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Incest with daughter(2015-08)

And the father is hiding in the mother?

We were able to once again update thanks to everyone.
Thank you very much.
In particular, take Sasami San, zinc-san, KM's various opinions in, we are very grateful We also encouragement.
My husband and I have had in long-term business trip, the real father should not be committed to go home and take a small child relationship.
Every day to taste the pleasure embraced by the father while hiding in the mother.
Dont and also you do not have to be stopped is likely to have been found.
If you are experienced in the same way, those who stopped obtained, please opinions.

Daughter of hymen part?

yuna himekawa[4784]
He was replaced by daughter by Yuki-chan and one shot.
\"Yuki-chan and Which's the feel good in me?\"
\"cormorant Yappa Manami kana N ~\"
\"Oh I do not gonna lie,\"
It is a happy storm of violent kiss come hug to say ~. You'll push the tongue jerk. Hands are clasped course penis.
\"I thought cock Netoneto to have it\"
and \"I me licking you were\"
\"I'll say,\"
You are moving back and forth across in Fuera daughter and soggy to lips potash neck. I also put a finger in the hole and fuck the chestnut. Love juice comes out overflow soon.
\"Mess it feels good I dad\"
and \"because full of wonder Na really juice Na\"
\"soon really is aching for you because it is physiological.\"
\"It is good to paddle even out in Well in\"
\"Maybe not like a large length\"
\"I see,\"
\"Put another Yoka \"
\"Beauty and put'll\"
in the sideways daughter Insert cock lifting on large one foot. It makes it easy to put to the back from a wet to a drenched.
Daughter sticks with Zunzun the back and the like feel to be caught off per the back of the uterus. It's a short little cock do not feel Mankowa daughter.
Positions also it was rolled butt while changing.
Once you are long-lasting and because they disconnect the
\"dad I already went likely\"
When I arrived vigorously than the \"good'll always gone\"
\"another useless ~ Iki likely\"
When I arrived violently
and \"Iku~tsu ~\"
I went with convulsions.
But I'm a poking so still
, \"and - by another break\"
However, because still
\"dad because not yet gone\"
\"In another forgiveness\"
, \"a little more patience to\"
For every spree and daughter
\"wait went likely\"
\"Yes or \"
Now I also go with spree thrust to the sign
\"another useless -\"
\"It's likely father also live,\"
\"another useless ~ Ikuiku~tsu ~\"
It was of the trembling knock body and the second time to go.
Daughter of man juice has had flowed been gone along to the testicles.
It is out in the rice cake. I thought that it is not pregnant without permission because Chin juice also not many.
I put on this after Yuki-chan, but seems impossible.

Night 2 alone with a daughter

The new thread standing Was
also regards it became so full, please

Creampie raw sex with my daughter

I took a summer vacation last week. I was messing around at home on the first day, but on the second day my daughter wanted to go out, so I went to a hobby camp for the first time in a while. My wife didn't arrive because she didn't like insects, and my son didn't come with me because my mother didn't go. My daughter has been lovingly raised since she was a child, so she gives me a sweet tooth. That's why he arrived at the camp alone. I decided to drive to the campsite by light car. I only go to the neighboring prefecture, but my daughter is happy that using the highway makes me feel like traveling. While listening to the songs of my daughter's favorite female idol group, I run on a mountain road to a big river. The view was clear on the iron bridge over the river, and the girl who saw the blue sky, mountains, and the beautifully shining water of the river was excited like a young child. Well, the first year of junior high school is still a child, so it can't be helped, and in fact I was excited about the camp for the first time in a while. Park your car in the parking lot and move to a space where you can set up a tent. I was able to take the shade along the river, which was dry and well-conditioned. When I try to set up a tent, can my daughter set it up properly? I'm worried about it. I had to show him what was good here, and when I set up my tent more tensely and faster than usual, my daughter happily entered the tent and laughed at me. Having lunch in the service area we decided to play in the river. Have her change clothes first in the tent. Don't get me wrong here, I say that incest is not the goal from the beginning. So at this time I was waiting outside.I also changed my clothes in the tent after my daughter in a school swimsuit came out safely. At that time, I cleaned up the clothes that my daughter had taken off, but for the first time I was lustful for the freshly taken off and warm underwear with a refreshing pattern that seems to be a junior high school student with a soft fabric. A little sweaty bra, panties with a little pee on the backing cloth ... they all smelled good. Especially, the place that seems to have hit the vagina had a peculiar smell that was naughty. My completely erected cock didn't seem to settle down, so I stuck it to my stomach so that it wouldn't get caught, and raised the sea bread to the limit to hide it up to the river.When I saw such a thing, I could only see my daughter with erotic eyes. However, while playing with her innocent daughter, her evil feelings disappeared, and she noticed that it was time for dinner. I managed to ignite the hard-to-stick charcoal, but I made a barbecue for dinner. The barbecue that I ate with my daughter in a swimsuit was the best. It was when my daughter returned from the campsite's rental bath that she put out the fire she had put on to prevent insects. My daughter kindly asked me not to be bitten by insects when I was waiting in my tent with only my pants. Half a joke, it's better to sleep in your underwear when camping, it's damp and sweaty. Is it okay to sweat this? When I said that, my daughter was a little embarrassed, but she said for sure, and she only looked like a light blue camisole and light blue polka dot panties. We are in underwear at a camp alone. The tent was large, but we got to know each other in a day today and slept at a distance like a lover. However, I was so excited about the fun camp that I couldn't sleep, so I asked if I had a boyfriend. My parents aren't convincing, but my daughter is so cute. I don't say that I look like a celebrity, but that I'm a normal girl and very cute. Contrary to my expectation that I would have a boyfriend, I answered that I had no daughter. Really? When I asked him, he came back saying that he really wasn't there. I was so happy that I hugged my daughter from behind. Daddy is happy! While saying that, I tried stroking my body a little horny because I couldn't resist the size of my daughter who was in good condition to hug me. My daughter, who laughs with a tickle, my hands never stopped slipping into the camisole, from belly to chest, to enjoy its soft skin. The girl who noticed the stone blushed and said to stop, but she couldn't stop it anymore. Finally, my right hand touches my daughter's left chest. The soft, firm young breasts made me more excited than I had ever felt. Soft and gentle triangular prism boobs. The moment I touched the small protrusion on the top, my daughter was a little out of breath. After gently stroking it many times, my daughter was interested in it when I gently picked it up and rolled it with my fingers. Slide your right hand into your daughter's panties. The moment I touched the slippery crevice with no hair, I was struck by a tremendous sense of immorality, which quickly turned into great excitement. Gradually getting wet, I felt free to put my finger on the pussy that opened to accept me, and gently stroked the clitoris that I would not have touched yet. I often hear a pant voice mixed with sighs from my daughter's mouth. My dick was already erected with the momentum to conceive. When I pressed the cock against my daughter's soft ass, her ass changed its shape to wrap and accepted. After a while of such caress, both my daughter and I got sweaty, so I took off my daughter's underwear, and I also took off my underwear, and we both became naked. When I turned on the light a little, I could see my daughter's pink nipples and pussy. She put her mouth on her daughter's B-cup boobs, sucked her nipples, rolled her tongue, and stroked her pussy with her free hand to stimulate her clitoris, giving her a constant pleasure. Perhaps my daughter's pant voice echoes in the campsite much louder than the voice of insects, the wind, and the murmuring of the river. Some voices call me dad and dad with this cute voice. I often hear a pant voice mixed with sighs from my daughter's mouth. My dick was already erected with the momentum to conceive. When I pressed the cock against my daughter's soft ass, her ass changed its shape to wrap and accepted. After a while of such caress, both my daughter and I got sweaty, so I took off my daughter's underwear, and I also took off my underwear, and we both became naked. When I turned on the light a little, I could see my daughter's pink nipples and pussy. She put her mouth on her daughter's B-cup boobs, sucked her nipples, rolled her tongue, and stroked her pussy with her free hand to stimulate her clitoris, giving her a constant pleasure. Perhaps my daughter's pant voice echoes in the campsite much louder than the voice of insects, the wind, and the murmuring of the river. Some voices call me dad and dad with this cute voice.When the pussy got wet, I finally looked into my daughter's pussy. The pink and shining vagina was like a big toro of this tuna. I sucked it so as not to leave any juice, licked it with my tongue, and put my clitoris in my mouth like a nipple, giving all kinds of pleasure. My daughter's pussy was excellent, even though I had never felt it delicious. If you lick your clitoris with your tongue or suck your vagina to suck the juice, you will suddenly feel lonely. So I changed to 69 positions despite my first etch. The girl who saw the cock that erected to make a child for the first time in her life licked it with her tongue. A daughter who licks a lick and a dick, maybe it turns out that the taste is not so much. My daughter's first blowjob was so comfortable that it seemed to be too good. I think I managed to endure it because every time I licked my daughter's pussy, she panted and let go of her mouth. When the pussy was almost ready, I put my daughter in the missionary position and gently stroked the pussy with the tip of the cock. If you put it in properly, you will have a baby, right? When I thought that my daughter's words would make me pregnant around this age, I instinctively wanted to conceive my daughter and this beautiful girl in front of me. So I can't do it without a week in a row, so it's okay. I gave a gentle kiss to my daughter and slowly inserted it while stroking her head. The entrance to the vagina, which I never touched in the foreplay, is less than 1 cm, and the first insertion is my unmistakable cock. A hymen that pushes the glans back to support it. After gently telling my daughter to put up with it, I broke it, paying attention to the angle so as not to hurt as much as possible. Every time I pushed my hips forward, I felt like tearing the meat wall of my daughter's pussy. My daughter seemed to hurt a little, but when I asked her if it hurt, it hurt, but it was even worse, so I felt her first dick if I didn't mind.When I went all the way in, I noticed that the tight pussy had the same shape as my dick. Rather, it has given the pleasure of being entwined with the illusion. The pleasure that was so strong that I didn't have to move it became even stronger when I moved it slowly. It feels good. It feels good no matter how it moves like a vagina made for me. My daughter seems to be quite comfortable, and she heard an innocent pant voice without acting like AV. My daughter doesn't hurt, and she panting really comfortably to match the shape of her pussy to the waist, which is boosted by pleasure and gets faster and faster. When it became so violent that it slammed, I also attacked my daughter's boobs at the same time. In the tent, the sound of my daughter's skin colliding with my daughter's skin and the nasty pant voice of my daughter's father's cock feeling good echoed. Perhaps the entire campsite can hear the sound of their love. However, he was so excited that he couldn't control himself, and his instinct to conceive his daughter did not allow him to stop. Bread Bread, Bread Bread, and a stronger waist. Even with the strength that no woman could tolerate, Zunsun, Pampang, Zunsun, Pampang, the daughter did not seem to hurt and continued to be disturbed instinctively. Dung. Dung. The glans kissed the uterine ostium. When I said that I was in the deepest part, yeah, I panted with my dad's cock in the back, and said so in a voice that made me feel uncomfortable. I've hit the uterine ostium many times, but until now I felt like I was being pushed back by hard meat. However, my daughter's uterine ostium clings to me as if the hard meat sucks the tip with a chupachupa so as to accept me. It feels good. I felt like I had lived to have sex with my daughter's pussy. The forbidden sound of love of a father and daughter echoing in the campsite in the silence of the night. Every time my soft daughter's ass hits my thighs, it scatters sound and sweat. Even though the breasts in my hands are inserted, the genitals are so compatible that I feel that this is a natural body. The moment I felt all of my daughter.Let's go !! Deep inside Dopyu, Burururu, and View daughter, the urethra was added to the uterine ostium. Then, at about the same moment as the ejaculation, my daughter said. The semen did not stop at the vaginal cramps that seemed to encourage ejaculation, and in the end it stopped with the amount I had never given before. it was good. It felt so good that I was almost dead. Probably the most pleasant sex I've ever had, no, overall. My daughter was also satisfied with dripping a large amount of semen from her pussy and was immersed in the afterglow of sex for the first time. I was also immersed in the afterglow of my first incest, but my dick was still erected to conceive my daughter. This is the end of the first act. There is still more to come, but the last story before going out to everyone who has read this far. Actually, before the camp, my wife gave me a little more than a week to get my period, so I think it's okay, but at this time, I had a lot of irregular menstruation, so I was warned about playing in the river.

Pathetic man that was go out to his wife

Trivial and is Ika out becomes a quarrel with his wife in, it was closed.
At school, it was popular, a daughter by the mumps,
became the mumps, I had been in pursuit of responsibility because not let neatly gargle, to mumps, had issued a great high fever is gone at stake There is a thing. I was holding the daughter of a small 6 from that time that I have believed heard when become non-sperm from a friend. It is now a high school student. When you sleep at night, both of whom are naked physiology in W bets, some time is wearing the Pantei of sanitary. Even if you sleep when you want to have sex, Oman in this, even now that we will put the penis, issue the Ommen sperm in this.

Beloved daughter 

Divorced daughter who has been taken up to his wife every week, come to see me to engage in the cram school. I am studying to face up, but come to be fucked me.
Still small 6 But the daughter of the vagina it's possible to accept my penis.
To show you that the has been inserted into the monitor over while the Gonzo daughter, and attack innocently the daughter began to cry, the last to release in no Nan hesitation.

4 years of living with my niece

My sister, who is four years older than me, came and said, "Masakazu, this child, can you keep me only during the summer vacation? It's a long-term business trip." It all started when my sister brought her only daughter, Nana. As a designer at home, I'm a great place to leave my daughter. Besides, Nana is a niece to me, but it's very likely that she was born from incest between her sister and me. A daughter who doesn't look like her as she grows up ... My sister's husband did a DNA test to prove that she had no paternity relationship, and her sister divorced. My sister entrusts Nana to me ... Is it a man ... Will she come to pick me up ... I 'm expecting anxiety and living with a beautiful girl ... Nana in elementary school 3 is a very cute girl and may be a daughter Even though I couldn't, it was a perfect target for me as a lolicon. When I took a bath with Nana, I was curiously looking at the erected cock. When I got out of the bath, I suddenly attacked with a rope, gagged Nana who cried with a towel, and tied her to M-shaped spread legs so that the rope would bite into her soft skin. Nana's body, which had lost her strength due to intense resistance, was placed on the bed, and her tongue crawls all over her body to enjoy the feel of her young skin. When I put my finger in the vagina and pushed it out little by little, I cried again, but I was tied up and could not escape. Nana endured the insult of the finger inserted deep into the vagina while being laid down. After a week, I was able to lightly put in about two fingers, and I felt a sense of pleasure in the stimulus of the chestnuts taken. Once my fingers could easily reach the root, it was time for sex toys.During the summer vacation, I intended to train Nana as a meat girl who serves me. I started with the smallest vibe, gradually made it thicker and vibrated, and vibrated to the back of Nana's vagina. Every morning, day and night, I laid it down and trained Nana with chestnuts and vibes. After two weeks, she stopped crying and Nana's vagina became wet and wet. Finally, it's time to calm my cock on Nana's body. Nana was tied to the bed in a big letter and slowly inserted. The young vagina, which has been holding a vibe many times and giving vibration to make her feel pleasant, tightened the cock tightly. After the glans got in, the young vagina of the 3rd grade girl swallowed it all at once. "Ngyaa !! Hmmmm ..." Nana endured the pain of deflowering while tightening tightly, as the hymen, which was not completely torn and stretched due to the friction of the vibrator, was completely torn this time. I continued the piston while watching my cock go in and out of Nana's undeveloped hairless baby vagina. When I first released semen in Nana, when I saw Nana's face, I was just staring at the air. After that, in order to make Nana's body feel comfortable, she spent all day naked, touching Nana's body all the time, and caressing the place she felt many times. I will vibrate the young vagina and carefully lick the chestnuts and cracks with my fingers and tongue. Eventually, Nana began to give a sweet voice to my caress little by little. While kissing, entwined the tongue with the little girl, traced the slimy crack with her finger, "Nana, did you feel good?"I nodded cutely. I didn't dislike my cock and even started to straddle my cock. My uncle's semen drips from my vagina, and my hollow eyes make my half-open mouth flutter. The summer vacation ended and the second semester began, but my sister never came to pick up Nana, and Nana and the two of us continued to have nasty days. Nana finished her third year and became a fourth and fifth grader. Nana, who had completely learned about it, incontinence while she was alive , and even though she was alive, she peeed and cried . "Nana ... you 're a pervert ... I feel like I'm leaking pee like this ... I'm going to be a terrific pervert when I grow up . What are you doing?" "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...・ Nana is a metamorphosis ・ ・ Auu ・ ・ Ah ・ ・ Even though she is an elementary school student, this kind of metamorphosis ... ha ... ” Nana is a cute and innocent beautiful girl who goes to school with a school bag with an innocent smile the next morning. It was. Nana, a beautiful girl who looks good on a red school bag, has become a lewd villa manko like a housewife for less than 4 years from the summer vacation of elementary school 3 to elementary school 6 with ropes, vibrators, chestnut torture and uncle semen vaginal cum shot. One day, just before the graduation ceremony of elementary school, my sister came. "I'm sorry Masakazu ... I was actually living with a man. If Nana was with me, I might be mischievous. So ... but I'm already separated. I'll live with Nana when she's in middle school. After the elementary school graduation ceremony, Nana left my house. "Uncle ... I love you ... Goodbye ..."Nana's eyes were moistened with tears. The other day, it was Nana's wedding reception. 25-year-old Nana was cute. My daughter is married ... No, my ex-girlfriend who I loved is married ... I was a little worried about what kind of pleasure the groom was giving to Nana.

It is H papa

And daughter of 14-year-old daughter 15 years old, we have sex.
in daughter has been hospitalized seven years has to contraception.
If you want to have sex will continue to enter into the daughter of the futon.
Sometimes it comes from the daughter.

Last etch and daughter

Finally, it came. Once
Well it's such that it can not be helped but ,,,, A child-chan and betrothal spoofing, say later that it is cheating Once you daughter and etch. In, and spear rolled until no Tata last week. But there is a slight possibility of pregnancy because physiological also came, and out raw inserted in the memorial. Daughter rolled alive, last I was Gonzo in commemoration. After finishing frankly the betrothal, I borrowed a small camper as of last summer. While the daughter and A child-chan and bathing going on a trip to the nominal, pretty tough. As promised daughter can not be etched with, but the first night as planned in the love hotel. Together to play only, and A child-chan to say are wary. Since no help to my daughter put the Vibe, thereby alone etch next. A child-chan and raw insertion, because was to empty the day before, it was long war (laughs) Finally, even tightened several times in sitting higher, it was squeezed out. Today, the daughter to the positive higher, put the double-headed vibe to A child chan, to thrust her daughter. where two people were earnestly felt, it was disliked After rubber inserted into the anal A child-chan. By raw inserted into A child-chan unplug Vibe, disconnect it from the several times the piston. If you immediately thought of whether attempts to insert daughter, ,,, Te Barre Well, it was read is not. It has been a real orphan Makoto handshake when you business trip a while ago, you notice a person of A child-chan is cute. Maybe it's a place of Pecha pie to be screaming if pedophile, can you serve the hard in the etch. It will be put up and ,,, If in such a JK.

Years ago

I do not know whether the individual sites, but wrote in the name Te Nyan~tsu which has been posting things with my daughter a few years ago in such a site.
Wonder if people that you remember?

Daughter of underwear

And looking forward to see the underwear in the daily washing machine.
22-year-old daughter is to the Masu Mote also a man beauty.
Badly and dirty in the back was the day the underwear is the day I met a man. Underwear has become unreasonable in white頸官mucus. It will surely was been variously fingered saddle at Toka in the car.
Daughter of libido state of dirt type difference that day you will know to take in hand by day.
It will be or clean licking taking the daughter pussy like also to understand how dark is wax very excited to cause tongue or confirm the smell of.
It always turned to white Mankasu state by issuing the頸官mucus but, daughter that I like who you can see in that amount.
There are good that you are in place to wear the underwear in the morning, but you can see that you went to bed after a long time masturbation has become so confused by looking at the其and crotch is clear mucus and white Mankasu.
Such the View to squeeze the penis while blotting the mucus would abnormally excited when the last will dirty underwear by mixing the daughter of mucus over the crotch.
Thing it has not been going on three years, but it does not stop while I think that should not be in your head. It is the unusually feel sexual desire for the daughter.
While thrilled to day late and came back to wait for the daughter take a bath. Sure enough underwear will aside two of the feeling that when is a sticky state and imagine or had any that know that the most amazing and jealousy.
I would also abnormalities that all would pay in digital camera.
I underwear is talk about all.

The divorce to from ...

The divorced wife in '13 have passed.
To daughter Yurina was also a junior high school student one year was job safely after graduating universities become another 25-year-old.
Yurina even if the divorce was not Tsuiteika the wife. I want to see who was there with me than there with his wife was easy. And such Yurina it was led to nature at the time of the junior high school two years. Samishika~tsu was wonder.
13-year-old pussy but I facing in did not have smelly pee, it was doing licking for hours in order to feel good. One week up to this lick to insert what I liked even Yurina I had to stimulate the main to the chestnut a licking.
Wet way also is God did not. Also to give voice ...
it was similar to his wife, feeling person. To insert also did not want was pain, after the loss of virginity was a Yurina to come asking every day. Junior high school student high school college students and Yurina did not make even a boyfriend. I was enjoying the SEX with me. Yurina was finished embarrassed no slave even out anywhere.
Already at the time of junior high school, to had become anal usable, the pussy anal when high school students lived also extended as enter my fist.
It was pierced in the back surgery at the same time genital chestnut nipple and high school graduation. I wanted to be more play and orgy, but Yurina by others, such as the ... Instead SM and exposure loath has come to all play, no matter what.
Pussy of Yurina I do not know only dick of my father! Continue still this relationship.
Recently Yurina
It is not that you are a coveted ... raw children. Children only is because I thought that bad.
But Yurina to covet the children with me.
Week 4's Torture does not miss even now, but ... Yurina began the insertion of raw are pleased.
Yurina daughter ... I do not think that another daughter. SEX pickled
from the ends to be my slave daughter ...
junior high school student ... became a respectable slave.

my daughter

I'm hugging Asami daughter tonight. It's the irresistible cute, another 5 years has passed out of the house wife to make a man. At that time still, Asami is 8 years old DaTsuta, but he was always sleeping and take a bath, when the 11-year-old, the opportunity to a woman the Asami from the time the physiology pine started had Ukagatsu. 5th-year 11-year-old daughter's body on fire to my desire, sultry summer night DaTsuta. Sliding door one next to it and turn the futon of Asami sheets 1 panties under the yukata sleeping in the room DaTsuta, it is diplomatic and La to transfer when make the underwear 淫毛 appeared, I swallowed the Gokkuri and saliva UkagaTsuta the sleeper's breathing of Asami, you are sound asleep okay, and spread the crack with both hands, it was raised licked from the anus, \"Oh, this is your Meko of the virgin,\" I had an erection is not accumulate. Repeated 抽送 in finger love juice has been started to drip, it I Nokorazu licking up, was exhausted by ejaculation in the chest began to bulge. Nightly from that night, once popping time that laid up is Asami, repeatedly 抽送, and MusaboTsuta the daughter of the body. . Such action was followed by six months, had spread the mouth enough to accept the other vagina of Asami's enough I penis. Finally tonight, had decided the Pies, dripping overflow usual finger at Meko tail and start 抽送 juice as to accumulate not I started the insertion, open the time DaTsuta, \"Papaa, say\" Asami is the eye, Sucking my lips, and entwined the tongue, and swing the waist, began Nokezori. Are committing the daughter of 12-year-old, it was the climax of the pick-like in its excitement. The \"go, go, Asami ,,,\" to accumulate unplugging not and was released to the daughter of the mouth, gushing and Asami had Drink my semen. . . Daughter became my wife of 13-year-old is now past it a year, every night, a Rogue, you crazy, now Imp. It is a medium-out spree because it Nomashi the pill. Will be referred to by name now that I, irresistible couple of utilization of \"Tadao, vagina Shiyouyo, penis, want as\" the father of 45-year-old and 13-year-old daughter. Cause significant, Doggy Style, back, various Positions, saliva exchange, 69, before insertion I will plenty and Blow,