hiroki. That was our vow. Nowadays, I usually talk only about men and women on the phone with Hiroki, and when I talk with my mother a little, Hiroki gets angry. I'm worried about Hiroki's surroundings, but when I tried not to express my opinions and feelings as a mother, I found myself completely facing Hiroki as a woman. When I go to see Hiroki, Hiroki also picks me up at a town in front of me, and after having a date in a town I don't know, I head home. I feel a little happiness to be able to tie my arm around Hiroki's arm and walk alongside him. When I looked up at Hiroki's profile right next to me, I was thrilled for some reason, and I was sick of myself. Hiroki, who looks at my ears and whispers "What color is today's panties?" Is mean, but I said "I shouldn't ask the lady about that" this year. Even if I become, I can't hide the maiden's heart that is in love with my son. Drinking tea at a table small enough to touch my knees, Hiroki puts his knees on my knees and opens his closed legs.When I glanced lightly, "No, no ... no," Hiroki with a smile was dazzling and couldn't be helped. Even so, I was wondering what color of panties I had, so when I approached Hiroki and muttered, "It's a light pink," he said, "I'm getting up." Hiroki crawls his fingertips on the ring of the ring finger of my left hand, which is embarrassing and dyes his face red, and strokes it a little obscenely. My woman's core is about to catch fire, and it's hard to control it. Such a delicate touch and the appearance of Hiroki who invites my excitement ignites the desire to be embraced as soon as possible. In the pouch containing the spare sanitary napkins in my bag, Hiroki gives me a bag with a condom as a spare. I open my bag saying "Don't use it without permission" and "I don't use it" and check the contents of the pouch on the table. Hiroki has a strong desire for exclusivity, and he is prepared not to give me to anyone, and always leaves a hot kiss mark on the bulge of his left chest when he holds me. The kiss mark that makes you realize that you are a woman of Hiroki remains vividly red today. The day before yesterday was in Hiroki's bed, and yesterday was in my bed at home. When hugging me, Hiroki lets me remove my makeup and hug me with no makeup. Hiroki says that even if he is embarrassed to see the fine wrinkles at the corners of his eyes from a close distance, he forgets them completely when they burn up, and finishes with a hot kiss after each other ends up, saying, "It was cute." At the time of these two people's home, I was delighted with the appearance of Scrunchie with my long hair tied up behind me, and made me braid and observed me. Hiroki will also dry the underwear you wore the day before.And on Saturday, I was made to promise that Hiroki had been urging me all the time. At the tea table, while talking about "Show me", "No ... I'm embarrassed", "Because I'm the only one", "I've never shown ...", before I knew it, Hiroki's little finger was my little finger. It was in the form of a pinky swear. "It's embarrassing ..." "It's okay." In the bathroom at home, I finally showed pee in front of Hiroki. For some reason, Hiroki was so excited that he wiped it off and took me to bed. There is no sense of immorality. Since I am a man and a woman, I want to be a woman loved by my beloved Hiroki.

Dressing incest

I from lost a wife, you have brought up a son, but we have been transvestite I feel pity.
Dressing now is per plate, is like a mother and child home.
Such son also becomes puberty, the body becomes an adult, it seems to be masturbation.
Or son also feel of there's, we have clung to me to say that the mother in the night there.
I was surprised, but the son of thing is to grow big, it was not larger than mine, which degenerate in many years of cross-dressing.
To serve the son of the things in your mouth, and larger, it has accepted a thing of the son in the back of attitude.
Of virgin I instinctively raise the Force, he had waved his ass.
Now with a vacuum as the wife of the son is a partner of the laundry and evening.

Mother to be loved

Become 44 years old and I and the 23-year-old son (Kota) is now your relationship as men and women, the other day, it celebrated its first anniversary. Such Kota that had me remember perfectly the anniversary, gave us celebrate invited me in his starting salary in modest meal.
The start of your relationship with Kota, among which is nestled in the son to love for the first time, we needed a time of three months.
Some of those mothers have written an article here, but I think that some people and you are able to agree, because we needed a still courage and readiness.
As promised even now, Kota has me concerned about the neatly contraception. I would like to be tied in the raw is the mountains, the desire to want to accept what you shoot the Kota deep in the vagina, there to be honest.
I do not not say in Kota, I have started I think that any good, even raw, if promises to go out. Once came wants Kota, it comes at going to say so. You are, for the first time embraced by the son to the woman naked in Russia, is that when the penis was received in the body to open the legs for the son's love that, do you remember? I was shock. At the moment when those thick hard of Kota is inserted into the vagina, I felt a woman of about was not so far. Wrapped dear the penis of Kota was caught deep, Kota also told me bombarded me with technology you have. It was a thin leather one over, but the feel of a large amount of the extract on goal of Kota spreads overflowing as creatures had been felt in the back of the vagina. That was me come back to my body, me dealing gently me as a woman, and pleased that I had loved carefully gently as a woman that loved ones, I will fill in the face in the chest of Kota I had tears. After exhausted even me going out on my lingering, quiet time, which was silent two people in the room was felt forever. In the public Kota and I connecting the relationship can not say absolutely, went in a direction that will further deepen the love of the two people. Kota went out of the room until the city of company and employment. And when the lonely that does not meet with the Kota like a today, as is Boo' we got thinking about the Kota. Kota continues attack will find the impressionable part of my body in Kota, finally becomes as me I was squid, we are fully satisfied with the now. Inspire is though, go down the face of Kota from the stomach, and reach to my woman of the part, for us really gently love over there. The tongue and lips to crawl, rolled sensitive clitoris at the tip of the tongue, and is sucked up gently, it will all too soon I reached the apex. I wish I have been really loved, and is always at that time feel. I become sensitive, and raise the voice of indecent woman to disturb the hair to undulating the body, Kota is me gently by connecting both hands and I, I entwined deeply the finger in his hand, go Noboritsume I the Kota is for us to support. \"Its, there ... good ... this, ... please ... hates ... Do not stop ... I Kota ... nice I ... oh ... Iki likely\" while issues a voice Nante, I will continue to result . And, I give love a thing of Kota, and I'll fit a condom thick penis, Kota will have overlap to me. This moment, pushed open the interior of the vagina, to object that the penis going poured into the body, I also will continue shaking the whole body. This relationship is also hope and want followed forever. Kota only blind invisible I, because you happy right now.

Five years continue to use the \"fruit wife time\"

Five years continue to use the \"fruit wife time\". There was a meeting with it up to various also a woman the other day with, such a variety of experience is blown off as a dense sex of the experience I was able to I also get finally. Were asked to introduce to friends believe in miracles, we tried using the affair site called fruit wife time. If a peek every day dating believe in the miracle once in a while it is mon, which is also that wish to arrive. The woman of the 30s, was a famous celebrity wife is in the neighborhood. Actually, it is I knew that often appear in the \"fruit wife time\", yet that time to here also did not have so much female experience I did not Even self-confidence that can escort. But soon, I think I think we made ​​somehow Come to also work hard their approach! Although comparatively time was it takes, after a month I was able to make an appointment date. For get, I do not think that it has to be special. Gentleman to contact, we do about that. Since the married woman who is also embarrassed the spare time partner if so, is mon who responded to the call. But had I know because the rich, and never come riding on the Alfa Romeo! (Laughs) indeed I did not go to mean that immediately Man, after taking not even like meal that you have seen in the restaurant of her favorite hangout, getting air also warmed up, finally to a love hotel. So saw a married woman of flesh and silliness, is what awesome thing or ... beyond description (laughs) Well, because the opponent is also a pretty bimbo, dick is loose of, but it was a shame, because the body is perfect, such tighten forget condition, was furiously excited, I had enjoyed. The after sex, desire of pocket money! (Laughs) It is no small amount. If the much used of light car, I guess is the amount that can buy lightly. Then also something she was like me like that of me, is sometimes call, we delight the body ... is like like you think I a like a sex slave. So the propensity basis M, but we all satisfy a lot up and down relationship in sex.

My favorite son

yuna himekawa[25946]
I can't stop playing with my 5th grade son's penis.  At first, when I washed it with half a play, I got an erection, and I was surprised at its unexpected size. Since then, I've been touching my son's erection in the bath almost every day because I wanted to see it, and I finally made him ejaculate yesterday. I was really surprised because I didn't know that I could ejaculate even for 5 years, but I was very excited. I saw ejaculation for the first time in a long time because it was crazy.  But I've never seen such a great momentum. I managed to stop there yesterday, but I'm afraid that my reason will be lost in the future.  The day before yesterday I ejaculated by hugging from behind, but yesterday I grabbed the penis that would stick to my stomach and face the ceiling when I let go of my hands in front of me and turned it toward myself and ejaculated on my chest.  The semen that hit with great momentum was very hot and I experienced tremendous excitement.  For now, I don't know if I can go any further. The act of bathing my son's semen alone has a considerable sense of immorality and excitement. However, there is a desire to feel the tremendous momentum of semen in the body.  Also, what I pay most attention to is trying to ejaculate in a bright atmosphere so that it does not get dark. <Progress at a later date>  Just like yesterday, I went around in front of my son who was sitting in a chair and squeezed it by hand. The ejaculation was on my chest. It makes me really happy to see my son's penis, which has a painful and painful face and voice when I put it out, legs that tremble a little after I put it out, and my son's penis that does not wither even if it ejaculates once.  I've been touching my chest for a long time, but I haven't touched my lower body yet, so I'd like to start by showing it little by little.<Progress at a later date>  There is not much progress.  However, until now, when I ejaculated on my chest, I was dressed like kneeling in front of my son, but yesterday I crouched down and showed my legs wide open.  I closed my eyes when I ejaculated, but I was excited to watch it until then.  If possible, I'll show it to you soon and explain it. <Progress> So far, my son is only involved in ejaculating with his hands in the bath, but recently he has also shown my lower body. However, I can't show it for a long time because my body gets cold.  I'm thinking of getting it washed today. I'm also thinking of showing it in a place other than the bathroom. <Progress> As  usual, in the bath, I sat on the edge of the bathtub and opened it with my fingers.  Furthermore, I have made you say the name of each part that I have taught so far. My son was innocently speaking, but I was excited by his cheerful and embarrassing words while looking at my genitals.  And my son asked me to touch it, so I asked him to wash it. I got wet with the feeling of being washed by my son's little hands.  Thanks to the body soap, I didn't get caught, but I was urged to put my finger in and tell that it was wet all the way, but I thought it was a big shock and put up with it.  The awkward touch was rather fresh, and when I accidentally hit the clitoris, I heard a little voice again.  After that, I ejaculated by hand as usual. When I asked him if he wanted to see and touch it more slowly, he said he wanted to, so I promised to do it in the bedroom tonight. <Progress>  I went to the bedroom after taking a bath once.  I had my son sit in bed and took off his pajamas in front of him. I take a bath together every day and I'm seen naked, but at that time I take it off to take a bath.  But now, when I think I'm taking it off just to show it, it seems like I'm stripping in front of my son, and I feel so horny that I deliberately shake my hips and take it off.  I was embarrassed, so I used only a small stand at the bedside, but the atmosphere became rather ugly.  When I took them all off, I showed my legs wide open, then I sat down on the bed and let my son sit on the floor, opened my legs and opened the cracks with both hands.  I briefly explained the mechanism of sex and conception, excited by the gaze of my face approaching and digging into it.  I was surprised when I found out that my genitals would fit in there, so why not try putting your finger in it? When I asked him, he wanted to put it in, so he took his son's hand and led it to the vagina, put his index finger and middle finger on his fingertips, and said that he should put it in slowly.  When my finger came in, I was surprised at how pleasant it was.  It seems that the feeling that my son's finger is inside me, rather than just showing and touching it as before, brought a strong sense of immorality and excitement.  When I asked if it was unpleasant, I was relieved to hear that it was not unpleasant but strange (I was worried because female genitals are grotesque). As soon as I was relieved, it overflowed, and my son noticed that it was not a bath, and asked why he got wet.  I was a little confused, but she said that when she was touched by her loved one, she felt good and then got wet.  It's a mediocre explanation, but I didn't think of anything else.  My son was happy to know that he was making me feel good and felt that he was a small but man.  Then my son was naked and we went to bed and touched each other.  When my son found that messing around with the clitoris made me react strongly, he started messing around with it, so at first he gently touched the whole thing and taught him to touch the clitoris from time to time. When I put my finger in it, I was surprised at how wet and hot it was. I messed with it as I said, and my son, who was surprised by the reaction of my body, became dear ...  I asked if I could kiss my body.  Isn't it dirty? So, when I said that the person I just washed and loved wouldn't mind, he looked shy and said it was okay.  I kissed my face, hands, fingertips, chest, thighs, thighs, knees, shins, calves, and toes. I've never done this to other men. My son wanted to tickle, but he didn't tell him to stop.  Can I pick up the erection at the end and kiss here too? When I heard that, he said a little Eun.  I kissed from the root to the testicles. I couldn't stand it when the tip was slimy and had a peculiar smell, and I put it in my mouth, and at the same time my son screamed. After licking a little, let go of your mouth and feel uncomfortable? Do you want me to stop He said in a small voice that he felt good and wanted him to continue.  I was filled with joy and entwined my tongue with my tongue in my mouth.  The movement of my tongue made me nervous, and my son who made a loud voice was the most cute and excited.  However, the stimulation with the tongue seemed to be intense, and I ejaculated before I fully enjoyed it. I felt lightly hitting the semen in my mouth, smelling a strong green odor, and clinging to my tongue (I'm sorry, but I touched it myself while licking it).  I swallowed everything. Is your son okay? Some people couldn't drink it, but Mom answered that it was okay.  Surprisingly, I had an erection twice today, but I was urged to put it in, but I felt that it was not good to do everything at once, so I desperately I put up with it, cleaned my penis with my mouth (I really wanted to tickle it), and taught masturbation.  However, I told him to do it if he couldn't stand it when he wasn't there so that he wouldn't get too absorbed in it.  I was so excited to teach my son masturbation and see it, so I started touching it myself and moved to the side of my face so that my son could see it better.  I heard a strange sound clearly, and at last I gave out an amount of semen that I could not think of the third time with my son's words, and as soon as I saw it, I got acme.  After that, I took a bath again, cleaned my body with only hot water, and slept together. By the way, my son has slept in his room so far, so this is the first time he has slept with him. When I woke up in the morning, I had an erection again, so I gave it to my mouth. Excuse me for a long time with a bad sentence. <Progress>  No progress has been made so far. I talked a lot with my son and only slept with him on Friday and Saturday nights. It's only those two days that I'll give you a mouthful. However, I do it by hand in the bath every day. <Progress>  Christmas was a normal Christmas, as Eve was Saturday, so I said it, but other than that, I gave presents and made cakes together.  It may be a boring report, but I think this is fine for now. <Progress>  Semen changes slightly from day to day, such as when it is bitter or when it feels salty.  But to be honest, I don't like the taste. But I'm excited about the feeling of splashing in my mouth and the feeling that I'm drinking my son's. When I asked him if he wanted to put it in, he said he was very interested but a little scared.  It may be because female genitals seem to be grotesque to children. That's why we decided to talk with each other only by mouth and hands. <Progress> We  would like to report on some progress.  Yesterday was Friday, so I said it, but after I started it once, I asked, "What if I kiss my mom over there?"  I answered that I would like to ask, "It feels so good. Do you want to kiss?"I put on my shorts and lay down on the bed. When I said, "Because it's my first time, try it from the top of my underwear," he said terrifyingly.  It was a pretty soft stimulus, but I felt it very much. Next, I asked them to shift the crotch part and lick it directly.  When the soft and small tongue moved slowly at first, and then quickly and quickly, a great pleasure occurred, and the clitoris was concentrated and licked.  In addition, I took off my shorts, licked a lot of sensitive female genitals that I just got acme, and got acme again.  After that, my excited son started masturbating on his knees while looking at my genitals, so I also messed with my clitoris and told my son to ejaculate toward my genitals, sperm hot sperm vigorously For me.  I was messing around with sperm on my clitoris and I was excited again.

I is attempted

It is a 42-year-old housewife
husband (38 years old) is because it is in the bachelor in my alone
sympathy to tan you, but go of his father-in-law that has been broken both arms (64 years old)
just helper's come to wipe the body
of the father-in-law pajamas since the had Nugashi
If I try to leave the room
, \"probably family you also? helper Mr.
wiped give in!\" Innovation was passed a towel wrung
and if I had to wipe the back
\"of the place of pajamas since fetch from forgotten
I also firmly earlier! I embarrassed that 's not do because \"
went out of the room flipping through a towel that had been over ...
bet next to not I think of nothing I went to
in state father-in-law that is not wearing anything
was half-assed!
Moreover, small ,, in a state that has suffered a shot and the skin to the tip like a child
\"tut, Aha\" I have attached laughed me
before him is gone Recall variety because it was pseudorabies
And then father-in-law laughed \"Now do? \"Innovation because me laughing masochistic feeling
while I think I - that was saved
,\" Ie, most of the people it is by I - is completely all right, \"so
was incorrectly wipe high on both hands while saying, ,,
I also chat I tempered the time being hard?
Like it has passed wipe the gone come increases in the hand!
Father-in-law is also very punishment I \"I'm sorry I ,,\" is Waruku',
to have got to stand again completely!
I will come back even helper's me ,,
is And then father-in-law
I \"Do not you pull out when it is good?\"
No longer only it because to me laugh! I also thought I
thing there is \"demon lump?\" And would have been was that was said a long time ago
, but came back and I promise father-in-law and the absolute secret
,, that had I even got wet

Wife of the story of that I met 33-year-old in a chat

And a married woman of the story that I met 33-year-old in a chat.
And I did not think of anything beyond just a lewd woman Ya I wish and get sent a photo when you are talking with the people and chat, very beautiful feeling.
I had to try the time being met, but the photograph and the thing is I went to different to Do - and so much meeting place not expect.
Then, it seems petite cute woman stood.
With her ​​and put a voice, in actually talking to try a very ordinary woman besides, it did not seem at least to those who say unabashedly that Anna odious in the chat. When riding in the car and try to hold the casually hand while moving in the love hotel, it had faintly sweating. Hand stretched out a hand on top of the skirt release the, how are face very shy face down and stroking slowly thighs. It reacts with Piku' and touch the roll up directly thigh skirt with your left hand, touching a hand to the panty. They become in touch if another amazing state directly there from the panties of the gap, finger the continued touch to ignore, but was told to quit because the voice comes out and move along the crack, the dirt in the middle drenched left hand We arrived at the Hotel Scam while lick the finger. When the talk and I'm easy to get wet, that of a ... because you touched. For now, take off the panties wet wet, and I actually saw, small Villa Villa to become a petite her body came into the eye. Involuntarily, gasp in small likely apologetic when spree licking of voice, body and have been twitching. When you put the finger tight even with a single. It may be because your experience is small, but this narrow over there was for the first time. Excited I stripped off his clothes, and weigh only of her was still down a panty. To try to put along with a finger, but hesitation really entrance enters narrow. Since the fully wet, after and screwed slowly ahead was able to fill somehow all while Kitsukitsu. Further tightness and will to budge has increased. And say to her that I narrow, but laugh as I tightened more, was able to afford only a little seemed loosened say if tightened more and'll go. Looking at the ass roll up the skirt so say and was back after a while, very odious and small over there of Villa Villa in pure white ass is not glowing bright red wet. Pathetic but become in Iki likely just by looking at the scene, has become a microphone on the verge but tried to put. And say I put out in the middle, because it was answer of okay hardly can be, issued as it is crazy thrust violently. It seems she did not go, but Ha had a vigorous breath after. Overtake you and the but also hard time ... to pull out because the narrow decided to go to the bath by far, was the Nugashi Only then kiss the clothes beside the bed. When you start a kiss becomes a deep, is supposed to go to the bath, is as it is pushed down on the bed, ear from the mouth, neck, licked the nipple, from the stomach to the thighs feet, and finally carefully from the bag until the end of a stick I had licked. Then also shift over there of the location while the long deep kiss, she was put in along with a hand while riding on top. Narrow while it was a little while ago smoothly moving violently or because of the soup of the liquid in. Because she has moved at their own pace, she again and alive, I also fired again. It was indeed small, but she over there is not me apart of Kitsukitsu, again resurrected when I was talking about without turning. Now slowly move last hug her style was middle-out in the normal position. I first met people and had vigorously until there was for the first time.

Of mothers who have a mother-to-child incest to everyone

To the mother of you have a mother-to-child incest that has been posted here I was fucked before about a month, the 16-year-old son. Day that my husband was not at home on a business trip of stay, to the place that had to wipe the body in the dressing room up from the bath, came suddenly entered the son of naked, has been pushed down. Translation is not know, but it was a state of panic, was desperately resistance or instinct that because not go, but not necessarily intends enemy to the son of the force of the serious, from the top to be the cover is put your body between the legs is repressed, hamstrung has been inserted without can, crying son shake the hips violently in silence \"to stop because it asks,\" does not reach but was begging, leave shake the waist, and for a while becomes rough more and more breathing movement on was stopped, I think it was not actually less than 10 minutes time, at that time it seemed like a very long time. The chance to loose the ends to stifle force, splash son summon up the power of as long as you do Yura, hid the body in a bath towel that was on the floor, \"went out! I went out!\" And cried many times , or was surprised at the threatening attitude, son went out of the dressing room without saying anything. But I burst into tears on the floor of the dressing room, I feel something in thigh is transmitted, which was a thick and do hands on dick was attached Wrapped around the finger, but I thought that early shower return us stand up crawling way to open the door of the bath does not, the shower is fully opened, was washed away anyway issued sperm. That day it was not a dangerous day was a blessing in disguise. With the only mobile and change of clothes in your wallet in a hurry from it, it was out of the house to flee so that it is not noticed by the son. I have immediately a phone call from my son took, but it was off the mobile power. And that day we stayed in front of the station of the business hotel, but it was greeted in the morning without being able to sleep a wink. I thought trouble all night. But when you do not want to have be here until, also came back from a business trip my husband in the evening, the husband does not want to know absolutely. To that end, it decided and must be a neat story and son back home, I called the son of the mobile. Nari phone leads, had apologized over and over again, crying, \"I'm sorry? Are you to where, to come back because no longer\", I coaxed my son cry, because home from now, let's a neat story since the son has responded and said, \"Okay\", I was to return to the house out of the hotel. A brief description of the discussed content. Chance before about half a year, I will look into my change of clothes, then to me came to consciousness as a woman, since then, at the time of masturbation, that he had to think of me, actually not a terraced imagination of sex to it became to think that I want to, and, most of the decisive factor of this behavior, look at the experiences of the site of incest in the net, that the mother and child incest thought was actually there, above all run to Shimae if it had thought that those made ​​somehow, fine story also gave us all honest talk, including, yes is the site here. Then over a period of many days, it was quite read the writing here. Surprised I was, how Apart from whether it is all fact that has been written here, so much in fact that writing is about a lot of incest. I also son is cute stone, I love you, people like my son does not have a reason not happy, Nante to son and sex just because it is but do not think hardly. In the case of us, seriously discussed as a result, me also found Fortunately son, I promised not to ever again. There is no other people blame right to incest. Any more is not I would like nothing. However, everyone we also believe them to create understanding surely also be what I mean if the mother.

Five years continue to use the \"affair rolls\"

Five years continue to use the \"affair rolls\". There was a meeting with it up to various also a woman the other day with, such a variety of experience is blown off as a dense sex of the experience I was able to I also get finally. Were asked to introduce to friends believe in miracles, we tried using the affair site called affair invitation bulletin board. If a peek every day dating believe in the miracle once in a while it is mon, which is also that wish to arrive. The woman of the 30s, was a famous celebrity wife is in the neighborhood. In fact \"affair rolls\" that often appear in, but I knew, still in those days to here also did not have so much female experience I did not Even self-confidence that can escort. But soon, I think I think we made ​​somehow Come to also work hard their approach! Although comparatively time was it takes, after a month I was able to make an appointment date. For get, I do not think that it has to be special. Gentleman to contact, we do about that. Since the married woman who is also embarrassed the spare time partner if so, is mon who responded to the call. But had I know because the rich, and never come riding on the Alfa Romeo! (Laughs) indeed I did not go to mean that immediately Man, after taking not even like meal that you have seen in the restaurant of her favorite hangout, getting air also warmed up, finally to a love hotel. So saw a married woman of flesh and silliness, is what awesome thing or ... beyond description (laughs) Well, because the opponent is also a pretty bimbo, dick is loose of, but it was a shame, because the body is perfect, such tighten forget condition, was furiously excited, I had enjoyed. The after sex, desire of pocket money! (Laughs) It is no small amount. If the much used of light car, I guess is the amount that can buy lightly. Then also something she was like me like that of me, is sometimes call, we delight the body ... is like like you think I a like a sex slave. So the propensity basis M, but we all satisfy a lot up and down relationship in sex.

Celebration of the coming-of-age ceremony

Yesterday lunch time
I wonder what is good for [celebration? ]
\"Celebration? I wish I ... likely\"
[Hey ... you would still? ]
\"Still it?\"
[So who of ... Atti]
\"What?! ... There! ... It is ...\"
from I become only the son and two people, if you're in my
son's adult He had continued to think in my mind and in the expression of the celebration. I was already pregnant when the graduation ceremony of high school. I had already entered the fifth week, the gas-Dzu is around Karezu, noticed even yourself to a change in the physical condition, I was surprised is that of the mother was aware of the pregnancy. Will be a cesarean section, consider the later of the mother is better to have a contraceptive treatment is said to be safe, to Caesarean section I was decided. At the time my husband is 8 years older than the 26-year-old, it is the day-to-day happy has come to an end short. Doting son, bath time of the elementary school, but were together no longer fit together reluctant son, celebrated the 20-year-old am I invited my son. I was finished lunch [to it the shower] multiplied by the voice to his son who was in the living room and out of the bathroom [because they entered the futon in the back, close the front door I came, you even have a shower] \"Oh ... a solution bought was by\" my son long felt until \"mother\" [came, come] futon was raised Ri wind a little, I was waiting in the nude. Son it to above the healthy direction already [sucking tits and] son is almost sucked up strongly nipples baby let them breathe fond of his son, and booty to his son teach, give are not welcome to open the body one One tied to pushed up in hell-bent to his son, long does not have to euphoria in the amazing hot pleasure to the uterus, I have my son back like had a fainting in a state that was welcomed in what is. \"... Mother ... Mother ...\" son overlap on top of me, feeling his son in the back of the body beneath. Son had been smoking a mouth. \"No longer missing and my mother all right? ... Fainting frayed or damaged, but became loose from a little while ago,\" [did you fainting! ... ..with's Amazing'm nice I, more love] What had been how much syncope, son , but you have to say is that it is 5 minutes position, so much fainting do you? Then also in love with the son until the outside is dark thin incorrectly. So nice sex was the first time I also. Course evening in one of the bed becomes a love one, continue to be challenged in young energetic, late-night love one up too, before this morning go out to the coming-of-age ceremony it had been sucked seek breast. Hickey Dara is Kenisa breast. I still only one piece gown does not put anything down in. Last night of the lingering remains in the body has become to feel the body burn. Also I asked hugging I want.

With a married woman I met in dating

Immediately, I decided the date and time of the meeting and waited for the day to come with a long dismissal. When I went to the meeting place, there was a woman on Plov Street. She is 165 cm tall, has a normal body, has long hair, and is a fair-skinned beauty. My first impression of her was "Big breasts!" Lightly squeeze and move to an internet cafe. Since I am explaining the computer in a private room, I will inevitably stick to it. Since she is operating the mouse awkwardly, it seems that she was surprised when she gently put her left hand on top of it, but she said, "I was surprised because I suddenly touched it." When I kept that state for a while, my eyes met, so I kissed lightly. I didn't seem to dislike it, so I kept kissing and put my tongue in, and the married woman entwined me. Dick was also Bing, so I said "Let's go?" And left the internet cafe and moved to a love hotel. As soon as you enter the love hotel room, push it down, squeeze the crotch of the married woman and check the wetness , peel off the panties, expose Oman ○, insert your finger and say "Please take a shower ..." I came, but I closed my mouth with a deep kiss and searched the inside of the married woman's vagina with my finger. I succeeded in finding the vicinity of the G spot from the reaction of the married woman. While caressing the G-spot intensively, when the upper body is exposed, it is still a wonderful big tits. Every time a married woman feels a big breast, she trembles. When I'm playing at G-spot, the married woman"Ah, no! Iku! Iku!" I was panting and I was disappointed. I also wanted to feel good about my cock, so I inserted a cock in my pussy because the married woman was so tight. It was a medium simmering feeling like Gunnu. The married woman said, "Oh, please rest a little ...", but I ignored it and let the cock play in the vagina. While enjoying the feel of big breasts with my hands and cheeks, I enjoyed the reaction of the married woman, "Ah!" And " Good!" . While feeling the body temperature in the vagina of the married woman directly with a cock, I increased the insertion speed asking "Is it about to come out!". A married woman climaxed "I'm crazy again!" , So I also vaginal cum shot as it is. When I put it out, a married woman gave me a deep kiss and whispered, "I'm jealous inside." When I apologized for the vaginal cum shot in consideration of meeting next time, I was relieved because he said "I'm okay because I'm taking pills". After that, when I tried to take a bath together, I was told "Please turn off the lights ...", so I took a bath in total darkness. Wash it, skinship it, and resume playing after taking a bath. "I got it a while ago, so I'll do it this time," he said. My husband's training seems to be good, he kissed me, crawls my neck, nipples and tongue, and finally licked my cock.It is a married woman who has a ball bag in her mouth and licks her anus with her tongue. When I said "I'm good at blowjob!" , I was thankful that "I haven't done it recently, so I'm glad to hear that." It felt so good that I couldn't wait to get it out, so I decided to look at the married woman's dick in 69 positions. It was a beautiful pussy even though I said that I had one child. The G-spot was confirmed in the previous play, so I just resumed caressing it. He continued to suck the cock while feeling "Uh ...". For the time being, I stopped blowjob and got a married woman, Itte in foreplay. Then I inserted it again, changed the position from the missionary position to the woman on top posture, pushed it up from below, shook the big tits greatly and enjoyed it with my eyes. "It feels good to hit the back ... Ikuikuiku!" Said the married woman again. I was about to give her a blow job, so it's a vaginal cum shot. For the second time, a considerable amount came out. The married woman seemed to be satisfied, saying, "It feels so good ...", so I also said, "This is really so good!" While talking about various things in bed, I didn't feel like breaking each other's home, and I decided to keep going with my lovers only when I met them. On that day, after leaving the love hotel, we went to an internet cafe and canceled each other's dating sites. It's a couple of times a month, but like a normal lover I meet, the relationship is still going on.This time, I used a site called "Love and Desire Bulletin Board". I have already canceled the contract, but it is a site to bring to meet a married woman.

Lorigal who can be cool as many times as you want at the woman on top posture

24-year-old caregiver 150 cm Small breasts similar to Kago-chan w Appearance sensitivity is both ◎ child. This kid didn't give me the address until I met him. It's no good, I'm gonna etch it from now on, I should put it in w ☆ A casual reply w I didn't smell ugly, so I went to the meeting place with great expectation. When I looked around while watching the Badger Game ... Gal-like girl with a heart-shaped face wwwww I basically don't meet more than once. I have decided not to meet again except for a very type child. I want to make this guy a saffle! !! He was so cute and nice that he made me think. It's time to ask questions on the way to the hotel. Why are you doing "Yariman Pacoline" and how many people did you meet? She answered amiably. There were some negative remarks such as "I'm not confident in myself ..." , but basically I'm killing Chan's time. Choose a room and go to the elevator. Be sure to kiss in the elevator. As soon as I put my tongue in, it got entangled. The mess of saliva in a closed space invites excitement. Blessing "I can't kiss you here ..." Go to the room while touching the ass and pussy from behind. It's time to kiss again from the moment you close the door.Kago-chan seems to like kissing. After a long kiss, he often said, "I'm going to be funya ...". It's a little Kansai-style intonation. It was impressive that the mouth was half open after the kiss. Move to bed and take off your clothes while kissing. Faced with small breasts but well-shaped boobs and nipples w The waist was also insanely thin and looked like a doll. Continue kissing while picking the nipple. Kago-chan who stiffens her nipples while panting. While licking my ears, when I say "It's getting harder ", the usual answer is " Don't say it ..." Push down Kago-chan and take off the show bread with your underwear at once. At the moment of being taken off, Kago-chan covered her face with her hands. Ignore the shy figure and open the pussy www. Ignore the accumulation of "embarrassing!" And press the hand hiding the face against the bed and bring the face in front of me. I "I'm wet?" Kago "Well ..." I "Isn't it embarrassing to show the pussy in front of the man who was 30 minutes ago?" Kago "..." I "Is Kago a pervert? ?? " Kago-chan's face is bright red. Close your eyes with a crying face. At the moment of crushing, put your lips on and screw in your tongue. Kago-chan panting with "Hmm ...".Fingering started. However, here, just trace the crack without inserting your finger. I love teasing play. Kago-chan's answer is vague from this area w There is a tingling sensation, and it seems that the limit is approaching when a transparent shining liquid spills ww Kago "Touch ..." I "Where?" Kago "... " Where? " I "Where?" Kago "Over there ..." I "Understood " I put my finger in the anal Kago "Chi, different ...!" I closed my lips before all was said. I put my thumb in the pussy because I put my index finger in it. As expected, it was messy and slimy. It seems so tight that I stopped anal immediately, but I kept messing around with the pussy. Rubbing the wall of the vagina. It seems comfortable to rub the chestnuts at the same time, and the voice grows louder and louder. If you come to this point, you'll love Kago-chan .・ The first insertion is missionary. Of course, while kissing, the pussy is tight. After all, does a thin child have a small hole? I feel like I was banging while thinking about that. Put Kago-chan, who weighs 40 kg, on top and shake her hips. It feels like rubbing your hips instead of piston movement ...? ?? Movement ww to put it all the way to the limit and rub the waistEven though my bones hurts and hurts , Kago-chan got caught in 30 seconds. After that, while standing on the knees, a blow job on the knees ↓ Grab the head and deep throat ↓ Ejaculate in the mouth as it is ↓ Cum swallowing basic combo ends the first round. If you ask, Kago-chan, it seems that you don't want to ride from Iku as many times as you get on top. It is another story that I fainted by making squid 5 times in a row the next day. This kid was by far the most cute. I've been with him since last summer, but he was very impressed because he said goodbye the other day. By the way, it's Kago-chan B cup. It was a woman who was too thin and was like the enemy of a woman in the world called the complex. Even in "Yariman Pacoline", it is difficult to find a lorigal, so I don't think I can find any more children than her in the future.

I'm sure ... that day will come

yuna himekawa[25893]
This March, I turned 42. It's been three years since I divorced my husband. It may have been a woman's will that only her only son, Junya (21 years old), who got a job from this spring, was able to rely on her to do her best. The kind mother-minded son who was out of the room cared for me and continued to be encouraged. On my birthday, they buy me a small cake and we both eat it with a fork. Last fall, when I was taking a walk in the park in the evening with Junya who was shopping with me, I was in the evening. In a hurry, Junya pulled me back to the car, and Junya gently wiped my wet hair with a handkerchief. Maybe it was because of the rain, and I was surprised at Junya, who said, "It smells good," and puts his nose on my hair. Before I knew it, I was hugged by my shoulders and silently watched the heavy rain. When I noticed Junya, who was looking at me, I was looking at me with a serious look. I was embarrassed for some reason, and when I tried to lie down, my chin was supported by my fingertips and I gently approached my face. Perhaps the two of them silently stared at each other naturally expected this to happen, and I had closed their eyes to Junya. That was my first kiss with Junya. The soft lips of the man overlapped with my lips, and Junya put his tongue in and entwined it hot. At that time, I was hugged strongly and there was no way to escape. It was a long kiss. The kiss was so hot that my lipstick was peeled off. We were staring at each other and exploring each other's feelings. When I looked into Junya's eyes, I felt that he was a man, not his son.Junya's arms made me feel relieved. Junya laughed nastyly when he entwined his fingers and stared at each other. When I was asked "What happened?" And shook my head, "Yeah ...", I felt a little happiness. From then on, I started kissing normally and hugging me. When Junya's hands stroked the bulge of his chest from the top of his clothes, he even felt comfortable. It was around that time that I began to think that someday. One day, sitting on the terrace of a coffee shop, Junya said, "I want to suck my chest." I was surprised, but I was able to calm down immediately because of that premonition. I was surprised to say that I wanted to suck my breasts rather than hug me. "I can't get breast milk." "Let me suck it like it used to be." I took Junya's enthusiasm head-on and nodded a little. That night, when I got out of the bath and knocked on Junya's room, I led me to bed. When I asked, "What should I do?", I laid me on the bed and tried to unbutton my pajamas. He lowered the light to me who wished to turn off the lights because it was embarrassing. Junya, who was unbuttoned and overlapped with me, kissed me gently and then crawls his mouth to the neck, ears, and chest. After about 20 years, Junya has returned to my heart. When I rolled the nipple softly, pinched it lightly between my lips and sucked it up, the hardened nipple did not lie and I almost leaked my voice. It was Junya who was sweetly bitten and sucked up and left a kiss mark on the inside of the left nipple.In Junya's arm pillow, the two were silent. I had a pleasant lingering sound, and I was sick. Junya took my hand and led me to my lower body. My first impression was that it was big and hard. I was the one who asked, "What should I do?", But Junya was looking for one thing, even if I didn't say it in words. Junya lowered his pajamas and trunks and was waiting for me. Sneaking into the futon, I supported Junya's hard and big penis on my fingertips and put it in my mouth. I was excited to hear Junya's voice on my back. Junya's limit was early, and he released a white extract that filled my mouth. Holding my breath, I was putting it on a nearby tissue. It was the first time I had received such a large amount of things in my mouth. I hugged each other silently for a while, and when I tried to leave Junya's room, I was urged to "let's sleep together", and that night was greeted in Junya's bed. I think it's almost time to connect with Junya. If I nod one to Junya's request, everything should be solved. Junya will be back tonight. I'm expecting it, and I feel restless.


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