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Incest confession of women(2016-08)

Even though the same girl

yuna himekawa[27110]
One time I was supposed to be answering your day and the sister of the younger five years old in the parent of convenience. I any interest there was also not concerned about first sex in the day-to-day to spend one's time doing at the time 13 study and extracurricular activities. Just because there is no mean not, but it does not mean that in a horny feelings for the purpose of divergence the day-to-day stress. Well I do not end at all only, but to take care at full power gradually gone is nothing but time while whispering had burned hand to sister of tomboy prime and \"Do or do not you soon quietly sleeping\" heart. I fell asleep anymore exhaustion, happens when the other evening at four, sister of tomboy prime had Akekure in alone play house. I get ready for dinner across the street to the kitchen with a chance, sister Barre a few seconds of things are tensile apron while tapping the back. The other I was a limit in the day-to-day stress and fatigue. I had yelled raised his hand to his sister. I rice at length burst into tears in the living room with regret no longer pass through the throat. I called a bath the sister with the feeling to say that If you do not apologize. Also other many times apologized and I'm sorry again to the sister. Was I want the best to taste the pleasure then hazy can not be taken. So I \"want to be comfortable enough to convulsions,\" I thought I I wanted to taste the pleasure much also was good discard also pride there in \"trying to get help to the younger sister,\" inspiration was another shame. I was invited a sister in the room. Playing mistook us for the put word and then as you instruct the sister is, and I'm all stripped what you're wearing in front of the sister. Sister'll let you become naked to my sister and I to come up with should be noted that even here you are in Open Their Mouths Wide face, my sister is smiling a little uneasy look on one's face there was certainly tails of undeveloped body in front of the eye. Sigh a little while yet eight-year-old fiddle sister nipple told to imitate my sister is leaking, fiddle with to imitate it sister also my nipples, this is no pleasure until the run your body, keep the nipple to sister is while this time mucking over there sister in hand, I began to gasp a little rough now further sigh. Sister continues mucking over there of me, I had cause to wipe further convulsions the tide toward the sister not endure the additional pleasure. I sister was also quickly blew the tide to suck on the nipple while hand man to the sister want to see is squirting sister. I have is Ichikai in one month, but had been every day since has become a prisoner of lesbian from so I will live alone

Sister is

During the summer vacation at the time of the 2
ends club in the daytime
sister When I go back to the house watching TV
'm entered bath ignored in, coming out remains wrapped towel waist up bath behind the sister to the waist rolled towel Hodoite was I was wiping body is narrow me my house is, sister TV I was looking if there is a chest of drawers in the back of his sister pants facing the chest think Serve pants from the closet is this and Once - neechan it took pants stretched hand between my legs I'll Once you say, \"What you doing I!\" is my sister , \"try to show dick!\" I told you I'm a \"what depending smile \" What I was saying while laughing sister is \" because the good \" do I have Doke hands are hiding Chin ○ to say with out rubbing Once you Chin ○ look became Okkiku -to\", Jan Okkii! // / \" Toka said I've been example mouth and my sister is \" feel good ?? \" Toka heard come I is \" Yeah ... \" I say on my sister is \" ?? who sleep there. \" Truly I have been saying deep have been throat sister is me \"licking\" I was 69 then I thought began to feel said there was /// N'/// suddenly my sister has got up to have put in a cowgirl do shake Truly hip You sister are \"probably feels good?\" been heard Toka the utmost that say \"U'un\" become violently sister is chat went ahead Gakun'! My been falling in the chest me in my ear I \"was comfortable\" If you think unplugged got up to say me skein Lee in me to also Blow mouth - neechan ran a bath wash in the mouth I had I ran away to the Boo-chan who is a half without feeling that it should not be really something from saying










Sexual initiation to son

From her husband, it was was supposed to be your long-term business trip.
Business trip of the day before, \"I wonder if all right, by myself?\" To her husband, \"What is Chapter?\" \"Takashi, because junior high school students of impressionable period, if, once caused a strange behavior, but whether anxiety can cope by myself because age you are! \"\" sex of flooding, well, monitored me by! \"\" such a, do not say like a people's affairs, your advice I? \"want
before heading in the direction of\" wrong, is you the initiation of sex, Shiteyare it, I'm not either! \"\" initiation good, I wonder if I should Rure be what it? \"\" is not it has been decided! sex correct, I say you will be rewarded me the way ! \"\" I teach, not what extent are such up to? \"\" half-hearted teaching, thoroughly Looks to teach until the end! \"
I last? \"\" I'm saying that may be beyond the paddle? Last clear distinction of to say from my mouth! \"\" Oh! You, is not up to? Do that for I mean said in earnest, it will not be able I wonder ~? \"\" I can, because not stay on a business trip, I think I can without having to worry about! \",\" you are, when it was referred to there, I try to think of! \"like that, I went on a business trip in the story of a husband It was the could.
So that was said to her husband, it was to have been implicitly paying attention to his son. One day, the dirty laundry from the laundry basket when the try to put in the washing machine, for some reason, one of my panties, it did not see. Whether my memory difference, was the deeply did not think. I think that working hard to study for high school entrance exam at night, take a break
with a cake and tea want to, was when I went to the front of the son of the room. From inside the room, the odd groan son did was heard. I was was surprised to peek in the room by turning the knob of the de § so as not to be noticed. Son, take off your trousers and pants lying bet, while sniffing my panties with a familiar, the Timbo, was had been squeezed by hand. I can not believe the sight, it did back in the kitchen to not be such as to enter the room. \"No way,, anything was Ona two over in my panties?\" Her husband did was the truth is that had been advised. Ona only when What a important high school entrance exam two over, absolute, did I thought earnestly If you do not go to be causing it to stop. I, what I did was debated whether the solutions are. Suddenly, to blame the Ona two over did was worried about please consider think that is not a good idea. \"I go to mom, bath, ~ that t But also do not fit together?\" \"Anymore, I not that old!\" \"Hey, you want to got to wash your back! Note: ~?\"
I soak in the tub and by that, that no hiding the front with a towel, I did came into the bathtub in Timbo full view. I had been thinking that it is young children, it was unwise. Thick and Horny, it was Timbo adult size of about no favorably compare it with her ​​husband. Me in the even of the mother, was about to become a strange division. Son, after you have finished washing my back, wash your body, it did walked away from quickly bathroom. I was very of the night. Without leaving Timbo son of Bikkusaizu from the head, sometimes even life with her ​​husband was a long silence, it did had the masturbation for the first time in a long time. It also delusion of the opponent did was the son rather than the husband. \"Aa-Anna, burly Timbo is, When you come in me, no matter how one would feel good ~!\" Her husband remembered that he said may be carried out until the end, the son Ona two over is sure to allow time began, bra, was had visited the son of the room without wearing panties. Sure enough, my son was in the midst of Ona two over. \"Takashi! Such, than is touching the penis on their own, - because mom'll cooperate?\" My son did was look at me with a face and Kyotton. \"The mother of the panty, what did you delusion! Boobs Or, not something Omankonano? Delusion, I mother of skirt sow, wanted to see, because I'll show the pussy ~!\" In this way, the son of initiation of sex was had begun.
Even beyond the end of the clear distinction, it was was boldly can initiation because there is forgiveness of her husband.

In love with my son

It is a housewife of 52 years old. It is a husband and three people living in the son of 30-year-old and 55-year-old. My husband is a business trip often, and my son or go shopping or go to the drive well from student days. There is little conversation with her ​​husband but Hanashiae the son anything. Also walk hand in hand with two people there that are not acquainted around and go to my son and drive. It is what also I would say of the parents, but his son might same generation of girls and and are walking with two people son handsome has often seen his son. I do not have a way Boasting that you are walking hand in such a son and hands. He has been holding a shoulder from the previous son. Son to hear as not someone lovers to son, is boring also keep in the most fun by young children when you are doing a mom. I say. I chest was glad enough to Kuen, but will say that it is not even in the mind and I Make much lover.
My husband invited from this before my son to karaoke also went to karaoke with two people from that it was a business trip. Son is singing hugging my shoulder when you sing. The cheeks when they are singing several times has been the kiss.
When I chide to say Hey, this time saying sorry has been lightly kiss on the lips. I chest was pounding as when the first kiss. Hug from my son turned to when the return has been vigorously kiss. In what years while saying'm useless that the vagina is wet we know. Son to the opponent was the impact that the vagina is wet. Is full expectation and anxiety or go happened to my son now.

Brother large-love ☆

Nice to meet you
, my junior high school is the first year of the girl

it is that when I went to the beach at this year's summer vacation ... family.
Gone are parents of stayed hotel room, I became alone with in your brother and a swimsuit.

I was ruffle bikini mom and a matching your Maze such purple for this year ... brother.

Because there was like feeling to each other from before, I was at that time is very conscious.

After ... brother of silence was followed by a while I've been a confession to me. And ... I've been kissed hugged my swimsuit.
I could not resist not know, but I do what is such a thing is happening at that time.

Then I was lying on the bed,
the older brother staring gently my face
was referred to as the \"would be another good ... Kumiko\".
At that time, it I was able to understand that you are saying for the first time a brother.

From an early age ... I also like to be your brother, I'm revived feelings of When I was longing to brother of the bride.

We are in a real brother and sister that led the blood, yet still junior and senior high school students.

Feeling is brother you do not want to be deprived of so cute me (Jitsumai) to the other boys can be seen.
Even I ... Jitsumai not 's, I want to be loved only to your brother (elder brother) as a girl alone.

Never, though it is two people do not intersect each other ...

and I have been made ​​to take off swimsuit ... opened the legs,
tight hot became penis of brother (elder brother) has
been pushed into the still young crack of Kumiko (Jitsumai) and it has.

At first I was a feeling likely to tear painful,
we have felt become and come wet little by little ... gradually comfortably.

The last was issued during though it was dangerous day ... ☆

but did not pregnant,
then the secret to his parents, has a relationship with your brother.

Until a time that must be goodbye someday
I would want to be your brother and together forever.

But, I guess I'm a thing that should not still to love in the brother and sister?


Today, I am 45 years old, her husband 48-year-old, it is a family of two breadwinners of son 21-year-old.
Husband after the appointed alone, about four years beyond the son and a clear distinction is I have too.
About two months ending bachelor husband in this July will and the 27 Sugiyo
was that of the day. We sometimes of two breadwinners, married life has been to every Saturday. Last week of the 20 days we rest come physiological me.
27 past 10 o'clock on the night of, my husband went to the bedroom and a reminder to the'll go to bed earlier.
I was watching TV in the son of the short living room.
I will rest from taking a bath. And say I went to the bathroom getting ready to take a bath.
I have a while taking a bath, the son of the principal was came into sudden bathroom.
I, and surprised, to hear as what was, in short I I also it anymore, and the mother asks, came into the bathroom in the nude.
When I was I was surprised I say that I bad today, son of the short, came hug from now will you and dad, say that I have brought to me before that.
In my small voice to not put out the voice, but I said I bad today, in short there is no ear to hear jealous husband,
I, but the more unreasonable probably there is no condom, and say, the point came prepared with Chang. It was attached to a thing that was erection.
There is only so to the other essential needs of the one who is being kissed been rubbed the chest, was ending and is inserted from behind. But short changed immediately the next rubber, this time gave me I was squid face-to-face locus.
Wondering if maybe not Bale husband did not take in the gas. But thanks to the condoms, I of the vagina does not sometimes overflowing because semen is not turned on.
We went to the bedroom to cool the afterglow of a little body up from the bath.
Whether not the husband was slow, but I said, I'll came slowly, and to say, and there with the cream and lotion, husband to kiss me on the other fully motivated , I came continue stroking the body.
Though not yet even 30 minutes over a cornerstone also been caress to her husband, I am already completely wet turning. My husband and to have been so wet, so come come on top of the body while saying, because it is dangerous Date asked with a condom in her husband, parents familiar with the inside of me this time
went into the Shinda products. And slowly it has been moved to the waist, and the other my body is also that you have finished the preliminary exercise, I have to react immediately.
Too comfortable, so as to be better according to the movement of the waist of her husband, had combined movement.
I never felt so in the 45 years of life.
Best was when you feel the happiness of the woman.
The next day 28 days, her husband is going out in the morning in the entertainment golf, short of the previous day of jealousy There is also a son, also I was able to get the also best pleasure in the violence to come in search of me.
I think that it is the Also happiness. Year.
There are typographical errors in the first of the post there is no excuse.

As long as one day ...

That mom and dad can free up one day house on a business trip today, I have a younger brother to be 6 years old, that is to say, the 16-year-old I do not must be to take care of while doing household chores become a mom, morning seven cause a brother you are complaining to mom and dad and the send-off, \"Nene still yo sleepy\" when. And perhaps most of the challenge is actually must be changing the diapers since not been able to leave the diaper is still my brother, here strip the diapers lay the younger brother on the floor I will be face-to-face for the first time raised dot-kun and in life. Wrestle with the diaper while Boyaki in my heart I \"raised dot really I have an elephant's like a form I-kun\", quickly evening of half past six in such cans and, hurry rice while slob At this time, boil the bath to make a I was pedaling a conceited as \"I wonder I can be relaxed if the bath chillin '. Bathing is boil the \"scary 's Nene bath alone\" brother has been hug crying So my complacency was collapsed easily. Take off the clothes of the younger brother I also further and soak in hot water off the clothes tragedy ... brother has been embraced One saying I \"Nene scary\" squarely. It has been in the quietly raised dot-kun on top of rolled per tits. Because no choice hugged without as it is to say anything, but was determined to I'll wash your body out of the force the bathtub so it will stand up 10 minutes does not leave 20 minutes tatami. Raised dot-kun is mom and I'll peeled because we say and peeled a little gave up in the bath so can not be helped not towards well. Brother to the \"Next'm Arigato guess I'll wash Nene\" charm packed began to wash the body. I arrive to my delicate but had suffering a little intense it w began washing in the plaque off of nylon after a while. I began to call his brother to return to the room after a while. \"To Naa I Ne?\" Or to even younger brother has been doing sprinkle the affable. \"Nene is then bye-bye there to your eyes eyes closed because I'll put a spell,\" \"Eh? Nene Are witch-san?\" \"Yes Dayoa, I'm no good place is even what is absolute,\" this only in cancer ignore there is a mark that was the other pee that stripped the diaper Nekashitsuke a brother and so much 3 - 4 centimeters painting mouth the raised dot-kun. \"To to the Nene!\" I \"know! I told you I was on the quiet\" is accident when after a few minutes and suck started sucking ... raised dot-kun was Okkishi. But I decided to mind witnessing a small raised dot-kun not less than 10 centimeters. Move the inserted slowly waist raised dot-kun was riding on top of the younger brother quit suck \"this raised dot-kun attempts to insert a\" once. It would soon missing but comfortably many times I have gone. Was much After a while, the younger brother also passed away because it does not yet come out semen seems to have gone and feel also so the younger brother in the vagina in my vagina was Omoikkiri dumped pee I went to until after all the morning had a total of 4 times . Now his brother is me in my 22 so position reverse 12-year-old has become a Onapetto brother.

Wife of salad time

Married and sex can be enjoyed at the site I \"wife of salad time\".

First of all, please search for \"wife of salad time\".

Forgive you ...

I am a housewife of 29 years old. My husband is 33-year-old meeting employees of How can
we bachelor abroad from the previous three years. I do not have children.
Life without a husband has comforted and lonely every night masturbation.
Friends am also a child that I say you enjoyed making Saffle.
But because I do not betray his master ... I love you.
Something because it is dangerous in the other day there is an international call from my husband I one person
is said to please life and father-in-law father-in-law sama sama came to move.
Father-in-law sama I'm a person nice in the dandy.
I have become concerned about from the time I met for the first time you.
Mother-in-law sama husband in the early died father-in-law clients one of the high school students
seems to have come to raise a husband.
\"Go to sleep best regards from Satomi-san today.\"
\"This Welcome Thank you father-in-law-sama\"
I was totally nervous. I have in mind a man to father-in-law clients.
\"It takes Mai out sushi'll housewarming because his father-in-law clients much trouble\"
\"Likes Satomi-san\"
was the knob to sushi toast with beer.
The story of a father-in-law sama is happily drink proceed I had to get drunk.
I have overlaid the father-in-law (s) of the door lips snuggle to father-in-law clients of the shoulder.
\"Do not would have been scolded by Satomi ... sorry son ...\"
\"Do not say that of the father-in-law s husband ... I'm also a person three years ...
I is lonely without having made ​​a man without even I'm a woman ... cheating.\"
\"Satomi-san ...\" father-in-law-sama gave me hug me stronger.
\"Father-in-law-sama ... Satomi and the call is\" father-in-law clients have come to the kiss.
It was mutually entwined tongue. Melting is sweet kiss like.
I used to dick come wet I found myself.
\"Father-in-law (s) ... Here 's Well ...\" father-in-law (s) until my bedroom
took me to huggy princess.
It was mutually devour quietly unloaded body in bed.
\"Satomi ...,\" \"father-in-law-sama ...\"
has been on a single figure panty made ​​taking off clothes to the father-in-law clients.
I was also Nugashi the father-in-law customers' clothes.
The center of the trunks had to erection.
I was immediately touched the meat stick Nugashi the trunks.
\"Oh ... father-in-law (s) of the meat stick strong ... nice ...\"
patience juice has come out a lot.
I was moving the head included in your mouth cock can not stand up and down.
Father-in-law (s) of the meat stick will come become bigger and bigger.
\"Oh ~ ~ Do not have been charged to the good Naa-sweeping son Satomi\"
\"Do not say things of that person ...\"
father-in-law (s) will be Sixty Nine will come Turn licking pussy.
\"Satomi - Pussy Is not Bichobicho ~ Satomi man juice tasty by\"
father-in-law sama came licking chestnut, pussy, until Anal.
\"Becomes funny Once ah ... father-in-law (s) ... is so much ...\"
I came slowly put the meat stick is in normal position in the father-in-law clients.

You forgive ...
I was totally into one the father-in-law customers and body.
It's a long time of cock. I have felt really.

Great father-in-law (s) of the meat stick ... than my husband
glans will come poked the cervix.
\"Oh ... father-in-law (s) ... feel would ... useless ... Well die ... useless ... Aan ... feels good ... father-in-law (s) ... to come ...\"
I desperately make a nail in the back with entwined legs to the waist of the father-in-law clients
caught in the father-in-law (s) year.
Father-in-law clients while massaging wildly grab the chest of my D cup
comes Turn licking nipples ...
\"Haahaa ~ Satomi ~ I also die'll - oh oh come out ~ !!\"
father-in-law (s) of semen in my vagina was momentum is well ejaculation.

When remove the father-in-law (s) of the cock from the pussy back of the father-in-law clients semen
came flowing and muddy.
I was raised drinking also smoked clean lick remaining juice meat stick of father-in-law clients.
I would love a father-in-law clients.
Also father-in-law-sama seems to have wanted to embrace me from before.

My life and the father-in-law (s) from this day began.

... To my son in the kitchen

yuna himekawa[27062]
When the son of a junior high school student was doing washing in the kitchen
, \"mom of from behind, I'm no longer able to put up with when I look!\"
\"Can not be helped Hey child ~! Soon, because the father comes back, can not go to your room know, in and I have! \"put up the kitchen
is my son, I started to Ri sow my skirt.
\"Oh, Mom! Do not you wearing panties?\"
\"Takashi is, soon, I think come to say, I put from the direction of ass!\"
Son of Timbo is, Guigui and Oman came into this vagina hole were you.
\"I Aa - young penis, Okay ~! More, there - put to the back, Atsu, - I have been Bing stimulate the uterus!\"
\"Mother of the pussy, when even a good feeling to put!\"
\" now, by changing the orientation, us to Man Standing lift one leg of the mother! \"
I was allowed to stand against a wall, we came to put again to the pussy raised one leg.
\"There, there! More, ~ in the push-up penis so, so, by that feeling!\"
Such in the middle, I phone from her husband has been taken.
Remains inserted, he had set out on a telephone outlet.
\"Tonight, because Banmeshi is not needed because the slow in the entertainment!\"
\"You're right! Too much to drink, there, Atsu, there ~\"
\"How to college! ~ Out a pained voice?\"
From \"a little while ago, the stomach aching for, okay I! \"because drinking stomach medicine
to his son off the phone
not move penis\" on the phone, dad, Tara are! Takashi not it feel strange ~? \"
by the late husband, the son of the room I did had exhausted many times.

And mom remarried partner

Who we not say, but ... want to be here to say to someone
I have a relationship with the mother of the second marriage partner.
Married to the man of the house I am also supposed to live together, is that when the past six months.
I wanted to know absolutely in the things over there of a man of the people, but from the fact that I heard the plunge.
\"What uncle-chan phimosis, what? Uncle-chan is Which?\" And

I'm 20-year-old mother is 43-year-old married partner is 39 years old.

\"I pseudorabies It 's my Uncut\"
and \"that sort of is I do not know\", ask and I want you to show me after all, was explained to me in itself.
But I was a little excited, truly mother remarried partner, uncle also that time is not particularly anything because me was completely treated like a child.

However, when there is

To brother

 It is understood to want to.
 Mon's boy.

 But, properly wooed by me! If you want to do
 Toka night crawling, not bad?

 I if Sai me wooed, because I'll make you do anything 1

6 shots in one night, I made the libido strong Saffle? ..

I was able to be quite deep relationship with the encounter site (Saffle hibiscus) I met 28-year-old girl.

How did you supposed to be acquainted with the girl, I look like a girl's profile and diaries, I think that s high cute girl's nice, was that I sent her an email. When the elapsed about her in one hour to reply to e-mail was, there was a reply.

And, excitement in her and Hobby and naughty talk, after the exchange by e-mail about two days at the site, we were able to replace the LINE. So, we or each other to show a photo of the odious sight of each other, was excited to like naughty conversation.

Because I felt like actually meet with the girl, he said trying to etch thing there next week. Then, she also seems was horny Apparently, in order to me to understand the situation immediately, we decided to meet.

I have a meeting with her ​​and the station, went immediately to the love hotel with her. It was Nugashi her clothes arrived at the hotel, but her body is very nice, was as unbearably longer excited if male.

To that end, I will not be able to keep the excitement, I licked her body. Also without attracting any shower, it did immediately was to start the play. Her beautiful breasts were much larger highest.

Softer feel the rub in well, it was the best too tits. If I'm licking carefully the nice breasts, whether she can no longer endure, I was excited to put out a loud voice that the good feelings N An'a.

I, of course, because I wanted to hear the voice that is her feel more licking, was licking again and again.

Then, when finish the 69, I also just in the beginning of combat, we insert the thing tick in her nice dick.
She is pretty well interference, because the very chemistry was good, also comfortably was considerable. I have inserted from various Positions to her dick. For she was quite a sensitive constitution, was immediately wet dick.

That to her was clean juice fairly even to see the excitement, appearance and voice that her feel all is said and done was to further excited me.
In quite naughty girl, I have to ask the blame also the words to me.

So, I was also looking forward to the words blame her. She Rashiku very strong sexual desire, was the girl that care does not and is sorry many times a day.
We are the day, as also enjoy indeed 6 round, it did was to etch a lot.

Since the rare favorite girl etch far, dating site (Saffle hibiscus) was also think Do not so bad quite.

She and has been followed by a relationship of Saffle even now.

Son entertain me in reality

Two years ago, I lost a husband of 46-year-old cancer.
Only is retirement a little, we have immediately with the bottom.
We do not need just sad.
In the introduction of the neighborhood of his wife, it was to go in part to the super of the next town.
 And about a week, I was invited to dinner with the wife.
 Since the introduction to the people who invite to work can not refuse to impossible, we decided to go with.
\"Since children are waiting.\"
\"You okay. Ryoji-kun would be another high school students. If not slow root\"
, \"back of the Akira-chan I'll large, are doing something sports\"
\"in judo,\"
\"Yes, and handsome. tempted to wonder if Let \"
 and I very much this person, was thought and try not to Fukairi.
 But was refused and not drink, Toka only full, it is swallowed a little more Toka, drink no wine, when you got to go home, his feet had staggering.
 I was watching a dream.
 Old husband of laughing face.
 There is a little while ago of his wife.
 Taking the hand of brazenly husband.
\"Wait, you,\"
 I was chasing after crazy.
 I came out to the wide grassland.
 My husband was not lying.
 The woman was gone.
 I also the grass beside her husband, was sleeping on his back.
\"U, hehehe, no, bright Are I, Kuku ...\"
 the hands of the husband has been stretched to the inner thigh.
 Something I have very burning.
\"Oh, you, feels good, Uumu\"
 hand, we have trying to Nugaso the Pantei.
 We floated the waist.
 It takes off and SOULTZ.
 Kuriningu is a long time.
 Doku', it seems Doku' and full of sound can be heard.
 Fingers came in.
\"Fit, like, feels good, you\"
 husband was coming in.
 We embrace the shoulder.
 Smell was different.
 It opened the eyes.
\"Gay, stomach, hate, hate ah, useless, useless\"
're riding on is, it was a Ryoji whopping son.
\"I hate, I useless, oh, oh, for parent-child,\"
 But, I'm ashamed, full of new your dew, and liking the more unbearable, I had hugged thinking of my son shoulder.
 The woman of sex, Will such a whopping sinful thing.
 Or, I wonder if I only such of.
 If the people who have experience, when it was there you, by all means, please tell me.
 Since then, but something am I to son is looming, but we survived each time, it will also feel like not be refused forever.
 Once, it is said with the dream of continued, wet, because I've hugged my son's body.

If the son is ...

Recently, the life of her husband was a long silence. My body of the MILF did could not help starting to throb. And without courage, such as to flirt outside, was every day of every day was a day worrying endlessly.
At such times, if and you'll washing peek the basket, I did not see any of my panty about two. When along with the son of pants or my misunderstanding was about to put in the washing machine, was the filth had with Hebari the son of pants. Immediately, they were seeded to understand that it is the son of semen.
See my panty lost and the son of the semen
, \"Did you mean, Ttara that child, my panty Ona two over at
the - I wonder was?\"
While I think that no wonder because it is a junior high school student, is how if the adult magazine to also be no
\"Why, - in my panties?\"
was coming body is flushed only imagine.
I, once, had become a feeling you want to see the masturbation of such a son.
If always, did enter the son of the room from to knock de §, without it, I did opened the suddenly de §.
As I thought, lower body lying on the bed, while sniffing my panties in a half-assed, it did was eye welcomed a son that squeezed the Timbo.
\"I knocked about mom! De §!\"
Son did was wearing pants hiding the panties in a hurry.
But, I did not have going to miss the son of the grown strong Timbo.
\"Was looking for, my panties, I did a here! Me return ~?\" 
Dare, masturbation was did not blame.
That night, was not falling asleep easily. Even attempts to find a husband did was sleeping in a loud snore.
I, while touching the pussy
\"Anna, strong penis is, my ... When you come into the pussy,\"
the delusion unworthy of the mother & # 25620; it did make come. Man juice, was coming springs the gushing.
\"Aa ~ ~ Takashi!\"
I was thinking was leaked sigh. Since that day, it did no longer lost panties. It was worrisome returned.
\"Tara that child, - I wonder are you masturbate without panties?\"
It was to the strange worry.
Then past few days, was the night her husband went on a business trip.
My, to can not put up with curiosity that has been kept to a restrained, it was to visit his son's room in pajamas appearance. Son, was had lost in also think while looking at the ceiling.
\"Mom! What 'was, - in this middle of the night?\"
\"Takashi is, ~ I think or not it has been moyamoya?\"
\"Mom, brought out the panties, I'm sorry!\"
\"That thing is gonna say! Circa because it has been found because What, in the smell of mom of panties, so much to the excitement? \"
\" I mean, I! \"because is with mother of Oman this juice
than to something\" Ona two over, tonight, and mom and sex ~ not try? \"
\" Well, - of good I'm mom and! parent and child? \"
because it is all right to be issued during\", or, in the nasty - to the mother? \"
\" such a thing'm not! always, mom of'm gone and delusion the pussy! \"
\" That, delusion Nante, tonight, ~ gonna good to put in a pussy of a real mother! \"
the son of the stout Timbo came into the vagina hole it did.
\"Aa ~, what, this ~! 'S amazing, penis of Takashi, much likely to tear the vagina, thick and I hard! Aa-fainting and so had 1 pussy! Cunt ~~\"

With my only son

Recently, I have a relationship with my only son, who is 18. I am 42 years old and my son is 18 years old. I divorced my husband 10 years ago and have been living with my son for a long time. Since I was a woman in my thirties, I've been alone, and I've managed to distract myself by relying on tools such as vibrators and rotors I bought online to comfort my sometimes burning body. However, by accident, I snooped on the scene of my son's masturbation, and the nature of the woman who had been holding down until now was ignited. It goes back a month. When I got home a little late at work, the lights in the house were off, so I opened the front door with a master key and went inside. I wondered if my son hadn't returned yet, and when I went to look into his room, he was squeezing his erected penis while wearing headphones and watching an adult video in a dark room with the lights turned off. I hurriedly tried to close the door, but when I reconsidered and looked inside again through a slightly open gap, my son's penis was a big and strong penis that was as good as an adult, and my heart screamed. I was so surprised. And when I looked at my son's hand, I was holding my shorts, and he sometimes rubbed them on his nose, smelling them, and holding them in his mouth. Looking at that figure, I felt the illusion that my son was caressing my dick, and I felt my lower body getting hot with Jean. After that, when the finish came to my son, he shouted "Uh! ... or mom! ..." and spit out a tremendous amount of cloudy liquid vigorously at the woman on the screen of the video. I did.I was suffocatingly excited, but I gently closed the door and hurried into my bedroom so that my son wouldn't notice. When I fell into the bed, the big and strong penis of my son that I saw in front of me and the figure of my son who climaxed while yelling "Mom ..." came back to me, and my son was dear (I want to hug him tightly ...) I want to kiss my lips, cheeks, and all over my body ...) Such feelings began to swell, and my excited body trembled. I took a thick vibe out of the bed drawer like a mess, inserted it into my already wet dick, switched it on, and pierced my son's big penis. While thinking of myself as I am, I got acme many times. The next day, after my son went out, I secretly went to see his son's room. There was a lot of man-smelling tissue in the trash, and from under the bed, in addition to my shorts, bras, stockings, and used sanitary napkins came out. And in the sports bag under the desk, the video was hidden like a mountain. The title is Mother-Child Incest Game Mother and Child Reality Incest Forbidden Mother-Child Mating "Yoshiji" Mother Creampie SEX Mother Wants To Be A Mother! Big Breasts Mother's Dirty Creampie Mature Mother Creampie 38 Years Old Disturbed Mother Forbidden Charity Mother Predominant Examination Comfort Mother ... All of these were videos of mother and child incest. When I saw it, I thought that if she wanted my body so much ... I could be a woman from her mother ... ..That night, my son came home after 9 pm. Just as my son usually said, "I'm back, mom ...", I could think of my son's masturbation last night and my son's room this morning. , My heart was beating faster. "Yeah ... my mother is back now ..." "It was cold today ... I want to take a bath right away ..." "My mother was just pouring hot water to take a bath ... after a long time. When I asked, "Would you like to join us?", My son looked surprised at first, but he gasped and nodded. My heart was also throbbing with tears. When I took a bath first and waited, my son covered his lower body with a towel and came in. I got out of the bath and decided to have my son wash his back. To my son who washed his back with soap, I said "Thank you" and turned around. My son's body in front of me was muscular and was already a man's body. My son was careful not to let me see the erected penis by hiding the front with a towel. (My dear son's penis, hard, thick and youthful penis, what does it taste like, how violent it will be if you go in there) . I took the plunge and said to my son, "Hey ... it's going to get cold tonight, should I sleep with my mother?" The son said "eh" and then said "yes" and went into the bathtub. I had a good year and my heart was sick.I got out of the bath first and went to the bedroom. After a while, my son came into the bedroom in his pajamas. My son sat next to me sitting on the bed without saying anything. When I looked into my son's eyes, it seemed that his clear eyes were filled with a ferocious young sexual desire to mate with his real mother. In the air filled with stuffy tension, when I asked, "Do you think of my mother all the time?", My son shook his head and said "Yeah," which was like a signal. , My son hugged my shoulder. The heartbeat of my son clinging to my chest was transmitted. How long have you been doing this, feeling the warmth of each other? My son, who suddenly raised his face, said, "I wanted to do it with my mother ..." The straight word made me lose the tag of my mother's heart, and my heart was filled with hot things. .. (Oh ..., my mom wanted to be with you ...) From the first time I saw my son's masturbation, I was hoping that my son would pierce me ... "So much ... did you want to be a mother? ..." I said, and my son gently turned to my lips. I quietly closed my eyes. When my warm son's lips touched my lips, I felt a current flowing through my whole body and quivered slightly. My son sucked his lips violently as if he was sucking. After a long, hot kiss, my son slowly laid me on the bed and asked for my lips again.Then my son unbuttoned my nightie and exposed my breasts. My son's hot sigh was clinging to his skin. My son sucked on my breasts, as if he had returned to a baby. While doing so, one hand extended to my lower abdomen and inserted my finger into the burning secret meat in my shorts. My honey pot, which was already moisturized, facilitated the entry of my son's fingers. My son raised his face from his breast and overlapped with me. I stretched my fingertips into my son's crotch, asking for my son's lips, and touched a big, hot, pulsing cock. My son was impatient, once he got up, took off my panties, opened the secret meat with both hands and looked into it as if to look inside. As my son saw something unusual, he said, "Mom ... I came out of this hole ... The inside is a beautiful pink color ..." and put my finger on the hot honey pot again. I've been prying in. I was about to make a voice without thinking "Oh ...". When my son put his fingers in and out, he made an obscene sound like "nuchanucha" and I became so embarrassed that my face turned red. My excited son asked me in a loud voice, "Mom ... can I put my in?" When I nodded, my son put his elbows on both sides of my body and kept his lower body in close contact, not to put weight on me. (Finally ... I'm pierced by my real son's hot cock ...) I put my hand on my son's hot, pulsing big cock and led him to the vaginal hole where he was born.As soon as the tip of my son's hard cock touched my vaginal opening, I felt the excitement of trembling for the first time in more than a dozen years. When I told him "Now and Then, Here and There ..." , he suddenly inserted a meat stick so that his son would sit down. My son's big cock pushed the vaginal opening all at once, and I was roughly pushed up to the innermost uterine ostium, and I felt a dull pain. I frowned for a moment, and my son was still in the wind, not knowing what to do. (This kid hasn't had any experience yet ...) I thought so in my heart. "Okay, move on ..." I said, and my son slowly and gently started the piston. " Let's do this?" I nodded with my eyes closed so that I could enjoy the pleasure. I also used my hips a little to help my son move, and as my son gradually got the hang of it, his hips became smoother. When I felt that each other was breathing hard and my hips were moving more violently, my son shouted "Oh!" In a surprised voice. When my son pushed his hips up against me, he pulsated the cock and ejaculated while shaking. Hot liquid has been released to fill my vaginal opening. When I thought my son's semen was definitely about to reach the inside of my womb, for a moment in my head (pregnant my son's baby ...)At the same time as I was scared, it increased my sexual excitement abnormally, and I just put my arms around my son's head and hugged him, while holding the tip of my son's cock in my uterine ostium. I pushed my waist strongly so that I could insert it. After receiving my son's in utero ejaculation, he remained hugging each other for a while to calm his rough breath. I didn't reach sexual climax, but I definitely felt the joy of sexuality as a woman. It may have been the joy of becoming a son's woman from her son's mother. Once upon a time, I felt a mysterious chain of life that the little life that lived in my stomach was born and grew from my body, and that seed of life filled my womb again. I was so happy that I slept naked, hugging my son. We have crossed the line between mother and son, and every day, as if we were obsessed with the pleasures of this immorality, mother and son devour each other's bodies and seek each other.

With my son all the time

I am also one of the mothers who has had a relationship with my son for a year. I am 49 years old. My son is 20 years old and lives with his 56-year-old husband. I'm already an old man called Oba, and my face and style aren't good. But my son is crazy about my body, seeking me day and night. I have sex with my husband only a few times a year, but I have sex with my son almost every day since last year. Having sex with my son was a guilty feeling that I wanted to blame, but while the thirsty woman was moisturized again and led to a deep climax many times. Someday, my guilt became weaker, and I started to open my body at my son's discretion. The trigger was last summer. It was a night when my husband was on a business trip and I was alone with my son. I finished my meal and took a bath. When I got away from having sex with my husband and I went to the hospital because of menopause, my female doctor recommended me to improve my symptoms, and sometimes I started masturbating myself. Even then, I put one foot on the edge of the bathtub, showered over there, and tossed the sensitive parts myself. When I moved my right hand back and forth and inserted only the middle finger into three fingers, the index finger and the ring finger, and strongly inserted from the back of the G-spot to the front and back again, I was breathless and said, "Oh, oh." I was leaking my voice. While doing so, the little finger pushes the perineum and the thumb stimulates the clitoris, which gives a sensation of pleasure. The climax suddenly came as I closed my eyes and was immersed in the pleasures that boiled from the core of my body.The thighs were squeezed, the inserted right hand was pinched, the vagina contracted with amazing strength, and I pressed my face against the wall of the bathroom as hard as I could, killing the voice that seemed to come out. It was. As my right hand was tightened and I kept moving my three fingers, I immediately got a second climax and again I pressed my face against the wall. Then, after the third, fourth, and fifth climaxes passed, I was finally able to breathe, and when I took my face off the wall, I felt a cool breeze on my back. When I turned around, my son opened the bathroom door a little and looked into my masturbation. I almost stopped my heart. I thought I had to say something, but I couldn't speak. Then my son suddenly took off his pants, made Pace angry, and entered the bathroom. "What ... what ..." I stepped back to the hell . My son suddenly hugged my body. "Mom ... I can't stand it ..." My son hugged me tightly. My son, who is 20 centimeters larger than me, had a tight back, and it felt like he was being hugged by a man somewhere, not his own child. An erected pace was pressed against my abdomen, pulsing hot, and I could clearly see that my son was lustful. My nipples were getting stiff as my nipples started to ache again.While hugging me, my son moved the pace by rubbing it against my stomach, moaning and ejaculating around my navel. I noticed that my stomach was cramping and hot semen was flowing down my navel. "No ... to my mother ... I should do this ..." and the son remained silent. I didn't talk anymore and I shut up. It was a time when I was trying to say something, surrounded by a strange atmosphere while standing naked. My son hugged me again and buried his face in my breasts. Somehow I was weakened and left unstoppable, my son pushed my back and took me naked to the Japanese-style room, where I laid me down and opened my legs. , I pressed my mouth over there. I couldn't figure out what was going on, as if my head had melted, and my son's tongue crawled there, and every time I touched my clitoris, I couldn't stand and screamed. When my son Pace came in with his legs wide open, the word "near XXX" came to my mind for the first time, and suddenly I became scared. "No! No!" I said so, and at the same time my son Pace pierced me. My son, Pace, was thicker and longer than my husband's, and pushed up my womb with great pleasure. My son moved his hips violently at a stretch, and after a few minutes, he said, "Mom ...", and when he pushed his hips up, he ejaculated inside me.At that time, my consciousness of near XXX disappeared somewhere, and I reached a deep climax and clung to my son's back and raised his voice. After that, when I lay naked with my son for a while and stared at the ceiling vaguely, I felt regret that I had committed an irreversible crime, and tears began to spill. I felt dear to my son who muttered , "Mom, I'm sorry ..." . I started with my son that day. From the next day, I started having sex in the daytime when my husband was away, but gradually my son started to signal me and ask for my body even when my husband was at home. In such a case, I have sex within 10 or 15 minutes when my husband is taking a bath. Sometimes my husband suddenly comes out, so I try to hide behind the living room, and both of them wear clothes on the top, expose only the lower body, and have sex with the son inserting from behind. My husband was always in the missionary position, so my son was the first to be inserted later. When I thought that my husband wouldn't notice me, I was so excited that I bit the back of my hand and killed my voice and had sex. Now that I am aware of my sins, I would like to continue until I can continue my relationship with my son.

Dont relationship with son

The it was settlement in relation to the son from the feeling of looseness of the son of brush wholesale outstanding experience.
My first experience is, because it was her husband Timbo of thickness, size is I did not know only husband.
So, son of Timbo is, when you came into the pussy, of about never felt until now, Oman was this joy.
Oman did was a thickness of about this split is not a tear.
In the life of a husband, I was issued a Nasty words have never been out in the mouth.
\"Oh, there ... what, this penis ~? My pussy is, - I have been surprised! Aa - this the first time !!!
Takashi! More, is ... cunt! Pussy digs as far as it will go feels good I ~! anymore, I do not need something dad!
Takashi! from now on, dad put in secret to ~! \"

Son's desire

I was 20 years old and had a marriage that was not welcomed by my relatives. At that time, I had my son Junya in my stomach. Twenty-three years later, two years ago, my husband broke up with a situation that I could not forgive as a woman. Junya had a job and lived in a city a little far away, but he said, "Come near me," and moved. Junya's first bonus gave me an unexpected gift. He put on a beautiful dress for me and took a commemorative photo with Junya in a black tie at the photo studio. That night, I ate out with Junya for dinner and walked under the rain with Junya's umbrella. And, by not even thinking about it, I received a confession of love from Junya. A light hug was hugged before I knew it, and I whispered to me the words of love of my feelings all the time in my ears. Junya gently kissed me on my forehead as I stared at Junya's true intentions. My words, "Because we are parents and children ...", have now disappeared somewhere ephemeral. Now I love Junya as a man more than my son. Of course, Junya also treats me kindly as a woman, and as a hot relationship between men and women, they are tied together. The night I first connected with Junya was still tense. Junya knew the woman's body well and loved me politely to find my weaknesses. When Junya's hard, thick and long penis touched the entrance of the vagina, I realized the woman and entrusted everything to Junya. When it was inserted all the way to the root, Junya stopped in that position and said, "I will never forget this moment with my mother," and I nodded, "Yeah," while feeling the temperature of Junya's penis deep inside my body. Was there.Really deep, I accepted the penis that was about to reach the womb and hugged Junya. Of course, only the thin-skinned condoms did what I promised. Even though I was separated by a thin skin, the moment when Junya's large amount of extract was beating and released deep inside my body, I was completely tasting a woman. After layering my skin several times, I discovered my weakness and attacked it, and finally I was led by my son Junya to the top of the woman. When I was tired and asked, "Did you get it?", I nodded with my face down. When I let out a wet voice, he said, "That voice is really good," and I feel embarrassed. Having shown Junya a figure other than her mother's figure, I experienced many things for the first time, up to the position required by my son. I also learned to straddle Junya and straddle Junya's face, and gave me a pleasant feeling that I had never felt in the back. There was something else that Junya had asked for. I was persuaded at the table where I was drinking tea, and finally I decided to cut my finger with Junya and respond to Junya's request. Perhaps it's a so-called ritual, Junya shaved my rather thin pubic hair with my right hand holding a razor, leaving no one clean. I have returned to the lower body without hair since the upper grades of elementary school. I sat down on a chair and let my armrests open my legs, and Junya gently and gently shaved me. The embarrassment of being able to spread it to the left and right with my fingers and stare at it from a close distance, which had nothing to hide, was beyond shame. I washed it off in the shower, sat in a chair and entered my crotch with my legs open, Junya loved me with my tongue, and I was squid many times with such an embarrassing posture. When I licked and rolled the clitoris, sucked it up, and inserted a long and hard tongue into the vagina, I climbed up with a feeling that was no longer a pleasure.I gave Junya another hope. I went to the bathroom together and had my pee in front of Junya. Even though I was embarrassed to hide my face with both hands, I could hear the sound of peeing and hitting the toilet bowl, and my face turned bright red. Recently, Junya asked me another hope. I had a feeling of wanting to fulfill my desire to "live out in my mother ..." and a feeling of being scared. Of course, I may have to take the drug, but I'm still pregnant enough, so to be honest, I'm at a loss. The issue of what to do if it can be done is a problem, and I think it requires a serious determination.

That of a brother

What I became a brother and intimate, and decided my marriage, is a party of one week prior to the expression, father, and Kikuhana had gone, because it will no longer be quickly aligned with everyone, uniform trying to be a meal on, unfortunately sister-in-law is, if you are flying around all over Japan in the career woman of the cosmetics manufacturer, this day also by the not out absolutely on a business trip of three days, people are on friendly terms, business trip party since doing the company, all of us with the arrangements, now lavish party, when I was born, to see photos that are not even open yet eye, seven hundred fifty-three, athletic meet, the album, such as a coming-of-age ceremony, father is, in the bright red eyes, was holding back tears, skilled in the people who were pulled dismissed all, parents will drop in the room, only brother and I hung on the living room sofa, it was sad, At that time my brother, \"I love cocoon even now I liked that me a Zoot brow, marriage is I'm going to be more and more strongly determined, do I only have to put up with,\" I was also confessed \"brother I 'Cause I love I, when the brother was married, I was really lonely, mon've seen a dream that has been nestled in the brother I, what I do not even \"brother Yeah Ne is turning the hand on the shoulder, sideways my face, brother of face imminent put the force so as to be in close contact with people of their own turn the \"older brother please take me to my room,\" my Hip, quietly went into the room, the mouth while standing together, tangled the lower of two people, Sucking, to loincloth lick the mouth, hands massaging your breast, the nipple contains hands is to remove the bra hook around the back in the shirt tongue Churuchuru, not be stood me, fell to the bed, his brother also overlap as overlays, rising brother \"cocoon clean it by him is I envy, good do not because I can hog\", loosen the belt of trousers, made in one piece pants, silently hand in skirt If you Nugaso over, raised me a little waist, in my body, only there is a small shorts, there brother of the face is \"trying to do Oh brother brother of not my hate,\" want to see all of the cocoon , this I \"\" I embarrassed good'll take, brother, that's my brother so much look not at Iyayo \"\" This beautiful eyebrows, I had become so, by amazing I had imagined, and that guy from entering here I think when the eyebrows to that is put in the other many times \"...\" no such the older brother would be good Hey want to see your brother of not hear \"make the pants pin as repelled and - jump and down, in it your hands so as to sandwich, tongue was crawl, massaging the bag under it, going on in your mouth a man firmly \"'ll get finished and do eyebrows so strongly, I want to go into the cocoon,\" brother is the bottom a little entered spread \"word clean it by your beans from a little while ago by bright red but I your soup is glowing until the ass flow is increased,\" \"Oh brother good nice to feel good for more and more licking ask Aa N'ndamedame I'm moving over, \"\" cocoon not move ah of the brother I have is hitting in, I'm feels good to do so much great'm wet person sheets gets wet, I since put yo whoa rubber, among huh bad \"increased in me Pikunpikun and bounce, the second time was me alone cum in my mouth.

I can't go back

yuna himekawa[26982]
I am a full-time housewife, my husband, and my son. My husband is on his way to work alone, and during that time he is in charge of everything. Son of Isamu-chan is also the fact that one son, a little spoiled because it was too much fondness is not Bow, but it was me growing up in honest good child. Immediately after Yu-chan entered junior high school, he was absent from school due to bullying in the school . Conversations with me are normal, but I've become extremely reluctant to go out of the house, and at night I seem to be crying on the futon in my room. I couldn't see it, and I said, "Let's sleep together on my futon at night," and from that day on, I and Yu- chan started sleeping on one futon. Even if I sleep on one futon, I still sob next to me. Even if you hold hands and soothe "because your mother is by your side", you will cry as if you were frightened by something . Time Isamu chan young, was sucked tits when you did not get to sleep easily I Guzu et al., I was reminded that the sleeping calm, remove the button of pajamas chest "Isamu-chan. Come over here. I Please suck of tits, settle down because " " but ... embarrassing I " it was Isamu-chan was shy, gentle my Whoa taking the hand of Isamu chan Once led to the pie, I started smoking timidly nipples It was. At first, Yu-chan was reluctant to smoke. As I got used to it, I started sucking my nipples.However, the way of sucking is similar to the caress of an adult man, unlike a baby drinking breasts . If you think you were sucking with your nipple in your mouth, you could roll it with your tongue. Yu-chan who devours the left and right nipples while rubbing her boobs. "Hmm, uh, hmmm" I ca n't help but feel it and make a voice. [For Yu-chan ... I'm my mother ...] I'll tell myself ... I put the sheets in my mouth, bite them, and kill the pant voice. A dim bedroom with only a miniature light bulb lit, with only the sound of licking a nipple. Yu-chan who further licks and stimulates the stimulated and hardened nipple. Again and again over a period becomes pure white is in the head, and become a big gasp likely aloud and seeded. The body moves unconsciously with pleasure. "Ah, um, um" "Ah, Isamu-chan , already ... da ... me" When I was about to reach the limit of holding my sheets and killing my voice, "Mom's boobs It's soft, " Yu-chan talked to me with a sweet tooth , and finally regained the consciousness of being a mother, and became sweet and hugged tightly. Did such an act last for 10 minutes, or even 20 minutes? "Thank you, Mom. I was calm," Isamu-chan told me about to sleep in next to release the tits and say so.I am out of the futon, Gusho in the tits and the joy juice that has become sticky in the saliva in the bath wash away the Bagina became Gusho. My husband was plain about sex and didn't do much foreplay. It's been two years since I became sexless because I was assigned to work alone. I am over 40 years old. To have Forget woman of joy, and never become wet in the act of son I think did not. As I washed my body, my tears didn't stop. Fortunately, whether Isamu-chan began to sleep in peace at night, drop the mind little by little we have arrived Chi. I made an excuse to carry my shopping baggage and took it out with me, so I could go out alone . Thanks to me bullying measures in consultation with the teacher of the school, you can also safely school I became a jar. At last, I'm able to regain my peaceful days ... Just sucking my boobs before going to bed at night doesn't stop me. I used to be reluctant to smoke, but now I'm begging, "Mom, please. Let me suck your boobs again." When I thought that my illness would come back, I couldn't refuse and continued to take off my pajamas and let Yu-chan suck her boobs. And there is another lewd me who awaits the act from the bottom of my heart .An act that is repeated like every night. It was supposed to just fill the gap in Yu-chan's heart ... While Yu-chan was sucking her boobs, my right hand unknowingly began to stimulate the clitoris . Don't make a pant voice ... Don't realize what I'm feeling. I'm a mother. I think it's a contradiction, but I can't stop it. After Isamu chan went to bed, because the comfort flushed body while washing away the body in the shower to. The nipple that was sucked by Yu-chan until a while ago. About little finger of the previous large erection to, comfort, such as pain in the whole body with just a little touch runs is a feeling. While stimulating the Korikori the nipple in the left hand, fingers out violently with his right hand to the back of Bakina to put "Oh, Isamu-chan. Iii ~!" "The Please! Please! Soco, ~ want to lick the nipple." " More, more! Suck your nipples, bully me. "As I put up with the futon, I pant like crazy and shake my hips. To also have my husband, what that would give pleasure by sucked the nipple to his son ... Te. It may be a metamorphosis and disqualification of the mother. I'm my son's pacifier doll. I don't think I can go back anymore.

And brother

I am a 21-year-old married woman. Husband is not yet conceived a child in the sex is bad for either marriage two years?
Two days before brother (25) for the first time in a long time to go home in the Obon Single and sake to drink there is also blame was drunk when I say just bitches husband brother is but refused a little come to kiss my mouth I also drunk It had a to we leave it as it during sex and you have got brother on, I was asked yesterday to husband worried about whether not pregnant, but her husband was ignored. It is feeling chilly and so can not be only an excuse and you do not as a husband. What a good idea or would not?

Father of the girl nude photos

It was embraced by his father 20 years ago. Cause is because I got to see the photographer girl nude photo book called Rikitake that had been hidden in the father of the trunk of a car. Around the girl who does not change my puberty, I had been photographed in embarrassing poses, such as not even in adult women. Stealing his father's eyes brought into one book at a time my room, I also take the same pose in front of the mirror and the girl's photo collection become naked, was immersed in the delusion that has been allowed to forcibly from adults. The pose was bite by slimming shorts to crack, feel the pleasure with pain, in the pose that is open leg just topped the petal to the crack, I learned to remember that embarrassing juice was slimy to crack comes out . It was my father's turn off the shutter let me take the embarrassing pause in delusion. Mother also teach strictly to when gently to take embarrassing pose to me, along with my father. I learned that to go on their own in such a delusion. I in one winter, when the mother is absent, was confided to his father boldly. \"Dad, look at me naked.\" My father was not surprised as I thought. I seems to know that you are prying eyes the photo collection. \"Well, look at take off.\" I was off in front of the father. Chest was tightened and Kuhn in the \"Show me the pants\" and robbed by embarrassment seen that the crotch is wet is when you took off the shorts. Then take a pause to leave is said to my father, I had to copy photos. Forced also confess that tampering with a finger on their own, was photographed also the state. When the father of the genitals were pressed against the crack is, already consciousness is turned stunned, from the crack had been the obscene sound and Picha' Picha'. I feel the pain that split in two body from there in an attempt to pry the masses, such as the hot and hard iron crack, it is followed by push-up in the back of the body until the Kakimawasa been in stomach in his own and another thing is movement violently body sensation I thought until the \"I, die kana. a punishment that I want to have sex with your father.\" \"Dad, killed early\" in the fierce pain was heard from later and was saying the delirium with. Eventually I would have fainted on the way, but I noticed being cared from my father, I was pretty bleeding from crevices. Though it was so much pain, now I scrounge to his father from his own After a week, my father is also one a month while holding back, look like us and I'm twice, comfortably in me also pain the now enjoy. When the half-year position is, the mother was told of the situation from his father even me convinced, I also enjoy three people. I become a college student, but it was less to enjoy with their parents and would like to associate with men, relationship until the father died lasted.

From there is a dad

But I say that because do not you talk at all from any or dad is angry on the day of the day of the mountain two days before I hate to see dad's face without leaving from embarrassing the head than it but angry, because we can not say that forgiveness I have forgiveness that of the father, with two people what to eating out is dad, but I ate rice to go to a family restaurant I did not speak the middle people, but in the father is a car on the way back said because the say and say Yeah, because I heard that one was delicious and yet how angry, if shook his head, from arriving to the house to say thank you or I let him, a year from say whether attempting to enter the bath and dad Yumi on, not me for the time being heard dad entered the room at all anymore to ask and I entered later yo hate coming in Dad If you have to take a bath because say I went because they entered the bath water bath also, but in the end is Iloilo I dad had forgiveness also at last the second time and have been put from behind because ashamed, do you parents and children there are in the world that relate to like our parent and child in? posted looking for the relatives on my personal computer. If you want to hear if you really have.

Dad is late at night

Because I was like was also sleeping dad to take a bath and come back for you to go to your friends and fireworks to 1 But last Saturday in the 13-year-old, I also have gone immediately to bed I go into his room though dad I dad when I woke up is stay next to me is in the buff without the panties when I was sleeping in one piece panties that I noticed is or sucking chest while touching my body an attempt was made to run away I hate ear not move are holding to father in surprise, Dad today regardless of the five years a woman parted with Yumi Gomen'yo dad mom in my ear to see that you are out of the bath I could not stand and closed. Of me after one-time only ask and say if my answer is also that after all but cried painful hurts have or put in or touched by licking over there finger and ear ear regardless dad ended up in like put it I was crying until hot and morning from go out dad out a considerable amount of juice from over there.

What first sex may of it is to in-year-old?

And not from sucking my nipples still son no familiar with bedtime
not falling asleep. It does not weaned.
Of course when you husband and sex, Do not have to wait until the sex end
Ri you.
Since anyway it sucked the nipple from a couple of the room until the son of the room calibration
will return only Misoru.
I go to bed when the son go to bed while sucking the nipple is dear.
Recently there was a change in his son. Couple of sex is prolonged when the husband
I was looking through the women of the room.
I the erect penis while sucking the nipple thigh and lower abdomen and go to bed
and rub in. Penis is like go to bed because What turns me off after a while
Also the bath are you entered together, but, since I began to peel the foreskin
son of cute penis pretend to glans wash to erection Masser
had continued to wither and di.
One day, the son and the eyes are looking at the sex was fit.

Couple of sex is sex when entering a bath because it is not a bad thing
was the story with the intention of education.
Sex is I want you to gently if possible in what is in the husband and wife. And talk
strike, as has been left out for sex with only two people
lonely in. I also say that you want to mom and sex.
Future you as well, because the bride can be sex, if possible, you
were taught to wait until you are my wife.
The bedroom is no hail sex if Nozoke have become a sliding door at the side of the living room
you scan can be seen. My husband also seems to be that our eyes met,
\"Hey, gonna have seen. Properly Oke and sex education. Well still,
good or. Because before waking up to sex\"
is feeling much.
And lying to the son, that go to bed and wither the penis sucked the nipple
because it does not change in, or okay to have telling without familiar
Do, remains but is think so, even poor that found sex
reproof so I did not do.
Always end sex as, eyes and would fall asleep pleasure
and sharks. My son is my husband rather than suck the nipple of breast-feeding up to now
Sucking nipples at the time of sex, the one hand Tsumamiageru nipples imitate
and is to the act of rubbing the penis.
I will not feel fear Toka, barely shaken off while twisting the body
has also fallen slept with two people if you leave that.
So act as it is to not I also hate is to practice every day.
I slept Bae in the ass does not seem to a depression collar son yet reached
it seems to have repeated the act of rubbing the varnish.
As it is inserted rather than penis is tracing my genitals.
I feel terribly, son to remain do not know whether the dream of reality for
a few minutes up to wither, it and not immoral sense of that feeling to the pleasure
was Yuki fallen instead.

What first sex may of it is to in-year-old?

And not from sucking my nipples still son no familiar with bedtime
not falling asleep. It does not weaned.
Of course when you husband and sex, Do not have to wait until the sex end
Ri you.
Since anyway it sucked the nipple from a couple of the room until the son of the room calibration
will return only Misoru.
I go to bed when the son go to bed while sucking the nipple is dear.
Recently there was a change in his son. Couple of sex is prolonged when the husband
I was looking through the women of the room.
I the erect penis while sucking the nipple thigh and lower abdomen and go to bed
and rub in. Penis is like go to bed because What turns me off after a while
Also the bath are you entered together, but, since I began to peel the foreskin
son of cute penis pretend to glans wash to erection Masser
had continued to wither and di.
One day, the son and the eyes are looking at the sex was fit.

Couple of sex is sex when entering a bath because it is not a bad thing
was the story with the intention of education.
Sex is I want you to gently if possible in what is in the husband and wife. And talk
strike, as has been left out for sex with only two people
lonely in. I also say that you want to mom and sex.
Future you as well, because the bride can be sex, if possible, you
were taught to wait until you are my wife.
The bedroom is no hail sex if Nozoke have become a sliding door at the side of the living room
you scan can be seen. My husband also seems to be that our eyes met,
\"Hey, gonna have seen. Properly Oke and sex education. Well still,
good or. Because before waking up to sex\"
is feeling much.
And lying to the son, that go to bed and wither the penis sucked the nipple
because it does not change in, or okay to have telling without familiar
Do, remains but is think so, even poor that found sex
reproof so I did not do.
Always end sex as, eyes and would fall asleep pleasure
and sharks. My son is my husband rather than suck the nipple of breast-feeding up to now
Sucking nipples at the time of sex, the one hand Tsumamiageru nipples imitate
and is to the act of rubbing the penis.
I will not feel fear Toka, barely shaken off while twisting the body
has also fallen slept with two people if you leave that.
So act as it is to not I also hate is to practice every day.
I slept Bae in the ass does not seem to a depression collar son yet reached
it seems to have repeated the act of rubbing the varnish.
As it is inserted rather than penis is tracing my genitals.
I feel terribly, son to remain do not know whether the dream of reality for
a few minutes up to wither, it and not immoral sense of that feeling to the pleasure
was Yuki fallen instead.

Forgive you ...

I housewife husband of 28-year-old will celebrate its third year marriage at 30 years old.
I do not have children. Last month was appointed alone has made ​​the appointment of expatriates.
My body will get throb that was in love is every night nestled in the master.
A friend of mine is I say that the selfish and Jan I once playing with young handsome. I was put up masturbation in bed every night. So live with the father-in-law clients because dangerous in there is a phone call from my husband I one person last week
also seems to have me to understand that his father-in-law clients. Father-in-law sama had sent a lonely life is to lose the mother-in-law clients.

Dad, I already 14 years old

Remarried the people of mom, when my elementary school, a teacher liked
me, recently funny, and conscious of the great dad

I also Cum Fuera love

I am by it? , Actually I also love the raw dark semen of a man of the people was issued in the mouth Insei drink that is. And to say to the man, my Fuera is defintely better than rather ordinary woman, I have stripped both side skin of the rod began to lick from the back muscle of the rod in addition to the mouth once cock of the urethra If licking and Chirochiro the around in the tongue immediately hard people are harder to it, also a soft person is my appetite No strong libido of favorite cock become appetizing Frankfurt sausage just ripe hoity-toitily enough immediately scary Innovation bean stimulus to a man of the people is the immediately of my odious Bakiyumufuera baptism without also inevitably a two-point attack to attack the nipple with a fingertip, dark has been accumulated in the back of the throat in my mouth in just a couple of minutes mushy will put a bitter semen was Taku's. I guess so much delicious Nde What semen.

To Haruka

49 Haruka - 2016/07/05 (Tue) 13:14 No.26647
  take a half holiday from lunch yesterday, I went to see the father and the wedding hall. Raise the wedding of the only two people in Tokyo. It seems a dream in a very beautiful chapel.
  Midsummer is like a vacant, came a reservation on weekdays in August. I will be the daddy of the bride wearing wedding dress.

To Haruka
  but before attrition was exciting second half, attrition is full, but had tired of waiting for the next of attrition, not folded yet built. Was he wrote like a father and a wedding in August. Then, What happened, we are worried. If I was built as a pump-priming. When Haruka is built, so you immediately delete, Haruka, please built a new thread. Please.

Father-in-law and 2

Father-in-law embraced the shoulder, has been brought close to the lips towards the face in front of me. Body while (such a thing is no good) and we were looking for. Out and irritating the lips Tsumuri the eye, might have seemed to the woman wants surely want. Father-in-law had to crawl the tongue to the lips. It is to be strong in the weak touch how the lips for me I have rather a result of pressing the lips from me. (More strongly to, I want you to smoke) in the heart can not be in the mouth while I think so. \"Wonder want more? Have to scrounge from his\" father-in-law tried to talk the lips and say nasty Ku likely. (I will say Ya) I had sharpened the lips chasing the tongue.


Husband after the death, my living alone son was invited me to travel Europe.
Son I have appointed 28-year-old, in Paris in the single.
Together me on the way back was a business trip to Japan headquarters took me to Paris.
Son took a week of vacation and asked to stop the Paris suburb of son of the apartment gave me various assistance.
For the first time in Paris, the Seine, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the association, the Louvre, ... etc. that Palace of Versailles on the outskirts
was the day-to-day, such as looking at a dream every day.
Son is in bed in a small studio specific apartment, I slept laid a blanket next to. One night, I was stunned with a functional dazzling and feel that has been Masagura the body in that do not know a dream or Reality in the somber feel that was爆睡in daytime fatigue.
Husband was're caressing my body. Sucked the nipple, shaved of stroking the thigh, it is moved been over there to contain the finger out of the pants that there comes wet I found myself.
\"Ah, feels good. Anta, after a long time I\"
husband Ategai the penis that bristles over there and spread the legs to take off my pants.
\"All right, good, or turn'll\"
those of her husband came in and Zuburi'.
\"Oh, A, uh,\"
I woke up completely eyes from the hazy.
Son is riding on top of me, in the groin, which has led that contains the things of the son.
\"A, My God, A, do not go, stop and\"
my son has moved violently waist.
\"Oh, go no, no, stop, oh, oh, A, A, heating ,, Well over over, Iaya, stop, Hi, Ahi, Hi, Fui, useless, useless over over useless, Dame, \"
I noticed was when had lying son and my naked.

Mother's confession

I (38 years old) have a physical relationship with my son (16 years old). A son who has been a good physique since elementary school. At that time, the relationship between mother and child was still ongoing. When I entered junior high school, my son grew even bigger, and when I realized it, I was in a rebellious period. When I get home from school, I stay in my room and don't listen to me while eating. When I talked about something, I saw it with a very scary look, and although I was a real son, I was scared and couldn't say anything extra. I was tired both physically and mentally every day I was careful. My father is a company person, and he leaves all the children to me and does not consult with me. Still, it was good when my father lived with me ... In the third year of junior high school, my son started dating a high school student with a bad pattern, and he was playing until late at night. At that point, my father was transferred and was assigned to work alone. I think it was around that time, but my underwear sometimes disappeared. I've heard stories of underwear thieves in my neighborhood, so I thought that someone was drying underwear. However, about a month later, I noticed that my underwear before washing was gone. I can't think of anything other than my son. When I entered my son's room during the day and looked for it, I found several of my underwear under the futon. Naughty DVDs and books were scattered in the closet, and a large amount of tissue was thrown away in the trash can, giving off a strange odor . When I think about it now, I sometimes felt my son's eyes after I entered junior high school, but that was the man's body looking at the woman's body.It seems that it resembled a disgusting line of sight. "If that child ..." I thought so, but I cleaned up the trash can, put my underwear back in place, and left the room. Even if I knew that my son was masturbating in his mother's underwear, I couldn't scold him for fear of damaging my son's mood, and I had no choice but to pretend I didn't know. That night, when I was taking a bath, I saw my son in the dressing room. "That child! My underwear ..." When I got out of the bath, I looked inside the washing machine and found no underwear that I should have put in. I felt that it wouldn't be cool as it was, so I decided to give my courage and pay attention to my son. When I headed to the room, my son was lying on the bed and looking at his smartphone.  "What! Don't come to the room. "  " Oh, I'm sorry! Is it a little good? "Hey,"  "I don't need it, so go out."  "Mom's underwear ... Did you bring it?" "  Ah, what are you talking about! I don't know ~ "  " Because ... you came to the dressing room a while ago "  " Urusee ~ ... Madimuka! !! !! "  Don't get so angry ... I just listened ... I'm sorry ..."  "Doubt ... what's the point! I'm really crazy! "  Mom was bad ... because my underwear was misunderstood ..."  "Is it okay to misunderstand! "Then  what should I do?" "  " Because it's accumulated!  Pull it out once. " " Pull it out ... eh. " "It will be decided! "  It's ... a parent and child! You can't do that. "  " It doesn't matter ! Come over here soon. ”I was angry with my son and I didn't know what to do . Since the 4th grade of elementary school, my son's cock, which I have seen for a long time, has been covered with peeled hair and has grown to the same size as an adult . As I grabbed the stiff and warped cock and moved it up and down, my son forcibly pressed my head and finally made me suck the cock.  "Mom! It feels good! Adults are good. ” I was happy to hear the word“ mama ”after a long time. Only tonight ... I thought so, I took my son's cock and sucked it with Chupachupa while stimulating underneath.  "Uh ... mama is gone ... I'm  going to die as it is" "Uh ... yeah" Hot semen spits into my mouth and my mouth is full of a large amount of semen. When I had no choice but to swallow my son's semen, I asked, "Did you feel good?" I left the room with my son shaking his head with a happy expression. It was supposed to be only once. The next evening, when I was preparing dinner and thought that my son had come to the kitchen, I suddenly rolled up my skirt and put my hands on my underwear.  "What are you doing! stop" "Urusei! To the habit of holding my son's cock ... I'll come to my father. "  " That is ... "My son's power was strong, and it was useless to resist. I took off my underwear in the kitchen and saw all the embarrassment of my son, I crouched down to my knees according to my son's instructions , took his cock like last night, and eventually drank his semen I continued dinner I started. Even at supper, my son doesn't let me put on my underwear, and my toes stimulate my dick. That night my son asked for my body. I couldn't refuse anymore, so I had no choice but to accept my son's cock. My son, who was never satisfied with it, passed away many times and blew up to the tide and gave a voice of joy. Since that day, my son has been asking for my body on a daily basis. Even though I don't think it's good for parents and children to do this kind of thing, when he's doing sexual treatment, he treats me kindly. I think he's a stupid parent who can only build a good relationship with his son through incest, but he can't go back anymore. Moreover, I come to ask for my body even during the day, and I can only wear clothes with a lot of exposure and transparent underwear. As a hobby of my son, all the hair of the dick was shaved, and even anal was developed. It's been almost half a year since I've been in a physical relationship, but I can't put on my underwear at home, and I always put toys in my dick and anal. My husband has no plans to return for a few years and has been SEX-less for the past few years, so I don't think he has a relationship with his son.This spring, my son became a high school student. I went shopping in preparation for admission, but I had a tight skirt and a shirt with an open chest! What's more, the underwear isn't allowed to be put on, and the toys are included in the dick. In such a figure, my son calls a friend and goes shopping together. My friend also looked at me, and I thought that a fire would come out of my face. How long will it last? I can't go against my son anymore.