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Incest with daughter(2015-02)

Memories of a daughter

This is the father of the 50s.
Before long another '20, is the story of when her daughter is still small 4, but while you're talking about a daughter and penis Toka sperm in the bath I also would ride in tone, what you have erection to daughter You can not touch, there is only thing is once you showed the place to ejaculation by treatment with their own hands.
At that time, my daughter also \"Papa, goody\" and had been seen in the curious said there, such daughter also is the mother of another married soon TEMPORARY.
When I think such impossible life that you worship the naked anymore daughter is a little lonely.

4th grade daughter

yuna himekawa[3796]
I have a fourth grade and a two year old daughter between me and my wife. My 4th grade daughter, Airi, is really cute and still takes a bath together and sits on my lap and takes a bath. Around last year, I started to see Airi as a daughter instead of as a daughter. From around the new year of this year, when I took a bath with Airi, I started touching chestnuts and said that Airi felt good. When I wasn't working at night, when I was sleeping my two-year-old daughter in the bedroom, Airi sneaked in and told me to see something strange over there, so I told her to wait in my room and waited for the two-year-old My daughter finally went to bed, so when I went to Airi's room, my dad was touching the chestnuts naked. was good Ai莉to say that I'll more feelings comb, always was doing against the chestnut bring the rotary used in his wife and sex was gone as soon and then, Dad was not very pleasant, because say you one more time Then, when I said that Airi's dad also felt good, Airi said that mom would often lick dad and cock, so I was surprised that I had sex with my wife twice a week, but if you can see it, lick it I got naked when I saw it, my dad's cock was amazing, I started licking with a completely different licking when I was always taking a bath , oh ~ Airi feels really good, I also hit the rotary on Airi's chest, daddy I too It feels goodAiri said that it's okay to do the same thing that mom and dad are doing, then I got into 69 position and dad also said that I licked Airi's Asako, so I said that it was very comfortable and licked each other there were. I also taught my daughter Fara and handjob, and then I couldn't stand it and put it in Airi's mouth. Then I drank it with my wife, mom also said that I would drink Airi, but because I said it was bad, it was my first time to drink Airi, mom feels delicious because I drank it before Airi was born Then I said yes because I said that if I drank a lot of dad, it would be delicious. On that day, I was still fine, so I licked it again and slept naked together. When I noticed, at 4 o'clock in the morning, my two-year-old daughter was crying and looking for me. From that day my wife was licking when I was working at night . Because I told you honestly , Airi always drinks daddy's white liquid, but if you put a lot of this in your mom's stomach, you can have a baby , so Airi and my sister were born, When I said that, Airi said that she could have a baby again because she and her mom and dad are doing it, and now I want to take good care of Airi and others, so I said contraception to prevent them from having a baby. Then, Airi said that she could have a baby if she put out a lot of white liquid in her stomach, so she told me that she couldn't because she hadn't grown to that extent yet. Then Airi said that she would put it in here for her dad's cock and make her want to see her mom.That's no good, putting a cock is something that dads and moms love each other and love each other, and when I told them, Airi started crying, why Airi loves dad but she has to put it in because I started to say I drilling'm hugged Ai莉said'm from made could live with Ai莉Once Bale to everyone because say what I say and I because it is no good when saying to the teacher of this is mom and friends and school, which was found good Ai莉If you say that you understand, Airi may hurt at first, but I thought that I would be in trouble if I got bleeding, I pulled a bath towel, and I said that I would put it in, and I started putting it in slowly, Airi's pussy is already Because it was messy, Airi who entered little by little does not hurt, so I entered everything as it is, Airi is the first elementary school student, so it's still narrow, but it feels really good Airi says it's okay to move slowly I started, Airi also challenged the back where she could make a voice little by little , and at the end, while kissing at the missionary position, Airi who ended up in Airi also hurt in some places, but it was good because she said that it felt good, bleeding was also great It was good because I didn't go out . On that day, my wife loved Airi on the night shift day from the day I slept with her pussy naked . Airi will enter junior high school this year. Chest also came out progressively from last month physiology it is also etched wearing rubber because began but Ai莉When you put the rubber is so attached rubber from the squid once Ai莉put in the first raw Chin because seems no Ike continues forever I don't know if I want to enjoy sex now, by the way, my wife still has sex twice a weekI'm still taking a bath with Airi, and in the bath I'm still in Airi

Beloved daughter

When daughter of small 6, or is pointing If you have to organize your daughter photo of,
was I have masturbation photos to side dishes.
The Ushirometaka~tsu was I and I remember was excited abnormally.
Since the daughter-in-law sex-less, it had been pulled Imagine the body's daughter on a daily basis,
So you will not be able to satisfy, when daughter is in 2,
daughter set up a camera in dressing room of the bathroom naked The voyeur. The excitement in the body that has been growing more than you had imagined.
Currently, daughter became high 2, is an important precious daughter in many ways for me.
And I have wanted to fellowship with my daughter someday, but it does not advance quite before.
I now desire is, you want to carefully touch the body of the daughter, How can I think you want and to insert it if possible,
if it is impossible, it is at the very least want to treasure and met with body in the photo.
You want to run Nemurase so that it is not aware of the person, it is the medicine was also ready but do not go out courage.
More of the same I think, also I think do have me better to run.