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Incest with daughter(2015-05)

And we have not conceived a daughter.

A divorce in the cheating wife, Chika daughter now (high-1), is the father of 40-year-old that the three people living with foster children (medium 2).
In fact, underground we have pregnant.
Belly of the child's father is my.
Since not yet noticeable in three months I do not know foster child.
I want to the process, what should you bring to any hospital.
Hospital that can be down without known to the foster child is is good
you might repeat, but ,, but also the same thing.

"Sequel sister is mine"

yuna himekawa[4088]
Continuing from the previous session. For more information, see Sister Incest [1249] "Sister is mine". It's been 20 years since I had sex with my sister. I haven't hidden it all the time, but my parents seemed to already know it, and as I was surprised, "Isn't there a boyfriend yet? There are more handsome guys than Yu ..." or "The law that siblings can get married I wish I had it ... " However, there are no words that prohibit sex with my sister, so I think it's an implicit approval. In other words, even if my sister and I have sex, we can't have children (grandchildren of our parents), so there's nothing wrong with it. One day, my single sister and I asked me to take care of my child. Moreover, it is sudden. However, it seems that his parents have already agreed. "I can't do it because I do n't have any experience! It's okay if my father and mother do it." "It's a shame that you can't take care of your children when you're old enough ." The chime at the entrance rang, and when my mother went there, I was friendly and came to the living room with the customer. The customer is a mother and a daughter, the mother with the daughter is a subordinate of the father, and my mother is a junior at the same workplace. Age is the same as my sister. By the way, the parents of the house are married at work. My daughter is called "Madoka" and is in the 5th grade of elementary school. My father was also happy and introduced me and my sister. But ... "As I said before, it's my husband and wife." My father suddenly said to his real sister and brother. "eh!?"I was surprised at what my parents said and made my eyes round. "It looks like an older sister and a younger brother," my mother follows. I couldn't swallow the content and was stunned when I saw my father and mother. My sister seemed to understand immediately, and asked, "Well, does that look like that ?" "As you heard, you're a good couple." "That ... not a couple ..." , when I tried to stop, my sister pulled me to the hallway. "My parents see me as a couple." "It 's not a couple, but an older sister and a younger brother." "It's strange that siblings have sex. It's okay if it's a couple. Parents' feelings. the Get guess " " ... Oh, I see ... " " the other, Baka'! " after returning to the living room, even while being dumbfounded, to try to put the conversation of parents and elder sister, was desperate. I glared at my parents, saying that I was ready for my heart if I told them in advance. At the end of the introduction, "I live here as a son-in-law. My parents died when I was a kid, so I think Naomi's parents are my parents. (Strongly with all my heart ), my kind parents are helping me ... Naomi-san is spoiled as my sister, " he said, calmly and calmly. This time my parents are angry. About Naomi, my sister is desperately trying not to laugh while hitting my back. "Well, is that so ... Do you have your husband's parents?" "Yes, well ..."I will answer with a play that seems a little sad. "Ah, is your husband younger than your wife?" Madoka asks. "Yes, you're a cute husband. I proposed ." She replied with a smile. "Yes, that's right." I shook my head, scratching my head. I messed up and became confused, and my parents hurriedly changed the topic of introduction. "It's the main subject, but next month, I'm going on a trip with my subordinates and my wife, so I'm thinking of leaving my daughter to you." "If so, shouldn't my daughter go with me?" "That ... my mom worked hard after my dad died, so sometimes I want to take a trip for a change. And there's a school ..." says Madoka. "Oh yeah ... where is Madoka-chan's school?" "The same school as XX girls' school, I and Naomi," says her mother. "That's right ... I'll give you a look while my mom is away!" My sister happily shook hands. At that time, I didn't miss the light touch of my parents saying, "It worked." (That's why ... I wanted my sister who couldn't have children to play with a child somehow. I wish I could say it properly ...) So I decided to take care of Madoka-chan . However, I didn't even know that I had sex with Madoka at a later date.

The secret with my daughter.

This is my first time, but thank you. My daughter was in the third year of high school and I was 42 years old. My wife, 46, four years older, is a good wife for me. At that time, my daughter said, "Daddy, boys are saying phimosis guys to cool their friends, but what is that?", But my wife is next to me, so "Who is saying that?" "The boy is ... making fun of you." "That's right!" And the wife said, "I'll explain it honestly . " How can I explain it? To be clear, my daughter can't do it now. When I said, " I know when I grow up, " the bride said, "It's the same with my dad, but I'm not ashamed to be teased." Daughter "I don't know, but so is my dad ." Because! What? Mom. " Wife" Yeah. Daddy, show me! " " Don't say stupid things. " Daughter" Bring me daddy! " Wife" Look, daddy out. " Daughter" Daddy. "Hurry up" "Oh, that's a man's cock!" Daughter "Lie ~ I don't know what that dad is!" Wife "It's hard to explain! Daddy" "If mom explains it, There was a banana in the fridge. ” My wife said,“ Ah! That's right, ”and I'm enjoying TV in the living room. After that, my wife got up when she took a bath.While saying that, my daughter came to my side and asked, "Is that so for my dad?" "That's right." My daughter, "Show me only a little bit, please." "Oh, I'll show you my dad too. It's embarrassing. " Daughter" You've been in the bath until recently. " "I saw it at that time." Daughter "I didn't think about that, so I don't remember." "Okay, let's take a bath again. Is it okay at that time?" Daughter "Then, mom is in now. from, you'll "enter together it was" found, when I went with Mom. because Dad also go " daughter" I go in after a long time in three!? " and" you're right, "said with a ... daughter" Mom, "Enter with me !" Wife "Okay, come on ! Daddy?" Daughter "Enter with me !" I was right behind. I took off my clothes at about the same time as my daughter and entered the bathroom where my wife was waiting. When you enter together and soak in the bathtub! My wife, "Daddy, sit here," points to the chair in the bathroom. As I sat there, my wife grabbed my cock and began to explain to my daughter. My daughter sees it seriously.My wife lowered the skin of my phimosis-like cock and said, "Usually, it's still in this state, but like dad, the skin returns to its original state, this is phimosis. " Well, then I knew it because I was a dad. " I" That's why. " Daughter" But it's funny, dad, mom, can I touch it too? " My wife says" It's okay "while looking at my face But I was wondering what to do. My daughter said, "Daddy gets cold, so can I touch it in the bath?" The three of us soaked in hot water. The daughter immediately touches the cock and plays with the cock while looking at his wife's face. My wife had a slightly complicated face. At that time, my cock started to grow big and finally reached its maximum. My daughter said, "Daddy, you're angry, are you okay?" Wife "Isn't it okay?" Daughter "I'm okay, I'm daddy." Wife "Is it okay?" Wife "I don't know" Daughter "Interesting I can't think of such a big one" Wife "What are you saying I won't play" Daughter " Put it in my mom !? Show me" "Mom, What should I do? " Wife" I'm not embarrassed anymore " Daughter" I'm not embarrassed with my dad and mom " "Okay. Mom, sleep on the mat." Wife "Yeah, I 'm embarrassed." When I touched my wife's pussy, it was wet instead of hot water in the bath. I opened my legs and turned the skin of the cock and put it in. My daughter really sees the place she entered. When I got here, I became serious and showed my daughter the whole story with my wife. The daughter said, "Ah, mama, do you feel good?" Wife "If you experience it, you'll know soon." Daughter "Daddy, is it sperm?" And picked up something on his wife's belly. I was looking at it. My daughter said, "Get out of the bath and show me again," but my wife said she couldn't because she was going to sleep. My daughter had a moody look while looking at my face. I told him to get rid of his mood because he could see his dad. My wife goes to the room. My daughter and I lay down together on the sofa in the living room. And when I take out the cock and watch TV as it is, my daughter is touching awkwardly. However, the cock became larger and the skin was peeled off and the glans was exposed. At that time my daughter, "Dad, Is the I's parent and child, look to put to me." "At first I hurts!" Daughter "all right, the first time that not a" "Eh!" "Had deceived little" daughter "You!" Daughter "Put it in early and see" "Is it okay with my dad?" Daughter "Like my dad was a good mom." I hadn't forgotten that I was a parent and child, but I decided to put it in and put it in the narrow pussy of my wet daughter. My daughter says, "Daddy is big, so it may hurt a little," so when I was moving it, my wife was there! My wife, "What are you guys doing? Parents and children!", And when I tried to pull them apart, my daughter said, "Mom, I've always wanted to do this with my dad, so only once!" Wife "No, leave early. You may leave " because the daughter," Please, do not pull out Papa " my cock, had over smaller little by little. The wife finally said, "It's really only once, so be quick." Daughter "Thank you, mom." The wife was staring at me. Perhaps I helped with that too, I was embarrassed to go with my daughter's pussy. The wife who saw it said, "Daddy, don't put it inside." "I know." Daughter "No, it's okay to put it inside." Wife "What if I get pregnant?" Daughter "Daddy mom, so noisy. te " had vigorously out on top of the daughter of the belly when called. Even though I had just been my wife, I thought this was amazing. The relationship with my daughter started from here. I have an appointment with my wife, and when I don't have a wife, I always do it.My wife seems to believe and never says anything. I've always had a family that can talk about anything, and my daughter, I'm strange to say, has always been a dad, and she likes me more than anyone else. Next month's 6th daughter will be 21 years old. I'm still having sex with me. Now, unlike those days, she is beautiful as a woman. I can afford to have sex, and I learned to go.

Daughter with intellectual disability

Gobusatashiteorimasu. Since then, I have been deepening my deep love with my daughter by buying H tools. In the thread I wrote before, I refrained from writing because it was unpleasant to write corrections for simple conversion mistakes. > Every month, my father used rubber for contraception, which turned bright red from mouth to nose for several days . I have never given a pill. Not long ago, after being betrayed by a friend I trusted, I became worried about what happened after I died. Besides, my daughter is so eager for her child that she has come to think that it would be better to have a family with blood, and she has not been contraceptive recently. While I feel sorry for my newborn child, I think it will be possible if there is a family bond.

Cute child

She had thought until the okay to marriage, married another man.
Is I was shaken hung bifurcated,
also of the prior single life in '20 now from women distrust. Such folding, was reunited with her ​​that was dumped.
After all, it's a good woman.
That mingle again, but it is adultery because being together with her ​​second husband.
Daughter is one person, a child in front of her husband, also will soon twenty-year-old with a beautiful woman.
I that plotting a revenge 20 years ago, I'll do absolutely parent-child bowl.
Once, I decided to mind.

Fox arrived

Daughter is sleeping. and no wonder get up early to it because I came to my place where divorced.
We have a religion while small There are apparently mysterious power to me. Although the daughter that you are being bullied came to be Jorei to me, I went to sleep while you are sitting on the couch. The pubic area and down the cute pants rolled up the skirt out only曝to air. It's the beginning of the ritual.
Small 5 of genitals is cleansed in my saliva. Splashing sound and sound spread the smell of just a little bit of urine echoed in the room. Go to the back of my tongue is the daughter of the mucosa, bad things attached to the daughter cleansed in my holy saliva come in overflows from the vagina becomes the love juice. I'll purify in my body I give blotting clean.
But it's still, it is not complete unless drink the holy liquid to daughter.
Also on further its do not must Yara to expand the vagina with my holy finger for symptoms to improve the streets of further care if serious.
I filed a daughter.

Because it is rain Even though the holidays

Likely sky down to now. Since the daughter-in-law is working, lunch while watching TV and a daughter-in-law (after take of the daughter-in-law) was not to talk to and what to do. Daughter suddenly \"Mom, I'm not trying to cheating?\"'ve Been saying Innovation. \"Why not,'m mon, such as same uncle-chan\" and say say while twisting his neck and \"kana Tteyuu cheating?\". Where I say, \"Maybe more crime than cheating!?\", \"Well, quit?\" I have been returned to the grown-up words is. While referred to as \"well Na'm not -\" also, to touch the hip that firm from the top of the jeans, the \"touch boobs\". It has touched so as rolling the nipple and to say, \"Let's go to the bet.\" When you naked to go to bet, call comes from the bride. Daughter-in-law is, seemed to become a cold, it was a phone, such as coming back from now. Well, the distance of about 30 minutes to come from the workplace, the voice of the daughter begins to pant 15 minutes to the piston is placed in there that immediately folds was Nuresobo~tsu as \"How? Do you try to\" and to say to my daughter, \"soon to\" If you're doing while listening, and to come to abdicate to climax say, \"I put out\", the first time the words that \"I put it in your mouth.\" While I think I will do good to the withdrawal to the desired sense launch verge, he was raised out and gushing to a small mouth. While it from another come back and say two people, he was wearing clothes. The daughter did not even try to Serve from the mouth, it was said that if you listen to \"drank of?\" And \"because I wanted to drink the sperm of uncle-chan from before.\" I have been a little surprised, while I feel happy also, Matane! While he referred to as, as if nothing had happened, was the sound that opens the door to when you went to the living room. It was the moment of the close call.