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Incest with daughter(2013-04)

Incest discourse

yuna himekawa[1966]
I will talk of my delusion. I, etc. per cent ... virgin ... that ... Tsu ... everyone is Iumi Chinatsu 3, to whom did you cowpea such as virgin? She ... ,,, Toka boyfriend after all? It was devoted to the virgin dad, over ... I, I was a mid-October. I was in one. I was taking a bath. And out normally and dressed, I had sniffed my panties and is ... Daddy I went to my room. It was the word \"huh ... along. Papa love ♪\" this over ... because change everything Chinatsu \"Is had been put. Laundry thousand, Hey summer.\". Papa that I thought it was a bad feeling \"I am ...\" Chinatsu! Bathing about to enter together \"Yo good! Yeah ... For example,\" \"there was a little resistance, but wish daddy would not do anything, it was decided to go in together. Papa becomes naked, and I went a thing to me. \"I # do not take off quickly. Because you have seen here,\" I think Chinatsu \"eh\". Daddy, What a transformation. And after you become naked, was seen staring dad, Chinatsu began to wash the body. Chinatsu, A cup breasts. Is small. \"Daddy I'll wash the body\" and \"thank you\", and wash your feet, and finally wash ... the soles of the feet, Papa came between Omata and I said such a thing. Then, says, \"I wash with bare hands because gonna hurt Well sponge\", has been the muzzles Omata by hand. I was not feel Chinatsu. And said, \"Oh, do not I just have to wash Sina. Yara? Wet\", and we have put the tongue over there \"N ...... huh,\" \"Chika. Na I would feel ... w\" Now it the finger has been put. Chinatsu \"whether the do? Tight. Thy virgin\" shook his head several times in the vertical. \"Since finger hurts ...\" and \"useless\", and has been poked over there the baggage * blood. And I have been, \"I have hurt ...\" at once \"put up\" and has put the destination Pono * blood. Then, shake vigorously waist, was Mashi alive at the same time. I did not have been Nakadashi is ... pregnancy.

The poetry of confession to his daughter to marry

White skin last daughter was out of the high school think his late wife to the movement of the hips required father father-daughter incest Yochitsu nostalgic smell of the deceased wife loose unawares in honey and Shi bleeding in Beloved daughter 淫裂taste wearing a
Pale blue
uniforms and drop off school bag arm to go Embraced daughter you, and you will Totsugi Dan raw vagina taste in to the man I love from the Father of the real

Daughter and went back out

You passed four years to eliminate the wife. It came back with divorced daughter became a thirty-year-old from a year ago has brought the three-year-old grandson. I put in a bath every day and grandson, ask wipe the body passed to the daughter on the way. We were told the daughter, \"Mom I try to enter together\" and that it is placed in a bath grandson as usual. We have a bath Become a naked reluctantly to say first daughter I had said \"Dameyo\", but a \"Why do not I say is because parent and child. I was hiding before with a towel at first, but the chest is now laid bare when you wash the body. I was in a little sagging probably because you gave birth to children, but large nipples such as grapes and large breasts were visible. You can now enter in three people with daughter and grandson from it, but wash your back take the towel forced daughter to say that it \"because wash yourself Alright\" when say I'll be flowing back to the daughter one day has been raised. I did not refuse to say in her mouth, \"I useless\" If you try to Arao front from the back. It had turned a blind eye to hold your breath that it'll slowly wash the breast. Daughter was Yuki out of the bath once with his grandson and nod and say \"I Nekasero Wipe the body of Yoshio\" daughter because there are grandchildren. I was hugging her daughter when the daughter came back to the bath after a while. Daughter did not resistance, but went out of the bath solves my hand to say \"give me a little more time dad\". I'm going to wait a little more.

What you're thinking

It had been hand-job to my daughter when I sleep.
I ejaculated also blunder. It is not ginger because I have accumulated, but
I was surprised amazing. I thought it was, what was wet dream, but the hand of the daughter.
'm Thinking ability zero. Kana because motherless family.

And Yoshimusume

I do not difference in the father daughter, but the relationship of others to biological. It Yoshimusume with me. It was decided that it would be pregnant from parting with his wife before, if you are going out with older woman of divorced and remarried. The previous marriage is Yoshimusume. At the time, married 36-year-old opponent in the 29-year-old me, Yoshimusume high school student of 16 years old. Was in the form still if marry Yoshimusume. If we had been with the intention of Saffle, towards the opponent would be burned, it has become dextromethorphan marriage as deceived with the other party. First marriage was married up into each other, but it led to divorce and gone awake then. However, I was able to convince the result. Remarried now was not able to convince myself.
Were servants become father of a high school student suddenly and remarried. And there is one other person in the stomach. This reality, there is no reason to be accepted. However, life does not know what will happen. I celebrated the day of the birth finally. Yoshimusume had become a 17-year-old second year of high school. Labor, which appeared to be lighter because it is the second time was not unusual. A dozen hours later, his wife and children became a cold corpse birth has begun. The doctor had to say something or Yara cans, but I had heard absently all. Was left in after the schoolgirl of 17-year-old man and 30.
After the funeral, and I asked if you want to later on how this Yoshimusume. Actually, or dropped out of school in a previous marriage, his wife is or has been addicted to debt hell there is no life force is the other man, had been hit by a total Scandic from relatives. Grandparents of thing someone could take back her w deceased relatives, the mother already and not. In addition, the father goes, it is to be in Kiri which broke up at an early age anymore, and I do not want to see too late, and it and I do not want to know where you are or Toka. So, it was to live in together ever as it is. This is the story of the beginning of the Yoshimusume.