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Incest confession of women(2014-06)

The hair loss hair

 My son is 17 years old high school two years. Making it the divorced a year ago.
My age? It had been tied to three months after position and become a divorcee and son. It went to generalized loss of hair in the hope of his son, hair over there
does not grow at all. We went to the park with my son yesterday, but
I do not wear it down in the only mini skirt flared knee-length 10? Son is diving into the skirt and go to the place with no
people, I stick over there.  Voice is almost out, around the mouth was sticky and the love juice and saliva to issue the head from the skirt with Sucking amazing anymore, but I had to kiss hugged his son. I also no longer able to put up, take off the skirt, and caught in a nearby tree, is inserted into the son from behind, pushed up strongly wow, it would be stomach remains were inserted for a while you feel hot in the back of me, and overlap the back of my I had become like. You might had peeped from somewhere.

I showed it to my son

yuna himekawa[15800]
I took a bath with my 11-year-old son. My son's body is still delicate and not masculine. Still, I'm about to be taller than I am. It may be a little more that we can take a bath together. As I was standing and washing my body, I noticed that my son's gaze, crouching in the bathtub, was staring at me over there. Pretending to be unnoticed, I deliberately spread my legs and stare at them as if they were biting into them. Ah, my son also became interested in the woman's body. It's embarrassing to see it, but I was happy that my son grew up. After washing and straddling the edge of the bathtub, I'm looking up from below. I stopped and heard my son trying to get out of the bathtub. "Hide-chan, have you seen a woman's dick?" The son shook his face in a hurry. It's a lie. I know I used to play doctors with girls in my neighborhood when I was little. But adults don't know. "I don't know about adult women," Kokkuri said. "Mom's look?} My son opened his eyes wide. He screamed vigorously many times. " No, it's a secret to my dad. " Sit on the edge of the bathtub and gently spread his legs. .. "Can you see?" My son is staring at me. I gently spread it with my fingers."Hide-chan was born from the hole between the petals." I feel a biting gaze. "Isn't it hard to see with hair? Hide-chan, you can touch it." My son's small fingers gently push open my crevice. The petals were picked. "It hurts if you pull it suddenly and strongly. Softly." My son's breath is getting rough. I picked the petals with both hands and spread them out. "Mom, does the pee come out of this hole?" "No. It's hard to understand, but there is a small hole in the pee." "What's the one that popped out above?" "The clitoris. Hide-chan. It's hard like a clitoris. " " What is it for? " " Hmm, I don't know what it is, but it feels good to be touched by someone I like. " " It feels good . My son asks me while touching the clitoris with my fingertips. "Mom loves her dad, so when she touches her, she feels very happy and feels good." "Then, I?} " Hide-chan I also like it, so I'll let you touch it. " " Does it feel good to be touched by me? " Honestly, it feels good . I found myself excited. "Hide-chan feels good.  Try peeling the skin around you." "Somehow, it's getting harder and bigger ..." "Hide-chan's dick will be harder too. Isn't it hard now? " ..." I'm sure my son's dick is getting harder. I'm excited over there. With that in mind, I've become more and more dear. "Mom, can I put my finger in the hole?" "Only one. Put it gently." My son's index finger comes into the vagina. Oh, it's still so thin. "How about in your mother?" "It's hot and slimy . Sometimes the inside is  tight and tight ." " Slimy comes out when touched by a favorite person. My dad is here . Hide-chan was created by putting in. "I can't say anything about my son's mysterious expression. "Hide-chan, have you ever had a white liquid coming out of your dick ?" "Yeah, no." It seems that he is not familiar with it yet. "Soon, Hide-chan will be able to get white liquid out of her dick.  That's why when a woman enters here, she can have a baby." While saying, my vagina tightens my son's finger. I understand. As expected, I didn't want to die with my son's finger. "Hide-chan, stand up." When I let my son stand with his finger pulled out, it was still stiff. I'm fine looking diagonally upwards, but I haven't peeled it off yet. Only the tip comes out of the skin and you can see the pink color."Have you ever peeled all the skin yourself?" "Yeah, it feels good to peel it off, but it hurts when I peel it all off." "  Mom will try it. Tell me if it hurts." Son's dick, small On top of that, of course, the hair doesn't grow at all and it's smooth. Still, it is hard and hot to the touch. I wonder if it will grow like my husband in a few years. I pressed the root with one hand and peeled it off with one hand. I moved it little by little and found out how to peel it with less pain, so I took the plunge and tried it. "Uh, mom, it hurts a little." But all the cute dicks came off. When I gently rinsed the white stains with hot water, the penis, which had once become smaller due to pain, became larger and harder again. It's small now, but it's fine. Once peeled off, the glans will grow thick like his father. What kind of girl's body will this cute dick get into when it becomes full-fledged? With that in mind, I was trying to let my son's dick die by hand, as if I was always giving it to my husband. My son is staring at his dick, taking a rough breath. "Xiu-chan, not hurt?" "No, Mom, but not painful, strange feeling," "a little bit more, I be patient." Kokkuri, nodded son. I gently put it in my mouth. It's small, but the hardness is the same as that of my husband.When I stimulated Suzuguchi underneath, a little slimy juice came out even though I was a child. "Mom, let's pee. Let go." No. It's not pee that seems to come out. Please take it out as it is. I put my hand on my son's ass and kept sucking with my mouth so that he wouldn't leave. Suddenly, ejaculation started. It wasn't as strong as I expected, but it smelled very green, and it spilled into my mouth. I was able to drink my son's first ejaculation. Impressed and immoral, I also rubbed the cracks violently in the hot water with my fingers. The ejaculated son sits tired on the edge of the bathtub. I washed the small and softened dick with hot water and embraced my son's delicate body. "Hide-chan, now is ejaculation.  If you put a penis in a woman's hole and put it out like now, you can have a baby." The son still breathes wildly. "Did your mom get your dad's dick?" "Yes, that's how cute Hide-chan was born." "No, today's thing is a secret to my dad." Nodding son. Oh, it's cute. It's still years to be taken by another woman, but I'm still jealous of that woman.

Hobby of son

Son will be 3 years position high school two years, and from having an affair. The
son has taken a nude of my outdoor'm taking off here and there a lot, but from being seen in person or you there. It is to choose as to give a location that is not found in people as much as possible, but there are many dangerous place in recent years, from being seen naked also Yes, then you do not want. By If you are reading this content Maybe, Maybe there are people who've seen me naked.
 We avoid city, but the human voice is heard in the way of behind when it took off, and you may have or even seen to have taken off. I think myself recently, but that seems to become a habit and will take off outdoors, nympho what I probably had awakened in the mind of their own.

I ... for son

Son 26-year-old became a disability in an accident.
And I think I only underpin the son she also Yuki away, you'll of course, but at first, we stayed nurse is Nasa~tsu doing, but the nurse, the urine of the son I even in the hospital room of hospital destination for the son ... Innovation is I when you're from my way to.


Brother of the mother, that first experience is my uncle in during two.
I was a crushing time depending on the place of uncle near well parents of two breadwinners is slow. It had entered into with it in the bath all the way, but have become comfortably The helper wash by hand since I became in two, one night until the last has been.
It's really hurt, but it was put up uncle was so liked. It has become no longer pleasant little painful when it is several times.
Was forced to etch classmate that has been confessed in Nakasan, but we parted as soon as they comfortably without any at all.
Uncle is no longer Ikiawa far at work after entering high school, but had hotel was called occasionally.
I'm still dating and boyfriend of 15 years older of bytes ahead of time of three years of high school. Older people only become a favorite because of the uncle.
I have a uncle occasionally now.

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Of the father ... and ○○ of parents

2 years ago, was found in the father masturbation in the living room from now.
I had had such a place even though bad, my father said, \"I'm sorry\".
It became so two people father and mother went to shopping, and apologized, \"I'm sorry dad.. From what I could place Te Anna,\" he said.
My father with red face,
\"Do not mon to become 18 years old. Na'll be even that.\"
\"Also dad. Now, are you a mother?\"
And \"I have. Thing. Likes things
Mother,\" \" Do not want to see.
\"example\"? \"before going to the University of ... Tokyo, and. you want to study because there it was\" I
\"and I hate\" Mother. \"may peeps. Tell me when you\"? and because FlirtyPoints tonight Mom ... Dad'm weak to ask of Manami. Hey no \"how\"  \"night, signs were from the bedroom of the parents. My dad kept slightly open the sliding door. My father 46 years old, my mother was 40 years old, naked body of parents floating in the twilight was very beautiful. My father Uzume face to crotch of the mother, the mother had suck things of my father. 'm 69. Mother and release those of his father, gasping painfully and \"phew\", and was holding the bedsheets. Unlike the saw in the bath a long time ago, those of his father, was great. It went slowly over there mother. My father was put from behind in the prone mother. Toward the front of me, you move the hips sitting and holding from behind the mother supinely directly. Services or to my father, and how that comes, happy expression was a full view mother is nestled in the father. Return to the normal position, the movement is violently while kiss, father ejaculated in the chest of the mother at an angle visible from me. Look not like hate at all, the workings of an emotional couple love, parents became envious. If you tell that to his father the next day, and said, \"Manami is.'m A daughter dear it was able to do so,\" said it was pleased. It looked 4-5 times thereafter, but his father, it is said to \"I Never look too\", I told the honest feelings. Father \". Want to give dad a virgin my\" while puzzled, and said, \". It is not be to the father daughter\", but said \". You want to dedicate to the man you love most now.\" Father also embarrassed \"I do not betray me. There are Mother dear to Dad.\" \"Well,. Be with someone who does not know someone\" to this, the birthday of 18 years old, I have devoted a virgin to his father. It felt good as it was ashamed licked the dick to his father, but mind-boggling. But it was painful when those of my father entered. I have become comfortably once a week, and has been embraced by his father. Fellatio was also taught by his father. I got in the vagina semen of father just before menstruation come surely. I felt happy to be poured directly affection of dear father. It was nestled in the father about 32 times as far as going to college. Mom I'm sorry.

And a glimpse of the son

By doting son, is a high school student now,
but I'm a together ever since I was in elementary school bathing. Without saying anything recent master even amazed,
still towards the evening will ask. 39, I am 47 my husband. It recently, breast milk does not go out of course moistened nipples bathing as usual and son, but Gaité Oh, son of and let breathe tits son becomes large, I hand on the wall of the rising bathroom The \"seen, and ... says it 's broken ... hard ... there ... there ... by pushing up slowly Sokoyo ... so below ... a little more\" \"I feel good mother\", \"mother is also very good and he held the It was felt in the womb it 's nice to put up not over ... patience \"to release hot son. So troubled and are sniffed by husband and too long, was raised wash not remove the son, if you issue earlier, I was in as Ru out from rinse in the shower the liquid that was out of his son.  Time to understand 10:00 too, it sends a line of sight to me with a ready to go to bed, my husband is of such entertain me before going to sleep already, because I was the only one piece bath towel naked still, in the bedroom of the couple as it is I had thought and Ru enter, remain open a curtain of lace, his son would have excluded from his room on the second floor probably. Electricity I have disappeared. While I think that it is probably looking into the rooms of sleeping couple open race from in a dark room, I had been nestled in the master.  My husband will be accused have also still intense sex. Cowgirl, sitting position, back, stomach, I was divergence in the back of me by being bombarded with the missionary position. My husband leaves the room to a shower I also, away, and out on the balcony outside naked, son came out and gave us from the window, I was waving.

Relationship with son

There was a contact to be \"not go back today.\" Is my husband coming back from summer vacation destination bachelor of last year, on the night of Friday. I went to the restaurant to eat with two sons and. Come back, drink a beer with two people, I would be sleeping a little drunk. It was not react at the waist every time you are caught half asleep, such as that embraced his master, the real. Son hit one hip to put on shoulder legs and my \"I intensely tonight you\", when you awake to the feeling went into the eye. I had gained a pleasure rather than resistance, ended up being squid as it is. Son Uchitsuzuke the waist even after ejaculation once, I went over and over. \"What'm Okachanii chooch\" It feels like this is said to his son for the first time, there is a lingering even if we leave the body, but have been embraced his son. Sorry to my husband, but sex life with my son I began.

Want to

Someone would to tough guy .... Not a feel Nante monotonous sex husband .... are you want to embrace positions that go over the edge .... are you like to have intense sex-positions the body will break .... Ne, momma to Want You embrace light chan .... Even tonight .... But What should I do .... I would flirt ....

Sister and I and my sister

Parents than not come back until late in the rally in the neighborhood one day
It was a family of five two parents can have his little sister and two sister on three for me I is the story of when during 2 rice had been told to dispense the bath and rice earlier to my sister it is that when you try to enter a bath soon that I was at home while watching television and eating warmed it mom is not cooked It was not entered in three people who were told \"Hey today not be marked on three people?\" said go in together to mom mom was in the separate all later my sister up to the lower grades is a look at the growth of us excitedly strangely to see naked sister in the dressing room after a long time that it was decided to enter three people I that is because was stopped that because it was okay also sister there are no parent was comfortable even in Which Apart reddened big brother \"Oh answered\" Yeah \"by diverting the eyes asked,\" probably increased my breasts? if \"your sister was, but as being warm soak in the bathtub so that it did not conceal as much as possible It was poked Toko I want to be annoying \"\" \"sister do not try to touch Hey\"? \"separately'm good\" \"began fir chest sister touch\" I \"sister refused burr kit to say so I Anta\" Look gonna nice to touch also \"probably soft chest\" I \"I the back of the head of my You're\" layer \"it 's good to lick\" \"Oh\" \"The sister that I massaged the breasts of my sister to reach out slowly \"Next I Anta\" the sister raised his voice every time that you or sucking nipples sister that began Yari to imitate I also sister was licking and tongue out I was not approach the nipples have my sister I started licking from the left and right along with the sister and out dick my sister that I thought was suck a dick I and stand me sister \"to my sister and I\" and Na I show interest whatever your \" 'll get out of me if you do that my sister \"it's gonna say when you issue\" \"two people in front of the dick of my two people and sister to say has been licked desperately twat me is my\" sister you'll come out \" Then came \"was fun Oh\" sister took on the face of my sister and my sister said, \"I'm not comfortable for you yet,\" the sister was attacked relentlessly pussy to defeat the sister ejaculation of my \"sister I'm I say \"If you do not feel good at all is not good\" \"I licked the genitals of each of the three of us began licking dick I also sister to make a shaped triangle like I started licking pussy of my sister

It has sought to son

I, there is that you have a secret to his master. It is that it was working on a part-time job Soapland before marriage. Sometimes, my son is in love with Tomomi out you are coming to play in the house, Tomomi, which had been working together at that time to now be dating yo son. Six months ago, Tomomi is I was talking to my son to me to oppose. Eyes then see me will change, son, I approached the <Ra-rasero> it from break up with Tomomi.

And counselor

I had been a telephone counselor in the private sector. At 54 years old at the time, it was decided to spend the work of counselors leisure that has been bored. Content is what I'll Harashi the anger to hear, such as marital relationship and family of middle-aged generation, a variety of story. I think of that in ostensibly, anyone who wants a sexual companion of your 80's men were many from the same generation. One day, there was a phone call from a man of the age groups called \"boy\" clearly Upon receiving a phone call. At the age of 27 to hear the age, I had been to have a phone call in middle age telephone counseling room dare. My son also because it was about the same age, I was surprised to desire to talk to women in their 60s and 50s. Name was called Y-kun. It seems to have been mama's boy, but it seems to get separated from living in circumstances deemed to be replaced. Yes there was also when you can talk to depending on the side that is getting ready for dinner, you can touch the hair, touched the body. Because there was that my son has also been spoiled, I remember something like a sense of intimacy something. Or give massaged the shoulders of the mother, Y-kun is a friendly boy seems to increase the gift to the birthday. It was said to be, was scolded to touch the ass sometimes escalated. I am like a son to be his, it becomes reluctantly cute, I had listened to the story empathetically. I answered \"yes\" when hear? \"Some things slept together\". When no father is so sleep together are lonely. Mother of Mr. Y I thought envious. I answered, \"went into\" When we hear \"No way, I'm not that is! Went into the bath\" and followed. When I hear \"mom if went out from getting to high school, and I mean ... horny wonder if I say.'re Gonna had entered until about high school one year and junior high school students, it did not feel horny?\" Yes \" . was me with the answer \"There was also that the cock has become hard in front of mom. I heard frankly. \"Certain that I mean sex with mom, was that horny?\" Y-kun told me \"when you are sleeping. Together Yes, it was me squeezing the Okasangao dick,\" he said. I said, \"it was me licking when you have a bath. Mother rode on in bed when the first time,\" he said. I had overlapped and son Y-kun. I was hoping that you have a relationship with his son, but did not can take it. I took an appointment with the Y-kun. Of course, it is a story of ostensibly named as a consultant rather than as a woman. To say that the move a location from talking on the family restaurant, and ran the car in the parking lot of the Prefectural park. There is no popular park, I was just right and to seduce boy. Mr. Y gave me accepted easily. It seems to have wanted graces mom, it was me as spoiled son. Then, you can meet at home, I met at the hotel. It is the first year Become a fit with him. I was accepted as a son-in-law him. There is nothing legally, along with the word \"mother\", it gave me cum on me.

The temptation son

It is the son who played a successful high school enrollment this year.
Return of my husband because it is around ten o'clock every night with a fondness from earlier, let them experience is also his son secretly, we give you as to dissipate in the back of me.
 To enter and take to the hotel and Tsuredashi son Sunday, I became addicted to violent sex with mother and child. Sex only put in me, my husband will love me the body of my son when compared to it. Nipples are sucked up into painful positions, with or sucking licking and sucking with amazing dick also, makes saying delicious.
It had got attached hickey is amazing to breast and say that I gonna do with a hickey ventured to son.
 I did not even think that's luscious world this much love each other and son gave birth of his. and I came to understand the meaning that over there aching. I knew I indescribably incest mother and child, the splendor.

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Why do not you find a secret lover?

And everyone looking for partners of adults! Do you like milf wife and a nice everyone ... men? Clean OL's How is? Uncle H a and everyone ... Twink boys of women do you like? I will introduce the partners of the secret to men and women of adult! ○ ○九一二三六六一二九

I awesome

I will write in between housework. Son or Ino amazing? Boys this year is whether the guys likely? Do not know, but (Mama'm fun;. Mon'm out five times before sleep to come back from ^ _ ^ A school also today, I show.

Memories with my sister-in-law

Three years ago, when I was 31 and my sister-in-law was 32. My sister-in-law was born early, so from the perspective of school age, she is two years older. I think summer is about to end. My wife's parents' house, my father-in-law, my sister-in-law, my wife's child, my family structure. I had been with him for more than 10 years, and my sister-in-law was also seen as a close friend's family , so I had no awareness of the opposite sex. When my wife was pregnant with her second child and SEX was also in the lesson, I happened to meet Megumi, a sister-in-law who opened the bathroom to get out of the shower when she opened the door to brush her teeth . At that time, I closed the door to each other with "I'm sorry" and said "I was surprised!" sorry. I was talking to each other. However, I remember that I was alone in the bathroom with well-shaped boobs and hair burned in my mind that was not too big inside. After that, when I heard the sound of the shower from the door, I often went to brush my teeth, and I was waiting for the encounter with any excuse. From that point on, it's been about a month since it became a daily routine to remember Megumi's nakedness every day . I went on a trip to Nagano with my family and my wife's child, but the next day I had a class for work that I had to attend, and after dinner I returned home on the Shinkansen, and the class ended in the morning, so I'm going back to Nagano after that. For the time being, when I got home, my father-in-law was gone and Megumi's room was turned on. This situation alone started to make my heart pound.At this time, I was imagining sex with Megumi who wasn't there, and even though I tried to crawl at night about 10 minutes after the lights in the room went out, I didn't have the courage to enter or enter for about 30 minutes. I was fidgeting with an erection, but I thought that I could not accept it and returned to the room. Megumi had a boyfriend at that time. My sexlessness has been over 3 months, and my head was all about Megumi's nakedness and delusions of sex, but I also had a long trip and fell asleep when I noticed. The next morning, I got on the train two trains ago and got up with a margin, but when I went to the washbasin to wear a suit and brush my teeth in time to catch the train, I came out of Shan in the morning and encountered a chance. .. I didn't have time to say "I'm sorry" and tried to close the door and go out, but my legs couldn't move from the front of the door and my heart was about to pop out. Among them, Megumi appears behind the door and wipes her body. "Well, is that okay? " What's wrong?" Is that okay? " The consciousness after that the grace that was wrapped in a towel from breast separately opened the door had been hugged. "Sorry, can I stay this way for a while? " What's wrong with me ?" ?? Fine? ?? Am I okay? " What happened?" Megumi was surprised, but she turned her hand around her back to hug her child and gently tapped her back to calm her down. I'm hugging, and Megumi's face as a close friend family is right next to me.Reason cannot be suppressed by the smell of soap and the two soft elasticity that hits the chest. "I'm sorry, I just saw Megumi's nakedness, and I haven't seen it for more than three months, so I don't understand why," I said. "That's right. It was hard. You can leave it as it is, so calm down. ] And Megumi. "sorry. sorry. calm down. "I'm not calm, so I'll just put it out once." sorry. I put out a meat stick that turned back and started to squeak. Megumi was surprised, but she felt like she couldn't help, saying, "Yeah, I understand. "Nods. I was screaming, but I was putting my hand around Megumi's waist, but I didn't seem to dislike it. I gently took Megumi's hand and guided me to grab my cock, and although I didn't squeak, she grabbed me firmly, and my face was looking down. When I unconsciously removed Megumi's towel, the towel fell off and my well- shaped boobs were in front of me . I will touch it terribly. There is no refusal and Megumi keeps holding the meat stick. I heard a sigh leak when I put my nipples in my mouth while slowly rubbing my boobs. As my heart is about to pop out, I touch Megumi's body as if I were touching something that was about to break. I think I can't control it as it is, so I hug it again and try to suppress myself. When I noticed that the hand I turned behind fell on my thin waist, I rubbed my butt and my hand got into the crack. Megumi's pussy was clearly slimy and dripping down to her thighs.At that time, Megumi couldn't control her voice and collapsed from her waist as her reason flew away and she put her finger in her pussy and stirred it. That Megumi was squeezing my cock and moving her head. I couldn't imagine the scene, and Gumi is always giving me a blow job as a close friend as a family . I couldn't think of anything anymore and I was looking at Megumi's face all the time. At that time, Megumi stood up, brought her hand to the washing machine, made her ass stick out, and then crouched down and sucked on her pussy. When I talked to my mouth after I was sucking because of its high viscosity, the joy juice pulled a string and stretched. I also stood up, and when I hit the meat stick on my pussy, I suddenly returned to myself and said, "Megumi. Fine? 』\ Slowly facing forward and nodding. It was inserted as it was without rubber. I loved the fact that the windows were open and I was desperately waiting for my voice to come out, and when I tried to put my lips together, I was evaded. that's true. Though I think, the movement of the waist does not stop. It was a feeling I had never tasted before. You can tell that it feels like the pussy is cramping in small steps and sticking to it. The limit of patience came to me with a sticking method that induces vaginal cum shot, and I pulled it out momentarily, and an incredible amount of semen came out on my round but too soft ass. Hugging again, "I didn't like it, right? sorry. " Me waving the party Yeah, and neck that is not out of the words. It's time for the train to miss the class"sorry. I'm going out. " I say when Megumi " I because I forgot because it was an accident! ] . I said, "I'm sorry. " And I went out a word. After that, I sent an email on the train saying, "You didn't really like it, did you? I didn't even have rubber. I went outside, but if anything happened, please tell me! I sent an email back. "you know what. I didn't dislike it. Somehow it was accepted naturally. Don't worry, rubber is okay. " Thank you. Please accept me. And I'm sorry. 』And arrived at the sending class. I thought it was only then, and my relationship with Gumi had been going on for the next month. I wanted to keep a record before my memory faded. I will spell it as clearly as I can remember the sex after this. I later began to notice that Megumi had a feeling of love at this time.