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Incest with daughter(2011-05)

And brother

yuna himekawa[329]
Rather than a cousin, your brother who where his uncle who died is, knew from an early age somehow that she really my brother.
I heard from the mouth of the mother for the first time in adulthood, but because his uncle is the eldest brother of the father are not blessed with children, that have no successors, even though it was the generations business,
my brother (that is the third son and second son of his father The thing that was supposed to be raised as adopted in order to reach) was born one after another in the yearling and eldest son.
And I grew up as two siblings and eldest brother away of the year.
My father thought his uncle died of the disease early, but his brothers that's uncle Toitsume whose own whether the child in aunt to know that it is adopted for the first time at the sight family register go, or employment is real father at we have seems knew to be a brother and sister.
It was not aloud that each other that's brother and sister also afterwards, but it had been or meal siblings gathered in such Koryori ya, such as when a marriage has been determined or when employment has been determined.
It means to go to graduate school now (towards the brother who grew up as a cousin) brother of the third became a doctor after training, and came back to the local.
I also just turned OL just, it was the time of hard to nightlife and fashionable. I was invited me me because you are coming for a drink brother brought the junior of Medicine.
Is the egg of the doctor like everyone. I went out with my best fashionable in just a chance. When I arrived,
it looked with suspicion \"sister really?\" \"Probably lie?\" \"Such as are similar, such as not like ...\" with the people of junior because I think it's a man two brothers and I are, but My brother hugged me sitting next to the \"~ Na'm really brother and sister\" in interesting how it is.
You do not think that the brother and sister of the ordinary sticky so much to get rid of such excess production of his brother, the people around also out says \"~'m increasingly suspicious\".
Maybe there is no way
yet to become unnatural Let's pretend brother and sister suddenly but had never contact at all as brother and sister until now as a (?) It could accidentally get started until the king game but there are I .... Habit that I called, brother might also had been upset in the first time, but it was I have drunk drinking pounding.
I also I was drinking pretty but \"I'm sorry, I've never drunk so but\" it was decided to take him back, the brother made ​​the tower. House you live of course to say that is different, and there is also no Been.
We could not go still will not come back before me and brother and sister are brought.
I took a taxi and brother. Preface was larger. The More ...

My daughter ... also the daughter

We got horny Seriously daughter-in-law (13).
I like of course wife remarried also (35). It is, but since I look at the
nude daughter-in-law who was dressed in the meantime living,
have become less likely勃Chi the wife. It does not touch the daughter for now, but will erection Bing to look into the bath. Boobs not fully bulge, dick there is no hair almost, thin limbs ...... I will erection just thinking. But with his wife, hateful勃Chi even sex. Oh, ... you want to hug her daughter.

Incest discourse

Daughter (small 3), it will no longer fit in the bath with me at last. Sorry.
Daughter of the above (medium 1), it feels like this was saying under Toka Na enter another.
I have it from coming too (Na has swollen chest) there. And even though his or touch crack the chest and casually in the bathroom. I'll fuck off dad who treats you guys. I but pervert.

Mother-in law 

Over here so encounter shambles. Words & there Fake somewhat since with a letter from the storage ambiguous all, be a somewhat inconsistent. I like the two families meeting together
for A man, A father, A mother
child B, B father, mother
to B engagement. By the way, I restaurants clerk of the meeting together.
6 people have been doing in without a reservation.
In relaxed mood all the time, both my father talking with har har, A man is busy trying to order, both mother a smile, B child is fidgeting a little.
If you go carrying a dessert because like finished eating the food, it began. \"That ... if there is an important story actually? Either is a good one\" B child
intercept both father each other head down and, thank you this after all \"B child\" throne ... with vanilla ice cream sorbet here peach \"I customers ... \"A man of pie orders\" ... pear \"A man, are you cheating child!?\" B Why? Engagement What this \"story I want to talk, there was no\" B mother ... \"I You are just mistaken in Marriage Blue Naa! ... would not why, \"\" What I'm started to say hey! \"and\" I because I know! it! because I found 's condom cheating partner for on that shelf \"man A B child such a thing How dare \"misunderstanding!? watery eyes B child and troubled Yeah\", B child's.'m mistake kit'm, mother? \"A Na\" past \"...... green tea ice ...\" ← air I Rise B mother raise the Screeching here \"it's your mother-in-law! I have said, in the habit of cheating your opponent!, I dropped my ice tea. Cleaning apologize in a hurry. \"Description Nante do not need. Please look,\" \"Explain what it means, B child\" B child \"rude! That what\" Father B A father did not look at it indeed, but Toka photo credit bureaus probably Toka documents. A man you're trying to Gushagusha in a hurry, A mother. A father scramble. B parents pow. A father is won, I was looking for a while documents. Store is also silence the audience of course, other. Does this time we put enrolled just \"man!\" A I have heard it from your \"When A father father ...\" A from around \"... last year and the difference\" A father mother A \"...'m from when '\" A mother to Judging \"I'm sorry ...\", A mother and father A remarried. At, \"Please leave without saying anything\" (ry B child A man is a son-in-law as \"because the pay is ... alimony I was bad B child's\" A father does not need \". Because I do not need anything B child, . remaining that went B parents chasing after hastily B child exit.'s father-in-law you. ... Please do not matter Konrinzai anymore, because you will receive this data, your father-in-law's also, in \"Please, the right choice A house that has been was afraid not move nobody and flutters about 30 minutes. the price of. cuisine exit, and got the chip and the \"I was wrong to fuss your\" A father is good word to be \"'ll go\" soon. and to be happy in .A father that I think you are surprised, you say. A father went out with to your accounting of the audience of the three sets was in the store to the other and decent anyway, it was a respectable but rather people want.