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Incest confession of women(2016-09)

Boring country life

yuna himekawa[27458]
Really boring every day.
I was to buy a house in the suburbs in the hard work of her husband, around the rice paddy fields, and that the clean mountain visible in the distance. Really lovely countryside scenery! The husband, become want to say irony also. I had worked when I was in Tokyo, I who was also the boyfriend of the other woman in the workplace.
Entered into a love hotel from o'clock another 6, I was back to 10 and sometimes the house so that it is not suspected.
Still I have of Yosoji of woman prime is really frustrating this old age like a life.
High 2 of son Once Tara dissatisfaction becomes far to go to school.
\"Not that good. Gonna House because Papa was much apartment or condominium living wanted\"
son laugh as \"Jan Even Mother Tsuman'na likely,\" he said grinning.
That was a hot summer day.
My husband went out to friends and watching sports, had been talking in the daytime son on Saturday, just the two of us.
Husband travel a lot, then slowly with him.
Hush bounced pocket money to the son.
Precocious son that was strange that in Tsurekon her to the house from the time of the junior high school.
Son, \"I Do I'll do?\" I have been clinging to say so.
\"Stupid\" Well mood alone, and hugging his son me.
Hold the hand of his son to aim over there, \"there is no good!\" And my once chaste mother stabbing a nail.
\"Kiss Shiyokka\" son and kiss.
\"Another poor not, tongue out with\" deep kiss entangle the tongue.
\"Oh ~ hug and more!\" My son hugged me strong.
I was often tasted happiness fleeting.
\"It's a good one, Let 'Chao doing!\" Son devil of a whisper.
But joke-ish tone rather than its feel.
\"That's by bad that not a parent-child idea! Becomes near ×××\"
Please quickly because I made another in the mind saying! I was screaming in my mind I.
After all the last son of sissy at.
Ginger not Do \"I hot. Together What Abiyo shower,\" I - was chucking induced the son I
Enter the quickly bath me.
Son became naked came timidly.
\"Oh ,, unexpectedly\"
\"surprisingly ... What 's I?\"
And to suck erection the son of the penis in a crouch, and the other fine but narrow than his.
Son Tsuredashi me into the living room, was not Awa rubbing vigorously body remains wet body.
\"Let's see,\"
son open my legs and carefully check over there.
\"Wow, slimy\" son churning with two fingers.
I also cling to his son while turning the hip.
Before long, the son pushes the four fingers except the thumb.
\"Dude, I go to where? Fisting Okay?\"
\"Hurts! I hi ... cormorant early, Ochinpo!\"
\"Nice in raw?\"
\"The good, to have entered the ring.\"
\"What ring?\"
\"Contraception ring by. not pregnant. \"
\" I put like that of. father also surprisingly \"
\" Bakane, I I do not know dad. I did looping it ask out money to the boyfriend. \"
\" wow, the lowest! \"son penis the came push.
And I feel really hard but thin.
Let lifting the \"lifting!\" Waist, I deflect full because the body.
\"Great, you have reached the great good! Uterus! Microphone uhh!\"
\"I come out!\"
\"Come! Mariko full out and in!\" Greeted the finish, I was immersed in the afterglow hug the son of the head .
Soon contraceptive ring was also time to replace.
It was exchanged for the son I was wondering whether you would take longer.
The relationship between the thought was not his son.
Rural life stressful for me, even the son does not bear not to have SEX.

I asked my son, what about

In order to escape from the single son of 32-year-old, I was invited and I will go to see the autumn leaves and Tomo-chan. In the absence of my husband, it can prevent from being committed to the son. When the son is going out of the drawing room, to the voice of the That's around late October, was raw reply of \"You're right\". And stood an hour from there, seems to have the answer of acceptance OK, the trouble can not consult my husband, thank you the advice to everyone who have been experienced already mother-to-child incest.


It was posted for the first time in a long time. Me and my sister in November of last year, and the son as the driver was traveling at the invitation three people. That night, without knowing that it sister and I contrived, son to the sister that temptation to become the mind, it becomes intimate. For son of TakashiNaru are pleased to my big milk, we could not imagine to be a prisoner of my sister that skinny petite opposite and my. Sister also brother-in-law is or will there also What Sekkuresu with diabetes, I have fun. Son my husband came not and immediately asked me home, because it does not come close even after 10 days is lonely. My husband, the TakashiNaru as usual and would have become busy promoted to assistant manager, it does not have to worry if late coming home.

Among the fear and despair


Heavy rain flood, typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, people who try to Tsuyomeyo trying to confirm the bonds of fear sincerely parent-child brother and sister siblings to experience the disaster become incest, etc. will continue majority to have many.,

Experience in disaster who everyone, please post make a plate than the less, I am waiting for your experiences. ーーーーーーーThis was pasted less under -------    incest confession board (male) [28379] night of torrential rain

... Is the intention of Handjob

From knowing the son of masturbation, did was give and squid was in my hand becomes poor.
Soon, and sure to allow time became feelings of moyamoya
\"When Takashi! This, - of not come to horny?\"
\"I mean, - and painful ask somehow because there are my father!\"
\"Was it Well ~ likely! Alas , dad tonight, I! \"with peace of mind because there is a slow return
I, from the top of the pants Nugashi the son of trousers, it was began squeezing the penis.
\"Oh - the other, when I was ~ patience become so firmly useless by!\"
Son, and Ri raised sow my shirt in Tenare was hand movements, it did came rub the breast of no bra.
I also did had to forgive up to here.
\"Oh, Atsu, Takashi! Rather, it Is the way has become well massaged! Mom, somehow I ~! Came to feel\"
was had by turning directly kneading the penis by Nugashi pants.
If usually, but his son was supposed to Ascension at this time
, \"Takashi! Are What did! Soon, ~ gonna good to go?\"
\"~ That I can touch the pussy of the mother?\"
\"Dameyo! Boobs only of trying to promise? if you forgive any more, because not a parent and child, and let it! \"patience
Come to think of it, but was a son of should be convincing if always, it did was different tonight.
Son, was fixed in my hands back, it did it came pushed down in a prone position on the bed.
\"~? Of being there - Takashi! What\"
it did could only to stick butter legs unable freedom is being robbed hamstrung of both hands.
Son, while pressing his hands, did what was stripped from the quick feet panties I sow a skirt.
That I was afraid, but now, it did is going to happen in reality.
Son, to improve the sliding of the genital area with the saliva in the hand, it did came by inserting the penis from a stretch towards the buttocks.
Unlike Timbo of limp of her husband, when he came in thick and hard son of the penis, was the impact of the more I think not tearing vaginal hole.
\"Oh, Atsu, if Ke ~ Takashi! Stop it ...\"
son who does not know, such as technique, however, was hell-bent had to piston movement the penis into the Chitsuana.
I on the body that had endured to bear also did was come now look like shake the ass in accordance with the movement of gradually son of hip.
\"Ugh, Ugh ~ c ... c ... c ...\"
involuntarily, it was had put out a gasp voice.
\"Huh-Huh ~ mom! Anymore, useless but § ~!'ll Go! It, it ...\"
I did was got ascended together to push up the son of the penis.
As it is, was a state that does not get up for a while.
\"Mother, soon, occurred not when the - of the father not you come back?\"
Rather to me from the euphoric feelings of until now, had had to fix the skirt disturbed without wearing panties.
\"Really, Tara Takashi, breaking the promise, ginger no child Hey ~?\"
\"At first I was reluctant, ~ Hey had been suffering with them waving the waist?\"
\"The other, mean, hey Takashi ~!\"
I is, while washing the crotch in the bathroom
if I was to \"such a thing, and the other, I can not guys finish with Handjob! surely, Takashi is I! you'll How come seeking until the last ~? I, so, I do not dare say no! I mean, now OJ, - what I say starting to throb a pussy! \"

Mom's remarriage partner.

It has been four years since I had a relationship with my mother's remarriage partner. I'm 26 years old, my mom is 52 years old, my remarriage partner, in short, will I be a dad? ?? I'm 47 years old. I can't call myself a dad, and I still read my surname. I have lived with Mr. H since I was 20 years old when my mother remarried. It is a large house in a single house. Mr. H also had a divorce history, but he is a very good person, and he is also an experienced baseball player, so he is cool. I even encouraged my mom to get married early before she could take it. Mr. H is a civil servant, but he is also good at cooking and often treats my mother and me. If anything, I'm better than my mom. Mr. H asks if I should get a driver's license when I was 20 years old. As a student, I can't do it without money because money is good. I started attending a driving school. When my mother wasn't at work, Mr. H asked me if I would go for a drive, so I wanted to see driving and decided to go. The car is a cool car called Skyline Coupe. Did I run for about an hour? ... When I approached the hot spring, Mr. H said, "Would you like to go to the hot spring?" I was happy and said, "Yeah." And tell in front of the inn hot springs is only, in the cleaning time of the current Bathing, so say Can you wait about an hour, "what can I do and try to" say to the H's "wait Yeah? Do you quit!" "E ~ I want to enter ~ "When talking while saying "Wait !?" , he says that the family bath is available. And are wondering what good if Mr. H I embarrassed, The H's is just at this time is because "daughter and not the two people" in front, "father Jan Apart from good," "thank you Yeah Well 1 hour" so After all, when I headed for the family bath, I felt like the eyes of people passing by. Mr. H put his hand on Mr. H's arm, saying, " Does it look like an affair? I feel like I'm watching Girojiro!" "It's really good, but all the people don't know ." And I was embarrassed next to Mr. H, but when I took off everything and went to the open-air bath first, the river was flowing in front and it was a room with a good view. After that, Mr. H came in. I came in without hiding anything, so I could see the dick. I was a little surprised, but when I was soaking in the bathtub and looking at the scenery, Mr. H came to the side and said, "Is n't it good? I've been here with my mother." "Yes, good. When she was talking while saying, "Hey!" , She was washing her body inside. I am, and you are using it because had Asaburo, H-san, because it is not good long bath "Once in a little bit more by early" to say that came in slowly because waiting in shelters outside while "is referred to as so I sat on the rocky edge of the bathtub. After all, I didn't hide anything, so I had a hard time seeing it, but when I talked, when Mr. H turned to the river, I saw it as a muzzle.It's bigger and bigger than anyone you've ever experienced. But it was like phimosis. I had only two people dating, but I think one was phimosis. I think there is no doubt because the person himself said. And while I was talking, I got sweaty too, so when I stood up saying , "It's an hour, isn't it? How many minutes now?", "The style is good-it's different from my mother ." "I'm really hungry. "You're out, right?" "That 's not the case. " I grabbed my belly fat and said, "Hora! I wonder if I can do something about it." "Do you go to the gym I go to?" "Yeah, but I hate it. "Well, but that 's all right," he grabbed my belly fat. "Cha! It's tickling" "I'm sorry " "I'm okay" and decided to go out together, I was changing clothes backwards to Mr. H, and when I tried to put on my underwear, Mr. H was my While tapping his ass, he said, "It's a good ass." "Itta Thank you" "If wearing ... her a little more adult underwear!" "Well like a child?" "Well I character of the picture is bad not it towards the front" towards the top of my pussy saying I touched. "I think everyone is coming." " I 'll buy it soon.""Yeah ~" At that time, the moment I put on my bra, Mr. H's hand grabbed my tits from behind with both hands. I was surprised and said, "What! What?" "... Can't you touch me a little?" "Eh! Because", but I'm still touching it as if I'm standing and hugging me. I didn't say anything, and when I stood up, I said, "...-chan, should I extend it?" "Eh! I'm not good at long baths?" "Bath!" , Touching the nipples and kissing the neck. I will. And a hard thing hit my waist. I knew something right away, but I remembered Mr. H's thing that I saw earlier. When I thought so, I felt something wrong with my pussy. It was getting wet. When I couldn't stand and tried to sit down, I was held in my arms and my underwear was taken off. And I went to the bathroom again. When I was immersed in the bathtub, Mr. H was extending by phone at the dressing room. I was embarrassed and my face was burning. Then Mr. H headed for the bathtub. When I look at it, it's erected and it's getting really big. When I was fascinated by it, I sat down and touched my tits again. When I was moody, I was dressed as a hug with me on my lap. A hard object hits my thighs. If I can't do anything and leave it as it is, I will finally play with the pussy.I felt like it was wet, but Mr. H put his finger in. I already felt it and suddenly made a voice. Mr. H has lowered me to the rock at the edge of the bathtub so that I can crawl backwards on all fours. Then, apply the enlarged one to my pussy and slowly put it in. As expected, when you say "I'm angry with my mom," "It's a secret," and "Yeah," I get deeper. I haven't been there lately, so I feel so comfortable. At that time, I hadn't had any shit yet, so I moved my hips while enduring it, and firmly grasped Mr. H. However, it's so big that I sometimes feel pain, so I guess I'm moving it. When it's getting faster, Mr. H says "... chan Iku" "Yeah, it's okay to be inside" " Do you want to get pregnant?" "Yeah, it's okay today ." You can see that. Mr. H is hugging me and leaving it in as it is. "... I'm glad" "From my mother?" I asked. "What times Yeah too! But, I'm not Itte?" "Never Itta" "Yeah it source he Ikan'ne!" The pussy clean I also horizontal because it was flowing in the shower away from me saying I washed it. When I glanced at Mr. H's dick, it was still big and turned up.And I say "great'm still large" "Let Kana try one more time." "No that I eh amazing always likely?" "It's because I'm not why ... Chan" "Really?" And see the time while saying and I felt it was too early to get out, but we both bought a drink at the vending room in the changing room, sat on the sofa, and drank. And I continued the drive. On the way, when I was talking about the previous thing, "... I don't tell my mom, right?" "I can't say it, Mr. H, too." "Yeah, can I do it again ?" "Eh! Where? Today? " " no, that I also I hope even today. " " I Yeah say " " But? " " mom lit and I " " But yeah, I seem to not want to mother because there are ... chan " " care I don't have to do it ~ " " I'm not embarrassed because I'm a parent and child " " I wonder if I can do it separately " " I can't say that " " Yes, but do your best, I'll do it once a week " "I haven't been with my mom for months." "That's right, Mr. H, why?" "Yeah, I was masturbating ." " Where are you really?" "It's a room when there's no mom.""I?" "I wonder if there were times ..." "Eh ~ I didn't notice" "It's natural, I won't notice it" "That's right" , I enjoyed the drive and returned . That is the beginning. Even now, we went to hot springs, and the other day when my mother was traveling at work, we also traveled in the opposite direction. I can't leave Mr. H and I still don't have a boyfriend. Recently, I sometimes think that I should have a mother. However, I will make a distinction and enjoy it.

3 and older brother on this

Someone woke up seems to touch my body and sleeping at night.
\"Who, Who,\"
\"Shii quietly to\" the older brother did was
\"for what? What are you doing,\"
\"good because still to\" and we have been massaged my chest
Doka the \"I quit,\" said older brother of hand but it was made ​​to do so
now scared said with a scary face with the \"Uproar do\".
When made ​​taking off pajamas are stuck sucking nipples current on the back was thrilled with the feeling like ran.
I I knew Even I nipples feel.
It was gradually better feeling and have been absorbed by the brother.
Then brother've put your hand into the pants.
It is dangerous and I think
we have touched a \"brother there Dameyo\" not stop the brother you to say so genitals.
It closed strongly the foot and or be picked your beans's whole body of force was just a good feeling missing. I thought that to touch and have very feeling well mind when touch to your brother difference as touch yourself.
\"How you're feeling would be nice.\"
\"Yeah, feeling good,\"
\"I also feeling well to me I have\" put out the cock brother also take off pants to say that
we have put into the \"I me licking\" and my mouth It was.
I licked the first of man cock. It was warm and hard and strange feeling I did not hate. I also think what base schedule.
Licking brother about 15 minutes
, \"it would be good to put\"
\"It's impossible for such a large\"
\"It's okay,\" I do think I was, but brother that it is absolutely impossible began to put slowly.
Without so much pain it was the first time
\"etc. went all\"
I felt like something was jammed.
Brother as \"'ll rub\" began to move the hips.
Medium is I have clung to the feeling well brother rub. I thought that I say so feelings and cock enters.
Then your brother is
\"because it is already out likely by me received by the mouth\" by far the cock called the start rubbing in front of the mouth
issued a \"'ll come out\" in the mouth.
Liquid that has a thick of a strange smell accumulate full mouth
\"me drinking and Gokun\" It was discharged into the palm of the hand shake the face I think that it is impossible to left and right.
And clean wipe and brother again in the tissue is put the cock in the mouth
\"me clean licking\"
began again it increases in and are clean lick the cock which became a little small mouth.
Privately he was feeling well going to be a habit.

As a woman in front of her mother

My son Ken said that the first time I noticed that the gears of me (45 years old) and my husband (50 years old) were starting to go crazy when I moved the bed that was lined up with my husband in the bedroom to the next room. Yuki (24 years old) told me. It was three years ago. In such a case, unlucky things happened, and my husband's transfer was decided to Osaka, and I was wondering whether my husband would be alone or I would accompany him, so I consulted with Takeyuki. Kenyuki, who was worried about leaving Kenyuki, who was still a student at home, to go to Osaka and was aware of the unpleasant relationship between me and his husband, said, "If you go to Osaka and the place changes and the environment changes, it will be good. "It will be," and with the support of Takeyuki, I moved to Osaka with my husband. Things didn't get better. Thinking of me, Takeyuki secretly sent me worried voices and emails to my cell phone. Once a month, I returned home from Osaka and returned home for the purpose of taking care of Kenyuki and cleaning. One day, there was something that came from my sadness and the painful life in Osaka, and I cried next to Takeyuki on the sofa after dinner. I swore that I wouldn't worry about Kenyuki, but maybe I was a weak woman, the patience bag broke and shed tears, and it was Kenyuki who hugged me and worked hard. In his arms hugged by Kenyuki, he shed tears until he was satisfied, thanked Kenyuki for supporting him, and before he knew it, he grew up and grew up to be a strong young man with a certain feeling as well as his body. It was at this time that I began to feel different from my son. Even after that, I was encouraged by a long-distance phone call to me in Osaka, and the desire to meet ... I want to be with Takeyuki ... I want to be hugged ... suddenly swelled.Then, on the night I returned home, I was in Kenyuki's bed for the first time with Kenyuki. It seems that Takeyuki also felt me ​​as a woman, and he certainly said that, and their emotions overlapped and their skin overlapped. Then, Takeyuki came to Osaka during the holidays and picked me up at Shin-Osaka station. I was silent to my husband. I met in the afternoon and went out to the city. Takeyuki calmly took my hand and walked hand in hand. "It feels weird ..." I blushed and laughed, "I'm my mother's lover, right?" Drinking tea, going out with the mall, dating Kenyuki really feeling like a lover, I was able to release what I had in my heart and feel comfortable. On that day, I took a shower carefully from the morning, adjusted my makeup and hair, and transformed into a woman to meet my beloved lover. The earrings that Kenyuki gave me as a gift for Mother's Day shook and shined in my ears, and the necklace that I got as a birthday present was tied around my neck. The nails were also applied clearly, and the glossy lips were also glossy. I also wore a new pair of pale pink underwear that I'm sure Kenyuki would see. I don't feel bad if you say "it's beautiful" in your ear. I put my hands around my waist and put them down on my hips. At one time, I was a mother and son who had already overlapped their skin, so I wasn't scared, and it was strange that I was able to walk in the department store with my arms crossed with Takeyuki. On the stairs where there was no sign of people, I gently kissed and I was laughing. The desire to be embraced by this man was only rising.Before the evening, when Kenyuki urged me to call me, I called my husband, and when Kenyuki suddenly came to Osaka, I met him and had dinner. The phone call said that they would be a little late because they would eat and go home. My husband gave a simple reply. Next to me on the phone, Takeyuki hugged me from behind and listened to the conversation. Takeyuki changed the phone and said to his husband, "I'll borrow a little mom." Takeyuki smiled when he finished the call and said, "It's more correct to take it away than to borrow it," and I turned red, saying, "I'm stupid." When I crossed the pedestrian crossing from the front of the station, I strongly entwined my arm around Takeyuki's arm and walked close to him. The back street over there was a hotel district. It was my first hotel with Kenyuki and my second time with Kenyuki, and I was thrilled and uncomfortable with that mood. The hotel room led by Kenyuki was clean and quiet. I hugged each other, checked each other's feelings, and even before I was embraced, my gloss was completely peeled off by Kenyuki's lips, and Kenyuki took off my clothes one by one. I took off Kenyuki's clothes this time, with only bras and panties politely without stockings. With only one trunks, Takeyuki unhooked my bra and felt like he was doing something wrong, but when the last panties were taken off the front, I was embarrassed but I was alone. I was longing for the moment when I was embraced by the woman. When we took a shower together and washed Kenyuki's completely hard things, he became adorable and contained them in his mouth. Takeyuki also washed me over there gently and gently, and the excitement of that shame was intense. When they endured the common feelings and moved to bed, I was already entrusted to Kenyuki as a woman only for Kenyuki, both physically and mentally.My body, which was naturally stiff and tense at the first time, was relieved by the caress of Kenyuki for the second time, and I completely uttered a woman's voice and soaked in the pleasure, hugged Kenyuki, and was selfless. It was a crazy woman. Takeyuki, who loves my secret lips, was really polite, realized that he was loved, and when he was sucked up including the sensitively engorged part, he disturbed his hair and could not see anything. Contraception was taken care of properly, and Takeyuki returned to my body, and I felt this happiness in my whole body as an absolute moment. When I concentrated all my nerves on the hard thing that repeated the released extract and the heartbeat, I also rose to the world of women. Now I strongly want to be near such a dear Kenyuki. You may have wanted to tell your husband how many times you want to go home. It will be possible to break through. I'm a little worried now

I really loved my father-in-law

I'm a housewife in my thirties. The name is "Chihoko". I live in a snowy countryside, but I have been married for 10 years. I have a daughter of an elementary school student and a son of a kindergarten, and I am a family living together for three generations. My father-in-law and mother-in-law are very good people, and my father-in-law is especially kind to me. My husband is also a good person, but when I feel big, I can't handle it, so I became a guarantor, took on what I couldn't do, and I and my father-in-law went to apologize several times. Every time, my father-in-law apologizes to me, "I'm sorry Chi-chan (that's me). We raised it wrong." At home, the husband is drinking and sleeping with his child. Snow accumulates in winter, and shoveling snow in the morning becomes a daily routine. It's been work since dawn, but my husband has never been up. It's my father-in-law's job. My mother-in-law prepares for the morning, but I also have a part-time job and I have children, so it's difficult, but my husband doesn't even help. I've been sexless since I gave birth to the second person, but it may be correct to say that I refuse. I'm tired every day and not so much. My husband was having an affair with it. Whenever such a thing happens, my father-in-law apologizes, "Chi-chan, I'm sorry!" I said, "Dad, I'm bad, I fell asleep ... that ..." Father-in-law "Oh no! I didn't want Chi-chan to say that much. I'm really sorry." Has disappeared from the spot.On a winter morning, it has been snowing since last night, and it has piled up again. My husband couldn't get up and I and my father-in-law cleaned up the snow. On that day, I had a little extra time because the part was off. She sees off her children and her husband, and her mother-in-law goes to the doctor to meet her friends and returns in the evening. My father-in-law fell asleep after breakfast because it was early in the morning. I was taking a bath to sweat. At that time, the door opened and my father-in-law stood when I looked back. My father-in-law goes out saying "Ah, sorry !!" What I thought, I stopped my father-in-law. I "Dad! It's okay! I'll let you go back, so let's go in together." Father-in-law "What are you saying! No! My son gets angry!" I "It's okay! It's cold! Close it !! "My father-in-law closed the door and came in. Father-in-law "I 'm embarrassed" I " What are you talking about! I've lived with you for 10 years now! And I've been seen by my dad several times!" Father-in-law "It's still happening" did. When I suddenly looked at my father-in-law's lower body, he turned out to be a fine man. I don't look like 70 years old. My nipples erected and it became Jun. I feel a woman for the first time in a long time. I "Dad!" I kissed my father-in-law. My father-in-law immediately releases his lips ... Father-in-law "Chi-chan! No, it's no!"I "I like my dad! I love you! Please hold me as a woman!" I hugged my father-in-law and kissed him again. I entwined my tongue and devoured my lips so much that it swollen violently. Father-in-law "Chi-chan, is it really good? I'm going to hell! I was prepared! This is what happened with Chi-chan! I wanted to kill that guy ...!"・ ・. Father-in-law "Chi-chan !!" I "Dad! I'm ready! I'll go anywhere with my dad !!" I hugged each other and devoured my lips again. My father-in-law started rubbing my F-cup tits ... Father-in-law "Chi-chan! Chi-chan! Great!" I "Ah ...! Dad! It's been a while since I've had boobs, massage more and suck my nipples!" I was intoxicated by the pleasure for the first time in two years. My pussy was soaked in anticipation of what my father-in-law would do from now on. We hugged each other in the bathtub, touched each other, and went to the bedroom naked. Even though it was midwinter, my body was hot and hot, and I fell into my father-in-law and the futon. Atashi "Dad !? Is it okay !?" My father-in-law said "Chi-chan!" And sucked at my tits again. Atashi "Dad, you can sleep as much as you want!" My father-in-law's hand crawls into my pussy. When the clitoris is exposed, it is caressed and picked by the pad of the finger, and the joy juice overflows from the pussy without stopping. The nipple is licked with a rough tongue, and when it is bitten sweetly, the body is about to fly.I'm "Dad! Nipples and Kuri-chan are weak ~~ When they're together ... Auuuu ~~ Hi, Hi, it's been a long time ... Already, already ... Iku ~~ i-i-cha My father-in-law has loved my pussy . The thick finger knots cultivated by the farmer find out the most sensitive place of my woman and stimulate it by inserting and removing. I experienced squirting for the first time, "Somewhat, again, and again, a strange liquid is coming out of me, and ... out ... Iku ~~". The sheets have become squishy. I kissed my father-in-law and licked it all over my face, drooled my nipples, and licked them around. When chewed, it makes a woman-like voice. While kissing all over the body, I chewed on the cock of my father-in-law who picked up the cock. Kiss and suck while accidentally fir. Jurjuru, jubojubo. My father-in-law said with a terrific, pleasant face. My father-in-law "Chi-chan! It's amazing! It feels good!" Before I got married to my husband, I was actually a little affair, but I was taught by that person. It's a secret to my family ... I "Dad, I can't stand it! Put it in! My dad's big cock! Please put it in my pussy!" Father-in-law "Chi-chan! Chi-chan! I 'm happy!"I said, "If you're with my dad, I'll take you anywhere in hell. I've got it! My dad's cock is in it! ... I'm screaming, I was panting. The potash part of my father-in-law's cock stimulates where I feel the most and I'm about to turn white. Father-in-law "Chi-chan! Is it here? Does it feel good here?" Atashi "Dad, so-so! Hit! ~ Mee ~~ Ikuuu ~~ "I got acme again. My father-in-law crawls me on all fours and inserts it from the back. I shook my hair and writhes. I'm "Dad! I'm on top!" I changed my position and I'm on top, but my hips are already moving. I said, "My dad's cock is hitting my womb, it's good! It's really good!" I made the tits brun brun and shouted. My father-in-law's sigh and my screaming pant voice echo throughout the house. Father-in-law "Chi-chan! I look good! Can I get it?" I " Good! I 'll put out a lot in me ~ Dad. Give me a seed! Give me a lot ~ ~ "E" Father-in-law "If you do that, you 're really going to hell!" I "Good, good! If you're a dad, you'll be with the end of hell!My father-in-law "Woochi-chan! Ikuiku!" Atashi "I'm also awesome ~~, Ikuuu ~~" I ended up together. My father-in-law is throbbing in me. It seems that they hugged each other and slept while still connected. Then I stole the eyes of my mother-in-law and my husband and had sex with my father-in-law. I once had them come along for shopping and love each other at a love hotel. When the snow is cleared and you are shivering in the cold, your skin will always warm you up. My body, which was also developed by my father-in-law, can no longer live without my father-in-law. And finally I got pregnant. On the day I found out that I was pregnant, I had sex with my husband who had been drinking without love, and I managed to make a vaginal cum shot. My blood type is the same as my husband, so I don't think it will come out. This is really going to hell.

If you are a brother-in-law ...

My sister was the only sister in my house, so of course my sister would live with my married man. At the age of 20, living at home with my sister's husband, my brother-in-law, was a very fresh and longing feeling. It was one morning that I became aware of such a brother-in-law as a man. My sister had something to do, and I unknowingly opened the sliding doors in my sister's room early in the morning. My sister and her husband were wearing comforters from their heads. My sister's panties were casually thrown off beside the futon. I felt like I had seen something that I shouldn't see, so I forgot what I was doing and jumped out of the room. No matter how young I was, I could imagine what the situation would be like. Just because I longed for my brother-in-law, my maiden heart couldn't be normal. One Sunday morning, I left my body in a chest of drawers and was reading a weekly magazine on one knee. When my brother-in-law tried to pass in front of me with a drowsy face, his leg stopped for a moment. My brother-in-law stayed in front of me for just a few minutes and started walking again. My brother-in-law stayed at the thighs and panties in my skirt with one knee. I didn't dislike seeing the inside of the skirt by my brother-in-law, and I was happy that he recognized me as a woman. After that, when I felt that my brother-in-law was coming up, I was held by a chest of drawers, kneeling wide and opening the inside of the skirt. I felt that my brother-in-law stayed for a little longer.However, at my home where my sister is, that was the best manifestation of intention. One day, when I was working at a company, I had an older sister or a phone call. I couldn't prepare dinner because of my relatives' errands, so he asked me to eat out with my brother-in-law. It was a pleasure for me to wish and come true. It was because I could date my brother-in-law even for a while. The good time passed so quickly that I left the store. "Mr. Yoshiko, would you like to go dancing?" Of course, I couldn't refuse. At first, I was dancing Jilba and Mambo away, but when the song turned into a glossy blues, the lighting inside the store was dim and it had a mysterious atmosphere. My brother-in-law or my body was in close contact with me, and it became a cheek dance that I could understand the warmth of my brother-in-law's cheeks. It was such a time. Something was hitting the crotch area of ​​my skirt . I knew immediately what it was. My brother-in-law's erection, the rough sigh of his brother-in-law stimulated his ears. When I knew it, my body was burning and I was about to be absent-minded. My brother-in-law put his hand on my waist and came closer to my waist. My brother-in-law's hard protrusions stimulated Guigui and his crotch. When I felt the limit, the inside of the store became bright and the song turned into a fierce song. My brother-in-law grabbed my hand and left the store. The two of them went home by driving to their brother-in-law without saying anything. The afterglow in the hall was looking at the car window without getting cold.On the way, my brother-in-law was holding my hand firmly while driving. I didn't go against it either. As I got closer to my home, sadness began to rise. It was such a time. My brother-in-law suddenly turned around and parked in a dark alley. And soon after I took a breath, I hugged me and put my lips on top of each other. It was strange that I didn't feel like refusing to kiss for the first time in my life. Perhaps from the erection of his brother-in-law during the dance, he knew about this development. While kissing, my brother-in-law unbuttoned the front button of the blouse and also unhooked the bra. My brother-in-law gently caressed the bare breasts. The first caress I was born had completely lost my self-control. The legs, which I intended to be tightly closed, opened little by little. My brother-in-law came down from his breast and put his hand on his thigh with his leg skirt rolled up. I could endure the caress on my breasts, but when my hands touched my thighs, I instinctively turned over. I had no choice but to be prepared. This time, the end

Father and relationships

I 25-year-old son to be alone 4-year-old, my husband is from the time of my pregnancy
discovered the affair, then the husband is do not live at home state to return to the home.
 Father 51-year-old, mother 51 years old, married and built a new house near my parents' home
later, after half a year had been completed. In time there is no or pregnant,
I think funny is What with sleepover, have a contact with a mobile one day
will be heard, I understand that it is cheating.
 Pregnancy also becomes stable period, parents and us can worry about something
the day that has been taking a break from being my father, I had been not to consult is nestled in the chest of his father
crying, but my father gave me hug gently.

\"Dad, hugging please, because it is a stable stage,\"
\"you doing what are you saying that stupid\"
take off away from me slowly father, my father is also no surprise words
\"Hey, don\"
cushion only a few sheets side-by-side, I bra also removed, shorts also take off
left, had become sideways stomach bulge.
\"Dad ... thank good Are'll come ...\"
My father started off Soco increases, licked and open a dick
\"A'otosan ... embarrassed ... so much open such
Do not\"
already wet is Soco from let crawl tongue, from the back to the bottom
father is inserted, the push-up slowly, I also pleasure during pregnancy
for the first time,
\"Oh I'm good interference, too much stimulation would be useless ...
I put out , mind you? \"
\" Yes ... aah ... I have come dad over ...
feels good ... dad ... feels Wow ... \"
I father had not pulled out but, slowly disconnect left, dick
me wipe gently.

\"Inhale father tits\"
Have smoked father, still my father as much as possible but the stimulation
Sucking gently to avoid, I feel that something is going away in
the day-to-day from it not known to the mother, a secret and father relationship to be
my decision is luck, birth control surgery in the cesarean section also be carried out at the same time
had been decided. Accept the father to the uterus if after birth this
are not pregnant, although my mother was surprised to cesarean section, the father
is to have already talk, it was calm.

After the birth, I had smoked the breast milk to the father. And recently
in secretly meeting and father, and send his son to nursery school,
I put the car in the vicinity of the parking lot of the meeting place, out on the road
and is the father of the car arrived, facing directly to the hotel, to father
inspire is love one, blaze up is. Accept the father into the uterus
pleasure in the body also know, ask sucking tits,
\"Mari ○ pussy's'm Meiki\"
with or sucking licking per Sucking, also pleasure to hot shock to the uterus
is the body who knew were you.

Son and ... at night without a husband

yuna himekawa[27273]
\"That's the first time Nante spend the night in the mother, just the two of us?\" \"From it so Speaking! This opportunity is rare, let it Takashi is thought ~?\", \"Really, Are to say!\" \"~? of a certain rough-something\" \"the father, I do not really say, in fact, very much, I'm like a wake up in the sex!\" \"anymore, I'll might commonplace because junior high school! that opportunity is, ~ I have seen also in the erotic book? \"\" I'm a mom! \"\" Oh! now, what on said of? \"\" mom, I'm got to see the place which is etched and father! \"\" well ~ when I went to the bathroom when it? \",\" middle of the night, from the bedroom, because the mother of the groan was heard, a look at the inside of the room is a little open the sliding door, I was surprised! pussy of mother of father Timbo that is on, I'm looked clearly! \"\", anything Well was looking through ~! \"\" that, that the daytime-friendly mom, are suffering pussy! pussy feels ~~ \"by flowing a drool When you see, it came to stand my penis is the Mukumuku, I had ejaculate involuntarily in the pants! \"\" It 's got to show the very place? \"\" It from,'m gesture of daytime mom is gone is the way in the mood! \"\" - Of Do to any wind? \"\" About one knee when I was cleaning, when the fortune by Kana thighs and panties seemed a glance from the skirt, it's going to be the feeling that you want Nugashi panty I sow skirt from behind! \"\" Well, anything was looking at such a feeling, If, I'll become very thing After skirt sow Ritari of the other woman person? \"\" such a thing, I can not actually! \"\" But, yo ~ I do not know When you escalate is such a feeling? \"\" Once was, because not care Once How was ~? should do, \"\" Mekukuru the mother of the skirt, how, that Takashi has thought, - to try and to mom? \"\" Oh! ~ really good? \" \"tonight, because absent dad, gonna good in the manner you want to of Takashi!\" \"us to the washing in the Well - the kitchen?\" \"Oh! ~ in the kitchen?\" \"at that time is the best, in such a feeling in do it by! \"...\" This made ~ of good? \"\" I have to concentrate on washing is not suitable behind! \"...\" mom from behind, I come thrilled! ass a good ~? \",\" there is also touch, there, Takashi! What are you doing, - not the prank with or Tsu sow skirt! \"...\" unpleasant, to put his hand up to unpleasant - panty , it is hell, what such a you going, stop please ~! \"\" I'm want to see pussy mom! \"\" What are you saying that stupid? \"\" the father is not touch show unabashedly not or ~? \"\" it 's, yo! Takashi are you because husband and wife the father, such a thing - to try to do not a child to do? \",\" another, and Nugashi slow by! panties, I'm pussy full view, mom ~! \"\" Oh, Atsu, do not look! ~ ~ do not look, \"\" mom, I show masturbation messing pussy? \"\" I'll not be helped when you are seen here! I only once! \"...\" Oh, Atsu, I is showing a shame Kashii office in Takashi! Aa ~ ~ feel! feel, pussy ~ ~! \"

S ○ X

Women comment give me.

Son of high school two years

19-year-old quickly was married, my husband had become at the time 31-year-old. And
it was 44-year-old died after the 13 years.

 Children are only one person, cesarean section to to have finished the contraceptive surgery
to Yorokoba work hard every night is around energetic, so I woke up and women of the joy I,
rather than with permanent hair removal with their favorite husband hair dick, holiday daytime
you cage a son becomes a lot to go to the hotel to house, that
consists of a time to be off easy mini system clothes, lingerie husband
in the cute feel like lace pattern and floral with their favorite, actually outdoors
is also the hotel to not go, there was also a little in the mountains. \"Masumi of the body, a good woman's body was in that was polished by sex\" is said from her husband, a holiday is the Toka hotels or outdoors, from the husband will be awakened, died such a husband, I son I felt the men.  Son first-year junior high school, to 5 minutes after the position of the son went into the bath I also entered surprised son, \"e! Nani mother!\" , \"Would I have in together, I did grow up\" before me in the hands hid dick with the exception, that had been raised wash was Pu I even surprise even harder that I was surprised at the time. After I think that you understand. Invitation put on my bed I was raised in the adult.  Recently'm amazing, today laid the probably decent Friday I do not think me is. Tits also but you sucked amazing I'm great with also suck dick, then inserted deep into been poked strongly, it alone is to live so, great momentum will give to the uterus, feel the place that numb, once to faint I sometimes was. I noticed still son when he is back or had been inserted in. I do not have my body to the young resilience.

It is never son

Because suddenly remembered the tired When you have carried out the cleaning and washing,
and sleeping while lying on the tatami Japanese-style that was effective cooling
seems to have waited.
Stomach of around here is somehow a good feeling. In a distant dream
I thought as events.
I feel getting wet is important where there is a feeling such that far
was good.
To someone loincloth stroked around the crack, put something into the vagina
will be stimulated better rhythm is.

When the startled awake, someone has to ride on top of my body.
It does not move to try to stand up. I immediately noticed.
Son of 16-year-old we were moving the waist riding on top.
I was already surprised.
I got up and finally hit dismissed.

When the son and say, from the amazingly fast next in to run away the room
went away towards the second floor of the stairs.
Skirt is turned over to the top of the stomach, shorts is one of the ankle
has Matowaritsui to.

The lower abdomen is the son release semen of Bettori.
I was shocked. It is happening only a few minutes.
I have the son and the sex of the real.
I thought with the events in the dream was come true.

But it was just a stunned.
Not much remember that after this, but another from there
, but was only one week, does not have heard the mouth is still my son.


Want to

Connected with my son

My first experience with my son (17) was around this time last year. The rainy season is a damp and sweaty season ... On that day, my son came home after noon for a test. Perhaps I was also responsible for wandering around the house in clothes with exposed skin. When I was taking a nap on the sofa in the living room as it was, my son suddenly covered it from above. To be honest, I was surprised and didn't know what was happening, and it took me a while to swallow the situation, but when my son's hand got into the skirt, I grasped it. If you look closely, the lower half of your body is exposed. Of course, I was in a panic state in my head. In the meantime, I tried to find out how to get through this situation, but I couldn't answer, and I had no choice but to resist , "No, no!". However, I can't beat my 17-year-old son by force. I tried to soothe him , "Please, stop ... Hey?" , But I couldn't reach my son's ears in a state of excitement with a rough breath . The pants were forcibly pulled down and inserted in the middle of XXX. Tears came out. Sad stomach now filling up the chest with the feeling each time the son moves against the hip , "Mom, I love you, much I liked!" Will accept the son within to hear the word of his state of mind I also felt a change.I didn't have any conversations so far, so I didn't know what my son was thinking, and although I was anxious , I gradually began to feel love for my son who hit me with my honest and true feelings . .. When I noticed, I lost the power to resist, and the hand I was in between was putting both hands on my son's back. It was the moment when I completely accepted my son. Then the forgotten pleasure struck the whole body. "Oh good !!" I screamed . For the past few years, I've been sexless, and I feel nostalgic and sweet ... I think it's been a while, but I've never tasted it with my husband. You can see that the body is delighted. "It's the best!" I refused to say something like a lie ... but my son seems to have had his first experience, so I didn't have it for a long time. "Mom, I'm gonna get it!" Then my son quickly left me and released a lot of sperm on the back of the rolled up skirt. My son was absent-minded for a while and did not move. When I raised my upper body, I gently hugged my son and rubbed my son's head , "OK ... OK ..." . I can't forget the face of my apologetic son who is about to start crying .I pulled my son's hand and headed to the bathroom. I washed my sweaty bodies with each other in the shower, and when I stared at each other, my lips overlapped, my tongue was entwined, and dripping drips. Perhaps the obscene sound echoed in the room and encouraged excitement, and my son, Are, was already uplifted as before. At that time, I probably had no awareness or reason as a mother. She was just a woman with a bare instinct drowning in sexual pleasure. I straddled my son, shook my hair, and shook my hips ... After that , I piled up with my son over and over again in my son's room until dinner was prepared . "Ah ~ Iku ~ Iku ~ Ah ~ Good !! Ahhhhh !!" Only today ... Only today I want to drown in this forbidden pleasure ... I thought so while my whole body was stiff and my consciousness was far away.・ ・I think that even after a year, I still steal my husband's eyes and continue to have a relationship with my son (laughs). My life changed after that day. I'm disqualified as a mother, but now I'm biting the joy of being born as a woman. I have no regrets. Even today, my son gets fucked while my husband is taking a bath ... This is thrilling and exciting. Sensitivity is different ... It's a short time, but it's a lot of times ...I feel the best ... really ... Then next month, it was a joke about an aunt who will turn 45. Thank you for your relationship for a long time.


Women comment give me that you want to have sex.

With my mother's remarriage partner!

It is a fact with my mother's remarriage partner. I am 20 years old, my mother is 42 years old, and my uncle is 40 years old. It is remarried each other in each other uncle-chan, friendly people that I have me out also medical vocational school. He seems to be a baseball club when he was a student, and he is a cool person. If I wasn't my mother, I would have been dating. We used to go out with three people everywhere, but my mother was a nurse, so my working hours were crazy. At one point, I was having a meal with my uncle, "Yumi-chan isn't he? It looks like he's not there!" "I don't have an uncle now." "Eh! Because I'm here?" "Uncle but I wish I was a person like a chan! mon not such a person now. " " anywhere you are there - I me say that I'm happy, " say"! I not " laughing with" I become boyfriend If you are satisfied with me. " while "really! Thats there are mom me" "I a secret if YuYoshi-chan you are happy." "You can do that?" "So, you mean if you're YuYoshi-chan" "I guess if you're uncle-chan" " It's okay. " " I'm glad I did it, "I said. One weekend morning, my mom was on duty and was on duty to go home around 10 am. Around 6 o'clock in the morning, I heard the footsteps of my uncle going to the bathroom.Also, it seems that I have returned to my room, so I decided to take the plunge and go to my uncle and mother's room. When I knocked, I entered while saying "What? Yumi-chan!" "Yeah, are you awake?" "Yeah?" "Can I enter?" Lying on. "What's wrong?" "Yeah" "What's coming next to you ?" " Is it okay?" "Come on," so I was a little embarrassed, but I went to the side. I was watching TV for a while, but my uncle hugged me. I kissed with my face down. Because I was longing for it, I was happy and thrilled to forget about my mother. And I touched the tits from the top of my shirt. It was moved up and the nipple was sucked. I felt so good, and I was jealous when I thought that my mother was doing the same, thinking that my experience was different. And my uncle put his hand in the sweatshirt pants. I was already wet and embarrassed, but when I was at my mercy, I wiggled Kurichan. I suddenly made a voice. My pants were taken off and my uncle started licking my pussy.I didn't lick the pussy and the pussy alternately, but it seemed to be strange. And when my uncle finally took off his Boku pants and tried to put it in my pussy, I remembered my mother and closed my legs for some reason. However, my uncle tried to open his legs a little and put it in my pussy, but he couldn't get in. I didn't know what happened to the uncle who should have a lot of experience, but he said, "Yumi-chan is on the pussy, the position is different from the mother ." However, this time I put it firmly in my pussy. However, my uncle's cock was bigger than I expected and was wet, but I had a little pain. "It's big." "Isn't it? I've been told uncle a long time ago, but I don't think it's that big." " It's too big for Yumi." .. As I became more and more comfortable, I was embarrassed. However, the uncle who noticed that he didn't have time because his mother came back, Yumi-chan, because he doesn't have time, should we continue next time? " Yeah, but my uncle is okay." " I think it's going to be a little longer." "Then you can put it in me soon. I'll go to the bathroom as it is." "Can I have a child?" "I think it's okay today ." My uncle speeded up the movement and quickly put it out in me so that I could tell it was pounding.I immediately picked up my clothes and went to the bathroom. Uncle's sperm flowed out of the pussy in the toilet. It was a lot. After a while, my mom came home later than usual, but they both had breakfast in the living room as if nothing had happened. Mom went to the bathroom saying she was tired, taking a shower and sleeping a little. I was worried that my uncle's semen might remain in the panties I took off earlier, so I also went to the bathroom. My mom was in the middle of taking off her clothes. "What YuYoshi? What happened?" "Looking For hate it mobile," "Oh! Not there?" Because the mother went into the bathroom and say, and to confirm the panty, had still left semen So I picked up my panties and took them to my room. While Nadeoroshi the de-free, and return to the revision, "a hurry to do was to" "with as it is in the bathroom a Pan'e that was wearing uncle-chan, a little while ago" "husband Mazuwa it." "So, I went to the bathroom The two of us were laughing bitterly while saying. I confirmed that my mother had gone to the room and kissed my uncle. While smiling a little, "Yumi-chan isn't here" "I haven't done it yet " "That 's right , I wonder if my uncle will make me squid!" "Etch!" "I often say Yumi-chan is coming. I'm sorry. ""That's right, but it's okay if I can have sex with my uncle." "I'm happy ~ It's a secret to my mother." "It's natural," he said, but he always had sex when he wasn't there. At one point, " Are you horny with your uncle and mom?" "It's okay ." "I don't feel like that ." "I can't because Yumi is in the next room." did. "But, uncle-chan You're tough!" "Kana because etch Favorite" "so that you do so it does not appear na" "But I say every day if YuYoshi-chan" "Oh ~ gone crawling appearance" "Datte true" and He said. Today, my uncle said he was playing golf and went out early in the morning, but it's about time he came back. My mom said that she would be back early because she was working at night, so I thought about it from daytime and wrote this. It's a little wet over there, so maybe I'll take a shower and wait. I said I don't need supper, so I'll do it at the convenience store. I'm just thinking about my uncle's cock. It's big for me. And my uncle himself says that I'm a false phimosis, but I'm not sure, and I think he likes it.Then, when I got home soon, I got a call, so I will write about today again. I bother you. Run

On my son's birthday night

The day before yesterday was the 24th birthday of my son Kota. And that night, I was embraced by my beloved Kota for the first time as a woman instead of a mother, and I was tied across the line. Three months before that, Kota officially confessed to me on my 45th birthday, when we had a festive meal together. Until then, I knew enough about Kota's feelings and attitude toward me, and I understood and accepted it in my head. When I saw Kota as an adult and a member of society, I couldn't hide that the growth of masculinity included feelings for a dear man. Confessed and asked, I was confused, but answered, "Wait until Kota's birthday." Of course, I wanted to have time to organize my mind, be prepared, and have the courage. I was told, "Then, it's my birthday present," and when I nodded, Kota gave me a little finger, and I also entwined my little finger with that finger, so I made a secret promise only for the two of them. did. He was gently hugged and kissed for the first time in a deserted place on his way home. My husband (52 years old) is a hard-working civil servant who has lived alone in the official residence for two years and will be back only on weekends. Since I promised to cut my finger with Kota, even if my husband suddenly asked for me, he refused because of Kota. Kota works and lives in a city about an hour's drive away. On the way back from being tied with Kota for the first time, he drove me closer, and while the afterglow after being tied still remained, Kota became adorable, and when he put his hand on Kota's hand, Kota got that hand. He held back and entwined his fingers to support my feelings. Kota said as a man, "Please continue to support me," and I also replied, "I am such a person, but thank you."After being loved by Kota for the first time, Kota put on an arm pillow and talked for a while. For some reason, I suddenly burst into tears, and Kota, who noticed me, hugged me tightly and shed unexplained joyful tears in his arms. On Kota's birthday, Kota took a paid vacation in the afternoon, and I made an excuse for my husband to have a girls-only gathering, and left the room in the afternoon. I met Kota in front of the meeting station and the date started. But after all, somewhere I was throbbing and hard. The restroom was getting closer, and when I looked at my face in the mirror, I saw myself feeling nervous, and I was telling myself, "Be calm down as you decide." .. I found Kota calmly taking my hand, joking and attentive, trying to relieve my tension. I couldn't even get a little early dinner in a private room, but he sat down next to me, hugged me, stroked my hair, and did my best. After drinking a little alcohol, Kota asked me, "Let's go?" And I was nodding. When I entered the hotel parking lot by car with Kota, I was surprised to hear a phone call from my husband. I was wondering if it was seen somewhere, but it was a normal requirement. Next to me on the phone with my husband, Kota took my hand and kept me enthusiastically. When I was stroking my hand with my fingertips, I was already determined. When I finished the call, Kota took my left hand and silently removed the ring finger ring. It was a moment of squeaking. It was the moment when I lost neither my wife nor my mother. Just by removing one ring, I concentrated on Kota and felt Kota as a woman. He said, "Let's remove this ring. I'm not my mother, I'm a woman tonight. For me, it's Saori."Escort by Kota, he entwined his arm around Kota's arm and snuggled up to the room. In a quiet room, I could only hear hugging and hot kissing. Guided in front of the mirror, Kota hugged me from behind me, and when I put my face on me, he whispered to my ear, "How do you feel?" "It's kind of embarrassing," they laughed. "You've made a secret for the two of us" "Yeah" "Let's make more secrets in bed" "Yeah" "I like Saori as a woman and I was really waiting for this day" "I'm Kota "I like you" "I love Saori-san" "Even I ..." I was having such a conversation while looking at ourselves in the mirror. I squeezed my hair, started crawling my lips on Kota's nape, and my breasts were bitten. The tension is back again. "Saori-san, I'm solidified," laughed and said, Kota was careful. Then Kota's hand, which came into the skirt, crawled up the inner thigh and approached my woman's part. Regardless of me trying to hold my hand down, my pale pink panties were reflected in the mirror through my thin stockings. "Embarrassing ..." Instead of dealing with me like that, Kota's fingertips reached my core while passing through the stockings, stimulating the fingertips along the vertical cracks with exquisite movement. He laughed at his hips and knees, which seemed to break, and was supported from behind, his stockings were lowered to his thighs, and Kota's fingertips were finally in his panties. When my fingertips, which broke the crack and slipped, touched the sensitive buds, I raised a woman's voice and was in agony. Kota behind me said, "I'm going to get wet, so I'll take it down." The panties were also taken down to the thighs, and the rather thin hair showed his face, and Kota's fingertips went deeper into it. "Kota, no ... let me take a shower" "Saori-san, I'm wet" "I'm sorry ..."Kota took off her clothes, her bra was removed, her panties were pulled out of her feet, and she took a shower. After the shower, he picked me up as the moon to rent, and when I was taken to bed, I was hoping that Kota would hold me. Kota also took a shower, turned off the lights a little, and held hands for a while. Then Kota overlapped with me, squeezed the hair on my forehead and kissed my forehead, and the time they loved began. Hot kisses continued in an eternal manner, and Kota always called me "Saori ... Saori ...". Embracing Kota's back and responding to that feeling, Kota began to love every corner of my body. When Kota's face, which came up her inner thigh, approached my woman's part, Kota spread her legs to the left and right, exposing the real woman to Kota, and I took caress of Kota's lovely and gentle tongue. I did. Kota's tongue and mouth, which are so gentle and polite that it seems to be the first time for such a cunnilingus, licked me without missing the outside and inside of my petals. To the cunnilingus that seems to melt, I raised a woman's wet and disturbed voice, held hands with Kota and entwined her fingers, and Kota led me to the pleasure of the woman who was about to attack and tied with Kota Supported by my hands, I enjoyed the moment of a woman and endured the pleasure of wanting to escape. Kota loved Kota's, and Kota presented me with a condom taken out of the bag and put it on Kota's hard, thick and long one. Then, Kota decided the position, opened his legs to welcome Kota, and when Kota moved his hips to the center, it was a moment when it seemed to be daunting, and I was accepting hot Kota's things in my body. .. I was also looking back at Kota, who looked down at me from above at a close distance. At this moment, I was happy to be a true man and woman.Repeated friction in my body, I also drowned in the pleasure, and finally Kota released a large amount of things deep inside my body with repeated grand heartbeats, separated by a thin skin. Then, in the bed in the room where I returned quietly with a lingering sound, in Kota's arm pillow, I was full of tears. I made some promises with Kota. I will never be held by my husband in the future, Kota and I are the only woman, I will not wear the ring finger ring anymore, I am still likely to get pregnant, so contraception is the responsibility of the man It was definitely a fulfillment. I also considered contraception for women, but Kota had a negative opinion. The next date with Kota is scheduled for next week. Kota is confidently telling me that I will find my weaknesses and make Saori happy. As a man, I now want you to find my weaknesses.

And drunken father

I am a father and two people living in the 2-year junior college.
My mother I died of cancer at the time of high school seniors.
It is the time of the last month on Saturday.
Sit-in at the door when the father came home drunk at the farewell party of retirees
\"drink until so firmly to\" and are then remove clothes lay on the bets To embrace suffer the bedroom to go Well the father my father
\" It has been with embrace while Yukie ~ \"and called the name of the deceased mother. I
\"I'm, Mariyo daughter\" to say that
we have to kiss referred to as \"YUKIE ~\".
Liquor smell lips came to put the tongue blocks the my lips. Chest also touch massage started at the same time
, but I said, \"I'm - Mariyo ~\"
in the words of \"I Yukie lonely ~ ~\", has decided to leave the body and pretending to be the mother I think I'm dad also lonely .
My father went to the ass hand from the chest, has been touching the genitals. I was a little peace of mind without directly touching because it was wearing clothes is still at this point, my father has not held me erect penis off the pow yourself. Thick and it was hard penis.
\"Yukie, me licking as usual\" Yeah yeah! !
... The father of the penis to not also licking boyfriend of the penis
for the first time licking penis was like a hard rubber.
\"Yukie should also lick you pussy\" Mataeeee! ! ! was.
It gave the genitals to his father reluctantly take off your clothes. Of course is the first time, what is licking is another pounding.
Was leaked voice will feel involuntarily sucked sensitive clitoris.
\"Yukie also I'm feeling,\" the father of voice
I have said, \"Yeah feeling I say - you\".
Then father
\"me put riding on Yukie\" Moeeee! ! ! Is Moeee. I put in my grabbed the penis ride on top of the father I think that there is only a ride When you come up here.
The father of the penis I think that not only so that the other was rubbed with a vagina.
Was moving long does not come due or quite Fi two Ishu of liquor, it was he I a place that long ago ejaculation but
was urged ejaculation I also accelerate the movement. And put a force in the vagina are running while giving Shimete penis to stimulate Kyu
\"Yukie, I'm going to go.\"
\"Even though I'll say,\"
\"die ~\" finally my father was ejaculation.
There, they had put in.
It was washed in the vagina to go to hurry the bathroom. Father of semen has been flowing and muddy.
Came out of the bedroom clean wipe the father of the penis, which was sleeping to go to the father of the original.
To father the next morning
, \"I remember that last night?\"
\"I! Softening Warm,\"
\"The do not remember at all.\"
\"Although remember was drinking too much the previous Saturday - also\"
remember the \"father last night to mom and sex Teru? \"
\" We're feeling as although the mother ... \"
\" Yes, I did have sex with me. \"
\" Well, never, \"
\" the No way I \"
\" it was do not \"bad
\" yo Un'ii \"
\" I say. \"
\"I'll do dad also lonely, I I'll become a partner.\"
\"Do good.\"
\"Yeah I'll say,\"
This was the beginning of the relationship between the father and me. The sleeping father and one of the futon from the night to have a demand every night.

It shows you properly to son

I son was showing female genitalia so that it does not think of stupid things in the future.
Uselessly beautification to the in was to entertain the illusion because Hide
When to face up to like a reality [fishy Me Bare garbled shellfish]
would be [no longer also be like buying a girl pay money].
  The next think I try to show at the time of the physiological.
It is shed so Mugotarashiku blood! Please gently to women! That it is not taught that.
And pussy Press

I wanted to know absolutely

How far there to clear me memory of childhood?

I am a married fifty-year-old
was mischief in my niece at the junior high school students.
The Kazumi elementary school sophomore sister of child family was or lick or to grasp the cock in the naked when the absence of
Kazumi was heard to say in silence, against the cock not yet complete pussy pee anymore Although we did not enter the expected and
was ejaculation in the mouth rubbed the cock in the pussy
body to too much of the pleasure is jerky trembling cock lasted excitement state remains erection
drinking allowed to pee in Kazumi , it was or push to unfinished pussy with a sperm ejaculation or turning licking in the body to the fingertip.

This it if there was no thing to remember the old days of storage only, but Kazumi does not listen to all mouth and fit and I from the previous at all without any talk of marriage until now though it is another Yosoji, rather than feel is shy it seems like you are avoiding.

We are not talking to her sister that it has been mischief, me neither how to have a favor.
No bad style and features with poppy Kazumi is the MILF of recent sultry.

Elementary school sophomore childhood mischief has been stored somewhere until the remaining ones will you or
your memory is - ‥‥‥‥‥

I want to know the idea of ​​everyone.

yuna himekawa[27132]
That the sexual desire to love while reading the various confession I thought that it was another.

Love partner is only say that it was even 's close relatives, just the public eye just there to whether or not there is a sex is different.

Speaking of clarity, marriage is blessed, if possible relationship, if the marriage is not possible shameless?

But uncle and niece, the relationship between aunt and nephew, I think that there is, but is impossible marriage.

Do you guys you have a what you think?

The following was noted as the icing on the cake.
In my case is incest with his daughter.
Described above and will be inconsistent, but we loved each other from three years ago and the 26-year-old daughter.
I am 47 years old.
(Aishiae was of is from the position a year ago)

my husband passed away three years ago, my daughter has been working for a pharmacy, another man does not mean useless.
Both men experience was not less, opportunity is I daughter of personality that committed the boyfriend and the mistakes of the daughter from loneliness who lost a husband was sudden change, the daughter is as violent blame me will also, I have admitted that reason.
But after discharge came to me gently care for like on the other hand daughter went immersed in masturbation, he had heard voices panting of daughter every night until midnight, after a while the daughter is like Itaburu me becomes, was bullied use the electric massager and Vibe.

Shinji did many times with the (parted daughter boyfriend)?
Your father and the Which is bigger?
Birth control did you in?
It did licking the penis of Shinji?
I Are daughter of your father?
How many times did you cheating?
Put out what kind of voice?

Was accused in words and tools, I was not only withstand.

And pleasantly me!
And comfortably than Shinji!
I became compliant reluctantly.

Such a thing is six months continued emotionally unstable daughter now as referred to by name me.

It will be in one and in this Kayoko Tsu early Miyuki (daughter)!

And it was accused by the vibe of the double-headed.

Whether it can be said that the lesbian in such it is six months continued now? We do Mase-explanatory, but followed by a day-to-day to seek each other.
Both of them do not have three years men and sex, there is no still that man was I hope it is not useless.

Daughter has put away during the day firmly your job, go home with a woman from her daughter at the same time, it turned into Miyuki.
I also love Miyuki changes to a woman Kayoko from at the same time the mother and the return home of the daughter.

Now, did you post this thing is that while I daughter cry and are in love with the recently Miyuki!

My people would be better than Kayoko went love Takashi' Miyuki?
The want your children went to squid Miyuki in charged Takashi of the penis!
Began to those of Takashi, Kayoko is becoming a thing of the good of Miyuki!

Daughter OJ now does not allow me to.
We hugging me in revenge.

Takashi is because the name of my husband! !