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Incest with daughter(2017-04)

Everyday JS

In the morning, put a face is \"Today's pants cute na\" great stared into the skirt. Evening, also dive confirmation of the wetness and the smell of pants, contempt of gaze. Night, is the amazed faces enter into the bathing of the daughter. But, me remove carefully me be included in the properly mouth. It let me also touch milk, vagina also finger pouch OK. Kiss is not let.

Unexpected higher grades of returnable wife & # 9450;

yuna himekawa[6855]
 Less half a year be traced back from now, from the time when his wife became violently embezzlement of the credit card began to increase obviously the number of times that staying out sometimes at a house, and I and my wife, day-to-day sexless continued, I was deprived of his wife by the man insidiously, it was forced to day-to-day, which was worrying endlessly.
 As a high price, or just for the two daughters of the middle and upper grades already noticed what was guessed my mind there was a while, such as can be seen as a woman-wife himself, to love the two daughters of the second child born within a year it was of me went on to say to the good Te. The proposal, was not only a completely surprise.
 This is why, as the order for the first time of Sarah's second daughter, Watakushi became possible and the phase get a father.
 It was fourth grade still at that time, contrary to the first is equivalent to my expectations, which did not think only would Ita is time-consuming me, a very thin hymen (hymen) and was the Sara genitals, Chikuri! And it was apparently was what the pain of the moment, but the regular size of the adult my penis is, the \"Chupu'!\", To the can be inserted face-to-face locus to the vicinity of the depth half, was all the more be impressed with us.
 There, however, is opposed to afraid genital eldest daughter Emi of the Sara's sister, still, still, still of the film there is Virgin, for the near future of the development of behavior, we cherish are sparing fun.

Returnable wife of unexpected higher grades?


 Work this morning at 7:30 before the break, \"Pipon, Pipo-down!\"
\"I? Who would?\" I opened the front door of the condominium high-rise apartment in the corner room, just last week, do not live at home with housework arbitration in family court is satisfied My wife (32) should be of Emi was taken over in the (small 6) and Sara (small 5), \"Dad, Good morning!\" \"Daddy's penis, healthy - I ??\" \"Hey in uniform ish future Sunday visit, show me ~ tut! \"she said, who was\" greeted with shrill voice \"in rapid succession.
 I (34), which was allowed to lightly erection at that word is \"you were, also Emi-chan, ○○ co (genital) Show me to be me ....\" \"Well then, because Emi also'll show it to Daddy, the back of the it intends dad's and Misekkoshiyo in your room! \"\" up, cock of dad, roux come become bigger and bigger .... \"\" look, of Emi, to refrain from feeling my face is visible roux ?? \"father Nari across, turning the front of the hanging skirt of dark blue with both hands, as it is me spread divide the genitals with crab crotch of posture by lowering the position of a little waist, still until the contents of the still vertical streaks, be completely watch Ya realize not and himself can, boldly only the right hand is dominant from the hem of the skirt turned up in both hands apart, beautiful of the vertical streak one that has been closed and somewhere south as shellfish using the right hand dexterity the pink of ingredients that lurk in the crevices, plain white elementary school students Around the crotch of the pants every crotch cloth thanks to me to open it Shifts to one side, not cute urethral opening and hymen only a toothpick-sized, which is not the middle people watch even if I want to watch is usually, and under the foreskin even clitoral glans that has been hidden, in my view, was finally subsided.
 Phase as if back and forth, with at the hands of second daughter of the second child born within a year (Sara), father of the pajama pants of the 34-year-old, only child of a force in the take off is going to be seen in conjunction with trunks.
 A small 5 of the 10-year-old Sarah \"it plays with penis of this energetic daddy?\", Who asked cute like a small devil.
 \"Well, Sara, and I want! In love\" with exquisite timing Finished say that, from so Noborura a more penis and often Handjob, as \"Chupo'!\", Subjected to vacuum Blow carefully and diligently I have come growing up to your smart's girls give me, made involuntarily pleased.
 One of the eldest daughter Emi (of the 11-year-old small-6) and say, \"Hey, Dad, Yo does not matter is Emi be taken E saw a total of roux ?? video Toka camera ....\" And to say to me, every day is even as parents came to live apart, it is the daughter was able to liking much at all is not perfect. As it is induced to the word, the Sony FDR-AX100, which take in the margin up to high-definition 4K videos, made to feel that I want to fetch the Emi-chan of Idashippe, of genital Misekko and to my nose once interrupted and rubbing with, sharing the room of my son was to be directed to the walk-in closet, while the pace of genital under the Sara has been slow in the cowgirl, accurate positioning accuracy of Nari small 5 girl and \"Nyururi!\" based on, is inserted as if automatically, and \"Nucha', Jubo', Kuchu' ...!\", the real age disproportionate insertion and removal, was the began to start in the state of contraceptives non-use.

Two daughters

Because the children have left the nest, I put an end to the cold couple relationship I let go of the house I lived alone in an apartment and my ex-wife lives with a man One day, my second daughter I was contacted by him and he was going to get divorced. My second daughter was a full-time housewife, so I wouldn't be able to live without a job. I also have small children. I went to my apartment for that reason. It's an apartment with only 2 rooms, but my daughter understood. My child is only 5 months old and my burden has been quite heavy. It may be that I became a mother even though I had never seen my second daughter naked when I was in elementary school, but it's bold. Maybe you can't get caught up in yourself. Even when I was breastfeeding, I turned my back at first. Eventually, I started to do it calmly, and when I took my child out of the bath, my daughter remained naked and I didn't hide it anymore. When I began to get used to such a life, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and noticed something wrong with my daughter sleeping next to me. I'm sighing. I saw my daughter masturbating so as not to make a clear voice . I'm returning to a woman as well as my mother, so my daughter is masturbating frequently in the middle of the night since that day. One day I said, "Isn't it okay to make a boyfriend?"My daughter asked, "Is it annoying?" And said, "I want you to stay here all the time." "Why is that so? The man is already a mess." "You're alone like every night, or are you lonely?" My daughter suddenly said, "What was it?" "I'm only 25 years old, so I can start over ." He said, "I want to live with my dad." He asked me , "What about my dad ?" And when I said "What? What?", He said, "My dad is alone. When asked, "Sometimes I do that. I'm still a man." I answered honestly. There is no doubt that the wall between parents and children collapsed, or that I felt more intimate. is a certain night, and sleeping at night, getting closer daughter "not lend me hey dad, hey?" "What?" listen and daughter I was pointing to my lower body only "Dad is sleeping "It's okay, I don't really have to do anything," he touched my son, and as soon as he grew up, he climbed up and inserted himself. My daughter died in less than 30 seconds , "I'm going to go right after giving birth to a child , " but she started to sit down again, and in less than 30 seconds, the second ascension , 5 times in less than 5 minutes. I've passed away. While thinking "I'm not doing anything" saying "Thank you very much.""I'm sorry. Dad is half-hearted, isn't he?" And I was squeezed by my daughter and I ascended to heaven . I'm also old, so I'm getting into pain every day, so I went to buy sex toys without telling my daughter . I went to such a store for the first time, but I bought a standard vibe that is said to be a denma that is often seen in AV because there are various places . And I said to my daughter that night. When I showed him "I bought this", he said "I don't like toys", but I managed to persuade him. Normally, my daughter just gets on top, but when I hit the chestnut with a denma, it takes 30 seconds. On the contrary, it is an instant kill. My daughter also said, "This is a weapon," but she continues to die while convulsing her body ascending continuously. Her eyes are black and white, saying "My head gets sick." After tripping completely, I tried inserting a vibrator. A daughter who keeps dying even if she doesn't move. "I'll just go in" When I put my daughter in the back state and move it violently, I pull out the vibe that has passed away so much that I do not know how many times I have gone to continuous ascension while pulling the anal and put my finger in the pulled anal When I saw it, I ascended even in anal while saying "There is no use" . While saying "I don't know which hole anymore" , my daughter fainted due to the double attack of ascension and vibes and denma, and I'm inside with my daughter's anal. .. ..After all, my daughter's libido heats up and she attacks toys every night. She seems to have had a desire for slavery, saying, "I thought I was S, but it was actually M." And that day continued, and my eldest daughter When he came to my apartment, he seemed to feel that something was wrong, and he promised to say something else and taught me the relationship between my second daughter and me. But eldest daughter, without any state in which so much surprised, "of Anta much Dad toward the second daughter Innovation" not it nice to be causing even pregnancy turmoil "What I It was a love that" not a "But dad physical strength tough do? The eldest daughter said, "Because my dad is amazing" before I answered , "I'm a little envious because I'm always less" and "Why don't you make me a dad?" I was listening to the story thinking that I was pregnant. The second daughter asked, "Would you like to try it with three people?" And the eldest daughter answered with a laugh, "Maybe that's the case," but the second daughter was motivated and said, "This is amazing." I took out the denma and hit it against the crotch of my eldest daughter who hates it. When I was told, "Hey, dad, hold on to your sister," I also squeezed my eldest daughter in a bad ride. I thought it was just a bit of a mess, but I was hit by a denma from the top of my clothes, and my eldest daughter ascended in about a minute. I'm tired. The eldest daughter hates her when she begins to take off her eldest daughter's pants, but she doesn't seem to really hate her. The denma was hit again from the top of the pants and ascended for the second timeMy second daughter said, "Your sister is also very easy to die." When this happens, it doesn't stop anymore. All three became naked and continued to let their eldest daughter die. It was strange to see her sisters kissing and entwining their tongues. I also had sex with my eldest daughter. My eldest daughter is still married, so she doesn't come often, but every time she comes, she satisfies her sexual desire. I wonder if this is my father's job. I think I'll make it lately.

Estrus to granddaughter

 I am now 61 years old. Daughter gave birth to a girl. It is a cute girl. We have to take care every day. He opened the parental leave of one year, daughter return to work. I did not put the authorization nursery school, my daughter is to be seen on my wife and me. I also have also worked my wife, I dispatched, my wife full-time. In, the more that I see.

 A chance when put in the bath grandchildren. Clean wash the whole body, slowly soak in tepid bathtub. Once warmed up, lay the grandson to the bath mat, and to open the foot, suck pussy. Since such things every day, granddaughter open a foot from his own When this posture. And licking to gouge the muscle at the tip of the tongue, it has come to express the pleasure these days. Raise the chin, to open and close the mouth, Fuffu' the breath is rough. The contents of the drenched the pussy muscle, is my taste over ten minutes time.


Three years passed away wife, daughter came back to divorce is survived They will for any housework instead of his wife.
And, now as us to the place of the wife up at last night.
Night, daughter a place that masturbation look at the adult video on a PC saw. And it came to us to daughter.
But, still cum because there is a physiological mean that useless, and out into the daughter of mouth does not put out in.
Nowadays daughter is me drinking it. Thankfully.

Questionnaire about incest within the second degree

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Favorite daughter

I am the devil to perform in front of the daughter-in-law sex daughter and every day.
Now it's Yoga' in my cock accept also the daughter, but the days of elementary and junior high school students was not crying for help to the daughter-in-law from sadness continue to be cum and pain of insertion in front of the mother.
Daughter-in-law was watching silently What I was charged from an early age daughter.
My daughter was the sight that Tsumeyo' whether not me why help many times to the daughter-in-law. Daughter-in-law was not anything to say face down.
The day that my daughter has accepted me, daughter-in-law would of told all to his daughter. I think that he was told his upbringing. Father and mother and I thought they were human brother and sister, yourself that it is there that was born in the act of abstinence.
Daughter dropped out of high school with child further withdrawal, I gave birth the cursed daughter.
I daughter was kept giving the sperm to the child of the bug off the uterus even during pregnancy.
To like when the daughter was there to daughter-in-law of the uterus.
Young this child that also means not know licking my cock also does it destiny to follow the same path as the daughter

Young 腟日 Symbol


 What was or 19 days was the last month 18 days, originally of the inner edge of the play love of my wife, the daughter of the stepchildren of just promoted to the fifth grade of elementary school still on Monday made next month 11-year-old without permission make a man of younger come went out, leaving the house (Rai), is at leisure, the Ishikawa order to trains the girls name to etch color that Emi, this morning also happening to 7 pm before to Saturday \"Emi-chan, shower in saying Shiyo'! \"on the body beautiful, and light pink nipple licking, still coloring close to the skin color of the kiss · AA size of each other entwined tongue from sniffing to fully a grassy sexual odor of the girl unique in the bathroom and the cunnilingus of foreskin was turned over in the absence of girls seems to Ass-folds lick-and Emi fingertips, morning three times lightly from scratch, Yo it lets her squid ... & # 10071;
 It should be noted that the direction of insertion, because the future of fun, is now in the little finger wearing the mayonnaise, Derike As a not torn the door be in a dilemma hymen, it is being extended over time & # 8252;

Products can to genital

Daughter of small 5 took him to a pediatric clinic because genital say itchy.
Medical examination of the finished to paint the medicine to her daughter return the medicine of the prescription to described the house in the pharmacy to hear a description of the doctor,
let spread the legs lay to undress pants daughter because the first has been marked by clean disinfected pussy saw, daughter of pussy seen in a long time meat folds looked and widen the split by Sujiman not change the time of the infant. Potsuri and there I think Do I come there are red spots in the flesh folds were wiped with disinfectant solution was contained in a gauze.
\"How do try out\"
\"That'll embarrassing than that.\"
\"What'll it embarrassing or father.\"
\"I'm embarrassed because father\"
was pasted cut small gauze coating the ointment end wipe. But is the end
\"This is beautiful on whether you are\" and hear refers to the clitoris and
\"I have not been to a ~ I\"
\"gonna's it 's no good, here'm going to be sick and accumulated debris.\"
\" well if I no \"If
If you do not clean flipping through\" skin, just medicine also Let's do it because there is \"
squeezing the chestnuts have smegma is full with and turning the skin
look\" look \"
,\" wow wow ~ \"
\"'ll you wash clean flipping through when entering the bath but to clean with an antiseptic solution today.\"
\"I feel good there something I was Unwaka'\"
\"it's Toko feel most Yeah\"
face and breath becomes rough is toying a chestnut while saying so has had to turn red.
I tried to put a finger to thoroughly fuck defeated vagina hole I think that can not be another thing.
When the surprisingly medium is Kurikuri the G spot fit is smoothly fingertip is wet
\"Oh something strange feeling,\"
\"You,'ll wet, I wonder feels good.\"
\"I do not know how pleasant is the top of the head as Suzuki-down that \"
\" Do so, well boobs also Yaro will do \"rub
smoked nipple massaged and gathered the breast of meat began to bulge.
\"Hyi ~\"
my cock as only go up to the other end if the far seemed to have come up with endure juice was Gingin.
I put out the cock by lowering the I think fastener enter because short little cock.
Daughter do not know what's happening had a blank look.
Certainly still so supposed menarche is not welcomed is the Moro in the soup.
A large amount of semen has been released into the vagina back of the daughter.

I licked the daughter of pussy.

I am a salaried worker of the 35-year-old now, my wife is no longer stay in the affair, we live in a small apartment with two daughters.
Daughter, but the top is down in the 13-year-old is the second person of the 11-year-old, who sister in three people until last year, for I had been sleeping in the same room, and go up to junior high school, now sleep alone , now lonely no longer stay one person to touch.
Because I had been caught in the middle of the daughter of two people, to the daughter on
anymore chest is large, always you have to touch, but had touched sometimes pussy also live, have come to the other hair also a little grows, I was touched while pounding.
A daughter of the lower from last year, also chest is you have is still pussy touched slippery,
but is still small, but had been touched while pounding, when you are touched once, it is said that the What are you doing to Otochan, you since the shift of pants was made Hiyatsu when you cheated and I've been healed.
There it licked daughter of Manco also several times of the above, but it was really thrill is licking in the notice are not as meticulous attentive.
Several times also the daughter of the bottom now, but was secretly licking, daughter of the above, but recently I taste has changed, it is the delicious sweet younger daughter.
Put it seems, but
there is no courage up there.
Could you tell us if there Toka consequences of people are doing a daughter.

Incest discourse

Even breast recent child development is too good Elementary School sixth-grade daughter is soft and pudding pudding in about does not change with his wife There is also a 85cm