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Incest with daughter(2011-12)

Drunk daughter

yuna himekawa[796]
I am a 22 year old college student. I live in an auto-locking studio apartment in central Tokyo. Not a few people who go to the same university as me live in this condominium, and a lively girl who is one grade lower lives on the same floor opposite the other side. I always greeted him and was polite, and I wasn't particularly close to him, but when I got together in the elevator once in a while, I talked for about 10 minutes.  The other day, I had a late dinner with my friend and arrived at the condominium after 12:00 pm, but when I got off the elevator on the floor of my room, a person fell down in the corridor. I was so surprised that I jumped up, and when I ran up to it, I found a girl across the street. When I hugged him in a hurry, he smelled a great liquor. "Why did you just get drunk and slept?", But I thought I had to bring it to her room anyway, so I picked it up in front of her room for the time being.  But when I noticed, she naturally has the key to the room. I spoke to her in a relatively loud voice, but there was no reaction at all and I fell asleep soundly. Excuse me for a moment and looked in her bag, but couldn't find the key. When she was at a loss, she moaned, "Wow!" Apparently, I want to vomit. However, I couldn't make him vomit here, so I decided to carry it to my room anyway. 20 minutes to take me to my room, take me to the bathroom and fight. When I managed to ease her, I was exhausted. When I looked at her lying beside her, she was sweating and muttering to herself, saying, "Well, don't you buy me a meal?"I noticed that her clothes were dirty with dirt and very wet.  It was raining the day before, so I may have fallen in a puddle or something on my way home. If you're exhausted and you're still in wet clothes, you'll definitely catch a cold. Rather than being angry with her, I was angry with a friend who was supposed to be drinking with her. At all, send it responsibly.  For her now, it's best to take a hot shower and lie down. I knew that, but I was quite reluctant to do that, even though I wasn't such a close friend. However, I was a little reluctant to put it on my bed with dirty clothes, and I can't leave it as it is.  After struggling for nearly 30 minutes, I knew that I was unconscious and decided to take a bath after getting permission from her. In the meantime, I filled the bathtub with hot water. I have to come in anyway.  I have a cold in her ear, so I want to take a bath, is that okay? I asked many times. The first one was unresponsive, but eventually he seemed to have regained consciousness, shaking his head and nodding. I asked a simple question just in case, made sure that I understood the purpose of the question even half, and then asked if I would like to take a bath again.  With her eyes closed, she waited for a while and then nodded. I also nodded to the confirmation question. I tried to unbutton her blouse, half-baked (laughs), wondering what to say later.But a little reassuring, she started to take off her clothes when I tried to unbutton. I was relieved that I understood it properly, but as she gradually took off her clothes, I was getting more and more excited.  At last, only bras and panties are available. The matching light pink underwear was very cute. I hadn't seen it very consciously, but I was impressed by the very well-proportioned style despite its small body. When she only has bras and panties, she can't take it off. It seems that embarrassment came out unknowingly. I patted her head to reassure her, slowly unhooking her bra and taking off her panties.  Her secret part, which I couldn't help but look at, was slightly black and very beautiful. When I came to this area, I was bold. Her body was hard to wash when I was dressed, so I took off my clothes and went into the bathroom together. It is a situation that cannot be escaped anymore. (Laughs)  She kept her fluffy consciousness from beginning to end, with her head resting on my chest. I was washing her body with all my might , desperately dispelling my anxieties . I also washed my body together, and after 10 minutes, both of them finished washing. I tried to put her in the bathtub, but before that I really wanted to see her beautiful body, so I sat in front of her, supporting her shoulders and looking at her for a while.  Then I couldn't stand it and gently kissed her lips. I touched my chest a little. (^^; It was very soft.sorry. (^^; I took a bath with her, warmed up enough, got out of the bath, then put me and her clothes in the washing machine, lent me my pajamas for the time being, and lay down on the bed. I had a hard time with this. The clock is running around 2 o'clock. I took a big breath while drinking a can of beer. That day I decided to lay a futon on the floor and sleep.  And the next morning . 9 When I woke up around the time, my body was very heavy and my right arm was paralyzed. I was wondering if I was overdoing it yesterday, and when I was dozing, I noticed a person sighing around my neck. When I was surprised and opened my eyes, she slept comfortably with my right arm on the pillow. It seems that this is the reason why her body and arms are heavy. I wondered if she fell out of bed. After a while, she woke up  , and decided that a round-trip binta would fly, but she buried her face in my chest and said, "Good morning." I said, I was out of tune and gave a stupid reply, "Oh, good morning." She said, "I'm sorry yesterday," with her face buried. I was surprised . When I asked, "What was your consciousness ?!", he answered, "Yeah, just a little. " "So I'm embarrassed and I can't see my face straight . " "Oh, yeah ... this is selfish. I'm sorry for doing that . " " Yeah, at all. I was a little reluctant, but I didn't do anything because your sincerity was conveyed. "  ... I apologized and chatted with each other for about 20 minutes. , Both of them are feeling mysterious,I rushed in as it was. And this girl is my girlfriend now. What happened more than two years ago. Sometimes when I tell her this story, she always turns her face bright red and turns away. But it's cute, so I forgive it at all.


From the time my daughter was in 2, we come to get the horn to the body of her daughter. It has become no longer possible for the libido daughter becomes increasingly strong, to keep in recent years.
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I'm going to ask now.

A sexual relationship with daughter

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It brought up to take over a daughter from divorce, although I currently high 2.
It was thinking remarried soon, but I've seen
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followed. My daughter was screaming at me it seemed had a delusion of masturbation with me apparently. I would embrace such a daughter. Body of the daughter does not quit even to about quitting attractive.
How do I,

Biological daughter

Put out a hand to the daughter of the fruit ... I think you are wrong, but my crotch will erection If you look at the naked daughter.
Now my daughter is second grade.
I take a bath together always. We think you'll know the person think of Russia ○ Con, but I love irresistibly is that type of little girl.
You will likely lose the reason to erection to tick If you look at the body underdeveloped.
I will Sawari-kko each other in the bath. My daughter treats me gently penis erect.
I move slowly put a little finger in a small vagina daughter. Eyes become red and Po~tsu you have Toronto face of the daughter.
You can not touch the penis since I was born, and that we have or to drink semen licking pussy, I do not think this act and also nasty daughter.
But, It's said to be the secret to her mother.
You do not have to put yet.
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Ask drinking ejaculate in your mouth daughter last.
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Incest discourse

Mother went on a trip with my aunt that day, I was alone with his father and me in the house.
My father was pushed down on the floor suddenly, me remains of uniforms that came back from the evening school. \"To chopper ... anything!\" \"Floor and. I wanted to do this forever\" father has piled up lips to me.
Expression \"Nn~tsu ...\", \"do not inspire others to something. Floor is. Thing of the father\" of the father was seriously. I am afraid, it was my best to say it \"stop, Dad!\" He said.
My father ignored and my words, I was raised to sow at a stretch bra and blouse uniform. \"Yada!\" I have hidden your face with hand embarrassment and stiffness.
Look at my chest became uncovered and Puru do, my father massaged the breast with your right hand, and has been with devour and said, \"I grew up in beautiful, floor ...,\" he said. Voice ended up leaking is not deemed \"‥ ‥ Oh Oh\" I am.
And the left hand of my father's came in the panties in a split second. The left hand of the father loincloth stroked my dick, and I will stir the Kuchukuchu the middle with your finger. Forget the stiffness, I have I have been spacing out the head.
Movement of the hand of the father \"A~tsuan~tsu ...\" \"Do not you have wet, floor ...\" and fluoride was stopped. \"‥?\" My father took out the Chin ○ their own. \"!\", \"Dad, it just is not
good!\", \"The floor, can not be stopped anymore. I want to become one with the floor\" Father grated pull the panties I quickly, and it Ategai ahead of Chin ○ at the entrance of the vagina directly below.
Chin ○ father \"Ikuyo, floor!\" And \"bad Yeah!\" Zubu~tsu ‥ has entered my pussy. Gugutto root until I have contains Chin ○ \"Aa!\" Father pushed out before the waist.
It began to move the hips, \"Oh, I've entered the floor ‥ all. I was accustomed to one,\" \"§,'s Au ..., It 's no good ...\" The Father \"‥ I'll feel good more now\",
Chin ○ I was going back and forth many times in this Gaoman. Guchu~tsu ... Zuchu~tsu ... \"'m useless ‥ Oh, of this father ‥, ‥ you gone bad ‥ ‥ A~u\"
\"Oh, floor ‥ floor!\" Deep inside of me, hot stuff is I was emitted.