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Incest with daughter(2013-08)

Secret of the only two people

yuna himekawa[2253]
I feel developing, body of Lisa junior high school one year of hard also. I think it's hard to touch the thighs and arms, soft feeling feminine become within a few years.
What even now, Lisa and his wife is the daughter and mother of ordinary, but his wife had been hit severely Lisa childhood. I think that's inside out of affection, but it is they do not say it was the trauma of Lisa.
I think had been tame to me is a father than the mother's also, of course. Lisa was the 5th Toshinokoro. I became two people and Lisa in the house of his wife in that go to the hot springs with my friends. \"Entering daddy bath?\" \"Yeah, I'll go,\" It is of such, but I had a misunderstanding. Was taking a bath at the end, \"Papa,'m together\" and \"???\" Lisa or would have been one years ago. \"Lisa, is not it? Has entered alone always?\" \"Yeah\", I went along but I think not even mom to ... \",\" ??? \"and to reject strongly also funny. I was a little different with the body of Lisa a year ago. Hands and feet have a long chest has come out a little bit. It's easy have a closer look at the body when Lisa is wash your head. It is a dick hair is not growing still ass, and legs, long you have rounded a little bit. I was also used in the bathtub two people to wash the body. We were standing deposit ass or rather sit on the edge of the bathtub saying \"hot hot ~ ~ A\". I have a dick Risa to the distance to reach a hand reaching out. It was genital slightly different a year ago. I have a muscle, but the labia is I have come up just a little. I was pointing a finger with a laugh, \"Hey, hey, what to show me dad such a place,\" he said. I said that \"Daddy, like Lisa better, mom?\" And a \"...\" strange. It is later, but it was felt Lisa and might have had a rivalry to his wife. I felt had to \"'m Lisa ...\" can only say so. Sweat comes out from the body It is not only because of her bath. I opened a dick Lisa by extending the hand. I had closed my eyes Lisa. Beautiful pink, small projections, I was caressing tongue. And I think that it is only about 10 seconds. I thought immediately that it has to be ridiculous. \"Lisa, it'll come out, since the heated\" It was out of the bath by two persons. I was drinking a beer in a bath to erase the memory of just a short while ago. Lisa is feeling like have forgotten, such as that I was a little while ago. It was Uzume face out there and spread up the leg with the naked \"... Papa, felt good just now\" and \"...\" Lisa. We were then again that stupid and that lick the genitals of their daughters. It was me to masturbate at the same time. Cute genital Lisa was stained with white liquid immediately. \"Papa, I'm this sperm, and I learned in school, jelly like ...\" I said that it \"is allowed to wash in the bath\" to be'll wipe with a tissue. That night, I slept with two people. We were sleeping touch with a laugh the body of each other.

Yuko's summer vacation

Yuko, 14 years old. Currently in the third year of junior high school. I and she have no blood connection. He is the child of his wife who was remarried. I became a very close parent and child with Yuko, but when I learned about my wife's affair, I fell in love with her kindness that comforted me, and when she was about 12 years old, I got a virgin.  A young girl with no menarche and no bulging breasts woke up to sex, and the two, 32 years old, loved each other over and over again. I'm sure this kind of happiness will continue forever. I believed so. However, shortly before Yuko graduated from elementary school, she had her first period, and since she was suspected of having become pregnant once, she refused to have sex with me after checking with a pregnancy tester.  I'm not avoiding me. I didn't have a boyfriend. He still gives me a favor and talks about anything. "Dad is dad. Isn't that right? (Isn't that good?)" I understand that. If she thinks so, I want to cherish that feeling.  She hugged me only twice since I was in junior high school, but she looked sad, so it seemed like just a treatment and I felt empty after ejaculation. He calls such a merciless man a dad, and although he doesn't really like it, he still sometimes becomes an onapet, and sometimes he sinks his desires with his hands and mouth. But that doesn't make my man convinced.  I see her like such a goddess with nasty dirty eyes. The flat breasts are getting bigger and bigger, and the traditionally well-shaped hips are getting more and more rounded. Short sweet scented hair, long slender legs ... I'm dying for Yuko before she became an adult from a girl. I'm full of that in my head and I don't know when the brakes will break.  "I'll let you grow up as an adult, wait." If you believe that word and wait, Yuko may disappear somewhere. I'm willing to rape if she doesn't accept it, but maybe she'll hate it completely anymore. I don't understand. I don't really know what to do. How radiant my heart would be if Yuko hugged me like I did back then ...  I was worried and decided to push her hard to forget her. As usual, I coldly said to Yuko, "Stop it," and tried to have only a bland conversation with her. Yuko was confused by me when it suddenly became cold, and she suddenly lost her energy. Yuko still doesn't say she doesn't like me. My heart hurts.  "Dad" Yuko suddenly said. "What?" "Dad, hug me. You can do it." "Don't you regret?" "Yeah, I don't regret." I did. There is certainly one naked Yuko in front of me, with the condition of contraception. My penis, which was about to become erectile dysfunction in reality, was snarling.  A 15-year-old fresh body. It's enough to just look at it, but you can go back into the garden. Her tongue crawls on her petals as she grows up, and her strawberry-like lips hold my hot stuff in her mouth to prepare for the "ritual." Apply rubber to the glans and attach it to the penis. I checked the entrance of the petals wet with honey, which smelled like a woman, with the tip, and slowly entered Yuko's vagina. I also thought that such a day would not come with Yuko. But I was reunited with her. I went back and forth in Yuko's vagina to cherish the reality. I didn't fan her face so I wouldn't miss her expression for a second. There was a slight tear in her eyes. You don't really want to be loved in this way. But I don't think Yuko is just a cute girl. I can't think of it.  Others may not understand my feelings that I can only love or forget my lover, no, she cannot be expressed in such words. I'm sure they can't be separated anymore. Yuko, who accepted my thoughts again, returned to her former innocent 15-year-old girl, and now she asks me when she is alone. And, unlike the situation a while ago, the two love each other over and over again.  I will never forget this summer. I want to believe that Yuko and I will continue this happy time forever. 

Real and daughter

It is 15 years early to have a relationship of body and daughter.
The divorce with his wife, was to take over a daughter. Daughter when I was 15 years old. It became naked started saying I will become the wife of the father from today my daughter came into the room suddenly When I was one while watching one night AV.
 I love one becomes a naked I also will not be able to endure. I was rolling up the middle out every night live.
 Daughter, to go to high school resigned. Daughter was pregnant at the age of 18.
 Daughter, daughter gave birth a cute girl It's down to you dislike.
 I have a relationship from the time of the 10-year-old with his child. I have also 3P and daughter and their children now.
 But most, feels good best to daughter.

I drown in the body of the daughter

Located in the management of the company at 49 years old I am.
And out of the house from this spring at the age of 18, my daughter has attended university while the boarding house.
And passed away in the disease four years ago, my wife had been two people living since I was a junior high school daughter.
I will have a relationship of body and his daughter, in March after the boarding house was also decided to pass university. Rather than more incorruptible, did not have what cheating that was continued from the time his wife during his lifetime, it was still healthy to me, but in customs relationships and overnight, as long as I was allowed to diverge libido. My wife passed away, and now Moteru than before or if there is also sympathy, it did not handicapped in that. So, there is no thing that night, and that had accumulated in particular. That Friday, I was the evening drink lightly at home. Daughter who was prepared ahead after 10 days living alone came to the living room. \"Dad, or I'll go out (the evening drink)\" \"You'd just graduated from high school, wine'll no good,\" \"you do not say that hard. It Is because a little\" Well, with that, to overlook because it is the house, drank while talking variety. And realize that you have look like a woman unawares even while dandruff irrigation or college student anymore, do not become an adult, and, Na I no longer have also daughter soon, and has been also embarrassed. If you are Toka your cupbearer, even while feeling a woman with, it is said, \"I become dad, in one\" and or \"I'm lonely no longer have Mom,\" \"Dad, thank you very much until now,\" Nante and staring at my face Te, it becomes even almost cried, I was earlier also time yet, but the \"or sleep after entering aak, drunk bath. Na has been around\", I went to the bath by rounding up the evening drink. Tub in the bathtub, When I settle feelings, what white limb reflected through the glass in the bathroom? Soon come up with, daughter naked was coming in at the same time as the voice, \"Dad, I go\" and. Without having to hide or hand towel before, was issued only reveal all, the body of the woman who had a mature, and I have watched with. Without even daughter is ashamed, I smile cheek to be \"I'm entered together when the elementary school.\" Rather than the innocent, and Tsuyashika, I felt coquettishly. And out of the bathtub depending on the daughter of \"I'll sink back,\" we sat in the bus chair. It was a penis was Han勃Chi from when my daughter came in, but I would be with a jerk勃~Tsu vigorously moment my daughter came back, it was touched on the shoulder. I've found in the atmosphere daughter has had a look at it over his shoulder. Is not only back, my daughter gave me shed within reach from behind, but whether the purpose, soft skin touched me, breath also takes a little, and went up swollen painful penis. I went out into the bedroom from the bathroom while fighting with the desire, become painful finally, to flee. I was sitting on the futon erection is still not fit. It was to know, but I came into the room my daughter after a while.

Elementary school students of the body of an adult?

I was watching TV in the living room to sleep after you pussy in the bathroom and physiological daughter has started so early.
I sat next to my daughter wearing shorts also come in the living room to the T-shirt.
\"When the etch began to feel really about this time my dad Hey\"
\"I'm became a woman of respectable adults, so it'm feel Yuka anymore\"
and accidentally leaked pee comfortably too Really \"is something? Today I was
\"'m easy to feel\" Yuka, I do not leak pee Mom
\"What wonder become the future to a junior high school student still\" me?
\"I'll never to worry separately\", it Is only slow or early or of such
\"Contact\" friends wonder if that is etched?
\"Come\"? I do not know, but I think we often I daughter you are experiencing quite \"kana\" Yes, But I think we do not have me daughter you have about me? \"\" Yuka I because special ! 's \"special\"? \"partner\" sex Na because dad \"I mon I Do not was a\" parent-child \"if\" Yuka thought first? \"\" I? there was little interest to it because it was dad love \" \"What I love!\" \"I still love\" daughter \"I love dad also\" has to smack on the cheek turn the hands on my neck. The \"I'll Chau勃~Tsu also cock After doing that Yuka,\" \"I'll I have had your mouth at that time I say\" I put the hand in the crotch of my function while saying so. I was waiting for the erection piled up lips and daughter.

Sleeping Beauty

I was hugging her daughter until a little while ago. Daughter to greet adults in this year pat effect I got a daughter sleeping so you'll know much man because it is grown up and I just mixed in beer a little is the daughter sleeping. 'Cause 5 years now, I've been put up until now his wife is widowed. Figure that grows every time I see the body of you were longed. So I had me put a raw one time that I'm sorry, Have become outlet today. It was put on top of the belly pull it out so came ejaculation feeling immediately. It went in deep and wearing condom second time. My daughter got to have taken up the photos but I would not know. Also, you have seen how it is has been standing again when I wrote this after a bedroom with restored clothes and thank you


When in 2, to have a sister of my small 6.
I do not come back until night and go out with my friends mother is not at home at the club Saturday.
There were only father and sister in the house.
Club was up to 8:00 to 12:00, but it was go home as soon as the end uncommon at 11.
Voice of the sister and father could be heard upon entering the house opened the front door.
I was worried whether what are you doing was slightly open the door to go to more of a voice.
Then there was a father and sister naked.
My father had been licked and put a face to the chest of the sister.
My father began to lick the whole body you are bulging breasts sister.
My father was a feeling is suppressed forcibly have quite reluctant sister.
My father said, \"would be happy would be better.\"
The \"Let's stop the other thing dad
quit,\" \"You're'm pleased to say such a
thing\" and \"Stop it really is not pleased\" sister
was allowed to suck the mouth of the sister dick has wildly hair rising sister father.
I was pulling the hair wildly as \"Ugokase Look\".
My sister had to as it was said to be crying.
I was excited to think cute to see such a sister.
My father seemed to ejaculation the back of the mouth of the sister to put.
Then, my father noticed me. It was appealing to me to be \"help your brother\" voice
\"It's from when? Did the back
You're\", \"two people from around have something in naked\"
likely disappear sister.
\"White together, you too come here,\" my father
was placed in the mouth of the sister dick If you take off your pants and trousers to go to me immediately.
I moved the dick leave libido.
I lick called \"Namero properly\".
My father
was inserted into the pussy of my sister while saying \"Do it and done betrayed by friendly always big brother\" while laughing.
My sister was crying and covered with hand face while screaming to be \"painful - if Ke\".
I ejaculated in mouth, ignoring his sister.
My father was the face of ejaculation sister.
My sister was sobbing throughout the body semen covered.
My father told me to be \"Bring me a video camera.\"
And I began to turn the camera.
I was hush sister also take photos.