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Incest with daughter(2013-12)

I love dad.

yuna himekawa[2679]
I am a girl of 1? Talent.
I have been living together with his father, even now my father raised me me one Otokode mother has died of illness at an early age I.
In the nude I even from birth and seems to have been living in the nude at home when you get married in like had in the nude when from a young father and mother are dating, you are in the house of each other according to the story of the father There were in the nude at home father, mother, I when I was also marked with physically and spiritually you have been living.
Both my father and I will have in the nude at home even now. Is Iwairu tribe.
I am with even when the father to where to go other than hanging out with friends and work my father also loves bath and Shi go together also go to bed.
Without at all hair of huntingtin with absolutely no body hair from the neck down in the disease congenital say atrichia father, Manco is also Shaved absolutely no hair from the neck down it is inherited to me .
I do not think ashamed even touched even seen a pussy and boobs to father to to get to touch or show pussy and tits father proceed from me and my father does not care to father also saw the dick in front of me from being it does not care to is not resistance Shi touch me sit up and beg father's father also me. We show you to poop and pee.
Be compensated dating I also like the DVD Horny \"Dad is watching, and you do not me to my father aloud as\" case \"Become comfortably when I asked to wash pussy to his father in the bath one day made me squid 2 · the 3rd saying production cod still a virgin reluctantly and without, but I pussy if you watched in secret an AV that says it is useless father After watching absolute father at work how much \" If you are putting a dick in, anyway, it does not erection even look at the pussy \"Ware-ko to and will not be SEX and Ware-ko. Father And I asked to be put dick in pussy of my father's want you to do it it has been, \"said'll just hurts at first because it is virgin, but because I had decided not to absolutely father and other acts of father etch until you get married, father Then and SEX\" Ware-ko Once threatens to run away from home and not me The next day, I condoms? was OK since said it's useless to from to not erection and not while watching the AV is not an erection even look at the body of the daughter you are looking ever since I was born Once, it even with the \"if good
The \"painful\" I was screaming in pain and did a production? it with, but I was bleeding a little when it is torn hymen to dick After initially put in input pussy but But the pain Once in dick of my father went to the back It was said that Chai is comfortably gone.
Every day, we have SEX father and then four times, my father okay if at least a week.
My father has me was raw from saying that I do not have to to condoms? Just to erection father even if and SEX Waremusume but because I should I go in comfortably without squid.
It is etched with the father in the love hotel in the hope of me to not only home.

Relationship secret secret

We are immersed in the joy that you spend with Mami daughter entered the winter break. Mami of small 6, limbs are long and the daughter of a big proud eyes.
I work office where there is at home, his wife has a job.
There is a relationship that must be absolutely secret to Mami and me. I see the big eyes of the office door opens softly. I came in Mami laughing. You spoke to me in a voice that \"Papa ...\" was a little spoiled. The \"us yet again?\" and \"... Alright ... Yeah,\" I will touch the things that increased my Mami laughing issue the only lower body. It is a lotion with slimy \"?'s Fine without wearing slimy\". It fits in a small mouth and move up and down several times by hand, \"I ask later ... yeah.\" It is the mouth of Mami skills to become well as scary. You shudder to think my wife and I saw this kind of scene if. You lick me staring at the big eyes from time to time. gesture \"I show a beautiful body of Mami,\" \"Yeah, I'll say\" take off your clothes I feel childish yet. I am not wearing the Mami by issuing the underwear lascivious for adults that are closed at the back of the desk. The size is perfect because it is smaller. Pubic hair can be seen from the thin red small underwear. I'll lick to see the important parts from the sides of the underwear \"... I ticklish\" red and lick a small nipple touch a chest bulging a little. I screamed like a little sigh Unlike nipple. It might mean some rival daughter, \"I'm going to clean at any time in the tongue of Papa, I do not because the mom\" ​​and mother. You laugh by saying \"things Daddy I'm something of Mami,\" he said. You headed to the bathroom from give caressing Mami while. Hot water will contain warm always in the bathroom. It is a little cramped, but Mami will span on the face as familiar with the sleep on the floor. And for us to move up and down vigorously with a lotion to things you have erection painfully. Pee delicious Mami is issued vigorously in the mouth \"Give me ..... there be Mami ...\" \"? Daddy ... say ... Yeah\" my. Sperm will be launched towards the body of Mami while immersed in the afterglow. I will return to the father and daughter usual dinner of three people after a few hours, as there was nothing each other.

Likely to lose

It seems losing triad of woman who had remarried, the temptation of a junior high school girl of 14 years old. Come graces to me if and only if there are no mother. I ten years younger marriage's youth of the 30s before certainly still. Younger than SMAP to say uncle. You are going to a junior high school in public, but it seems to shorten the skirt to everyone habit of junior high school students. I'm sporting bare feet My daughter also factored in until the last minute. In the wind that I have noticed is're worried about, it does not change into civilian clothes at all, even back to the house. You can watch TV purring and lying on the sofa in front of my eyes, or reclassified Dari legs crossed Become a Yokozuwari. Come verge Shinadare next to me if sitting, thigh daughter overlooking from above'm afraid basis. Soft feel if adhesion. Soft feel is not only there, also come back and arms, the feel of the breast. Once, there was a thing that had grabbed Plug in the hand aside from behind, but it was Yawarakami and sufficiently large enough to not be needed for junior high school students. At that time, as the voice mind leaks plagued with \"Han\" from the mouth of the daughter, and results in a Dokin is not likely to whiff luster of its breathing. Look of the daughter glared here laughing in eyes and turned around as \"E~tsuChii\", look conceals something. The cheated laughing by pulling himself involuntarily, but I know she used to look, such as Snell and regretting later also gave strangled chest. You can come sit next to, or when you have been lying on the pillow to my knees, really, you'll want stroked the hair doing hands on the head of his daughter, and it will want Yari stroking the shoulder to the next if so , it becomes want Yari been rubbing the upper arm, would be nice if to back, would be nice if to the waist, ..., of which, it (paranoid, with excitement) there is no problem separately 's thigh till if flank- · · · · · Oh, (Once you've done next, you'll want to touch the Mushoni there if ... delusion with delusion the first) 's parent and child to ..., breasts ... what say? Live in a joke of the parent and daughter it's far? Could it be, you can do with more joke If you are in the bath together? Oh, I will delusion. Excited.


Until now the small 5, granddaughter
is continued from the time of kindergarten older set, relationship of H granddaughter and I, the summer of 3 grandchildren first daughter was divorced soon grandson, must not have fathers born grandson It had entered one a week, to twice bath with grandchildren I noticed grandson who was in one piece pants to have seen Jitto the Cock of my gap of pants, when bath time is fit from a hot, 65039 & #; Ji & my # 9898 grandson came sunk in the kotatsu when it is in two people in winter kotatsu of the year began to touch the port, I also hand in the pants of grandson Yat Teshima ivy and twitching by rigid body caught firmly by the arm and I have been caressing gently gently young your beans with a spit on the finger to the crack of only vertical stripes still put, there is an eye of family
It was a trip of five days in the ferry to my hometown of Kyushu by two people, now, phoned me granddaughter is coming from one person now my house is not accustomed to two people once and for all quite Te, last summer.

I will marry the father.

Dad is my master shepherd multi-head.
I also mother bitch Dad, including me, we kept four animals.
My mother have given birth as illegitimate me, there are ties of blood and dad, but it is a complete stranger to legal.
Sunday During this time, in front of everyone, and tied, \"You are endearing best. Resigned bitch birthday next month, accustomed to slave wife of me,\" said while being fitted with your cock raw though it is dangerous Date has been instruction.
Because I thought that you can not get married life, I cried while dripping snot and tattered with joy.
They wanted to do the cum in danger date for the first time as \"Umeyo a Vibrant Kanako because be conceived\" from it.
Now is the happiest.

The Nemurase a daughter-in-law

I think that should not be incestuous, but
it is a family of four 62-year-old ,, I, 37-year-old son, daughter-in-law 35 years old son, 10-year-old granddaughter.
My son is three people living currently in the bachelor from April of this year.
I would look chance in August, and from going into the love hotel by car and daughter-in-law of the man that his son is different from the son.
I was watching it and pretend you do not know and might whim at first, but I'm a likely not even so much.
And I'm a once a week, but I like that there should be a go out to lunch with granddaughter is going to school.
We are punish from October around angry that you continue to deceive and even to me and betrayal, to her husband and children.
Asked to formulate the sleeping pills to ask your doctor best friend, you are mixing medicine in health tea to drink before the daughter-in-law sleep.
And, we have to free the body of the daughter-in-law and went on to the bedroom of the daughter-in-law is sure to allow where you slept the night.
Still it had entered the bedroom to make sure that the chest pounding, and calls out the \". (The name of the daughter-in-law) Yuki, Yuki-san\", is not the answer to the first time around.
It was my best facial features of similar sex Yaguchi truth likes likely, then the lying in of bed in the first, is to kiss touch the crotch and chest from the top of the pajamas.
The massage the breast directly to put your hand into the pajamas while worrying about the effect of the medicine, I was a kiss and put your finger stroking the pubic hair of the crotch from the second time.
And efficacy of the drug has been found finally Once in November, lower the shorts and pants Hadake, pajamas, take photos in front of the pajamas, and Mushaburi the crotch and breasts, placed in the mouth of the daughter-in-law the penis after it had ejaculate to the chest and groin.
Daughter-in-law still do not know it and have such a thing in the middle of the night, I've been cooked breakfast in a chipper mood to say was fast asleep in the morning.
Daughter-in-law will not go out during the day from the second half of November, and I like broke up with a man very much.
Medicine in their worked two hours position still sanctions I do not end, and sleep and drink health tea of medicine into, and entered the sex in earnest to put a condom on the penis and the naked wife Once in December I went.
It spent one hour caress to the groin chest and daughter-in-law, over 30 minutes to insert into the crotch of the daughter-in-law, it is to after the room with the confirmation of the last dressed pajamas, leaving the 30-minute reserve capacity.
Penis I am become Gingin Sucking the breast with a tension of daughter-in-law, put the tongue while smell of the crotch, and licking anal incidentally.
And I can be wearing a condom on the penis of Gingin, if you put in the groin and is responsible for both legs of the bride, you feel the body temperature of the daughter-in-law has transmitted the penis.
The other day, I tried to put the penis in the daughter-in-law in Barebacking for the first time.
Continues to feel the piston as it is much better, it is now likely to ejaculation as it is, but it ended up taking out the semen in stomach of bride regained reason somehow.
I think still seems to have leaked in a little, and let's see how the future.
There should be the workings of the couple's son because coming back this year-end and New Year holidays.
It is thought after her son had gone again, and try to cum in the daughter-in-law.

I Tara Imotogai

It is Mitsuru Sato-kun, Saitama Prefecture Ageo per.
There are n interest or so Pokkunwakinshin. I Imotogai Tara. I think so! Would like to do

N or so relatives

Curious about it. Mitsuru Sato of
Saitama, I wish what yan if

Family Wakan Ver.1


First of all, because there in reality and delusion 2575] is recent and the first encounter easily, I was finished reading the letter ... we recommend that you read before the there was exhales deeply. Ms. N, this, probably suicide note. My addressed ... \".\" Yes \"from the time that\", I have not seen even once until now, but's fine really? \"\" With all due respect, my husband is apparently examined the things T Yuki like ... it becomes longer, so it would be speak, two daughters who were the time being.'ll talk slowly later, address and my address because we have written, but please to answer you feel like it. then wait. \"next to even, then bowed deeply, It says \"I'm waiting,\" you've done aboard the car. Again, I saw a few photos that we have received. It's old photos 30 years ago, but it is a new one seemed to reprint again. Family photos of N's that had been reflected in the master along with the other. I tried to Shimeyo sealed to try to read and read again ... Photos letter of two daughters and from the back, but the envelope because it was entered again in the envelope, and took it out. Involuntarily, I drank Namatsuba. There, two daughters naked, aligned, and spread your legs so that it looks clearly cunt, you can also spread hand, there was a photo like inviting me. I feel like saying \"cock of the daddy, and ... put early,\" he said. Father fuck daughter. photo mother is supporting. Two pieces of it. There is also a photo of naked wife became a widow. It is a photo of the so-called Gonzo. Sex of parent and child, I did not think at all with bad feelings. However, because she was taken to clean well, you have admired for a while. And, just to go home, I wrote a letter of reply. Instead of dad who died, and I'll embrace.