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Incest with daughter(2011-08)

Transfiguration of wayward daughter

yuna himekawa[458]
It's easy to doting Saitsuki absolutely have experience that you have only daughter of primary school four years to say Saitsuki the home, was a miscarriage at four months pregnant before it born of Saitsuki, what you want is sweet without scolding bought him where he was own way in the house and can not be friends, put someone into an institution to correct and standing behavior and attitude towards life and in consultation with his wife because it is this character grew up in a selfish personality probably because it was burned, even at school us that was spoiled was in things, this may be due to the fact of the future of Saitsuki Why can worst. We ate dinner at three people for the first time in a long time Saturday sleepover permission of around three months have passed and come, the conversation did not even bounce awkwardly something, bath together in Saitsuki long time it's \"How to Saitsuki half-jokingly It was how the reply such non was surprised and wife! \"edge entering and dad Na nostalgic 's\" so to say But I? \"or enter but Saitsuki and I went to the bathroom and began to prepare a change of clothes in a hurry more of my embarrassing figure to go take off and one by one pounding feeling aside for some reason was, though it is my daughter, Saitsuki that was soaked in Yubune earlier staring at me \"to enter with me embarrassing dad!\" \" It was hiding in the towel an edge Nde \"It probably did not hide the previous dad towel\" old teeth, \"\" them, I wonder if it was so! \"Certainly, the Taningyogi like, just a few months to be different from the previous certainly chest There body shampoo to sponge it might because had begun to bulge a little, the body of Saitsuki that rose from Yubune - chest, belly, legs, and a long time ago that it became positive inverts the crazy rubbing his back, buttocks, and feet whipped along the crack at your fingertips as of old it was not wash clean, especially groin Previously you say, but the hand was wondering stop now, Saitsuki so spread out as bandy-legged foot at that time It was washed several times up and down, and tried to hide in a hurry early symbol of I become Mukumuku also blunder here eyes Saitsuki was staring, I was stuck in the words Shiyawa - take the faucet It was washed away, rooms confusion state in the head - right beside the symbol neck, chest, and stomach to come \"Yade I'll do guy wash head dad it\" and to Saitsuki in an attempt to Arao the body with - shampoo It was a mixed feelings of security and I \"back Yes\" Te, Shiyawa - symbols erect sitting face to face with Saitsuki touches the body of Saitsuki When you enter the Yubune again flushed with, and \"I have dad 勃~Tsu\" Saitsuki you speak \"teacher Toka ~ penis is increased birth of the baby attracted just girls and I learned in my school\" to shy and cute, \"an edge, why why!\" and think it was Saitsuki this is selfish It had changed as never, \"penis has become larger as I was saying teacher But to me become the person I like,\" \"I wonder if became dad Saitsuki because I love!\" abandoned mom and happy dad \"I It was because I thought I wonder if \"it is! discard Saitsuki cute\" \"I was grabbed firmly turn the hand to my neck was hugged Saitsuki full blast, also Saitsuki. It was decided to attempt to graduate story facility this thing up his wife from the bath.

Father Recruitment has a daughter small, junior high school students

I want to train sexual processing slaves of his daughter gone by reacting the groin and excited dressed daughter in the father has a daughter small, a junior high school student, want to sex processing slavery of man other than your own, friends of the daughter of my it is I want to sex processing the slaves, father I want to and advice in the father you do not know what to do with the Torture mail to put name their name, age, daughter, age, grade
It had a sympathy or any interest to come to the father you have to come to the e-mail without hesitation

The daughter of the summer cold

It was a night a hot summer. I went to the emergency hospital in the car because it is late daughter of high school two years is applied to the summer cold, I was not asleep in the car at the injection and medicine, stupor state in the whole body sweat drenched, it embraced when it is back home bra takes to undress the wet clothing lying in bed the room with faces - breast of small size that was pink in your eyes When you remove, and was undressed together panties and shorts and dressed pajamas wipe carefully with a dry towel, less and I have to kiss pussy involuntarily dazzling pussy pink is beautiful and at the base of the foot open and blew lift the ass as changing the diapers in the new towel pubic hair is cute, thighs up and come and wipe clean or feet. was, saying that it is good have to love Daddy my daughter has a small voice unnerving as \"up\" at this time the case was silent and closed the foot in a hurry, and if accustomed to instead of the wife who parted apparently was aware from the beginning The painful rubbing pants were, and cock just Killen bee, was Shaburitsui no to pussy daughter daughter lost the reason a word of \"hugging daddy\" suddenly,


Currently, I have sex with my father every day. Last night, when I got out of the bath, my father hid my underwear and bath towel, and I only had an apron in the dressing room. I wore an apron because I had no choice. Of course, I don't wear underwear, so if you look from behind, you can see your butt and dick. When I started climbing the stairs to go upstairs because I thought I had no father, my father who was hiding in the kitchen suddenly appeared and hugged me from behind. After being pressed against the stairs and licked all over my body, I was crawl on all fours in the middle of the stairs and H twice from behind. My dad looked pretty excited, the first time he was on his back immediately, but the second time was quite long. However, when I crouched down to put on my shoes at the front door to go to school, my father suddenly hugged me and was raped in my uniform at the front door. With my shorts on, I lifted one of my legs in loose socks high, pushed it up from below, and pressed it against me. My dad thought it was bad to put it inside or put it in his uniform, so he seemed to release it outside. I will be in high school 3 this year, but when I was 6th grade, my mother made a man and ran off, and eventually my father divorced my mother and started living with my father. My dad started treating me as a woman when I was in middle two. It was a day when my dad didn't come home because of night shift, so I used to imitate an adult by putting on makeup and hairstyles that I don't usually do. In addition, I wore pantyhose on the ultra-mini bodycon suit that my mother used to wear when she was young. While I was enjoying taking such a look in the mirror, I felt like I was doing H alone, and I fell asleep in the living room without knowing it.It seemed that I had a bad sleep, so I turned over the miniskirt and could see the butt of the pantyhose. Moreover, I wore a T-back under the pantyhose. This is also my mother's forgotten item. My dad, who had canceled his job and came home, looked at me and began rubbing my legs and hips. It seems that my father was a pantyhose fetish. I was surprised and woke up. When I got angry, "Dad, what are you doing?", He gently caressed the pantyhose legs with his fingers and said, "Because it's a cute daughter's leg." At that time, I didn't think my dad saw me as a sexual object, so I said, "I'm tired of my legs, so massage me." While being caressed by my father, I was trying to feel at ease. My dad, who had a little alcohol in it, started to enjoy my pantyhose. My toes and calves seemed to be erogenous zones, and when my father pulled the pantyhose lightly with his fingers, he suddenly raised his voice and felt his face red. I also no longer extraordinary and father of the finger go up to the stump and the thighs, dick more and more To foot began to raring was going to open. Still, my dad's fingers started rubbing the vertical lines of the blue T-back panties over the center seam of the pantyhose, and I think my ano part was transparent to my dad. When I got there, I thought it was "bad" and tried to stop it, "Dad, let's stop", but my father was so excited that he caught fire. After that, I brought my hands around my thighs, rubbed my chest, and pressed my father's dick, which made it difficult to calm my father's erection.My dad forgot that I was a daughter, no more violent because I was a daughter, turned me away and pushed me against the wall, broke my pantyhose and enjoyed my ass. "Yumi-chan's ass is fluffy and smooth. Yumi remembers her babyhood," he says. I lowered the zipper on the upper part of the bodycon clothes, exposed my breasts, and licked all over my body while rubbing my still small breasts. "Yumi's texture is like soft serve ice cream," he said. The skirt was rolled up until you could see the navel. The T-back string pan was taken off, and from the torn pantyhose, my father's erection was pressed against me, and while standing, I was thrust from the back. The moment I was pushed up, I said "I want to", but my father ignored it and rushed in. I say "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no." The body of the middle 2 was still delicate and seemed to break, but my dad grabbed my waist regardless and thrust more and more. A bang and a loud noise was heard from my ass. That night, I just kept getting fucked so much that I couldn't remember how many times I did until morning. Since then, I've been having sex with my father like a daily routine. "I'm looking forward to coming back every day, thinking about how to have sex with Yumi," says my father.

Daring daughter

I am a bad father elderly to become 51 years old this year.
Wife, died at the age of 37 four years ago.
there are spicy widowhood is three people living son's fifth grade daughter and ninth grade also becomes the fourth year.
Daughter of the bath is
I roam the house in one piece bath towel when I say what and how painful.
Where it exits because it is ninth grade will come out.
It got to misplaced anger If you do not want to be told Toyakaku fucking father when you note.
I have been promoting the remarriage of parenting alone in man also be hard because from the boss of the company.
My daughter's a firestorm when it does last night to the children the story, but my son's a favor.
It has been prescribed hypnotic introducing agent Silece rather sleep in insomnia from last year.
I was sleeping and drinking is not possible to sleep and do not drink.
I do not know what o'clock, but my wife do not have a fellatio to me in a state between sleeping and waking but further to realize that the daughter, not the wife Looking to improve it are driven by to think that to four years his wife's death I took a few minutes. Moment it was found daughter has made ​​a blowjob, and ... to further action seen my penis does not be moved to think that the body do? Say even a paralyzed state is has become hard.


I will have been married for 20 years with his wife.
There is a daughter to become high school family. I
have never in nursemaid to abnormal,
and washed the body on their own almost from the married wife. Wife
that it was out of the closet in his clothes of course also something almost no
is a woman of such feeling from before you get married.
It is heard to say anything unless By reckless.
It 's not such fell in love with such a wife,
but too good to pass to others. Even before you get married, you've never paid something dating bills, and
I feel like me not put the money on its own in my purse to reverse. It is the
type to see the hell easy to manage if Hikkakare bad
Perhaps because my daughter grew up watching the back of his wife,
might there also is an abnormal genetic nursemaid, but
it has a personality just like his wife. When I take a bath, when no wife
will come to wash my body always. It is not countered at all for me,
and you hear it to say that unless it is unreasonable as well as his wife. You've tired of looking the other
it is the type that I want you to instruction rather than a
but, speaking wife 's white Masturbation, Speaking
Show me Toko to masturbation in front of me as it pleased, and to
shit, show us.
Daughter or wonder show me Toka masturbation late last year?
Question to say is come dwarf, and I asked my
daughter, I called it \"crying that were by themselves.\" I thought, \"Yeah\", but my
wife, so type that is easy to go really, and Denmark favorite of his wife in the crotch of her
daughter and hear \"It's I pass away Did you mean also it? Do not know\" 's in for the \"do not know\"
it and did shed.
How the said clearly and devotes about 10 minutes. . . And let touch the daughter Cock me by saying \"I'm alternation now Well\" ...
\"I've had what feels
like\", let the Blow of course I asked, \"How was it?\" And . When there is a bath and daughter, we ask be sure to remove, and it has been etched with the daughter of course Onani daughter also to watch. It is a secret, but the wife.

Events of eight years ago Onsen

I went to the hot springs in the mountains of Gunma whole family eight years ago is 27 daughter, his own company, so not likely to go even travel now by launched: 28 son: 50-year-old daughter-in-law: 45-year-old self-employed now I
hot spring when it was to get back into the room from was open-air bath is because do not 's room today entered by two people and after daughter-in-law dinner in the bath that their only put in when thirteen is also a favorite there are open-air bath where they also sex , daughter also 19 at the time at that time are invited to try to go to the open-air bath with two people because there is a consultation
later a daughter when I was let wipe me one cigarette in the smoking area of there ran into my daughter out of the bath next two emergency in peace others can not it go because it can be put \"I wait in the bathroom of the angel at midnight 1 Well\" daughter \"found\" the key to me to think that it was a woman already at the age, and you are good to because Hisashi swing , I \"would have been a while ago Mom\" daughter were cut out and \"in consultation Hannah\" my daughter Te sat on the bath because it does not seems too shy little become naked in the dressing room and I had heard \",,,,\" Let me see daddy because I want to look at in comparison to either the size of the only Don becomes larger because do not know \"and things do not fall Large and his\" daughter seemed for the first time crosscut daughter I wonder if no matter Nante \"I'm such that the sex but\" and so, also open-air bath at that time but nobody daughter when I was thinking how can kana intend to do also is said to be ey are big here and kana do is there that you enter in one various also bath house and daughter until recently from a long time ago and will not be able consultation of this \"I'll increase it because consult my\" reacts immediately even while the \"moment I thought ,,, Well\" whopping daughter is \"rip-off\" surprised my cock my daughter or from \"his ,,, it big really \"If I Yu~tsu and I only about half still, my daughter and the increases stillーーーexample, daughter daughter how excited up and rolled ironing it with glee and want to see children gave the toys after that It was otherwise so bad to postpone it and when I experience the boyfriend it but still excited because I have said it and I want to put my daughter it's okay because ripe other mom \"BREAKING absolute if you put this,\" said Ne enter mom well Since no Kuisagara still \"okay If it was after the boyfriend\" daughter to hear the fire it feels like this still attached Te, that you think do you similar to my personality and \"Shiranzo be made ​​if\" me in principle want to be that two months after the trip, last week, and was with him e-mail came from my daughter after a while, \"promised that after you have sex with him\" daughter was told, ,,, I shop in the mail that I remember promises But I will write again after so long, I went to the Hotel Scam of the neighboring town at 10:00 reply came quickly, So that it should open the 1st Once you reply of going shopping at the time of the holiday

Daughter of 1

There is a daughter of one for me.
Daughter is the daughter of pride even for me with Bettari to me from a long time ago.
is cute the last kiss that makes it still well kiss is love from a long time ago.
when I say that I do try to Chu adult joke the other day, my daughter told me and I \"Alright\".
Daughter even know the meaning. . .
And I've put the tongue to daughter.
Then I've found snort daughter is has become rough.
Daughter has been entangled tongue from her daughter from next daughter again I \"feels Is this\" When you stop the
That said child,
that I had excited over is the reaction of the woman completely was I have Uzume face to crotch with naked
Nevertheless during 1, hair also grows already,
it was enough to excite me. Moreover,
you can unplug to me of much in love like a daughter
lick, I was wet full.
And I accidentally etch and daughter.
My daughter did not seem to hurt too much.

The lust to the daughter of a small 6

A motherless family, I belong to the bath with her ​​daughter.
From becoming a small 6 in the spring of this year, the figure came suddenly grown-up, hair has also grown daughter.
And I'll wash the body of the daughter in the bath, but wade through the mons pubis covered with thin hair when you wash the earlier, I'll have to wash stroked the petals in a finger wearing the soap.
Of course, my lower body reacts obediently.
After I washed the body of her daughter, the daughter will take care to wash my body. Daughter, us wash as Momihogusu hands wearing a soap my dick that mischievously little, while referred to as
\"~'m no good to think that Papa, a
H\", became larger firm.
Until now, you think that it is bad it more truly, I was put up ejaculation. But while saying
\"I'll got to clean it and put daddy, sperm. I'll do not have to
endure,\" said daughter more recently, it seemed purchases knowledge and magazines, intensified the interest in the body of a man is, the glans in the palm I now turn stroked.
I also will not be able to put up with this, I quickly ejaculate in the presence of her daughter.
Then, Handjob daughter became a daily routine.
\"Because they know are you doing patience because there are no mom, I'll have instead\"
I've lost the reason completely in this word.
\"I look to stand a little\"
and then, let stand a daughter who was kneeling in front of the eyes, I was not to tell a hand on the wall.
Open by hand ass hole visible between the legs you open a little, the crack following the below, we fed the saliva on the tip of one's tongue during the dark red mucosa.
Daughter was disturbed breathing violently.
To mucosa became sticky saliva, I was pressed against the penis.
\"Stop it it\"
My daughter was so good hoarsely, but the next moment, I went inside the daughter.
\"Tsu pain\"
My daughter was so good, but to move the hips slowly, I did enjoy the feel as though pushed back in hard rubber.
I feel that you did not have 30 seconds probably will. Lower body is now likely to start twitching.
However, let alone overtake, then rush by aiming at a deeper location of the body of my daughter, my reason as his father completely lost already, had become a male with a Sheng, has poured the fluid.
Penis deflated was pushed out from the body of her daughter. Almost at the same time, from the crotch of her daughter, and has been dripping mucus pinkish little to pull the thread.
Daughter, was teary-eyed.
\"I'm sorry. It
hurt?\" \"Okay. I was accustomed to instead of mom this
really\", \"physiology of now,
when?\" \"Supposed to come soon\"
after all, physiological came in about the 3rd, I was relieved .
From it, we are doing bareback on the bed, but you are beginning to think I wonder May I cut the pipe if you enjoy every night and daughter.