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Incest confession of women(2003-09)


yuna himekawa[32]
Previously, after confessing relationships with two older brother are living alone, I got an email from a lot of people. Still, I'm sorry for not answering all 仕切Re. Today, in response to the request and confession.

One day I was with my brother as always, I put my hands and feet fastened to the bed and suddenly my brother. I was also puzzled, but had to leave that to my brother. Can not take the tie to bed and move around on me to have to remove a package from her bag. "What?" When you look, the vibe it was never seen. In the same about the size of my brother was black and shiny.
"Keiko, a Christmas present this?"
Speaking of which, my brother is switched on. Despite the knowledge about the vibe, I just wanted to just shake, wiggle-waggle surprised to see the vibe. Brother, while I let the vibe of his mouth will continue to caress my body. I was, bound hand and foot, and I think something strange mouth,
I felt more than usual. I saw the reaction, the older brother came into the vibe there. The stir has a better hand back slowly.
"Aan Oh" out loud than I and always. Having done so for a while,
Brother sat in the chair. "Why's the matter?" I think that, slowly switched on the vibe. Until now, the body ran Megurimashita never experienced such a pleasure. Older brother was just silently watches. I immediately got my install. I know that I did that, the script does not remove the older brother vibe and put it back Guigui was just sitting and watching. To be shackled, I can not do anything, while still about two hours, and leave the squid, I fainted.
Next thing you know, my brother was sucking my breasts. And still shackled with many times in the morning until about 5:00. Finally, after that I began to face my brother, I was distracted, forgetting to wipe the face, had been forced to lick something brother.

Now that this confession, I talk to my brother.
Why do not you get angry do not know


The reunion mother was the day I went to three-day trip.
That day, his dad, "9:00 (night) Bring it back to" I was told again and again and again and again, I can not do that mother, I was playing around with friends until pretty late . . I arrived at the house, was also passed at 11. They discuss the electricity of the house "Do you'll get angry..." Well, that opened the door softly, his father came out. "What do you think the time?!" The great and threatening attitude. . "I'm going back playing with friends, helped You!" Hey, if you enter the room and through his father's side, suddenly from behind, the mouth is closed, "or against parents?! ! Ah?! "Well, like never seen anger until now, when I was a little surprised," come here! "Well, that still blocked the mouth, was taken in the tub . .
"I apologize properly!" But was told, were soaked in hot water bath to the face, "I'm sorry !!··" say, my father quit. . In fact, I'm touching my ass. . Wearing a short skirt to happen, and put his face in the tub yet, but it was and this may be because much grabble. . "What then must have figured in!" Was great resistance, but soon his father, "and therefore such a shoe.." And shifting the panties. . "I do not want.. No!" Updating to Tiger I shouted, "Shut up!" Abandon me, was beaten. . Later, it was still the father. . "You're beautiful.. Aiko.. Is not something to compare to Mother.." I would say that. . Anal licked and dick,, been tampered, or where I feel, very painful,,
"No, Dad.. From Ito Shina twice more.." Even though so, the man conveyed Kano Hana. . Even his father. . . That there was furikabutte father, and this was to be outfitted. . Great abandon, being put to the back stretch, "Ouch!" Even mentally, getting better does not matter anymore. . The father of a walloping, getting hit every time more comfortably in the back of the uterus. . "Good... Aiko... Is the issue... In.." Is said to me time and again. . . Yogatsu I was crying. . "Out in front and from the get pregnant, I'll butt out of Aiko.." I said, "What? ..." The moment I thought "I'll go..." I say, this time is being loaded into anal. . I know that with more gushing in the back. . . Really in pain,, was the first time anal. . Once issued, this time to take me to my father in the bedroom. . Now is also issued in the anal anal. . . Then come back to my mother, after school, being raped by the father continued. . The last day to seek from me. . And the opportunity is not a mother, father and doing all the time. . I have him, either way I like it. . There are things I anal his father was, I decided in my hand.

I have tea with us

To attend college, and soon began living together with his brother, I embarrassed my wishes known to his brother.
Since then, my brother is now helping us to satisfy my sexual desire.
Although I was initially resisted.
When I came into the room, undress in front of his brother 近Dzukuki by crawling under my feet, get with the collar.
The brother penis erection licking, mouth, suck, get out sperm in the mouth.
Ask a rope hanging reward. I just tied their hands, and hot vagina would wet.
Ask the bound in various positions, you can see from my ass hole, I prefer to be tipped in the state missed the deadline Agra.
Vibe got put in the vagina and ass hole, my brother is watching me gasping Shigoi penis.
And insists on embarrassing words to me. "Please put your cock in pussy brother" and has called it,
Pull out the vibe, the vibe of the place to put the erect penis.
Anticipation to the body, while thrilled with my brother goes from man to fall to less than animals.
Today is the day, so no rubber safety. Chai seems to be saying just what I always ejaculate in the womb.
After a few minutes, my brother's womb on him, issued a hot semen. Will be felt as numbness burned.

Brother and mistakes

Come to your grave a couple trays sister will be home to stay in that long and drank wine while dining in the afternoon three people. Brother went to play golf because of the absence of her husband, a partner with you me. For the sweat to flow out from the face also because of the alcohol, it is a sweaty clothes, said to be reviewed once drank from a shower. Should have no other clothes to wear clothes you think about, whether I got to wear her husband's things? Entering the dressing room, my brother was here pointing out naked from the shower just right. I was also drunk alcohol enters my mind and did not use that. I have become something of a put nails into your eyes all the way brother anymore. The brother, "I got all the way seen. But what I do and sister-in-law's up? Your thoughts?
"Was induced to hold the penis and the brother took my hand.握Rishimemashita naturally too. To fully erect again, as I understand your throat is inflamed red penis as brave as gleaming and Hikaru and tip. I understand that the brother was saying to crouch down so my head in silence. Brother dick pressed against his face in front of my eyes and just, I suck in silence for example.突Ki出Shimashita brother was watching it before the waist. I no longer think anything Shaburimashita.
Brother is okay to ejaculate in the mouth in a whisper? We asked. Blow me a while to OK head. Was poured into my throat before we could say a lot of semen or had accumulated. After, my brother is holding a "Tonight, I'll tell you now that my sister-in-law's feel good" has been saying for a kiss. I understand a meaning of the word, grabbed the penis of a brother. What he feels like tonight, when Sex and the brother-sister do not know how to.


At that time, I was still elementary school. Room with two older brothers who were together.
Brother on the first day (six years older than me) I bet I've been infiltrated into the middle of the night.
I was so sleepy resistance. Then "Yesterday, it did work I was asked to do instead is to you mom? You squeal"
It is said with no choice as saying.
Apart from cattle that did not have to be right now if you want ...

I was lying in bed in their bunk beds brother.
I'm in bed asleep immediately above another brother ...
The older brother put a lamp, there were messing around and see me.
I was half asleep, so I feel good and feeling well.
Brother eventually started licking me there.
"Wow ~ ~ that they have. Why are you licking my brother? Might feel something but ..."
I still elementary school. When you get married, I have a baby soon, I was thinking about was an unknown means.

Then my brother is now at night and lick me there.
It has been inserted and insert the sausage fingers and gradually escalated Iki.
I will now go down.
Children learned how to make your period come to me.
So my brother and also inserted to this is to lick each other Tsu is no good ....
And I have a bath, a brother, "I'm in a hurry! You can get me!"
Coming in and forcibly 繰Ri回Shimashita fingered me.
Among the "put ..." I came to say.
"No!" And say "What is it. This is no good and do not really like people?"
Are you retarded?! Chaujan become incest?
While I continued to refuse.

When I get my five seeded small single room.
My mother also found a place that my brother came at a midnight sneak ....
I was scolded by her brother.

What kind of relationship continued for years, I've done three of my last summer.
The pain came suddenly put in my room but no, a virgin a virgin ... did not work, we eventually got carried away and rubbed chestnut once inside the computer.


Two years ago, her husband passed away of cancer at age 46. Retirement is a little bit, I immediately attached to the bottom.
They just can not mourn. The introduction of the wife in the neighborhood, is now going to the supermarket part of the next town.
For one week, and his wife, was invited to dinner.
... I'm waiting for the children ...
Ne ... more students would be late Naranakere Ryoji you'll be fine ...
Who introduced me to invite a job and unable to refuse unreasonable, we decided to go with.

What sports are you doing ... I'm back Kii Hiroshi Ryo ...
Judo ... and ...
Let handsome ... just to tempt them to ...

This person is more than I do, try not to get involved 想Imashita.
I refused to drink, or just a cup or more and are swallowed drink wine, when got back home, but my feet were unsteady.

Was dreaming. Old husband's smile. Wife is there earlier. Dare to take the hand of her husband.
... You wait ...
I chased after like crazy. I get a large meadow. Her husband was lying. The woman was still gone. Oh well the grass beside me and he slept on his back.
U ... hehehe ... no bright I Kuku
The toe has stretched hands of her husband. I take something to burn.
Hmm ... you feel good Oh ooh U "
Our hands to the Pantei 脱Gasou.浮Kasemashita the waist. SOULTZ and 脱Gemashita. Kuriningu been a long time.
I can hear the full sound and Dokutsu Dokutsu. Came into fingers.
... You feel good ... 好Iki meet
Came into her husband. Held a shoulder. Had a different smell. Opened my eyes.

Oh Well hate useless tree ... not useless Hitsu Hitsu ...

Are you on a ride, it was his son Ryoji costs.

Hahaha ... ah Uuutsu in a family that will not do bad ...

I'm ashamed, but our new full of dew, to cherish about dying, I had to hold my son on the shoulder without thinking.
And the woman, how would such sinful.
Or maybe I just wonder. The people who have experienced if you have not, please let me know.

Since then, I and my son was coming up Kano's what, but we survived each time, I feel that they could not refuse at all times.
Once the continuation of a dream 云E, wet, I had to hold the body of her son.