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Incest confession of women(2016-10)

Son who was a male

yuna himekawa[28077]
I am a 42 year old ordinary housewife. It was a matchmaking marriage with my husband. It is natural that the owner of a long-distance truck driver, once he goes out for work, travels from Hokkaido to the Sea of ​​Japan, from Kanazawa to Nagoya, and does not return for more than a week. While my husband was away, something that shouldn't have happened. My son has a natural disability and is now forced to live with us at home after leaving a special class. I'm 17 years old this year, but my disability isn't that great, and it's a bit inferior to the average person in terms of intelligence. When I did an IQ test at school, it was 65. Anyway, my son was also a sensitive age, and when he went out, he borrowed some suspicious videos or accidentally found them in a convenience store bag, but he kept a magazine that was almost naked by a woman. .. I'm a man for that, so I don't say anything, and I don't talk to my husband at all. But when I see the reality of Tish being thrown like a mountain in a trash can when I have no son, I wonder if he can get married in the future? It seems pitiful. At one point, my husband was away from work in the Kansai area for five days. Around the end of the night, my son quietly came to my room and asked such a sudden question, " What kind of body do mothers and women have?" I wasn't surprised at all. I think it's because I always kept in mind that I would treat my son with such an idea. "Why did you suddenly think of that?""Because even if you look at various books and videos, you can't see the actual structure of your body just by looking at it. And you can't see it in the video because of the pattern." He said, standing beside the bed, looking down at me. I did. "Well, from being punished by touching the law and to show or all of the video. So I was not gonna are devised so as to see" "Do so, Well's bad you" , "is when a high-chan also be seen all day come from " " Hey Mom, my wonder if me listen to ask? " " What? I ask? " " ..... " " What happened? I say anything, "  I also son of course as a mother When I think of a fact that is cute, let alone a little sensuously different from ordinary young people, I want to do what I can. That was an honest idea. "I don't take a woman ..." "That's what I'll understand when I grow up a little more . " "I want to know now. I really want to know." As  soon as I said that, my son was in my heart. I left my body to touch. Speaking of 17 years old, the body is already an adult. Involuntarily I fell back because of the weight. "Stop fooling around." "I'm not fooling around. I only have a mother, and I don't think I can get married with this kind of body." " I'm sure I'll find a good partner. " It's okay to take a break ... I want a mother now. " " Taka-chan, parents and children can't do that. I understand. " I never got angry without thinking. I was born with a disability at the root. I think there was such pity as a parent. But my son didn't try to break off on me, and on the contrary, he lowered his hand and started putting it in my skirt. What should i do? To be honest, I was worried. Even though it is such an adolescent age, there is no one to solve it, and ordinary women may not be able to go out with them in the future. If my husband didn't know ... For a moment, such a devil's whisper shook my mind. "Okay. If Taka-chan wants to do that, it's okay, but that's definitely the secret of only two people, and don't just get pregnant. If you can promise that, you can leave your mother free." "Yeah, I promise." "Let's take a bath together? And let's clean up." My son answered my suggestion with a big smile, and a few minutes later he took a bath together. And what I saw there ... When I first saw my son's, I couldn't hide my surprise for a moment. Is it really that thick and long? I didn't want to compare it with my husband, but I had no experience with other men, so I naturally thought of my husband. It was so angry that it pierced the heavens in front of me, and I could see that it was pulsing clearly, and I could easily see that it was about 20 cm in size by eye measurement. "Mom, what are you staring at?" "Oh! I'm not sure. " " Okay , I'm surprised because I'm so good.""Yeah, that's right. But to be honest, Taka-chan hasn't really experienced a woman?" "I'm sure there isn't one . There's no woman who listens to me like this, and I myself. I can't get close to him, "I understood, as my son said. "Then it's really my mother's first time, right?" "Yeah, because my favorite is my mother." The son said, waiting for me to come out, turn around on his back, and put his big hands on his breasts from behind. I started to massage it slowly. In proportion to that, the big thing hit the buttock and it was just about to be inserted. Eventually my son turned me forward. And when I took my hand, it led me to my own, and this time I reached from the front to my crotch and gently touched my genitals. "Here?" "What ?" "What a man wants most" "Well, that's right. " "I definitely want it. Can you say it once? I'm sure I've seen it in the video. I really want to taste what it feels like. " " I see ... " I had my son's stuff in my mouth. I had lost all my shame in the bathroom. I came here with the intention of answering my son's desires ... My son instinctively said, "Wow!"I slowly moved it up and down and licked it with my tongue, but my son was just fascinated and couldn't go, and in the end I was so tired that my mouth was ridiculous. "Hey, is it okay? Mom is tired . " " Okay, I'll put it in here." "Where is this?" "Yeah, I feel so much and I want to put it in my mom as it is. It's my first experience. Before the words ended, I was slowly laid down on my back and spread my legs with my son's hands. I just brought my face closer, spread that part of my hand, and started caressing with my tongue. I was so good that I was skeptical about the exquisite tongue usage (Is this child really the first time to have sex?) . In particular, the caress of the clitoris was so relentless that I came, and when I gradually put my tongue into my vagina, I stopped at the top, bottom, left, and right and manipulated it freely to make me faint in agony. "I 'll be patient ... my mother will come." "Yeah, can I play with you?" "Put in ... fill the inside quickly . " It was my true intention. I knew that my love juice was overflowing because I was messed up so much, and when I came here, I wanted a feeling of fullness in my vagina at the end. Once my son left me, he slowly overlapped again, and at the same time it was pushed into me. The feeling of competence was very indescribable, and I felt that all the flesh walls were pushed open, and the reaction and resistance firmly wrapped around my son's."Mom ... amazing. Amazingly pleasant ... this is a woman." "Is it pleasant? It was good. Is n't it good to be a mother? " "It's great. It feels so good that the mouth is incomparable. do I " " sit still to have. " " Why? " because" good ... " to to I said so to his son, when you feel the son of the movement has stopped, I put the power to abandon the lower abdomen is. "Oh! What's this feeling? What did your mother do?" " Did you understand ?" "Yeah, it's amazing ... My mother's inside was swaying and I felt comfortable. it! " I had been told from my husband. That of you is very moving. Especially when I move it consciously, I don't think most of them will have it. I remembered that and tried it with my son. As the master said, when he tasted the movement, he turned into an ecstatic look that he was dying, and began to move his hips violently, and then it was completed in less than thirty seconds. "Mom, thank you," "finished did?" "Yeah, really to the Ika' feelings, such feelings can say is Nante was in this world. The other'm for with their own hands has become silly." "Well Ya' burrs quite hidden Did you masturbate? " " Yeah, I did it ten times a day. " " If I'm okay with my mom, I 'll have fun only when I'm not with my dad for a while. " " Is my mom okay with me? " Yes, I'm glad."He was a son, not a son. I was completely a man, and while I was terrified at what I did, I wanted to dispel my anxieties in the future (this is fine, because it's for my son, because he's pitiful ... ) That's right, I was just defending myself. Let's not think about the future! That's my honest feeling now ... What do you think of this idea? 

Son who came back to my body

I, who will be 47 years old next spring, is also one of the women who confirms love with his son Hiroyuki in a relationship between men and women and is dating as a lover. The relationship between me and Hiroyuki started in February, two years ago. Hiroyuki, who was assigned to work alone and Hiroyuki just before graduating from university, came back together, and when the three of us were having dinner together, the husband asked, "What do you want for graduation and employment celebration?" Hiroyuki, who replied, "I want them separately if possible," gave the items he wanted to his husband and said to me, "I'll think about it later." Hiroyuki approached me in the kitchen when my husband took a bath and said, "I want you to date" in my ear. I thought it was cheap, and I was happy to accept it. In late February, Hiroyuki's proposed date was a little far away where you could shop at theme parks. It was rare for me to spend time alone with Hiroyuki, and when I grew up and saw Hiroyuki, I felt like I was dating as a real woman. As I was walking side by side, Hiroyuki casually picked up my hand and came holding my hand. I was lightly surprised, but I laughed and said, "It's like lovers," and Hiroyuki said, "I'm going to do that today." I became more enthusiastic, and sometimes I felt happy to be able to tie my arms around Hiroyuki and spend time with him.When I got on the Ferris wheel, Hiroyuki, who came hand in hand again, said, "If you are a lover, you would kiss me at this time," and suddenly hugged my shoulder and brought my face closer. .. Ignoring me, who was surprised to say, "Are you serious?", I was hugged powerfully, and when I closed my eyes, Hiroyuki's lips softly overlapped. I was embarrassed that it might be seen by other bleachers, but when I left it to Hiroyuki's lips, the scenery outside through the glass was changing before I knew it. I had my lipstick completely removed, and I had to wash my lipstick again. I wasn't convinced when I said, "I can't kiss you like that anymore," and even after that, I received Hiroyuki's kiss many times in places where there was no sign of people. Hiroyuki's place of employment was a little far away, and I had to leave the room, and I was lonely, and at the end of March, Hiroyuki returned and invited me to a date. By that time, I knew exactly what Hiroyuki thought about me just by feeling Hiroyuki's eyes. Accepting a date and going out with Hiroyuki was a two-step step to the next stage. I went out for a drive in the suburbs by a car driven by Hiroyuki, had lunch while having a conversation between men and women instead of parents and children, and when I finished eating, Hiroyuki asked me as a woman. Hiroyuki appealed to me with enthusiasm and a serious look, placing his hand on my hand placed on the table. Very small, I remember nodding. When I asked, "Does Hiroyuki want to hold his mother?", He asked me, "Does Akiho not want to be held by his son?" When I was alone, I was often called Akiho-san.To confirm that, Hiroyuki made me say "yes". "Can you be kind to me?" "Of course, I'll do my best." I was so happy to hear Hiroyuki's words at the table, and I was already nervous as I had never felt before. A car driven by Hiroyuki has entered a suburban hotel. And on that day, I was embraced by Hiroyuki for the first time and was enthusiastically tied. It's strange that my son saw my woman's part and loved it with my tongue and mouth, and that embarrassment at that time has now turned into pleasure. .. Since Hiroyuki got a job and left the city, he is connected by Aise once or twice a month. One day, Hiroyuki once asked me. I wanted to release all my energy directly into me without wearing a contraceptive. I was confused. Even with this, there is still a low probability of getting pregnant, and when I think about the future, I just couldn't step forward and couldn't answer. Even so, there is an instinct that I want to fulfill Hiroyuki's desire, "I only need to do it once, so I want you to fulfill it." When I say, "Really, only once ... can this be an absolute promise ...?", Hiroyuki Nodded with a serious face. At the table seat in the corner of the food court, I and Hiroyuki were exchanging fingers to trust each other and swear on the table. On such a one-time day, without tearing the contraceptive bag on the bed, Hiroyuki returned to me with a hot stuff deep inside me. And, with a young force, he threw something that exploded by repeating the heartbeat many times deep inside me. The size of the heartbeat was still unforgettable and massive. Hiroyuki hasn't become pregnant, and since then Hiroyuki has been embracing me, conscious of contraception as a man.One day, I was surprised to hear that he asked, "You're not your father, right?" In the arm pillow after being led to the top by Hiroyuki, but "Of course, there is no way." I answered. "Can I believe?" "Believe ..." "Can I swear in the future?" "I swear," I extended my little finger, Hiroyuki shook his head, and pointed his hand at my lower body. I'm going to lose this hair. Akiho-san is only for me, and if I swear, I want you to show me that proof. " With the razor blade that Hiroyuki holds, it was my first experience and I was shaved and returned to a smooth state for the first time in decades. Hiroyuki was impressed to see the part where I was connected to myself. If you love the part of a woman who has nothing, that alone will increase your excitement, and it may be easier for me to reach the top. Once a month, Hiroyuki takes care of my lower body. Standing in front of the mirror, hugged from behind, stockings and panties down to the thighs, the appearance of the top of the woman's cracks peeking from under the hair that began to grow feels more shame and erotic I will end up. I'm looking forward to my next date so much that I can say that my relationship with Hiroyuki is all about my happiness.

Second son and ...

I am a housewife of 40's.
Remarried and my husband, it will be three years.
Son-in-law will have two.
Eldest son is a job, it has been appointed to the district, the second son, we have live together in college.

And his second son, is becoming dont relationship.
Still, it barely last clear distinction defended.
However, there is no self-confidence or be suppressed their own far.

To say that my husband is soon to 50 years of age, you will be asked once a strong week.
As much as possible, for it has so as to when the no second son,
is like when you came back drinking is my husband, even if staying a son, they will be forced.
I also reluctant, being pressed against the bed in the bedroom, they will be.
The trouble is that, reluctant and pressed me, my husband I'm like a excited.

Just did it before about six months ago.
That day also came back drunk husband, I have been forced.
At that time, it is somehow corridor of people sign.
Maybe, the second son is now worried that I think we have heard in the hallway.
However, my husband is, such a thing has been attacked anyway.
Over and my husband, I went to the toilet, empty not, was relieved.

However, after that, several times, was a sign of life.
Carefully, and listening to the signs of the corridor, the sound of Mishimishi corridor you will hear faint.
Definitely, my son was found that are outside of the bedroom.

I is not know what to do, I have to throb.
So have a son in the hallway, we do not issue a voice as possible.
Chewing the futon so that we have no voice.
However, when is such a thing, will feel extra, head I have become pure white.
My husband, seems to have noticed I have always felt more than, you have been accused more and more violently.
Rasping sound of the bed had sounded in the room.

Then, when out in the hallway to pretend to go to the bathroom, no one else.
However, there is no doubt that the son was here.
And the feeling that I can not believe I hear the sex of their parents,
from the embarrassment that was heard a naughty voice to his son, irresistibly dick I have to N personnel.

That of the father-in-law

I had been in the much-in-law of the father of the toys from the time of junior high school students.
Virgin was also deprived of his father.
And I was pregnant when the second year of senior high school.
Course was堕Ro, but that was pregnant with Barre mother, has been pursuing the father of the stomach of the child.
My father, he was a ignorant face.
Not want to grieve a sickly mother, did not say is that the partner is a father.
Since then, the evaluation to my mother,
\"Nasty daughter fraught a boy you do not know even where someone\"
This year, out of the house after graduating from high school, and a job in Tokyo, began a long-sought living alone.
I wanted to leave the family home, of course, I wanted away from the father-in-law.
But it is useless.
My father, I am visiting from time to time me of the room from the summer time.
And, as before, say, the good thing that the mother of the eye does not reach,
more than that, will continue to me to toys.
Previously, also have been committed to the father,
but there was the thing that I thought is a little much feels good, those of disgust had surpasses.
But recently, contrary to my heart, my body has gone in response to Nechikkoi caress and sex of the father.
I have also remembered that I headed by the sex with the father.
At that time, there was no disgust.
Feelings to the father has sway.
My father, liked me keep my life.
I will have to have accepted it in somewhere.

I wanted to regain a son

Son to become two years University (Shota) had become addicted to sex with his mother 45 classmates (Morishita-kun), it was accompanied by the facilitator of the club at that time there was a training camp of the club activities in this year's summer vacation It seems to have mother and sex of Morishita-kun. It looks there is certainly, but is Chisato Moritaka similar beauty face Wakazukuri of wicked woman to have a business that was a weapon the body with diplomacy of insurance rumor, it is unforgivable and sympathy in the mother and child home.
Since then Shota is I'm like a fucking met when there is a time, did not not even imagine to go crazy in the same position of the woman with me, Shota gave me confided that it only to me but I say that live together When you have a job, because it only has not been able to correct judgment of curiosity now, I There is also the feeling that I want to wake up with sex, but we hesitate, seduce Morishita-kun There is also a feeling that you want to take revenge on. We lost,

Only watch

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And the son of college students

My husband, I know in the bachelor in India, training and local employees and established a new factory, only not back about four times in three years in the adjustment of the factory of machinery and equipment, the son, in Nagano University we work hard, that is the relationship between the son <Hideaki>, was the hot summer of this year, I was watching TV in the living room, kiss hugging my husband, taken a blouse button, 揉 the chest from the top of the bra rare, did you back something strange over my husband will come out involuntarily annoying voice? , I do not back, in Dare' Watashiyume, but, I have is Hideaki, I was awake, I Hideaki wrapped a bath towel to the waist, sucking the nipple bra was also taken, I Damedame to what I bad, I can not move pressed by a strong force, the hand into the vagina from the side of the underwear rub the secret office in the skirt, \"Mother has been slimy'm wet here, the pleasant\" dream our juice embraced by the master in, the son of a finger it, solve the \"an Iyaiyan'n'ii A'a'\" bath towel is also the son of finger awakening sex of woman, amazing erection towards your navel, to hold onto its erection took my hand, in my thigh clear drop from the glans becomes the thread, and on its underside while rubbing the bush, is a good I good \"Assoko useless touch the seam of a small protrusion really the good, Tara I change I change Shigeru her mother anymore'm no good, \"Hideaki bushes and your navel, I was discharged the young energy to the chest, in the absence of the husband, and son, that day, also poked violently four times, Nukare , was licked sucked place that wrinkly, hot hot, it was one day, and wrote while remembering, flushed and, Jiwa' to.

Nasty woman dedicated cock has entered the hand

My family is three people living with my brother and my 29-year-old 26-year-old under the mother and 3-year-old.
I do not go go to the daughter-in-law and his brother had been just always quarrel.
That day also been massaged a sudden chest and has been noisily pressed with both feet both hands are Kumifuse brother becomes a mutual Tokkumi to be a fight
, \"What! Live Are\"
\"noisy dwarf\" and remove the blouse buttons chest can not be stopped because it takes holding Tweets to is to reveal
was tired Sucking issued the breast from bra to say \"Yes yan have milk\".
At that moment
because the leaked voice as \"Anne\"
was stick Sucking nipples referred to as \"I Do you feel What\".
So was blame where I feel most
\"A-down\" and again emits a voice
, \"or here, this scale base'll be a woman Me This\" was Sasura genital and.
View and seemed to erection not inflated crotch of his brother.
Is now and also in the sister brother thinks've got to erection has been kiss.
I feel that the other resistor is not
and say \"away from the hand hurts,\"
I was included in and pulled the rod that is erection of the younger brother to say \"up I'm sorry I'm sorry\" mouth.
\"Aak ~ feeling Ii' ~\"
\"so take off, Hiroki also take off\"
I still take off is when it comes to the naked painting mouth
\"Yuki also give me touch\"
\"Thats wet ~ Sugge\"
\"gonna Anta was so\"
each other to caress the genitals
\"put fast can no longer my sister put up\"
\"nice to do I really put\"
\"I'll only have another put When you come both up here bad good, Anta cock put'm in\"
Chapter \"where to put do \"
\" I already mean, it \"in the here I! pussy
you came cock became ticking of his brother. Good oh ~ feeling.
\"Until more back,\"
he says the other feeling the best in him uterus突突,
\"my sister I'm me again alive likely\"
was unplug the cock to say \"No, still'm no good\" so.
\"It seemed to go with what I'm a little more,\"
\"because it is still still no good bro sister, Anta premature ejaculation of the\"
\"because the good sister of pussy too pleasant but not'm hate likely\"
\"Yes, Well I put skin \"
\" that mon where'm there. \"
\" I have entered into the big sister of the back. \"
\" What are you carrying around always. \"
\" Yeah, emergency and I for when you say \"
\" have at you with \"
how is\" such a thing But the good, quickly put please \"
sank the cock straddles from above into the vagina to lay his brother was with the rubber.
Oh ~ pleasure,
Zunzun and to continue to move the hip
\"no good -\"
\"Let's go to I say - together -\"
\"Iku' ~\"
\"I also die ~\"
was exhausted at the same time. Good feelings even if many times.
Remove the cock was raised to clean in your mouth the cock Remove the rubber.
Brother says
, \"sister of the pussy up, I became a prisoner, or even kana I was\"
\"Hmmm, what can I kana to\"
\"do that I not say -\"
I go to the \"Well another bride say no? \"
\" it does not anymore say to not be able to anymore I went to the daughter-in-law, \"
\" Alright, Anta cock also'll also licked because it nice, \"
I do only\" lick \"
\" because will want After licking good in it. \"
\" Unwaka' was \"
my pussy dedicated cock is now in hand.

I remarried

Two people who married in each other divorced.
At the time I daughter was married, was truancy.
However, thanks to now master a medical vocational school become a high school student told me to take care, is working as a clinical laboratory technician.
When professional school, but he was busy with my husband and two people, from a job, now commuting from home.
I am beginning to doubt become by now, but it is, my daughter through rent an apartment alone to go to vocational school you underneath.
Graduated, it seems from the time came back to the house, but was delighted to be husband and good terms, it had been able to from time to time and think now.
I, but what is also to say, my daughter but I think that is also obvious whether grind care of my husband because it is a 25-year-old beauty, I have seen my colleagues the place was in the hot spring with two people at the time of the work, implicitly You told me.
While there is also sex with me it seems to have lit daughter.
During my head ax, it is confused.
From a favorite hangout of the hospital, it is a plight that is formulated to depression medicine.
Not knowing what to do, every day Komu plugging followed.
Everyone, What should I do?

Tell me, ... the mother-to-child incest

To incest with his son, I have a very interest, experience has been mother, whether or not, please tell me the chance!
In front of the son, - the courage to show pussy?

My incest discourse

yuna himekawa[27856]
When I was twelve, my dementia started a little, my grandmother sprained my leg and I was absolutely rested for two weeks, and after about a week my mother was able to do business, so please look at my grandmother. I went out early in the morning, I called XX before noon, and when I went to see it, I stood on my knees and spread my legs and waited, so I didn't know how to hit it I got angry in response, it turned red and it seemed to be itchy. Gently stroked it with my finger, and when she said that it wasn't itchy, she nodded and put a urinal on herself . The next day and today, when I went out early in the morning, my grandmother called me, I said I was going to take my grandmother's bath, I took off my kimono, took off my clothes, picked me up and went to the bath, shampooed my hair and washed it. When I was gently stroking the cracks, a fool broke out in Bing. It feels good to hit my grandmother's ass, so when I'm rubbing it, my grandmother grabbed the cock with my back, and when I put my finger in the crack afterwards and stirred it, my grandmother turned around and straddled my knee and put it in the crack I got ejaculated in the place where I got a little bit, it was still hard, it slipped well and I got back to the original I shook my hips violently and put it inside, then I put it out four times and took a bath together When I soaked in the bathtub, I took it out twice in the face-to-face sitting position, wrapped the warm-up grandmother in a bath towel, hugged it, laid it on the futon, and laid it in the normal position.There is a little time before my mother comes back to the bus, so I got tired of putting it in and slept on my grandmother's belly, and my mother told me that we were able to have dinner together. I woke up, and when I was eating with three people, my mother smiled and my grandmother's hair became beautiful and it seemed to be comfortable . I was told to sleep together from tonight and ask until my grandmother heals. My mother went to bed as soon as she got out of the bath because it was early tomorrow, and in the middle of the night she stuck to her nipple and moved her lips down, put her mouth in the crack and licked the protrusion and sucked it up. It seemed that she had passed away, licking all over her body, licking her lips and sucking repeatedly, and her grandmother became frantic and became a shrimp warp many times. My mother went out and hugged my grandmother from morning till night, and she stayed naked all day and did whatever I wanted to do. I went and hung a kimono on a tree and both of them were naked. I swam in a deep place and my grandmother was immersed in the shallow water. I screamed and died many times, and if I continued without stopping, I would hang down and if I continued, I would blow bubbles and faint. I couldn't stand it, I fainted and I was stuck in the hole behind my grandmother and I shook my hips and put it out, my consciousness returned and I hugged me and defecatedA lot of poops went out and flowed along the flow, and when I put it in the hole of the butt that returned to consciousness, this time it was tightened at the entrance of the hole and when I entered the original, the hunting neck was tightened in a deep place In addition, the ejaculated body gets cold and the two of us sleep on a big stone, put it in the hole of the grandmother's ass again, turn the hand from behind, stir the omeco with your fingers, and if you poke the hole in the ass violently, blow bubbles and faint did. It was raining when I noticed that the hole was ejaculated in front of me, and when I wasn't concerned, my grandmother noticed that in the evening, the sky was black and thunder rang, and my grandmother shouted loudly as my hips moved. I fainted by blowing bubbles again, and my grandmother always fainted. I wore a wet kimono on my grandmother, put my hand on my waist, rubbed my milk, went home and ate, and I was worried that my grandmother fainted 5 or 6 times in about 5 hours. When I was there, I avoided anal and when I was alone, I made a loud voice at night, so I was immediately exposed to my mother, I started to do it with my mother and I became a mother while my grandmother was fainting, My mother said she was pregnant for 6 months, and when she saw her fainting, she said she wanted to faint and started having intense sex. My mother is young and tight, so it's okay to have sex, but once I got fucked in anal, I didn't say it hurt anymore, I kept dying for a long time with omeco and drooled and incontinence, if I let it die without stopping I blew bubbles and peeled my white eyes and fainted, I gave birth to a girl even if I did such intense SEX, my mother worked and my grandmother raised children and I went to school.At the age of fifteen, I started working in a nearby town. Ten years after that, my daughter listened to my mother's night voice and told me to be like my mother. I've been licking since I was little, so I'm gone. When I told my 10-year-old daughter that I knew that it hurts, I nodded, I rubbed my fingers with my fingers, spit on my cock, put my cock in the crack, and stopped it once. I pushed it in and hugged and shed tears I stopped for a while at the place where the rod entered I pushed it in saying I'm going to put up with it I pushed my crotch wide open under me and my legs wrapped around my waist I pushed it up and took a breath on my shoulder, looked at my face, smiled with a cute face, put it in and out quickly, put it out twice, and the day was over, my daughter was in the second grade of junior high school It seems that there was a first tide that hasn't come so much lately. I'm worried about when I'll get pregnant a couple of times a month, I hope I can't do it until I'm 17 or 20 years old.

Secrets with my son

I'm a 34-year-old housewife, and I'm still having a relationship with my son in the first year of middle school. That was one day about a year ago. When I was taking a bath with my son as usual, I noticed my son's gaze looking at me washing my body from the flickering bathtub in a different way. I used to watch my D-cup breasts normally, but at that time I found that I was consciously watching them, saying, "This child is also adolescent. I secretly watch my mother's breasts. I was wondering. "Come over here because I'll wash your body" and call out and, "I say, because wash yourself" because the answer and turned away with, and out of the forcibly bathtub to pull the hand, son of the penis I turned up and had a wonderful erection. The skin hasn't been completely peeled off yet, but the size was so magnificent that I couldn't think of it as a child. When I saw it, I sat down on a chair and started washing from my back, suppressing my excitement. During that time, my son curled his back and hid his penis with both hands. When I finished washing my back and said, "I have to wash it before," I answered "OK," but I reached out from behind and started washing my chest. At that time, when I intentionally pressed my chest against my son's back and watched the reaction, I found that the hand holding the penis was moving slightly. The moment I thought, "I'm masturbating with the feel of my chest," I lost my reason and went around in front of my son and grabbed his son's hand and said. "Mom will do something that feels good, so move your hand."Then, although my son was frozen for a moment, he took his hand off the penis as if he had an idea. A little clear liquid had already come out from the tip, and the skin had peeled off. When I reached for my penis and treated it slowly and gently, my son's breath became sick. When I asked, "How is it? Does it feel good? " , He answered , "Yeah ... Mom's hand feels really good ..." . I said, "Then , I'll do something more comfortable," and this time I gave him a blowjob. When I was stimulating the urethra with my tongue and licking the whole thing while entwining saliva, my son shouted to me, "Mom ... I'll come out." Immediately after that, the moment my son pulled the penis out of his mouth, he squeezed out a youthful semen at my face. A large amount of hot semen flew from the cheeks to the nose with great momentum. The amount was so great that I couldn't think of it as a child. While being facially shot by my son, I approached the penis in front of me again and licked the remaining semen. My son is looking at me, trembling comfortably. When I collected the semen on my face by hand and licked it, I got drunk with a whirlpool of pleasure. When I asked, "Do you want to do something more comfortable?" , I immediately answered "Yes ." "Let's go to bed," and we went to the bedroom naked.On the bed I opened my crotch to teach her about her genitals and had her son lick it. Of course, the tongue usage was tedious, but it didn't matter because the pussy was already wet. While I was being licked for a few minutes, my son's penis was erected again, so I invited him to "put it in my mom's hole ." My son said he didn't know where to put it, so I straddled the top and faced the penis. When moving up and down on top of the cowgirl, my son was desperate for a piston movement from below, perhaps because of the male instinct. I loved my son who had sex desperately, and when I kissed him, he also desperately kissed me. I felt each other endlessly crazy while entwining my tongue. And my son released a second semen in me and the day was over. After that, my son licks my pussy and chest when I take a bath, and in return I squeeze semen with a blowjob and fucking. When I come back from school, I rush to my place at a glance and have sex almost every day, and my son and I love each other more than anyone else. My husband is a work person, so I don't think he will ever notice our relationship.

I love my father

It was really good parents of the relationship, it was my sister and I and four people living in the teacher both of them.

3 years ago, cancer is found living mother has completely changed.

Then only is hectic day, sister in the hope of the mother was able to show also the face of the grandson raise the wedding as soon as the person who had been dating.

My father went gradually skinny to be with the mother until the end.

My mother died my father had been muffled in the house and retirement.

Why now in the words that send the time of funeral I do not know what should I go live. To say was his father was not the way a cute likely, my sister also gave me closer to the house as much as possible, I also talked to my father as much as possible except when the work.

Economically could not do anything to my father going haggard but I did not worry, we recommend wanted to ask is to quickly healthy temporary work and hobbies, but it was useless,
was allowed to or meet with friends There was while the crowded closing father loved your mother, I also to sister also my father was not want to get along with a woman other than the mother, was also not want to mother sad.

I I thought I'd perk Dad made on behalf of the mother, that time did not not even imagine the relationship of the body.

Penis when flowing the back of dad several times in the bath is I noticed that you are erection.

Parents at the end of every week until you know the mother of the disease had been sex, was crowded fled in a shyly tub and say (I did not know us) to the father remembered such a thing.

I do not have the person you are dating now, first experience under the influence of the parents education is after senior and dating when late in the second year college, while the lover, must not have had met alone, firm man of I saw a penis I think that when the father was the first time.

But now late father at 58 years old I am a work of nursing care at the age of 26, in the father and the two people living, the teacher of the hope of the parents were not familiar.

It is not what you want something to dad?
When I heard that
was very sad and is said to want to see the mother.

While remembered it from that of the mother, was in contact with the father in the same way as mom wearing a mom of clothes.

And is very happy when it was said to Naa has been similar to the mother, there was a smile for the first time in a long time to two people, it was really a long time.

And it was tied with dad.

When you are flowing back of the father in the bath, I was keenly said staring at my body and (Mami Naa increased).

I hug to say that by virtue of the father does not stop the tears, dad also told me to hug me, I welcomed the father of the penis in me in the dressing room while the body is wet, I turned on loved father on.

No way, e-mail of the opponent Nante son ...

Was the mobile e-mail has become in the middle of the night.
It was a total stranger mail of others, I had to read it out of curiosity.
※ Aunt Is married woman? Or sex are satisfied! Aunt of pussy, I want to see what the do ~?
Recently, I was a long silence with her husband, she was was surprised by the exciting content.
Anyway, because I'm a stranger, I was sent a bold reply mail.
~ I want to see pussy aunt ※! Hairy and, much not see pussy of crack! - Or it'll spread?
I was expecting a reply, but that night, did it once and for all.
To midnight of the following day, it's his mail came.
※ last night, could not Nde mother was there beside. When you look at the e-mail of the aunt, penis, was troubled in the process came to stand Whoa!
※ Even Aunt, because was Anna mail, the pussy wet, passed away with raw power in the wet!
※ Heh aunt, husband, - of not?
It died long ago ※!
Because all of the others, was to mail full of lies.
※ Well Looks can ~ Aunt and pussy ~?
※ that's right! Prepare okay at any time to expand the crotch!
Finally when entering the climax
※ Aunt, I'm sorry! In addition, ~ because mail to tomorrow?
In addition, it did become not know when to give up the feeling when I mother came.
Something did was eagerly awaiting his e-mail when it comes in the middle of the night.
※ Aunt! I, now, I'm email while touching penis in a completely naked! While also touching pussy become completely naked do Aunt - you email?
I think do not know by e-mail, from before the mail comes, wet plug in pussy to electricity live in a completely naked, it was the state of the wet.
I, without unbearable
- because I'll tell me the telephone number of the US Hey - mobile, let the voice?
Obscene thing also that could be because it is e-mail, was a subtle feeling of anxiety or really come to the phone.
Such all in one's mind is, it did came immediately phone call.
It was the voice that somewhere familiar.
\"Really, - of completely naked an aunt! Pussy full view?\"
\"- If me to see if it does not Yeah! Believe?\"
Such a thing did I say in leaving out that it is impossible.
Soon, the sliding door of the bedroom is open, while listening to the mobile, it did came into the penis bare of \"son.
Exactly, I was astonished.
\"Opponent of if Ke-mail, ~? Of was Takashi\"
Once for fun has been mail to pretend of others, mother, become a serious, - and I also ended up in the care! \"
\" No way, Nante had a son and Nasty mail, mom, - what do you do to say? \"
\" Mom! Anyway, in completely naked both of them, because I'm in the mood, yo ~ by pussy? \"
the other, I feeling crotch the spread without any refuse
\"Once again, I can not help! have stood so much penis is whoa, Irasshii ...\"

Brother large - like ☆ 2

Brother large-love ☆

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And the person to become a father-in-law

I N nineteen-year-old, some of the large companies, and has worked in Secretariat, that day, the Minister of International Trade and Industry there was a chairman of the meeting in Tokyo, the five minutes of the meeting, so did the thing with even enter TV , or fix the clothes and tie executive director, was a busy time, after the end of the conference, and now there is a reception of the Minister organized, becomes the adjournment about half past eight, went to the prepared hotel, have a change of clothes to use the shower When, a phone call from senior managing director was there, <it was a tired-san, thank you, now I want you to come to my room but I'm sorry, I if there is talk a little>
reply me and \"I can come after thirty minutes.\" It was, and go to your room, to the table, wine and, hors d'oeuvres, was being prepared, such as fruits, <I actually, I guess, Nde proudly, I wanted to talk to Yamagiwa's, I time of reception, from the Minister , Mr. your secretary, looks great, clever well care, to move good, I but to say my place also that it is that such a secretary, also vice president of ○○○ Shoji
said the same sort of thing on, I was praised you, I have happy, I am going to toast with wine, tonight, I want you resting in here, I guess good, Mr. Moeai is, I hope also uniform at the time of the work, I have suits well today of clothes, Saa or you'll toast>
I \"do you say resting that me in here.\" <because I I have to ask, I want you to stay> and my glasses, your own glass to pour the wine, <Cheers' s it, wait a minute, I drink not because I'll> Managing Director, includes the wine a little mouth of my glass, rising my subjected to horizontal, the cheek quiet scissors with both hands to the wine in my mouth, because the throat had been thirsty I will drink very delicious <now I want you to give him to me,> I, including the wine, as I have been, the wine in the mouth-to-mouth , but I'm a me release the mouth, contains the tongue, to the intense kiss, sucked the tongue much painful, lowered the back of the fastener to the waist, \"is useless - is useless,\" lift up is lying in bed, a one-piece It has been taken off, only in underwear, <it is beautiful, I want to see Moeai's all> to have a bathrobe cord to me, his hand stretched out untied the cord, open the front, do not under wearing nothing is, there is a larger, hand in shorts removed the bra I because eat glowing \"Please dark is asking, embarrassing Aa\" <your beans I'm here pretty's Moeai, eat really as such, Naburi violently under rely on lightly teeth, as can be seen in me, over there the smell drifts (Oh, uh-huh another of N'ii - no good) hip jumps up, there is like another of those jerks convulsions, to my mouth, and muscle stand out larger firm, your juice from earlier, rake in the tongue, to loincloth licking the glans, kiss your mouth became muddy, each other drinking genital juice of each other, of the tongue is inserted wonderful Ken stick in your mouth, violently, it stimulated gently all the way back, when multiplied fainted, took hit a dark lump in your breast and face.


32 is a housewife of years old. Husband when long-term business trip, I have related to the father-in-law who lives next door. It has trouble mischief of the father-in-law.
After that I went to the father-in-law to buy, and then walk the night of the park After eating dinner. Because people become less and go towards the back, you have to match the lips hug to father-in-law. I also will to suit with father-in-law.

When father-in-law that kiss, I rolled up my skirt, I to expose the bare ass. When you go out it is said to father-in-law is always wearing no underwear that do. But there are people in the vicinity, but as show off though. It says that since the embarrassing clung to the father-in-law, \"Stop it,\" but, do not you stop. Sometimes grabbed the breasts from behind, it is kiss toward the back only the face. At that time, it will rolled up in front of the skirt. To be seen in the vicinity of the people, I know always. But I do not refuse to be invited.

It is fucked in the brother-in-law

I have felt to have been committed to the brother-in-law.

I was homecoming at the funeral of your grandfather chan after a long time of my parents, husband and son went back to Tamesaki of work and school. Sister got a job with the local hospital, the Yoshifumi 32-year-old husband has a shop of the self-employed in the suburbs, where two people have been what flirting still married life just like rather than children, already sex-less I have had Hohoemashiku also envious, said Yoshifumi on the way home in the taxi is due to the work destination because there are things left behind to go to the outskirts of the shop to drink even drink to the Yoshifumi and dinner on the day of my sister night shift beneath, to say that suburb was quiet scary in the countryside of the mountain pass, immediately Yoshifumi become Yoshifumi and two people will return the taxi earlier because not found looking object is like \"I'm sorry sister to me. \"saying hugging and we have
I quit\" the drunk Nanna' quit what Tsu little \"
trying to do in my force has been the kiss remains Dakitsuka without, ran away waving the face hard and close the lips was taking off clothes become a horseback riding are pushed down to the carpet I was licked in the face resistance I was.

\"Quit Yoshifumi's, quit because painful, I'm kind of hate, Stop it\"

a much yelling is also to stop grabbed the ankle but fled to the chance to take off the clothes and remove his belt without me completely nelson hold freedom deprives I crack.

But was about 30 minutes resistance was not beneath receive the embarrassment Me helplessly sucked the nipple in the mouth put a finger wound licking my whole body was limp will not move anymore dick, mono Yoshifumi my dick force the Furishibori when you hit the \"Yoshifumi's hope, it only because is God's sake stop it just please forgive'm no good\"

was a useless cry

\"Ikuyo of feels to stand also I've been wet sister nipple\"
selfish and while being told it has been extended a foot.

Yoshifumi was allowed to touch the nipple and dick took my hand, mono Yoshifumi over there that have been held have been wet enough to surprise had stretched the thick long hard and caught much potash,
a little to be inserted I had been attracted towards their Turn the hip of Yoshifumi for pester the deep insertion than moving the hips in my intention

I knew is that there is no much sense that Yoshifumi felt that there is close celebrated the climax ejaculation was it 
\"in such issued during God's sake not issued during ask,\"

 said I was flowing tears, but my opposite hand was not Seguin deep insertion than attracted the waist of Yoshifumi

of a lot in me after all Yoshifumi out the sperm was was out of the room to flee.

Cute daughter son-in-law

Affair with Takashi 28-year-old son-in-law from before about a year? Incest? The relationship was pregnant beginning.
Opportunity is Kayoko of the eldest daughter (22) began a relationship on the border a day of hospitalization for childbirth.
Until then it had been through about two months to organize the change Takashi meals and personal belongings to Kayoko, or watch TV or a meal in three people, was common daily.

One day Kayoko was hospitalized for a week with bad physical condition, it was the sex forced on the night Takashi of the day.

For several months Takashi from pregnancy of Kayoko had been holding the libido masturbation, was no longer erection as up to now in the shock seen masturbating in Kayoko.

Once I learned to have erection as in the previously Tokimei to my uniforms when the work of my part came to make a dinner remains of uniforms slows down company.

At that time, blouse buttons and turning arms remembers to have been exposing the nape signed a long hair removed three.
At that time, Takashi has been recently confessed to have ejaculation in the underwear rub the cock from the top of the pants and stared my from behind sitting on the dining table.

Going back to.

Emergency hospitalization day of Kayoko, master as it is to go to work, I am and I was in the day off the job Takashi went home, the Takashi in the back of the car masturbation in my back shot from found masturbation to Kayoko has confessed to things, I beating of the heart becomes bitter breath in the front passenger seat is now violently.

\"Takashi's ne Please sorry, Kayoko is not to feel good bought of men\" is to say that was my best.

It was a Takashi lonely face.

Sad will not have a son to me seemed like a real child, Takashi, from my not know how good Once it as a mother but did not say anything.

Dopey to have when the car is my
was to say that Takashi When you return to the room arrived at the house.

\"I ask your mother-in-law's, thank you please show me the uniforms,\" said the appeal in a painful voice, I also while hesitation confusion pretend the face in a vertical, was dressed in uniform for the beloved Takashi, Takashi is \"I'm sorry strange that ask to\"

\"Give me to say because it is good are by Takashi Tsu mother anything,\"
the first time I Takashi him. The call I was
as Takashi think I wrote the hair to remove the button of the chest and turning change of clothes arm in uniform, \"Takashi Ddo, I Tsu\" took a pause.

Takashi've hugged around behind me slowly, I was excited about the many years head feel the cock of Takashi was erection in the ass.
Rubbed gently nipple came in hand from the blouse of the gap, I had become pure white is in my head is to kiss the scruff of the neck.
\"I love you I love mom\"
\"My also good Takashi. Love, your things I love I\"
I thought like a true son.

Takashi has been caressing the clitoris take the shorts rolled up my tight skirt with a finger, I \"mom is and Takashi sit down without being stood floor out the erect cock standing in front of me I am anymore, I \"and
at that time I've got to sex and Takashi, decided the resolution and I become sons and one was sucking the cock of Takashi, then things do not remember well, I remember the , after the thing, I was embraced from behind Takashi sleeping on the sofa in the nude, a lot of Takashi of sperm from the pussy had flow to thigh.

We have sex while a kiss while taking a shower in the bathroom in the subsequent two people.

Was happy to feel the Takashi of love, I was also made a many people also have sex with men other than my husband, most of the men has changed attitude after ejaculation, you know that it is the sex of the man, but now the difference is Takashi was, gently even after the second time of sex, to me to say that I like, Takashi while the kiss at the door even when you go home despite the fact that the ejaculation many times rubbing Takashi of crotch institutions my hand wearing, it gave me shows the passion.

Also it had a large erection.

Kayoko is from the hospital, was to have sex with lunch hotel every Saturday,
and was pregnant with son of children.

Not yet talk to anyone,

Child of righteousness son

Even after 30 not blessed with a boyfriend, had continued to your serve the director with the affair in the company
two years later to the wife of the director died, affair is resolved and now second wife of the director
, however in the affair of my body suddenly changes her husband was wanted, no longer seek the body as soon as married,
in addition, the new plant is to start-up of the person responsible to the Kyushu I had to bachelor
husband if complete a project I is and get used to the officer, of've done revved up
I go back about two times a month, you can not array will be past midnight in the relationship with preparation and executives of the meeting
I was able to normal sex and her husband about the first three months in, after once walk not whether the moon
has become less and her husband quickly in the honeymoon I did

so, I had affair to lure the righteous son of a high school student, of crazy about the body of each other now
righteousness because the son was aware of the fact that masturbation in my underwear, it was easy to invite
in righteousness son virgin, soon became obsessed with my body, it's a dream of a high school student I 30 F of the body
I also those of, tech has come to the young male libido and firmness that does not run out Domo Kume I was one now
looks like I will also be squid among which also intersect many times, usually because it is home of the tete-a-tete,
every night body the sought, holiday was also sometimes has led throughout the day in decent meal
because that turn back the other was impossible, I decided to consolidate its position in this house
that is, I was decided to give birth to a child, of course it is that the children of the righteous son
in accordance with the return home of her husband to explore the day of ovulation, gave a cum sex and righteousness son from two days before
the righteousness son Good luck with each here, of about overflowing from the vagina semen of me the is poured into the uterus
even after returning home her husband, even if it was also a husband and alibi sex in the past midnight,
of course eliminate the husband of semen did not, because it is the same both husband righteousness son for me
after all , still it took four months before pregnancy, in all likelihood the seed is of righteousness son

during pregnancy did not return to the home, but parents are taken care of a younger brother married couple in the elderly,
the way it comes back to the family home only and such, so were some wolf who was hungry in the house,
not needs must also take care of the wolf's, was rolled etched until the last month of pregnancy thanks
born child is a girl, also husband righteousness son delight , but after the birth was forced to wolf's,
Oazuke pending the doctor's OK, I was soothing in your mouth and hands, your milk was firmly drunk
wolf-san seems did not grow up in the breast milk, the milk tank became I love
because from your milk comes out to more minute of my daughter, I always got to drink directly and chest stretch
has got his milk from the bottom by connecting the dick, the return from the chest around this time today

I'm a fool I even so, man, probably no reason to Hallam in only 30 woman etch of the month one,
but it took four months even in young Pichi sperm of 17, Arafifu that cause conceived once a month is Muriyo

I'm troubled by that of the daughter and husband

yuna himekawa[27691]
It might be my delusion.
My husband has suffered in 48 Saimusume of 21-year-old thing, two people I have a bath much more together from the time the daughter was born.

My daughter was in at a young age is three people, but when I was a child was put in shifts and my husband is from a senior position elementary school was always out to enter the master.

I told him to stop from entering the father because the other girl that I when I was in junior high school daughter did not stop his father loves girl.

I could not say faced with the opposite or not you believe that strange nothing but time was strongly opposed became high school students indeed.

What is especially important because it is the only daughter?

It is a strange attitude to two people of the atmosphere did not feel, my husband had me hugging me.

Or examine the bathroom after he had entered even two people thinking I unpleasant woman was or closely examine the daughter of the room and study time of cleaning, but suspicious it was not found.
Daughter sometimes brought several times boyfriend, except that you are taking a bath together was not at all unnatural.

I talked to two people each, eavesdrop from the gap in front of the dressing room door during the two people bathing from is said Toka transformation of what are thought Toka mom what I'm thinking in of you parent and child you can not only.

Hear the only conversation you are talking about the sound of the shower that day.

But something was I tried to speak or enter the bathroom in the wake, it is not possible to fear that change seems to daughter, together because it should be kept secret if if physical relationship I consulted a friend when I'm I was told that I do not or taking a bath in.

If everything to pursue even without my all in one's mind, I am going crazy the head can not do anything scary to think that can be seen from the two people as a delusion transformation woman, then it is to just strange delusion every day the body on their own we comforted.
I was really going crazy and not Magirawase care and even so.
You can register on the naughty sites from earlier this year, or delusion to imagine the things of the men waiting with strangers of the men, was better a lot of things, does not actually there.

My husband is no longer stop the sales positions it to my daughter go masturbate to become a day-to-day is to imagine the scene having sex in the hotel's daytime Doka because the student radical,.
Such indecent appearance was crying until noon to see that reflected in the glass this morning.

The Chuwatashi that betrayal is going to escalate to the two people do not know what to say to do.

My incest discourse

Two years ago I from is divorced husband, son of luster is now gently. Luster that gave birth to the time of the 22-year-old, is a member of society to become a 24-year-old this year.
Bright that the work live in the long distance, with the gift of my birthday celebration, she told me to come back to last week.
After dinner, Have Tsuredashi to the city of night, side by side in the back of the bar counter seats of nice atmosphere, a drink that does not drink was drinking with glitter.
\"Mother ... Favorite people are you?\" And suddenly been asked from the bright, had shook his head a little dyed the cheek.
When you tell me \"Do or missing in me?\", \"Yet also I wish ... but a woman Mother,\" \"The other I Nante ...\", was not a bad mood.
And, \"I can of my mother, you think it's a wonderful woman,\" he told me with. Bright that said, \"I'm glad I\" \"It's true\" is, to my right hand counter, came gently overlaid the hand. And ear to approach the face, whispers \"I'm serious\", it was my hand me clenched tightly. Also help drink not drink of drunkenness, it was something pleasant. Then, when it is said to overlap with the \"I like\", \"I also liked by that of the bright,\" had been answered.
\"When you were, I want to I look at the bright as a man,\" \"rather than mother the mother,'m as the one of the woman called Rie\" had become such a conversation.
I, bright had appeared to be a nice man you are asked say \"to do so intoxicating my mother?\". \"Nante attack so intoxicating, I do not do cowardly imitate\" it was me to say so, but it was not said, \"I no good to be prepared.\"
By the time you go home, my feet were unsteady. Take a taxi, and close my eyes in the back of the seat, is in a good mood, snuggle put his head on the bright of the shoulder, bright is asked embrace me on the shoulder and rotate the arm from the back, in the hand of one, hand the they had each other tie.
Whispered the \"It's a good smell\", \"This fragrance is like?\" \"I love you\", \"was Once, it makes this always in the taste of the bright,\" \"and as we speak, I'm a man and a woman,\" \"hehehe\" Nante had each other interlinked.
Backed by bright, and go up to the room, bright is unexpectedly lift up my, me carried from the hallway to the sofa. Bright for his laid me on the sofa, me to hear that \"dry throat?\", Told me to come with your water. Got up gave me to drink a glass of water, in the end, it did made me drink in the mouth-to-mouth. It is now also the first time of the kiss of me and bright.
Me to say, \"I had better already sleeping\", also to lift up the I, me carrying up to the bedroom. In the mood became a princess, it did was glad to feel good. Me lying in bed, and crawl to the futon to say so, \"or I'll not take off,\" \"Hey it ... embarrassing\", when I woke up was the morning.
Until noon of the next day, they gave me There are bright. When it comes to the time to go home, come welled up a lonely feeling, on the back of the bright to wear the shoes at the door, I did that involuntarily hug.
Is such a bright to me gave me hug, me stroking dear to my hair, and meet line-of-sight at close range, I close my eyes, the lips of the bright had overlapping hot with my lips. The kiss was the kiss of a man and a woman.
To me that is a watery eyes, was invited me as \"the week after next, I try to date\". If next week, I'm sure, because should the period that end also physiological, and I had thought in my head.
The date of the next week of the bright, between two people, I think that something begins. And, I do not hide also that you are expecting.
If, if the method was Kudoka in bright, why you do not find deny it.
I also, is a woman. You wanted to have still in the woman, that person happens, only hurt the stomach say it was a son born of their own, I think that only a definitely a man and a woman now. Feelings of woman you want to be embraced by the love of men, you already exaltation in me. Such a thing next week, I'm looking forward to it.

Mr. Chirico, to Koharu's

Are you interested in you two sexual history in the post against Kumiko
Please tell me in detail.

I will be in five years position and relationship with the father, but was immediately relationship of infidelity to abortion once the father of the children had been dating the boss of the company.
Been training for sex from your medicine and rubber There is a thing in the resistance to use the father and the affair partner for contraception (thinks so recently) leads to now.

What should I do

I, such that a high school freshman son and junior high school sophomore daughter.
I though that at the time of a little before the summer break
I come faintly hear leaks voice from the second floor of the son of the room and go home from Part destination.
For example, No way she has in Tsurekon.
And earns a Listen
No way, are etched? Who and
elsewhere of a daughter ... Once you have blemished
even scared while I tried to what
had been a while stunned outside out of the front door.
Since there is no state that go back even after nearly an hour,
and return to pretend we went back again
was relaxing son and daughter are in the everyday wear in the living room.
No way, the daughter I son of the partner? ? ?
Then, and looking carefully for a while
still, I feel like A Life Less Ordinary.
I do not know what to do to.
What should I do?

Affair with my son

I'm a 39-year-old girl who divorced three years ago. I live with Eiichi, 19 years old. I was thinking of taking a shower and washing clothes, and when I looked at the undressing basket, my panties were wet. Semen was sticking to the panties that I had just taken off. If Eiichi masturbates with my panties ... I'm masturbating while watching a video that seems to be awkward when I open the room to be careful of Eiichi with a towel wrapped around my body ... I pressed my panties against my nose ... Eiichi's trunk saw a thick and ticking penis. I met Eiichi and both I and Eiichi got stuck. "Well, my mom should be knocked !!" "I ... I knocked ... Eiichi, what are you doing? Smell my dirty panties ... I don't like it!" "My mom is like that. Don't come into the room !! "When I tried to leave the room, Eiichi grabbed my arm and pushed me down to the bed . "Hey please stop !! Eiichi what are you doing !! useless ... we parents and children a No I ... you were useless ..." "Look Toko you are my mother every night Masturbation !! I want to with my mother would be nice mother-once It's okay ~ " I witnessed Eiichi's stubborn penis and my pussy got wet. "I can't help it ... Do you have any experience with Eiichi?""I did it a few times ~" "That's right ... only once ... Then don't tell people about today !! Good promise" "Okay, mom ~" I put Eiichi on the bed I put my lips together. When I put my tongue in Eiichi's mouth, Eiichi also entwined his tongue. I gently squeezed Eiichi's penis. Penis for the first time in 3 years ... Very big ... It smells like a man ... I licked my mouth with my tongue up to the root. It contained saliva and made a loud noise. When I look at Eiichi, I feel it while being upset. I also have a lot of patience juice. "Oh ~ I 'm gonna get my mom out!" "Okay ... put it in my mouth ..." "Uh ... I'm gone ... oh ~" Eiichi put out a tremendous amount of semen in my mouth. I drank every drop. "Mother drank ..." "Eun Eiichi's semen was drunk ... delicious ... this time, please lick my pussy ..." Eiichi buried his face in my crotch and squeezed the pussy and chestnuts wet with man juice. I lick it while making a noise. I have been passed away many times while bowing my body. "Ah, ah, ah ... Eiichi is good ... I'm crazy ... I can't stand it anymore ... Put it in ... Put Eiichi's penis into my pussy !!"I have uttered a disgusting word to my son. Eiichi has inserted it in my pussy that I haven't used for 3 years. "Ah ah ... Eiichi ... It feels good ... Kiss ... Poke harder ..." I entwined my tongue while drinking Eiichi's saliva. I hugged Eiichi and became a woman on top posture and moved my hips violently on Eiichi. When Eiichi grabbed my chest, I rubbed it unreasonably and picked up my nipples, and I was passed away many times while disturbing my hair. After becoming missionary, Eiichi moves his hips violently and the glans hits the uterus. I scratched the chestnut while being struck by Eiichi. "Ha Ha ~ ~ Mom ~'m going out of my mother." "Oh ~ N ... Eiichi ... I want out of my pussy ... out full semen from a safe day today ..." "Oh Oh - my mother I love you ~ ... out ..." Eiichi's semen was poured into the uterine ostium. We kissed while connected. I was the one who broke the one-time promise. My son's penis reminded me of the joy of a woman. Young Eiichi's penis never gets tired. I will ask for my body many times . I swallowed Eiichi's semen in my mouth and pussy . Since then, I have become Eiichi's woman and have been embraced every day. Living room ... bathroom ... kitchen ... veranda ... I 'll ask you day and night no matter where you are. Eiichi is a vaginal cum shot even on a dangerous day,I've been taking pills lately because it's dangerous. The affair between me and my son is likely to continue for a while. I loved my heart and body.

Son with disabilities

I am a 40-year-old woman.
And a divorce a few years ago, we are now living in a son and two. I think that is a little different environment with you that have been posted here you will be, but posted.
At the age of 16 my son is now, there is a failure to born physically and intelligent also.
I think that experience Anyone If you have a child with disabilities began to have an interest in, but sexual and still become puberty, had become kind of a little trouble.
Teacher and Kaigoshi's and helper's school, but we also or to consult a variety or examined for sites on the Internet I am performing the processing of the sexual desire of the son on their own.
Again son development of the body would slow when compared to other children, but still gradually body has approached to adult.
I have been living in unaware of the sexual desire of the son, the son was noticed it was when the laziness.
Semen had stuck To Bettori if you try to change clothes of his son down the underwear.
At that time, his son was also thought that after all Do I something painful and not ejaculation in man.
To listen to the story of the other person examines various, I chose the road was that I be a sex processing of the son.
Son from remember the ejaculation is now a wet dream on a daily basis, now regularly me feel a little pained If you do not encourage the ejaculation.
I was allowed to ejaculation grip the son of the penis each time of the change of clothes and bathing.
But had continued to such a deed is simplistic and processing, Will became not be suppressed their feelings more and more in me, though, is you be honest and ejaculation hold the son of the penis from the time we started, I would have thought.
I was now going to touch his groin while imperceptibly grip the son of the penis.
Although the sexual act from divorced her husband have spent the day-to-day busy busy to care and work of the son without any, when holding the son of the penis, when I saw the ejaculation of the son, the son of reach I think when you look at the face and I do something burst in me.
Son sex processing also still but has been the excuse and the processing of their own sexual desire, be honest and be helped to want to welcome the son of the penis, I think that there was also such a feeling.
Gradually now to ejaculation in the mouth including the son of the penis in the mouth.
While adding the son of the penis I began to touch his crotch, the clitoris and vagina.
Narrowing squatting on top of the son of such a day-to-day is sleeping will not be suppressed absolutely desire to out going past, it was the son and sex.
I my Ommen sucking son of the penis has been inserted into this since that day.
We of course contraception is, but I will not accept the things of the son in this Ommen continue sucking the son of the penis on a daily basis.
Does not, of course son dislike act is just going to increase my desire.
Also it followed on a daily basis to solve by masturbation, but I want to see love again combined son and body, is such a feeling is followed every day.

When beyond the son and a clear distinction

 I am the mother of 52-year-old. It tied and son from 49 years old, was already home to celebrate the menopause at that time.
Of course, since there is no worry about the pregnancy even if the sex is now, is two or three times a week, you stay doing.

Who denied not

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Troubled mother

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