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Incest with daughter(2017-12)

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Miyu's dad

yuna himekawa[8429]
 When Miyu was sitting on the sofa and watching TV, Dad came next to me, hugged her shoulders, and said, "Where is Miyu-chan's nipple?" I will end up. If you tickle and laugh, your nipples will be gently clicked and you will feel more comfortable. When I said "Daddy, my nipples feel good", I was told "Miyu likes to have nipples" and "Now, take off your clothes", and in a blink of an eye you get naked. When Dad sits Miyu in front, she gently grabs her breasts from behind and clicks on her nipples all the time. Miyu feels more and more comfortable, and her body gets squeaky and it gets hot and she can toro. "Daddy, Miyu feels better. I want to do more.", "Do you want to have more nipples?", "Hmm. I want to be a dad.", "What does Miyu want to do?" Dad seems to like to irritate Miyu. "I want you to touch more. Touch various places." Then Dad makes Miyu naked and rubs it here and there. Tummy, inner thighs, waist and neck streaks. Miyu clings to her dad's neck and makes a voice. "Ahhhhh Hah, more, more, different. I want a dad. "Please, take off your clothes, dad. I want to go to bed." Dad gives me a deep kiss and finally reaches out to Miyu's coveted Toko. It's already slimy, "Miyu is horny, so wet. The pussy is cracked and engorged and plump. Do you want daddy? Do you want me to put it in? This nympho daughter." Recent dad is a little S. Miyu is being trained little by little. "If you make your dad feel good and make him bigger, let's put it in." Miyu takes off her dad's sweater and shirt, then her pants and pants, and holds her slightly growing cock. Dad is sitting on the sofa and Miyu is kneeling on the floor. My dad is so big that I can't hold him to the root. So while moving with the right hand, the left hand touches the exeggcute. Serve with your tongue hard. I can't stand it anymore and my hips get sick. I can see that my body is getting hot and it's dripping, and the juice is dripping. Oh, I want you to put in your dad's as soon as possible. Eventually, Dad's dick ticks and turns upwards, turning red-black and awesome. The glans is so big. "Daddy, let's go to bed already!" Finally, my dad stood up and carried Miyu to the bed, hugging the princess. When the two of us lie down on the bed, Miyu is very happy to be held in her dad's chest. I kiss you a lot and spoil you. "Daddy, daddy, put it in now." But my dad didn't put it in yet, and when Miyu's legs were wide open, he buried his face in the center and cunnilingus. "Miyu looks really wet." While saying that, I reached out and both nipples were crisp. Dad licks his tongue in a circular motion, or spreads his tongue and licks the whole pussy. "Huh ..., uh, if you do that, Miyu will be crazy. Put it in and put it in, daddy." Daddy squeezes his tongue and puts it in a little bit I licked it and said, "I put it in, is it okay?" Miyu is at the mercy of the pleasures of her nipples, the pleasures of chestnuts, and the pleasures of her pussy, but she can't get her dad's dick in, and she's almost crazy. When Miyu shouts, "Dick, daddy's dick, put it in, put it in!", He says, "Please put your dad's big dick in Miyu's pussy, right?" What an S daddy! If you ask me exactly as I was told, I will rephrase it many times, such as having a quiet voice or with more heart. I couldn't bear it anymore and said, "Please. Please put in your big dad's dick. Please put it in Miyu's pussy. Please. Please!" And finally my dad changed his posture. It leans on your body. Ah, when I think that I can finally get my dad's dick in, I'm full of pleasure and happiness. He puts his arm around his strong dad's back, kisses him, and slowly sinks down, saying "I'll put it in." Nevertheless! I stopped at the place where I entered a little, and said, "I entered." "Please, daddy, put in more. I want you to put it all the way into Miyu! Then Miyu feels really good. Do you know? Ah, I want you, I want you to put it in." Miyu is disturbed and becomes half-crying. "I'm a really nasty child, Miyu. Do you want something like this? You! It will reach your stomach. Is it okay?" Daddy's is really big. And it feels very good. "Okay, okay, put it in, put it in! Please! Daddy." "If you say that, I'll put it in. Open your pussy wide!" As Miyu said, I spread the pussy with both hands and slowly went inside, saying, "Hey, I'm going to enter." It's thick and hot, and it feels dazzling. Miyu's mouth unknowingly leaks a voice saying "Ahhhhh!". Daddy put it all the way on Miyu, slowly pulled it out, and put it all the way in again. "Ahhh, it feels good. Daddy's dick feels good. "It's okay to cry more. No one will ask. It's a secret only for Dad and Miyu. Does it feel good? This is it! Scream more! More!" Miyu's house is small but stands on a large site, and the soundproof room that my dad made as an audio room is used as a bedroom, so it's okay to make any voice. Miyu loses to the pleasures of her dad's movements and makes a lot of great voices. "Does Miyu like this? Do you like sex with your dad? It's really a good thing. Parents and children. Is that okay?" While saying that, my dad's movements gradually become more intense. "Ah, I like to be a dad. I like dad! Miyu, it looks like it's already crazy. It feels good! Ah, good! Good!" Miyu's body is burning and sweating, and it feels as if everything in her body has become a vagina, and every time her dad hits her hips, sexual pleasure spreads to the back of her stomach. It is. From my mouth, there are words, screams, and pant voices that I don't understand anymore, and sometimes I feel like screaming. It was so full that I couldn't tell how much I was struck by my dad, and I felt like I was screaming and screaming with my voice, and my body was lifted up. Most Daddy's movement, which was slow at first, became squishy. Miyu can't stand it anymore, and she says, "Daddy, Iku! Daddy, Iku! I can't stand it anymore! The inside of the vagina and the whole body cramped, and a tremendous pleasure struck, and I got sick. As if to match it, my dad also groaned, "Daddy is awesome! Ugh, uh, uh, uhhh!" I did. We share that the intense pleasures gradually turn into happiness as the squirming and screaming subsides, while overlapping and deeply burying the dick for a while. Miyu puts her arm around her body and kisses her a lot, saying, "It was really nice. I love my dad. I want to stay with my dad all the time. I want to do this with my dad all the time." Dad had a gentle face and stroked Miyu's hair, saying, "I can do this every day."

Aborted daughter 22 years old

Today is a holiday due to circumstances, and my wife is not at work, so I will post it.  It was one night in September, when I had a small restaurant that I sometimes drank, and sometimes I drank alone in a quiet small restaurant, and my daughter came in when I was drinking. "Dad" "Hmm!? ... What ..." "Mom tells me that Dad is drinking at a small restaurant near here." "Extra things" My proud and beautiful daughter So, deep inside my heart, I thought, "I won't give my daughter's virginity to anyone ."  Along with my daughter, I ordered some side dishes to drink. I wonder how long I was drinking, "Let's go home soon" I was drunk, but I think I was sane, when I called a substitute car, I said the destination was <love hotel>, words came out My daughter, who was sitting in the back seat, was looking out the window, and the words that had been hidden in her heart came out, and the driver searched for a suitable place and naturally hugged the hotel daughter and kissed, "Dad. Take off your jacket, skirt, and blouse, and when you take off your daughter's lingerie style for the first time in lingerie, the breasts are big and when you put both hands on your back, you manage to remove the hook and shift the shoulder strap of the brassiere to the left and right I also took off the paired shorts that slipped down as it was, and there was a thin beautiful woman herself, I was also taken off by my daughter, and my foolishness was already awakened and I was ready for battle. "Father! ・ ・ ・ ・ ”Enters the daughter and bathroom, young and beautiful daughter of the body to carefully wash soft feel of touch, we had a light kiss to the nape of the neck massage tits from behind , "Dad ... the first time that the ..." and face it daughter in front, I hugged each other and gently hugged "Dad ... An ..." With such a beautiful daughter, I made a deep kiss with my daughter who was lying on the bed and sucked, sucked the left and right tits and sometimes licked my nipple, My daughter made a cute voice, and I opened a secret place, my tongue crawls, my daughter made a cute voice, sucking and licking and sucking, and my foolishness was already at the limit as if love juice was coming out. "Mind you, do it by entering into the Rie" proceed push slowly, daughter rising pain "from entering into a little more paddle ... can endure" "Dad ... A'otosan ... father" of daughter back He completely died until he was completely submerged, and he overlapped with his daughter and made a deep kiss, and the thrusting daughter made an annoying voice and radiated into her womb. "Ah ... Dad ... Hot ... Ah" My daughter fainted, and my foolishness was buried all the way to the back of my daughter, but the semen was still spilling out. I overlapped with my daughter and my daughter's soko was tightened and tightened, and my daughter noticed how long it was and clung to it strongly and did not move with it inserted for a while. "I love my dad ..." I was relieved to be able to gently pull it out by sucking it with a long deep kiss. When I lay down next to my daughter, she hugged me, included her nipples, and sucked her breasts like a baby.The sheets were dirty with virgin bleeding.  After asking for a substitute car from the hotel and returning home, my wife secretly loved her at a love hotel without noticing it, and her physiology disappeared and she secretly completed the abortion without being noticed by her wife.  It seems that he recently inserted a ring, and when it comes to pills, he sometimes goes there and his wife may notice it, and my daughter and I are in a forbidden relationship. He said he said when he was drunk. "My dad will get the virginity." I will avoid further details.

Maybe a chance daughter

Daughter and wife are in a bad state. This is because there is a problem with his wife's personality. My daughter is often crying. However, my daughter's mental state is unstable, and if she is kind to the old man in the city, she will definitely follow her. Even for me, the appearance of a flashy high school girl who tries to take a bath makes me sick.

Daughter who found his wife's secret diary

I am in my late 40s, my daughter is 22 years old, who graduated from junior college this year, and my wife has died three years ago.  When my wife was fine, I used to do outdoor sex on a drive, and I also laid out a leisure sheet in clothes that my wife could easily take off, and overlapped with my wife there and loved each other.  A year ago, my daughter found a diary in the back of the closet my wife was using, but I was surprised when she started reading. The content is written about marital life, there is also outdoor sex on the drive, and it is too naked sex content. "From the kiss that overlaps with me who became naked, my husband sucks on the tits and sucks the nipple and is bitten a little, my body reacts to it, and I feel that the bottom gets damp ... • the horny body ... you come ... soon ... I welcome the master wide open legs, have pushed up strongly all the way, to the whole body, such as it is not my body in the feeling ... you ... It's okay ... My husband pushes up my uterus powerfully and the pleasure wraps my whole body ... I put you out ... I hug my husband strongly and my legs are entwined around my husband's waist and my husband releases it toward my uterus ... ... feel ... not unplug your joy ... and ... my husband tighten the dick tightens and the consciousness I had fallen in a sexual pleasure " is part, husband and wife I don't think I'll leave sex in my diary, and I'm surprised that I felt it in my position.  That triggered me to connect with my daughter and get a virgin.

Was unusual

 I am now 62 years old. My wife is 42 years old, 20 years younger, and has a 22-year-old daughter.  My family has been taking a bath with three people since my daughter was born. However, as my daughter grew older, the bathroom became smaller and I decided to enter one by one, but when I was there, my daughter would definitely come in. I am still with my daughter when I am 22 years old.  It's often said that it's strange to the public, but this is normal for us.  So I've seen all my daughter's growth and physical changes.  My daughter seems to be easier to talk to than my mother, and she tells me a lot about him.  One day when I was taking a bath with my daughter, I suddenly asked, "Are your father and mother having sex?" "There is no such thing. It's a rut." " Do n't you have an affair?" "I didn't do it, but I told my mom that I could do it." "Then she really did."  My daughter was curious and asked. "Mom, I'm telling my dad about that."  " I'm telling you to hide and sneak ." "That's why I heard everything." My  daughter wanted to hear more, so I told her.    "It's like a man who got along on the net."  I went for a drive and went into the hotel and had sex.   I told them that they had erotic sex because both were for sex.  My daughter said, "Dad, how was it when you heard that story? I was angry? I was jealous? I was excited?"  "Yeah, I was a little excited." At that time, I suddenly remembered and had an erection in front of my daughter. There is no hidden purpose.  "Dad, did you remember and get excited?" "Cute."  "If my dad gets an erection, it's big."  My daughter asked, "Can I touch it?", So I silently stood in front of her. ..  My daughter touched me. For some reason it felt good, so I closed my eyes and soaked in it, and it became even more binging.   My daughter started licking with a tongue.  I forgot myself. My daughter is giving a blow job. I also rubbed my daughter's breasts. My daughter doesn't say anything.   Because my daughter told me to kiss. A kiss of Bello Bello Lero Lero.  I told my daughter, "I can't stand it just by kissing my dad."  My daughter said, "Yeah," and turned to the back and touched the wall.  "You can put it in". I couldn't control it.  When I touched my daughter's pussy, it was wet and slimy.  My daughter was also excited. The cock was applied to the pussy and it was inserted slowly.  "He said my dad was wonderful." He was voicing while killing his voice as my hips moved.  I said, "I've done this, but I don't want to end it this time alone."  My daughter said, "OK, let's do it all the time."  I was excited.  I was about to fire it, so I put it in my daughter's mouth. My daughter also gave me a cleaning blow job. The two were satisfied.  

6th grade sex course

My 6th grade daughter was playing with her classmates at home, but suddenly it became quiet, so when I went to the room, two men and two girls were all naked. Moreover, the boys were erected, and when they said, "What are you guys doing?", They all hurriedly put on their clothes and went out to escape. To the remaining daughter, "Why did you do that?" "Because I was interested in the naked boys." "Why are you also naked?" "Because if you show me, you should be naked." " in, see what I thought "and do I" amazing me "boy " I What do amazing, " " penis " " it " " because at first is getting larger to Come Tsu small " " anymore Anna that "No, I wanted to see more." "If you want to see that much cock, I'll show you my dad's guy." Saying that, lowering your pants and exposing the black cock, "Wow, it's black." "If you use it for many years, it will turn black with melanin pigment ." " Do you use it?" " Do you put it inside?" "What's inside?" "What, haven't you learned yet?" "Tell me your dad." To teach from the beginning that it is for sexual education, "First of all, as a woman's body gets older, her chest begins to swell and the first tide is reached." "What is the first tide?" "It is preparation for giving birth to a baby. I say the first tide only at the beginning and then say menstruation and visit every month. ""Where does it come from?" "You can't tell by mouth, so take it off." Lay the naked daughter down and spread her legs. "It's coming out of the hole here." When I point to the vaginal hole and say, " Hmm, " "So, when I do this," I flip the skin of the chestnut and click on the protrusion, "Wow, it feels good." "Well, I'll do it myself." When I stroked the nipple with my palm, "It feels good here, too. " "The next time the cock turned black, I put it in here." When I put my fingertip lightly in the vagina, "That's it. " tinkle from entering? " " Oh I'm so enter them Although it impossible for now. " " Why is unreasonable do now? " " it's because still small hole " " Fu Mmm " cock have erection painfully at this point For education, when I let him hold it, "Wow, it's hard and warm." I felt like I wanted to commit more than education, so I put it in an immature vaginal hole. He was pushed back as if he refused to accept it, and only the temporary neck managed to put it in. It is a strange sight that a black cock pierces a pussy that does not know dirt, but I stopped here because I can not push it any further.

Desire to daughter

From the time the daughter has become in 2, we come to horny and looking at the daughter. Sexual desire becomes more and more strongly against the daughter, recently it can not be suppressed is. Even while feeling the gaze of the daughter, it has been seen in the eye, such as licking the daughter of the body. We masturbating now daughter of underwear, but you can not suppress the desire to daughter in masturbation.

Raise the virgin to the father

I was 30 years old and I gave it to my father before marriage, so my mother died a little before my 20 years old, provided that I lived with my father after marriage.  After getting married, it was still in the morning on a holiday. <Dad, do you sometimes take a morning bath? > With that in mind, I boiled the bath, and my husband was still asleep, so as soon as my father came in, I went in with him. It was not uncommon for my husband to take a bath with my father after going to work on weekdays, and sometimes I went to a hotel, so I continued to have a relationship with my father and loved each other.  "He is Kai would okay are you?" <Still I'm sleeping> "Kai? Were working hard until possibly late" <tired of it ... what's a couple> raised to wash his father's body, roughening I was looking up and holding my mouth. "Ah, it feels good-it will come out if you do that." While holding it in my mouth, I let it emanate toward the back of my throat and drank everything. When I put it out of my mouth after it became a little soft, my father hugged me and it became a deep kiss.  After I let go of my mouth, I stood up and had my father lick my dick, and it was already moistened with love juice. Naturally, the bath became longer, and at that time I was out of the bath with my father without thinking. My dad wrapped a bath towel around his waist, and I just wrapped a bath towel around my body and entered the living room.  My husband was sitting on the couch looking at me and my dad. [Did you take a bath together! !! ?? ] A few days later, of course, I talked about divorce and noticed the relationship between me and my father, but he said he had always thought it was suspicious. My relationship with my dad promised to keep a secret. Currently, I am spending happy days with my father in a married life.

Sex education for daughters

I saw the scene where my 3rd grade daughter is masturbating. I was careful to be careful and ended it, but probably because I ended it easily, I started to masturbate more boldly. My family is a father and son family (my wife passed away when my daughter was in kindergarten), and my only child is my daughter, so to be honest, I didn't know how to deal with it. However, it would be difficult to start masturbating outside like this, so I decided to discuss it. As a promise, he suggested "do not go outside", "do not openly talk about masturbation", and "do as quietly as possible". However, my daughter who is curious about H is not convinced. I took the time to persuade him, but on the contrary, I was attacked by various questions. I can't help but explain in detail about masturbation and sex. Not only oral explanation but also practice. It was really painful, but I think I could understand it enough. I was bleeding from the pussy and anal.