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Incest with daughter(2015-04)

The morning of today

yuna himekawa[3964]
Daughter-in-law in the daughter-in-law work, rest. Daughter, door I still sleep left open. I because it was too much to drink yesterday, but went to once again bet, her daughter does not sleep worrisome. Today, we think that it is trying to masturbation alone, it is when the daughter of the sign is to the other side of the door doing chewy. It's as if they heard the sound. Then you feel you want to give to show, nor be ashamed I feel. To stop the hand, to the sound that tries to get up, my daughter went back to the room. and not sleep and you think, when you have left the room to go on living, daughter you have slept pretend is \"uncle, foot hurts,\" has been multiplied by the voice and. It seems muscle pain seems to have friends and badminton yesterday. If you say, \"or I'll bring in compress\", has been said to want massaged, when you have been raised massaged to say and Uri, \"uncle-chan, it's a good one When you have a mother,\" that what in in the? When I hear, it than that \"would have been masturbation?\", I Well! If you say, it has been said, \"Yumi whether I'll was hand?\". When you issue the thing frankly trousers and pants because it is two people anymore familiar was Tsu Nugiikiri suddenness, daughter brought the oil, is it also knows where there is another from my bedroom. And it began squeezing and chewy. There is no technique as daughter-in-law, but it is small clause, beautiful young hand excite. \"Yumi, skin was doing to lower shear\" was me in the street and say. Vigorously ejaculation after a few minutes. While says while looking me in the face and intently \"I not alone,\" Let me clean carefully wiped with Tesshu, to me said, \"Once bathed even in the shower.\" In drinking, because knew that the was sleeping not even take a shower, and told me gently. Shower not even bathed in daughter was me doing me a hand, I asked whether the smell did not care, referred to as \"because it is like the individual smell of uncle-chan\". Daughter confessed and would love mine of Scent Rashiku Circumcised feeling. If you wanted, if you say so in the future, the mine became happily small, and I've been e mouth. Once again, I was erection, as it is pushed down, put over there daughter not even too wet. It is not know to be replaced with those of the daughter-in-law have been the difference for some reason Shaved. But we have that you can not hear. It is, it is because I want to stomach as it is so excited. Because indeed a second time came out to be time-consuming sweat, daughter seems never culminated, but do not blame me too until there. After the story was that it lay on a little with the end is, \"I lit mom!\" Say. Expression of his face, seemed to reverse the meaning of. Now earlier, but I went out to say that it go to friends and karaoke, and a kiss in front of the entrance, was carried out ran away to say \"mom today I'm the night shift as it is!?\". Nor is exhausted I night twice in the morning? ? While I think that was sitting on the couch.

Stepchildren of wife

I, 45-year-old. Wife is 46 years old. Three times that you invite to drink in my absence at the stepchildren of his wife who was job hunting after graduating from the University of daughter-in-law work. By no means beautiful than the mother, but daughter why there is sex appeal. How can call me for my uncle, when the wife had committed playful in my absence, where it touched the chest a little pushy, so do not say anything, and rolled up a tee shirt, bra also remove it Shaburitsui to tits It was. If you try to Kudaso jeans zipper as Mai is the truly likely to grip my hand, we have to stop the movement. Still, lowering a little pushy, eggplant is been deposited the body to remain, even though there is no thing that you also kiss up to it, normally were combined lips but was found well that are tense. At that time, it did up there, in the meantime and again, his wife and on the bet that you are sleeping with my wife I'm sleeping alone has become yo coming at the time of the early morning attendance. And I had met playful as usual, but there daughter had wet soaked. I also I become Bing than when his wife. I think the chance today, all then remove, over there the daughter, but to try to put, do not fall easily, over there in the form and position different from the wife, narrow, I was a superscript. Since the expression of such wants pain when well look to try to put while I asked to be \"painful?\", It is because \"big ...\". It is a thing of my not large until there, was like that of the boyfriend had been dating as I asked well is small. And the put was also fleeting, since the convey to become the piston movement to likely go as has been several times said to be \"fast I\" but had the patience, you've soup on top of the belly. While so excited was I not the odd thought that might have been thought to premature ejaculation, were wiped those large quantities out in Tesshu. Embarrassed, I was a daughter have a look, then,
there was a daughter to go become a bold out to repeat the SEX many times. A mine lying on the sofa with or lower the zipper, and I've been e mouth. I do not know to what was sympathy because I variety of phimosis feeling a little and say, \"I dirty that do not wash\" me \"I'm like better phimosis\", it also, so that the notice later that this is not a lie. Since then, this relationship has continued even now. My wife, I say aware, but it seems to be the indifference. Daughter sometimes \"and mom is the? And\" You have heard that \"do not separately from care, if! Yare,\" but for the time being to say and to be \"I Yumi can not be because the next room,\" I called. Is it aware as a woman and whether the presence of the mother? ? \"SEX with Yumi,'m not to do with mom because feels\" I was a little happy face and say. I do not think that it will quit this relationship, daughter and me. You'll end up when you're in boyfriend, but there is no for now such signs. I can not be away from the young daughter of the body.

Beginning of the act with his daughter Mai

Mai 12-year-old, a sixth grader, has been growing even hair under and chest begins to bulge.
\"Do go to my
bath?\" \"Entering Yeah\"
in bathing with his daughter has become a daily routine
first have washing dang the body of each other wash from me, whip it with plenty of body soap to a sponge, I started washing from the back chest come naturally while erection wash carefully lift the cock in hand wash around both feet in, it is wash grabbed the cock
\"I became greater today.\"
\"Because Ah feels Na\"
do I, \"Hey dad this you are touching Te and gonna my dick is wet come, and No weird me this?
\"\" I just became so whether you get wet whether adults'm not a separately strange \",\" What adult? \"\" so that you can have sex The'm became \"the\" marks'll thing try to put? \"\" Dad's cock and me do? \"\" try try try is so is that ... \"and\" flame if dad in the Mai N ~ \"\" I of this large unreasonable I'm \"\" I'm this enters unexpectedly by unreasonable'm no Na \"\" But something is painful, \"\" the first time'm hurt anyone, and get used if you how much you and me to come up to I, \"\" get used accustomed, \"\" sales individual differences N ~ I indescribable because there is \"\" along or a little interesting but \",\" for the first time is early or slow Do not because that experience someday but I just do \"and\" It's by ♪ I dad I want to put in the Mai? \"\" Well and Is the want to put \"\" Let's start it from there licking it's really \"and\" okay \"to move to the\" Well faster agarose will thing Beck To me, \"\" First of each other too much and is good but, \"\" good if not hurt, \"\" Ee~tsu lick of Mai also started licking sleeping in the form of \"you\" is probably okay and because they touch always Yeah \"\" I to you is never licked It 's okay to touch Well \"and\" I understand if doing \"69 lick of dad year. Daughter was also example sucking the cock somehow to mouth. When'll across chestnut in the lips body has reacted with Pikun. I was certainly wet if you put your finger in the vagina. \"Hey I'll came out something from the previous dad penis\" \"has been wet Mai here Great\", \"it is I know you come out as slippery Toka so as not to damage the vagina\" and \"marks'm so N ~\" \" Yeah it feels good mon \"\" Well do try soon put \"it\" has been pounding \"replacing the system first before whiff a try into the holes. by advancing a little more back to \"How's it I went a little\", \"still I'm not large length\", \"This university,\" \"Yeah it is not still hurt,\" \"It's How This\" further recommended to back \"still large length not\" further Since all go to the back fits \"all you entered was but\" never hurts to it If you're not hurt, \"do? Though no at all painful,\" he started out. In parting with his wife is pleasant tightened cock to the pussy's narrow vagina hole of 5 years and because it is 5 years. Dangerous \"I pull Mai one end\" and I think this while it is still the \"What?\" Was covered by issuing the rubber from the drawer of \"this while it is still and I might be pregnant, So I know you covered with a rubber\" and \"non-N ~\" Beck To cornerstone to the \"to that there is no where I tried to show dad rubber\" \"'ll say'm this\" again inserted covered with a \"strange shape I\" rubber cock, massaged a little swollen milk to start a high-speed piston. As early as I was stopped piston attacked by a feeling of ejaculation. superimposed the lips to \"paddle okay to Mai Kiss,\" \"Yeah\" soft lips. When pushing the tongue and began sucking tongue. When kissing rubbing both milk Chitsuana is transmitted to the cock of running Hikuhiku. The start of the piston again. I had to fast launch. Sex with daughter Mai has become fun now.

In my absence of mother

From yesterday, mother I have gone to Taiwan travel plans of friends and one week.
I and 10 months of a child in the house, and 3 people father.
Father today, I was stared when I raise the tits to children.
You sleep from now, but I'm worried or not father Yatteko.

Poor father

I am living in a father and two people.
Still, I mother days of junior high school students had the affair.
I left the house in a divorce the father in order to live with a man of the people I met in the circle.
Junior high school, high school and I became the bad.
Same blood as the mother is perhaps flowing.
You think I say haphazardly.
and met the boy, or had been the adult men and sex.
By the time you graduate from high school, I was rough and crazy sex with more than 100 people person.
Reality of to back me the world was the father.
The father I am grateful.

Incest discourse


I could not just kiss I was doing in force Tsurekon to hotel AneTakashi. Dick that erection to Bing was me saying I big Once you've touched on AneTakashi, by me rub AneTakashi. AneTakashi was chewy Chico, why say or how you do not know are also rubbing forever. Put your hands in the skirt to AneTakashi dose Anta also bathed it with a fire waiting touch the pussy and let me bathe and shower by Kashii shame'm this remains to tobacco wearing AneTakashi equipped of Basuropu you came back to take a shower The AneTakashi who had smoked a cigarette on the sofa that came out in the shower while dangling dick if me deny it the was trying to next to who was on top of the bed to sleep AneTakashi I'm facing Move from ass crack to slid the finger the hand in the Basuropu of AneTakashi, Touching to Gunyugunyu Nomanko. The sister dick because touch is Anta whether Thats wet Takashi towel I also that were seeded in waist'll can be seen AneTakashi'm becoming so was warped Hadake is moving Hikuhiku. Sister hand of noble hand or not you doing'm good at AneTakashi is've done by inserting in Mankono as crawl move twist and a chewy chewy chewy Hey chan feels good by finger that had touched pussy grab the penis. AneTakashi Nomanko you'll stir the medium and is allowed to Kuchukuchu and apparently sound that has been wet immediately come wet to Bichabicha. I not only to, and wanted to see it look even tempering the insertion portion of the AneTakashi. The terrible scraping loincloth Tamanko to go Suriyo~tsu and Zurizuri had a waist of AneTakashi Put the legs under the thigh of AneTakashi looks like can be inserted at any time open half. Were placed in a pussy it is ajar close dick while watching pussy. There. . . I was doing was inserted into the vagina deeply even floated the ass alternately. it contains are AneTakashi Nomanko to AneTakashi bean paste, such a look'm looking mine contains, oh ~ shame Kashii. . . Go close the mouth while staring at boobs AneTakashi to Nugashi the Basuropu'll never want attentive to ze I was with from shoulder to here. Again inserted crotch to the cover overlays vagina was may have breast good distinctive firmness rolled Sucking with tongue in nipples massaged to lift from the bottom AneTakashi to directly AneTakashi to solve the leg that had been entangled that began gasping Nokezori was doing put to abandon back a deeply putting penis the waist between. There inserted until Guigui protruding back to to come come rubbing the pubic bone part comes up more back, ~ Ha~aha~aha~a Oh hits the uterus to hit hit, AneTakashi, annexin. . . Huh N ~, good very good more rummage and of sister and pussy smashed and had I to taste the pleasure of rubbing in crazy hip pretend in the vagina, stomach, ze nice to go to Iku KUU pond yo ~ Okay gone by earlier AneTakashi useless, Well-Ikuikuiku, saidーーーー

If you were successful relationship with daughter

It is common for that touch the skin with each other well little playful medium-and daughter 20-year-old student does not depress but ahead from there.
And to suppress the horny every time you touch the skin of the well there daughter when you are at home in the daughter and two people only is barely.
Under or become panty full view from the stockings are curled skirt to Toka Aru there playful There are a time only panties.
Please e-mail the person who the tech such for having a relationship with your professor.

Daughter is also his wife now.

Wife in '10 has passed died.
Last week, we have been the grave of his wife, the daughter and two people have daughter also serves as the birth celebration.
Mai 29-year-old daughter, I 55 years old. 12 years ago and rather than say the father daughter has become a close relationship to the couple.
Wife went out made ​​my other man 14 years ago.
Then four years second wife and told to have died, but still the nationals I had to me, it was Nemurase to my parents' grave.
\"Chikako, Mai also became a respectable woman. Now though, such as good can have grandchildren and if to have. Originally us also do our mind also looking for me.\"
I told you so in front of the wife of the grave . And kissed it as abutted against the wife and embraced his daughter.
After that I went to the hot spring inn that has been reserved for the birth celebration of daughter.
Nakai-san has been said, \"It is a fine young lady.\" When passed through the room.
I split second answer as \"wife.\".
Although daughter had answered a laugh, you can enter the open-air bath endless loan together, but had been laid also two sets futon to sleep at night, one set has no wrinkles as it is, another set is disturbed enough sheets are shifted have had.
Be appreciated Even Nakai's when you see it.


I am in my 40s. My wife is in her thirties. My first married wife will be remarried with a child. It's been five years since I got married. My wife's stepchild is a girl and has been living with her since the third grade of elementary school. He is a very good boy and wisely calls me daddy. Seen from the side, it looks like a parent and child. Such a daughter became a junior high school student. She has grown taller and her breasts have swelled, turning her into a woman. I have come in contact with them normally. However, my daughter seemed to have entered a rebellious period, and she felt lonely when she went to stay at a friend's house and stopped talking. I can leave my daughter free, but don't let her get rid of herself. Hold yourself firmly and think and act firmly. I was saying something like this. However, it seems that he was playing as if he was swept away by his friends. At that time, my wife was hospitalized. He seemed to be dizzy all the time and became ill and was hospitalized for examination. For the time being, I was hospitalized for a week. When I finished work, I prepared meals, ate with my daughter, and cleaned up ... I did the laundry and cleaning. My daughter just looks and doesn't help. Why don't you help my daughter? Do you think it's hard to see? I'm a girl, so please help me. My daughter suddenly doesn't need a mom. You don't know daddy, mom is out in the daytime. I'm definitely cheating. He said he saw a friend. Is this the reason for my rebellion? I thought. I didn't tell my daughter, but my wife was on the part when asked by an acquaintance.I want to go home before my daughter comes home, so it's about 9 to 3 o'clock. The money was saved in my daughter's account. Only my daughter didn't know. If you ask mom, I don't think it's something to tell. There must be a reason. My daughter is good about mom ... What do dads think about mom? Which is more important to me ... Both are important . What are you talking about? My daughter loves dad. You can have a romance because the blood isn't connected. Mom is in the way. What are you talking about Daddy, your dad. My daughter will not be a mom lately. It's sexless. I was surprised. What do you want to say when a child's mouth says something like this ...! What do you want to do! what's with that! My daughter told me that her friend dedicated her virginity to her older favorite man. So I'll give my virginity because I love dad. I was ... I didn't know what the surprise and wonder was. But when I heard that, my penis stood up with excitement. I was delusional instantly. Certainly there is no blood connection. But ... when I was taking a bath that night, my daughter came in. I was surprised, but it's bright and we can join together. When I was told ... my chest was swollen. The lower hair was growing a little thin. My penis has stood up. What a standing dad. It can't be helped ... It's big ~ I saw it for the first time. I couldn't control my reason.I pulled my body in the bathtub and kissed. I gently rubbed my chest and licked my nipples. My daughter was confused by her first feeling. I opened the pussy and gently stimulated the chestnut with my fingers. My daughter was a little crying out whether she felt good. After that, wash your body and become a woman for your daughter? When I heard that, yeah ... I went to bed and carefully licked my pussy. A little man juice comes out and the pant voice ... does it hurt? It feels good there. I licked it carefully for over an hour. My daughter is Dad's Ochinchin ... what? Licking my dad's cock ... Apparently he was studying with a friend on an erotic DVD. I'll lick it. My daughter was awkward and chewy and put it in her mouth. Lick the ice cream, lick it. My daughter is licking ... Then, in the back of her mouth. Am I okay with my daughter? Isn't it painful? My daughter had even put the root of Ochinchin in her mouth on the DVD she saw ... Apparently it was an Irama DVD. I'll put it all the way to the root. Daddy feels good ... My daughter filled her mouth, and in the back ... then I inserted it. I put up with it painfully. I felt guilty ... but I did it every day until my wife was discharged. It's been two years since then ... I'm still with my daughter. Since I bought a house, my wife works at an acquaintance from afternoon to 9 pm. I go home at 6 o'clock, so I spend 3 hours with my daughter after 6 o'clock. Almost every day except menstruation. My daughter also grows up and gives a blow job to add to the root.At the woman on top posture, as I taught you, only the waist moves back and forth. My breasts have also grown a lot. The pussy has also become an adult pussy. I love electric massage machines and vibrators. Daughter says. I'm sick, so if my mom is gone ... I think. I'm happy to continue this relationship up to about 20 and say goodbye to my wife and be with my daughter. Until graduating from high school, I will fully use and teach. It's about time to use anal as well. I'm brainwashing my daughter by showing her exposed SM DVDs and posted magazines. I'm a bad father ...

New life with his daughter

Daughter and Futarigurashi which have been to Tokyo for advancement from March began. Bachelor lonely life until now is the very happy changed completely. Morning, wake up with the smell of breakfast us to get ready daughter. Weekdays and me also make lunch, can you say me in with a smile and waved as in cute voice \"nice day\" to leave a little early. Even tired at work, and have a light when returning to the room, and Futtobu is tired cute daughter who welcomed with a smile. Dinner also wafting also delicious likely scent If you have provided us with. Postprandial can take a bath always together, resulting in an erection natural and skin Petting so little narrow. I want to give wash tits and there also, but in the back only, still cast aside is not attached. Anyway, I want to give to wash all over the whole body. In the evening, side-by-side futon, you are sleeping together. Though it only once, awake in the middle of the night, it was a lightly kiss daughter of lips. Was excited to much remember the first kiss. More I want variety to. The goal of love with his daughter SEX.

Incest with a 28-year-old adopted daughter

I am 70 years old. Ten years ago, Megumi, who was 17 at the time, jumped in at me for a consultation about her sister, who was cornered by her violent and violent mother and repeatedly attempted suicide. She was also a model for amateur photography, and although she had small breasts, she was a refreshing girl with a refreshing posture and walking appearance. After that, my sister improved a little, and Megumi also entered university, and for four years she had been devoting herself to medium-distance track and field, and she only occasionally showed her face. After graduating from college, Megumi got a job and started living alone, and it seems that her family relationship has changed slightly. Megumi grinned, "It's a domestic divorce," because the father was a person who was shut up and had almost no presence, and he was eating alone away from his mother and two daughters. With Megumi's independence, her sister and Megumi's line of defense, which had been on a joint front against her mother, collapsed, and her sister committed suicide, and Megumi also overbreathed and retired from a leading company. After that, Megumi jumped into Butoh, and then joined the contemporary dance buddies, dancing with fluffy bow hula-like buddies at the bar at the end of the field, which was called a live schizophrenia attack. When I went to see it several times, I was covered in sweat and hugged me, and Megumi was pleased. Somehow, from the standpoint of watching over Megumi with the face of a guardian, I was becoming known to my dance friends. Then, from that time on, the pace of Megumi's live performance became tense, and I started muttering, "I have a headache," "like a mute personality," and "I have suicidal ideation."Finally, the love triangle of the boys who are dance friends (although none of them have a particularly deep relationship, there are accompaniment for each live performance, a photographer, and an amateur imitator young man around him. It seemed like a pod-like scent in the inside) popped, declared "I'm going to die!", Canceled the apartment, and put all the clothes, PCs, and household goods that I had no belongings around. Then, I had a stranger buy a ticket and set out on a suicide trip to Southeast Asia so that I could be struck by the compulsive rare city. The boys around me asked me, "Megumi trusted only you, so please help me somehow." Megumi, who wanders around the villages in the mountains, which takes several days from the town, and somehow got an email. After several exchanges, he said, "With the promise of my adoptive father and daughter, all my friends have had a relationship, and Megumi has returned to Japan. After that, Megumi Mubun is a poorer ♀ dancer from another group. In addition, I rolled over with one body and managed to survive with my old clothes and friends' alms. My mental state sometimes flew my memory, as if my personality changed. Even if I took a walk, my parents' violence suddenly The trauma was repeated, and I had a symptom of squeezing into the road. When a mouse appeared in the rented room, I called me. Mystery from before was getting worse, but " I'm dying." I stopped it, "so I decided to look at the situation without seeing a doctor. I myself had suffered from sexual addiction and withdrawal until around the age of 27 or 8 due to sexual abuse of my mother from early childhood, so I was worried about the deep sadness of Megumi's switching personality. There is something I can sympathize with. As an adoptive father, I decided that I had to watch over like an adopted daughter, and sometimes I had to eat, listen to my mood, and not stop my interest in dance.Megumi's multiple personality, the most childish personality, seems to be kindergarten level, and remains sexually childish. Even if I walked around the city, when I held hands, I was told that I was happy and had small breasts. I had thrown away everything, so when I entered the store to buy shoes, the store's sales daughter and aunt told me that it was cute, and there was a mysterious fairy-like expression on my face. .. " And yet, seems there is a trauma that has been chastisement been peeled naked mother in childhood, her dance, disconnect one after another the things that are expired, when the virtue dance in front of me, become naked Is the finale. The sweaty nipples and thin lower abdomen were good eye candy for me as a lolicon hobby. After the dance, hug the sweaty naked blessing and kiss the forehead, the erected nipples and the wavy lower abdomen while wiping the sweat, and you will be able to leave yourself. Eventually I started to get an erection. I hate my mother, so I refused to be a woman, and many of my friends were Bian friends, but I made sure that even if I changed my hair or clothes, I was "beautiful?" Come on. From around last fall, I started to worry about myself being a woman. I have no choice but to kiss my lips (laughs). Even so, he said, "It's scary to entangle my tongue," so I only kissed him for a while. This year, I've been entwined with my tongue. However, during that time, I was holding my breath, so I couldn't hold my breath (laughs). I hurriedly started going to a yoga class to study breathing (laughs).After the dance, I massaged, grabbed my cute breasts, chewed my nipples, and made a beautiful voice and shook my hips. I used my fingers to check the joy juice that springs up, as if I were looking at a famous one. Even though she has small breasts, she has an adult body, but her heart remains a little girl. Even so, I muttered, "I'm happy with the days when humans are active." When it was terrible, I had a dark and murderous face that I suspected of having schizophrenia. We are planning to go on a tour to see Sakura next time, so I'm thinking of jumping under Sakura and licking chestnuts and anal to develop a pale sexual feeling. Even in this post, there is a story about junior high school students and younger suddenly showing a sexual reaction like a mature woman. The frozen heart with fear may run into sexual orgy as a reproduction of panic, and sometimes indulge in orgy all the time, seeking a cock like a pillar in the core of the body. .. That's because I've experienced it for a long time. Still, like Megumi, in the case of being abused by a little girl, you can inadvertently become frigid, and the point is that if you don't keep in mind, your sexual sensitivity will not grow. Gen Nie has recently come to want to touch my body by squeezing my shoulders on the train. Such skin contact leads to a sense of security. I think it is the job of a 70-year-old adoptive father who has a career in sexual addiction to watch the development of sexual sensation. If you want Megumi later, you can experience anything, whether it's SM or random.If the conditions are right, somebody may eventually give a healthy young man a blessing in front of me. You may get married. Well, even if I get married, I will check the sensitivity of chestnuts, anal and squirting from time to time as my adoptive father, and I know that. "It's like an enkou dating , " says Megumi, "because I'm a lifesaver, I'll leave everything to myself," Megumi mesmerized by her 70-year-old grandfather. I know that the M-ness raised by parental abuse controls the life of the child. Without my slavery, Megumi's life and beauty would not have been recharged. Whether it's normal, SM, or incest of a mother and son, the bond of human life is painful, so erotic shines. It's strange because the painful erotic looks not cute (laughs)