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Incest with daughter(2018-04)

Love each other with my father

About three years after my mother died, I was connected to my father on the night after the funeral. I loved each other until a while ago, my dad worked so hard to put out a tremendous amount in the womb, I had a lot of sex on Sunday, I was sucking breasts, I slept with my nipples included I wonder if he worked hard, maybe he's tired, he's  still fine at the age of 45, he loves my body. I think I will continue with my father in the future. I'm still sleeping, but I'll be back in bed.

Incest affair

yuna himekawa[9042]
I am 26 years old, my father is 51 years old, and my mother is 50 years old. Currently, I have several staff members independently, but when I became independent, my father helped me to open my body and accept it.  Of course, my father was the first man to experience it for the first time, and after about three years, I knew the joy of a woman, and my mother didn't know about it, so I continued to have a relationship.  I'm meeting with my dad today, and at around 5:30, my car is always parked in the parking lot, and at a nearby meeting place, my mother tells me to have dinner outside, but of course I love each other at the hotel. However, after that, my father's usual pattern is to drink at the usual small restaurant and then go home, but it seems that my mother is not aware of it.  Sometimes I have a meeting at the small restaurant, and since I am drinking to go to the hotel from there, I ask a substitute, but it is also known that parents and children go to the hotel, but because I keep a secret That helps a lot. I love each other at my usual hotel today.

Sex life with daughter

I am 51 years old, my daughter is 25 years old, and I was headed by this company a few years ago and I am in my current position. Now I have a physical relationship with my daughter, but at that time I was still a normal parent and child.  Daughter to a buffet party has also been called together, there is also the the hotel to Orimashi booked a room had been said to want change of clothes from her daughter, "Dad, not you do I Kigaere together" it is said from daughter still have a change of clothes to go to the hotel, I decided to change clothes with my daughter, "Dad, lower zipper" under that was surprised to begin to lower the one piece of the back of the fastener of the daughter without any naked, wearing no underwear Wearing a dress that was bare on the bed with no bra is also no panties, and with no bra naked, "fasten with a zipper on your dad's waist" The back is almost exposed and the zipper is from below from a position slightly lower than the waist I kept it up. I was surprised that my daughter was so sexy, and I changed my clothes, but I was surprised.  A little mini sexy dress got a lot of attention <Is there such a beautiful and beautiful lady? !! > My daughter responded with a smile, and I wasn't expecting her body line to be so sexy. There was a talk from the person at the party, and the plan to organize another company is in progress and I am ready, but I have to put an officer on the organization, so I have a talk, and I can be with my daughter, so the officer I was told that I should leave my daughter as a secretary, but I made time to talk with my daughter at a later date . Therefore, I will make a rest nap room and I will need a shower because I am a woman, and I will arrange it in the officer's room, so how about it? When my daughter looked at me and was still in a normal parent-child relationship, my conditions were not bad, and the consent form was already prepared that day, and about a month later, I was appointed as an officer at the company. ..  And it was the first night of incest that night that she had a relationship with her daughter, and she was still determined to be a virgin, and she was tied up with her daughter two years ago and went to hair removal from that time, and now she grows slippery. It's easy to stick to it, it's a naughty incest life, and she thought she could be pushed down when she changed her clothes.  "Dad, officers are decorations, right?" I have the right to make decisions, but the guests are contacted in advance, and it's my job to make sure that they don't interfere with my work, and my daughter is also a bare leg, isn't it? However, I do not leave the boardroom, and when I arrive at the company in the morning by a car, I enter the boardroom and do not meet with employees until the time I leave the office in the evening, so I take a break to the extent that it does not interfere with my work. Sometimes we love each other in a nap bed.  I can't say that I'm strong, but my daughter makes a decent effort, but my daughter tells me that it's just like a person, and I don't want to be so strong. It's been five years since my wife died, and I reported that I had a relationship with my daughter when I visited my wife's grave.  I am contraceptive and will receive me in my womb. Today's lunch is a visitor and my daughter is good at home cooking. I told her to try yakiniku in the garden, and I wonder if a cat will come, but is that okay?  Well , I 'm about to prepare the garden.

With my real daughter, Genname Yuki

I'm a 46-year-old man who divorced my wife three years ago and now lives with a 19-year-old daughter, who has been dropping out of high school for two years. I used to play without getting a job until last month, but from last month I didn't say that I should spend money, I went out in the afternoon and came back around 12:00 pm. Recently, I've been buying clothes and so on. I was wondering if I was getting paid. But I don't say where I work and I don't know what I'm doing, so I'm on Saturdays and Sundays, so if I follow my daughter last Saturday, I'll go to the health parking lot in the neighboring town (about 30 minutes by car). When I look at it from a distance, I feel like the back door of health, and even after about an hour, the car in the parking lot remains as it is, it doesn't move, and when I work here, it's the core. Then I went home, and from time to time I went to the parking lot to check it, and when I finally entered the store, I couldn't stand it, and there was a picture of a girl at the entrance and a picture of my daughter. I entered the room thinking that I didn't know what would happen, nominated Genname and Yuki no Musume, and waited. I will write it again after this.

I pulled it out with my daughter's AV

The daughter of a nursing student was on AV. I was very excited. She sucks the actor's penis with love, smiles, is fitted and makes a gasping voice, convulsions, and goes. What does my daughter look like? A daughter who is pierced from the back and blows, alternately sperm is put on the face and licks the penis beautifully. Ah, I want to commit too. I will try to negotiate.

Virgin adultery of a pitiful daughter

My daughter suffered from cerebral palsy when she was little and couldn't move her limbs freely. Even now, at the age of 20, she is still undergoing examinations at a university hospital, and the other day, a counseling doctor told me something unexpected. I did. Let's say Yuka. According to the doctor, Yuka was also around the age, so she was interested in sex and was told that she would like to masturbate, and her father was also told to think seriously. An ordinary healthy woman could do it herself, but it was impossible for Yuka who was handicapped, but if Yuka wanted it, she visited the doctor again and talked about what to do. If there is a mother, the mother should help, but when I talked about what happened because I was bereaved of my wife, my father said that he should not think unpleasantly and recognize that it is a healthy act and help me. After thinking about it, I bought an electric vibrator and fixed it in my daughter's room, took off the underwear on the floor, laid it on the bed, turned on the fixed electric vibrator, and left the room for Yuka's crotch. I asked myself whether the sadness and the act I was doing was the correct answer to the pitiful Yuka. A few minutes later, I went to Yuka and said, "I'm sorry, let me do this," and when I removed the vibrator, the sheets got wet with love juice, and I got rid of it with mixed feelings. Of course I also wipe the genitals, but I was naturally licking the genitals with my tongue and cleaning it up. Yuka also seems to be comfortable with "U ~, U ~", so I gave a stimulus to the vagina and decided for a generation and pushed my foolishness. Yuka is wrinkled between her brows and endures the pain. I taste female genitals for the first time in a long time. I fell into a forbidden world, perhaps because it was a happy act for Yuka.

I love the Father

The current 31-year-old bachelor, is so retirement age is determined by the father 58-year-old company executive. I Although I was raised in his father after college graduation, seems there are other men in the mother in the story I heard from my father, I will return from the gradually less and less work for the husband and wife sex life slows down from around junior college admission also becomes lot of, so I found there is a had remained hickey Rashiki marks on the chest becomes a night Asagaeri, seems mother had to know to have a relationship with the biological father. Of course it was divorce, but I did not know it had a relationship with his father.  We continue to husband and wife sex life in parent and child, but my father has been stuck sucking tits like a baby. Of course it is a contraceptive You have accepted the father to the uterus. It came to be rubbed sucking father I have been developed until now C cup. I think you have often smoked been to.

The 20-year-old virgin I gave to my father-Part 2-

It is full of the other's right, today, do you go out with my father, but Tsumo is due to somewhere hotel on the way back , not bra with zipper one piece of the back, for I was allowed grave only shorts, can not car sex because ordinary car Probably, my dad seems to be ready to replace the car, so he's saying that he's going to make a car model that seems to be able to have car sex this time, he seems to go out.


But that of the law of the mother is referred to as \"the Mama\", such a law of the father I wonder if call Nante Well, were deprived of their virginity during the summer vacation of the small 6 in such a dad is also done many times forcibly, so if the other But now well and is made to go in front of the elementary school graduation, www had been crazy to do even during pregnancy in the summer of 1, abortion Bale mom in, I was divorced become a fight, I was carried out on Dad barely it does not contraception from high school graduation, in January, not yet pregnant Heck, Dad was like pedophile, the other so much ,,, \"Namame a girl, virgin get is me\" Datte old man often as similar to the view here I

Practical teaching to a daughter who wants to know anything

Recently, my 6th grade daughter asks why and why, and the content is about men and girls, and recently I woke up to sex such as "Why I don't have anything attached to boys" or "How can I have a baby?" I'm having trouble finding the answer. Questions have been materialized since the beginning of the tide. "I we're ready to be the baby I physiology" , "do not tell me what mon sperm I'm sperm at school I learned I can and meet in the ovary," "You've got really what you want to know" "specifically I want to know what sperm are like and how they get into the ovaries. " " It 's something that men and women can love each other . " by binding ... "and " Oh! binding of genital? I do not know, " " I thing that can be seen if a little more adult. " " that's want to know by now I do not want " raise" Okay! tell me if say until there but ready good one "is " not I not why to expect " ," would I want the meaning of the bond is to know, " " I'm so " " it's because should not be not described in the embarrassing part of you of the embarrassing part and dad " " along " I know where the baby is born." " I know that." " Tell me where." "... Oh," "Yes, send sperm there.""I don't know that." " I'll explain it, so take off your pants." Let the girl who took off her pants sit in the gym, spread her legs, hold a mirror, and say, "There's a hole here." and say, "Yes" , "there'm feeding the sperm put Otokonochi 〇 po" "Fu Mmm" put a little finger into the vagina hole "I'm entering the wind to say," I feel that was found "a little "I do, but something is hot ." "Yeah! It feels good for both men and women to stimulate with a pair of pants." While saying that, when I put my fingertips all the way in and stimulate the G spot, "Ah! "Something strange", my eyes are torn and my mouth is half-opened. My crotch is so painful that I want to get into my little daughter's vagina, so I hurriedly take it off saying "I will teach you with practical skills" Show the erections to my daughter, "This is going to come in ." "It 's impossible to do that big." "It's surprisingly easy to go in." My daughter's vagina is already wet and ready to welcome. It was. Continue to slowly inserted, Cali neck fits "gonna entered half" "..." When pressed further , "I - a little sore," "Let patience because after a little" all fit young vagina went "all, Look at it. " " It's really amazing. " " This is how you can have a baby. ""Does your father also sperm?" "It's impossible." "Dad doesn't sperm ." " I can't sperm in you." "Why?" "I can't make a baby with my parents." "a - I do not look at sperm I" "only if watch'll sperm" "I want to see you Yeah see" Chi 〇 baggage in rubbing before the daughter remove the "Do good! well I have preserved" was ejaculation. "Wow, it's coming out of such a great place." "That's right." "But it felt a little nice when my dad was in." "Well, why don't you try putting it in your dad's bed again tonight?" "But "Baby ..." "It's okay because I wear contraceptives " "What is a contraceptive ?" "It's something that prevents babies from being born" "There is such a thing" "In the adult world There are various things. " " Hmm. "

Return daughter

I'm Asami, 30 years old. I had to put up with my mother-in-law for 10 years, but my mother-in-law's compliant husband was also disgusted, and my mother died a year ago and returned to my father who was 63 years old. I am helping my father with his self-employed work. When I was drinking with my father every night, they were both drunk and embraced by the momentum. Then every day the bath and bed came together. My dad's trouble is that he doesn't let me shave my armpit hair. My pubic hair is dull and very thick, and my armpit hair grows quickly and turns black, but it doesn't let me shave my armpit hair. When I take a bath every day, I raise my arm to my head and lick my armpit hair. I'm embarrassed, so even if I say stop, he won't quit. When I grow up every day and get naked, my armpit hair sticks out from the base of my arm. My father looks at it with disgusting eyes. When I go to bed, I hug me, put my lips together, and always play with my armpit hair. What I hate is that my dad stands up and makes me suck my cock. At that time, I can lift my hands so that I can see both sides. While looking at my armpit hair, I can hold it in my mouth without using my hands. Sometimes I press it against my cock's armpit hair and rub it.  And when I pussy in the missionary position, my hands are raised and my hands are tied to the bed so that my armpit hair can be seen. It's already a metamorphosis. It's amazing when my dad licks my armpit hair. The cock seems to swell in my pussy. But my dad isn't too young, so he attacks me as it is, and he keeps up with me until I die. If I didn't do that now, I wouldn't be satisfied either, and even in the daytime, I started to provoke my father by showing his armpit hair sleevelessly.

Two daughters

I'm a diligent man living with my two daughters. The lower daughter is in elementary school 3 and the upper daughter is in elementary school 6, and the upper daughter is said to be precocious or well-developed. The swelling pubic hair grew thick and it was a small 6 but mature physique. If you put your two daughters in the bath and wash the lower one first and then take it out of the bathroom, the upper daughter's body will be washed, but the erection will start immediately after you start washing. You will get an erection. My daughter also grabs and rubs the erection with a feeling that she knows. The day will come soon when I can be one with my daughter. I'm looking forward to it

Penetrate my daughter's virginity

I am 42 years old, my daughter 16 years old, and April 8th is the entrance ceremony for high school. On Sunday the 1st, after breakfast, I went to a love hotel with my daughter, and before 9 o'clock I was tied together in a hotel bed, but the virgin penetration was from my daughter, "I'll give it to my dad ... I love you" High school It was from my daughter after passing the exam. Of course, I was confused, but my daughter's decision was hard , and she said , "It's a safe day, so it's okay ..." The daughter hugged her while crying and spewed semen toward her womb. Even after finishing, insert it all the way to the back of the daughter without pulling it out, hug it firmly, pull it out slowly after a while, pick up the daughter who is lying on her back, wash it in the bathroom, then lift it up again and lay it on the bed. It was. "I love my dad," he hugged and kissed, hugging the body of his 16-year-old young daughter. Almost all day at the hotel, I returned home after 6 o'clock, and I made dinner, my daughter laid her in my bed, and I brought her to bed and saw her eating delicious. However, I was in tears.  Today I was paid and saw my daughter's uniform, and I thought that I became a beautiful girl and broke her virginity, but the appearance that I grew up in uniform was "Miso in front" but my wife when I was young I think it's a similar beauty. It seems that there is still some pain that broke the virginity, but I am out with a friend.