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Incest with daughter(2011-02)

Traffic accident

yuna himekawa[247]
Contact came to school car parents rode has been taken to hospital as a victim in the collateral of multiple faults, father a description of the doctor and also cut right hand and both feet cut unconscious in instant death mother to go to the hospital in a hurry I fainted is, it's me calling out to me was on the bed of the hospital, acquaintances of us and relatives have come to visit consciousness returns, but did not hear at all. We are living with the father of the wheelchair one year has passed since then, it is a life that is good if you only care to not have to work also, such as compensation and insurance is credited a lot, but the cost of living is harder to care, such as toilet disability you have modified to shut for, but I do not put that there is no attendant Bathing, It's Nugasu clothes also naked father also did not look at first a hard time getting used to, Bring wash also genital father now, also father You also licking and Yari rub my help when you erection because it is man. This is because was asked Yuko ... and not made only children but ne! Te caring instead of mom I do not want to pass to anyone dad mother came out in the Tokiyume I have fainted in the hospital, But Ufufu I might make children

Demodori daughter after divorce

It was a lonely day alone to eliminate early wife was Tsu lack lively little would be to live only daughter of 39-year-old divorced is my 65-year-old, cleaning, washing and not stay in the daytime there is work daughter It did not change any In other reason but usually evening drink and daughter fun night. Was Tsu Megaa and I, two people a moment and looking stunned figure gasping to put electric Kokeshi pussy while massaging the breast butt naked in your eyes When you look through Sotto Umekigoe hear from the room one night daughter The packed also, but came to touch the cock of my or embarrassment Hidden Seen place embarrassment that went to the side was invited and come dad When you get back to say I'm sorry do return to us but it only just piss years soaked in the bathtub to say please sorry little while ago that my daughter came no cock and have to wash miserable cock that does not erection went into the bath and left the room to give up not had erection I used, a daughter in turnover It was a kiss good was washed carefully, to feel that you see, touch and after a long time, pussy and breast glans Mase from the tongue, including the mouth and daughter a cock that does not erection still wash the whole body with a towel whipped me is wash it out were placed into the vagina as it was full erection and Mukumuku you give a stimulus to the. sperm that were not put out many years came to be included in the mouth immediately daughter pulled the cock I who was squid daughter to use the technique of knowledge because came ejaculation feeling full of his mouth, and Gollum were included also smile rich taste delicious semen of father to after swallowing, it began again in rising bets from the bath, I do not erection immediately was if this Hee using Kokeshi daughter is using. Was that sleep together in my bed from today.

Also, ,, tonight

\"Do not had a kiss and a man in Yumi, this between vehicles.. Whether that man, I man who met with
now,\" \",,,,,,\" daughter nodded wordlessly. nodded also
remained \". either was told I would get
married\" and \",,,,,\" silence.
The \". either going to
\",,,,,,\" and \". whether you want
to\", \",,,,,,\" My daughter did not even nodded wordlessly.
The massage gently left breast of Yumi, I went Sucking nipples right.
51-year-old me. Daughter, Yumi 26 years old. Wife has passed away five years ago cancer.
I was watching a DVD while hugging on the sofa of two people living daughter and a little while ago.
The sit the Yumi while you were wide open \"relationship. Incest is often the world, father-daughter Edition\" feet, had massaged the chest from the gap of bra and put his left hand from the hem of the T-shirt in a way that embrace from behind Yumi .
And is placed on the right foot of my right foot of Yumi, right hand had touched the crotch of her daughter was placed in a shorts and flip the hem of the skirt.
The face down from beginning to end, and \"uhh ,,\", Yumi had moaned that do not voice sometimes, but did not watch TV most.
\"I dare look Yumi, hey. It'll have Yoga~tsu father daughter about the same as me we are putting big Anna ,,, father.\"
(Oh, Dad, good, it is good, it is good for the best Dad .
voice is heard rising good daughter in charged.) TV far more, Yumi had turned away while listening to it.
By the time the video ends, bra and T-shirt Yumi up to the neck, rich breast of Yumi was showing the face.
And, large stains had been able to shorts in the groin.
It was just then, it was lying in the same bed barely naked to take a bath with two people and Yumi.
It did not appear to me that was sucking the nipple to my question \". Whether the good man,\" but I feel like Yumi nodded did.
I face up once, was doing said while rubbing the breast of Yumi.
The \"I'll say even if you want to get married.\"
Yumi also seemed surprised to it, I saw a decent my face for the first time this evening.
Hey \"But ,, own only what good is happy Yumi. Thy might be nice if I would. I become one people. It is're hugging daughter on the weekend every week doing this. Or
Yumi had shed tears while staring at my face or me come back on the weekend, even after marriage. to ,, \"daughter in order to be embraced me.
When you brush off the quilt, I was overhanging Yumi.
The wide open legs Yumi, was to start the piston and put a penis in my hole in the crotch of Yumi.
Feet of Yumi has been entangled in my waist after a while.
The eyes narrowed, \"Oh, Dad, good, good, give me all the way, all the way,\" said Yumi has clung to the neck in a voice that seems to go at any moment.
\"Yumi, dad also likely to go. Na I'm good,. Issue
in\" and \"to. During dad, issue in full blast good, I say,\"
while listening to it, I put the semen in the Yumi had.
You've done tonight and also, while I can not go, and dont. I weekly weekend are hugging Yumi daughter.


I was married to a woman away more than 20.
I looks considerably younger than the actual age × 1 that has a daughter to become her right-wing 18.
However, while you are living together,
was Kigatsukima to that daughter-in-law has a favor to me. It was aware of the woman she
is when she came into the bath saying \"enter the daughter'm usually,\" he said. It is the beauty of no less a mother big tits quite unlike her mother.
You take a bath together also was able to put up at first, but
you can not take it anymore on the day was touch the son of me when you are in the bathtub.
I was violently with her ​​in there are my wife with her ​​mother in the room.
was sinking of fairly towards the daughter probably because of the year, the mother who is also a wife so unwilling to much.
And last year, she would be pregnant. It would be my child perhaps.
She insisted that it produce it but does not contain the child who is the mother.
And probably had care month to see it the mother of the better, because I was the path In to know that I was
It is a scheduled date in a few months later. I wonder what will be.

Nobody say ...

You also will not be consulted for shame ... Darenimoienai.
Parents might get divorced Once known to the mother such a thing! !
I think I like the father, but those who were divorced frankly is good. Mother I'm a poor.
In fact it has been night crawling to his father from around my junior high school ... three years. Actually I might not go.
If I dry your hair wet while watching TV I have out of the bath, my father was sitting nearby ... told me that \"You,. Na was cute,\" he said.
It was said, \"fool\", \"The white girl\" and just a \"can not marry\" is always.
I was referred to as \"♪ I weird today.\" Father.
So went out of the room my father smiling, I wonder if sleep anymore? And stripped off his T-shirt wet in the bath up boldly in the room, and winding the bath towel on the neck, and I watched TV in bra wearing ... I'm like I fell asleep while you do not know I think. Kotatsu had come out in the home at the turn of the season in the spring; winter & # 12316 at this time.
I slept by issuing the only face dive in the kotatsu. It is at that time! ! My father came into the room.
I had to pretend that I slept in the kotatsu \"bad! Wow ...\" eyes and sharks in the footsteps of his father and the door of the room, but # do not sleep and leaving the \"television. Father Nero with futon if you sleep! ! I was trying to wake me with. \" The hands of my father I have to touch the part of the stomach ... shirtless and came into the kotatsu father sat beside me.
Hand of father had sure my upper body. Back ... my father raising a little my body and I thought I ticklish, but when I put up I do not resistance ... to come stroked put a hand on my chest, the hands of my father has stopped, me Hizamakura I was stroking and head.
Tightening of the bra ... is no longer the hands of my father would remove the my bra. Am I to be what you father ... ashamed? Was the cry.
To attract up to dick men more and more while patting my head, my father
\"to help Gross! Mom & # 12316;\" per ... I hard objects in my head I wanted to say with, but voice scared I did not leave.
I was answers Leave it only remains, but is his father.
Phew & # 12316; 12316 ... Phew & # silently father breathing is disturbed, and stroked my head, and touch the back, stroked the belly, I started rubbing directly to my breasts, pinching the nipple, massaged by grasping eagle boobs left and right, while stifled the voice in the state of unknown mean tampered Kuchakucha your finger on the dick ... I was not put your hand in my panties I \"Ugh Nuke ...!\"
me \" Hau! meet ...
\"I felt.