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Incest with daughter(2018-12)

6th grade elementary school vagina

As usual tonight, I take my 6th grade daughter in the bath, wash the streaks carefully, and play with the streaks while watching TV in the living room with only one bath towel. Recently, I was invited by my daughter because it feels good to be tampered with. I caress Sujiman without hesitation because I live with my daughter alone, I open the bath towel and rub the breasts that have begun to swell as if gathering meat and rub while picking a small nipple and the nipple erects firmly even in small 6 However, when I put my fingertips in the nipple and stimulated the other hand while playing with the chest, my daughter's breath seemed to be rough and I felt "ha huh". I still can't put up with an adult dick in my vagina.

Father's big cock

yuna himekawa[8874]
This is the story when I was in my third year of high school. That day was the day my mom went on a trip with her fellow nurses, and there were only two people in the house, me and my dad (45). "Then I'm going to sleep. Good night." When I said that, I went back to my room and fell asleep immediately. ・・・・・・・・・(・・・?) For some reason, I felt a strange feeling around my chest, so I gently opened my eyes. "... Oh, dad !?" He was riding on me and gently rubbing his chest. "I can't stand it ... I'm sorry, Sachiko (provisional) ..." I didn't understand the reason for a moment, but I'm also a third year high school student. I know that this is an incest that you shouldn't do as a person . "No, no! I'm a parent and child ..." "I've always wanted to be Sachiko." When I laughed suspiciously, I suddenly began to rub my chest roughly. I never expected incest to come to me. At that time, Dad's eyes were no longer the eyes of his father, but the eyes of a man. "Sachiko's nipples are really hard." I felt as I kept touching my nipples. "Ah ... dad ... stop ..." tears ran down unstoppably. Father who removes the button of his pajamas because he can't wait.Even if I went against it, I couldn't resist the power of my big father . "Sachiko is a D cup, isn't it?" She puts her nipple in her mouth and uses her tongue well in her mouth to lick it. My body reacted to it many times. I don't want to feel it ... "Ah ... mmm ..." "My nipples are getting stiff . Do you feel it?" I can't say anything to my dad who says happily with a loud voice. My nipples were so stiff that I could tell. Grab your chest with both hands and gently rub it in a circular motion. "Ah! Ah ..." "It feels good, my mom is happy to touch her nipples." I knew that my dad and mom were having sex. That day I went down to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I could hear the pant voice and sobbing that seemed to be comfortable for my mother . After that, she screamed like a beast and her mother was completely a woman. "But Sachiko is still young. The tension is different ... If this smooth feel is irresistible, it feels like you're sticking to it." Dad said, gradually reaching down. .. "Ah, ah! ... No, dad." I was so happy that I was already wet with soup stock and the soup stock was flowing down my thighs.I didn't want to know me like that. But my dad's rugged, thick fingers finally came into me. "Sachiko's here is very wet. It feels good," she grinned, and Dad speeded up her fingers. I stimulated my weakest place over and over again and kissed me with a breath of alcohol. My dad's kiss was so good that I inadvertently sucked my tongue. "Ah, hmm! Hmm ..." My dad knows the other person in my head. I was already looking good. "Hmm ... I, Iku ...!" Almost at the same time, my body shook greatly. I felt so bad that I couldn't breathe well. I found that the pussy was cramping and the body was quivering. "Well, Sachiko ... wasn't it comfortable?" Dad took out a stiff penis to Gingin. "Dad, would quite large" ... certainly. It's much bigger and longer than I've ever seen ... and it's mulberry-colored and stubbornly swaying over the testimony I've used . "Do you want me to poke you?" Then Dad began to squeeze in front of me. I'm stunned, my dad is out of breath ..."Oh, once ... I wanted to masturbate in front of Sachiko." " No ! Stop ... I hate ..." My dad's erection is getting bigger and bigger ... It was my first experience like this. Watching masturbation ... and that's my father's penis ... "Uh ... it looks good ...! Ah, uh ... Sachiko!" Dad said so and ejaculated on my chest. A warm feeling spread around the chest. "I want you to suck , hore , Sachiko" Unlike before, my dad's sloppy thing. I forced it to hold me. "Hmm ..." As soon as I got it in my mouth, it started to grow again. "Lick with your tongue ... te, re" I desperately sucked to finish this act early. "Yeah ... well ... uh ..." Lick the tip with your tongue and lick the back. I almost cry at the voice of my father who seems to be comfortable. "Huh ... hah ..." Dad suddenly pulled something out of my mouth. And I opened my crotch as much as I could. "...! No! That's no good ..." Ignore my words and insert it into my vagina soaked in guchogucho. It's too big to fit all. It's long ... it's really big ...The feeling of being poked in the back of the womb was a comfort that my boyfriend had never had before. "Ah ... nuu ..." My dad's big potash scratched my vagina, and the thrilling pleasure spread all over my vagina. Shallow and deep ... Shallow and calm movements made me feel like an adult. "I 'm going to go crazy," said Dad, piercing the back of his womb. I was screaming at the sensation of shaking my body that I had never tasted . It reminded me of my mother's frenzy of peeping into my father's and mother's SEX that day . Like the screaming of a beast, I was screaming, " Uh, uh ... wow ... uh" . My dad inserted everything ... and was shaking his hips with tremendous momentum. "Ah ... nhh ... huh!" "Hah, Sachiko Sachiko! Feelings, good ... Sachiko" I was calling my name over and over again. I greeted Acme continuously and let go of my father's big cock and my vagina tightened intensely. At the same time as yelling , "It's no good," the warm feeling spread to my stomach and I felt my father's ejaculation. "Ahhhhhhh ..." I also felt the panic that attracted my dad's jerks, and I got deeply itte . Since that night, I've been stealing my mother's eyes and tasting my dad's big cock.If this goes on, I can't think of a life without a father. My mother seems to feel something, and sometimes she looks at me as an enemy. What will happen to my home ...

\"Keiko,\" and \"Saeko\" Incest mistress

For two people it is also day-to-day busy, ask let me posted.  In companion of yesterday \"Saeko\" like screening, also is three months pregnant, expected date of birth is we told the doctor that it is July ○○ date, to \"Saeko\" like the master of the passenger seat from the car of returning home Taking a phone call, hear the joy of the master to me that the operation, in honesty I would in tears, past me also, but I was pregnant with the child of the father, it is not possible to give birth abortion, I produced I thought I like, but I was abortion in the unreasonable k. \"Saeko\" like pregnancy happy, joy fill the child's loved ones would riot great hope to the more creative. Company arrived to stop the driveway of, and other employees from entering the bitter cold seems to move, greeted everyone in the applause hereinafter referred to as \"president\", my husband open arms \"Saeko-san, thank you\" firmly in both arms of the master Idaku joy of him \"Saeko like\" exploded, would be to Deipukisu my husband, 2 people each other hug strongly, it had been wrapped in a big round of applause. How can the Tsu solved later, collected all employees before the \"Sayuri like the president\" is we arrive, head down and I want you to pick celebrating by all means make the details talk to employees, there are family even people who became seems to have been head down.  Yesterday in trouble, I will try by all means post this today, it had been decided.  21 days (gold), year-end party master is a double suite with \"Love Goddess\". This room costs are already transfer already become a personal payment, \"night of love of dedication\", I guess intense night of easy delivery prayer, \"Saeko-like\" I have them spend the same room with me, quiet night.  Next year, the president and executive director appointed to \"senior advisor\" with the representation right,\"Keiko like\" became the \"Management Strategy Department representative director,\" My husband was appointed to the \"Management Strategy Department adviser\" in the same room with the \"Love Goddess\" of the left, \"Saeko-like\", \"Senior Managing and Representative Director\", I It is appointed as the \"Senior Vice President assistant\". Dominant of the \"love of the Goddess\", I went on the first floor of the executive offices that have, in the appointed \"Senior Officer chief of staff\", but seems get the business affairs relationship, mother also entered the same room so I am, I am so put the title of \"senior officers\".  Becomes a sharing of my husband and the \"love of the Goddess\", encouragement you also work hard towards there, ask them to contribute for the company.  Less people date, we will introduce for each opportunity. After to February is the raw month of \"chairman Sayuri-like\", \"Yurie-like\" also busy I am powerful personage without a birth experience. 

To Mr. Genius Naka

It's annoying, every time, raising an old post thread that's gone. I would like Mr. Naka, a genius of board stains , to talk about Rest in Peace (RIP) along with past posts . If you just want to read it personally, why not download it and save it in your own storage? Why do you get involved? Others may find it for themselves if they want to see it, and they may have different personal sexual tastes , so your tastes may not be accepted by others, right? Above all, the reason why we fill up to 50 posts, which is the limit of the number of posts , to block criticism from others is because we are aware of our selfishness, right? Then you should quit.

Virgin daughter of a disabled person

My daughter has reached 18 this year, but speaking of 18, I think she is having a good time with her friends and boyfriend, but my daughter is mentally handicapped and has low intelligence and is only like an elementary school student. Is 18 years old. Bath is out occurred and are washed clean, such as crack under the clean breast and darker grew was pubic hair they contain and I cock and Mukumuku said to her daughter, "I have become dad or larger" "a nice cock It's going to get bigger. " One day my daughter wants to pee in the bathroom, so when I say it's okay, when I see her peeing out of the crack, the lust I've suppressed until now is cut off and the pee is over I have put in a dick. I rubbed my breasts, sucked my nipples and hit my hips. She said to her daughter, "My dad hurts," " Please bear with me a little more," and was enjoying the feeling of her tight vagina. The tightened cock was about to die and pulled out and ejaculated on the breast. I hugged my daughter and kissed her as a proof of the red virgin that flowed out of the crack. From this day, I will make the same bet and replace my late wife. I quit the disability class because it was financially impossible, and I am holding my daughter in the morning and at night.

Now the daughter of the brother to my daughter

Since the first time not well write in the post will post describes the truth. I am I now became the age of death of 45-year-old brother passed away at 45-year-old brother grew up in the brothers two people, I am a single no edge in the marriage. And the elder brother's wife last year, become a husband and wife in the recommendation of parents, brother will stay two children of 18-year-old daughter and 16-year-old daughter between the Ryoko. Two children and his wife at once is to my family, to come back in three people is also home of the outgoing Ryoko who had been living with and daughter home also will be busy, I will, to the handling of daughter a sheer ignorance, the first of the time is various be confused with bath and toilet, her have many things to teach to Ryoko of the elder brother's wife, and to be careful, be familiar progressively sex with Ryoko, first lick puzzled also it was poor of, Ryoko is seems to have become a good me to lead, recently it looks like break the ice with the Ikuiku also a major voice Ryoko, are you out in the thing and not worry about the other pregnancy . But in the married life six months of the Ryoko, Ryoko but was hospitalized for about a week now to surgery in the hospital at the Toka inspection at the surgical uterine fibroids, I, daughter of the above meet only at night at work every day in a job How can not, mind fit is the daughter of the lower became the now 17-year-old, his wife is not or entered into with in Toka meal washing hospitalization, I'll wash your father-in-law's up to the bath, at last, and his daughter and got involved, it was up to pregnancy & # 8252; & # 65039;

Incest discourse

Was four people living in the early lost her son and his daughter-in-law, grandson and wife, but my son is also in the company medium-sized, was none came back the first time rectal overseas here Increasing the performance and put in its own way of post at the bachelor There will no longer come back to say Somehow, the rumor now hear rumors that there lived a woman in the field. Daughter-in-law also pussy is like is started tingling more than a year without a man grandson grandson (the middle one, yet stay a bath and I) Wipe the body also word of Bring a bath towel with Doraya it alongside that dry hair is doing to show the pot pin while wipe the body. In the first of even daughter-in-law that had been said that wearing the early clothes now things will stay to look at me in the thought of the eye. Daughter-in-law is another Idake likely it is the grandchildren want my embrace. Slim, dark complexion, last fun SEX Suzuki with the body, the man-pot while stroking a good ass of form had wanted to cast in a cute mouth semen Blow. That chance was Korogarikomi by strange occasions. Cute little girl is also the body, is a ripe woman of man pot highest. Write Ki not a Matatsu

Mistress of incest

Saeko during yesterday's lunch, I will multiply your voice from \"Sayuri President\", will be with us for lunch, it was also attended uncle-like Executive Director. \"Saeko like and Keiko-like, it's gonna be the two of you mistress of the adviser and managing director, you would be impossible for three people mistress, if give me a general affairs chief to his mistress of Keiko like ...\" chairman uncle but while saying the executive director, I was also chimed in, it did not have is still back \"Keiko like, called the president to talk directly if the return you are\" Keiko-like \", while taking a lunch the told me that of the like, to hear it was not surprised by the bold action of \"Sayuri-like\". No way So Nante but it is not likely anyone.  Keiko like a married woman, but it is incest mistress. I also was also inserted into the birth is successfully completed Once contraceptive ring, it will be incest mistress father and uncle like. At the same \"Sayuri-like\" call in \"Harumi\" like also the third floor of the mother from, \"travelers' guardian deity-like\" Affairs chief and go his husband of \"Keiko-like\" to was not asked him to get to the destination as to.

Daughter of Burakon

Out of daughter are doting son. 4-year-old difference of the I, but I'll still be even wash Shi body into the bath, in but he son been precocious also becomes body 2 is thought to envy Do the secretly. But the son also growth period, also referred to as hate from more of pubic hair also started growing son, does not hear daughter. Sure enough, erection , but it seems to have but was Blow while poor or immediately covered in maternal instinct there is still no small 5 familiar daughter. Finally my turn, \"to do what daddy ejaculation\" daughter felt responsibility by all means tell me with. My virgin'll give Although the virgin brother get, I'm the first of the opponent's younger brother. It is something unusual family. But firm or mon to something refrain I was daughter and H, I tongue was also put spree to kiss this time and just, rolled rolled tongue rolling up massage milk. Pussy'm was caress carefully, inserted after was Dasa terrible licking finger use soft joy juice. But still wanted pain persuaded'll it later easier The first time you put the big, was dumped in the belly and remove the rubber in order to show the ejaculation. I do not know that you have decided to tell it or if there is.

Time of enjoyment and daughter

 If there is I see the plate in the circumstance, in the \"I only! Is not in the pedophile a father\", along with the attached reminded that, courage, \"various variety of father-daughter incest of shape is the fact that there is in this world.\" , is Shikiri somewhat that is caused to Dojaku.  Thus say my only daughter E is, in the 5th grade of the current 11-year-old, \"the naughty thing, outside curious of age of Koto\" in, visited the opportunity to bathe in two people in the other day the first time in several years when, \"Hey Dad ~ §, why boys everyone is everyone, to be Tachishon, girl of E is, Why ... ?? not can it.\" because came asked, \"actually hey, what the ingenuity a respectable Tachishon are'm able! \"I do not lose to boys and girls, E Nari to answer ingenuity shining and Lang Lang a pupil\" What it, immediately the U? \"of can be really in any E since I came back, \"Oh, what was Once the paddle try was once there to try washing place ...?\" \"But, I wonder a little embarrassed that's before Dad ....\" \"it's okay! it's a parent-child of you.\" to say, stay not Fumidase to the rear one step before from the bloated shame We worked to be bring to loosen the feelings of the daughter of Nari girl. Then, \"If any ideas, give me tell me Tachishon that can even women of E Tsu !!\" and, because it was Segama, in front of the drain outlet out of the tub in the \"stride opening from standing the E Has of crab the crotch of attitude \"was taken, and put the\" anti-doing a little force to the to fingers of both hands as can seen well to the back to the stomach wide open with aggressive of the vagina, which unexpectedly to easily be able to it's ...! \"\" But, I wish I thought embarrassing, .... \"\" all right! \"\" Papa until the end Come on because I'll not face back. \"\" Well, Well ~! \"then it's okay, much Monono 10 seconds when was, my \"trickles, Sha'\" from behind so was the sound of a good Pissing momentum that, \"§ How was it? will mon surprisingly can be.\" \"Yeah, but, in the secret of this thing Dad, I'm not saying to Mom - !! \"\" Oh, I'll put in the secret of the only E and Dad. \"\" Oh, daddy penis, unlike earlier, imperceptibly suddenness tell @ koni \",\" man is not, if the H mood , anyone'm such勃Tsu thing. \"\" oh ~, so Nanda! \"\" Well Dad, it Tatte Tsu suddenness imagine me of Tachishon appearance ... ?! \"\" Well, I ...! \". Read at length the poor writing from the beginning Kudasari, Thank you very much very much. Thanks! is.  to be continued