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Incest with daughter(2013-02)

Rape a real daughter

yuna himekawa[1886]
Two years ago, I raped my real daughter. Currently, I am 55 years old, my daughter Tae 30 years old, Tae's husband, Satoru 32 years old, and Tae's child (grandson) Chiga 2 years old. My wife died five years ago after being hospitalized for three years. I happened to see it that night. Tae's husband was working at night, and I took my grandson Chiga for 6 months in the bath and handed the warm Chiga to Tae. Tae opened the bath door, and when she received Chiga from me, who was hugging her naked, she wiped her body and took her to the bedroom on the second floor. At that time, I didn't miss a glimpse of what was hanging in my crotch. Tae's husband, Satoru, came from a rural area and was a quiet and modest child. Given Satoru's income, it was difficult to rent a house, so he decided to live with me. At that time, the couple seemed to be in a state of rest, perhaps because they had diminished libido when they witnessed the birth of the child who was finally given in the fifth year of marriage and saw it coming out of Tae's crotch. It was the first time for Tae to raise a child, and it would have been quite different if she had a mother here, but for a while she forgot to have sex and took care of her child. But that night, the girl who put her child to sleep masturbated while she was taking a bath, and I happened to see it. The door of the dressing room is open, and I see the girl reflected in the frosted glass of the bath quivering while putting her hand in her crotch saying "Oh, okay, okay ..." Then, the thing in the crotch gradually lifts the head. However, that was all I had to do, but when I went to bed, it didn't get out of my head, and I just slipped out of the futon and went upstairs where my daughter was.The daughter and her husband used three rooms on the second floor, one of which was the couple's bedroom and slept in the room with their children at that time. Around 1am, I slowly climbed the stairs to the bedroom where my daughter was sleeping. When I opened the door, a small light bulb was lit, and Tae and my grandson Chiga were sleeping soundly. When I went to the side of Tae, I was staring at Tae's face, closing her eyes and scratching her snoring. Tae was petite and as small as 150, slender and had a small breast, but when she gave birth to a child, she grew up and said that she would raise this child only with breast milk at that time. Such a child is 20 cm in front of my face. I remembered my daughter's foolery in that bath, and when I enlarged my crotch, I covered it and put my mouth on my daughter's mouth. My daughter, who thought she would wake up soon, would accept my kiss, perhaps dreaming, and even put her tongue in my mouth. I also hugged my daughter, put my tongue inside her, and entwined her. Then I suddenly opened my eyes and met me. For a moment my daughter didn't know what had happened, but when she understood it, she began to make a loud voice, saying, "What, dad, go away, go away from me." I also desperately held my daughter's mouth and took off my daughter's pajamas. "Tae, isn't it okay? You're lonely too. Nah," but I don't hear that. "Dad, I know what I'm doing. I'm my real daughter. No, no, no ..."My daughter desperately resisted, but her petite body couldn't move me, and after a while the resistance gradually decreased. I managed to get my daughter's upper body naked and still hold her tightly so that she shouldn't go wild. "I haven't been with Satoru lately. That's why I'm in the bathroom ..." "What, I was watching my dad . I don't like it. " "I'm lonely because I haven't been with my mom for more than 6 years. I think I was glancing at her crotch. That's okay. "When I said that, my daughter turned her face to the side and said," I don't know what to do. " It was. "Tae, okay, Tae, Tae." I said, and when I took off my daughter's pajamas pants and panties, I was naked and covered my daughter again. .. Even if she spreads her legs wide and puts her face in her crotch and licks it, she will not resist anymore. On the contrary, it even bites the finger and endures it. However, when the cunnilingus is over and I get in between my daughter's legs and put a penis in my daughter's crotch, I say, "No, dad, after all, this is what I do," and I try not to put my body in the rackeering. .. I also held my daughter's legs tightly, and although I failed twice or three times, when a big and stiff penis entered my daughter, she bent her chest and got stuck. "Tae, mine is in you. It feels good." "Idiot, what are you saying. I'm committing my real daughter." But as I move my body little by little, I close my eyes. You open your mouth and start biting your fingers."Oh, Tae, it feels good. Oh, I'm gonna go." I 've been in the hospital for a long time since I found out that my wife was ill, and during that time I hadn't had sex or even pulled it out by hand. Therefore, even though I had sex for the first time in a long time and I hadn't put it in my daughter for 5 minutes yet, I got into a great feeling of ejaculation. "What are you saying, stupid? Get out properly." "Oh, I know." Still, when he kept moving in his daughter for a few seconds, he said, "Oh, no more." Immediately I pulled the penis out of my daughter and put it on her belly. When I put my hand on my daughter's breast for the first time in a long time, she got angry and started wiping her body with a tissue in her hand.

Incest discourse

You have a sister that is a small 6 this year at 11 years old.
It is a situation of only partitioned by a curtain in the middle of the room of 6 quires tatami.
Every single night, sister toss around in bed is sleeping to write snoring underwear defenseless.
It is likely to go and just looking at the sleeping face.
Just the other day, while closer to the face of my sister over there sleeping, sperm came out in large quantities to the masturbation rubbed with tatami.
Lose the reason it is also a matter of time.

Daughter-in-law of the son Miki

When you wake up suddenly, \"Now,\" your father-in-law's,'m 2:00.
\",, Miki of the daughter-in-law of his
son:\" That Tomohide. Time or the other,
\"we are going to delivery beside me. It does not come back until 6:00.
\"truck drivers, I'm going to Kyushu laden with luggage from 5:00 today.
55-year-old me, 30-year-old Miki, son I'm a 30-year-old does not have children yet.
Miki-chan dropped waist beside me, me undressed my pajamas. Is taken off the daughter-in-law of the son pants and
trousers, \"Well,. Has become big
anymore,\" \"I mean,. One week because I have passed since then.\"
Pajamas, I put into the mouth erect penis suddenly were. Still feel in the mouth of the daughter-in-law in the penis
\",, chan Miki ,,
Oh\", I fumble for ass chest and Miki in an open hand.
Finger even reach the crotch from under the buttocks, Miki-chan Mushaburitsuku to my penis desperately.
Without hands, from the crotch of Miki-chan, I take to undressed those wearing of Miki and causing the upper body will not accumulate.
Remove the buttons of the blouse of white chest of upper body is bent, disconnect from one by one hand, it is removed from the shoulder straps of the camisole of white was then the upper body naked and unhooked bra of the same white.
Skin is not white spotless, breast forceful rich appeared.
Then attracted to here ass Miki-chan, so as to cross over my while I laid the upper body.
Miki'm straddling by raising one leg my face while conscious.
Then, when the naked undressed camisole remaining in the waist skirt Miki-chan, and shorts, I am licking the crotch of Miki attracted the waist.
If you are wet as flood, joy juice I come out from inside forever crotch of Miki.
Miki still does not try to Hanaso from the mouth my dick, licking sometimes, Sucking sometimes, it's squeezing with pursed lips sometimes.
If you are committed licking genitals of each other for a while, I have gained more and more impatient.
\"Miki-chan, I can not take it anymore,., Send put\"
When I say yes to Miki, Miki was the direction here to release the mouth from my dick.
Spit of his patience and juice I had glowing per Bettari To the mouth.
\"Your father-in-law's ,,\"
Miki called me with amorous voice, and across the waist of my back turned to me, Ategai, slowly to the crotch of his penis in my glow-in spit of Miki and I'm going to sink the hips.
\"Taha.'s Dad ,, Oh come
in,\" \"Oh, Miki-chan, I feel good.\"
Two people and get a feel of the genitals that is connected feel most of the body for a while, Miki-chan began to move the hips were.
Miki-chan to move quickly gradually the waist.
Massage from the bottom of the chest Miki swaying, I am to determine the time of ejaculation.
\",, Iiwa. ,,'s Father-in-law called us ,, ,, Oh Oh\"
\"I do and I Miki ,,. Wonder if good even without wearing today.\"
It ,, \"Yes, because it is safe day today Thank you in ,, I in.
\"It 'was found\", and I'll put out a lot in the Miki-chan.
\"It seems we ,,'s father-in-law your ,,'s father-in-law your ,,\" Oh.
\",, Oh\" Miki, I stop moving.
\"When I stop moving to grab the waist of Miki-chan, I was away from Miki once.
\"'s Father-in-law your ,, Oh, why,\"
when around behind the wife of his son in the meantime, then crawl on all fours and Miki-chan, I poked from behind.
\"Great-,, Iiwa, your father-in-law's, good, good ,,
Iiwa.\", \"Miki-chan, I'll get put in plenty.\"
When you have a waist of Miki, Miki I sat with all the strength one has I was nailed in the ass of her. Penis swelled greatly in
\"go ,, Oh, ,, Ikuu ,, Oh ,, Ikuwa. To
go\", \"Miki, Ikuzo, Ikuzo, I uhh.\"
Miki-chan, toward the deep vagina We were issued a semen Te.
I felt a penis again and again to convulsions, to defeat before the upper body limp, daughter-in-law of the son I've been held out to me the only ass that led.

Relationship with father

I'm a 20-year-old college student who has been with my father for four months. Listen to your first experience with your father. The trigger was a cockroach ●● in my room. When I was thinking about going to bed, I felt something unpleasant and turned around, and there was a cockroach on the wall. The room is rather clean, so I was very shocked, so I hurriedly called my father to get rid of him, but he escaped ... I can't sleep in a room with cockroaches! So I decided to sleep together in my father's bedroom. (My mother was in the same room, but I wasn't on a business trip to stay.) I usually said "good night" and slept, but I woke up in the middle of the night with a suffocation. When I thought that my body would be squeezed, my dad hugged me and pushed me over there. I slept sideways, hugging from behind and pressing my dick against my hips, hugging my hips so that my arms couldn't escape and were closer together. The shorts and pants in my thin pajamas were slipped off and pressed raw into my hips, and I was breathing violently. When I woke up all at once and was surprised to put my strength into my body, my father began to squeeze his dick in his hips and my father moaned loudly. Even if I said "Dad? Why? Stop it", he said, "Ah. It feels good. It feels good. I can't stand it anymore." He turned me on his back and kissed me with a penis between his thighs. I couldn't resist being pressed down, and I was left as it was.While moving his hips, he sometimes releases his lips and mutters, "Oh, it feels good," and then kisses again. I kept doing that all the time, but as I approached the climax, I straddled me and squeezed myself and got a facial shot. Both of them were stunned for a while, but when I wiped my face with a towel nearby, it seemed that I was excited again for some reason ... It has been covered again. Even though I tried to escape, I couldn't help but say "I don't like my dad" and "Stop it because I'm asking", but my dad's excitement seemed to increase. I kissed and stroked my body, and when I was done, I was licked everywhere. The chest, buttocks, and thighs are rubbed carefully, but the essential nipples and chestnuts are not touched, and the surrounding area is bullied. It was the first time for me to caress such a nasty thing, and it continued for a long time. My breathing gradually became rough, and when I tried to say "no", I was likely to moan, so I was squeezing my mouth. Looking at me like that, my dad urged me , "Look, say it feels good." "Please ask for your dad's dick ." I can't say that. When I was silent, I said, "Then I should ask my body," and I picked up my nipple with both hands and groped. Even though my nipples didn't feel that much, I was still sensitive enough to writhe. When I was satisfied with playing with my nipples, I started to attack chestnuts intensively.The moment I was touched by chestnuts, I felt like electricity was running, and I struggled to escape with fear of what would happen in the future. I was forced to open my legs so that I couldn't escape, and the excitement of my writhing was like a beast, not my father. I thought I could finish it with the pleasure of blaming chestnuts, but before that, my father seemed to be unable to put up with it, so I stopped blaming chestnuts and invaded me. While struggling with a different pleasure, I was full of "dad's dick" in my head, and while panting, I was fooled while saying "No, no." It's rare to be alone at home, but sometimes you're asked to have time and you're raped. When my mother leaves her seat for a while, she touches her body and enjoys my reaction by saying nasty things. When I have sex with my dad, apart from my body, I'm always obsessed with the contempt that I shouldn't do this with my dad. Excuse me for the long sentence. I can't tell anyone, but I posted it because I wanted someone to ask me.