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Incest with daughter(2018-02)

Pussy chest of Koon (canon) Pettan

Enjoy unlimited and mischief to young daughter put your hand into the pants plunged a hand into the skirt is not necessarily enter toying pussy was erected in the saddle higher rubbed Ategai the penis to vagina ejaculation my sperm with Tamanko clean lick


I came back to my parents' house. My mother died and I take care of my father who lives alone and do all the housework. One night, when I got up in the bathroom, I heard a strange voice from my father's room. I gently approached and took a peek. surprised. My dad was squeezing his stuff while watching an adult video. My dad was 65 years old, but his crotch was big and stiff. When the men and women in the video reached the climax, my father also moved his hands violently to ejaculate. The amount I received with Tesh Paper was tremendously large. From the next day, my eyes changed when I saw my father. I also wanted a man for the first time in a long time. But my father and daughter can't do that.

Relationship with father

I was adopted by a couple who couldn't have children, and I was a daughter of a relative of my adoptive mother. I had my dad wash my body without hiding my nakedness when I went into the hot springs with people, and my dad touched the dick, but my dad washed everything and my mother casually looked at it .. My mother was 39 years old, my father was 37 years old, and my father's thing gradually grew in front of me, and it was the first man I saw. My mother was looking at my face with a bitter smile.  It was late last year, but a few days later I went to the hotel with my dad and opened my body to welcome him. Of course, it was my first experience, and my father gently washed the soko because of bleeding. My mother is in a state of acquiescence. I'm not pregnant yet, but sometimes I love my dad and accept him in my womb, so if I don't have my period next month, I think I'm pregnant.

Cute Daughter

yuna himekawa[8670]
Daughter also requires the successful exam, is JK from the spring. Last year of the wife from the summer order to attend private was also full-fledged return to work of nurses. Taken out a take off fresh panties from bathing in the laundry basket daughter also inhaling abandon the breath to smell of blue fabric, a thin salty had squeezed the cock while having fun in the tongue. It just, cock was also Gingin enough not be a wife. I exam has been changed appearance of the crotch as it approaches. White Kapikapi the thing is sticking, smell of a woman smell. It will have surely accumulated examination of stress. I am a intuition, I have the ends rubbed (and masturbation!) I thought the moment, the panty to cock. I went jumped at the Daughter in the shower stripped off his clothes in a hurry. \"Ayaka.,\" But it went back to us hung the shower \"What Papa Tsu Kya\", not suppressed another look at the body of Ayaka to see for the first time in five years. And I blurted out that \"Ayaka, If you're on your own, Daddy!\" Do not know the reason.

Incest discourse

"What a daddy suddenly came into the room." "Daddy knew before Marin was masturbating. Now, daddy who is not at home will entertain you." "Daddy stop." "Pants Maybe from the top, Marin will always put her finger in. "" Seriously, let's stop. "" Don't cry, I'll lick it. It feels better than doing it myself. "" Ku "" It's great. "Huh," "Marin is so wet," "Ahhh," "I made a voice I've never heard, panting more." Pant more, get wet with guchogucho. I don't mean to grow my dad Marin so much. "

It stepchildren, but courage was Yo'

 And bereavement with his wife, too 10 years, also have sexual desire remarried and now the woman also. Wife who works there were no complaints also sexual intercourse, the beginning was a day to was just out 40, was like a love stepchildren is, there is also tall and volume than the wife, such as bathing in the flesh to see shimmering is There was a thing that poke in the chest  to yourself at home in the self-employed, many when it comes to two people, to care had become to observe. At that time, I learned that the has a shower Ona  me at 48, Nagisa is a high 3 of 17 return about 3:00, doing it had been, but look at the prep feelings, it just was not sorry  \" bankruptcy ..., bankruptcy ... \" talk about anything, graces with me I had  \" dad, father, and, I'm glad to give to say but   to it nor changed the diaper, went together to the bath   also not-be ...   good would ... \" Standing in the back of the chair, gave a kiss in the Kagomu like that without even avoid, had been quietly sitting in a chair, a beach reading a textbook, from behind embrace along with the chair , the hand that turned ago had massaged the milk  but, caress of kissing and chest, one month much did was during this time ... stop reading, close your eyes I match rubbed jerks the foot The hand Some of the skirt, was first put on the Omekono, was drenched  the beach sitting in a chair, we lift up as it is  , \"I say? ...\"  \"and the mother, ... in the Sinai\"  \"... N I-N do,\" and to sleep on the bed, skirt, briefs, and took Nagisa, the governor weight eyes, was staring in briefs, wet 10 centimeters, had Toi pubic hair is no less , valley ... was shining  painted plenty of Feminina ointment as pain Jaca, in by the thing that I bought Doragusuta the effect the experience was not ... and in the painful first experience, affect the later, was worried Ona it thing is also, halfway is, I think that is not good, contraception was considered an after pill anyway, feeling good, and ... and not a father tries the time to suck fir caress and milk of the finger and ... ..... love ... also enough ..., is flowing to the anus ride on, ... to poke the hip  \"or hurt? ...\"  \"Uh-uh ...\" to 1 after weekly, feels good, than was said that bad ... today, and do not say ...  \"I love you, I like, because hear anything ...\" medicine ... Komu pick up ... the back that seems to have effect match rubbed against the pubic bone ... \"I because today type alignment, I have to put up ...     feels good Yo, do not hurt? ...\"  ° \"Okugaaaa, feelings Iii ...\"  \"I fast ...\" rubbed the pubic bone, deep Seii to ... today, because mom is a late shift, and without turning, sleep on their own ... ... than his wife, and out is difficult, when the young put in konjac, I remember that was the masturbation or jealous wife? , This time is to seek from their own because it is a holiday or Sunday wife, Saturday the 3 times however, has been to promise from the beginning, or from the middle out practice and not caught off the back, does not faint, now, two months I ...

Incest with a daughter who went to college in the city

A civil servant living in a rural countryside. There were three children, and the eldest daughter passed the university entrance exam and started living alone because it was far and inconvenient to go to school. Since I was on a business trip for work, I contacted my daughter for the first time in a while and ate. While listening to my daughter's recent situation and reporting on my house, alcohol progressed, and when I left the store feeling tipsy, it was raining and I called a taxi and bought alcohol and snacks at the convenience store and re-drinked in my daughter's room. I decided to stay there, but there was only one set of futons and we slept together. When I turned over many times and faced my daughter, I naturally overlapped my lips. As a matter of course, when I started rubbing my breasts and reaching for my genital area and caressing it, a small sigh leaked and my genital area was quite wet. I bounced off the futon and stripped my daughter naked, and when I hurriedly took it off and stuck to my nipples, my daughter also stuck to my dick. Since the nipple cannot be sucked, when it sticks to the pubic area, a voice that is a mixture of sigh and pant voice leaks and the hardness of the dick increases. When I wanted to put it in, I straddled the top and grabbed the dick and sank it in the back of the vagina. When I was rubbing my daughter's breasts, which shook her hips on me, I got a feeling of ejaculation, and when I told my daughter that I was about to die, I was told to take a pill, so I fired it in the back of my vagina. Even after I passed away, I was drunk with kissing and forbidden parent-daughter incest without pulling it out. The pills were painful and painful during menstruation, and menstrual irregularities, so it seemed that they were prescribed at the hospital. I enjoyed my daughter's body during the business trip. He lost his virginity as soon as he came out to the city.

Daughter of a junior college student

After returning from a business trip, I am excited to have sex with my daughter so that she will not be exposed to my daughter's body wife after a long absence .