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Incest with daughter(2018-11)

Living alone of daughter

Was the daughter and sex daughter was after graduating from high school. Now, of society daughter in the apartment inhabited by living alone daughter, are carried out in secret so as not to Barre to wife

Father of incest mistress

In the morning of the director and about 30 minutes short time \"special bonus from me, I'll secret\" shock hot to the uterus is challenged amazing, with each other Sucking in rich Deipukisu clinging with, is 10 pm ended the 11 It had passed. Give to the Deipukisu again before leaving the room, \"It was wonderful, now also me I please support\" \"You Have Yes, making sure there is solid support.\" Willing to me, the power of the future of business you become.  Are you still remains a lingering, the father of return is like a time 2:00, go to the \"Saeko\" like the room, you have seen the situation. 

Hiding in my wife 3 times a week

yuna himekawa[8449]
That was about 3 months ago. My wife went on a company comfort trip. It is a trip of 2 nights and 3 days. I am absent because I have a lot of business trips on a daily basis, but my wife said that she was traveling, so I adjusted my work on the day and decided to go home. My wife went on a trip, and my daughter mistakenly thought I was on a business trip, or maybe I invited my boyfriend to my house. I have something voice ... from home and the second floor to the home after work to hear from the daughter of the room, first daughter I have opened without knocking in a hurry, I think whether the growling bad in condition ... Then The appearance of her daughter straddling her boyfriend in a woman on top posture jumped in there. I was surprised to close the door once, but I screamed through the door and took them out of the room. I also told my daughter's boyfriend (I really wanted to hit him (tears)) When I returned my boyfriend and advised my daughter, my daughter suddenly asked, "Can I take a shower first because it is as it is?" So I made it so. The sound of the shower echoed faintly in the house, and when I was cleaning up, I heard a scream from the bathroom saying "hot ~~~~", so I hurriedly headed to the bathroom and was hungry. My daughter was crouching in the bathroom, holding down the area ... Of course, she was naked, but she didn't show any embarrassing behavior, and I was in an emergency, so I couldn't think about it. My daughter said ... "Daddy is in the kitchen ...". At first I didn't know what I was saying, but after hearing the story, I was convinced ... When I used water in the kitchen for the shower at home, hot water came out in the bathroom for a moment.I didn't know what I was doing when I wasn't at home, so I thought I had done something difficult. When I asked my daughter where she was burned, she said she was hungry, so I was worried, and when I said "Show me," she turned to me and showed me the burned part without hesitation. (By the way ... my daughter was taking a bath with me until she graduated from junior high school ... now I'm in the second year of high school.) When I looked at my stomach, my daughter's fair skin turned bright red. "Daddy suddenly uses water! Daddy's idiot!" I have to apologize ... I didn't know, but I burned my dear daughter ... Looking at the scars, I saw my daughter's nakedness seriously. .. Unlike those days, my breasts were quite developed (Is it E position?) And the hair underneath was also growing well. I told her to take her out of the bathroom to the living room and apply her medicine. My daughter also obediently put on a bath towel to the living room. I gave my daughter some medicine. A voice calling me from the living room as I started cleaning up the kitchen while feeling guilty ... When I went, my daughter curled her back on the sofa with a bath towel, and for some reason she looked embarrassed and gave me a face. I will see it. When I asked, "What happened? Did you finish applying the medicine?" "Yeah ... but ..." A crisp response. When I said, " What did you do? If you don't apply the medicine and don't wear clothes, you'll catch a cold ." I couldn't hear what I said, and when I asked, "What? Please tell me what happened."In addition to the abdomen, even if I want to apply a medicine that is said to be partially painful to the lower part, I have to apply it myself ... I was really impatient (> _ <) I can't paint it (> _ <) At that moment ... I found that my crotch got hot for a moment ... I was really guilty and told my daughter, "Let's go to the emergency hospital now! To the doctor. seen daughter asked to medicine also trying to get paint "and say to the daughter" shame you absolutely disgusting! doctor with immediate answer, painted Dad medicine if the show to the doctor! " also a sense of crotch gets hot I remember ... "No, my dad isn't a doctor, and how can I apply the medicine ..." My daughter wondered if I wouldn't hesitate to see her, "○○ is embarrassed to see her in an important place. When I asked, "Isn't it?", He turned his face bright red and asked, "I'm embarrassed, but it's okay because I'm a dad ... because I don't know what to say ..." "would pull daddy cold! painted early!" also fit to paint without so said to the presence or absence. "Dad, electrically slightly darker because truly embarrassing ..." I "I not give painted properly medicine do not appear When you have dark" "Yeah ............" crotch throbbing violently chest and somehow daughter and say yes to the other party I found that it was hot and the blood gathered in the center ... "Then I'll apply it, so I'll lie down on the sofa and tell me where I am with my fingers." I said, with a bright red face and tight legs. I lay down with it closed. "Hey, can't you apply medicine like that?" "Yeah ..." "Go to the hospital ?" "Yeah ... Daddy is good." "Then ..." "Yeah ..."When my daughter finally opened her legs and exposed herself to me, my Jr. had an erection that seemed to burst. "Where?" When I said that and saw my daughter's flower core ... I was surprised. The liquid flows from the very beautiful pink flower core. As soon as I saw it, I lost my reason. "I can't apply medicine if this happens," I said ... I put my mouth on my daughter's flower core and started licking it. "Hmm ... " A pant voice that doesn't even become the voice of my daughter ... "No matter how much my dad wipes it, I can't apply medicine if it gets wet one after another." He said, "... I don't have to." "Hmm ? "What?" "It's okay not to apply medicine ." " Why? You're burned?" "......... Yeah, I wanted ..." Electricity throughout the body that makes me think that the capillaries in my body have been cut. Seemed to run. "... Yeah ... I wanted a dad ..." he said ... Reason was completely blown away. I stripped off the bath towel wrapped around my daughter's body and lifted my daughter's legs and licked the flower core that was completely exposed ... "Ah ~ Daddy, if you smoke so strongly, I'll get it ..." "Hmm. … Ah ~ ” “ I, Iku ~ ”In a blink of an eye, my daughter got acme. I took out the things that were already happening ... Straight to my daughter's flower core ... "Ah ~, daddy big ~""I love daddy, do you like XX?" "Daddy also loves XX." "Really? I'm happy ..." "Hmm ... XX, daddy can't stand it." "Yeah ... daddy Let's go together and put out a lot in ○○ ~ ”When the daughter said so, the flower core seemed to be finished earlier and the flower core became tighter “ ○○, daddy is no longer good! Iku ” “ Yeah! ○○ Please give me a lot in the pussy ~ " That said, I fired a lot in my daughter. "Haahaahaa, ○○, was it all right out to the middle?" "Yeah ... the wanted Daddy" "Papa? I, me and also because it may sometimes because break up with now boyfriend?" Increasingly Even now, three months after my daughter became dear, when I returned from my business trip, I met my wife on the way in my study and went to the hotel ... three times a week in my daughter ... Such a devil is my father. Thank you for reading to the end. This is really a true story.

While it is massaged the breast milk of the real daughter

I lost in the disease the wife last year with my 55-year-old. Eldest daughter is There are two daughters to me in the 28-year-old second daughter is 26 years old. Both of them come in the house already married. Certainly work nursed had wreck quite physically and mentally, etc. of his wife now also rest often. Look at the kind I, daughters I was me with the care of me. Eldest daughter while still suffer the children of 4 months, well or me come to the house, the second daughter also so often issues a face me become. Second daughter is I do not have until late because it is a work, eldest daughter will continue well stayed at home. Eldest daughter seemed better breast milk comes out, squeezed several times left over breast milk on the day, to the freezer. . One day, the eldest daughter is not I look at are you breast-feeding children, eldest daughter \"This limited big tits, I wonder if time continues until.\" Although certainly enter me crawling likely to do is solved in Pampanga. . . It is said that \"Neenee father, sometimes I'm the mother of boobs?\", Innovation \"I wonder if a little there\", I \"I'm husband drink well\". . . While I think What are you doing with the \"Well done ww\". . . \"But I'm not that sense. I hurt too much tension Yoo,\" \"anyway full of wanton to ...\" When my daughter say and talk back, \"Do you mean you drink to me?\" I bit in the frown daughter went while breast-feeding. \"I wonder was going mother also such a thing\" and \"one Nomasu and even gonna come out from the other,\" says daughter I \"Yes, Wow had received the one in the tub,\" and say, \"I also want to do so.\" If I bring the basin from the bathroom so say, I began to breast milk in the basin out the other breast.You can not not try and be done with the more openly but I've been in not seen until now. Chest has become Pampanga as the blood vessels stand out becoming poor, I will have a basin subjected to breast milk. And say \"I have been remembered. I wonder were the old days have been such a thing.\" While referred to as because the \"I have remembered that had been squeezed mother of breast milk\" When I say my daughter and \"can give me?\" Say \"try it has been found\", doing it out of the mother's milk massaging the chest of daughter It was. Because say daughter as \"I want to drink?\" \"Yeah. Hey only remember the old days Yoo\" say when. And say daughter try smoking a daughter of the nipple in the Tteyuu \"I say\" and \"do not have such a thing for a long time\" I \"that suck the way'm kinda Ya seems to suck the way,\" daughter \"Iiyoo, or with the habit it came out because the favorite only suck \"Ttoiu. Nipple the To merrily in the tongue. . . Riding with tone so say a daughter I \"Ha ha ww Thats become comfortably\". . . . And Te' want Te Akachanwane In the meantime. . . . Breast milk squeezed continues because say a daughter I \"no Once out yet.\" . I'm also a daughter of the nipple. . . . It has been clearly how the daughter goes wrong while doing so. . . . With daughter would be the kiss, entangle the tongue. . . I and insertion. . . . It's in with so say \"I still want out in because not pregnant.\" . . . . You have such a relationship with the eldest daughter is followed by \"Sometimes if etch and I'll\" because they tell him is the eldest daughter I once a month.

Pregnancy is spree Pies to Atsuko of daughter

♪ which was built new thread

Interaction with daughter

One and daughter-Aika in

I tried to put young vagina of small 5

Now I is the father to become a 45-year-old from the old days I love pedophile, just daughter is the time. My heart was just Lori itself and began growing pubic hair is 1-2 this in before the beginning bulge climax as the hills. And laid down on the bed to change into pajamas went to the daughter of the room said, \"Emma good night\" and a light kiss. When you leave the room , \"daddy\" \"What die\" or \"again Ju to\" how glad that you kiss said, \"Iizo\". Now we use the tongue long. It is the fifth grade of elementary school, but often heard seemed came out curious about sex \"baby'm I No can When you have sex,\" he or \"I'll it feels a yourself Once you feel like to have sex\" or. So Masturbation I think to be in, fuck the Sujiman while washing stroking the hill take a bath together as usual, and to kiss my son is full erection. And to grasp it in the hands of the daughter \"really do but I hard I penis\" \"Yeah, I do not enter if not as hard.\" \"But these the painful when you are put into a\" \"It's there all right.\" \" Why \"indeed such talk bites \" woman's body'm able to protect out the body fluids so that the body does not scratch be taken into nasty guy. \" \" Oh I - likely \" \" do you know rape or \" \" I do not know \" \" Well for me rape is \" \" I'm able to forcibly \" \" Yes, I'm a body fluid comes out to protect such a time important dick \"\"Fu Mmm\" \"The story I want to put this dad in the end the other\" \"Ee'! Enter Kana -\" \"I'm fine,\" \"painful I hope you do not\" washing place of the mat carrying the thing in leaps and bounds I tried to put in plenty with the back of the Sujiman a large spread saliva foot lay on top of the. Cali is fit \"if painful it is.\" \"Yeah a little\" \"'ll already put a little\" further and put aim to back \"painful, I quit because dad painful\" this time on their own to unplug stop I think that it is impossible any more Ladders It had. But the moment of ejaculation is rubbing continue because I want to show my daughter \"to watch Emma\" is vigorously jump out and semen Innovation Dopyu \"Awesome!\" \"I'm so baby and this gender liquid enters into the Emma\" good I think sex education is made. Copulation with his daughter is still necessary to develop young vagina likely to be ahead

Sunset Fudoki

A long time ago, girl photo books were popular. It was also on the shelves in my study. I had three daughters and it was an art at the time when I often took pictures with them as models. She showed her photo book and made her pose, and she responded naked with a smile. But I also liked SM at that time and had a desire to tie it with a rope. Then, the time came, and while the daughters were looking at the SM book, they said with a red face, "Keep it secret from the mother who wants to do this kind of thing." The study is an environment where daughters can come and go freely.