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Incest confession of women(2016-02)

tell me

Two men are drunk in the banquet the other day of the farewell party, and pointed to the incense, who is a chief's my department, ours was laughed at and I'm hole brother. When asked the hole brothers was worrisome to close the pressurized charges in karaoke bar after flow dissolution, Noriyoe is and do not know such a thing, did not teach. No man experience unreasonable demand for me, please tell me.


yuna himekawa[25244]
I became a mother and child home of the only mother and two people when the sixth grade of elementary school, also together with also two bath when you go to bed, now look like squeezing every day wake up from getting to the junior high school students in the wet dream is there property, mother I started stealing my underwear, I felt a woman when I saw my mother's nakedness, I could not stand it when I was taking a bath and hugged me, my mother smiled and grabbed the cock that erected in Bing, inside He put it in. On that day, I put it out many times until dawn, I was able to dedicate a virgin and have a physical relationship, I can continue to have a physical relationship with me every day, and I can graduate from school a little later One day my mother will become a father when I have a baby, right? My mother's grandmother came to me on the weekend, so I was asked to clean the pond while I was at the hospital. After my mother went out, the lotus roots were overgrown in the pond, which is about 15 tsubo, and the bottom was not visible. I cut off the trunk, leaving a little behind, and stirred the mud that had accumulated on the bottom of the pond. A grandmother who scraped into the ditch leading to the rice field, harvested lotus roots, got a lot of small sardines, had lots of loaches in the mud, got eels and two true carp, put them in a big fish cage, and finished cleaning. They were there and prepared meals, and when the two of us finished the meal and the grandmother had a baby, she would become a father, but she wouldn't be able to be with her mother for a while, so she would n't have to worry about getting pregnant anymore. Just because I could do anything , I took my pants down, put them in my mouth and started lickingI immediately climbed up and ejaculated in the back of my throat, swallowed everything with loach and licked it cleanly, laid my grandmother naked, sucked in the cracks, sucked up the licking chestnut, lifted my waist and collapsed Also, when I covered it and put it in my grandmother, the face that shyly said that she was kind and embarrassed was cute because it was the first time in more than ten years since my grandfather died . When I entered about half, my grandmother pulled back slowly. As I went on, I tightened it a lot, I felt a glossy voice when I put everything in and rubbed my hips , I also ejaculated in the back, I took a bath together and warmed up While she was washing her hair, she brought five loaches and one eel to her bucket, hugged her, kissed her, sucked her nipples, licked her crevices, sucked up her nuclei, and thrust her in. I shook my hips violently and put it inside, I applied love juice to the hole in the back and thrust it in, my grandmother said hi ~ and breathed on my shoulder When I put it in and out , I felt ahhhhhhh ~ If you put the loach in the washbasin and apply it to the front hole and pour hot water, the loach escapes from the heat and escapes into the hole one after another so that the loach does not come out. It's very nice to arrive. After a while, the loach disappeared, and it seems that the loach whose lower abdomen was swollen entered the womb, and the loach hung down and died many times.In the same way, when I put the eel in the back hole, my stomach swelled as soon as I climbed the intestine, my stomach swelled even more because I changed the direction of movement, when I saw my grandmother, I blew bubbles from my mouth and peeled my white eyes. I'm losing, I gently rubbed my lower abdomen, and when I poured water into my eel and let it flow, a loach popped out, my grandmother noticed and opened my eyes, I came to the place where I pierced the hole in the back violently The eel ran away to the back again, the old lady stripped her white eyes and fainted and stuck, rubbed her stomach and put out the eel and ejaculated in the hole in front and embraced the old lady who got stuck in the bathtub and warmed up I wrapped it up and slept with a loach, and when I woke up in the morning, my grandmother was preparing a meal, I caught my eel from behind, put my hand on the table, thrust it into the hole in my eel, and pushed it up violently. Ann I feel good ~ Good ~, I pulled it out once, turned it to the front, laid it on the table, sucked it in the crack and licked it, the old lady said hahaha and died, I put it out once in the front hole After finishing the meal, I went to the grandmother's house together, and the grandmother was feeding the livestock and preparing dinner, I built a goat hut , finished the dinner and took a bath together I put my grandmother on my knees, and in a face-to-face sitting position, I put it in my mouth in a normal position, put it in a futon and licked it, and died many times until midnight. When I was supposed to go home, my grandmother went to the next house to ask for an absence, and when I left for the house, my uncle next to meI got on a light tiger and said that he would send the baby goat on the loading platform and arrived home without enough time, I immediately built a goat hut with leftover material on the chicken horn, it was too early So if I was cleaning up the lotus stalks that had been fried on the edge of the pond in the field, would my grandmother come and still have eels? I heard in a small voice, I said I wanted to eat one more, and when I tapped my butt, I shyly nodded a little and hung down , eight loaches and one eel in a bucket. Put it in the bathroom , drop four loaches, wash the intestines cleanly, chop them up and soak them in vinegar, pour the plum wine made by my mother into a cup after eating dinner, and put the grandmother on her knees. While eating pickled vinegar, we toasted together, when I put my finger in my grandmother's crotch, I was already wet with loach, when I kissed and stirred the hole, it was already fluffy, pull my hand After going to the bath and picking it up and soaking it in the bathtub to warm it up , put it in the back hole in a face-to-face sitting position at the washing place, shake your hips violently and ejaculate, put all eight loaches in the front hole and put the cock in the front hole When I put the lid on and put the eel in the hole in the back ^ --^ The loach ran away to the back at a stretch The number of loaches gradually decreased and it seemed that they had escaped into the womb and no one touched it, Grandma hung down and hahaha I'm saying, my lower abdomen is swollen and moaning, I ejaculated over time while watching my grandmother's dead face, the eel on my stomach is calm or the movement is slow I'm too tired of my grandmother's death When I put water in the hole in front of me and rubbed my lower abdomen, I got a lot of loaches and loaches, but I didn't have one more.The last loach came out, the eel on the stomach also started to move, and the old lady noticed that she was blowing bubbles every time the eel moved. was, licking crack from lay go hugging from warm soak in the bathtub lift up digs in ejaculation before the hole to put the back of the hole before taking out the eel put the water into the hole in the back of the hole to the bedroom I took a long time to die, and when I touched my grandmother's body, I started to open my crotch and wait in anticipation of a perverted act , lay it down in a big letter, tie my limbs, stick to the crack and lick it Put an eel in the back hole, put an eel in the front hole and suck the nucleus, stop when the grandmother is about to die, and when she calms down, if you repeat it over and over again for the first time, the grandmother will be in tears and die I plead for you to die, I thrust a cock into my mouth and ejaculated deep in my throat with 69, my grandmother became crazy and tried to press it against my face, pulling out the eel and eel and behind If you put it in the hole and shake your hips violently, you are about to die, pull it out once and calm down a little, please and hold the eel without force, untie the limbs and put it in the front hole in the normal position and turn your hips While rubbing it against the nucleus and pushing it up, when the grandmother leaned back, she attracted her hips and rubbed tightly and died together, and in this case, regardless of the location, if you reach out when you want to do it, you will be happy to open your crotch.

First experience

The night of the fireworks display in the neighboring town last year. About an hour after the fireworks display started, it began to rain. Yuki went out by bicycle saying that he would go to see the fireworks. When I was watching TV worried that I was soaked, I received an e-mail asking me to come to pick me up. I have a drama I want to watch in an hour, but my husband isn't at work and I think it's the worst ! Cute son. .. .. I decided to pick him up! Where are you going to meet ... I was excited somehow while emailing , oh, oh, that? Speaking of which, meeting by e-mail ... I specified the parking lot of the shopping center near the venue and went to pick up early. Fortunately, the rainy feet have weakened and the fireworks display will continue as it is, will it be crowded? I managed to put in the parking lot I was worried about and encountered it safely! However, even though it was a light rain, both of us ended up getting soaked in the rain while loading the bicycle into a light car. Bring me a kappa or an umbrella ... Both of them wipe their heads with a towel, and ... I roll up my T-shirt and wipe my body, oh ! Full view of the bra ... Well, I wonder if it's okay because it's a parent and child. Yuki didn't really care about it and brought a change of T-shirt, so I thought I should change my clothes. They were half-naked in the car.Seen from the outside, it might have seemed like car SEX ... The feeling of a closed room inside the car is a little fresh. I took a bad ride and hugged Yuki. Of course, I kept my bra on ... Yuki seemed to be a little surprised by the sudden action, but I didn't particularly dislike it, so I left it for a while. When I was hugging Gyu, Yuki's hand was in my chest ... Of course, I was hoping for a bit honestly. After all, I'm interested in women because I became a high school student. But unfortunately, I stopped by telling him what he was doing like a mother . Let's go home! But firmly, I checked that part of Yuki who was fluffy. I'm a little happy to think that I'm excited to see my (mother)! My girlfriend didn't come tonight ... I was driving while talking about that . Somehow, I remembered the feeling that my chest was touched a while ago , and if it stayed as it was, my imagination would improve! Then my head snapped! I reached out to Yuki's crotch. You're still big! Yuki, do you know a woman? Are you still a virgin ...? eh! I don't know. .. .. I've never seen a woman naked. .. .. Then, do you want to see your mom naked?Tonight, I'm surprised by some words. Tonight, I thought it might be dangerous ... I stopped the car, hugged Yuki, and kissed him. The first woman is a mother ...? Nod to that word, Yuki! Yuki's hand slips into the bra. In the rain, the inside of the car was hot and cloudy, and the room was completely closed. I took off my T-shirt, took off my bra, and Yuki buried her face in my chest. Rubbing gently, licking gently ... Such words come out without any hesitation. Yuki's hands are in the skirt from the chest. And rub the bushes ... My bushes should be moist enough. In Yuki's jeans, hold his hot and big one! It won't stop anymore ... This is ki-mo-chi. I want to be one with Yuki as it is, otherwise this body will not heal ... Yu-chan, let's go to the hotel as it is ... Embrace more, love more! These were the words that came out of my mouth. Yuki nodded as a matter of course. Asking each other again in the hotel parking lot, honestly, when I went up the stairs, my legs ... I felt like I was peeing in the bush ... Entering the room and hugging each other , Yu-chan took off my clothes. The feeling of being a parent and child may have disappeared from each other!It's exciting to be able to take off your clothes one by one. It may have been a little too stimulating, but I stimulated Yu-chan's grown-up one in my mouth! Ah! In the meantime, it erupted.  But I'm fine at all! I slept naked on the bed in a big letter and asked Yu-chan to do what she liked. That girl shook my whole body and got acme again and again! So I was on top and we were one. I felt Yu-chan's hot things flowing into my body, but I didn't think it was dangerous. I couldn't afford to think that I might get pregnant. summer night! I may have done something wrong, but I didn't know how many times I did it, I hugged each other and fell asleep, and in a hurry we went home in the morning, but I couldn't forget last night, and neither of them invited me. I've done it again. .. ..

Thick semen

There was a school trip for my daughter (Reina) in late May when my son (Takeshi) became a high school student. At that time, I had dinner with my son Tsuyoshi for the first time. Tsuyoshi was taking a bath when he was washing after dinner. From inside the bathroom, Tsuyoshi shouted, "Mom, take it because you don't have soap!", So I hurriedly took the soap to the bathroom. I used to say "put it on the mat" from the bath, but when I brought the soap, a naked one stood. Tsuyoshi said "Thank you" and went back into the bathroom. I immediately said, "I'm sorry! I left the place, but I was able to clearly see Tsuyoshi's grown-up splendid Ochinchin in front of me. I finished washing and saw Tsuyoshi getting out of the bath and entered. When I took a bath and touched the soap to wash my body, I felt it was null, so I looked at the soap. How, semen was sticking to the soap. I got out of the bath and went to Tsuyoshi's room to watch out for soap pranks. And when I opened the door, I saw a terrible sight. Tsuyoshi was holding the panties I used to wear in his left hand and putting them on his nose, and in his right hand he was holding the erect Ochinchin and moving it up and down violently, saying "Mom, mom". I saw a man masturbate for the first time in my life. I was ashamed to say, "Takeshi, what are you doing! Call it the soap prank in the bathroom, what you are doing now, and then return your mother's panties. "said.That opened the forbidden door with Tsuyoshi. I threw my panties in my hand and walked up to me and said, "I like my mom!" And knocked me down on the bed. I said, "Stop Tsuyoshi! You can't do this. Stop right away. " But I couldn't resist the power of 15 years old and I struggled on the bed. Tsuyoshi whispered in my ear, "If you make a loud noise, it would be a nuisance to the neighborhood! Quiet, mom." Seeing that I was no longer resisting, Tsuyoshi climbed over me and rolled up the nightie. I may have been waiting for this time in my heart. So, I didn't resist anything and just watched Tsuyoshi's actions. When Tsuyoshi took off the nightie, he grabbed my tits while saying, "I like my mom! This soft big tits are bad!" And I started sucking my nipples hard. Just like the baby that came out of my belly 15 years ago ... and then I started licking my tits. At first, "I'm embarrassed, so stop doing this. I'm sorry Tsuyoshi. Because my mother was bad ... ”was a series of words. But every time Tsuyoshi said, "Mom, she's beautiful." Or "Mom, she has a nice body." "Oh! My nipples are standing. My mother feels too." It's starting to become. Maybe Tsuyoshi himself was studying by watching an adult video, and it worked so well that my body caught fire. I finally said, "Mom also likes Tsuyoshi. I have said. It was as if I was waiting for that word.Tsuyoshi also said, "I also love my mother," and kissed each other and entwined my tongue. After that, I turned 180 degrees on the bed and I turned up and started licking the chest of Tsuyoshi with my tongue. At that time, my tits hit Tsuyoshi's cock. The tip of the Ochinchin was so wet that I grabbed Tsuyoshi's Ochinchin with my right hand. Then I started rubbing the slimy Ochinchin up and down, which had a nice erection in my bristles (one size larger than my husband). I told Tsuyoshi, "You've become quite good. I'm bigger than my dad. " The glans penis was still half covered with skin, so I gently and gently turned it over by hand. "It hurts!" Said Tsuyoshi, but I said, "Be patient," and then sipped a pink, slimy, splendid Ochinchin in my mouth. While holding Tsuyoshi's Ochinchin in my mouth, I moved it up and down and licked the glans part with my tongue, and after a while, the moment I said "Mom, I'm out", sweet and sour semen spouted into my mouth. It was. At first I intended to drink everything, but it was too much and I was drooling, so I said "Gohon" and spit out semen on Tsuyoshi's belly.

Also father to five years

I was committed to the father of the real.
It was robbed for the first time when I was junior high school winter break of one year.
I was sleeping in my room, but have a father so hunched over my after When I awake ran a sudden severe pain, the father of the lower body I have stuck to the lower body, I lost virginity too much voice with the shock and pain fear did not go out.
Then also continue committed to the father every day, why? Why me? Anymore Stop it !! disconnect anymore! Do not cum! Do not make anymore! I only did not cry out in so mind.
It can not be said to family and relatives, so do not speak to others to say. If I talk, it is to become home collapse would think? And did not say much until now.
In this way the speak now, because his father had died.
I do not talk to still family. Will this thing is better that took to the grave without speaking to anyone?
I it can not be like people in the opportunity that. On the contrary man it is has become scared.

Mother-to-child incest

I more than 50, I thought it such thing of the past other relationships with the opposite sex is in this year.
The fact that my husband is also no life for many years, I myself also without any feel the loneliness and frustration against it, we have lived in.
... And it is determined from all things myself a bore's child.
But, it is not hit section did not did not have.
Time he was puberty, such as his several times witnessing to had ripe On'namono in the room magazines and incest confession book.
At that time also there was that he suffered from some his taste in shock.
But, such a thing is I think that there is no helpless also troubled my mother, had imperceptibly in the past things.
It has become a reality recently.
Son, after eating rice and invited me to dinner, I went to his living apartment.
I have happy that my son invited me I was gone without any hesitation, but after a while with a cup of coffee into the room but he has been cut out.
\"When I much Mother of year, do not you Toka other etch?\"
In the words, in the guise of a calm feeling that the run something in my spine,
\"eh? And, Yada, Deshiyoo - you do not have anymore the other party.\"
If the aim of the son arrive expected, was found to keep up steadily beating becomes faster.
\"I, ... you want to mother and etch\"
my body and words that had been expected to come out from his mouth does not move as I think too much of the tension, did not come to mind is the word also likely out of the words.
Honest, it was a sensation similar to the feeling of despair.
His hand even while doing so began Masaguri my body, stripped tank top and bra was wearing at once, a kiss to push down the I've peppered the whole body.
I for some reason at that time, which had been fully confused, had to call my husband to win him great difficulty.
\"Oh, Dad? Tonight, because we stayed in the room of Akio\"
then, in the middle of being bland conversation 3,4 minutes, my son is the lower half of the body to exposure to, as soon as I hung up the phone while jumpy , his tongue began Mawari crawl my crotch.
Whole body to run the numbness, and is pressed against the face to his futon answer the sobbing, something is destined has been a moment entered his penis at once in my womb in which I thought we.
(At last, the beyond I was ... clear distinction)
in such a feeling, seemed was greater guilt than pleasure.
But when I think he was in the piston incredible such speed, I was exhausted in me in Monono a minute or two.
And the sense of fear that would be heard out into the environment, a sense of guilt, to the weak myself that did not Tsukihanase a son, and even more to me he had completely UNA dripping,
\"This, ... because now is work hard,\"
said while also without, we found that his erection along with such feeling is push the vagina to come back to life.
I decided the resolution in the despair of the edge, he was allowed to continue to act to him with the feeling of giving up attempts to give the body to be convinced.
Then in turn, has been a Koshitsuki you gave a skillfully change while watching my reaction in reversal.
Carefully stimulated the throughout the vaginal wall, sometimes gently, had sometimes intensely regained myself and women within that pushed up the uterus without time and again.
(Oh ... wow ,, ... it is hitting to the back)
aloud to unwittingly, was moving the hips to match his movement.
And Rogue space, in the pleasure surging, that and my husband, and that this relationship is taboo, was getting better, even if the other.
Rather, this much is gives us a woman of joy before, had become so remember even thrilled that it is my child.
(Oh, ... I took advantage all the way to the ... mom to mess ...)
I have received the outpouring of the son in the many times your body feel the climax.
Then the remainder half a year, is the pretext to something spent the night in his room, it has continued the relationship so as not known to the master.
If two people in his room parents child without any, you love one is a man and a woman.

Son and sex

Even 20-year-old son has been also request the sex to me.
In my room wearing a slip of women was raised to my son the other day
came. I also go to bed every night with a single slip
under the slip is naked. Son and I are sleeping in one piece slip
knew his son's. I slip the figure for the first time my son
saw. He was a man of sex appeal to other than as viewed from the woman's eyes.
After that was encouraging to son and sex in one piece each other slip. From the son of the gentle caress I been made ​​to take off slip naked
I have been to. I issued an involuntarily big pant voice.
The last was hung a large amount of semen in the face. Sex with my husband
my body the sex with the son is going to be a son of slaves.

Son and sex

Even 20-year-old son has been also request the sex to me.
In my room wearing a slip of women was raised to my son the other day
came. I also go to bed every night with a single slip
under the slip is naked. Son and I are sleeping in one piece slip
knew his son's. I slip the figure for the first time my son
saw. He was a man of sex appeal to other than as viewed from the woman's eyes.
After that was encouraging to son and sex in one piece each other slip. From the son of the gentle caress I been made ​​to take off slip naked
I have been to. I issued an involuntarily big pant voice.
The last was hung a large amount of semen in the face. Sex with my husband
my body the sex with the son is going to be a son of slaves.

Libido of son

Recently, it has become just like coming spoiled son of junior high school three years.
I thought kana ... are nervous ahead of the exam. That day was preparing dinner in front of the sink.
Son, has been Matowaritsui. In close contact with the body, we have or have attracted sliding the cheek.
\"Nani rice today?\" Son, has suddenly embraced the West.
I, I have for some reason Takana' heart is large. Kitchen knife is I have a little touch the index finger of previously its cover.
It has been bleeding red blood.
I have been asked to \"okay?\" Anxiously.
Suddenly, was included in opening grabbed my finger. It was crowded in addition to about the second joint. Tongue was feeling tangled To soggy.
I, while embarrassed, was referred to as \"the other, because it is all right.\"
Son, has released my finger. Son, was crowded peeping in close contact like hugging from behind.
I felt a strange feeling of pressure around the ass. It is, I noticed immediately what a what.
Son is lust to me? Such foolish ... silence lasted. I felt the man suddenly. Face was felt to become red.
Son, went back to his room and \"gotta do homework.\" That night, we have various thought the son of thing.
The son of the room of obscene embarrassing book had been hidden under the bed that have come to mind. It was SM magazine.
Naked woman was just photos are embarrassed Me et al tied.
It did humiliating things for the woman. But, his face, was the feeling that filled with joy.
\"Son, Do not ... do you want to like that,\" I had unawares replace the scene of the photos in their own.
An attempt was made ​​to counteract the imagination. But, I could not stop myself.
Man's face has changed to son. I, while calling the name of his son, had been touching the nipple to Bajama over.
Sweet stimulus was spread to the entire breast.
At that time, the door has been knocked. The door is opened.
\"What happened?\" My son was remained silent.
Before the son of Bajama of trousers, it had swollen large.
Son \"I can not sleep,\" he said as tweet.
Son, was watching devour as the per of my chest. I was hidden in the chest in the involuntarily hand.
Body was trembling and big in the \"I'm want to do with the mother\" shock.
\"It might be good, Mom,\"
I did not my voice too much of it.
Son've Turn stroked disgusting the thigh. I can not also be scold his son, I was desperately shake off the hand.
And, we have been trying to Oroso the pajama pants. I was holding desperately pajamas.
But, it has been taken off. Son of the eye, was the eye of a man who was glistening and lust.
\"Forgive, not seen in such eyes, terrible I\" I, now crying.
Even though his children, it was like a scary another human.
Son, suddenly stood up, was to suddenly expose the lower body. I was covering the face with both hands.
The naked saw as a child was like different. Completely, I'm a man ....
My woman of the part has been stimulated.
I've decided. There is only this to stop the runaway son.
I was kneeling in front of his son.
\"If you can not stand absolutely, your mouth was'll\"
\"more'm useless\" son nodded and contentedly \"I promise you.\"
I was grip things son.
They were selling large vein. ... Nante so large.
I was feeling the lower half of the body may become hot. I was including those of the son in the mouth.
I, I felt myself become the indecent.
Whenever you feel the reaction of his son, I wanted more pleased.
Strange euphoria has been struck.
Son has caught the waist suddenly.
\"I'm already out likely\" I, I own yelling again added.
Son I was I wanted to drank those.
I had drank feverishly.
Son, has requested a post-settlement.

He was the son and sex

I, 40-year-old son is 20 years old, my husband of 40-year-old five years ago
has passed away at the young. Currently son and two people living of university students
is. When I was a cleaning of the son of the room every day,
my underwear was in the son of the room. I son school
but came back from did not say anything that underwear.
That night was eating rice with two people. The son and the meal is finished
, we went to take a bath, I also son went to take a bath, ○○ Mr. mom also take a bath'm, saying a bath and
went into, son the son of the penis to look at my naked
has been erection within to see that look, I son of the back and front of the body
was raised to wash. Son even wash is my mom's body
because I said I'll is told and I wash the body of ○○ Mr. mom, son stomach and pussy from breast
gave me clean wash. That of underwear had not yet say. I wore my underwear When you enter the son of the room night.
bra. Pante. slip. Son wearing pantyhose is
I had a masturbation. I do not even know of in the room
had been masturbating enough. I feel how good and the son
son'm wearing brought out the underwear was surprised and call out
because apologized to honestly I do underwear who is wearing now raise to you
absolutely stolen underwear from it is not, the mother of the body from now
I'll have sex and look a woman does not think that the mom,
I now also in his underwear who is wearing a son, son in trembling hands
bra Nugashi the slip, was me naked by Nugashi the Pante. I also slip underwear who is wearing his son, bra. Pantyhose and
son violently piston the penis that together with Pante also Nugashi son has also erection of the son becomes a naked and inserted into my pussy
was a movement. I sex is sex with my son for the first time in a long time
was good it is terribly feelings. Still I thought that child
I thought that I'm his son has grown into a man of full-fledged.
Finally the sperm I by hand bet to face a large number of the son of the sperm
was licking the sperm attached to the hand in the mouth. Also of the son now
I think to be a relationship that goes beyond one game. Son also sex
I think that when you also wearing my underwear. Dirty postscript son
my lingerie has my laundry.

Curious son

I am 43 years old I broke up with my husband when my son was 3 years old and have been living with him for a long time. My son is 18 years old this year, and he is much taller than I am, and I can look up at him. My son was a spoiled kid who always clung to me, probably because he hadn't had a father since he got sick. I have been fond of such a son since I was little. The spoiled son couldn't sleep alone, so he slept with him since he was little on the double bed left by her husband. Of course, I've been taking a bath together since I was a kid, and since my son was in elementary school, I started to wash each other's bodies in the bath.  My son washed my body very hard with my little hands. And my son seemed to be looking forward to begging for my boobs and sucking with Chuchu, as a reward. I also loved such a son, and my son who grew up steadily was worth my life.  However, after my son went to junior high school, I decided to take a bath separately from each other because it was strange, and made a room for my son and a separate bedroom.  It was around the end of junior high school. Perhaps my son also learned to masturbate towards puberty, and one day I found my underwear being pushed into a rinser with semen dirty. When I approached my face, I felt a tingling sensation at the tip of my nose, and the semen was not yet dry and had a peculiar smell. At that time, I felt the intense excitement and shock of being raped by my son, and I felt that the sexual desire that was sleeping deep inside my body was awakened. From then on, sometimes my washing machine was squeezed to hide my son's semen-stained underwear. I started to look inside the washing machine every morning after my son went to school. And every time I found my underwear polluted by my son's semen, I thought that I was the target of my son's masturbation, and I began to have a nasty delusion of "mother and child incest."  When I found my underwear polluted with my son's semen, I reached into the washing machine, took it out and pressed it against my nose, masturbating with my son's semen, masturbating. I sniffed, licked slime with my tongue, put my finger in my son, and masturbated violently like crazy. When I saw my son ejaculate, I leaned back and felt the climax so that I could catch it firmly in my womb.  One night I took the plunge and invited my son to take a bath. Maybe my son is embarrassed to take a bath with me for the first time in a long time, I refused at first, but when I was taking a bath, suddenly my son blushed a little and silently put on a towel. I came in hiding.  My son and I washed each other's bodies like they used to. In the old days, my son always asked for a breast afterwards as a reward, but that night he said that he wanted to see my dick as a reward.  I don't think it's a good place to show it to my son, but I was swept away by my son's request and I opened my crotch in front of him. His son was full of curiosity, terrifyingly touching his dick, stroking and rubbing, and messing around with awkward hands.After a while, when my joy juice gradually overflowed from my dick, my son's penis, which had a red-black erection, stood in the steamy and blurred field of vision.  My son, who had reached the height of excitement, suddenly approached my dick as if to pierce the penis. I was also unusually excited, but when I grabbed my son's penis, which I couldn't insert well, and applied it to my dick, he slowly inserted it.  They spoke to each other, hugging their bodies and asking for a deeper insertion. I put my hand on my son's ass, pulled it, and urged the piston. My son was young and shook violently after continuing to drive the piston violently, producing a large amount of ejaculation in my womb. At that moment, the momentum was so tremendous that I felt the vaginal wall swell, and I felt the climax while tightening my son's penis tightly and squeezing it so as not to leave a drop of semen.  It may have been an impression that I was able to give the best sexual pleasure to my beloved son as a mother. At that time, I realized that I was the first woman of my son, even though I was the mother of my son.  In fact, it didn't take long for my curious son to have a sexual interest in my body and then move on to mother-to-child incest. My love for my son justified everything.


When my husband is not home, and son playing with bad companions and dropped out of high school exchange glances and I {come to erection}, it emits and {I want to do one shot}. The son seems to lust me to have her go staying in the house. The husband has been in trouble can not be consulted.

Only see son

yuna himekawa[25151]
My husband is a loan company, you come back only on weekends.
Son of Ryosuke (21 years old) also started to work out the technical school, I (43 years old) is also three times a week in the part, now work at a convenience store.
Many also contact son and age of the young boy, there was also fresh to the topic of such generation. The same time as the boy of a college student continued, recently became that something of me to feel the line of sight that is seen as a \"woman\". While I say \"this me ...\", I did not hide the joy.
That day is a day off is Ryota, I had to go home. The evening of the time, came to pick me up to finish the part.
In the corner of the popular no parking, day after dark, we are combining the lips, we had each other hugging hot.
When I talk of the boy in part to Ryota, \"because, Even I, ... because it was so\" us to say Nante.
Is willing to admit me as a woman, I understand that it is the sense that.
Ryota and I at that time is a relationship that has not yet beyond the last of the clear distinction, only the last of the clear distinction was time that would have signed a promise that bad ....
Is hugged, rubbed the chest, is Ryota going unbuttoned shirt, press down on the bra cup, it did come with Sucking on my nipples.
Whispered \"I have become hard\", but still breath is rough, one step short of the voice of agony, there was a me that somehow desperately endure.
Bitten sweeten the rigid nipple, and is sucked up, ran a pleasure to the whole body, he had shaken the core of the woman.
Stroking gently embraced are hair ... Ryota that I want to embrace the good ... Ryota also, is such a feeling went run through. Then, it came the day. Night, in my bed, loved by Ryota, jump over the last clear distinction, it was tied. Among the pillow of Ryota, without reducing also makeup disturbed, and I can not sleep time continues, come hear the sleeper's breathing of Ryota, fell to finally I also sleep. The next morning, the Ryota directing a gentle smile, gave me hug gently from behind me in the kitchen. To dear Ryota, is hug dear, I did not have anywhere regret anymore. One day, if you are Ryota and dating in a strange town, and I'm entwined taking the arm of Ryota, I have met with a friend of the professional school era of Ryota. Ryota without hesitation, to use a pseudonym, me as her, introduced me to the friend. \"I wish good, and Anna beautiful older woman, where I meet?\" Said Ryota is that it has been ridiculed, he told us at a later time. Now To completely, me giving me a woman of joy, will lead to a pure white world. Know my weak part, it seems to remember the way to the squid. And such Ryota, several times in the month, has piled up skin. Embraced at the hotel, to the voice that I put out, Ryota is me to say that excitement. That my choice was not wrong, now I am happy


I am a housewife of 40 years old. Last fall, I have to affair with college students of part destination.
My husband, work is busy did not have most of the house. Son, in high school, when I was want noisy mother.
While I think that dont, we have continued to To relationship loose. I felt gradually devoted. I, myself was scared.
Spring Break has come. It was at that time. Now I feel the son of the line of sight. My face was to have seen To intently.
I was Gikurito.
I tried to hear that \"lucky something to watch what doing? Face? Ne funny child.\"
\"This time, there was something?\"
\"Somehow, I feel different,\" I was told.
I was pretending to be desperately calm.
\"Somehow, beautiful I was,\" he said Potsuri and.
I, with a laugh, \"to say such a thing, nothing I'll come out,\" did I say.
I was a complicated feeling, such as troubled glad like.
That day on the border, we have changed eyes to see my gradually son.
Was soggy by the time the holiday is over, had turned into a leering look.
I was puzzled. His death and guilt and horror of it is, did not know the son of feeling.
Not be able to even talk to my husband, there was no choice but to pretend that he does not notice.
Son end the holiday as well go to school, I was relieved.
At the same no longer feel the son of the line of sight at the same time.
It was around May. It was Dasa has a breaking up from college students. I also think that it is high time.
But, when viewed farewell emergency, it became very lonely. But, how to contact attempt was gone.
I had become so as to gradually frustrating.
I was puzzled even his own. Though there was no such thing before, I did not such a thing without much.
I have the part also had quit, I felt strongly the extra that. I attended attention to Magiwara so To fitness club.
But, I felt that extra body is aching. Day-to-day comfort with yourself lasted.
So, I had entered the summer vacation.
Son of Nechikkoi line of sight is I have resurrected. I was supposed to feel that unlike the previous while puzzled.
In suicide, many times, \"Please, do not look in such eyes,\" he shouted. Was erased out desperately comes to mind delusion.
It was such a day. Son and have a washing was approached in the kitchen.
I, also should not have been obsessed with delusion. Son from behind the next moment we have hug.
It has been pushing the things that became violently hard. And we have as soon as rubbing the chest.
I, I was saying \"Go stop stupid thing. I'll get angry\" in a voice that was hoarse with difficulty.
The body, with joy, I felt seeking vigorous man of hand.
Had Masagu' vigorous referred to as the \"mom I do not because it is odious woman\".
Saying, \"Go quit, I'll say to the father\", the body had been sensitive.
Some of my head had become a mess. Force was mercy in feeling that have to son no longer enter.
\"I'm sensitive, I odious, I'm drenched,\"
\"nipple so are pointy,\" I was told. I, the mother dont.
I got invited to the bedroom and \"give me over there in ...\".
From saying gone, the body is now hot in shame.
While being told or \"Nante invites his son to bed, it is odious woman\", was taken to the bedroom.
We have put a tongue sucked the lips. I also I have a demand fiercely Karame the tongue.
We have seen all been naked.
Shivering in shame, we accept the most embarrassing place of caress. And I ran a pleasure, such as penetrate the body.
I, I was exposed to Hajitai raise the embarrassing voice.
Before long, now my son and one. My reason was not blown away.
As my son says, it was odious female.
I, I had a thing that should not be absolute.


I of the 40-year-old

Pls advise

21 is now
a man who was dating Until now, everyone was more than 40 years old
and peace of mind that it is years older
during this time, When I go back to my parents, my women who do not know was home.
I asked my father, I was informed that a man you are dating now.
Father be that was also lonely because it was much Hitorimi
But, was shocked, I just I had I think the father
is feeling deprived of something my father, and will look at the woman in such a feeling
the man to captivate and would sensual a favorite likely feel anymore, myself have been very jealousy, I I was found, rather than his father 's was a presence, such as a lover, I was also staying thought the father had been going out with men of years older knocker No may also does not write the well this feeling, but to be loved by his father only I, that person I'm not, I can just once, I'd like to be loved by his father. When asked from me, it will be rejected by the father, or you will not any good way,

Gone past my head is to etch

Husband 38-year-old, I 42 years old, until recently and junior high school students of children
62-year-old father-in-law in the two-family house, but had been living with the 65-year-old mother-in-law
from built a house close to the sister-in-law
regularly is father-in-law mother over there and here supposed to come and go to
the wall renovated to was expanded living room between the two households above all weekend recently of children is good friends house to become like or went to stay went to the father-in-law mother is over there house anything without hesitation to something when Teru Omoikkiri husband and etch because it gone immersed in etch about me good even without the other for a while it also had become one week fun of a sudden is Nevertheless the day contact I might stay in the sauna at the Toka relationship has entered I have ended up with worrying endlessly in the ready will not stop to something sauna? But I continue to send a naughty The photo in its own take was convinced that you do not come back will be finally around the 0:00 I, in a single slip of Invisibility is to foot rotor and Vibe ,, the other usual eye mask Tenishi chat and had been a and entwined the foot to the leg of the sofa and a table with an eye mask will be dressed like can not be hamstrung themselves tied with first ,, down gradually from the chest with a rotor and teasing teasing by ,, but immediately gone in the chest Nde today even had decided I do not quit until it is broken as it is ,,, in Komata Double Trombone of course Vibe and rotor repetition of teasing stopped and become alive likely in still and gone several times - it would come out even pee! Nante Ukkana Ciao out when it has become a nympho etch woman with and expose all really sound that my husband came back I heard! My full to have ended up in the etch in the head seen me do not go to my husband and ,,, incorrectly imagine far that has been caught in the cock of my husband came husband so may enter the front door and I pretended not to notice even had rolled a rotor while inserting the vibe and the embarrassment to show me such care is likely to be change by yourself you're feeling had gone out loud gasp that has never been put out and quietly door was found to open the living pant voice of me and Vibe and rotor sound of even're hear to my husband in the hallway and the door I think that has been seen through in it was found the door of the glass master turn off the sign may say anything to have come into the other living 're surprised to see me this picture of? Or it's watched the more become etch? Another useless! Really to become strange! I knew I would come out even pee! It would gone When was this remains! ! ! I think I Hey \", please! Cock, - cock give me you know I will?'m Hey! Another ,,, was screaming me !!! not shame any more coming approaching Then quiet It took the vibe was came in and when I embrace stick strongly Innovation \"I'm lonely ,,\" surprised the figure of his father-in-law is on top of me and take the eye mask! Waist has gone missing? Can not only be attached as it is father-in-law Nishigami become like ,,, I have gone as it continued to be caught in the father-in-law the father-in-law is apparently went back to take the tools of fishing, but is the secret of this is of course only Futari, ,

Jealousy of son


Son seems to have really felt the jealousy.
In childhood is her husband, from. We do not live with her ​​husband in my sex partner.
It has received the confession, this year in February.
That day, the son that rented an apartment near the University, had come home.
I enjoyed with a man I was surprised because there was a son came back in the middle of the night.
Son was watching TV in the living room.
\"Oh, of had back.\" Was still groped him until a little while ago the body was flushed hot.
Sitting next to, I was thinking the timing to go out while listening Arekore.
The appearance of raw reply only son, he was dragged to where it stood up saying I'll go to bed.
Put your hand in my clothes, I struggle. Turning the skirt, it has been sliding your finger in the underwear.
Desperately close leg was me, but finger will come gradually entered.
\"Oh, great.\" Before long, put the waist between the legs, while shifting the underwear, finger will have the push-up.
It was I who shouted in the \"What you want to do?\" Anymore dont and strong son tone.
Then \"Anna guy and crazy Jari ,,,,\", said a terrible thing, I panic state in shock.
Son went out of the room in silence. Settle down and suddenly deja vu feeling.
He hooked young before, but when I was sent a day to enjoy from the broad daylight.
Rough sex he is quite rough. He was also crazy about me.
He is met through my etch friend.
Both the friend, it is I had to sex. To the people, it seems to be lot say that of me.
Son \",,, and Anna guy with the spear Ya wants\" is I was convinced my with my woman.
Son is jealous? I thought I was toward the son of the room.
While ago been tampered wildly, it along with the tingling pain was mad at me.
Before the son of disgruntled, it was to start the temptation while soothing.
All resistance to be embraced by the son was not me. I just could not think such a thing.
I entangle the son and tongue became the mood, at the mercy of the son of finger agony was to show my figure.

Son of masturbation

I am a housewife of 47 years old.
My husband, and died two years ago, now is the son and two people living in the 15-year-old.
Rather than far from it in the nursing of my husband, and there was no conjugal life for many years.
Are you ashamed to say, I libido becomes stronger from that time, was one cause more day to comfort alone.
One day, you hear the odious voice from the son of the room.
It will is also seen in the adult video?
Since the son is also around, but will also masturbation, even knew in your head, you do not want to admit is the mother.
Do you say even the devil was pointing.
I, just in the mood, I tried to go in front of the son of the room.
Son, while looking at the video, and I think I might have a masturbation, now feeling indescribably.
At that time, rather than the odious feeling, the son will become increasingly man, perhaps it was somehow unpleasant.
Door was ajar.
While I think that from there, do not go, I had a peek Tsuitsu.
It was a \"hash\".
Imagine had been, but also the son It was during masturbation.
And, I was more surprised, the son of the penis.
I very large.
It does not become incomparable with the master's. Marriage for men who have experienced before, this big guy did not have.
Times the master is it is likely. There is a length of about 500cc of PET bottles.
The thickness is not until there indeed, but it was felt likely there about five centimeters.
It may sound exaggerated, but, if later measured, 19 cm long, there was a 4.7 centimeter thickness.
At that time, really surprised with the size, also forgot to looking into, did not move there.
Among them, the son, when suddenly accelerate the movement of the hand that squeezed. Was ejaculation groaning and \"Ugh\".
I think because the young, like crazy, a few meters will flew.
Moreover, we come out with the view the view many times.
It was the first time I saw clearly the ejaculation of the man of the people, but was overwhelmed by the powerful.
I so hip was missing, went back to the room unsteadily.
And for the first time of the experience, the son saw a man in shock, was not fell dramatically in the bed as a while, vapid.
At that time, all of a sudden, my son came into the room.
\"Mom, would have peeped room. Why I've got to do that,\"
shouting, blame me.
\"I'm sorry ...\"
I am a guilty, kind of was the fullest.
\"Because mom I saw me for, mom also'll Show me the\"
\"What, are you doing to say, not stupid,\"
I did not talk to anyone.
However, the son suddenly becomes silent, mild-mannered Unlike usual, grabbed wildly my feet, I was trying to broaden.
Also shouting I \"Tsu Please quit\", the son will have put the power in silence.
Even if the resistance does not come true in the son of force.
Finally, spread the legs, it had been taken also stripped underwear.
While we struggle so as not to somehow place embarrassed to son is found, it has them a force to the body is missing.
In fact, from the earlier, my dick is of the intention was wet contrary to much.
Son saw it, remain silent, was down the pants.
Erect penis of up close to see the son, it seemed even greater than earlier.
Son, the penis, has been inserted slowly into my wet dick.
I was raised forever cry not be thought of as a scream with delight.


I 44 years old, has been returned to the family home and divorce. Around just fields.
Reasonably good was the son of the results, the pass happily in its own way the university. Now we're living in the city alone.
When the son of the students, I before going to bed, I Good luck with your study, the'll hug from behind was the daily routine.
On one occasion, he pushed down suddenly in bed, I've been to Awa sliding the whole body pressed against the face to the chest.
Since came to crawl the hand at the bottom, I was chided truly bad and I think my son.
But, there is the son complain that there is no ginger in the mood, we forgive and if only a little from the top of the underwear.
Son what myself there was guilt, it from becoming quiet, it seems to me had felt the drawing back.
Although at that time I was surprised, you son has become painful to think that worried about it.
With friends in the parent of convenience farewell, is a son that has been working hard to brave to come in the country.
To say soon that it the day of the exam. Recruiting is thought to son, I thought I have to somehow.
Son will have a midnight snack to, waited for his son to finish eating.
Then, the son while sitting on the bed to sit next to, was invites hands over there.
About resulting in moist to pajamas, my son was raised intently rubbing with your fingertips.
Son to restrain, I was down every underwear under the pajamas.
\"I here, like this ,,,\" while kneading with the thumb of the clitoris, son to penetrate deep into finger to vagina.
And to reveal the chest to remove the button on the pajamas, it was to bite the nipple.
\"Anne!\" Omowazu will issue a loud voice, was clenching pressed against the pajamas to mouth in a hurry.
(I dont say Chau ,,, other, useless ,, bad by ,,)
while I think so, the waist was I that shook up and down according to the son of the finger floated.
\"Oh ,, Aan ,, I N, !!\" convulsions to agony me.
While Masaguri my chest, was looking at the situation son. Son also in the lower body naked, had clasped your stuff.
I give be included in the gently mouth, I was raised by Nokorazu drank.
At a rate of about three times a week, his son repeat such a thing one month somehow, it passed the University of hope.
The father 'em bought in softening celebration, we received the money.
\"I do not want things separately, abandon want to fuck a mother.\" To tell my son I say.
The other, a feeling that I think I more dont, was shaken with the feeling you want to try out the crazy abandon voice.
And I was Fukkire.
Of moving to the son of the apartment the day, after eating rice at night, whispering to son.
\"Go hotel?\" Son was nodding happily.
Upon entering the love hotel, entered the bath together.
When Komu fallen by two people in bed, and violently break-the body, ,,, as usual protruding hips.
I put a abandon voice, kickass.
And \"Please! Buttee.\" I get Bukkake the cheek.
\"More strongly the Hare!\" The whole body is hot, go with at the same time fainting. What years of experience fainting.
\"It amazing. I great.\"
Son while abandon the push-up me with a condom was screaming over and over again.

Because it is not in the erotic novel

It will be in the old days of the story, but it has ended up doing with his brother in the momentum. Still time I became a just society is brother in college.
Although it was a feeling like getting back at you for what you said may not contain alcohol, it'll be a good accent I immorality feeling. It also excitement while amazed to myself that Yoga' to big brother partner, to be excited brother also look at such me, I was feeling. Then was the relationship several times, but it does not touch never to that of that time have with each other normally home right now.

I did it with my mother's boyfriend

I confess that there are many people on this site doing the same thing as I do. My father died a few years ago and now I live with my mother's boyfriend. My mother is 38 years old, but my boyfriend is 30 years old. He is a kind person. The house is small and three people sleep in one room. At first it seems that I had sex when I wasn't there, but lately I don't care if I'm there. I can see the whole story because I'm by my side. So I understand all the ways of having sex between men and women. Half a year ago, my mother was absent for a week because she was unhappy with her parents' house. I couldn't sleep because I had a strange feeling about sleeping with my boyfriend for the first time, and I imagined having sex with my mother and boyfriend. Did my boyfriend look over me and sleep when I was pretending to be asleep? said. I was embarrassed and my boyfriend sneaked into my futon while still pretending to be asleep . I was thrilled and trembling. My boyfriend came by my face and shook me with me. I was embarrassed and shivering. Then I kissed my mouth. When I was scared and stiff, I was undressed and climbed up and touched the side of my pussy. And suddenly, the pussy was ticking and I hurt, but I was pushed in without worrying about it. This time it was so painful that it hurts and hurtsI was pushed in without stopping. It felt like a long stick was inside my body. I told him to stop, but it took about 20 minutes regardless , and when I thought that the inside of the pussy was slimy, my boyfriend pulled out the stick. I was still tingling and hurt. When I was crying, my boyfriend wiped my pussy clean and put on my underwear while saying I'm sorry Mi-chan . When I woke up in the morning, my pants were full of blood. Besides, there was blood on the toilet bowl. When I changed my underwear in the room and told my boyfriend, he said it was okay because it would be fixed . And the next night my boyfriend had sex. I said it hurts, but I took my underwear and got on. And I put it in with the same feeling. It was tingling when I entered, but not so much. My boyfriend put in and out of my dick as I did with my mother . And in my ear, does Mi-chan feel good? I said, but I said it didn't feel good and told me to stop. Soon after that, I felt a warm liquid coming into my pussy and my boyfriend's stick moved in my pussy and my boyfriend pulled it out.When I touched the pussy with my hands, a sticky liquid came out and it was mixed with blood. The evening of the next day, my boyfriend came back and took out my favorite Disney hoodie and jeans from the paper bag and gave me a gift for Me-chan, and I was happy and said that I was doing something wrong with my mother. I was feeling. That night we also went into the futon. I didn't have much resistance anymore, so I left it to my boyfriend . That night my boyfriend was kissing me, rubbing my chest and stroking my body. It was chilling and pleasant when I was kissed. When my chest was rubbed and my breasts were licked, my legs naturally fluttered and my body was throbbing. For some reason, my boyfriend who felt that the pussy was muffled and damp came on as usual. It didn't hurt when pushed. Immediately after that, I felt like a stick went all the way in, and when my boyfriend moved, I felt thrilled. Does my boyfriend feel good? I heard. I instinctively answered Eun. It feels good, or it feels like it's chilling again when I don't feel anything again as he moves . The next day I went to bed without doing anything. The next night my boyfriend invited me.Me-chan, what are you going to do today? said. The truth is I wanted to do it a little. Nodding, my boyfriend came into my futon. I told him to take off his clothes, so I got naked myself. My boyfriend kissed me and said I like Me-chan, I 'm better than my mom? I nodded. Then my boyfriend suddenly turned over the futon, turned his face to my pussy and started licking the crotch and the cracks in the pussy with a licking noise. I knew my boyfriend because I used to do it with my mother all the time. When I was licked the crack, I felt something throbbing and my body quivered naturally. And I've been sick. My boyfriend stopped with his face off, I was a little unsatisfied This time I lay on my back and pulled me to my face around my boyfriend's crotch I saw my boyfriend's enlarged dick. I've seen it flickering before, but it's the first time I've seen it from such a close distance. I felt a little uncomfortable. My boyfriend held my head in one hand and took my hand to hold it. I was very surprised. And I told him to pull my head and lick it. When I disliked it, I forcibly pulled my head and put my mouth on it. When I licked it with my tongue, my boyfriend said to put it in my mouth.When I put it in my mouth, it was full and I could only enter the destination. Today, I will write again with a confession. Did.


yuna himekawa[25089]
I am a woman to become a 58-year-old this year.
My husband taught me the joy of a woman of joy and sex also celebrated the death to seven death anniversary.
Children are also independently of each other with the home.
Seven death anniversary of the memorial service was also also return just finished children and grandchildren family.
Was a busy house and lock the door will be quiet now has the floor.
Breast touch the Jokage for the first time in a long time tingling also middle people falling asleep without body well into the bed was also rubbing painfully.
Sleepwear nor take off agony crazy die verge underwear, suddenly sliding door was open to slip ~.
To understand that it is the eldest son in did should have been firmly lock the door of the twilight I suffer from my head with a blanket in a hurry.
Well, why son? I was pounding the embarrassment that has been looking at the Nasty dressed than naked it.
What's any good to say?
Was the cry seen the indecent treatment as bad mother as a woman.
Sliding door had to take off the clothes you are wearing is the eldest son in a little shift peek and twilight blankets and whether that sound to a home's closed.
Why son suffer the blanket again the clothes ... No way ...
erect cock son stripped the blanket was appeared in front of my eyes.
Is a meat stick seven years.
Son to me mind is upset was brought to the mouth of the meat rod erection.
What sense that leaching erotic, I was directed to the lower divert face.
Cock of the real son can not Nante Kuuwaeru.
Son to me facing the bottom,
\"because mom would lonely I'll heal.\"
\"I can not do that, I you are my children,\"
I'm good because \"parent and child, I is gonna be the place of the father \"
\" should not, is useless, \"
son and tell them to give it to someone hot and had come to touch the breast and Jokage become horsemen pushing me.
\"Yan wet mother vagina Suggee\"
\"because it stopped to ask,\"
says in the mouth but Jokage will come out full of honest and honey.
It has been relentlessly pressing the meat stick to the mouth.
Fingers (even accustomed to if) another moment that has entered into the vagina was E eaten the meat stick to select the sex of the woman than the mother.
The work of was charged to the husband fellatio was raised in the cock of the son.
\"Mother Suggee good Do Mutcha cock feeling Yeah,\"
my son has been stop the hands of feels good for either woman shadow.
I was prompted to move the hips.
Given a caress of knowledge in meat stick to eat for the first time in a long time,
\"Mom I ...\"
lukewarm liquid came out mouth full.
My husband was swallowing also son of semen because me and willing swallow semen.
That peculiar smell reminded me a husband.
Later was ejaculation husband, bars I would deflated but remains stiff unchanged son of the meat stick.
What youth.
\"I now have because to squid the mother\"
was cramping the meat stick to say that in the vagina.
As soon as you put, the son went shook violently hips.
Genuine pleasure that I had forgotten it has hit.
We taste the meat stick that does not result clung to his son to forget us.

Was addicted to neighbor trigger (1)

32-year-old marriage is the third year of the housewife. Height 162,52, master in C cup 84,52,80 is the civil service.
Noticed flickering across the fence while the practice swing of golf at your husband is your garden of recent neighbor from looking into here from the usual, or skill and pink underwear to noticeable like to have here is also interested, of looking into the had to have After exposing the lower body while knowing. Just it was invited to tea to the neighbor when the garden face is in focus in on each other. Do not stay human in the house in addition to the two people to each other was tea aware. Become the story of married life of each other while drinking a cup of tea, he also knew that I have also spent every day of dissatisfaction. While to talk the day I tempted to open the leg as panties is visible from within the skirt toward him, has accepted him excited. It from is made ​​in relation to enjoy the SEX is about once a week, the body has sent a daily fun and refreshing every day.

Lust was son

Such a thing did not think that it becomes a reality.
I am a very ordinary woman of 42 years old.
Yet recently, son I have noticed that you are sent a bizarre sight.
Even though his son, he had become to feel the man in the fresh feel.
It was when I came home from the memorial service.
When you try to Kigaeyo, I had a son and eyes peeking room.
How nice to deal, it has been hugged from behind suddenly within you're thinking.
Even in that situation, I did not think I never figured this would happen.
\"Hey look ... I ... What happened Are ... to say painful, I do not know is silent ... release the\"
son was still silent.
My son has been pressed against the crotch in the ass to increasingly attract me.
I I have leaked a sigh involuntarily will in a state of high emotion.
Heart it has become panic and Bakubaku at that point in time.
Without even afford to persuade his son, I tried to Furihodoko a son desperately struggle.
I could not escape from absolutely son.
Among them the right hand of my son, have a skirt of tight skirt, I tried to Takushiageyo.
I have dispelled the hand desperately.
Also joined the left hand, which was around before, it will be at last Takushiage.
Both hands have been around before we have to turn stroked the thigh.
Until the inside is put show off legs also it has been pillow touch.
I is from the top of the stocking, will be sensitive to, I have raised a voice.
Once you raise your voice, I felt no longer endure become increasingly sensitive.
I was desperately grasping the wrist of the son, but the force did not enter.
Son of hands came into the inside of the stockings, we have entered into the underwear.
So, it has caught the place the most sensitive.
I was trying to escape by taking a voice trembling body, but it was useless.
Tracing the other place son of finger is embarrassing, I have been inserted.
I, I had been Ikasa been swallowed by the pleasure the son of a finger.
Then did the mercy. Is to crawl on all fours, it was also asked many times.
Remains to be said of the son, we have to caress the penis.
I, I felt going down.

Moved alone

My husband is assigned to work alone. I'll be back on the weekends. My 16-year-old son touched my leg when he was watching TV with me. I didn't feel like refusing for some reason. Hey, to me? I rather enjoyed it. Maybe it was because I felt good when I was a little drowsy. The skirt is rolled up, and the hand that visits there with a pretty sharp edge. When I was silent, my son said, "What's that? I think I was waiting to get angry. I stay silent. Eventually my hands are there. I opened my legs and poke and rubbed with my fingertips, and my underwear was already full, and I was panting, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh ...". At last I opened my mouth and said, "If you do anything, let's do it properly." I got naked, kissed, rubbed my body, took my son's stuff, put on a condom and straddled. "Touch here," I shook my hips, playing with my clitoris. "Oh, good, good ..." I was a little thinner than my husband, but I really felt that it was my son's penis. I was dying to have my son go up and put my knees on my son's shoulders and poke him with all his might. "Ah, Iku ... Iku ... Iku ..." It's strange, isn't it? When I say Iku, I'm really ready to go. My son pierced me and I moved my hips, and we reached it almost at the same time. It's my son that I can match it from the beginning.After that, I was attacked from time to time, but one Sunday after my husband returned, it was quite violent. "What was that?" "? Have a father." "Uh-uh. I do not have anymore for about a year and a half. It that before was not about half a year." Apart was good even if the directly-less state. "Is it okay to have sex with me?" Oh, I'm jealous. "It's really good. It feels better than my dad!" I hugged my son. The next week, when my husband came home, he said to his son's room , "You're so noisy lately that I'm going to sleep over there." My husband apologized, "Oh, I'm sorry." Even if I say , "But I'll put up with it today," I'll put a penis in me. "If it doesn't work ," my son looks happy to see my troubled face. For a while, my son went to club activities near the tournament and went on in the morning. It was late at night and it was a bang. I couldn't help it, so I pressed it against my son's leg and put up with it. I went to see the spring break Sunday tournament with my husband and ate out to aim for my son who worked hard. The meat was grilled at the request of my son, but the restaurant was very crowded. I was told that I might wait for about an hour. My son says he's waiting in the car because he's sleepy. My husband said, "I'm going to hang around and smoke and go to see my turn, so you're okay." I also went into the car.When I hugged my son sleeping in the back seat, I finally tried. When my son woke up, he suddenly put his hand over me. "Ah, no ..." The parking lot is dim, but no one can see it anywhere. However, the windows are covered with a dark film, so you can only see them from the front, but the shadows of the seats will make us almost invisible. "Yeah, oh, oh, oh," my son rubbed pretty hard with his fingertips. Was it about 30 minutes? My husband contacted me on my cell phone saying, "It's about time." It seemed to have blown out a little, so I went to the bathroom immediately and wiped my panties with tissue. I drank a little alcohol and my body got hotter. I want to liven up! My husband said, "I'm late today. Will I be out early tomorrow morning?" I'm gone today! "But don't get crowded, stop!" I grinned. My son was laughing at me. "Well then." I and my son went out to see off my husband. The moment my husband's car came out, my son's hand was over there from behind. "Ah, no, no, no," I crouch down. In the living room, I clenched my towel, and while suppressing my voice, I was disturbed. "Wow, mom ..." "I belonged to my dad, but you fell asleep. Take responsibility." My son was tired of the game and erected many times. "It's a holiday tomorrow, it's okay."He was a son with a frightened face when he saw me holding his sleepy son's penis and screaming , "Hey, I'm getting bigger again!"

Loved by my son

My husband was working at a research institute of a manufacturer, and when I was forced to move due to integration three years ago, I was 40 years old at the time, and I hesitated to reach my husband and stayed here. The real reason was that I didn't want to leave my son Kosuke, who had just graduated from high school at the time. At that time, the relationship between mother and son was not beyond the last line, but we felt that premonition and decided to leave our husband. Now, Kosuke rents a studio and works as a hairdresser's chick every day from early morning to late morning with a low salary. Just imagining a woman other than me touching her hair and talking with a gentle smile makes me jealous. Actually, once a month, I have my beloved son trim my hair. With the consent of the shop, my son's hands cleanly prepare the hair tips that go down to the back of the shoulders from the morning on holidays. Last November, I returned to black hair at the recommendation of Kosuke. He says, "It looks good, it's nice." And on the day off in January, I met at the shop and had my son arrange it. You can see me staring at me in the mirror and sending a hot look. On that day, with Kosuke in mind, I wore boots in thin tights with a small mesh honeycomb pattern. Kosuke's gaze gathers on the knees peeking through the skirt above the knees. It makes me happy when someone says "It's beautiful ... it smells good" from behind, and when I touch my ears, the star pierced earrings that Kosuke gave me sway and make me chill. .. Now I'm changing to Kosuke's favorite perfume.Kosuke gently crawls his lips as he squeezes his long hair to expose his nape. As you wrap around your neck from your nape along the necklace, the current is about to run to the woman's core. "No ... in a place like this" When it was over, Kosuke hugged me after going around me and checking. My lips overlap and I touch my butt through my skirt. As the hand inside the skirt went up, Kosuke's fingertips were found. On that day, I had pink panties with light strings on both sides. It was unveiled by Kosuke. Kosuke's fingertips stroke the tied string. "It's sexy and cute. I want to untie it quickly ..." " Oh ... if Kosuke ..." Suddenly Kosuke held my hand and led me to the crotch of my lower body. Kosuke's penis, which was completely stiff and swollen, seemed cramped under jeans. "Lick ..." I shook my head. "A little" "No ... I can't do it in a workplace like this" Kosuke wanted to lick his strong penis in the mountains, but it was hard for me to put up with that thought. "I'm patient too ... I understand, so ..." was the limit. It was a long-awaited date after leaving the store. Inspired by Kosuke, he walked down the back alley and kindly escorted the hotel during the sunset. Not only is my hair trimmed, but in fact, another part is also being groomed by Kosuke. In the shower that I entered together, the axillary care that is prohibited from 3 days before the date is carefully shaved with a razor. Jari ... I feel ashamed many times when I hear my armpits crawling on my razor.After the shower, let me sit in a chair and open my legs wide on my armrests to start cleaning my pubic hair. All care will be shaved. When it's clean, I'll shower over there again and gently wash the inside of the folds. When I let my legs open in the chair that came back again, Kosuke pierced my knees in front of me, crouched down, buried my face in my crotch, and ate the woman's petals deliciously. Carefully from the outside, the outside and inside of the folds, and the tip of the tongue extends to the buttocks. The tongue that finally returned splits the vertical crack left and right, and heads for the chestnut from the vagina via the urethral meatus. Kosuke irritates me, who is already disturbed. The chestnut that licks softly is sucked up, put in the mouth with love juice, and swallowed. When Kosuke's throat squeaks, I'm at the height of embarrassment. When I go up and say, "Oh ... good ... there ... Kosuke ... I'm gonna be good", I gently take my tongue away from my core. "Oh ... please ... Kosuke ... let me squid ..." "Let's put up with it a little more," the tongue crawls on the inner thigh and runs away. "Please ... let me squid ..." When you hold Kosuke's hands, Kosuke also holds back, entwines your fingers, and supports the moment when I climb up. Kosuke gently hugs me and wraps me up on my chair. If you love Kosuke's fine penis, the tip will fit my vagina and Kosuke will move forward. The deep tip makes me crazy and hugs Kosuke's back. Deep inside, Kosuke's heartbeat bursts and I feel the hot extract released in my body.It makes me embarrassed to hear such words, "It was really tight ...", but I'm sure that I don't want to miss Kosuke. Once a month, with a little sharing time, I and Kosuke confirm their love and accept Kosuke's passion.

His body unworthiness of eldest son

I have allowed the body to the eldest son at home in withdrawal even out of college, laundry when you try to leave at Hakobikon in the room is pushed down in the tremendous force was that of a blink, losing in force could not very Nante closed the resistance. The first was a pretty resistance, but she also became irresistible as a parent I thought to be the lonely I think no, I also understand the man of feeling because there are my husband, so some reason the whole body of the force missing gone by was brought to as you like of the eldest son, or was about 2 minutes in the time, I felt the thing to jump several times in the wall of the uterus in my bottom, it will be issued directly to the eldest son waiting was for. I would think also of my daughter, which is the other one of the younger sister, now I had become horribly to think that you were my daughter, I think the eldest son did not think that pregnancy, I and the other physiological also it may because it ends, but this will come really horrified to think of was the daughter. To me it has been the number of times almost gone There are master of the 56-year-old, but the husband and wife relationship have been made ​​by the time you forget. Then the eldest son will ask my body in silence anything without speaking a word when no one is home, you can not consult horribly in my husband, me crazy to become the woman of which appeared someone Favorite female Shutting my eyes hoping that away from you not only withstand the eldest son of action.

Exactly incest

Living in Aichi Prefecture Chita Peninsula 00 City <of people unhappy taste of honey> I love a woman. I would like to talk the actual events that I've seen in a town where there is international airport. Was witnessed when you are handing out circulars of town is adultery scene of his father-in-law and daughter-in-law that've been married there, (is circular) son even though it has already been away on a business trip for half a year in Single China in the 43-year-old opens shoji door was walked into the house I, daughter-in-law of sleepwear appearance is when the hair is me answering dressed a little disturbed, I saw the head of the men of grizzled from the gap that want a little open of I, do children not a funny story even said that once and for all two people have to go to school? , There is obviously I thought it was a father-in-law, woman of about with this daughter-in-law is rumored to sleep with anyone to be seen in person in the man-eater enough to be referred to as a public toilet is also in the neighborhood, not stay the husband six months close to the father-in-law there is no going to be able to put up with is I'm dressed partner. Girl under I have a three children, but most has become a rumor of it's child who was born between the father-in-law is in the neighborhood of the rumor, but I'm not in the ear of the person who family , you also knew the people to know that her husband was not home when the daughter-in-law is pregnant, I'll do well

My incest

When I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, my parents lived in the outskirts of a rural village, and suddenly my father stopped coming home. From that day on, I lived with my mother and even when I was eating. also to take a bath when you go to bed even slept together in one of the futon, one day my mother has a thigh around in a state in which a hurry to fail in the physiology of a processing 've seen a're wiped, in becoming one When I was alone, I found an old book covered with dust in the back of the storeroom, it was an erotic book depicting incest and beast rape, when I became a middle-aged man and told my mother that I had a dream, I said nothing I was taken to the bath without being stripped naked, sprinkled with hot water and whipped with soap, I washed my underwear cock with my hands like peeling and handling it, and took the cock that had accumulated on my neck with my fingertips, Coco When she washed me to keep it clean all the time, I grabbed my mother's shoulder strongly and endured the pleasure , from that day I woke up to sex and started to handle it myself and ejaculated with my mother's nakedness in mind , many times a day I started to do it every day, and when I was taking a bath with my mother, my eyes went to my mother's nakedness and I started to see her as a woman, stealing my mother's underwear from the tongue and ejaculating with it I also used dirty pants before washing. Immediately after becoming a middle-aged man, the two of us took a bath as usual and had my body washed, and this time I was shedding my mother's back, but I could not stand it and hugged from behind and rubbed my tits At that time, the cock that became a bing hit my mother's ass, and the mother who was holding me with a smile as to what happened was looking up at me with an erotic face and licking and sucking I can not stand it ( I grabbed my mother's head and put out a large amount of sexual fluid in the back of my throat.I'm sorry for my mother , I saw why this happened, my eyes looked different, my underwear disappeared, I started to touch my body well, I'm looking at my mother as a woman, I asked for some time is when its time to deny, steal the underwear of others like, hit the elsewhere of women, was there thought to be forgiven when you come in search of what time and is made in such a thing straddles and, so saying on top of the knee When I said that my mother was okay, I picked up the cock and applied it to the crack, it became slimy and I got into the original, the inside was warm and comfortable When my mother started to shake her hips, I was already at the limit (exit out) Ahh ~) and put it inside. The first woman warmed up in the mother's bath, and as a mother again, she picked her up naked and laid her on the futon in the bedroom and covered her, the mother spread her limbs wide and greeted me, when she spread wide, her instinct I thrust my head into the crack and sucked and licked it, my mother's breathing was disturbed and I was saying huh, my mother who was growing big and pulled it with my lips screamed (Hey ~) My mother stunned by scratching her claws on her back at the same time as she ejaculated while thrusting a cock into her unprotected crotch that was cramping and cramping , blood oozes on the traces of her claws, how many times she continued to fill up until dawn that night I don't understand. My mother also became frantic and woke up in the afternoon and touched the omeco and asked for it with great momentum and was violated three times in a row and fell asleep until after noon , woke up by my mother and ate a meal for the first time in 18 hoursSince my mother welcomed me last night, all the vaginal cum shot crazy sex mother's terrifying preparedness is transmitted. My mother also calms down and has sex I will graduate in April when my son and a gentle mother have lived a life , and when I graduate, I decided to work from a small town, but there are people who know the circumstances of the house My mother's mother comes home on the weekend when she is about to graduate , she lost her grandfather three years ago, and now she has her own dog and a few animals such as chickens and vegetables in the field. I'm living with my mother, my grandmother came over on the weekend, my mother went out to a town a little far away for business, I always thought that I would have more intense sex with my mother on the weekend , but my grandmother left me Made dinner and ate with me, I took a bath together, washed my back and soaked in the bathtub, and my grandmother also came in. Grandma straddled my knees and grabbed my cock. I put it in my grandmother. During that time, only the hot water was swaying in silence. When I ejaculated in my grandmother, I was smiling that if she was good, she could do it anytime and any number of times. We slept together and played with my grandmother five or six times. From noon, I cleaned the mud in the pond and cut the lotus trunk, scooped up two true carps and a dozen small beech trees and put them in a large fish cage. When I scooped about 20 loaches that had loaches in the mud, two eels also came in. Take out 5 small crucian carps, drop the head and tail, take out the intestines, cut them into vinegar. When I pickled it, ate it at dinner, and talked a little with my grandmotherGrandma said her mother hasn't come back for a few days yet. When asked why, she seems to have a baby , and she seems to go to the hospital on Monday to check it before returning. Grandma knew about me and her mother from the beginning.

I love my son

About three years died husband in widow 39 years old, son 17-year-old high school two years
became the son and the men and women of the relationship, that they have finished the funeral of his master
voice night, from There is also a son that I was depressed It hung the
\"Mom, because there are I'm fine\"
and hug the chest a son at that time, the son of the mouth to open the chest from his own
and had to got soaked with nipple.
 The left and right to the son you are sucking crazy was sucked as you like give in
to invite then son, let wash my body were combined the bath
raised, and I was tied to one and put invited to bed.
 Son and Aishiaeru to know a sense of well-being, also a woman of joy twin-lens
and I was awakened.

Others wives of M slave ...

M woman agency! Horseman dating cheer Circle! The Netora been introduces the training already de M a wife who! Once you remember the pleasure had never disappear without the day-to-day was Hotera the body in secret to the husband ... also. It would seek that pleasure. As a refuge of such Nasty wives we will introduce to S gentleman's. ○九○六三一二一六四八SM towards the men and women of beginners who are exploring the road of also please contact us.

Lower son of brush

yuna himekawa[24996]
36-year-old is a housewife. We would have a relationship with the son of 15-year-old a month ago.
It is not that be forgiven, but not be able to suppress the absolutely desire in myself, my husband is in the middle of the night to the son of the room Mihakarai between the business trip.
Incest of the homepage had a good look because I knew from before.
Those who have such a desire, it was only I'm not and I think Desperate of preparedness.
Son, had been masturbating you can prank my underwear hiding from the previous.
I was happy. And from knowing that, I was expected. That the son commit me someday.
But not quite chance to visit, and went on at last to become naked to the son of the bed sleeping from me.
Son awake immediately eye, but seems to have quite surprised, I was kissed son of lips without putting Kanpatsu.
So I did as he realized everything. It was a long, long kiss. 
That I was talking to my son, that the only word \"I allowed to love Mom\" only. Son was Unazuki in silence.
I have a son in the nude.
Son of the penis to see in a few years. Big bristles son of penis.
We arrived devour feverishly.
Soon we were vigorously ejaculate in my mouth. Ejaculation of first son memorable, I felt long. 
delicious. Son of semen. I drank all.
Then son came with greed in my body.
It was me lick in my body. Especially my genitals. Even though it has already become soaked.
And I've finally become a son and one.
The hard thick son of penis to be greater is in me. It was burning. It is in my head now white.
And in me, son second time of ejaculation. While watching my eyes, hot the outburst in me. And kiss. Was delighted.
Son also is that it does not even know my husband, but the real father of the son, not the master.
The exact father and I do not know, but definitely he gave birth child.
Joy that was committed to his son, and you believe that you understand person if us reading this sentence.