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Incest with daughter(2015-11)

Memorial that was sex and daughter under

It is state as it is in the title.
Yesterday, I have to have sex with the lower of the daughter (14).
Also together it was the followed by the second person of incest ...... virgin sister (19). Three times in bed to go to the hotel, once in the bathroom. This is the impression in but still a child figure, still a woman of do's and Na. Last relieved in like me feel a little better.

Daughter in physiology

yuna himekawa[5276]
Is that of the other day, daughter of small 6
\"Hey dad, sanitary pants I bought,\"
has said that
\"I What sanitary pants\"
\"It 's pants sanitary\"
\"I what kind of enters\"
\"Yeah, physiology gonna leaks \"
and \"I\" leak
was showed pants that are leaking in front of me and say.
and \"network to the Jan should do to tampon 's not napkin\"
\"scary No I I will put me tampon\"
\"Well I dad is gonna put\"
\"Jan embarrassing unpleasant by\"
\"father'm what is embarrassing I'll \"
and \"I'm embarrassed because his father\"
\"I see,\"
\"Beauty is found was it I'll buy that somehow say pants\"
and \"'m Sanitary pants\"
Large'm selling to where \"\"
\"clothes shop it is I think I \"to
\"But Na, and tampons also unless you practice.\"
\"... Yeah ...\"
\"during What I can\"
\"So scary,\"
\"other, how no Na dad put do I, \"
\"Oh, Really!\"
\"Oh, it's true, please have bought the somehow pants and tampons from a pass money now\"
daughter was reluctantly went to shopping.
Speaking to the daughter about two more years it was thought that such-Na not in a bath together.
Yes, bath, and worked hard before the frog daughter trying to keep reservoir hot water in the bathroom cleaning.
My daughter came back in about one hour.
\"Yes, Otsuri\"
\"pant much die tampons how much is\"
\"pants'm tampon was 260 yen at 1650 yen\"
\"What's also show the dad I pants\"
by issuing the what looks like pants from the bag
\"This It \"
\"Thats some two\"
and \"change of clothes and dirty's one is Thats enter, so\"
it \"was Once you ought to have bought me another two or three sheets\"
\"Yeah, but if you do not try high\"
and \"You're right , but usually of the'm like pants, \"
\"The like a look have I, but is the crotch portion and other even smell off and leak prevention,\"
\"non-N ~\"
\"This tampon\"
\"Well Bathing me when one Let's go to place \"
\"It's eh of what in the bathroom.\"
\"I clean the city I do not keep in\" for putting tampons
of \"the dad I\" clean
but \"It Which even say\"
to the \"me\"
\"Well early line This \"
is also a little bulge nipple breast If you see naked in two years came with nipples lonely at the top bulges Plump after took off a daughter in dressing room. Hair also had become a woman have little flies.
It is charging out.

Daughter and Suappingu

It is met at a certain site, after the meeting many times, at the hotel, was supposed to meet, I 52, daughter 15, opponent, 55, daughter 13,
after the Sunday dinner, was exchanged each of the daughter.
excitedly, I a full erection, twice went rolling up in a row, and etc. nearly down the middle out, so here is a promise, rubber fucking

Come true desire

I did only read and give up because it did. There was no content to be written I would like to participate in the writing of the individual corner now that it can participate in last night's chill.
However Sorry so is badly sentence as everyone.
Midnight in elementary school sixth-grade daughter
\"I cold dad\"
\"Do not because I have said that tonight is cool, next to the Come father\"
was laid on my futon to say.
\"Wow ~ warm ~\"
when touched the hand and hand, Truly is cold and
\"cold are Na Hiromi hand, and warm in the father's body\"
was to touch the most warm ass with.
\"Mutcha Dan~tsu Kai I\"
\"Hiromi How's\"
and be cold to the touch and where to touch the daughter of the body
\"Do not I'm all cold, I'll be like dad warms up\"
and stroked his back and buttocks directly Did it.
\"I feel good warm hands of the father.\"
\"Do not I was defintely cold\"
soft ass so warmed little has been moved to the chest.
Breast When I stroked the breast began to swell and still cold nipple becomes hard
\"whether Hiromi feels\"
\"do! Why\"
\"No Hiromi nipples because hardened\"
\"distress, I a little comfortable,\"
\"Hiromi, hands warm high \"
\"I still cold,\"
\"Do so, Well or the most warm processing try to touch the special\"
If you try gripped the cock that erection to put a hand in the pants
\" hottest and'm Toko \"
\"it I Yaro penis dad\"
and Yeah \"Oh, Hiromi is unpleasant or\" in touch dad cock
\"I, mon there 's no that it has touched Nante penis\"
was \"Well first touch Na \"
already this state is something like a caress
and massage seen This means that what looked like chestnut open pubic hair like a little and do a hand to the secret part of the daughter, the crack because state also not reluctant.
Daughter of breath becomes wildly
\"here would be comfortable\"
\"Yeah, really feels good.\"
\"Well it has and will Shiteyaro as pleasant\"
When vagina and rubbing near at your fingertips sometimes'll or put in a hole
is \"dad strange feeling \"
\"strange it be?\"
\"mood I want you to be with you to something really feels good,\"
Okay, so here's,
\"Well if it is to do this\"
and began to put the Tochinpo to vagina.
\"Hurts ~\"
and \"I've got to put up with\"
Dung and push cock all fit
\"I'll went all, what's a\"
\"painful it ~\"
\"Sorry Na, and'm wanted to term from the previous father and Hiromi\"
\"But parents and children thing and you'll do useless are \"in
\"father and Hiromi will do it by\" good
\"kind of'm strange\"
\"strange to paddle incidentally okay to chew on.\"
\"I already say\"
is pleased to sex with was a long-awaited daughter happy and.

Of cute granddaughter

Divorced woman available at cute granddaughter daughter.
Fourth grade is the
thing when you are in granddaughter and bath, granddaughter is \"Ochin wage, not what big,\" said, has been holding, surprised me, I asked, is said I'm secret , or hold the cock of the dad, seems to have been licking
without leaving much head that it is, even in the blunder, cock it has an erection. Now, each time you enter a granddaughter and a bath, my us licking the cock
of course, and the grandfather, is the granddaughter of the secret. Us licking,

Look good bag is

There are daughter of small 1 and small 6. If Mana, or let Na and to leave
it is the parent stupid, but I'm cute and very obedient.
We are also taught the same thing in Kana you have allowed to eye mask to now small 1 of Mana to suck the cock is. Kana has also been narrowing taught that drinking even sperm that is now well because is from 1 small, Kana is, on the day of elementary school graduation ceremony, you received a virgin, it is 4 months after, or patience can, not confident (laughs)


There is also a number of rooms to live alone, and because daughter couple is close, and I was supposed to live with me, to the daughter of the son-in-law is being bachelor overseas, daughter There is also a slow day night at the part-time job, I time being with granddaughter of elementary school three years there are many, granddaughter even tame me, will listen to say honestly, you can sleep with, that you take a bath is not even that special but now the child is the early development hey, hey, mischievous heart is aching, involuntarily, still and Pettanko of chest, the pussy, you can touch, was licking licking,
granddaughter, just, just with glee kit and Kkya The Could hey, the granddaughter, and I was telling a secret and Grandpa, it becomes since then in another two years, now, and take a bath, you can want to lick your pussy, you come to expand the foot from his own I, then, and I was narrowing also taught adding your cock, and hey first had a hard time per tooth, now painting semen I became good you also Cum, since has been body twitching every time you lick your pussy, such I think I feel even in children, and if this situation
my cock, you'll be also be fitted into, and then inject my love to the granddaughter in the near future.
The city has.

5 small daughter

Daughter came home from school (small 5) in as or crunching sound has itching say that touching the groin
\"How to junior college,\"
\"is do! What\"
\"Look crunching sound and would have had itching,\"
\"luck itchy\"
\" The show is a look \"to father
\"Iyayo, and embarrassed by,\"
\"What is embarrassing,'ll've been changed Your diaper from when you were born.\"
\"It's time will\" red Chang
It is together even now if you look \"from me \"
\"The other I also'm 11 years old\"
and \"a good look and show because\"
it was a physical education sitting take off reluctantly pants.
We were spread out sleeping \"it 's from a invisible\" Then the Golon foot.
Pubic hair of downy hair that was about to grow a little. Anything rather than from the appearance
\"where is itchy do die\"
, \"here\"
is a place that is pointing to expand the crack finger had been able to red Potsun and Dekimono.
Maybe, and I think probably with even germs after you pee
\"here or greased even in'll have swelling medicine,\"
I was pasted a small Band-Aid to paint the ointment.
\"This good, and itchy also'll've got to put up with.\"
\"But ...\"
\"But, what's\"
\"something mon and I'm stuck Bansouko the strange feeling I'm dick\"
\"It is because are in filthy\"
\" mon you have to clean \"
and \"What are you to clean.\"
\"Yeah I'll have to clean\"
\"Well this is\" and is turning and white shame after the clitoris of the skin
or not it does not in the \"Look beautiful\"
, \"there is ...\"
\"Dad is I'll clean lick\"
to be begin to lick the clitoris and the daughter of
\"father there is dirty I\"
and \"Because I'm not dirty without important part of you,\"
\"something strange, pleasant feeling\"
it \"would be so, Do not \"because the place where you feel
\"itchy forgotten likely\"
to'm \"So okay, here also'll feel good.\"
knead and squeezing the nipple or the sudden nipple becomes hard
\"It feels good I really\"
it \"would be so\"
\"Dad Where the \"feels is
either gonna \"and comfortably\"
and \"Yeah\"
Pull out the cock that erection
by \"This is it\"
and \"It's a wow-tick\"
and \"I do it to stroked stroked\"
also vagina if me up here Try placed in slowly and want to be a fingertip touch. Vagina to be pushed back to put even put.
Is it still too early. Only cock was to wait until the time is come, let us break.

It is thought that it is not go

Parents died when seven. Then all the way, we are asked to grow to older brother of father of twins, older brother in the 45-year-old now, I am 14, the older brother, in the near term to have a favorite person, now said to be to live together was, sky told the story, or rather the feeling is not calm, are jealous of her brother, feelings such as take things important, I, the older brother is I like ... Father and face similar Not just because the ether, and I really like, much was decided worry, regret will not, before the older brother to live together, I want you to love your brother, you do want to become my first person It is. Really somehow I high hurdle, please tell me how to be loved naturally, thank you.

And daughter of small 6

For information Nemurase several times daughter, cunt, hand licking stinking holes in the ass, the utmost be slosh in sperm opening rubbed in painfully erect cock the mouth, I have put up, except when my daughter is asleep , there is no courage, or more Why say, it does not progress, and - and that are made everyone is I - naturally amazing

Together with Shiori growth

Growth photo of daughter continued to copy and Zu~tsu from when it was born, it was decided to take pictures of naked in consultation with daughter and I think the photo to a new album that was different from the usually beyond even 10 books album.
I started taking from underwear and I think that it suddenly in the naked some resistance. 10 several sheets takes
\"Hey Shiori, all Nugo do?\"
\"We take off pants,\"
chest began to bulge a little, tiny nipples you copy communication with Ponn.
Is in a laid variety is not a pose, you can copy a little spread to also communicate the still pussy without hair also grows.
View through the lens pussy, still pussy do not know the unclean beautiful
I tried a little spread out at your fingertips and I wanted to copy a while,
, \"I do, what was?\"
\"Because the trees and now scared\"
\"te What'm scared,\"
\"do ~ , what do say \"
\"What I\"
Maybe I thought I felt something, then no door also This means that the clitoris
\"Oh down\"
\"And if the junior college,\"
it's feels \"something\"
or \"parent! to feel good \"
\"Yeah, wonder\" what
Do not \"because\" most sensitive treatment
I \"that so, So what ...\"
\"Well, dad is gonna\" I'll be so become more comfortable
and to what \"\"
and chestnut Turn Conegliano in the turning finger skin.
\"Hya ~\"
and \"How's\"
\"Yeah, wow,\"
and \"'ll'm coming out juice from in and this way\"
\"What medium?\"
\"I here's\"
and, if you poke lightly the vagina
to come out from the \"there Roh? out come was? \"
and \"Oh, and De'll came\"
\"Yeah, really feels good I\"
\"'ll I fit here in such cock\"
\"What is that cock I cock\"
and \"Yeah, that cock I'm \"
\"Dad also put the\"
\"Kai I put\"
it's not \"hurt\"
\"At first, very painful but\"
it's hate of \"bookmark painful\"
\"anymore, it'll I have become so big dad\"
is erection and When the show bright cock
\"I absolutely impossible for such a large\"
\"Because I'm so enter properly by unreasonable'm not\"
\"I really get into,\"
\"Leave your father\"
slowly the cock in vagina in mean to say that We will put.
The narrow only Cali neck without advancing in the back people in to have subsided somehow.
\"It hurts Kai university\"
\"Unn, not yet hurt\"
one a click a commemorative photo here.
Sex with young children is also a crime but, if parent and child, no would be the parent and child's and extra useless.
I was there that are seeking further in the back while I think that like.

Transfiguration poor daughter to wife

2 daughter in had been guidance many times to the police in such poor fellow with the nightlife and man argument.
And the final Note: This next in WARNING talked thoroughly with my daughter is said to be a reformatory go.
Kehhate, I vow that you start over and change schools.
Because it is change school also sends a luggage plans to move in the moving shop car address we went by ferry. Yes it is Kyushu from Tokyo.
It is the special room was able to take in the effort of travel agencies and booking of was early.
Ship's restaurant to return to the room and finished the dinner
\"If put even to Etsuko bath, outside of it is visible'll view from the window\"
and \"I'll just sea Tatte Tsu look\"
and \"I'm so, I even entering while watching the sea.\"
\"Well if dad put\"
\"Etsuko what does not enter\"
\"Yeah, and I pass\"
reluctantly and entered are the After a while been by myself
\"nice to dad I also turned on?\"
is pleased to inconstancy of surprising daughter
\"I even course say\"
quietly came in the door is opened daughter were plated in bath towel.
\"After a long time I me to have input dad and bath\"
and \"it would be many years pretending it because since the time Na small 3's right\"
, \"over a period of trouble until the dad I'm sorry now,\"
yet to come is important to thing you've done, \"Is the good anymore \"
\"Yeah, that?\" washed dad body
\"No, it's still I\"
is \"Well today I'll wash,\"
\"Do I see happy\"
First, start washing from the back, stomach from the chest intact and penis, When I came to the place of
\"nice to here also wash?\"
That's right is not cock daughter wash.
\"Dad paddle of Etsuko is a non-large length I hope,\"
\"Yeah, in going even apologize for up to now.\"
\"Let whether to ask'm so?\"
Bachinpo to think that it is touch the daughter's a Mukumuku and勃Ki
\" The dad erection to I have, \"
\"Sorry, blunder to also erection to had\"
\"Nante I even勃Tsu of happy daughter\"
\"It's because Etsuko\"
Can you embrace and I said, \"Well it Daite the\"
if \"Etsuko wishes Dad'll \"feel
it \"happy\"
, \"Etsuko\"
was kiss and hugged her daughter to say.
It has been entrusted only to say \"dad\".
It was also a caress to cute breast and Hitsubo.
We were led to one in a narrow tub.
Since then it has led many times in the room.
Life in the new house will have to spend like a married couple.

Cute granddaughter

Of it when came to play alone small 5 of granddaughter in summer vacation.
2 hours later it was around after dinner
and say \"NanaYoshi, or does not enter the bath with Grandpa\"
reply of \"good by\".
I immediately beauty Nana immersed in the bathtub came into the bathroom.
Nipple small breast that was about to bulge a little, but cracks that have not yet grows hair to look at the white body of the upward ass and Plump, I swallowed saliva.
In came into Nana Bimo bathtub
When asking \"What if they entered the bath together with daddy\"
reply is that \"I do not contain the other and daddy from getting to the elementary school.\"
\"Do so, Ja look toward the other side, Grandpa is'll give you hug\"
is NanaYoshi in the street to say honestly, it was me to have deposited the body.
Nana beauty in the bathtub became looking to suppress the chest with both hands placed on the knee.
\"Because NanaYoshi is very cute, grandpa is beauty I love Nana\"
to say so, I turned stroked in gently finger Nana Vino small nipples.
NanaYoshi not countered.
Is a done so for a while
, \"Grandpa, somewhat weird feeling,\" said beauty Nana.
\"What way to it? No feel good?\"
\"Yeah, it feels good.\"
\"Do so, So, you want to Na Yari and more comfortably,\"
is I traced the crack was transferred the right hand down.
Open the crack with your fingers stroking gently the clitoris.
If you continue to the turning stroked the clitoris with the fingers of your right hand while turning stroked the nipple in the left hand finger
\"A~tsu, grandpa, Tsu feels\"
NanaYoshi was trembling body.


Intense sound of back fuck unique is muffled in a dark room.
I was worrying about the daughter crying over the voice as \"all right or\" daughter, daughter answered weeping as \"okay\" to stout-hearted.
It showed a false medical certificate to her daughter, wanted to really incest with his daughter I was to stuff the still daughter in junior high school addition in one to devil.
\"I say, in the love of the father\" weeping and out off your uniform and, touch the small milk outside air to remove the bra, daughter of genitals to see for the first time in a long time and the monkey off your pants from both feet grew exactly what pubic hair.

Good Na ~

It everyone is nice, to be able to get along until SEX and daughter, It is envy
me also, you had a daughter of small 6, but it is another woman of stature, from time to time, was charged with sleep-inducing agent, I went to the daughter of the room, It is utmost and of taking naked daughter sleeping in the video -