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Incest with daughter(2018-05)

Stepchildren of wife

yuna himekawa[9642]
I, my wife is now stepchildren and deep relationship shortly wife from the long-term hospitalization. Even though stepchildren, we I under 8 years of age in the 55-year-old wife is was married, at that time has become a child in the 30-year-old, it was a hanger state of the divorced woman of two people of Whirlpool. We have a long relationship, told from the store of customers and friends as \"some people wearing a Distinction\", because gold did not like the expression of the only form in his shop, a new life on the second floor of the shop When I started, my wife's daughter came tumbling into our house and divorce.  Before long, wife Where was examined at the hospital broke the body with excessive drinking of alcohol, became the long-term hospitalization because was suffering from multiple illnesses. After that, my wife's daughter is now help me with the store and instead of the mother. Then, look like a lot of visitors come just for the daughter, shops began to thriving. Meals also bath also cleaning also of the store, her daughter was willing to work as brisk than the wife.  When do since I was, I will gestures and voices of wife's daughter, had become to react as one of the women. The daughter of the birthday, the night was to celebrate the gift of cake and accessories along with the store of the customer, really long time for my daughter who was a little drunk was but a \"master tonight Thank you. Birthday celebrations.  from it, but I can not discharge because not well mom sick, my children and I who put in here? because we have heard that cry and disturb not a? \"voice\" you can shop because they thriving made out to me as to, we did a hugging each other and tied kiss while saying If you say that I \"are grateful\" master happy. \"  Then, I went immersed in comfortably of the young women of the skin after a long time. Daughter, like a long time relationship, had taken the sometimes aggressive posture than me. At that time, it appeared a woman with elegance of the 50s to the store, now soon time became regulars, she and deep relationships. At that time, \"I, Do older woman to settle.\" I thought. With her, where I was a regular date, the I have done to the pachinko, it seems daughter found us in the accident drive. Then, when she came to the store, my daughter seemed to elicit the relationship between us, that night, was a shambles. \"The body was Anna hag, me and do not believe I have to be.  Also there's something dissatisfaction in sex with me? I'll ballast our relationship to the customer and not parting with that old hag!\" And Tatamikake and it has. Of course, I am entirely surrender. From that night, the power relationship between the daughter and I have reversed. Daughter of Blow It was the best is to deny the \"○○○ which takes into old hag can not be so dirty.\"  Now, the mobile is also checked, it can not be anything comes to navigation. After a long time, but I went to visit the wife, it had become like an old man than the actual year in hair also not be dyed. There is also a relationship with his daughter, I could not see the face of my wife decent. But I can say a little more tender to my daughter. How do you go back to the original of a good relationship if?

But your new

Also I have built riding in tone or become also full, immediately or Posharu, it is unpredictable

And daughter

Is the father of 65-year-old who lost his wife. Daughter of 40-year-old single mother has been living with divorced. Wife after the death daughter has done a any housework. Grandson was the night I went to a school trip. Drinking in two people, when you try to go to bed emergency, my daughter told me to spread a futon. \"Dad, tonight together to sleep or I'll. Would I want to since the mother died. I also gonna want to\" have included it squeezes the penis Nugashi my pants are surprised to mouth. I was a full erection. Daughter is now on his back is naked wearing the condom in my stuff. Hesitation that the real daughter was grazing his head, but the reason was blown off to see the naked plump daughter ripe of 40-year-old. Was ejaculation moving vigorously as it is inserted into the daughter.

Fucked by dad

I will post for the first time. We are a family of three, father 48 mother 35 I am 15 years old. My dad was always kind and I was like going shopping together. But last Sunday, when I was taking a bath, my dad suddenly came in. Am I originally growing up? It was late on that day that the first tide was reached, and my chest was small and my dick wasn't growing, but when I was washing my body, I said, "Congratulations, Yui has become an adult body." I'm coming. At that time, I thought it was unpleasant for some reason, and when I said "Stop doing that", I said "I'm sorry, I'm sorry", and the day ended with somehow awkwardness.

With a drunk daughter

I will talk about my experience. I live in Osaka with my wife and daughter in a family of three. My daughter is 19 years old, but she dropped out of high school and was badly guided by the police many times, but in front of us she was a gentle and gentle daughter. Last year was when my daughter was 18 years old. When I found a job, I went out in the afternoon and returned at around 10 o'clock in the evening, or at midnight, and when I asked what kind of work I was doing, I said that I was working at a cabaret club, so I can't help it with my wife. About a year ago, it was a coincidence that I was a little far away from work, and when I passed in front of the hotel on my way home, I was like my daughter. It comes out of the hotel with a middle-aged man. I parked the car ahead and looked at it secretly, and when the car stopped in front of my daughter, I got on it and went, but the man was walking toward the station. I want to park the car on the side of the man and ask him, brother, a little bit, but when I asked him if he was okay with the current girl When asked can do Ya and, showing us k a business card, this and, to say that I do, would have walked toward the station, the business cards, at the shop of the store name and the daughter, and the Mass I was writing. I can't tell my wife if I worked at Deriheru, and I'm sad and annoyed when I think that my daughter, who has been raised for 18 years, is sucking a cock of a man I don't know, so I'm directly I thought I'd scold him, but I couldn't say that I would run away from home, so I called the store next Sunday evening and nominated my daughter, Mass, so that I couldn't help but talk with them as a guest. I waited in the hotel room. It will be longer, so I will continue writing next.

I want to be a middle 3 daughter

Nice to meet you, I am also a 45-year-old civil servant in an environment similar to my father's disqualification. I've been looking at this page for a long time, and I also have a middle-three daughter. I divorced my wife because of my wife's affair, and now I live with my daughter, but my daughter has no shadow of my boyfriend, and when I finish club activities, I come back quickly, have no nightlife, and are serious. He is quiet, seems to be able to study a lot, and is ranked high in the grade. Even if I ask him if he is not conscious of a man, he says that he will not make a boyfriend and is not interested until he passes high school (first-class high school). It's been three years since I left my wife, but I can't help but want to hold a woman. Sometimes I sniff my daughter's pants, put on my pants, and look at her nakedness coming out of the bath like nature, but she doesn't try to hide it at all, and it's hard to see. Sometimes, even if I touch my daughter that her hair has grown well and her breasts have grown, she doesn't get angry. When I go to bed at night, I sleep on the futon next to me with just one pair of pants, so I touch it well and touch the omeco to make it chewy. I was about to wake up several times and pretended to sleep in a hurry, but I noticed that my omeco was wet. About a week ago, my daughter told me that my dad was touching the night, you know, my dad is raising me alone, so I'm sorry I'm pretending to sleep, but don't put my fingers in. I was struck. But since it's wet, I think I'm starting to feel the chot, but I've been touching it for over a year, and it's the first time I've put my finger in a week before the chot, so I went in smoothly without any signs of pain. So, I just squeezed the inside of the chot. I can only do that much, but I wonder if I can do more than that, recently, after I put my finger in, I wanted to put in a cock, I wanted to put it inI'm even thinking about committing it, but can't I?

I love you mom

At the end of the year of 2004, we rape the mother. Life I thought that I hope even mom if she is not able to. The mother was Ascension aloud gasping tears accept a useless no good Jack Robinson of my body Te Addame A'a Ayame also with vigorous resistance.

I love you mom

At the end of the year of 2004, we rape the mother. Life I thought that I hope even mom if she is not able to. The mother was Ascension aloud gasping tears accept a useless no good Jack Robinson of my body Te Addame A'a Ayame also with vigorous resistance.

Rion Too, Fu, Ro.

My wife is on a business trip, and she is mischievous with her chance daughter. Before taking a bath, I look at the skirt-rolled pants because I'm worried about dirt (to make it naked from now on). Pull the pants to check the cracks, and touch the pussy from the top of the pants to see if it is damp (to wash the pussy from now on). And I wanted to do this by putting my hands in my pants. She gets an erection in the bathtub and pushes her pussy against her daughter's ass and pussy, makes her stand up and makes her pussy flush in front of her, and makes her face flush. Close your eyes by washing your hair and use your own facial cumshots. I made my daughter's face full of my sperm and was self-satisfied, washed it clean and wiped it well with a bath towel. Daughter "I want to take a bath with my dad again" Happy dad.

And daughter

I have a daughter who will be a high school student. Actually, I am remarried and my partner is also remarried and I have a daughter, who also likes me and is friends. The other day, it was the first time I went to a department store to buy a birthday present for my mom with my daughter , but when she held my hand and was surprised to see her, she said, "Did you want to walk like this with your dad? " " I see, thank you. dad'm glad. " " really? was good. " " what? the shame Kashiku not good in such a father? " " I do it not at all, I love that my dad, " said such a thing I was so happy that I bought my wife's birthday present and then bought my daughter's clothes and bags. "Thank you for buying so many, Dad." "I don't have to worry about it, so I usually do n't do anything." "No, but ca n't you be scolded by your mother?" "It's okay, to a cute daughter. "What's wrong with winning?" The daughter happily hugged me, but her big, tense chest hit me and I was shocked for a moment. Then the one smiling laughing daughter was also noticed "Dad, probably big chest to me?" "I Do not tease dad saying stupid things?" Then my daughter came against the chest to more than I , "Hey, Stop it . You can't do that, "said her daughter."Dad, can you ask me anything?" "If you say, dad will ask you anything." "Then, I have a place I want to go to, so let's go with me." I decided to go to the downtown area behind the station and the place where my daughter stopped was a love hotel. I wondered what it was like to see her. "What happened ? Come to this place?" "I want to go inside with my dad" "What should I do when I go in?" "Because I want to spoil my dad a lot." "No, if you want to spoil, you can spoil at home. " "No , here I want to spoil it. ”While attaching such a conversation, my daughter pulled my hand and went inside. No matter how much I say I'm not a real daughter, I thought I was a real daughter , but what happens when I enter the hotel? When I entered the room, my daughter hugged me and pushed me down to the bed, "I like my dad, so hug my dad." "Don't say stupid things, you can't do that. I'm a parent and child." Is it okay to have sex with people? " " That 's no good. " " Then, dad should hold me. "The daughter took off her clothes, took off her underwear, and became naked. Naked daughter and young woman naked for the first time can't be excited. Then my daughter began to take off my clothes as well.Even though I'm resisting uniformly, I took off my last pants and stood halfway and saw the cock and my daughter said to me, "Dad's cock is big?" "Don't say stupid things ." My daughter licked the tip of my cock with the tip of my tongue while grasping my cock and sucked it. I feel good in a moment and the cock ejaculates in my daughter's mouth and my daughter keeps giving a blow job while looking up at my face, but maybe she is better than my wife and I am made a young woman Because she said she was being blown by her daughter, she got so excited that she couldn't stand it in her mouth and ejaculated. Then my daughter took the sperm out in my mouth, and when I let go of the cock, I opened my mouth and showed my sperm, and when I tried to give my daughter a tissue suitable for the bed, she swallowed it as it was It is. "Did you drink?" Why don't you spit it out? " Because it's my favorite dad's sperm." At that moment, I lost my reason and grabbed my daughter with a big tits that covered her and licked her whole body and spread her legs and got excited and licked when she saw a beautiful pussy. I turned and put my finger in to attack my daughter and let her die. And I couldn't stand it, and when I addressed the cock and slowly inserted it into the pussy, the cock was settled in the hole and went deep.Every time I move my hips, my cute daughter's pant voice I changed my position and continued to have sex while shaking my hips and stroking and rubbing my chest . My daughter seems to feel the back and shakes her beautiful and pretty ass and I keep blaming her, this time she rides on me and shakes her hips by herself I'm going to rub my daughter's chest from below and ejaculate So I laid my daughter down and thrust her at the normal position and said that she would die, and at the same time I also ejaculated in my daughter. Even though it was released earlier, a large amount of sperm overflowed and there were enough sperms inside that I thought it would stop . My sperm that overflows the moment I pull out the cock. My daughter was cramping and tired. After this, when I took a shower together, changed my clothes and went home, my wife told me and my daughter that it was a long shopping, and my daughter quickly said that it took time to choose my mother's gift and my clothes . Was. From this day on, I saw my daughter as a woman and started kissing and having sex with her when she had no wife .

At my father's order, with my uncle ...

I have been dating my dad since I was a junior high school student. My first partner was also my dad, and I've always been a dad. Even so, I had sex with my relative's uncle the other day (at the order of my father). The other party is my father's brother. I've met several times, but I haven't talked much and I'm not close. The other day, my dad just told me to go to the house at this address on my way home from school, and I went to that street with my smartphone navigation system. The house I arrived at was an old house that wasn't even flattering. I was scared, but when I pressed the chime, an uncle came out. "Oh, it's been a long time. Do you know me?" I answered, and I was told to enter the house. The house was cluttered with trash bags ... it was very dirty. But when I sat down with patience, my uncle approached me, saying, "Well, let's do it." I was surprised and pushed it back with my hand, and when I asked what it was, my uncle was surprised , "Well, did you hear anything from your father?" When I heard the story, he said, "I was told that I could have sex with you." "I have my father's permission ." My dad sometimes gives me "horny orders", so I knew this was the case, but I refused to want to have sex with anyone other than my dad.Then he said, "Kana was said to be a good boy who often listens to what he says. Isn't his father's command absolutely?" I was very worried, but I didn't want anyone other than my dad to let me in, so I asked if I could just give a blow job. Then my uncle said that it was okay, so I decided to just give a blowjob. My uncle's dick was big, but it was smelly and dirty. Still, I put up with it. The uncle said, "Wow, JK's blow job ..." " My niece is holding me ..." "Good," and immediately ejaculated in my mouth. I was disciplined by my dad to drink all the sperm, so I drank all of my uncle. And I also sucked out the sperm in the urethra and did a cleaning blow job. The uncle praised him, "He's doing good discipline." I went home as soon as the blowjob was over. And when my dad came home, I immediately asked him so that he wouldn't notice. Dad explained with apologizing sorry. "Uncle is my father's important brother, so I want him to continue to deal with me." "Because Kana is a good boy, I was able to introduce him with confidence ." I'll be there, " he said and gently kissed me.My dad's "horny orders" are absolute, and I like him so I'd like to hear what he says, but I'm a little worried.

It is touching the daughter of the body.

I am a salaried worker to become a 35-year-old. Last year to divorce his wife, but you stay the son of elementary school six years of the daughter and the third grade, daughter, and the many friends in school, school transfer is referred to as disgusting, my son was moved to his wife and other prefectures but, my daughter is in the remaining two people, it will be live, and lived for about the past year, but I was not aware of the woman, than before about a week, and warm, when I go home from work, daughter but in the living room, but I am sleeping, from the gap of the shorts, in the whole visible pants, though breast also an elementary school, and swells already, and have seen, is why the pounding. A little bit with the feeling of pretending to cause, If you touch the chest, in the bulge, size that fits comfortably in the hand, but it should be the daughter, really pounding, my daughter is a little touching, not occur even if raised, I, while I do not think should, from the gap at the bottom of the shorts, pants with a finger, just a little bit, and increase, if there is a little black hair, crack is visible clearly, unlike his wife, a small villa is a little out with Putsuri Te, until in did not look, but it was cute pussy. You should not father, but more than three days ago, do you say that my feelings to see the daughter, there is yourself to be aware of the woman came out change, still, but does not know anything daughter, I went to sleep late at night Te, from, is dark, but I have touched the daughter of the body. Is more than that, is not there yet, but we look at the experience stories of this site, and it really has been daughter and sex, I am, but we touch from sure my daughter sleep, sex There is no courage Nante. If people are really, first, when the daughter for the first time of, Toka resistance, but I think that there was, what could be sex in history, I want you to tell me.When I barrel daughter, probably will go to the person of his wife, because no longer meet a lifetime, even're touching, if I think if afraid of you Barre, with, you hand just touched. This one year, and sex without any of the women, just by looking at the gap between the shorts of the daughter, cock is standing on Bing.

Incest discourse

When I was in kindergarten, I knew that it felt good to touch, so I forgot the reason why I was hiding my eyes and masturbating, but I started to have my little friend Shotaro touch it, and I got cunnilingus with my fingers almost every day beneath that time without any knowledge of cunnilingus and Blow Job, it was not even touching the penis, it did not sometimes get licked and I moved in when the rise in elementary school, and Shotaro kun, but now at the end with it, I don't know how far I went unless I moved. My bath manager was my dad, so I was always with my younger brother Yuta, and when I was in elementary school, Yuta caught a cold and got a cold with my dad. when you enter a bath in humans, somehow of it had held the penis of the father Dad "it's useless to do that," Furihodoki a hand in a hurry and said I was Why do so angry, divided at that time I didn't understand, but I thought I wouldn't take a bath with him again, so I stopped holding it until that day ... On Sunday when I was in middle school, my mom and Yuta went out and my dad and I When my dad took a lunch bath, I wanted to take a bath with him for the first time in a long time. I got naked and took a bath. My dad was surprised and said "Hey!" It ’s okay because it ’s not good, ”he said, and went into the bath together regardless.

Family of 5

My brother and mother were the first to have an incestuous relationship at home. My brother had his first experience with his mother when he was in his second year of high school. I was informed by my father about it. I was told, "Ami will have sex with her dad when she grows up a little," and I was honestly happy. Everybody does it when they grow up, but I believed that it was better for someone I liked, and that my dad wouldn't hate me. My first experience was during the summer vacation in my second year of junior high school, and my father was my partner as promised. The first tide is 6th grade. From that time on, I was slowly learning how to have sex. I sleep with my father on weekends. After taking a bath with my father, have the whole body massaged in the bedroom in a manner similar to caressing. I was still a kid, but it was very nice to have my breasts and genitals groped. In the meantime, I also felt a light feeling. I became addicted to it, and when I became a junior high school student, I begged my father to caress me. On the day of my first experience, I had my mother and brother show me sex on a bed. My brother was a little embarrassed while being blown by his mother saying, "I'm nervous when my sister sees me." They didn't use rubber and were surprised that their brother's red-black penis slipped into his mother's vagina. My dick is quite small compared to it, so I was worried if I could actually have sex. My mother had all her pubic hair shaving, so I could see her joy juice dripping when it was inserted. My mother has twice as much love juice as I do. It was quite different from what I usually know about a quiet mother. I shook my hair and breathed violently, and every time my brother stabbed me, I drooled from my mouth.My brother shook his hips violently for about 5 minutes and then ejaculated a lot in his mother. I've seen my dad ejaculate. My brother's ejaculation seemed to take longer and had more semen. Next, when it was my turn, my body was quivering in a tense state. I thought I was prepared, so I was a little scared. When I saw it, my father and brother called out to me gently and touched my whole body carefully. After applying lotion to the dick and unraveling it, it's time to put two fingers in comfort. I was in a position to be supported by my brother from my shoulders and had my father's penis inserted in the doggy style. My dad moved his hips slowly and didn't feel any pain at all. Eventually, I felt like I was loose and my body was cramping many times. The love juice started to come out, and my father said, "It's amazing! It's about time!" My dad ejaculated in my belly at once. I was vague, but I was happy to think that I was able to have sex properly !! I took a short break and had sex with my brother. I hugged my brother in a doggy style. "I put it in Ami's pussy," she seemed to be a little impressed. My brother has a thicker and longer penis than my father. Even so, my dick was soaked in mess that I went in smoothly. I screamed unintentionally, "My brother's cock feels good too !!" While groaning, my brother shakes his hips violently and ejaculates immediately. Continue as it is and back for the second time. While being poked by my brother in the shape of a dog, I fellatio my father's penis approaching.My mother, who was resting away from the bed, participated because I couldn't give a good blow job because my head was shaken by the vibration. From there, four people became an orgy. I felt so good in my first experience that I fell in love with sex. Then, when I have time with my father and brother, it's been 10 years since my first experience. It is unlikely that this relationship will disappear. By the way, when my younger brother became a high school student, I and my mother worked together. I was the one who got my brother's virginity. I was happy with that too. Incest is what my parents said. But if the child didn't feel like it, his father and mother wouldn't force him. I was curious and had a strong interest in sex. I knew my brother and mother had sex in the bedroom on the weekends, so I went to see them several times with my younger brother in elementary school. I was dying to experience it as soon as possible. Another reason I decided to participate in incest was because I thought it would make the whole family love me more. I wanted my dad to be happy, so I tried hard to learn a blowjob. I have no resistance to having sexual intercourse with my family. You don't have to put up with something that feels good. I think you should experience more and more. I want to have sex all the time if I have time. Therefore, parents put various conditions on our children. <Clean your body> <Be sure to use rubber when you are only a child> <Sex by agreement> <Do not go outside the house> <Only on weekends> Only on weekends ... The conditions could not be observed. Since my parents were both earning money, I spent the daytime with my brother and brother during the summer vacation.Once you learn sex, your child won't stop. When I was in high school 3, I got my brother's virginity. At that time, I had sex like crazy. As soon as my father and mother go to work in the morning, they go to my brother's room and mischief his sleeping brother. I take off my pajamas, give a blow job, and when I grow up, I straddle. After my younger brother immediately knocked down and enjoyed how many shots he had. I take a shower and have lunch. Then, while watching TV in the living room, I fellatio again with my younger brother, who is sitting on the sofa. My brother gets an erection just a few hours ago. I enjoyed the afternoon well and I was exhausted and took a nap. Then my younger brother came to my bed ... My younger brother strips naked and mischiefs me who doesn't move. After all, I have sex all day long. I was an examinee, but the stress was released by having sex with my younger brother. When my brother was in high school, I was a junior high school student. After all it was similar.


Hassaku is Do you doing hated by everyone or do not we talk carefully Come out

Cousin and incest

yuna himekawa[9265]
Father and Harumi's relationship is, sticky newlywed sex life to the place too good, what is likely to jealousy can have near, the name of the cousin To tell the truth? Real name is to avoid it and to ... \"Takashi\" kun,  I are you let them be the first experience in high school entrance celebration, the was amazing, just again and again amazing challenged is me is kept alive, amazing amount of semen had been enough to numb is divergence in the uterine body, \"Mom tits\" I No coming graces, nipple becomes too sucked strongly, to a certain even if the distance would be a bicycle to school, \"chairman at such time in time to talk of escalation \"had been raised, and surely conference attendees 30 people all, it I was also assumed.  Let them know to his cousin, but the relationship with my course, be glad the other is a secret, is in late July seems capable of moving. This is the company there is a construction unit, align the <if for \"Sayuri-like\", please leave'll hang in there, because you live like you are able to satisfy wields arm> and mouth, me working hard thanks to the appearance.  Because it is the relationship between the cousin, what another post column? , We will be re-posted by the time August.

Incest sex life of love with daughter

My father was 48 years old and took over the company of "Mr. Masayuki and Mr. Sayuri". My daughter, Meiko, 21 years old, was begged by my uncle Masayuki to take over this company before graduating from junior college this year.   Approved at this Monday's meeting, officially starting May 11th, but is currently being taken over.  I would like to introduce some things that I may protect from "Sayuri-sama" in the future. 1. Wear a skirt all year round and use a miniskirt with a knee length of 10? Or 15 ?. 2. Never wear pantyhose with bare legs, just one short. Be sure to keep the above two points, and hopefully a dress that allows you to see the cleavage of the chest a little, and a blouse that is thin enough to allow the brassiere to show through. It will be a longing for employees and will lead to encouragement of work.  My mother was 20 years old when I was in my second year of high school ... If my father and I had a new departure from the previous fortune-telling ... I wonder if this was the case,  uncle Masayuki and his wife Harumi and Sayuri will come to the final greeting on the 11th. That's right. I also love each other in the back bed with my father.

With granddaughter

My personality is not a daughter but a granddaughter, but I divorced and lived with my eldest son, but the eldest son got married and gave birth to a granddaughter. now to me I a girl is cute thing is that there were only boy still beautiful I'll carefully licking after when to replace because it is a diaper young Ommen mine and put a tongue in this I'm erecting to the limit and licking a young nipple, putting my tongue in my mouth without teeth and deep kissing. Finally, when I rub the cock on my mouth, I suck it with Chuchu without knowing anything . I have a strange face, but he drinks everything. It 's irresistible to think that my first kiss, first blowjob, and first cunnilingus are all me.

Incest of utilization of Sayuri and love

Sayuri I title has changed, I think the content is not changed. Hiromi's, you'll probably lewd of've let the naughty voice, I think you variety. This time of meal times are'm fairly decent dinner, stay tuned Is that the face in the strange direction? It's is that each of the after dinner personal, is unknown to me up there?  If you raise the reference example, I would have match you around small and medium-sized enterprises's, where the president like comrades of the companies that did not know each other is to make friends, a president like there was yourself a married marriage and each of the young lady company, and the young lady age we also heard rumors that are folded become a young wife and your encouragement close.  Include the people who said, when there will be a possibility to become an adult number, we have not determined. Only for the dress of the women will be to \"knee-length 10? In Namaashi mini one-piece\" in the hope, is the idea that you'll become a \"day of Hana\". Will everyone of man is pleased. Exposed more is leave it to individuals. I think that probably become a buffet party. Idea where I am now. Exposure their

Drunken momentum

28-year-old bachelor, father 54 years old, for the first time of Koryori shop was the one person after work come together by chance and father, what remember I started drinking, father and hotel and the earlier notice there is no storage bed, morning of time in both naked two people? ! ? ! I did not exceed the father and the clear distinction, met eyes with each other, hug with a kiss and ended up with sex, had been after another burned two people and ended up with crazy, of course ... in Asagaeri ·  mother mean to say that I'm impossible, to'm full of my tits Kisses, commotion Dotadota in terrible holidays, today will stay in the hotel out of the father and home. It would divorce,

Back Tanka twitter

Back Tanka finally goodness is out see at a JC  accepted act of the Father

With a high school daughter

A high school girl watched Tokio's press conference on TV and said, "Is it such a problem just to kiss a high school student? I'm always kissing my dad ~" "Because he's a celebrity" "Poor "We even have sex. " "If he had sex, it would be a big deal." "Why?" "If you're a high school student, you're a minor and you'll be punished by law." "Underage But is it okay to be a father? " " It's a criminal act in common sense. " " Isn't it anymore? " " Is Erika still okay? " " I want to do more with my father, because it feels good. " "Cha" , hug him, kiss him, rub his chest, and grab the dick and rub it. It's the beginning of sex.

The day of the first menstrual period

Misaki 27 years old I slept with my father a week after the first tide of 11. My mother cried and put on a beautiful dress, put on a thin make-up for the first time, and since I was a kid, I was taken to the Izu villa where I go to play every time I take a day off. My mother isn't as beautiful as usual, and she's a bright red rouge that I rarely wear ... I think my dad goes home at most once a week, and at least once a month. It was around the time when I started to feel that I was a stranger, very kind to me and my mother, and just a little different from my dad in a normal house . Of course, I took a bath with a housekeeper who always played without being informed of what was going to happen, put on cute pajamas, and was taken to my mother's bedroom while being guided. Naked ... parents, mother wearing a thin baby doll and naked dad ... "Misaki, you've finally come to join the ranks of women, so what will mom do for a while? Look. I'll tell you later ... " Mom said to her dad many times ," Please stop, 〃 "to avoid my eyes, but she said, " At your time. Don't be shy, " he said, reaching out to wrap around her body and kissing her so long that she couldn't breathe ... By the time the kiss was over, her eyes Began to be Tron, and was surprised at the squeaky gestures and the beauty of the lines as Dad began to touch his body .It's not a matter of force. Mom sometimes tried to hide her face, but when Dad's hand started gently stroking the important part of Mom, she closed her eyes with a faint voice and was happy. To be honest, it was so graceful that I couldn't compare it to the SEX I thought at the time, it was sensual, and I was staring at it without blinking while holding the pillow strongly. As I noticed, I got off the bed and knelt down and started to hold my dad's cock. "Kanako, let Misaki see what's going on there," she said, and her mother turned her hips toward me and slowly spread her legs ... "The beautifully groomed pubic hair Anna's ass from the inside ... and the important part ... "No, forgive me ... embarrassing" "What are you doing, it's my mother's job to show me properly ..."・ ・ " " Misaki, look at what's going on over there and touch it ... " " ...!? "Mom tried to hurry away from her dad's ass, but she stopped at her. "Beautiful ... Glittering" "Yes, mom's over there is really beautiful, I 'm glad if you touch it gently ." I 'm afraid to trace from under my mother's ass hole with my index finger. I tried to touch it. It was slimy and soft like touching a pudding, and when I approached a slightly open fold, it clung to my finger as if it was entwined ...At the moment when the resistance on the fingertips disappeared, Mama stiffened her body for a moment ... "That's where I want you to touch the most ... Please insert your finger gently, I'm happy with you." Father Mom who shakes her head while squeezing things, of course I have a beautiful mother's ass beauty and my index finger as it is said from my curiosity there ... "Wow ... how soft and warm I wonder, and it's moving like a living thing ... " Mom tries to close her legs to refuse my fingers, but Dad's legs don't let her knees," No, no. you, ... "can not stand any more can not be just another put up with I think is seen in" Misaki, faster, ... continue to fast please " ," good Kai Misaki, I keep a good look at a place called love is a man and a woman it's " I panic away from the mom, also was staring at intently act clasped pillow. The dad's thing that mom separated is unimaginably large, it 's totally different from his classmates, and an act that goes beyond my understanding ... at such a small entrance to mom ... mom and dad Look at me sideways and lift mom's legs lightly from behind so that my dad's cock is swallowed as thick as a hair spray ... "Ah ~" I've heard so far No mom's sigh, and a smile full of happiness ...While shaking mom with a constant rhythm ... The folds of mom that had been opened small until earlier open wide and round, and dad also goes in and out again and again ... "Daddy ... after all embarrassing ,, in the previous Misaki " " Nese on his back and I see ... and Mama, I'm sorry, this is good kana ... " Mom to increase mother look down in silence, and the voice comfortably unlikely entwined in dad the hands and feet " No more ... Daddy ... "" I can't help it anymore "Daddy who raises the pitch and thrusts his hips strongly, Daddy also clings to his back " I'm okay ... "" Yes ... " "Utsu" When I make a small voice, my dad inserts deeply into my mom, and my mom holds her breath and hugs her strongly ... Then, the dad who was sleeping for a few minutes said, "How about Misaki, this is It means to love each other, I heard that you became a woman, so I thought I'd show it to you ... but mom was beautiful, it's the moment when women shine the most. " " Yeah, mom is very beautiful. It was was " " well Misaki also ... Come on ... "Let's and Mom sleeping in lying happy and sit on the side of the mom paddle of being in" Misaki people who like school? " " no, everyone I I hate it because I'm just mischievous. " " Yeah, but I'm sure it's time to like someone , practice to love them like dad and mom ... "When I was embraced by my dad from behind, he said, "Please close your eyes and feel it." From the armpits to the chest, the rugged hands put the chest from the top of the clothes ... "The bigger boobs ... " I have a bigger child ..." "Yes, feel a lot." When I opened my eyes and checked the pain around my nipple, it protruded and became engorged like I had never seen before. "Look, it feels good, does it hurt a little?" "Yeah, but it feels weird, even if I touch it myself, it doesn't feel like this. " "Well, how about this ... Misaki's important place?" ... " " cold, why ... " is touch from Papa ... build on that for the first time pants wet ..." I would caught a cold in the "This is dire, even though in peeing When I put down my wet pants as if I had done it, I was laid down beside my mom ... No, don't open your eyes, crush and feel where you are touching ...・ ・"Yeah"・ ・ ・ Now my chest ・ ・ I'm sure Dad kisses Misaki's boobs ・ ・Ah, my hands ... ・ Like drawing a circle around my lower abdomen ・ ・ ・But something strange ・・ ・ ・ When your hands come under your stomach, "Ah" "Misaki, try to spread your legs ..." The legs that open naturally"Oh, this feeling that came again" No, it's not a finger, it's warm ... I feel like I'm numb ... I wonder if my body is reacting on its own " I'm ready for my body ~" "Mom, get up, watch Misaki become a woman." Mama woke up and kissed me gently and held her hand strongly. "Don't open your eyes yet." "Yeah, a little more. to "put up I might just painful," the beginning, everyone for the first time because it is so ... " I also have ...", "it does not hurt a child of the" Oh hurts, what I also did not hurt, " was strangely calm When my mom holds my hand and feels relieved ... " I'm going , Misaki ..." "What ..." From an external sensation, it feels like something is coming into my stomach. The feeling of having a hard stool ... "Ah, come in" "Do you understand? My dad is putting his finger in Misaki ..." "Finger ... strange feeling ... Ah "" this the first time Even though After Tsu child feel in properly Ru " " I see ... you like I Do not ... " " it's likely the name of a tight curtain ... Ikuyo ... " " Misaki ... " Hands that were gripped even harder ... thicker than before, warm ... "I'm so wet ... at all ..." I wasn't worried, I'm sure my dad was just mom. It is also possible to put daddy's fingering as I did ..."Ikuyo ..." "great, but Mom, Hein not'll surely struck" the most tough is when you put up a little place "feel the daddy, wow ... there," That's impossible until "after all the back , I'll hit you here ... " " Yes, I'm only 11 years old ... " " The uterine ostium is still crunchy, I can't move much ~ " While listening to the conversation between the two, my body The numbness inside makes me feel uncomfortable ... I want you to move more ... But I'm scared ... I felt that my consciousness was definitely going away while thinking about that. "Misaki, get up" When I woke up with my mom's voice, I was politely wiped there, "I 'll not lose consciousness after a while, but congratulations." "Somehow, I feel like my dad was taken away." ... " but my mother stayed was a little sad face also" actually Mom, I did I learned from Mom Mom " if Remembering now, dad and the other 60 before, certainly aunt Chan also like that old ... "Then mom is also a dad's child?" "Well, don't tell anyone." "But Misaki doesn't seem to do this. " Of course, that time didn't come, but now that I think about it, my father and last name Life is often mysterious because it 's different, and I was able to live beyond my imagination with my mother's part alone . I slept with my mom a few times after that , and other than that, for several years outside or in my dad's office.Now, even if my dad died, I haven't met that much love-filled SEX. Unfortunately I didn't get pregnant , but maybe that was good.

And daughter

In my mid-40s, my daughter was over 25 years old  and was married to a widow with a child, not a real daughter, but she was still in elementary school. My wife was eight years older and I had known her for a long time, to tell the truth, she was a married woman who was married to my first experience at the age of 20. "It's an absolute secret, I'll find a nice woman and get married." I was told at the time of my first experience, but I never thought I would marry her widow, but my heart It was a married woman with a secret feeling in her.  My daughter, who finished lunch early, laid out a futon in the Japanese-style room on the 2nd floor and took a shower. It's been about 3 years since I had a relationship. I'm going to take a shower, but my daughter will call me, and I'm sure she'll call me soon.

Love my father

Avoid mother, father, my family of three, detailed age, etc.  I used to take a bath with my dad until I was 20 years old, but I also learned that other family members never took a bath with my dad and daughter, so I never talked to them in public and I got along with my mother. It's not bad, and on a family trip, the three of us go to the hot springs together and don't hide my nakedness, and I ask my father to wash the front of my body.  The hair of the dick was thinned and reduced by herself, and she and her father still took a bath together, and the virgin gave it to the 20-year-old coming-of-age ceremony. I won't tell my mother, but the bath is the same, there is space for three people, and I see my father and mother in love with each other next to me on a family trip at night. You would have loved each other with your father knowing that you were being treated, and recently it is also known that you love each other in my room during the daytime with your father. Since shopping is done by three people, acquaintances say that they are close parents and children.