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Incest with daughter(2011-04)

And dad

yuna himekawa[301]
And father, it is of Sayuri in two.
Just the other day, I had to do with dad! Dad has been said that \"Do try to enter Sayuri bath\" when the two alone with dad at home.
It was disgusting course Nde If I angry Innovation \"!'m Two Mouchuu!'re Saying what,\" Dad went into the bath alone by saying \"Do Yeah\".
It was decided that I'll taking a bath and dad with little remorse I can \"kana? was not that angry.\"
To come or reply Innovation \"do?\" When I said that \"~ I enter\" in front of the bathroom, and when I opened the door, dad had washed the body.
Back Dad said that I \"I'll sink also Sayuri's\" Once give wash back was saying \"thank you\" of (laughs) Dad After saying \"Do Let's sink your back o\" me wash.
I'm good so far but .... Suddenly, Dad came with hug from behind.
Without saying anything even saying \"What!?\", We have been over there and massaged the chest.
Body does not move voice is not out in shock. I found over there has had been wet but it should unpleasant. .
By being pushed down to the father as it is, to say \"Sayuri ~ Na cute\" Innovation,
would be allowed to extra excitement dad to come put a finger over there it is deep kiss as it is, would divulge pant voice while being agitated, Bing
chin seemed to come off is moved violently to come into your mouth by force the penis. . I spit all semen expelled in the mouth as it is. And taken to the bathtub is huggy lightly on dad,
and has been inserted into a pussy my penis while facing each other. Voice would be out're going to have killed the voice as \"Annn ... Un'nn\" to come in and out slowly as it is,
Dad said, Innovation \"because I'm such .2 all alone you'll'm okay out voice\" to come, I expected even Fukkire, I was panting as hard.
I said Innovation \"!! with more intensely dad!\". And
then, \"Oh ~ ~!! Issue A~tsua~tsu to go! Iku~tsu! Within\" \"~ ~ Oh!'ll Go even dad\" I have gone to two people finally becoming violently suddenly. . .
I did not move for a while while threw her arms around her father. And I stayed in the futon if you notice.
Elder brother and mother also seemed had come back to have next to dad. It gave me a kiss dad saying Innovation \"secret of two people.\" It's once in a while - but I'm enjoying the H and dad

Incest discourse

I write here and who us reading this if you have a feeling close to the immediate family and because it is Naka who played together at peace with from childhood to private
or wonder why it incest Is this it even has sex with cousin The Or Would be good even if somewhere other?