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Incest with daughter(2013-11)

Reality and delusion


Without the edge of the encounter, I had become a 47-year-old prematurely. Work is not determined yet, at a loss, and walked around the city of sunset, when you go home again, when riding in the long escalator of a certain station, a girl who was riding before, looking behind, and stared intently at me were. And, I was smiling sweetly. Still wonder elementary school. In the waist per my back. With long hair, I'm hanging signed a barrette of the two. Breast seem to be a little swollen. Eyes and cute round. In the delusion, and such a cute girl, it reminded you want flirtation. When after a while, a long escalator was coming to an end, with clapped cock my, the girl, was carried out disappears by being around the crowd and Saa~tsu suddenly. By suddenly, I did not know what kind of thing. Also that the first encounter with the girl, it becomes the adopted daughter of my later, it is did not imagine at this time.


Father of 65-year-old has been living alone in the countryside mother died.
I have taken care of the housework I went from time to time.
I went in the schedule of two nights of the holiday during this period. I tried
to open the door a little at night, sign of something people because in the dressing room while
And I have a father masturbation while sniffing my shorts whopping. I would be screaming too much of a surprise.
My father was rushed away in a hurry.
My father does not represent the figure and into the room of their own as it is, I went to bed. It had to weigh my
father may not contain the futon my woke up in the middle of the night to feel
oppressive. Was inserted in the nude by pressed
\"Aiko, you ask, only once, would be nice, but give me\"
to resist me.
I move violently.
I've found what is hot is from being poured in me soon.


Damn, Niko had given key, do not pussy licked another daughter. Pants also not put it in the place where you have seen me, and useless, dream or hope masturbation is not a dyed with pants. 1 year ago Do not was good, it was good to Okya put finger if thing.

Getting cold

yuna himekawa[2554]
Certain entertainers seems to put pearls on cock, but their feelings known.
Daughter, say that other than the clitoris and nipples, and feels the head of the cock is to enter and exit.
Moment when things became thick and fine-thick useless, the vagina and there is no constriction also vibe to pass through I wish.
What is even good in pearls, but aside the consultation ,,, unreasonable, became so cold this week and if such a cock, flirting much after dinner. View TV sat side by side on the sofa. Well anyhow, and embraced the shoulder with the left hand sat side by side, the contents touch the chest from armpit them. To stimulate the nipple with his right hand After a while. Since out panting immediately, pecking her pussy to put your hands in the skirt. If you start to va-voom with deep kiss, to the bathroom is undressed. When you open your legs and let the waist over the bathtub, the pussy is wet already. \"Papa ~ ~ I'll put another\" is signaled. Ascension immediately by rubbing the clitoris cock insertion, with a finger. And soak in the bathtub, you can sit on your lap, play with the body of her daughter for a while. You are amused and ~ hot water comes into the vagina. The cock Kitara standing, inserted in the rear seat position. Daughter shake her hips and rub with both hands in the chest, but it feels like not go in this position, to launch. It is put on the edge of the bathtub one foot of daughter, inserted facing wide open again. Daughter, so come hug with both hands, it's an indescribable feeling pressed etc. per breast. Stimulus is to make going to the clitoris and also against the waist, and begins to gasp at once. By causing sluggish knock the waist \"~ ~ take, you'll end up saying, Oh ~ ~ ~\" in, vagina also starts to spasm. Was put up here, Pies and not withstand the tightening strong. I embrace as it is for a while. Last year, it was right by attaching a mist sauna. My daughter seems to have come to love the play of in the bathroom, but bright Unlike bedroom. It looks so well Toka pussy, it looks good also medium Toka wreckage of the hymen in Cuzco inserted. Go Madokaya Locate also ledge Rashiki G-spot and rub with your fingers. But, it had been banned. The reason for pleasant time is short. When I go to bed become exhausted when play 2-3 hours, we both sleep immediately. Sheets is not dirty when you cum in this, it is no longer look after clean up the rear. Morning, daughter so happens early, it's easier because they are was cowgirl daughter wearing rubber.

Nude photos of daughter

 In the room of my daughter, I found a binder paper was printed nude photos of daughter of 5 years elementary school is still closed. From where you take off the dress, there was about 50 sheets and continuous photo that is naked also took off pants, photos taken outdoors. And those that are open in their fingers a split hair not even flies with outstretched legs, what was taken ass hole or crack is visible from behind at a high four such, not the art photograph.
 Face of the daughter that is reflected in the photograph, is like being shy, but it is not in the wind or are scared or reluctant.
 Let me see my wife, and when I inquired call the daughter, it was called \"., Which I had taken from the sister tutor\" unceremoniously unexpectedly. A college student at the National University three years of local, tutor daughter has been asked to come in the introduction of an acquaintance of his wife.
 When I came next, and talked with her ​​with his wife.
 Yourself taken with digital cameras unceremoniously, she was also recognized as passed to daughter part by printing.
 \"I am a lesbian,. Because I like a cute child,\" Why did you shoot the nude was.
 I believe her words say \". It is not sending anyone\", it is possible to erase the photos from your computer, it was provided at a later date his wife to shoot a nude of her opposite.
 Daughter seems to be healthy without any appearance hearts Fortunately body was also wounded.
 However, I feel that it has changed in the eyes eyes I see the daughter looks at a woman will.

Pet of father

We are processing woman sex father from small 5

'20 With daughter

41-year-old me, my daughter when I was 15 years old and have had went out the house wife to make a man.
'20 Since then, we have to live close to the couple rather than a father-daughter and daughter that do not even get married.
3 years since I went my wife out, I at the time I was a junior high school teacher.
I was attending college for my daughter at that time also become a teacher.
Evening it is such, I came into the bath when my daughter that I'm taking a bath is to say \". Dad, I'll sink back\".
\"I say, such a thing. Please study properly from it.\"
\"Is it because we are studying.. Towards over here crawling, back,\" said, I come on to pushy.
We were asked to wash because she was wearing shorts and also T-shirts still at that time, but I was surprised at that time to come in naked after two days.
And in the middle of the night of the two days later, I came Become a naked into the bed I'm sleeping.
I've hugged think my wife went out first I even though half asleep is, and came into the bed.
And I noticed when my daughter spans my waist, it became one, but mine had entered tightly crotch daughter already at that time.
And I'm a story I heard later, there was a favor to me from before my daughter it is there, but I also had been on his or her own behalf to see the etch site on the computer using a healthy man at that time.
And went to bed sleeping my daughter seemed seen when I'm taking a bath the personal computer, only a very put out a hand to women and school, you can have a bath while ask how my seems to have or have.
It probably was thinking my daughter, and becomes a disadvantage when the daughter become a teacher if I can fire a scandal at school certainly.
However, sex was once a week is also a week 2 to 3 months after the first from that night, I was so sleep in the same bed every night daughter by the time you are past the half year.
However, it is to have been saved only one men first experience of my daughter that was not me.
To say I only do not know in the life of the daughter Because it is unfortunate for the daughter.
20 years since then, currently, my daughter has a high school teacher I wonder desire, I retired last year of junior high school teachers, now we are killing time as a volunteer to organize the library.
I think or hope to hear little by little the relationship of the daughter of until now.