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Incest confession of women(2016-12)

And son

yuna himekawa[28626]
I am a person of punishment 1 of 40-year-old.
I live with one son Takashi.
Son is a college student at the age of 18.
By way awoke to recency I me come staring.
My dirty panties disappear frequently.
My panty and have to clean the room of a certain NichiTakashi also many pieces
I'm certain. The crotch of the part comes with more smell is semen.
And it comes with a grassy semen in panties was wearing yesterday
I ended up masturbating while smell.
In addition it has gone to stimulate the chestnut with a finger will put a stain.
The next night, I was listening to Takashi.
\"Do not strange that in the underwear of Hey Takashi mother, embarrassed because\"
\"Hey Mom, I like.\"
\"Thank you Takashi, I also like Takashi mom,\"
\"I'm loved as a woman. I want to mother and SEX do it. \"
\" What are you talking about, you and I are gonna parent-child. useless for \"is to do that
I'm\" I somehow become likely. I might be a girl raped walking to town
might. I'll become a criminal I'm good to. \"
in this state, it could spear Takashi. I've decided.
\"Come to know was I Takashi 23 at my bedroom.\"
I carefully wash the body.
23 TokiTakashi came. It came into my bed.

Takashi will come to a kiss. You come into the tongue.
I was also entangled the tongue. Kiss of the long time men
really have been pounding.
Takashi comes touching the wildly my body. Only nothing but painful.
\"Do not so much panic Takashi wait a little, Takashine on,\"
I was included in the mouth a penis then remove trunks of Takashi.
After a long time of the penis, very big there is no I have stretched Cali of experience
I know size. I was turning licked while sniffing the man's scent.
Violently squeezing and Takashi hanging saliva on the glans is watching me entranced. \"Mother, Chau Orede.\"
\"It's fine, please put in your mouth of the mother.\"
Takashi has released a large amount of semen, shaking his hips to my mouth.
I drank all. I pussy while drinking the semen
I have wet.

Was I to see the son of

I was about twelve o'clock in the morning, thirsty, I was out of the room. Corridor, nightlight you not very bright, only, but his son (Kazuki) I just before the bright rooms. Door it I was a little open. Approaches and I'll close, a voice like groan from within, and except for the medium and So', I was surprised, it is, I took off when entering the bath, I shorts, it to the face against, writing a smell (Oh smell of my mother, a hair pretty long do I I hair is there was my mother) penis facing up diagonally, it is hanging glowing man of your juice from the previous I do. We are looking for something. It has a square of things about five centimeters. Yadawa, me me it is a napkin for physiology. Put it in the shorts, I was raised to root to wear only one leg. Glans is wet and shining shiny. Or waiting for a long time the place up and down, the glans in the palm of the hand, moved so as to draw a circle, it'll get out now (Un mother early, leave out the mother of pussy - very good pussy mom amazing by mother was, my shorts that are entangled at the base of the well would have felt) right foot mother, it was large amount of ejaculation on a napkin. My, and what was the feeling that was out in the vagina, was imagined. Put your hand in my pajamas, was to crawl your finger into the groove of the lower divided the longer of pubic hair. Nante get wet so, I think it was not much until now. Door is intact, quietly got off the bottom. Immediately, I do not even sleep likely.

In it is the master of the son

 It was mass moment. During master of rhythm violently waist, Satoshi ah, waist of movement caught my \"Miyuki Hey, now, would have said Toshiaki, No way, the yeah likely, by it bad,\" \"Let Anogomen, not spear another but because \"even I do not have confidence. Since young, there is not Minagi', it's available at any time. My husband is in the bath, thirty minutes long even during, insert, I us to me satisfaction. Also in physiology, put a tampon, I put in the ass. During menstruation is, I systemic sense of band. Even in the ass, even in your mouth, you want the firm of which you will want Oh still my son.

Father-in-law and a massage and intercrural sex

Play hold the foam covered Nochin ○○ in Shogo
taught the intercrural sex because raise Oko illustrated in Chuichi,
now, a Koichi, you have been asked to ~~ ○○ from intercrural sex
if arrived rubber, good kana ~ What, it is comfortably in intercrural sex, but-even or there when you think I want Do-put, but it is dad ~ ~

Husband and son

Husband 67-year-old, I 57-year-old, two daughters of 32-year-old and 30-year-old has been out of the house to get married.
Son of 27-year-old has been through to work from home.
I have to separate the menstrual irregularities and poor physical condition a husband and sleeping in the menopause since I was 53 years old, it has been the entrance next to the 6 quires of Japanese-style room in the bedroom.
Also rise physiology from the middle of the 55-year-old, physical condition also came to recover, now fully based on bright personality in about half a year.
Husband is snow on the golf of one night in the companion and the year-end party of the company, his son also came back drinking in year-end party, but first is begging want a mom and sex was refused, even give also grant son of think I have a son with the relationship because there is no worry about a child can be.
Then the son came to seek every day more like the 10th prime is attached.
Indeed young son violently we have finally I also reached a climax.
Then, we have come to seek two to three times a week.
Early now to another year in what.
The husband had thought that not is Barre. Once a month and my husband has a married life.
My husband and son are taking a bath the other day
was drinking. At that time his son, to use the mother is so good, but said that'll not be you married.
When the son was also with a husband and relationship, I also fully to base Ikippanashi since become more vigorously at jealousy.

Thing Dad

I see.
Here but I was useless and not written in \"fiction\" (Roh Д)
I, I'm not very skillful, I would like to have only its consciousness.

My father was only 50 years old. I am in front of the 30-year-old.
Each other, it is often seen younger than age.
Especially since I am a toddler system in the baby face, be mistaken to students also (laughs)

I do still, but you have two children of about toddler, the divorce very recently, along with the father is now 4 we live in person.
By the way, my mother is not evaporated, whereabouts do not know at all.

My divorce, my husband's affair ... but I cause, but had been through hidden, and I actually had an affair.
Because the affair partner, but it was the father.
It is the biological father.
I wrote that there are just a child, the father of this child who is, we are confident that there is no doubt in my father.

I also first kiss lost virgin was also the experience of the Father of all.
Joy as a woman that even go, was taught by his father.

It began living the life of the father is also, without any shock of the divorce, but I thought Naa fun rather happy ....
That are in trouble, there is only one.

My father, it does not me a little contraception.
From a little before I marry, I know so.
And I say now, in sex without a condom, when the father goes has got out around my stomach or buttocks.
But, the most common is kana in the mouth.

For contraception, but we are talking about many times since I started living together, this is I conclusions so far.
I, pill, but there is also that drinking by changing nothing kind, all I did not fit the constitution.

In the meantime, also and ... Do not wonder become pregnant, think of it, you do not have a little calm in the mind.
I how my father me wearing a condom without resistance, or you do not have anything?

Brother of the woman

As a child, and your brother and erotic play, gradually ,,,,
become a daring little by little, so as to give or by rubbing penis
was deprived small 6 of summer vacation, the virgin.
Surely I, I knew to have a bad thing is, is to etch
without thinking, without me quit I cried. . .
Eventually, it becomes a feeling that has been threatened from it, have come to every day.
Gone hurt by the time that summer vacation is over, I have been (laughs) in between are reading manga
now riding on leave from cold become a winter skirt,
when I turn what ,,, the first time comfortably the first time was carried out (^ O ^)!
anymore pleasantly addictive! 
When set to 1 during But ,,, edge made her big brother? I?

In, there variety, if so as to aid, super good people there were!
Went also met because I do not need money, I was going to see from me.
Soshitara during pregnancy in the 3, ran away I told him (Roh ∀) Acha
after all, were asked to take care of abortion to your brother.

Since then, it remains to be said to the brother (laughs)
taking photos or video during the etch.
I face is not reflected, to be seen Moro, it seems to sell high.
But, the other LastJK, brother of the children, or I'll pregnant (laughs)

Incest between brother and father

Finally turning occasionally touching the come in brother sneaked the body in the middle of the night in my junior college students to finish and to the insertion was a little fun.
Last night even if the burning feel have touched my body sleeping unusual technique in rolled felt since coming to stimulate
said he \"soon put\".
When the pitch-black room waiting for insertion to expand the foot take off from their own came in a much penis think Innovation always greater than Kana. Tight I, I felt likely to tear the hole.
Inwardly I thought if you think I Do not put'm not different from those penis that it penis body Yappa genuine Oh each other touch when shake the hips.
However many times you feel like penis same never put Mukai
When asked \"huh hundred man\"
\"'ll different from the hundred man\" What voice heard
\"Well Who\" and hear once again
\" it 's dad \"Ee' was ~.
\"Your vagina is well tightened Do not -\"
I thought I still greater than the brother of is different.
When another anyone say, it had been earnestly burning comfortably to be rubbed.
Love juice does not stop to truly act of the father of Hyakusen milled, father when came surges the third time of Acme is
\"die'll -\"
\"Come ~\"
speed becomes faster
\"Iku' ~\"
firing want did. At the same time was I also Noboritsume.
And I went out to wipe the mine and of their own in the tissue.
I slept while I think that would do to any face when combined next morning face.

Orgasm of cunnilingus is the woman's daughter

I do not want to grave containing remains with a single-virgin barrel subservient survival sense!

SEX with son

I (55) is hidden from the 10 years before his son (30) to the husband (60) has a physical relationship.
12 years ago, the husband from job stress fall into the ED, it is not possible to obtain a SEX to satisfy even asked her husband, had Magirawase masturbation in Vibe. Around that time, but I thought the original in the affair, to me who was not can also go ahead and when you are divorced Tara Barre, son was a college student confided, \"I want to do with my mother ...\", do not know anyone and I was lonely Nara and \"my daddy can the secret of the secret ...\" that night, confirmed that the husband falls asleep, I went to leave the son of the room of wearing no underwear. When entering the son of the bet, who was waiting for naked son has been pressed against the erect penis in my inner thigh. I lead and hold the son of the penis into a pussy, taken wet completely, was destined to be inserted. Son of turtle head was aloud when it is inserted so as to push open the Merimeri and \"Oh!\". Son of hip motion vigorously, attacked by a likely fainted pleasure in size to reach the uterus, that night, can taste a son and three times as SEX, since then, the body so that it is not then understand to husband we have a relationship.

I was attacked by a son

2 days ago he was attacked by a son of high school two years. Moreover, it was Dasa in me. By the way I am, son married the husband is me in the stepchildren of the husband is 32 husband is 48. Son and time at home is scary. Please give me something address. (Recently, although I feel that there is no underwear from the chest of drawers I thought that my belief because they go back to the original after a while.)

Mother and quarrel


When I was became Hatachi

is said from the mother as \"funny're met with brother every week\"

and \"Antara No way or Ya not do you have sex with brother and sister?\"

Is Toitadasa I \"shite Henwa\" If you answer

my mother Ikiri strongly as \"no shite!\" because came to hear again.

My mother and \"in! Off such a thing Citara parent-child edge in if brother and sister,\"

I was pressed just in case, but even my mother smell a rat's was too late.
I have things of his brother from before eight years have accepted many times.

The number of times is not numerous.

Was completely toward even brother was Circumcised been squeezed in my vagina.

My labia minora also has become a chocolate-colored淫水burnt.
After the end of the violent sex brother and sister in a love hotel

When you talk to the brother that the mother is suspicious of us 

mother is so did not talk to say so for his brother.

Again mother as is severe for the daughter.

That of a son

yuna himekawa[28487]
I 49-year-old, son is 26 years old. So as to sons and sex it has been trying to be eight years.
The first time I have sex was a night that my son passed the university. Our two people living is, then we have to live like husband and wife.
College, except inconvenient date of my body, I love one almost every day.
But when my son get a job, busy to, stress also will buildup.
To student monthly condom was about whether sufficient in two boxes, soon as a job, I'll have my best After this month using one box, we have Do Te' enough that.
And though it was better not to originally long-lasting, since has become even more so early, I every day that can not be satisfied lasted a year.
It is a day, I thought I'll bully son.
Enter the usual bath together, as was the back of the sink kid. Finally, I'll wash Peel of the penis. It's time to at this time feel regrettable love the best son.
When that day then enter the bath together,
\"I became healthy as soon as before'll wash the penis, I'll have no energy right now. Are got bored to mom?\"
\"It's not true, only I'm \"tired
to say\" Yes, to the number has decreased, to will end soon, Mom, this for one year not at all satisfied \"
and while peel of the penis
have towards the\" like this skin, long-lasting and, I have a lot in the world is also the penis that can be 3 times 2 times overnight. Oh yeah, I'll was your friends everyone phimosis. But, everyone strong not it be greater than you? \"
son It has become the other watery eyes. While I covered with the skin of the penis
because I was born from the body of the I. Mom may be a Circumcised be \"small, but rather I want with pride. But I promised to live as a couple without 's parent and child is with you I. because you've got a mom of her husband, is not let me satisfy the mom. If it is not me right? satisfy ministry of her husband, because I have not played a served as a husband, even if cheating I do not qualified to blame. because mom looks for strong your dick, you are your cock look for people who are satisfied with \"
\" Mom, I'm no good. because I'm me is not in addition to mom \"
stop soon acting when it was. I was called a cock at night, son.
\"Hey, penis. Why even to you know what they call penis? Of you is a presence that will delight the mom. Mentally and physically. And Mom that wrap around your body, to please you on're raised. tonight is sure to satisfy the mom \"
and thus go up from the bath, it was straight to bed.
Son of this evening was always unlike. Because me very carefully caress over time, and I always enter some of the acting, I have raised a voice without acting.
Finally I put a condom.
\"Gonna go slowly, penis I do not hurry.\"
Son was inserted slowly as they were told.
It will end quickly move the rabbit's waist like if always, this evening will move very slowly, because I was also to focus the nerve, were obtained satisfaction than ever before.
Which my son, \"Oh, oh,\" I gained a voice called. It is soon Itte put away voice.
\"I already say, penis\"
and hail and, my son was ejaculation as usual divulge cute voice and \"earn\".
Son is neither healthy for the settlement of condoms, have been limp. I remove the condom in place, to give to clean the cock in the mouth as a reward, it was Mashi Oge kiss Once covered with a skin.
It was a very good night. Then what has also become accustomed to work gradually son, now me work hard at night.
The number is somewhat increased degree was, but the rabbit's like a movement is no longer, have more night that I can also be satisfied.

Son of people with disabilities

Son will get married to the 25 years I became 20 years old can not be dating or made her like a normal boy.
Everything with severe disabilities also can not be on your own, mental age have also delayed wisdom is around 10 years old. Urination was also not wearing a paper pants without a toilet.
Bathing also I put. Head wash washed body, but do you erection genitals. Normal is about respectable genital I think that was Once Do would have Nakashi the girl boy, whether it will is multiple of husband, is the genitals of cry big woman turtle head to black people. I'll lead to ejaculation from its big with the intention of long-term care.
White hands and say ejaculation just seems like there is a me to help the company, but not even know the good contact to where I will try to the extent that can only I can.
But it is likely to make a mistake and have rubbed that genitals.
My husband is also a worry because it has become less of night life.

Married woman is good if anyway discard the virgin

But before the story a few more years, but I even after the 20-year-old was a virgin.

I look at yahoo to say that thinking, but previously was a married woman that I was with examined.

It seems to me very much married woman is not done easily.

But is also always guy What about at the university crazy Yari have made a boyfriend or a girlfriend, I do not you do the, if I thought not bad to try in a married woman that can be easily.

First of all I'm not a problem because I like older women.

And I he was using a dating site called [Mr. mistress Curious] of the first married woman professional born.

Was met at the site was a whopping 48-year-old married woman.

\"Well barely acceptable range no ... rather OK,\"

he was supposed to immediately meet, but was not a feel are ripe so when I met.
\"Recent Arafa is Seriously it is beautiful,\"

a little drink in the bar, become my virgin story story.

Of course, to the story is he such because I want you to got my virginity, but what happens was honest anxiety.

And if you're wondering what to do out of the store from the direction of the married woman.

\"Now you go to the abandoned virgin from?\"

With the hot hot teaser is (* ' Zhi)

\" happily \"

I I went for the first time to reply love hotel with.

Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo-Odo to me!

Why good or know it to have me married woman suddenly deep kiss, not

the head becomes white


Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo, Odo

lower body still is

- to Gingin ...

But I'm also a man

begins to touch the hand arbitrarily married woman's body.

Soft breast, and with every corner until in the panty.

Hand had gradually stir the inside of the second of the mouth of the married woman.

\"Aa Mmm\"

to the married woman to get a sexy voice and I was no longer able to put up with.

Tilt the married woman on top of the bet, I completely was doing moving instinct.

And Shi bite the finish to remain do not know reason I graduated from virgin.

Married woman then

was liked Innovation \"I kind of was the first time\".

Although either lie or truth did not know at this time, I think that was a lie and I think now.

This time might have been offended if a married woman with a tolerance because I really shake the hips remain desire.

For better or worse I of such human beings think that it was good to be thrown away the virgin in the married woman.

It is such time that even after it not she be using a dating site called [Mr. mistress Curious] are enjoying sex with married woman.

My incest discourse

You guys creepy'll at Madji
or hospital go, I city hanging neck

Affair found by my son

My husband is a transfer family. It moves every two years. I have been working in rural areas for the past few years. It's been about 20 years since I graduated. The number of drinking parties such as alumni associations with junior high school and high school has increased. I used to go out when my son was out of hand. You did it in a TV drama, an alumni-related affair. If the person you longed for divorced and became single, there would be no woman who couldn't beat it. I should have just crushed. At his invitation, we met alone and went to bed. It was my first affair. In a word, she is good at sex. Unlike her husband's selfish sex, sex that makes a woman happy. Of course I was worried. Guilt of betraying her husband. What if you know? Even so, I will go if invited. When I heard about my friend's affair and heard it like someone else, I was like a lie. You have to be known. If you absolutely don't know ,. I told myself that, and as I met many times, the sense of crisis was paralyzed. I was feeling a little better. "Mom will be late, so eat alone." I prepared my son's dinner and went out with excitement. I was a strict mother to my son. But it was also a reflection of myself . I regret many times if I should study a little more. Especially when it was small, it was so high that I couldn't help it."I for you." "Probably my vanity?" Was that even there or that became a quarrel with his son was. However, although I couldn't go to the university of my choice, he is a son who passed a fairly famous private university . It was one night. When I met him and came home, my son was in the living room. "What are you doing!" "What?" "I saw it." I realized everything in an instant. Every time I met him, I changed the place I met and the hotel I entered. The son, who was suspicious, turned on me and said he checked until he entered the hotel. I was told the name of the shop or hotel I entered and I can't return the words. "Say something!" "It's over. Everything!" It was hell for just a few days. Son When my husband came back told her husband, all Owa ,, I thought so that. I'm already mentally driven and angry. And the day before my husband came back. "What are you going to do?" "What are you going to do ..." "I'll keep it a secret. Instead ..." It was a terrifying proposal. Tell your husband everything and either get punished or accept your son . However, it seems that the son did not intend to talk to his husband from the beginning. I felt like I should have been able to play with my body for a while. I slept on the carpet and covered my face with my hands. "Is this ...?" Strip off my underwear and slap it as you likeI was a son. "No, stop ..." "Do you feel good?" "..." I can't help myself anymore. "If you do, let me do it!" "I don't know." I took off everything and put it on my son's lap. .. As was told "something like this ,, here" son, click with your thumb and index finger middle finger was raised collision so as to sandwich the Ritorisu and vagina. "No, I'm going!" "No, no, no, no, no, no!" I clung to my son's neck. "I'm blowing!" And accepted my son's. It's about the same size. But I felt bigger than him . "Tell me when you're sick! Don't put it inside!" He was the son who put it on his stomach properly. Then when I met him, I didn't feel much more fun than before. He was slamming at his place of employment. At first I sympathized with the Do's hard but, if compared husband as experienced such as unreasonable relocation, stupid things like good anyhow Ri. And "I do not longer meet. You have suspected, the I do not want to trouble." So told was lost is Ru and contact. My husband, who works silently, felt like a man and I loved him again. My son was far more worried about what he did that night than I was.Even though it was extremely expensive, I was ashamed to have threatened my mother. I treated my son cheerfully. "I can't help thinking about it, right?" "No, sometimes I want to do it again ..." He says he doesn't like that. "I'm bad! You shouldn't worry!" Forget everything and have sex! So Hisage I was proposed. "Because I broke up with him. Take responsibility." We love each other with our sons. Son be to try is a strange video started to say or "master." My body Rundesu. "Don't do it today! Leave it!" I'm in trouble if I'm reluctant, and I control my son's desires .

My incest discourse

There is a good site I for the time being if you want to have sex with \"mistress seven colors\".

Cute son


Brother of short and small Circumcised

I am Jun to attend junior college.
My brother has been massaged my chest naked invading the place where out of the bath the other day
and say angry \"I what are you,\" Now that we have stretched a hand over there under
white to \"irresponsible! \"and I was slap the face.
It is still touch persistently
and say \"do you want etch is\"
Even \"Yeah\", this idiot siblings to want Ya and is etched in
\"captivity to the bathroom because I'm such'm here.\"
Bathtub enters the last bathroom so release your hand looking at the brother take off while soak in, Ee'! what! That penis, was very surprised.
Scattered small § ~ Moreover suffer skin, quote-unquote shortening phimosis.
Brother came to the bathroom
becomes the Poor and I think I'm suffering from Nari guy \"... because being laughed at by a woman of the people because I would be small,\"
it is important affection not'm magnitude is \"penis, So small it can not be pessimistic just because \"
not become\" but - \"softly but was erection and I'll rub hold the penis increase only about 7-8 centimeters
a lie I\" I okay Once Kondake larger \" I was raised with saying example mouth.

Lower Married brush

You can mistress at the site I mistress Pomipomi

Erotic genius

Strongest over over over over Seven. Seven. N over

Erotic genius

Strongest over over over over Seven. Seven. N over

Even remember now

Even remember now, you hot flashes face. This year in August, off the train, and walking toward the bus stop and turn around, \"Mom ~\", the son, was Shoichi. I was apparent in \"the train, I did not go near have crowded. Mother, molester has been did not? Behind the man, and clung to my mother, to seemed to be doing something, even mother sieved I had been, \"I did not do that yeah I I had\" seen \"immediately on the train, unlike always ass, I'm a cool feeling, is turned over a skirt, why, as the hands of the public nuisance is wrap the ass standing open the Turn ,, foot, the hand is inserted into the center, is Mara back and forth, I have is another voice is likely out. Hand drawn, taken down the shorts from the direction of the ass, finger directly, to the secret part. Along the crack, so as to draw a circle with your fingertips sensitive small projection, slowly, pleasure and shame sense enough not to stand is early stimulation. You can see the is flowing. Finger is about maybe two has been inserted there. Stop the movement of the finger my left hand & # 25681; Mari, led in the person's pants, it was held a man who has become firmly from the top of the underwear. You move the presser from my hand you over. Disagreeable ish fingers violently out in my secret part again. Become a pleasure bent finger is different, at last Noboritsume, there began to wield the body trembling, desperately bear. To feel that swelled suddenly is in the pants, also clearly the people of ejaculation in underwear over is in the hands. My hand is pulled out of pants, it was finished also the people. \"Hey mom, in my I train, I have a woman of the people who were before,'m've put your hand in my pants, I So, I grabbed my dick, But from the top of the pants I, squeezing, I've got to or waiting for. because this the first time, I was dangerous. As a person I also somehow, it is strange, move the body, how strange voice, I've been sound Kana out. to that person suddenly, I put out is around the hips wiggle to wield, I'm weird. hand in my movement early, I have not be able to put up with, it's got out in the pants. now feeling bad home early is not change of clothes on, \"that's right. Perpetrator of the molester is, I was the son.

Hot spring trip

Sons and the sixtieth birthday celebration of my husband took me to the hot spring trip.
It was hot spring inn that was deserted little hot spring slept wonderfully cuisine not drink also delicious usually husband and futon that I was also laid in the drinking tipsy mood.
I noticed to have been touched for a while to the chest and dick, I started licking and ~ Do it after a long time since has been put Ochinbo in and thinks he is touching the master mouth.
It was the son not 's husband and licking think - Do not hard to'm fine in spite of mind sixtieth birthday.
It blocked the mouth to his son when you Serve voice surprised
this time putting aside the hand that is blocking and is said to be \"'ll hear the father sleeping next to\" nod was blocked by mouth.
Some of the other head did not know what is happening is what becomes a pure white.
Finally put a finger in a rubbed the chest Omejo I understand what's happening.
However, it was put when the rage of stopped because trouble and noticed the side of the father and has been left but to the son Ochinbo in Omejo.
It was found coming wet still is a woman and placed in what years. Once out the Ochin pot pleasure of those days had to move the hips clinging to son reminded.