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Incest confession of women(2016-06)

My son likes pacifiers

yuna himekawa[26578]
I am a full-time housewife, my husband, and my son. My husband is on his way to work alone, and during that time he is in charge of everything. Son of Isamu-chan is also the fact that one son, a little spoiled because it was too much fondness is not Bow, but it was me growing up in honest good child. Immediately after Yu-chan entered junior high school, he was absent from school due to bullying in the school . Conversations with me are normal, but I've become extremely reluctant to go out of the house, and at night I seem to be crying on the futon in my room. I couldn't see it, and I said, "Let's sleep together on my futon at night," and from that day on, I and Yu- chan started sleeping on one futon. Even if I sleep on one futon, I still sob next to me. Even if you hold hands and soothe "because your mother is by your side", you will cry as if you were frightened by something . Time Isamu chan young, was sucked tits when you did not get to sleep easily I Guzu et al., I was reminded that the sleeping calm, remove the button of pajamas chest "Isamu-chan. Come over here. I Please suck of tits, settle down because " " but ... embarrassing I " it was Isamu-chan was shy, gentle my Whoa taking the hand of Isamu chan Once led to the pie, I started smoking timidly nipples It was. At first, Yu-chan was reluctant to smoke. As I got used to it, I started sucking my nipples.However, the way of sucking is similar to the caress of an adult man, unlike a baby drinking breasts . If you think you were sucking with your nipple in your mouth, you could roll it with your tongue. Yu-chan who devours the left and right nipples while rubbing her boobs. "Hmm, uh, hmmm" I ca n't help but feel it and make a voice. (For Yu-chan ... I'm my mother ...) I 'll tell myself ... I put the sheets in my mouth, bite them, and kill the pant voice. A dim bedroom with only a miniature light bulb lit, with only the sound of licking a nipple. Yu-chan who further licks and stimulates the stimulated and hardened nipple. Again and again over a period becomes pure white is in the head, and become a big gasp likely aloud and seeded. The body moves unconsciously with pleasure. "Ah, um, um" "Ah, Isamu-chan , already ... da ... me" When I was about to reach the limit of holding my sheets and killing my voice, "Mom's boobs It's soft, " Yu-chan talked to me with a sweet tooth , and finally regained the consciousness of being a mother, and became sweet and hugged tightly. Did such an act last for 10 minutes, or even 20 minutes? "Thank you, Mom. I was calm," Isamu-chan told me about to sleep in next to release the tits and say so.I am out of the futon, Gusho in the tits and the joy juice that has become sticky in the saliva in the bath wash away the Bagina became Gusho. My husband was plain about sex and didn't do much foreplay. It's been two years since I became sexless because I was assigned to work alone. I am over 40 years old. To have Forget woman of joy, and never become wet in the act of son I think did not. As I washed my body, my tears didn't stop. Fortunately, whether Isamu-chan began to sleep in peace at night, drop the mind little by little we have arrived Chi. I made an excuse to carry my shopping baggage and took it out with me, so I could go out alone . Thanks to me bullying measures in consultation with the teacher of the school, you can also safely school I became a jar. At last, I'm able to regain my peaceful days ... Just sucking my boobs before going to bed at night doesn't stop me. I used to be reluctant to smoke, but now I'm begging, "Mom, please. Let me suck your boobs again." When I thought that my illness would come back, I couldn't refuse and continued to take off my pajamas and let Yu-chan suck her boobs.And there is another lewd me who awaits the act from the bottom of my heart . An act that is repeated like every night. It was supposed to just fill the gap in Yu-chan's heart ... While Yu-chan was sucking her boobs, my right hand unknowingly began to stimulate the clitoris . Don't make a pant voice ... Don't realize what I'm feeling. I'm a mother. I think it's a contradiction, but I can't stop it. After Isamu chan went to bed, because the comfort flushed body while washing away the body in the shower to. The nipple that was sucked by Yu-chan until a while ago. About little finger of the previous large erection to, comfort, such as pain in the whole body with just a little touch runs is a feeling. While stimulating the Korikori the nipple in the left hand, fingers out violently with his right hand to the back of Bakina to put "Oh, Isamu-chan. Iii ~!" "The Please! Please! Soco, ~ want to lick the nipple." " More, more! Suck your nipples, bully me. "As I put up with the futon, I pant like crazy and shake my hips. To also have my husband, what that would give pleasure by sucked the nipple to his son ... Te. It may be a metamorphosis and disqualification of the mother. I'm my son's pacifier doll.I don't think I can go back anymore.

To son

I had become relationship son and of the men and women of the junior high school at 42 years old. By the way, family structure, the master 50, is the son of 14. Now, the husband is wearing a naughty underwear for son in secret. 

A frustrated married woman who touches her crotch while driving

I met a 38-year-old married woman on dating. After having a meal, she said, "I'm lonely to say goodbye," so I drove to a place with a beautiful night view. Several cars were parked in the parking lot on the hill. We were enjoying the night view too, but soon I grabbed her and put her hand on her shoulder. She quivered, but did not resist and accepted the kiss. As I piled up my lips many times, I got a fierce kiss that entwined my tongue from either side and sucked as if to ask. It seems that he started his wife's back face board without sex, so it was quite aggressive than I thought. And I kissed and rubbed my big boobs. When I put my hand in my clothes and squeezed it, the hardened nipple rolled around in the palm of my hand. When I picked it up with my fingers and stimulated it, I made a pant voice with a sigh. I put my hand in the skirt and stroked the sensitive part from the top of the panties. I found that it was already damp and wet. You can even see that the clitoris has hardened when you vibrate strongly with your fingers . "Ah, no, ah ..." I moved on the sheet and clung to my arm. I kissed to close my mouth, broke the pantyhose with my fingertips and put my fingers in from the sideContinued to stimulate the clitoris. As she continued to blame for a few minutes, she seemed to be sick and shook her body. I could have done it in the car, but I drove to the love hotel because I thought there would be a lot of peeping at this kind of spot . On the way, I got up from the seat and touched my crotch while driving. When I took the bokki out of my pants, it rubbed up and down. I was about to get out with that alone, but I was about to get into an accident if I wasn't careful, so if I was concentrating on driving, I managed to get to the love hotel without firing. When I entered the room, I hugged each other and kissed again. After a long and nasty kiss, we took off each other's clothes and took a bath together. I washed her body and had her washed. At that time, I rubbed the binging dick with a foamy hand while making it slimy. I seemed to be alive again and again. "If you do that, you'll get out." " Give me a drink, give me a strong drink." She begged her tongue out. After shedding bubbles, she sucked, so I made her mouth shoot a large amount of semen. "Wow, it's still hard." She looked at me with enchanted eyes, sucked again, and licked it so that she could taste it.She had a squid momentum again, but now it's my turn to blame. When I put my hand on the wall and let my ass stick out, I buried my face in the crotch where love juice drips and licked it back. "Ah, good, more, more," I shook my hips to press against my face. While licking the clitoris and anal, I put my finger in the dick and blamed the area around the G spot with my finger, and it made my body tingle like a climax again. I lowered my hips so that I could get on my knees, so I made him crawl on all fours and inserted it from the back. When she pushed up hard, she made a nasty pant. I lost the pleasure of getting crowded every time I moved my hips and couldn't stand the approaching ejaculation feeling, so I pulled it out just before it came out and bukkake it on her ass. She licked the joy juice-covered dick beautifully and stuck to the last drop. I moved to bed, became sixty nine, and made me sick again. "Oh, it's been a long time, so I can't stop . " I caught her in the woman on top posture. "Ah, it reaches the back and hits the uterus." If it was tightened violently, I raised and lowered my hips many times. I pushed it up from below when she came down to the rhythm. "Ugu, ahhh, no, no, it's going to be weird." I pushed it up from below, so I rubbed my boobs as if I was squeezing it. "Oh, no, I'm going, I'm going, I'm going, please, put it inside, inside."She screamed. The next moment, I couldn't escape from her falling into my body and fired inside. I broke up again in the morning, but it seems that my body is compatible, and now I meet and stay at a pace of about 2 to 3 times a month. Commemorative Kakiko because I was able to find the long-sought married woman saffle on the back face board of my wife.

I was attacked by a son!

On Wednesday of two days before the 22 days I have been attacked by a son of the junior high school two years!
Because my son went to school to school in time always 40 minutes 7 pm as the opposite hand skirt suddenly son right from ,, behind After drinking tea while watching TV in the living room is hair Zu eagle my chest had been explored or the inside of!
It was a moment, I was surprised!
Notice when my son was tied to a chair for me!
Turn off the clothes with a cutter knife, bra also cut is son while scratch the chest wearing to appear and my son cutter knife chest to a son chest is the slave who was the etch when you want to etch the future mother!
Son inserts a carrot in my dick while they say that I because to train the mother son, went to say a thank Once you get home because I go from my mother now in school.
By the time my son came home, the dick floor was also sticky with sticky
I have accepted meat stick of son while said to be mother sticky to son.
Stealing the eyes of my husband, and the etch.

I was attacked by a son!

On Wednesday of two days before the 22 days I have been attacked by a son of the junior high school two years!
Because my son went to school to school in time always 40 minutes 7 pm as the opposite hand skirt suddenly son right from ,, behind After drinking tea while watching TV in the living room is hair Zu eagle my chest had been explored or the inside of!
It was a moment, I was surprised!
Notice when my son was tied to a chair for me!
Turn off the clothes with a cutter knife, bra also cut is son while scratch the chest wearing to appear and my son cutter knife chest to a son chest is the slave who was the etch when you want to etch the future mother!
Son inserts a carrot in my dick while they say that I because to train the mother son, went to say a thank Once you get home because I go from my mother now in school.
By the time my son came home, the dick floor was also sticky in the sticky
's mother sticky to son

Nakata said the wife of others

I was able to find a married woman of good feeling and start looking frustration married woman in the sex-less looking around a married woman in the \"wife Stardust night\".
Several times exchanges to free replace the ID of the call app it from w you do not use the mail function of the site at the site able to go to a hotel and meals become good friends played with and the tea third time . Would have wanted to quickly etch said Somehow but married woman also had taken a prima facie a shame attitude about coming entwined tongue from his and kiss into the room, had been hungry for a man. Suddenly When you put your hand in a skirt while kiss had been firmly damp not only it is too hot can be seen in the pantyhose over. As it is only by the caress as by pushing on the bed licking the whole body What happens when you insert? The big voice as I think! \"I want biting gently\" \"A'aan\" \"... N'n' of feels there\" it began sucking in great momentum and close the cock that was full erection in the mouth of a married woman that crazy feeling. Not only let crawl tongue move up and down the neck left and right around Cali neck whether drool just by sucking has come out? The more I think that married woman that whizzing, continue sucking while making the Jubojubo and erotic sound. When you insert at the verge of Kassel Lee by hand man and cunnilingus \"raw is not good. Please give me the rubber put in,\" to say but to Shikato piston. And has continued for a while piston \"Adamedame. Acme Chau acme Chau\" in because the dimensions stop to stop the tricks in enjoyed a place about three times \"might be a good without a rubber?\" While moving the hip yourself to tell you the mean and \" Yeah. because good soon be charged. soon took advantage by \" Married to crave. I had put in a little late the timing of vertices Nuku closer but was doing crowded butyrate in the rest of the sperm mouth. As it is the wish of cleaning Blow. Blowjob was chillin with the difference software is the first of Blow cleaning Blow is likely to become a habit. This will asked to be the conclusion of the experiences of the \"wife Stardust night\".

Relieve my son's stress

The stress of taking the exam was the reason for having a relationship with my son. I myself was the same. However, I feel that my own stress has accumulated, not my son's stress, and I just wanted my son. I first had a relationship with my son around October last year. After taking the high school exam, career counseling began in earnest, and teachers and parents are serious, but are they thinking at all? I was frustrated by my son. My husband couldn't even talk to him about leaving it to him, and he couldn't even think about it alone at night shift, so I decided to take the plunge and think seriously that now is an important time. I went to talk to the room. Annoyingly repulsive son! It became like a half-mouthed quarrel, and I couldn't withdraw my son who had gone to the bath as it was, so I followed him to the bathroom! I was emotionally buying and selling, saying that I would follow until I heard the story from my son who said, "Don't come to such a place." I took off my clothes and put on my underwear and went into the bathroom because my mother would also enter. I interrupted my son's words, "What's going on?" And suddenly because it was a really important time! If my son's reaction is always, the son who repels face to face does not look down at me ... " Hmm ...?" What! Ashamed of ... , ........ become cute son to just somehow always rebound was multiplied by the voice I'll Do not come out of the bathtub because I'll sink catapult back. After exchanging "OK" and "OK", my son eventually got out of the bathtub and I started talking about taking the exam with my back flowing.For some reason, at that time, I was happy to hear the story, and I felt a little relieved. Well, the back is OK, so when I turn my son forward to look forward, my son keeps looking down and doesn't look at his face again. Even though I'm a mother, I'm in underwear and my son is naked, isn't it embarrassing? I thought so, so I decided to leave the bath as it was that day. I was happy to hear the story. However, what changed after that day was that it wasn't my son's room that talked about taking the exam, but the bathroom. I feel relieved for two days a day, but are you studying again after three days? And such to worry Riarekore, so I want to say to his son in the bathroom! At first, I kept wearing my bra and shorts, but after gradually washing my son's body, I started to soak in the bathtub together and talk. I had a bath time with my son every three days, and by telling my son about taking the exam, my stress was alleviated. My son suddenly began to say that the husband of the three shifts was taking a bath with his son as usual the last night when he returned to work during the day. Mom! I can't sleep because I'm worried about my mom's nakedness ... eh! I never thought that my child would call me such a child. Certainly, I am a junior high school student. It is no wonder that I am interested in the opposite sex. I wonder if the target may be suitable for my mother ... Only then did I start to worry about my son's ○○○ part.I told my son that I would wash it once in a while, so I turned to the front and looked at my lower abdomen! There was a well-grown son there. I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be able to put it in next week, so I was wondering if I should come this far and started washing my son's things with body soap. At first, my son also had a panicked and annoyed face, but eventually he ran out while saying "Ah! Uh!". it was good? When I heard that, "Yeah," I felt like my honest son had returned when I was little, and the bath was good! However, it seems that my son's feelings have become stronger than my feelings, and one night when my husband is there! I've hit me with a feeling of helplessness. "I can't concentrate because I'm worried about my mother's nakedness!" To be honest, I felt happy and regretted that I had done something I shouldn't do, but I wondered if there was a way for my son to be satisfied. I thought. It's a marital relationship where my husband never asks for me. Honestly, I might have asked my son for an adult man as a woman ... When my husband is there, my son looks at me with an appealing eye! Then, the first thing I thought about was rubbing it with my hand in my son's room. Even if it was my first experience with my son, my feelings would escalate. Even if I go up to the room, I can't stay long because there is no reason. I'm suspected that I won't be able to return immediately because of my guilty feelings toward my husband. I myself have a strong desire to satisfy my son. No! I wasn't satisfied with myself. I made up my mind! Let's make my son happy.Two months have passed since the bath time with my son started, and in early December, he said, "I have some shopping, so go out with me" and "Please buy a little!" And put my son in the car and go out! I decided to go to a hotel instead of shopping. Where do you think you're going from now on ... When you ask your son, you're shopping, where are you going? "Hotel" "..." I'll be happy with my son who can't speak for a while, so I can say anything. I was having such a conversation. To be honest, I used to go to hotels when I was young. Although I knew the location, I didn't expect to carry my son on it, but I entered the most beautiful hotel in the Tomei Expressway IC hotel district. My son looks around and is curious! I myself thought about what to do if I met someone, but I kept my mind down and went into the room! As soon as I sat down on my bed and put hot water in the bath and said, "I'm sorry, did you surprise me ...?" , He hugged me. The gesture is cute and cute, and for a while, I hug each other and leave myself as my son likes, gently putting my hands on my chest and putting my hands on my lower body. When the hot water in the bath was in, I took off my son's clothes and I also became naked and hugged each other in the bathroom! It's a big bath today, so I'll take it slowly! Today, I was thrilled by the pleasure that my son touched my chest and the expectation that will occur while my son was asked to wash my body from the back to the front. It was.The relationship between a man and a woman is a son I haven't asked for until now, but if my mother is okay, I lay down on the bed and welcomed my son because I could like it. Even though I felt good once in the bathroom, I was excited to see my son who was resurrected. My chest was touched and licked, my hands were on my lower body, I held my son, and my son crawls his tongue as he likes. When I crawl my tongue all over my body to form a 69 system, I put my son's thing in my mouth. It's hot and it belongs to my well-grown son! I want to put it in! I thought so! I was screaming that I wanted to be Yu-chan. Straddle over my son and put his son's things in the bush! The consciousness of being a son was completely gone. I want you to be satisfied as a man who is not your son. Such a desire! Shaking his hips, his son's hand led him to his chest and enjoyed a pleasant sensation that he had never felt for a while. My son also released it into me many times and hugged with a body that became sticky with semen and stayed together as it is! I want to do this forever! To be honest, the time I wanted you to hold me passed in a blink of an eye, and it was time for me to go home just before I said I was going shopping. Since then, my son has less bath time at home and wants to go to the hotel. Somehow, the stress of taking the exam has disappeared, and my son seems to be doing his best to take the exam. It seems that there are many people who have this kind of relationship after taking the exam for their children. While saying that it was for my child, I wondered if I had my own desires ...

I've been crawling at night

It was when my son and son passed the entrance exam for the desired high school and went to an amusement park in Tokyo to celebrate. Before noon, I played with a lot of fun, checked in at the hotel, had dinner, and took a bath. After that, I felt like I could relax in bed and sleep soundly in a fun day, and as soon as I closed my eyes, I fell asleep ... Suddenly, I felt like I was being moved, and I was taken off under my pajamas. I feel ... "Well, what?" When I regained consciousness, a figure was about to take off my pants. "... Who?", There should be only a hotel room, my son. No way ... "What are you doing !" "Stop!" "Idiot, what are you doing!" Rather than being surprised, he hurriedly resisted his son and put his nails in his hands. Even if I stand up and resist, my son will come toward me. I have taken over my pajamas pants with my underwear. "Stop, what's stupid," "Stop," I was repeatedly fluttering and kicking my feet. Maybe my feet hit my son's belly, like he's flying out of bed. I fell down. There is a dull noise, and when I turn on the light, my son is lying on the floor. I went to my son in a hurry more than before and said, "Is it okay? Is it okay?" "Is it okay?" I was worried about my son's injury, and my lower body was exposed. My son suddenly jumped in again and was pushed down to the floor.It is difficult for my son to open his legs and approach him, and even if he struggles, he is restrained by his power and refuses. "Stop, idiot, idiot," yells my son's penis. It was big and thick, and it was the size that I saw for the first time with a decent male experience. I was surprised that my cute and good son had grown up to this point, let alone the power of my mother to attack me, the violent behavior, and the feeling that I had gone somewhere away from my hands. I was struck by my feelings. Whether sad or empty, my son's ability to resist violence seemed to diminish. My son's penis that hits my crotch and digs hard. The moment I pushed the crotch open so that it rubbed tightly and pierced it all at once, the consciousness of refusal was gradually concentrated in the crotch. The feeling that my son's penis is penetrating is unfortunately obsessed with the sex of the woman's crotch, and the stimulus that is violently pierced turns into pleasure. One day, I saw myself being dominated by the size of my son's penis. Even the joy of being swallowed by pleasure appeared, and I had no choice but to accept the joy of being thrust into it, and I had to open my body. And my son was not a virgin, but my body reacted and repeated with a generous attack, drunk with the pleasure of being filled, turned into a woman without hail, and was crushed by my son's penis. It's hard to believe that my son's voice suddenly hears such words from his son's mouth , "Is it a safe day today?", But I'm swallowed by the momentum of my penis I was responding to my son about something.After my son opened my crotch and got drunk by my son's penis, I was attacked so much that I could not tell how much time had passed, and a violent piercing continued to attack my crotch. Informed of the climax, I was deeply exposed to my son's ejaculation while heading for the climax again, spitting an unstoppable lewd voice, hugging my son and enjoying the joy of the climax. I went back to bed and even sucked and sucked the penis presented to my son without any resistance. Perhaps it was a pitiful figure dropped by her mother to a woman, and tears spilled naturally, but her son's penis, which erects well again, is carried to the crotch and opened and accepted by me. The penis that rushes like playing with it smashes and withers with the irreversible pleasure, and the damp sound that can be heard from the crotch. One leg was raised and thrust into a lie down, then turned over and stabbed in a crawling position. Pleasure that seems to lose everything is flooded and repeated. Hugging head-on, my son held down, and I desperately shook my hips for the pleasure of responding. Eventually, my son's penis was pointed at my face and handled by hand while sucking. The momentum of the erection is increasing, the ejaculation juice released in my mouth, the momentum that jumps into the back of my throat many times. It was me who knew that the heat of drinking had turned into a woman who had completely fallen.

I've seen

 I, forty-four-year-old, has been the work of the accounting office, accounting office, year-end I'm the busiest time, the day also slows down, becomes close to ten o'clock, also return other people who, I There was slower most,
director is under .. said, \"Yamano-san, I will send so has become slow,\" \"thank you I'm sorry,\" I I wanted to go back to go back together today, they get sent to stopped in the parking lot of the side of the always my home near the park when, spend two people of the time, there is there is a big tree, you do not see most of the people at night, go to the rear seat hugged me \" today is rubbed the breast in bra Yue from the top of the removed the button blouse while the here wanted to come \"kiss early in the morning the inner, really feel sensitive today, mouth and strangely reaction is lower the occluded while \"non - Ua Wu\" sucked the nipple, it rolled under, as always in wandering the hands of the skirt, in from the side of the butt of the pantyhose, \"the panties of today fast like a, I want it, \"I director nasty wet anymore Tsu there, me stand to take off together the pantyhose and shorts put a face to the inside of the skirt, taking it in hand, ahead of street lights about five meters held up, \"I shiny wet by Wa amazing ~, you were not feeling than usual today, ma'am\" to lower the pants, I clung to the back of the passenger seat, my waist director was ready already fully down, \"Aaa Iiwan'n'a A'ataru director of I's nice I soon wanted good of\" conscious next to the freely ass even if up and down rather than in the lubrication juice I even have come up enough stain \" I would Owa and move so much by great, I Oh tightens dangerous \"today I say I'll I also feel like swelled rowdy in me you outside to ask\" tightening is, raise the hips in my hurry, the Tesshu to it covered. Both people in the excited state of much beating can be heard, and embraced the violent kiss. I had what was seen in his son this, there is a convenience store in the place of about ten minutes walk from the house, where it had stopped the car in the place where was out across the park to the shopping, two people kiss Nde was the place where, and sucked the breast are taken off while the kiss and have seen because there is interest, hear the pant voice of the woman to the outside of the car, the woman did not appear when the kiss people face of, seems to have looked well in the street lamp of light, it is more surprised, when the mother has an affair, the son also, when the director is hip and ejaculation are body trembling, yes son had shot . Because after I there is now a long, let me written at a later date.

Amore to Mami

Mami-chan Truly ero physician of \"Amore bulletin board of Mami\"

Fucking to my brother

I don't think I'm a fucking because I can't pinch it. .. .. ... I'll talk. I'm a person who would take a long time to write something like this, but please forgive me. When I got home when I was in the first year of college, my younger brother was in my room at that time, and I was surprised to see his younger brother's cuckoo. My younger brother was naked in the lower half of his body, and he seemed to have sex alone. .. .. I was surprised that my serious and quiet younger brother was doing such a thing in my room, but what was even more shocking was that the diary that was spread out in front of my younger brother doubled as the diary I kept in high school. It was a notebook. It was very embarrassing because it said a lot about the sex I did with him and what I gave him, and it wasn't something that others could read, let alone my brother . .. .. I remember feeling that my face was getting hot from the inside. For the time being, I collected the spread diary, put on my brother's pants and trousers, and then scolded me, "Don't read people's diary without permission." On the other hand, my younger brother apologized and felt really bad about forgiving me because I wouldn't do it anymore , so I calmed down a little and asked why I was reading a diary. Then my brother said that day (day of the week) was a day when I had a circle and I didn't expect to come back so early. I thought it was different from what I was asking, and when I asked, "Did you enjoy reading your diary?""Do ... Tteyuu fun, ... feels" really in a small voice so say things like, to re-recognize the fact that his brother had been alone etch read his sentence, will suddenly or embarrassed, somehow the embarrassment I scolded my younger brother a lot because I wanted to . Since the brother In the meantime has become the watery eyes, also fits embarrassment has changed in my anger, "not'm nothing but just angry,  do I need to so as not to repeat the same thing to my brother." I wondered what to do to prevent recurrence, so I asked various questions. Then, shocking facts were revealed one after another. .. .. My younger brother started to have sex alone in 6th grade, and when he was in 1st grade, after dreaming of taking a bath with me and touching my boobs, look at me with naughty eyes It is said that it became. .. .. Then, he started to have sex by himself while touching my underwear and looking at the pictures of me , and he often entered my room. .. .. One day, I found my diary, and while reading it, I imagined that I was having sex with him, and he said that he had sex alone. .. .. Summarizing what my younger brother said sloppyly, it looks like the above, but as I wrote at the beginning, I was surprised that my serious younger brother was having sex alone, but my sister I I was surprised at the metamorphic situation of imagining.I was a little relieved to hear that there was no such thing as romantic feelings, and I was the only woman who was close to me, so I just looked at me (my brother's junior high school was a boys' school). In any case, I thought it wasn't healthy and I had to do something about it. I thought that watching a naughty video would diminish my interest in me, and when I asked, "Have you never seen an AV? Should I borrow it?", My friend lent me some of them. So it didn't seem to be a solution. So I said, "How can I avoid doing this?" And after a while of silence, my brother suddenly said something outrageous. He points to his diary and says that once he gets what is written here, he feels like he doesn't have to do it anymore. I thought that what was written was about sex, and I said, "Your brothers can't do that , " but my brother says he's not saying that he's having sex . He says that if he picks up his diary, opens the page, and asks him to do what is written here, he will never have to enter the room again. What was written on that page was that I gave him a fuck. .. .. On that day, when I couldn't do it, he asked me to do it, and when I tried to say it, he asked me to pinch it with my boobs.It's not big enough to pinch, but I lay down and made a valley and pinched his dick. He said it felt good, but it wasn't cool, and in the end I let him say it. There was something like that written there. .. .. Of course I can't do sex, but I refused because I thought that fucking couldn't be done by my younger brother, but my younger brother is more aggressive than when he was apologizing and tearing. When I saw that younger brother, I was in great trouble, but before, he pushed me to like me so much that I went out and had sex, but after that, there was a man who suddenly got cold, so my younger brother There was a place where I thought it wasn't wrong. I heard that I had a dream of touching my boobs, but once I touched it, it would cool down, and it would n't make much difference to touch it with my hands or touch it properly , so I started to feel that way. Also, although my younger brother is quiet, I didn't ask him once he said something, and there were some stubborn points, so I finally broke because I had no choice but to accept my younger brother's idea. .. .. When I started to take the button on my blouse, my brother's gaze felt painful and embarrassing, so I turned to the back. I also turned off the lights in the room, but it was around 4 pm in June, so the brightness did not change much. After I finished taking off my clothes, I urged my younger brother to take off. My brother was nervous and trembling a little.It was amazing to see it properly. .. .. It was about the same size as he had seen, but the angle was amazing. It felt like it would stick to my navel, and the clear liquid was already dripping. After prefaced with something like "As I wrote, you can't pinch it tightly, right?" , I lay down on the bed and let my brother come. My younger brother lay down next to me, then brought his lower body closer to my boobs, but when he hit his stomach, he thought, "Hey!" While taking time to build my posture, when the cock finally came to my chest, I pulled my boobs and tried to pinch my brother's cock. I think it was hard to say that it was sandwiched, but when it became a pinch, my younger brother slowly began to move his hips. When I asked my younger brother, "How about?", He said, "It's insanely good." Then I asked, "Can I touch it?", And when I answered "OK," I once lifted my dick from my chest and touched my boobs with my right hand. When I thought I was rubbing it with my entire palm, I suddenly shouted, "Oh!", Holding my back with my hand and rubbing my dick against my boobs again. At that moment, my younger brother got acme. Before and after, no one got acme as quickly as his younger brother at that time, and no one gave out a lot of semen. .. ..When I was wiping the semen that flew on my boobs, face and futon with a tissue, I wondered what I was doing to my younger brother, but he asked, "Satisfied? Already in the room, strange things When I said, "Don't do it," my younger brother responded very honestly, "I'm not okay anymore," so I was relieved that this was okay.

Son second of the men

yuna himekawa[26463]
Is a 46-year-old woman.
Now it has become a secret relationship of Kazuki and of men and women one 24-year-old son.
When I was a girl I, whether there was a thing called chastity idea, there was no relationship with men. It had been found in sufficient feeling of wanting to be loved by the people can love a person, that became the periphery of the girls also inspire him it of it to the woman knew.
It was there any knowledge in its own way, it has had or heard from a friend, that both the person who has your relationship been immediately asked for the body, will refuse, it was farewell made ​​the distance caused There was also.
Adult to, had appeared in front of such I was the master. If this person, if you get married on the outside of the feeling that, if there is a feeling that, were tied and my husband have been married to the street was my first time.
There is the age difference between the 7-year-old is the master, How can me pulled me just adults, my husband even walking down the street of the researchers, the end just always form the night life, I literally It was the state of the tuna.
Even after the blessed with Kazuki, the night life of the husband in the tuna to respond when prompted, I thought such a thing kana, and.
Unawares, and can also distance of the heart of the master, of me snuggled softly to me that was a lonely thoughts was Kazuki.
Even should not that it is the relationship I thought in my head, after all is because it was day-to-day discouraging of women, feelings of Kazuki went become my support.
Early spring of a year ago, to Kazuki for his lured to the meal to celebrate my birthday, that night, been invited to the hotel in response to the words with enthusiasm, had dived the gate and pulled the hand.
Before being embraced by Kazuki, \"because the body does not know only a father, gently I was,\" it was said to Kazuki with.
Kazuki is important to treat my body known only to my husband, I love me gently polite.
This was the more I thought I wonder if a figure with a true love, and.
For a long time in me, something like the instincts of a woman who had continued sleep issues a bud by the caress of Kazuki, it did went bloom stretched stems.
And it has been embraced by Kazuki many times without disappear even embarrassment, or been developed, or are found, I went to the woman of sexual and your stuff.
Embarrassed over there also, Kazuki is me carefully love, has finally let squid me. It 's the apex of the woman, and is because I was beyond the other 40 years old when he noticed, and flowering in incredible on their own, had become a person who must have at Kazuki.
Also for the first time of Positions, I was taught from Kazuki. Or violently poked from behind, My God across the top of Kazuki face-to-face, was the first experience. Time of 69, I really was embarrassed enough to come out the fire from the face, Kazuki gave me gladly.
Such Kazuki also become a member of society we are living in one person out of the house.
And I have been tied hot in hot line, but on the day that does not meet just like a today, will be full of sad feelings.
In this story, to the extent there is no excuse, I wrote I wanted a little talk.

,,, And sister

I was away doing with momentum left over,

My incest discourse

I also look at this board, please put it in a friend,.
Is a widow of 64 years old, is also the company working now, my husband before 44 years will be 15 years was lost in the gastric cancer, children do not have,
you see and be lonely, this plate on a PC, why 50s It is seen to.
Now is a lonely feeling, but looking through the bulletin board, bath also enters, also contains alcohol.
Summer is always, is a camisole and shorts, because it is with light clothes
while watching the plate, it will traced with a finger.
If there is a tight-less, is wound a chestnut skin take off the shorts,
became sticky, it will put a finger in the hole.
Absolutely, you are tempted to suck,
too late, but you do not need a man, I would like a dick is, funny
What? After a long time and the masturbation, go to bed, it is also work tomorrow.

I was also incest

His father died of a kidney disease at the age of 12. Young mother-in-law and it is with me not away only slightly. I was 12 years old in one at the time. My father was in the hospital for a long time in the kidney disease. We have seen the obscene figure of the young mother-in-law. At the time is not such as Vibe and rotor, mother-in-law of the toy was a tension type. A good omen soaked in sake wound on the tension type. Paving think both feet disturb the yukata of hem are you masturbate also saw many times. Mother-in-law from the seen to me such a figure is now a woman. Together into any bath. Bed is also together. It has become a lover rather than the other parent and child. Morning even when I go out, it signed an intense kiss. Night of the intimacies of the mother-in-law is tremendous thing. I to you to bullying in the training have been SM father. Bondage, restraint, Masu runaway Anal, Candle, whip, the tears of Zuiki the blame in such as an electric toy. Gradually play also begging you also outdoor exposure been escalating. Thing strange but texture of the skin of the mother-in-law has been shining than when young. Body also firmly keep. But I also recently drink to mother-in-law an aphrodisiac. I do not become Imantoko is to take care of the Fortunately Viagra. But I think that also have to think taking any energy-enhancing drug if you follow this condition.

I would etch

My son is a long-distance truck driver. The weekend will come back and fun to see the children of the face. When the son comes back grandson daughter-in-law is Bettari to son, I sleep in the room of an elderly couple. When we send a grandson to kindergarten, mom and dad are talking to I had been wrestling. Perhaps you thought to see that had sex in the nude. When the talk that thing to your wife, your grandmother is to get angry with me etch it frustration is. I came to the head, after the daughter-in-law came to part, and speak in a car that went shopping with my son, I go to or think frustration hotel. Really, I'm troubled not be said to my husband.

Of nostalgia to Sumie's

Sumie's your post have passed for a while ceased. How it will stay. Son is also in good spirits, I think that you are the Sumie's and the older sister of your opponent. Now, 3P that Mr. Sion had been proposed would also be spent surely experience. I want to contact with Sumie's odious your report.
Your post make a Mr. Sumie new corner, thank you.


6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter had embraced each other naked in yesterday, in the futon.
When that was the day of the clean up in the kitchen, but always is of a flap and bustling siblings, if strangely opened the quiet rising gently on the second floor of the bedroom and noticed that the door, the futon will be naked both of whom We were hugging each other in the middle.
Too surprised
\"!! 's not doing what is of !! naked De' !! useless\"
the utmost is to say, anyway
I told the fact that such a thing is not that may be playfully.
Because creepy was honestly horrified whether this thing.
Apparent reaction multiplied by the voice, and bad smile convenient, am I understand that they were two people that ... bad deception was found.
On its side, there was a cartoon.
Garland chrysanthemum's Uchida \"We are breeding\" is a book called.
I did not put within reach of the hand, but
I thought I read in taking somehow from the bookshelf.
Parenting is what had of seen as a reference, but
also sexually there is certainly, I think that was reflected in some of the sexual stimulation for the children.

Son alone etch

My husband is a bachelor, two daughters married above, son and two people living in the end of the now 19-year-old.
Son is taking out an interest in sex since I went to junior high school, it has become a way concealed the nude photos and erotic magazines in the back of the drawer of the desk. I am also bad, but spent breastfeeding in the youngest cute, sometimes referred to as the two people live, it is also often take a bath together.
If you dare I say, you men and women of the relationship with his son. It was in the eye in a well-weekly magazine and the like. No way is that he is so.
It is the first place, that you've seen the son of masturbation.
That is. So, it was the night that there are no master.
I was coming to the front of the room of the son to say, \"Take a bath\", and the difference with the atmosphere that comes through from something the room is always.
That opens the door was hesitate.
And boldly to open, there is.
\"Wow!\" To have jumped into the eye along with the voice that is, the figure of his son while watching the nude photos are handling their own things.
Apparently he found ejaculate in a little more, had been beating violently direction the heavens.
Ikazu ... also to get angry translation.
Lost or what to say over the voice, had solidified as awkward remain stunned.
In a room that only two people of breathing can be heard, how do you have enough time has passed?
In fact, I think that it was only a few seconds.
The first time I broke the silence was the son.
Words that came out to open the mouth, words that did not OJ expected.
\"I like that mom.\"
\"I want to have sex, the first time the opponent mom is good.\"
The word is delivered to my ears.
Missing a force from the whole body, it was crowded involuntarily I sag to the son of the feet.
Son Ever since the birth, not death of the husband and night life, is confession from beloved son, in front of son = are young man of genital erection.
Whether the magic was pointing.
Or a woman of sex that does not get in Kama' to my husband was so.
The next moment.
He was out on his own, incredible action.
Stretched tightly towering the mono hand in front of his son's eyes, she had clenched.
I myself, not afford to be like caressing, and I just have clasped.
But a clear liquid flows from the son of the previous, wet the finger.
It excited me enough to hear the beating of the heart, 19 years to the woman of the fountain, which I thought just to have withered in the out springing a drop of love, I had wet the underwear.
He was disturbed by the ejaculation verge immediately Noboritsume to climax, \"the other, the other can not stand\" or say, but early, was ejected a large amount of liquid of about full of my hand.
In just a short time to clean up with a tissue, it has been erected again to not touch at all.
When involuntarily eye are pegged, it has been hug.
Too, can not resist the sudden thing, he tries to Nugaso panties rolled up my skirt.
When it would involuntarily floated the waist, to try to put me grabbed the penis overhanging.
Since cling too brute force, I thought it was suffocating.
But even than suffocation, penis to towering asked where to fall.
When my son seemed to Poor, had welcomed with his own hip.
Or creatures that woman what work is deep.
The day of the event that, since.
I \"mother\" than the \"woman\", and the dictates of the desire of the body, how young swallows say son is 2 to 3 times a day.
It was supposed to hungrily to his Hachikiren just of the body.
But. And calmly think, two people in this state can become unhappy.
Son is scorched to jealousy of flame and imagine other women and ....
I do not want to think such a thing.
Rely not as the son also becomes a college student, in recent years the body has grown adults as well, it has become reliably.
Only, so not Kanzuka to master.
Among them, it might become Barre.

To a mischievous son

I am a mother of one child. I became a son because of a strange event. When my son was in his room, I had finished my housework and was suddenly struck by sleep, and one day I lay down on a tatami mat and fell asleep. After a while, I noticed something soothing in my lower body, and when I woke up, my skirt was rolled up to my waist, and my panties were placed beside it. When I was surprised and tried to fix the skirt, semen was sticking to the edge of the skirt. The only person who could do this now was his son in his room. I quickly realized that my son was masturbating and ejaculating while looking at my dick. When I think about what kind of delusion my son was doing masturbation, I haven't had sex with my husband for a long time, so I imagined my son's appearance of masturbation and felt something terrible stimulation. Immediately, I changed my skirt with semen. When I entered the futon at night, I remembered what happened to my son in the daytime, and my body became hot and I asked my husband for help, but I was already in a deep sleep. I had a frustrating night. Then for a few days, nothing happened to my son. It turned into an unbearable lust for me. At that time, I suddenly thought. I thought that my son might taste it and masturbate in front of me, trying to lie down on the tatami mat and pretend to be jealous like that time. I decided to do it right away. Now that my son is in his room, he pretended to lie down on the tatami mat in the living room.Of course, the consciousness is clear. After a while, I felt a sign of people. My son was approaching. I was holding my breath and hoping for my son's next action, but he was just looking at my sleeping figure. I couldn't stand it and turned over and knelt on one knee. I stood up. With that movement, the skirt was rolled up and the thighs were exposed. My son was walking around my feet and looking into my skirt. It was an indescribable stimulus. My son is looking into the skirt. My son's hand touched my thigh. I desperately endured the feeling. Perhaps I was relieved that I wouldn't wake up, I took off my panties with both hands from my hips. My body has changed and is getting hot. My son saw a secret part. My son took off his pants belt and took off his pants. A strong, big cock that I had never imagined was curving. My son tried to squeeze with his own hands, but I suddenly screamed. "Mr. Takashi, do you feel good about masturbating?" My son was surprised and backtracked. "You don't have to run away! Masturbation is a natural thing when you're Takashi-san, but if you put liquid on your skirt like this time, you'll have trouble washing it ~?" "Mom, I'm sorry! " You don't have to apologize! I'm not blaming you ~ But my mom has experience, but after masturbation, there's still emptiness ~?""That's exactly what my mom says! But I can't stand it." "I think mom! If Takashi can't stand it, I thought I'd teach you something more comfortable than masturbation! " What's the matter? " " Why don't you have real sex with your mother? " " Eh! You're a parent and child with your mother? " " Okay! If you only pay attention to your pregnancy, your mother doesn't mind I don't want to be a man who doesn't know at all, but Takashi is a cute son for his mother, and I don't care what the world says! Or I don't like it with my mother. " I don't hate it at all! I'm excited because I'm a mom!" "Thank you for understanding. Mom also had the courage to say this. Takashi thinks, I was worried that my mother's image would be destroyed ~? Then ~ It's not good here, so let's make a bet for Takashi. My mother will also prepare, so go back to the room first and get naked Please wait. ” I thought that I couldn't go back anymore when I finally said my true intentions. I took off my clothes, became naked, wrapped a bath towel around my waist, and entered my son's room. My son was sleeping naked on the bed, but when I saw my nakedness, I was surprised to get up. "Well, Takashi-san will take the bath towel?" Parari and the bath towel fell at my feet. My son was overwhelmed for a while and couldn't make a voice. "What's wrong? With that kind of face ~ Did you masturbate by delusion of this nakedness?You can love your mom as Takashi wants to do! " " In such a true near, I'm impressed Nante mother of dick is seen! " " Oh-dick Nante, I say in words that'll it be? Usually, Mr. Takashi might think there is a more Stated differently ~? " " Mom pussy ~ "of " I do! I wonder what years, Once out gasp is I! mom to hear the word, - because I'll put the {pussy} and screaming I - I ask! Well-mom with a loud voice. "

Son and the relationship ...

Fills up was because I was ... Open here did come an e-mail from Masuda's ... wife - panty Thank you ~ wife of smell Taman not yo ~ Do - or more dirty panties I want - can give me I will continue to wear 3 days was the Masuda off in front of the panty handed I was ... very embarrassing folded ... \"Oh ~ warm ~ Oh ~ very yellowed are in yo ~ ~ I smell is unbearable of man juice of his wife,\" Masuda crotch in front of me part of the smell Dari sniffed I have been licking ... Masuda-san seems to hate ... we treat feels even ... meat stick while sniffing my woman of the smell ... I lick took the cock of his own Masuda up I was ... Masuda-san I have dirtied over a large amount of semen in my face ... did I drank all rake in the finger ... my

Tired of the super premature ejaculation husband and become his ex-his mistress ...

I met my ex-boyfriend 15 years ago, when I was a married woman and had a so-called affair. Formerly crazy about his H-tech, the secret meeting of the month 1 immediately became week 1 and week 3 ... When I think about it now, it was only a matter of time before my husband found out. The ex-husband is premature ejaculation enough to get super. I always thought that sex was like this ... and I was just masturbating. I heard from a good friend housewife ★★★ Madame Pakori Life ★★★. It seems that my friend's housewife also uses it from time to time, and I just got into it from the point of interest . I met him there. Ex-his tech who is licked from the tip of his toes and puts his tongue in the back of anal is mellow. I have been squid many times in my first sex. It was my first time to have sex with a man. My husband had an affair and divorced and became his ex-his mistress. Embarrassing place of hair nipple and chestnut forced all the hair loss is let me put the earrings in Arabia, it has become completely based on his slaves. There was a time when I had sex with a man I was dating when I was a teenager using "aphrodisiac". Sex using "aphrodisiac" is accompanied by intense pleasure and can be done many times while it is working. After that, I couldn't be satisfied with having sex with my ex-husband because of the aftereffects. Sex with ex-boyfriend is a sex that reminds me of those days. Such an ex-boyfriend had an affair, so I decided to break up.Ten years after parting, I've been dating five men, but no one was as good at naughty as his ex-boyfriend. Still, I didn't feel much dissatisfaction. I still have a boyfriend. About a year ago, I received an email from my ex-boyfriend. An email that has nothing to do. Nevertheless···. I had deleted his ex-his e-mail address and his ex-his e-mail address had changed. My e-mail address was the same as before. The moment I read the email I received from him, I immediately realized that he was the ex- boyfriend, even though the address had changed . Then. Even if I was embraced by my current boyfriend, I didn't feel it at all. I can't sleep when I'm alone at night. I remembered having sex with my ex-boyfriend and started to masturbate. Six months after I received the email from him, I couldn't stand it and finally emailed him. "Why don't you etch as a saffle next time? 』\ That Saturday, I lied to my boyfriend and went to a love hotel with my ex-boyfriend. Sex with ex-boyfriend for the first time in 10 years was intense. Ex-boyfriend who licks from toes to the inside of anal like when he first met. I took a shower first and waited in bed. Formerly he took a shower, went to bed and kissed me. It was embarrassingly wet while I was waiting.Formerly he touches my dick while kissing. Ex-boyfriend "I'm already wet with mess! Was it so frustrated?" Ex-boyfriend grabbed my legs and spread them wide to see how wet my dick was. It's embarrassing and overflowing. Formerly he scooped up my love juice and brought his finger in front of me ... "Look, the pussy is pulling a string with a mess! " The pussy wants my cock and drools! " " But I haven't put in the cock yet, it feels good enough to lick it to the extent that it melts the chestnut I'll let you do it. " I was licked by the ex-boyfriend who was most sensitive to me and was squid again and again. And finally, I was told, "Please. Please put Mr. ◯◯'s cock in the horny pussy of ◯◯ child." Formerly he said, "It's been 10 years and I'm going to make you squid so much that I'll die today." Formerly he said that, he spit on the cock that stood up and smeared something like powder. "It's not illegal if you don't worry. It will take a while for it to work, so take your time." Slowly, I put the cock in me so far that I couldn't get any more. I "Oh, awesome ..." Formerly he is big. Silicon balls are also included. I feel so comfortable, but ...Ex-boyfriend "Stay still for a while, because the precious medicine will flow out." Ex-boyfriend slowly pokes my back. That alone made me feel disappointed. The moment I was stabbed in the back where I couldn't enter any more , I shouted, "Oh, Ikuiku, Icha ...". Repeat for about 30 minutes ... When I noticed, my head was dumb and my whole body was tingling. Former boyfriend said, " I wonder if it's about to work ..." and ex-boyfriend made a big stroke and slowly ... I "hit, Tsu amazing! Tsu feels good!" Gradually soon become ex-boyfriend of movement .... What on earth did you apply? The dying pleasure echoes throughout the body. It's different from the "aphrodisiac" I used to do ... That night, I was so crazy that I couldn't tell. "Iku with ◯◯ child's pussy, ◯◯'s cock!" I cramped while screaming many times. I was squid for about 5 hours. The next morning, when I asked, "What did you apply?" "It's a trendy aphrodisiac right now. I'll make my uterus squid next time. If my uterus is squid, I can't leave it. I thought it was bad for my boyfriend now, but I got into sex with my ex-boyfriend. I'm so stupid that I can't be with him anymore. I go to love hotels every weekend with my ex-boyfriend.While thinking that it is bad for him ... ★★★ I can't stop the pleasure I remembered in Madame Pacoli Life ★★★.

It was your opponent

And the son of college students, now in a deep relationship. Even while feeling a sense of guilt, I can not break the forbidden act of the son. After you have a relationship in the first son of the boarding house destination, you blame yourself and yet mother and child. But, if required for the son, he entrusted himself to the son forget the parent-child, now would drowning in pleasure.
If you confess the memory of that day, from the time when the only child of his son began to one person living in Nagoya is a university student, once a week had put the e-mail. During the May holidays, he was invited because to guide the Nagoya. When I arrived in the afternoon to the boarding house away and clean up the evening had a mess in the room, it was a laundry. If you drink a juice, son was unnerving said, \"I was fat mom\". Son I was looking at me as a woman.
It was silent and ask and was able to her son. And Do is good like a human mom son of the line of sight to the chest and hear that there is still a kind of a child of, it was a moment I felt the man to his son. Son \"today, Unto What Amaeyo mom ~\" I also like to response to, replied laughing brightly as \"please\". No way my son, for a moment, did not come out even voice. I by the caress of his son, had been clenching desperately lips trying to calm the sexual Beat Mari. At that moment, escape ran a pleasure, such as numb to the head of the former from my toe, the body becomes bowing, it was led to the climax. It pushed up violently, finally when the son felt that spewed a thick semen in my vagina hole, I was again greeted the big climax firmly hugged his son.
Then, when called from my son ride immediately bullet train after we send out my husband, now go home in the evening. That day is the son hugging me many times, you spit amazing semen in my vagina hole. I think sorry you are my husband, but when asked embrace on the chest of the young and burly son, my body is seeking the pleasure of lazy functional, unawares forget that parent and child, I would entrust himself to the son.
When you talk to the son of I passed also students and what people boarding house as \"embarrassing I\", I say because you know everyone. In the same way as me, you mother has come to sexual desire processing's son. I learned the reality seeking a mom to not be put up only in boys. Son attended in Nagoya until graduation.

... In a crowded train

Was aware of the son of the propensity of the junior high school students, it was in the crowded train.
I was riding with his son on the commuter train in the morning you do not ride normally.
The car was a crowded like the more I can not move.
Son is the was raised both hands and standing in front of me.
Initially, it had to match the sway of the train in each other, which was felt an abnormality in the lower body.
\"No way, pervert!\" But I thought, is the son of there before.
Among them, the skirt was coming to me wound towards the top.
Wow, it was a son. Even attempts to leave floated the body, I do not get is all movement.
Skirt did was to expose the panty is sow up to the waist.
Son of the hand, was began touching the groin around the panty.
I did was struggling to put out not even scold voice.
Was the sweat had to mind around and ejected from the forehead.
Everyone, it did was desperate to maintain their own system.
Among them, the son of the hand, put the finger from the edge of the panty, Oman was had come to touch the pubic hair.
No longer surprised by the severity of the situation, it was desperately also useless resistance as you Ukaso the waist.
Son of the finger is divided scraping the pubic hair, directly, it did came in contact with the pussy.
From sweat on the forehead, you sweat came blurred the scruff of the neck, until the breast.
In the car packed, I did not notice no one.
Son of the act is to escalate, to expand the end of the panty with both hands, it came to invade the fingertip Ommen in this crack.
One, it did come in to increase the two and number.
In accordance with the pleasant vibration of the train, fingertip did move around in Chitsuana.
This, pleasure in the thrill was the first.
And man juice overflows is coming flows down along the thigh.

Son who cannot be separated from his parents

yuna himekawa[26256]
I still wonder why I didn't refuse when my son forcibly asked me for my body. That was three days after my son passed college. By this time, my husband and I were already in a catastrophe. However, considering my son's examination, I was supposed to refrain from divorce until I passed my first choice. The cause of the divorce is me. My husband was very light-hearted when it came to sex and had been sexless since the fifth year of marriage. I was a woman who always wanted to be embraced by someone and loved sex. That's why I sometimes had an affair. And when my son was in the third year of high school during the summer vacation, I had an affair with my son's friend. The morning of the day my friend stayed at home, he was sleeping naked. And in the morning, the penis was supposed to be amazing. On this day, my son and friends acted differently, and my son went out early. My son said, "He has nothing to do, so you can leave him alone until he wakes up," so I laid him down, but I was fascinated by the morning standing. It was a little bigger than my son's dick. While I was staring at it, I really wanted to touch it. (If you notice it, I'll tell you to put on your pants so that you don't catch a cold.) I gently touched it with my pants in my left hand. It was so elastic that it seemed to burst. While thinking (because I'm young, this condition will continue no matter how many times I put it out), I touched not only the glans but also the penis from the tip toward the root. Suddenly, my friend woke up. And I hid the dick with my own hands. "I'm sorry," my son's friend apologized for sleeping barely. I didn't mention a word about what I was touching."You have time. Eat breakfast and go home. Is Kissy a bread lover? Is it a rice lover?" "It's rice." "Then I'll prepare, take a shower. It's sweaty and unpleasant." "Yes" I cooked breakfast while my son's friend was taking a shower. After eating breakfast, my friend was about to go home, so I stopped. I wondered what I should do to have sex, forgetting that I was my son's best friend and I was on fire after seeing my dick. So I decided to ask my son if she was there. Then I found out that my son didn't have her. "Kishi-kun is she there for?" "I do not have" "not a have much?" "Was at the time of high-1. But was young," "Well, I did you a good thing with her at the time of the high-1," "to "No. " "You kissed me." "... I kissed ... but more ..." "Then, are you still a virgin?" "... Yes." Switch the moment you hear that you are a virgin. Has entered. And on that day, I seduced my friends to graduate from virginity. I went home three times in the two hours until noon. Personally, I intended to have a one-day relationship with my son's friends. There was reason that I couldn't keep up with my son's best friend for a long time. But my friends came home all the time, aiming for a time when they didn't have a son.He refused , "Only today," "This is really the last," and "No more," but accepted that he was asked by his young body. After that, I became more crazy. He took me to heaven over and over again because he was young and springy to have sex. When the days when I couldn't have sex continued, I went to a love hotel by car and loved each other. One day, my husband found me in a love hotel. And Shuraba came. The husband even went to his son's friend's house and complained. From my son's mother, it seems that he got into a fight when he sued me for seducing my son. And three days after my son passed his first choice, he cut out the story of divorcing. My son naturally asked why he was divorced. "I didn't do something like a father, but if my father is the cause, I'll kill him." My docile son said that, so I had to say it was the cause. "Why did you have an affair? Who is your partner ?" "I was lonely." " I'm lonely because I have my father and I. " "That's ..." "I 'm going to hit him now ." "Tell me" "Forgive me because I've talked properly " "I have the right to complain to my son because my mother was stolen " " Forgive me because this is a couple's story" The son runs into his room with an angry face did.That night, I was finally able to seal my friend's feelings of relief, so the moment I went to the floor and closed my eyes, the door opened violently. A naked son came in. "Kissy confessed everything. I know he has a personality that he can't approach his mother. If he's so frustrated that he has to seduce his son's friends, I'll do it." My son took off his pajamas and underwear. I was desperately resisted. But my son, who was a virgin, couldn't put in a dick and felt sorry for him, so he stopped resisting and waited. And I was raped by my son until dawn. I don't remember how much my son gave up in me. Finally, when I said "I'm sorry", I left my room. From the night of the day my husband left home, my son asked me every night. I was crazy about my son. I was asked once or twice on weekday nights, and over and over again the night before my work holidays. There were many nights. I was asked for it all night, but I slept for only about 3 hours and was asked again. When I got sick, my son sometimes washed my body in the bathroom. It's been 10 years since then. My son is 28 years old. I'm still asking for me without making her. In the Bon Festival and New Year, parents and children go to stay at the hot springs and love each other. We may ask a room clerk who understands the story to see parent-child sex. My son bothers me by saying he will never make her. I want my son to get married because I want to see my grandchildren soon, but it seems unlikely that I will be able to do so. Whenever I say "I want a grandchild," I always say, "Mother should give birth to my child." If I had refused my son that day, I would have seen my grandson's face by this time.

Flower in full bloom wonder if life throbbing encounter

★ raw sex. Sex is holy. Sex hell. Sex paradise.
★ resistance due to the will of the Creator of the universe \"God\".
★ without sex, each what of life.
★ contemporary of Adam and Eve, man and woman,
Otagaini, the sex of the functional, or not each other extremely.
★ Chokume required, karaoke, love hotel reverse support welcome
★ Queen of the Night Cleopatra Meiki Kana
★ your dick, and to Meiki, will give you.
★ clitoris dance the rumba on Beat the first time
★ also you, drunk on pleasure, the clitoris rumba.
★ Sakura ridicule refuse ★ always a straight ad
★ living Akasaka Tokyo ★ nice encounter, I'll be waiting for you.
Hiha panting voice drunk on pleasure

Pajamas buttons

My son slipped on me probably because he was alone. Even if I become 5th grade and my height is the same as me, I will ask for co-sleeping. I was wondering what time it was, but I just came to the present. As I was lying on my bed that day, I noticed that my son had unbuttoned my pajamas and was out of breath. I was surprised to hide my chest. "What are you doing!" My son, who was sick, wouldn't look at me. The curled up son turned his back and said, "I'm sorry. I won't do it anymore." With a mosquito's crying voice, I felt that my son's voice was trembling. It was also true that I felt something like a sign of an innocent man. I wish I had left there, but my love was ahead of me and I leaned over and hugged me. The burning son's body temperature ran from his chest to his entire body. Something popped in me. My hand extends to my son's lower body against my will. "What do I want from my real son ... No, no ... ” My son's man is already in my hands. When my son turned back, he stripped off his panties with his pajamas and covered it. But I couldn't find it easily, so I just pushed it. I was irritated and I was floating. "What am I doing ..." I 'm pulling my son's ass. "It's in. I'm inside me ... ” I forgot my mother. "My son, who has become harder in me, is having convulsions. It will be issued, it will be issued to the son of 5th grade ""Oh, it's warm ... it's coming out. It's flowing into the back ... " ... " It's a secret to my dad. " " Yeah. " I was kissing my son's hair with his fingers entwined. My son has been avoiding me since then. Complex feelings that seem to be good and lonely are swirling. It's been half a year since I opened my son's room. When I sent my son to school, I started cleaning the house, and I entered my son's room. A messy cartoon, a crumpled bed. "I have to get rid of it anymore." After cleaning up the floor, I set about on the bed. "Because I'm sloppy" A photo was dropped from a manga magazine that I casually picked up. When I picked up "Oh" , my heart was about to stop. "Is this me? It was a picture of when I accepted my dad when I was young. Why was the thing that should have been hidden in the couple's bedroom? When I turn the magazine in a hurry, it comes out, and inside I sign a V and laugh, trolley and semen are overflowing from my crotch. I thought I'd get it back, but I thought it would make my son embarrassed just to show that I got it, so I decided to put a photo in between and put it back. When I pulled up the upper futon to make a bed with my quivering hands, the panties that curled my eyes jumped in. I wasn't ready to clean up anymore. I just straightened out the wrinkles and left the room. I took a deep breath while holding the doorknob and rushed into my room ...I managed to calm down and put hot water in the bath. "I'm home" "Ryo-chan, oh, I 'm back" I found that the tide was flushing at once. "I haven't eaten yet. Please wait a moment." "Take a bath first ." " Let's have a meal later." Ryo sits at the dining table and stares at my back. To be precise, I feel the line of sight in the buttocks. I desperately suppress the force in my crotch and cook. " I 'm done, yes." My eyes go to my son's crotch. I deliberately roll the chopsticks and pretend to pick them up to see the gaps in the shorts. "Here ..." While eating, my head was full of delusions. " Feast " "Take a bath when you have a rest" " Yes " Jar, waiting for the sound of the fluffy shower, I took off my panties. "Oh, mom" Ryo's shoulders sank into the bath while holding down his crotch. That figure made me laugh. "Mom will be soaked, too . " Soaking one leg to show it intentionally, "Atsu!" The son is only looking from his face away. The proof is that my ears are red. "Ufufu, be mean" I made a noise and soaked. The amount of hot water went up and Ryo's face sank. I held down Ryo's head in a hurry. The appearance of fluttering hands was also humorous. "Mom, it's terrible""That's the terrible thing." "Eh? " "Shah, huh , H" "..." "Return it to the original. I'll flush it into the water." "Yeah." "Good boy. Do you wash your body? Mom wash it . " " Okay. " " No, you saw a lot of embarrassing pictures of your mother! " " Ryo feels embarrassed. Good. " " ... " I used my whole body to H washed. "Now, mom," Ryo's hands are barely curious and wash me away . "Wash it with foam on your hands. It's kind ... yes, yes. Good ..."


Guilty to the husband, there was, of course. But's a recent sex-less, to get it over with a life old as this remains housewife lonely. They only need a little if now, there was also such a thought you want to send the exciting life. Follows the Yoko, I went into the certain room. In the room, carpet is laid, sofa is placed. Young handsome good young man is Yoko is sitting alone when you introduce me, \"I'll have brought Miyoko friends today\", welcomed us with a smile.
When the young man sit next to mine is, Yoko to the next room is called \"because I go to the room next door.\" When it comes to two people and the young man is a Tsutomu and self-introduction, \"Miyoko guess is beautiful person\", it was held the suddenly hand. When asked \"What is the first time such a place\", to answer \"yes\" was the fullest. Compliment of you have never said to my husband, \"a lovely wife,\" I was glad. To \"Yeah ‥\" to \"Yoko talk Did you hear? From\", of which has received only the membership and a description of the student.
Tsutomu-kun of the hand extends, thighs, so, I come to touch and put your hands on the inner thigh I would divulge pleasure ran gasps and \"Oh Oh Oh\" voice, such as the electric shock to the whole body. It was first embraced by the man other than the husband. After ejaculation Tsutomu-kun, \"Miyoko sounds good sensitivity\", \"Cho and ... Oh, I was scared, but I had felt good,\" was in accordance with the.
From the next, the pant voice of Yoko had been heard. After became quiet, I have a son and its behind Yoko is put in an appearance. Anymore embarrassed, I was speechless and so as not to be noticed by the parent and child to Yoko and Tsutomu-kun.

Woman's happiness

Four years ago, there was a time when high school son Tetsuya was a little rough. I knew that the marital relationship between me (39 years old at that time) and my husband at that time was completely broken, and that was a major cause. Tetsuya, who managed to get a job after graduating from high school, left home, and when the marital relationship worsened, the only way to go was divorce. When I told Tetsuya that I was going to get divorced, I couldn't get close to my house with a throwing word, "If you like it." Three years later, Tetsuya suddenly appeared in front of me, who had already divorced and started living alone. It was a day close to Mother's Day in May. He gave me a nice flower in a pot in my room. I was so happy and happy that I regretted myself as a mother and apologized to Tetsuya, who treated me with a smile I had never seen before. That night, I served my home cooking for the first time in a long time, discussed the current situation, and relaxed. Tetsuya said, "Would you like to live with me?" While lining up on the sofa after a meal and drinking tea. I was more than happy with the flowers that he gave me, and I inadvertently loosened my lacrimal glands and shed tears. He hugged me like that and kept crying in Tetsuya's gentle chest. Wipe those tears, and when I saw Tetsuya's face, he smiled at me with the face of a young man who had grown up. Some love struck my whole body. Something other than the love that the mother feels for her son ran through her heart. After all, since I am a woman, I wanted a man I could rely on to be nearby, and at the same time I was aware of Tetsuya as a man. When Tetsuya's face approached in Tetsuya's gently wrapped chest, I understood the meaning and closed my eyes quietly.At the moment when Tetsuya's lips overlapped, I recognized a woman not for her mother but for Tetsuya, and for herself. A hot kiss continued in a quiet room. The harder I was hugged, the more hot my emotions were, and my lipstick was completely peeled off by Tetsuya's lips. When the long, hot kisses ended as if they had confirmed each other's feelings, we silently stared at each other. My small words, "Hold me ...", were honest and genuine. Tetsuya hugged me strongly, but he answered, "Yeah ... not so." Perhaps he knew what I meant, Tetsuya said, "Are you okay with me?" And I nodded. Tetsuya, who picked me up lightly, brought me to my bed. And that night, Tetsuya and I entered an unknown world and felt a deeper bond than our mother and son in our deeply connected body for the first time. After that, I moved and started living with Tetsuya. My name is written under Tetsuya's name on the nameplate and mailbox. If you don't know it, it's like a married couple. Since then, I have become a married couple with Tetsuya, and Tetsuya has chosen my underwear, and I already have ten pairs of underwear in my chest. I take a bath together except during my period, and sleep after being held in one bed. One night, after having loved each other, he told me that he saw an article about a relationship like us online in Tetsuya's arm pillow. "I love my son. I want a baby with that son," he said overseas.When Tetsuya asked, "What do you think?", He answered, "I understand that feeling well. Every woman should feel that she wants a child of a man she loves." Contraception is solid. Even though I knew that I couldn't make it come true, I still have the desire to have a crystal of love with Tetsuya in my head, raise it in my stomach, give birth, and give birth again as a woman. It won't disappear. I imagined Tetsuya alone, "Would you like to try it without wearing it?" I imagined that Tetsuya's proof of love was taken directly deep inside the vagina and headed toward the womb. I don't prepare for contraception such as pills, so if I take it, I'm likely to get pregnant, and I want to feel something like my happiness as a woman beyond that, spending time stroking my bloating belly. The desire to try has reached an uncontrollable edge. Now that we are realizing such a way of love and love with Tetsuya, we do not know what obstacles there are.

In-law of his brother, such as the demon

Blood is not connected. Led to not, but until this now from high school two years, about three and a half years, we Yarare.
Let duck many times, quitting would say was I, but will get thrown forcibly to the time, I waited feel.
My brother is a like a guy thugs, henchman you buy any person.
Dick is a tapir, about me not when I saw of this big, dangerous!
Maybe, not'm exaggerating, I feel that there is about a 500 milliliter bottle. And, six silicon at the dick of the bar
are entered.
In clitoris each time it is moved, probably dangerous.
Anyone, can not be consulted.
Various, you come to write.