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Incest with daughter(2017-08)

Consultation of student

yuna himekawa[7728]
Elementary school student, has been talking with the relationship with his father.
Stature is high, say of fleshy, is the girl from everyone in the elementary school has come out one head.
Tina is because \"recently, of like a dad is going out with a woman of the people\".
Tina's mother, passed away ill last fall.
At that time, instead of Mom because Tina is, it seems to have promised his mother.
However, recently, the father is so I heard from a friend that seems to have begun luck with other women.
While riding in consultation, I own is now likely to cause the Tina and mistake, but I did not go to the end.
My wife and Tina's father, has been a teacher at the same junior high school.
Moreover, it is the position of adviser and sub-adviser of the volleyball club.
I, I asked implicitly to his wife.
Wife \"I do not know. If you know something, I teach,\" said.
However, had to do with the father of Tina, it was my wife.

Tina, seems to have confronted his father.
\"Dad's mom became hate. In addition to you I was able woman\"
\"I say what, Tina\"
Tina and father within that struggle with one another, fell down on the sofa.
\"I, promised of. Tina is I take the place of Mom\"
Nari say, Tina is so kissed his father.
Father, important, similar to the mother, said the development was Tina's body, do you hoop is out.
Tina, seems to have embraced his father.
The father carefully caress the whole body of Tina, Tina told that it was very felt good.
When the tongue came in there was enough that it does not move with the body Nokezo'.
However, although the body is growing, the father of the penis is I did not put it in there of Tina.
\"Dad, I'm sorry,\"
Tina, seems to have apologized to cry many times.

Listen to the story of the student, had not say anything.
\"Tina, secret but because Do not just teachers and two people\"
without going to not deny the relationship between the father, it was like this there is only a powerless me.
This father-daughter is, you will go far.
As Tina is growth, or will you change the relationship.

Well, what happened to my wife.
It's not to write here.
I am, what to do, you have a little angry.


It is Lori favorite father.
We daughter and two people living in the small 3 with a single father.
Although we see many relatives post, it does not leave courage easily.

I was opposed to the daughter remarried

Daughter, wife at the time of the fifth grade of elementary school had passed away in the illness.
I also, unbearably painful when it comes can not be sex though it is still 33 years old.
Remarry only was not considered.
Processing daughter the opposite
and hear that it why opposition while drinking wine, I have to say I do not want to not be a real mom.
I even angry, Datte dad, I have shouted and I want to still sex.

Daughter surprised \"??????\" sex you want dad
remarriage was not a good yo even I if us with the promise
of or \"Yeah\" really good
was sleeping with his night ... wife double I received a virgin embrace the daughter in bed.
First grade junior high school now, is me and me to Ikasa been daughter you are clenching the joy of sex.

Sex with daughter

Sister and I, now, the end is excited state,
sandwiched between the tissue paper to the secret office naked
to lie sister,
\"Hey Shun-chan Is
, and your Misuzu-chan, I guess there is nothing,
what about\" is Misuzu, is my daughter,
I have to be silent \"E'there's any chance,
you and any person, Ma-chan, Misuzu-chan,
of course Tomoyo Mr. Sasaki is I think I say because it is his wife,
but I, and my daughter,
amazed by large problem was I, \"said the daughter, there is a translation,
wife I'm a also know,
my daughter seems to have consulted the first wife,
is the time of the two-year high school student,
and gather in the woman of this to each other,
that girl and the third grade of the handsome of
Toka good so was able to with that person,
I also experienced,
but I was first a little painful,
Toka become increasingly well,
such as do not come I this month yet,
is so talk with the opposite sex comes out well,
my daughter because still there is no such experience,
not placed in the story When I mosquito nets outside of you,
yes I cry in front of his wife,
his wife is \"Datte you, I nice,
because'm's a healthy bright and beautiful,
do not have people familiar fond type\"
heard such a thing I heard,
seems to have for a while in silence, of which,
\"I, the love people like daddy,
It friendly, to-ish man,
hey Racha be entertained Mamapapa useless \"
is indeed so I was surprised
\" by your father say anything,
would not necessarily be able to \"  
\" was found down, not something I get married,
when also I may only have near the dad up,
it is Mom would be good, \"I am also surprised,
if there whether such a thing many times,
consult carefully with his wife,
on Saturday morning,\" Misuzu tonight there,
because the mom go out ,
Dad I from going to the room of Misuzu \"night
saying was going to work  
and become long also because it is likely to report.

Cock of his father

I went back to my parents in the body of the pregnant four months.
That you want to consult with the mother, there I was back in the home and is mother, father without There are, there were.
Mom, and it is said to only come back around 7 o'clock in the evening I asked
how is, the sweat to say that it 's not, the body in the bathtub because it was scratching
a nap drinking beer from the wash, was .
Drunk was probably because sleep is I think that it was deep.
I take off the the the the panty, did not notice.
Father, penis, has been entered in the Omancho.
Around even aloud and stop stop surprised, because there is no home
nothing more than a vain voice
heart and back are suffering embracing firm had his arm around his father's body in La.
A kiss, a hip been Karamashi the tongue while, while using
the back of the Omancho, you come with in the penis.
And comfortably better body, dad \"Oh cormorant - Mmm
father, cunt and I feel good I really feel good of Momoko
me holding a long while saying my body is, after Ikasa
c father, c, c ~ It leaked a voice I have issued the sperm in my body.
After sex is over, \"father mother, I have been asked by me to do it the Momoko sex because do not want to have sex.
Because I've forgiven once, now I think a good kana.
My husband, was also dissatisfied because fall asleep to quickly Owashi.

2 from meeting

Holiday of Obon
in the family falling apart of the rest, without even where to go
daughter-in-law of Hayaban is, after going to work, every day that sneak to the daughter of the room!
Daughter of Nesugata of one panties in a T-shirt
towel is Hadake, thigh is to reveal. . .
Opening the curtain softly, much further dazzling
the figure of daughter, becomes clear.
To the mobile to the video screen, press the recording switch!
In the face of her daughter, Chi 〇 baggage closer to, rubbing people the soft lips
rubbing lid. . . When the lips is half-open,
from the meantime, come out is Kawayuku tongue. . .
Eyes closed, the urethral opening of my son at the tip of the tongue
comes to morose. . .
When you release a little, Nde has issued a tongue big time
and as add, has been example mouth open a big mouth!
The breast that fits in one hand, and slowly with your hand Momihogusu. .
A bit a larger nipple than soy, come pointed firmly and is kneaded.
Weasel 〇 Po by example mouth is, imperceptibly, are held in tiny hand
while being squeezed, has been licking the glans, the per Ura muscle. . .
And to preferably under the left hand to the panties, of already daughter or 〇 This
ass in love juice. . .
Rake up in the middle finger, daub the chestnut. . .
Ah. . . .
I feel ARABIA open. . .
Its go Nugashi the panty Innovation ~.
The crotch portion of the panties that Nugashi, transparent joy juice
Glowing and shiny. .
While keeping Chi 〇 Poo咥E, I was Mushaburitsui between 〇 this daughter!
Aa. . .
Inserted in a positive-level!
After all, pleasant daughter hole of. . . .

It is Hiroishi

It is Hiroishi. Son-in-law taken into family's mother-in-law wife is the daughter two people. There is no place.
But hidden we masturbation the daughter of pants, is Hiroishi, is Hiroishi.
It is Hiroishi, I went to the hot springs in the family travel, mixed bathing or after a long time in the family bath is daughters of naked Ogameru, yea was my only large bath.
It is Hiroishi. Daughter of the above is Iyachichi sense of Max in 2, yet \"even father and the bath is bad forever\" to the daughter small 5 below. Chibi bare of even longer look. It is Hiroishi.
It is Hiroishi. But before this, give him sleeping pills to my sister, success. We went in Motomata, rubber in a large amount of sperm. It is Hiroishi. It is Hiroishi.

It was conceived a Atsuko daughter part3

Why and daughter-in-law has been happening what is open door of the daughter of the room and shut the door of the room you are sleeping myself, I have been to alert dew!

Incest discourse

Boy and married woman   

It has been to dad

For the first time at the time, was the S4. It is said that \"I'll massage your feet\" has been stroked the thigh to dad. It was Kusuguttaka', did not say me why \"hate\". Then I stroked his leg every day. In the 7 years later, I mortifying sad, it has become a girl to say \"vagina to\" from my dad. If you can not ... bear aimed at when you do not have a mom ...

The daughter of yukata

I wonder if you'll dad remarried to the way back I went to see the daughter and fireworks, Chigusa I think that to say ...? ? ?
Dad Why remarried you want to do
a little embarrassed but laugh Do you \"What * what\"
sex and want to
father, nasty
and annoying but it may be so, I can not be helped
daughter walked the road remained silent It was.

Silence, arrived in the continued house.
Daughter and two people living, I am the daughter of 29-year-old fifth-grade elementary school, his wife died in a traffic accident
has been excitement and looking at yukata daughter.
As such more because it is not a Arekara sex was hungry for a woman's body.

Dad \"Yeah\" is of you really want to remarried
I'm disgusting, want to live with dad, just the two of us.
Yukata'll become well-Chigusa
dad, so that the \"Yes\" well suit
was strongly hug Hozuri daughter.
Stop and dad

dick been progressively excited about the scent of a woman is, we have an erection.
Laid on top of the bed in the bedroom, which was sleeping with his wife lift up the daughter took the Chigusa.
My daughter has been said that bad I dad surprised.
Dad please Nugashi the father of clothes because not remarried.
Daughter was undressed wearing while really say.

White tits If you have Nugashi the yukata while a kiss to her daughter, came out as popping and prunes.
It has been the kiss with tears while really say that I'm not remarried.
I massage while touching the pussy with the right hand while licking includes the tits to mouth from Owashi a kiss.

As good as pussy, so wet, Chigusa If you have pushed into the pussy dick to expand the crotch of Chigusa've built your fingernail into the arm out a painful and voice.
When the while embracing the Chigusa put a dick all the way into the pussy hole of it continues to move the hips went embrace the comfortably Chigusa feeling and feels comfortable in the head.

Chigusa has endured to say that I hurt father.
Let patience, a little more, because it is likely out
sperm saying'm like Chigusa is, is flowing and gushing into the pussy.
Semen and is Picho and sound and pull out in the processing of the cleanest it is, red blood flowing down also has been attached to the thigh.

We wash entered the two people to the bath.
Was holding a daughter is three days ago, it has embraced the Chigusa today.
Now Chigusa is sleeping with a cute face.
Have a nice day it in the

Divorced woman daughter

5 years married at the age of 25, I came to put up with dispute with the mother-in-law. Sometimes could not even children, my husband also came back to my parents divorced become sick only view of the mother-in-law. 3 years ago my mother died of cancer, gave me immediately accepted because also had become a living alone father of 53-year-old. Before the mother does not have to like, but the life of the father did things fun and fresh to make the evening rice to go to work to make a breakfast. It 's good relationship in more than parent and child in the Fuazakon originally. And it was said to the mother.

One day a month to return to the home has passed, because dad was taking a bath went into the bathroom becomes naked. \"I'll sink dad back\" \"Yes, you,\" but I did as I was surprised because it was naked \"Yeah, Well,\" I am delighted why wash the back, in tears with embracing the back of dad directly below. Me holding a \"Dad I'm sorry, these daughter\" how to turn around to say that \"healthy'm good because I came back out.\"
Body will stick even face to face since it went into the bathtub small together. Dad was facing down or embarrassing.
But I noticed the cock has happened in that time hot water. If I hold it, \"I'm sorry, the\" \"Well dad, of became larger in the naked daughter. Dad there to Te Tatsu'.\" Has been standing a father while holding cock. I thought hard and larger in front of the master. I was raised by example sucking the cock that became firmly while referred to as the \"father likes. Hashitanai not think with my daughter.\" \"Oh, such a thing Michiko\" or suck, or on licking the pole in the tongue, if you even 10 minutes or toying a chance \"would come out Michiko,\" \"the good, as it is put out,\" I face and tits when I went to the father of semen was Furikakari to.

Wipe the body clinging to also father when he returned to the living room was combined lips with two people. Koshite living like \"father\" or Michiko to say \"father and two people also has been entwined the tongue me sucking my lips turned its mind. As it is carried to the bed is suffering embrace his father, he was signed for the first time father.

I want to conceived the Atsuko daughter part2

It became so less of the write restriction was made to the new.

Back Tanka twitter

Dark red liver had mono cock father
 now and suck licking Hozuri
It was very good When the \"use by\" look, I It was interesting and indoctrinated a blowjob.

Relationship with his daughter from two years ago

 Is the management of the small company, is the father of 48-year-old.
The beginning of that in the affair of the wife, I realized I also had without it,
is so daughter was aware of the suspicious behavior of his wife.

 One day, is said to go out from the daughter the passenger seat of my driving to the car
daughter sitting on the
\"dad car went in there.\"
Exits the alley, in a location that does not stand out car on the back of a parking lot
parking, daughter when the street and get off from two people car hidden in a location that appear
when had, wife enters from the doorway of another parking lot, parked have been
boarded in the car, my daughter had to check the number remember that car.

Wearing after their car at a distance, and out on the outskirts of the love hotels
not stay away in the direction, from and looking at going into in the hotel
had been confirmed. I also will be entered into the hotel, the car
and daughter find, I Rashiku vacancies back at the bottom of the place, conspicuous
hide the number to put the car in place not, entered the daughter and the room
directly below. Atmosphere There are mutual hug and a daughter and a kiss, each other
in the shower and each other undress in, he had admired the naked daughter.
Love one after another become one and daughter, would blazing violently
beneath. The sheets had made a stain a virgin bleeding.
 After I gave birth wife is a daughter, There is also a pipe cut was the dystocia
also there was not finished, it was divergence in the daughter.
The wife of the other party, there was from what long before the relationship with my brother
is like, but I have had to not notice. Of course, in the divorce
even without a word my parents, I went out two people aligned with the house.
Is currently daughter and two people love each sex life.