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Incest with daughter(2011-11)

Daring daughter 3

I have brought a DV camera and movie camera and beta beta deck and Blu-ray and Toshiba LCD TV in the room of the apartment was completed. I was setting a double bed and two units of Geba for a video camera.
The daughter is the stage of the secret yet. I'm going to take setting is finished completely.

Daughter of 1

yuna himekawa[682]
There is a daughter of 1.
Recently, I feel the woman.
I feel that it would do so had come out, we have seen many. Day returning late too busy working when followed, my wife is like had an affair, trigger was not pulled into the house the other party. My daughter I have witnessed it during the etch. It has been said, \"become bride daddy when he grows up\" originally, but I had thought that he only among children, but it was no longer say this place. Or rather revival in cheating wife, it is the attitude of much feel the woman. Sometimes my daughter is adapted to the housework, it becomes a conversation such as husband and wife, after divorce is a little dangerous. Today, if you said that? \"Or tries to get in the bath together\" jokingly, \"Papa, 's body of an adult other me. Refers? Want to see, but  even ,,,, I confess properly before that\" We have hug to say. While feeling the bulge of breast, I would return hug. I thought that it was because he heard the physiology began from daughter to divorce immediately, even whether trying to etch leave this, but I quit. But, there is no confidence next or be stopped.

Beloved daughter

Morphism mouth daughter of small 5, Na's a bad father.
In addition to Pissing daughter from system 69,
mass firing while get over the face.

Daughter poaching Diary 3

It is the stage of ejaculation soon. Inserted which is really the dream.
First, try to Kara masturbation. And Motomata, Blow also a dream of his father again. Years until the insertion would take to expand little by little and put a finger in the pussy

Daughter poaching Diary 2

Daughter seems to have been familiar considerably. Become small. 4 daughter to see for the first time in half a year also grew considerably, around this man was also raised considerably chest has started to expand. It will not be helped ashamed but It's a personality that daughter not refuse. I'm a bad father that exploit weaknesses daughter.
Touch the chest in the bathtub to show a penis that was勃気, and Hawasu a finger in the pussy. Daughter has endured with a forced smile between them.
It's up here for the time being.

Daughter poaching diary

And decided to start from that show the penis to daughter.
I went into the bath and daughter for the first time in a long time. Which is really the forced.
The squeezing the penis pants and more horny to see the underwear of her daughter.
In the bathtub show off in front of the face of the daughter what was勃気.
Daughter saw after a long time, but
it was face down with the wry smile and, seen in the face surprised what totally different from before.
I keep on because this much time being.

I like my father

About half a year ago, I met him by email. The two vowed to get married in the near future. He was one step up, and even after graduating from high school, he didn't get a regular job and was working part-time. That he came to my town. That day, I had a good day with him after a long absence, and he said, " I'll stay at a capsule hotel or something somewhere," so I did n't like to leave him. We stayed at a love hotel alone, and when the time came, I would go home alone. "They went to a love hotel together. We had sex together. It was my first time and he was my first time, so I couldn't do it well, but I managed to do it. I didn't like to leave him and couldn't go home. After all, I stayed with him until morning. The next morning, when we were sleeping together in bed, my cell phone rang and my mother said, "Where are you now, the girl is staying out with him?" My mother emailed him. I knew that I was a good friend. My mother told me to come back early, and he returned by the morning bullet train. After that, I went home. When I got home, my mother got angry. At night, my dad returned, but I didn't get angry at all. Rather, he seemed to hold back his anger because he thought he couldn't control himself when he spoke . A few days later, my mother went to cheer for my older brother's grab game, my younger brother went out to play with my friends, and there were only two at home with my father. My dad seemed to be drinking from daytime in the living room to control his anger at me by staying in the upper room. After a while, my dad came into my room."Haruka, where did you go before, did you meet that man?" I'm already in love, so "I met" "Where did we stay together?" "... Love, Hotel "I knew I was going to get angry. "Love hotel!" My father's anger grew. "Did you do it at a love hotel?" "Yes. " When my dad heard the words, "What are you thinking, what's good about that guy, a guy who doesn't have a regular job, and that? " I don't want to stay with two people." "That's my selfishness, I'm no longer a child, so leave me alone." I got angry with my father's words and replied. Then my dad attacked me, laid me down, and rode on top of it, and as soon as I said, "If you're embraced by such a man, I'll embrace you," I took off my G-pan. "Stop it" I noticed my strange father and went wild, but I couldn't beat my father's power, which is a big deal in the construction industry, and I could easily take off my G-pan and shorts. "Dad, stop!" While holding my body down, he took off his pants and pants and slammed his stuff into my pubic area. "It hurts, it hurts, stop it." My genital area wasn't wet yet, and I had a severe pain. "You're my treasure, can you do it for someone else?" "It hurts, it hurts, dad, I'm sorry." My dad didn't listen to my scream and kept poking. As my father gradually struck me, I began to feel. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "U, u, u, uuuuu" My father was in me.For a while, my dad didn't move with something in me, but when he returned to his sanity, he said, "Haruka, I'm sorry, I've done something I shouldn't do to Haruka, another man embraced Haruka I couldn't hold it down, I'm really sorry. ”My dad pulled out his stuff and started licking my pubic area gently. I felt licked in the pubic area because the lingering sound of my father remained and I hadn't been there yet. "Ah, dad, it feels good , ah." Unlike him , my father's licking was kind and pleasant. "Oh, oh, oh, no, no, no, I'm going ..." I finally got angry with my pant voice . My dad stopped licking his pubic area, and he brought his lips to my lips and put his tongue in his mouth. "Yeah, squishy" My dad crawls his tongue in my mouth, rolls up his T-shirt, removes his bra, and gently rubs his chest with his hands. I was dragged into his awkward, rough sex, gentle and pleasure-filled caress of my father. Then, the nipple of the chest was rolled with the tongue, and the pubic area was touched with the finger, "Dad, put it in, put it in me," he said, "This time, I'll be gentle." When I held my leg, my father's thing came into my pubic area. This time, I entered gently and slowly and started to move. "Ah, okay" It's completely different from SEX with him, it seems to melt. "Good, ah, ah, ah" "Is it good, it feels good?" "Good, my dad's SEX feels good." My father was kind and seemed to go over and over again. My dad seems to be about to goI started to move my hips violently. And they went. Then, I have a relationship with my father by stealing my mother's eyes. From that point on, I parted from him and my father was my lover. When my dad runs out, he takes me out, but I tell him, "You can go inside." I feel like giving birth to my father's child and robbing my mother of my father

Pregnancy of daughter

I was found pregnant daughter of 3. It seems to three months.
My daughter says it is his children, and his wife also seems to believe in it. But it is a lie. Children of stomach daughter is my child definitely.
Began to have a relationship from one years ago and daughter.
I was there seeking the body of each other and stealing the eyes of his wife.
My daughter seems to have been expected is that it becomes like this.
It is likely to repeat the same mistakes, but also is scheduled for abortion.

Two daughters

Past 1 year Sprinkle the virgin daughter.
Eldest daughter is 11 and a half years old, 153,77C, 68,83 currently.
9 years 10 months, the second daughter 147,66,59,73. Eldest daughter pleasing Blow Job, 69, live insertion, or put finger to anal. 3 months ago, because physiological began, medium soup is refrain. It is aimed at middle out to Anal by developing anal. The second daughter, began the education show SEX video from last week, but was denied kiss, blowjob. But, it becomes slimy to touch the pussy. You want to put your fingers, but it was not possible Therefore pain yet.