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Incest confession of women(2012-06)

In the briefs of son

I found a strange stain briefs son (medium 1) When I was sorting the laundry to try washing.
I was impressed with my son I've been an adult. An attempt was made ​​to Mawaso the washing machine, but yellowtail
over marks son is worrisome strangely, I turn the washing machine to remove the it.
If you look again the briefs that had been except in the mood, there is still moist, it was as wet dream. I smell of wet dream briefs son involuntarily. And I know that it can not go
but excited about the smell of semen, I quickly started masturbating. The smell, Sucking a part
wet, was acme suffered in the face last. I was a wet dream masturbation briefs since then, but
lust is a runaway, and now delusion SEX with the son.
I am a mother dont. But ... you want to say ... committed a taboo at once

The ... to hot springs and son

It is 46 years old, but I went to Kinugawa Onsen two people and son. It is the first time her husband died. Not been there before when you have husband. Was that two nights in a small inn, to stay. It has been guided to the room and got to the inn. Nakai's here was a man of 40-year-old cult. Nakai-san came to laying futon after a meal, but one set only spread in a double futon. You speak the truth, but my son is not a child I gave birth. It was deleted because I uterine cancer. I do not even pregnant. Pussy you can comfortably. I was up at dawn on this day. My son is 25 years old.

And ... that son

I live with my son and now have passed away in her husband last year. His son was called granny Sasero SEX me. To come verge beat me and have been ignored, and I was committed forcibly. I say eggplant remains, son and become a woman of my old lady act is finished. It was silent I think that it is beaten again and you reject. Then are to do your daily SEX. I do not collect it likely Harisake any son long since large. When you say the truth, my son is not a child I gave birth. mother when the actual he was born has been brought up as a child that I gave birth and died in excessive bleeding. I will be 42 years old, but my son is 24 years old. And I was pregnant with the child of her son. It was said to me gave birth gentler suddenly After talking to son.

I widow ...

yuna himekawa[49380]
Bereaved husband in the same way as Mr. Qingjiang, I am living with two people and son. I was committed to his son. We have been in the life insurance Kuitsunai of husband without anything to become 25 years old, but must be very Ika eat at my part-time wage it is eliminated. My son still does not work, I was beat me angry to say as I work. And is laid on top of the cushion is naked, I am so humiliated but was put a big dick son to the place that the most important of the woman. And I told a woman accustomed to me. It is still 48 because I got married at a young age. There is still Siemens. I was told that it is not Orose it is said to be five months pregnant and I say to any women when I noticed it would be pregnant for that. It was called Look and gave birth After talking to son gingerly because there is no way. Son to take care of me but stopped Babachi this, it does not make a woman out. However, it is said child you gave birth doing in parent and child is a child with a injury. Is worried.

Incest and son


I think  to become a five-year position again is correlated with the son was entering high school this year.
When it has been to together ever a bath since I was in elementary school, show without any hidden naked of me, across the tub, my son is looking
at intellectual approval, in the manner easy to see Mishiro, it appeared there slightly open of course
is like had.  It has been also or not breathe tits in the bath, it enters with his son in the bathtub, was raised holding on your lap, it is exposed to the skin and I <soft tits mom> is allowed to way rub her tits to son, I was a sex education and nature in my body. At that time, it included the nipple into the mouth of a son, son sucking boobs crazy without out such as breast milk is cute, it's sleep also it has become just like to I-priming to approach lovers embrace in a lying together.  And let them smoke like a daily habit tits, Sucking It is attached to the nipple like a baby, and now like to suck tits massaged. When the junior high school, even when you let sucked tits differences to study until late at night, before going to bed was raised have occurred together, it becomes like sleep together, to welcome for the first time a son, I the body as a matter of course it Ki Open, was raised to induce the son, and welcomed in the back, let them diverge in me, in the sense of unspeakable, I was euphoric pleasure back is like numb become hot at that time.  It becomes a high school student, energy is also strong, I have been overwhelmed, but my body is also clearly different as before, be youthful, son also said <Mother,'m pretty> I often gloss of skin you me. It will be like  wearing a mini skirt Become a way to also dating son and recently, in the park at night, you can kiss in the dark, My son wants to be an etch, but there is no courage still up there.  Just depilated hair in the hope of his son, we do not grow Become a slick now, you say that I <delicious> it tailed Sucking on the bottom well. You thought I do not know how long Aishiaeru a son, but I want love one son much.

I widow

It is a widow of 47 years old, but it lived two people and son. I was committed to his son. To proceed with this Yari angry because I had my son without doing anything, I broke the front teeth by the kicking beat. It does not say anything to say from it even scared. And then it is to the pussy in the naked me from daytime when I go summoned to say Auntie after that my. I did it as it is because I do not and be beaten. Then I do every day. Going to do SEX in parent and child it is a cat or dog. It is that's doing the siblings and parents as people dont. I was pregnant too. I did not Orose was trying Oroso but slower when stomach without Orose, it is said to be too late if you go to the gynecologist. It was decided to lay it is said to be filled if you talk to my son because there is no way. I did not beat it you think you have been beaten. I think it became gently back. But I thing mysterious child that I gave birth is said to give birth to me. But he said it became so difficult to stay in the neighborhood, son to move to somewhere. It is now that such couples like the son in the future.

Younger is better

The husband passed away at 47 years old, I'm living in two and son. I was committed to his son. It is now 25 years old this year passed since early '10 and just playing it to high school graduation. We were committed to his son. And I say become a woman of me. I became a woman of my son because there is no way. We show off made a SEX with me to come take her this before. We were a SEX with her at that later.

... My son

I will be 56 years old, but there is a consultation by the son to become 25 years old. My son went out of the house it. I say anything and went into the Yakuza. This is called the house also eliminated Once in there, but I came back yesterday. It was to strike a Watakushishi How to to hear that I asked where to whether went. It was a naked SEX to me to keep hit. It is living alone now husband died last year. So you do not have that you have such as SEX and other than her husband. 've Done with other than her husband for the first time it was my son that I gave birth. I said my son after you've done, and become a woman of me. Then I'll do it every day. I'll do even two hours longer it. You tired is so young and do it with young people, but to become a 56-year-old. But with your juice also now come out plenty to embrace his son recently. I want to be young and what I became a woman of his son.


In a week my husband came home the other day, I also went to the appointed destination alone. I was saying it's going to be long now. I was not in a bland Monmon SEX, but yesterday morning, it was shelved at Haneda finally.
 The raised put to come back after sending in kindergarten daughter this morning, because it said that it wanted father-in-law's, tea, and are you looking at my father's video if you grasp the room, it is the death of father-in-law's and I of such place.
with leering face, and \"your father's hate, had been taken of this when did\" I have a father-in-law san, it's a Toko you are sucking. Not it embarrassing. Are you lick the pole by issuing the tongue. Moreover, while eye contact and father-in-law's! The dive in the chest of the father-in-law's thinking, I quickly pressed his lips forcibly.
 It is a hot kiss after a long time. You each other drinking spit and twine also tongue. I, still as a kiss, put your hands in the pants pants and father-in-law's, Bring hold the beloved there.
I was down with the pants pants and father-in-law away finally.
Is odious. We have been erection hard and are holding it with both hands wrapped. The give Peel, and are rubbed with a nail, it becomes even greater. Cali neck glowing Teratera, patience juice has come out from the tip. Already useless, I will suck and suck in mouth.
 I had to take off all your clothes while gripper. I'm back to me odious. When you lay me, put a face between also, father-in-law's has been licking and pussy chestnut suddenly today. I think up to now, in the video of SEX with me, and had been Senzuri kit. Oh, I was taught this way of calling, from the father-in-law's.
 Pussy lascivious my, soaked at the stage of the kiss again.
Soon, it's me fit the Buttoi of Arree, today. Hehehe, father-in-law's also I'm a limit of patience.
 Came oh. Are you stop once at the entrance to the pussy first. And to want to back. You can put out several times Guchuguchu, you can put.
 Oh no, do not pull out. I would tighten the pussy involuntarily. But please put again soon, back to me finally put. Is happy. And father-in-law's, it is kissed remain fit.
 The wake me as it is, father-in-law's was on the undercard position. It is looking that I have put on top of the span of Cross-legged father-in-law's. I was firmly embraced by two people. Yeah, What's that?!
 Iyayo embarrassing, of such, it is useless. Such a thing, I see it is fitted in my own ride to the top. I ended up riding But, really embarrassing though. Fu.

It is a continuation wrote to cum experience confession.

Got the pill after going to the hospital Ikazu, after work also mean that gestate a child of his brother.
It showed the pill after it came got while eating rice return. I've heard or remembered something my brother, but my brother same answer.
I remember that you had sex, but I reply that it is not a fine thing to remember with whom Maybe you were.
To see it as turning licked me, reply and do not remember.
It came crowded view that it is not remember boobs.
This is the tits a confident little by E cup.
I do not remember anything.
Brother came into the room drinking drugs after a meal, and have a change of clothes put away the clothes.
Remark that surprised even more when being surprised because came into when you are dressed.
And bring up \"I do not remember anything, but I drank siblings. After pill was close relatives sex situational and you try to do validation do you really had sex,\" he said.
Brother to come closer while saying \"? Huh\", say \"Hey do not remember\" touch the breasts of E removed the bra.
Hand came elongation under it at the same time and have been accompanied sucking tits and rip-off.
Kiss and twisting the body, I tried to Kawaso Below I hug.
When it was tangled tongue, and missing power. I also entwined tongue.
Sex as it is.
After all, it is not remember sex at the time of drunkenness.
But large excitement in sex with brother at this time.
And worked hard all night long, is comfortably many times, my brother also does not appear anymore.
I was able to avoid pregnancy in medicine.
But the future, relationship to the remaining crisis pregnancy.
You can not live without his brother for a while.

Father's Day

Mother-in-law has passed away before I get married, I was also in contact with or have been give the coffee for the father-in-law. When you consult the day before to what you and I should try a gift of Father's Day June 19 of this year, grasped the hand as \"Ayano-chan\", was unnerving. It becomes the day while you're wondering, my husband is away and went to golf early in the morning and the people of the company. It is Dakitsuka with Ayano-chan and invites you going to buy a tie gift to father-in-law, it is pushed down as it is, we surrender to the gentle father-in-law. You can rub your milk Ayano, or sucking dick, is inserted from the notification look at the time you began to wet Jukujuku, father-in-law had raised the sobbing I remain but are in father-in-law. I was surprised to tough that show no sign of slowing down and your good deed of the father-in-law. You passed three months soon, but it enjoys a secret thing with the father-in-law when the absence of her husband. Dad, I like.

And son

I think 42-year-old widow I, Orimashi become correlated single, from two years ago 22-year-old son, and was around 10 o'clock in the morning of Sunday the 17th. The Orimashi love each other until midnight son and eve, I think you have slept naked with two people, has happened is was around 9:30 late. I went to the bathroom naked, and finished with a shower each other playfully with each other, and sit on the sofa in the living room with only a roll of towel, I sat a son wrapped a towel waist next to it so that the shower with two people, Remove the towel my, I was massaged suck tits sucking nipples.  At that time, her son can originate outside the window in the living room, I had gotten seen, I you are coming first also not noticed, it has not hugged his son stick to the nipple, let breathe tits directly below. It was sucked tits and hugged his son naked towel is also removed, it has not embraced the head of his son, it was sucked tits moistened alternately nipples left and right, raising the gaze casually out the window, she there I was looking at. And looking out in a  hurry, \"Hey, ○○ chan I've come to the outside\" son, to see his son, she's ran away. Since then, her relationship Torezu, son and disappeared also contact. Relationship of mother-to-child incest was I have known. You tell him <I'll say because there are my mother, to love Mother> my son. I said to my son that it <I try to find a new girlfriend soon>, but it is not, at heart of me. It thinks <you have love one was left with this son, you do not want to pass to anyone> in the back of mind and.

About me and my mother

My mother divorced my father when I was little. I haven't asked why because I don't want to make my mother sad . My mother is a beautiful woman who looks good in kimono, and when I walk around the city, a man looks back. My proud mother. After parting from my father, my mother continued to work part-time at a sushi restaurant in the neighborhood and raised me alone. My mother and I live in a small condominium, but my rent is high and my mother's salary is low, so my mother always lamented, "I'm having a hard time living." But my mother always said, "Takayuki-chan, go to college. And become a member of society and make your mother feel at ease." I always said, "Yeah, I understand." Was answered. When I graduated from high school, I told my mother, "Mom, I, I'll stop going to school, I'll work and make my mom easier." I'm not the one who can study so much, so I think it's better for each other. I told you so. My mother was a little confused, but she answered with a little tears, "If Takayuki decides, do so." You probably thought it was bad for your son to have a hard time living. The night I graduated from high school, my mother and I had my graduation party together. My mother brought me the sushi and sake from the restaurant and said, "Congratulations." As usual when my mother got home, it was normal for her to start changing clothes without worrying about my gaze. If you take off your kimono carefully and become a pale blue nightie, you will be ready to eat.I drank the liquor that my mother brought to me and got a little drunk and wanted to spoil my mother, I was sitting in the softer and talking about old tales, but for some reason I Suddenly my sexual desire came out and I touched my mother's breast from above the nightie. My mother didn't show any resistance, and laughed and said, "Takayuki, don't you know the woman's body yet?" When I answered "Yeah," my mother probably got a little liquor, so I thought, "Takayuki, I'm sorry, I gave up going to school because of my mother, okay, touch it. Touching my mom's breasts, she can only do this much for you. "That said, I took my hand and unbuttoned the negligee's chest and let me touch my breasts. It was. I got horny and suddenly kissed the nipples of the tits. My mother's tits were big and the pink nipples stood on the rubber ball with great excitement. I was excited and continued to smoke. My mother seemed to be excited, and she was sobbing. My mother told me, "You can always do it if you're a mother, and she'll teach you the body of a woman to celebrate her graduation." Then she put my hand in her panties. My mother was wet over there and it was my first time so I was surprised and withdrew my hand. My mother said, "Don't worry, she'll be like this when she's excited, she's. She started licking when I unzipped my pants and took out my penis ." Takayuki's cuteness. I also put my hands in my mother's panties and enjoyed seeing her in agony. My mother brought a condom from the chest of drawers and put it on me with my mouth. When my mother took off her panties, she said to me, "Welcome, I'll teach you the woman's body." She gently grabbed my penis and lay on her back on the carpet and inserted it into her body. It was my first time so I left everything to my mother's lead to ejaculate.From that day on, my mother and I seem to have become men and women. After work, I went straight home and enjoyed having sex with my mother. My mother also started to buy flashy panties and transparent underwear, provoking me and having fun. After I worked, I was able to save money at home little by little, and my mother could live with peace of mind. However, my biggest concern is that my mother's makeup will become flashy and will be stolen by another man at the store.Shortly after I started working as a member of society, my mother quit her part-time job at a sushi restaurant and started going to Hello Work, laughing and telling me, "To save Takayuki's marriage funds." Did. When I get home from work, my mother prepares meals and waits for me. When I asked, "How did you find a good job, mom?", He said, "It's not good because I'm in a recession right now." Until now, my mother kept a honeymoon for me, and there were many men who approached my beautiful mother, but my son's sexual desire was suppressed, so my mother and I were men and women. Since that day, my mother seems to have set me as the target of stress-relieving libido, and I feel like a honeymoon like a newlyweds. I also love my beautiful mother and have never had a fight. Since I became a member of society, my mother has become much younger than her age, probably because she cut her long hair and permed it as a shortcut. I also have a strong sexual desire and I'm dying to have sex with my beautiful mother every day. After the meal, my mother went to the bedroom in the next room and started making up at night to have sex with me. When I got out of the bath and went to the room, I was asked, "Takayuki, are you tired? Will you play with your mother tonight?", So I said "Of course." I gave my mother a rich kiss. It was. My mother is waiting for my foreplay, wearing the black and pink babydoll lingerie that I gave her on my birthday, exposing her and her dick. At the beginning, I said "I'm embarrassed to wear this", but I love women's erotic underwear, so I enjoy wearing various kinds of underwear for my mother. First of all, my foreplay starts with my mother's beautiful foot fetish. After licking each toe of my mother's red nail polish, I lick my mother's fair-skinned whole body. A sob comes out of my mother's mouth. "Takayuki, I'll teach you the woman's body tonight." So my mother said, a nasty black panty with a broken rose embroidery floral pattern. I started to take off. I lightly kiss my mother's dick many times and lightly touch my nose. Then my mother had no experience of having sex other than my father, so I was very excited and shouted "Ahhhhh" and blew up a lot of juice. I will lick everything, saying, "Mom's juice is delicious." You can see that my mother's dick is getting harder and harder. My mother seems to like being inserted in the doggy style, so I'll put her on all fours and insert it from behind. It makes me happy with a loud, nasty voice, "Ahhhhh". It's like this tonight, and the night goes on, and the two fall asleep deeply.My mother divorced my father when I was little. I haven't asked why because I don't want to make my mother sad. When I got home after work today, my mother said "I'm not going home" and brought me a warm oshibori, took off my socks and wiped my hands and feet. .. My mother wore the black and pink Chanel perfume-smelling babydoll lingerie that I gave her on her birthday, and her lower abdomen was cracked vertically with rose embroidered floral patterns. He wears a nasty black panty that you can see immediately, and he exposes the baby doll and the dick and waits for me to return. I wiped my fingers carefully and I was uneven, and suddenly my sexual desire became uneven and I put my fingers in my mother's dick. My mother's dick was already in a squeaky state, and it seemed that she couldn't wait for me to return and was masturbating alone. "Takayuki, let's take a bath with my mom today." My mother said, "OK, but I have one request." "What, please, Takayuki?" "Mom I can't let you shave my hair. ”My mother looked surprised for a moment, but she said,“ Shave as you like. ” I was so excited because I said something embarrassing, and the pace sledged up. My mother and I got naked in the bathtub in the bathroomIt is a rich kissing ritual with the tongue entwined. As promised, after I got out of the bath, I let my mother stand and spread her legs and applied plenty of shaving cream to her mother's dick. I borrowed my mother's razor and carefully shaved the hair of O ○○ so as not to damage it. My mother is sometimes excited and makes a nasty voice saying "Ah." I was also excited and the juice was oozing out of the glans. After shaving completely, it looks good with my mother's short hairstyle and seems to be mistaken for the body of a high school girl's virgin. I was dying to lie down on the mat in the bathroom and put my tongue in the shavings that were shaving smoothly and whispered. My mother is delighted with a nasty voice saying "Ah. Finally, I hugged my mother naked with both hands and carried it to the bed, and it was the beginning of rich sex. Well, that's about it tonight, good night everyone.

Of my mother and me, the 7

yuna himekawa[49267]
A few days later, when you go home after work, incoming Melo rang my smartphone. Was from Sakata.
Handsome youth \". Takayuki-kun, tonight, or not me a partner drive my Once was free, because waiting in the parking lot of a convenience store near your house\" of <good looks, is Takayuki Okay \", I sent a reply mail with. \"Thank you> dress <Takayuki the handsome youth of about woman envy is Takayuki inherited was a checkered shirt and white jeans and pink green system, the beauty of mother It had grown> car Sakata came to the parking lot shortly <, enters from Gokokuji lamp of Metropolitan and put in the passenger seat and Takayuki, to overtake a car that is in front of all, get off at the exit of the Shibaura Sakata was, Takayuki stopped the car in the driveway of the ultra-luxury hotel towering facing the Tokyo Bay and leaked pee fright that had wet the part Bae ○ vinegar bikini pants hits, and Sakata. \"Sakata customers, WELCOME, I keep your keys in your car.\" I went inside the hotel to walk behind the Sakata to come popping out manager is in a hurry. Two people enjoyed dinner at the hotel restaurant. I, \"Takayuki-kun, my job'm an exchange De~ira, I Japan, since has become a super-aging society, the bank did I no longer able to make money to lend money growth industry is gone I, So I ask the operation came to head down to the place of me, someone to increase the fund, pension fund management unit, capitalists and (Bank), investors, Kinshu, the Japanese government bunker large Sakata was guided to the suites on the top floor the Takayuki laughing it can not be said in the voice, but I'm to money laundering also criminal money of the American Mafia, your mother also so member is. \"staff of us. Beautiful night view of Tokyo Bay was shining over the curtain of blue from the large windows. Scolded or shame but Sakata luxurious two people with hug from behind and agreed with a smile at the thought's important people of the mother, the Takayuki became naked to me \"Nyuuro. Bath Takayuki-kun, together\" I sank to the body in the bathtub scented jasmine big of a gorgeous marble. We plan to introduce sex Takayuki Sakata and, in tonight Enough, Takayuki ... all living things so that you are happy with the next

Of my mother and me, that 6

When you go home after work, incoming Melo rang my smartphone. Mother bewitching beautiful plump breast When I arrived it was from the mother, in the house \". Takayuki, I came home early today, Sakata's boss mom because He will bring the employment contract of mom\" But I was waiting and wearing a long dress that looks about half. Had been ordered home cooking of mother for visitors is crammed to the table in the living room, the front door chime rang. Giant stood there I opened the door. Was greeting \"Excuse me.. Sakata is\" a man that has a good physique, such professional wrestler like wearing a jacket suede leather light brown. Mother returned the greeting politely as \"I am sorry to have our Come all the way this, in the squalid treatment\" and with the Mitsuyubi mother and me. Remove the employment contract immediately, you can show it to me and mother, Sakata explained this. \"Do I want to have gotten so much?\" \"Junko, your salary? Bonus what about? What about 10% of the volume based on the profits in the $ 200,000 annual salary\" mother he added Sakata in amazement , to work in our company is the condition for more than 10 years \"minimum, son with you, but must take the responsibility of it accordingly if you or leaked to others confidential information of the company, and caused damage to the company I have signed the contract with the mother. \"ne. Sakata is raised to send only till the parking lot, \"Sakata to my mother,\" soon, then you free. \"Sakata and tell so from eating willing to be\". It is delicious \"the home cooking of mother I arrived in the parking lot on the ground on an elevator with Sakata's so, \"says. There was a car that Sakata has been riding there, it was a luxury sports car made in Italy that have not been imported only a few units in the <Japan. > To Sakata surprised, \"It is a great car.\" \"Tell me Takayuki-kun, now, trying to even drive and I, the number of smartphone of you!'s Asso,\" Sakata to smartphone Sakata's I I It was the memory of my number and email. You did not notice it Takayuki <Sakata at that time \"that it was not shining eerie light, such as get a beautiful prey in the back of the pupil. > \"I do not worry because as long as there are I'm your mother, So Good-bye ~\" Sakata was carried out by disappeared into the dusk allowed to start the car quietly. My mother was waiting for me to change into lingerie take off the dress back to the room. \"Takayuki, ♪ I I was stuck in me who, from poverty in this\" I am of the clitoris of the mother is undressed wildly black Pantei of floral embroidered roses mother Become want to have sex Mushoni probably because you have tension It's played by rolling a spring bud of the clitoris which has been flying out with raised turning on the tip of one's tongue the skin of the upper, the mother was exhausted in the world of euphoric screaming in foreplay me in the sea of ​​love juice. In everyone, Mase Good night around here tonight. Takayuki ... all living things so that you are happy


Or Aya 22 year old girl child one year old pregnancy 6 48-year-old moon husband
husband is (Shige-chan) and (Shige-chan) and when you grow up in (Shige-chan) a child is the biological father in the bride and cormorants (Shige-chan) & # 12316; old that can be Aya 16 years old married for his stomach and makes you bride Once adults Ma~yota face

Incest with 14-year-old son

 He studied until midnight last night, and graces I <mom tits> this morning th and wake up, you geta of it let them suck tits moistened nipple in the mouth of the son, but I'm young, it would be hard, it has raised welcomed, it would become violent sex without eating breakfast, it was around 9:30 in the breakfast it was over after all.  After breakfast, it says <sleepy>, it has not sucked tits moistened nipples lying, lunch is was 2:00 time, and I am studying now, but well, the result of the test is sex tonight than expected You have to give the commitment to, we are now concentrating on studying, but also sex Pretty impressive, ahead will Omoiyara tonight. Since coming challenged in as far as physical fitness, not me lying night weekend, it finished as soon as possible also shopping, and Yes to also prepare the bath, I embrace without seeing even TV after dinner. It has become a hickey full of Toka tits, we are given a hickey weekly.  It will come wet and I think it kana become what sex tonight.

Of my mother and I, Part 5

Today, birthday cake celebration for that was put on the table in the living room when I got home after work. \"Takayuki, happily, I mom, and I have nothing to lose in the introduction of new ♪ ·· Hello your job is gonna found smiling ear-to-ear smile mother,\" Mom, this's the what? \"Came out from the kitchen I thought, and tried to apply for your job female clerk of the company of foreign in Marunouchi, I was handed to the president's resume I went to the interview, how to use the computer in the \"vocational training school men who executive handsome American Japanese III called Sakata, who was sitting next to the ,, president's mother I wish to talk to be. \"you know and learning is who liked things mom very I, I wish I could talk about that life is painful in fatherless families, with who are interested in me, it's who have adopted prompt decision. I was clinging to the ample bosom of the mother, \"Mom, congratulations, and.\" It was good \". I thought I and I'll relieve the feelings are excited mother that evening, my mother because it seems not sleep in the state of excitement that has been adopted and anxiety to the workplace to the unknown, in the living room that night in the sense of celebration I was raised by a thick sex and foreplay with raised gently remove the bra of the mother on the sofa. Papilla of wine red color of the MILF-specific, such as those slender Sakuranbo there several times has soar higher than OL Miss usually in the middle of the areola of the rash pattern if there is elasticity in large breast of the mother. Mother in a horny voice If you give a stimulus to pull with your fingers as hard and there, I enjoy many times rolled in the tongue in the mouth of the big nipple \"Oh, - it would be torn ~ bad ~ there\" now \"Oh, my bad ~ ~ there.\" Enjoy it dissolved by the rotation of the tongue a shame dirt around the base of the nipple can be raised wet plenty of saliva in my. \"Oh, I ~ bad ~ there. ~ To stop\" next to vertical deliberately obscene sound secretions come out bleeding and stretched long biting lightly 5-6 mm below the crack of the nipple in the white teeth of my I will give smoked many times stronger. White milk came out bleeding from crevices in the previous \"Oh,.'m ~ Bad ~ there\" of the nipple, so that the blame can be touched with a finger the clitoris concurrently also turned ○○ child of your ○○ co Contact juice has also come out a lot. My mother is willing to put out the voice of frenzy \"Oh, ~ ~ Dameyo there, mom yo ~ good of Takayuki, gone, - you have gone,\" he said. Finally we let them sleep soundly is a mother is inserted gently Bae ○ vinegar I can be escorted to bed. My head is also dizzy in the mystique of the woman's body. Sheets of the bed I have become Bichobicho in your juice of your ○○ co-mother. In tonight in so much, good night. Takayuki ... all living things so that you are happy

Of my mother and me, the 4

I seems to have divorced father when small my mother. Never heard why they do not want to grieve the mother. My mother is challenging word or PC operation, to excel, through to vocational training schools are paid a living by using the system of Hello Work for the job now. Because there is that you have learned a little in high school I, we tell you where the mother is not known. Sometimes, you can doing massaging the breast of the mother from the top of the babydoll lingerie of Invisibility that smell of perfume Chanel pink pattern black and mother is wearing, processing of your ○○ child cracks in vertical floral embroidered roses If you are, I have since gone along the hair of your ○○ co-mother, and we are playing it by inserting your finger into the black nasty Pantei the ark shell of the mother is seen flickering. Then I will talk that my. My pharmacy is in the supermarket was able next to the town in the introduction of teacher employment guidance after graduating from high school to give up the college that it will give is to ease the mother as soon as one day so grew up poor in a single-mother household I am working as a clerk. We wanted to have a shop of their own someday it is possible to obtain the qualification of sales mechanic sell a certain medications if stuffed with practical experience for several years. I'm a boy teenager type gone similar to the mother. Height also physique also more petite, there is almost no body hair also. It is a smooth fair skin. Sometimes, it is a boy cute girl as it appears in front of the mirror when you cross-dressing and wearing a hair piece of the mother in front of the vanity of the mother in the mischief. The owner of the shop is a delight customers regulars us come to buy your medicine and cosmetics to mercenary me even more now. My mother is waiting for us to come with a three ~Tsu finger at the door wearing lingerie Babydoll that odious Invisibility in the state can not wait my return home from work. The undressed my pants suddenly, you come against the face on top of the bikini pants my today. Bae ○ vinegar I have became hard immediately, it will jump out toward the navel from bikini. You me repeat the piston movement fills the back of the throat until you insert them say \"delicious. Takayuki of\" mother and dragging down the bikini my split second. \"Oh, oh, gone, mom, ... I have gone\" mother it still does not seem to quit the piston movement, I will emit Heather ○ down in the mouth of the mother is not accumulate. I get on with preparing meals laughing to be \".'re Dark Takayuki\" for palm-user ○ down the remaining swallowed mother. So far, goodbye today. Warmest wishes and your health of everyone, Takayuki.

Of my mother and me, Part 3

I seems to have divorced father when small my mother. Never heard why they do not want to grieve the mother,. After work today, Mother me wipe the hands and feet of me and me undressed socks me bring a warm towel and say \"doctor - the lack Welcome home\" When I arrived home I . Mother cracks in vertical there floral embroidered roses on the lower abdomen wearing the upper body the baby doll lingerie of Invisibility that smell of perfume Chanel pink pattern black and I was raised to gift on the day of the birthday If you are, wearing obscene black Pantei soon Oh ○○ co is seen, will be waiting for my return to expose the dick and navel. I have Mura~tsu Wipe carefully hand finger was I have put a finger over there mother libido is getting antsy suddenly. Dick mother in Gujuguju state anymore, it was like was Onani ~ alone impatient me is going back. Mother, so say \"Takayuki, and.'m About to enter the bath with mom today,\" said, \"I say, but I have a small request.\", \"Takayuki of what, I ask?\" I \"mom moment,. \"mother you do not let me shaved tail hair ○○ co of was look like surprised, but told me with.\" and shaved as favorite \"Takayuki. Bae ○ vinegar was I have warped and Bikun above with excitement because I told you that the Kashii shame me. And my mother
is a ritual of rich kiss tongue entwined in the bathtub of the bathroom to become naked. It was smeared over there mother plenty of shaving cream and let me spread her legs and let stand a mother from out promise reason, from the bath. I Masu Yuki shaved so as not to scratch slowly carefully the tail hair ○○ child to borrow a razor mother. My mother has been put out a horny voice and \"Ah ~ A.\" With excitement from time to time. Contact juice has oozed from the glans I also excited. It seems mistaken for a body of virgin schoolgirl and suits well with the hairstyle of shortcuts Mother rises is shaved completely. I was turning licking put tongue Some of your ○○ child who wanted to shave A bald I unevenness is lying on the mat of the bathroom and the mother will not accumulate. My mother is willing to put out a horny voice, \"Ah ~ A.\". Carry on the bed hugging with both hands naked mother in the end, it is the beginning of a rich sex. In tonight in this much, everyone, good night.

Incest discourse of my

38 my wife I get dressed and opened the door to there are (67) wife and father, but do you think if the ladies?

Of my mother and me, Part 2

The first time, my mother spoke to me with a smile and began to go to Hello Work to quit part of the Sushi restaurant that was working until now, and \".'ll Order to earn marriage fund of Takayuki\" soon work I become a member of society were. My mother is waiting for us in the preparation of the meal I return home from work. To say \".'re Useless because recession now,\" I hear \"How, mom, found work any good?\", And was smiling face sadly. There was nothing males coming wooingly the mother of beauty to him for protecting his Kokei for me until now mother, but libido was so restrained for my son, my mother and a man and a woman from getting to the relationship, since that day, my mother seems to have got me set the target of the libido of stress divergence, is the honeymoon feel like newlyweds. I have never the mother of beauty was something quarrel I love me also. My mother now looks very young than age or because you have to shortcut over the perm and hair cut long until now I can remain a member of society. Every day, libido does not accumulate because I wanted to have sex with the mother and beautiful strong I'm a light even me. My mother began the makeup of the night to have sex and I went to the bedroom of the next room meal is finished. I returned a thick kiss and mother \". The course\" so come and listen \"? Of us playing with mom Takayuki, are you not tired? Tonight\" If you go to the room I have out of the bath were. My mother is waiting for me the foreplay of me to expose the dick and navel wearing baby doll lingerie Invisibility of pink and black that I was raised to gift mother on her birthday. It had said, \"~ I Kashii shame of wear of this\" time of the beginning, but I have enjoyed dressing various ecchi underwear to my mother I love underwear erotic women. I'll start from the beautiful foot fetish mother foreplay my first. I am Yuki licking a fair systemic mother from licking one by one the toes with painted red Manyukia mother. Sobbing will come out from the mouth of the mother, \"Oh, Oh,\" he said. I started off the black nasty Pantei that is cracked there embroidery floral roses \"Takayuki, I I'll tell the body of a woman tonight.\" My mother says so. Many times repeated kiss lightly over there mother, I will lightly against the nose. Then I did not have experience you have to have sex with my father until now other than mother, I come blown up a lot of your soup cried \"Oh, Oh,\" said excitedly really. I'll lick all saying \"your juice mom,.'m Delicious,\" said me. I find dick mother is coming gradually become firmly. With likes is to be inserted in the Doggy Style Speaking mother either, is allowed to crawl on all fours a mother, I will give put from behind. Will be given a big nympho voice \"Oh, Oh,\" you will let me satisfy me. Two people I get to deep sleep the night went dandruff ThatLookLikeThis tonight.

Useless husband

I married my husband of six older 30 years old. Two people living with father-in-law for a long time, it was a single character for some reason also earn even though good. And think they'll cherish me serious, was married, I think that this time around it. Father-in-law also still active, bright, and I was glad to get married. Mother-in-law has died in an accident three years ago. Business trip there are many masters, there is also the day of the father-in-law and two in the evening, it had Magirawase care in the evening drink something opponents of the father-in-law. But you also three months, etch a poor to master, insert nice and quick if you than 10 minutes to enter the futon, and will end with one person, stress is now as accumulate.
 Become a way to socialize sake of evening drink of the father-in-law, and had been raised in the small talk puerile the next day of such a day.
My husband on a business trip as well that day, while drinking beer two people, and when I got to hear the complaint of husband, father-in-law pants also pants also take off what, and I have become naked. There is also because you had drunk me, You must be kidding! If I Say What, you tired hug from behind to father-in-law, has been held the Ochinpo on my hands. After trying Hanaso hands while I do not think it should, it is hard, it's thick. Since a long time, we will hold as it is.
Blocked the lips to father-in-law, I had entwined tongue while holding the erection. It is the naked then again, tongue of father-in-law is, to the nipple torture, pussy sopping also had been poison, Pichapicha anymore then. You have rubbed slowly at the back and chestnut-chan also put fingers in the pussy. I'm good.
Raise me voice, before it is put, and I have gone once.
Father-in-law has been sticking out hard Ochinpo in front of my face. I would suck as soon as Ttara me anymore. When you Fuera while grasping the chance, father-in-law is very glad.
, And intolerantly, to say please put another, got to put the hard Ochinpo positive top finally. I would say that also, hug my father-in-law.
We are asked to embrace the father-in-law when you are not the master from it. It has become not the husband.

Of my mother and me

yuna himekawa[49149]
I seems to have divorced father when small my mother.
Never heard why they do not want to grieve the mother. Mother is enough to see the man back when walking down the street with a beautiful woman that kimono look good. It is the mother of my pride.
It was me alone raised me to continue to work in part to Sushi restaurant in the neighborhood and from mother goodbye and father. My mother had lamented, \"I say life is suffering\" and I always mother and I live in a small apartment, but the salary of the mother because fewer high rent. \"But I have to ease the mother turned to society Takayuki chan, and.'d Go to college.\" I \"Yeah, was found\" always favorite phrase of my mother always. It had answered. When I graduated from high school, I thought more that is good for each other \"to quit mom, me, to go, and I'll be easier mom and working.\" Since I nor better able to study much to mother was Mashi story so Te. Little, mother \"was puzzled, but it was me answer you in tears and a little.\" Go ahead, \"Takayuki if decided. It probably thought it was bad that you are over the hard life of his son.
That night, when I graduated from high school, and my mother was a graduation party for my two people. My mother
told me that the \"Congratulations.\" By me bring you a drink and sushi shops.
My mother was in day-to-day as usual to go home, do not care about the line of sight of me that you begin with the change of clothes. You will be preparing meals become pale blue negligee good take off carefully kimono.
It became now want to see it graces Mother gone a little drunk drinking sake my mother brought, I was like an old tale to sit two people in Sofua but I I somehow libido is gone come out suddenly, I would be touched from the top of the negligee the breast of the mother. I said laughing mother did not show also resist practice swing, and \"? Would do not know yet Takayuki body, of a woman.\" Mind will became bigger probably because my mother also drank some of the liquor you answer \". Yeah\", to give up and to go in because \"Takayuki, of Gomen'ne ,, mom, it 's good, I touch, by touching the breasts of the mother, mother I not be give to you only thing about this. \"and now let me touch my tits by removing the button chest nightie to take my hand and say so were. I
ended up with a kiss on the nipple of boobs suddenly becoming antsy. Tits mother stood nipple pink with excitement largely on top of the rubber Mari and large. I went on Sucking with excitement. sobbing has come out, \"Oh, Oh\" in how the mother was also excited. My mother gave me put in a panty my hand this time to say \"it 's okay to at any time if you are satisfied with mom, mom. I'll tell the body of woman in celebration of graduation,\" so to me. It was retracted his hand in amazement me because it was the first time there mother you are wet. The \"Do not worry, I, gonna be doing everyone and get excited woman, woman 's. Mother,
began licking it and taking out the penis of me to drop off a chuck of the pants of me. Mother say cute and\" Takayuki . I also enjoyed how the mother is agony to put your hands in the panty of the mother. \" My mother covered using the mouth on top of me to bring a condom from the chest of drawers. My mother
and mother \". I'll tell the body Come, the woman\" gave me was inserted into the body of the woman will be on his back on the carpet grabbed gently penis of me to me to take off the panties. Was ejaculation Letting all the lead of my mother because it was the first time.
Mother and I seem to have ended up with a man and a woman from that day.
I can now enjoy sex with my mother to go home straight after work.
It seems fun to provoke my mother also made ​​to buy the underwear of Invisibility and flashy panty. I now live mother with confidence even savings of the house also will be able to little by little, I thought from working. It is a concern for each of the most just makeup of the mother becoming flashy, or not than would have been taken to another man at the shop.

Is a full-time housewife

I am a 53-year-old housewife.
In fact, when I was I lived to be cleaned the room of my son the other day. Underwear is what I came out from under the bed. In my head the complexity son just think ... masturbation in my underwear. Please tell us what do you do I should speak more than you've found.

Incest discourse of my

I am a 33-year-old housewife. , I have a boy of 19-year-old college student of the previous marriage of her husband, her husband until the return home late at night, and I'm a life of two people. The other day, and friends of the junior high school, and women's meetings, also drink, and went home to drink fairly. When you are asleep in bed, and notice foot from the top of the clothes, son, I'm massaging my tits, in amazement, while pretending that I slept, I, becomes sideways, It went out of the room my,
how I wish I either had become remains that, if you sit still, it's sexless and husband, and sometimes, son, are you also one etch. It becomes a case where I become a relationship that does not go, I think the things I say or

To Ayaka and Fumi-chan

Was a long time doing? Somehow, it was changed a different location I'm Satoshi Yuki It suspicious something I Takuya? I look because I wrote are here Natsuki and Takuya Press to watch less. Also, I stopped at that two people to change the place new.

The results as a son commit

It is two people living son and become a junior high school one year.
Two years ago, my husband passed away in an accident.
It would be a grave by using the long weekend to the grave of his master in Hiroshima, evening, and went into the hotel's in front of the station.
It was decided to What with what Yara ready tired early in the morning,
going to bed take a bath and meal, but slept in two sons and
so was taking double rooms not work empty room of twin, so no help for that day
. I felt in a dream as the act of a husband who died feel the lower half of the body of the I was Mozomozo somehow in
how many
hours of half asleep or would have been sleeping,
I also hug son sleeping beside,
the penis was holding.
Eye over the other woke up, I was with Hatcher at that time.
Son had touched the pussy of my toes. Take out
from between the pants penis son erect even
me, and I was holding.
Body and large to the junior high school one year, my son
is a handsome face and is similar to the master.
I was hesitant, and son or there when I woke up completely but helplessly
lower body wet fire attached to my body like the
take off the shorts up a storm,
and we ride on top of the son were.
My son was a little surprised at how divided do not know, but
I also do not know is divided, it was put with a penis of his son.
Son, has issued a voice and Itaa at that time, but
something was easy to see the cause.
Penis towards the former not only towards is probably towards all at that time.
Head turns white in the feel of the man after a long time, I was shaking the hips desperately.
Son of experience ejaculate too soon for the first time, hot sperm was jumped in the back.
Still continued swaying, I was panting, but has
penis becomes soft and eventually, we would be missing. Stimulates the pussy became muddy
clinging to his son while
agony, my body does not burn tasted cum.
I thought cool a little return, what you will say to my son,
but do not say anything. It was nice
to turn the hand on the neck of his son, his son
has increased also mom when I was still, and, yet again.
And without thinking,
and caress the penis in the mouth of the son to say ,, Yeah, I put it gently take the above me.
I pretended the waist up and down motion slowly now, but
also in a minute or so, ejaculation began.
I think the amount is so small the second time.
was sleeping without speaking anything tired even with two people Kangaentoko anything anymore If it goes that way then.

17-year-old son

 After graduating from school, have been proposal from the boss as soon as a job,
and gave birth to a boy a year later married, it was a 49-year-old husband passed away when sixth-grade son. It is five years since I became a two sons and, eldest son of wealthy local, without whatsoever hindrance to life of my son and my husband, breadth also of 1000 square meters husband also designed the house you live now There is a site, it's a life that was contented enough alone with my son.  It becomes like love and son three years ago, the bath also bed also Orimashi sleeping together in a double bed that I can not forgive in the 2nd week sex, but energy is laid down at night on weekends, especially infinitely It embraced until around the time not get, outside the brighter thin, with a rug in the garden during the day, we have also or there is a sunny day recently. We are relieved because there is no worry to be sniffed, but will be challenged energy is not exhausted.  I think if you have cage is persons who are the same kind of experience, and if it can be helpful.



35-year-old other 35-year-old brother 36-year-old brother 36-year-old sister, 48-year-old father 54-year-old mother 53-year-old sister my 39-year-old husband I introduce my family by sex ultimate gonna a good deeds feeling more than it had thought I incest The apartment
I have been living built an apartment caused the company I also Breast'm Fuamiri made ​​of a incest 37 people all in all even my husband even then children who do not know of anyone or Small (relatives of course) even if everyone together 
all just family and who nobody sex Whirlpool Yoiwaa other people 's I'm 13 people so I incest free If you do not' s marriage with others
son of those now sister cough is troubled night (14 years)
My daughter is not and I good good you know you have sex with out daughter of the seventh oldest son and my (25 years) (12 years) in the next room that has been embraced by the female and male and female flowers and Joyu Male
male 72 was Sasoikake in bar you've surprised sex love yesterday that we have sex with anyone and if wanted and we think all women and men of the world is the wish I shared of each other from men So pass by
 was rude I wish I wish I could sex woman free man and go town if you can Have fun with the feeling Yoiwaa everyone anyway I'm was able to properly sex But by age 

The ☆ incest

Beginning of the incest was a relationship between the son and daughter.
Son 3 / daughter during 2 days.
Led daughter. daughter was Kanzui inkling in that I'm enjoying the affair with college students tutor.
Daughter before you move, went to the American School open to sex than children of the same age. I thought the subject has become a brother that turning away was the women's class at a private. I wish that you have decided to get my daughter to teach college students was tutor of his son, the subject of sex moves to him from his brother. The daughter began to SEX and the tutor after a few months as I thought. But is miscalculation. It is that it did not stop the relationship with his brother. Hit typhoon accelerated than expected. Relationship progress in evening his tutor no longer go back. His tutor night crawling. I refused but SEX. I was sniffed by the middle son and daughter of SEX. Of course, his tutor, son, daughter is action did on meeting. I Fukkire in this event. Son and daughter also began SEX to say it like entering the room also sons and daughters. And this evening, I became that strange relationship of four people to continue tied also son. It does not end with this. Daughter start living a student and married his tutor as he graduates from high school. Relationship continuity is also consent daughter even after becoming a son-in-law. Meanwhile, sister life is disturbed by the shock parents of son-in-law is an accident of accidental. I roll into my home to suffer debt, man, the mental problems. Daughter first. I then. Next son. Brother of both the real relationship to last. I became the daughter-in-law of his son now. I'm using in the form of a son and daughter couple husband and wife in the two family house rebuilding a house. I for the duration of the relationship between son and son-in-law while taking the form of a daughter living with a married couple.

I love my son with me

Son and I have been in love until earlier. Now, my son has been sleeping like a baby. And I, of semen son I think happy ... but if Soere hand to crotch up earlier.

Impact of earthquake

Now, I've been living in a shelter? Family live.
Son (afternoon) I. Room share opponent son and mother (Zaza). I have been living in a total of four people.
Both my son will have a chronic disease of asthma. House nearby, I had to get along parents and children alike because they are the same age. It is 3-11.
Severe asthma both son. After all, now that you live in rented a house that does not use a distant relative of my four people away from the family.
Old house. Each room has been built around the living room (now) each room instead of being connected by a corridor. Long story short, you can not go to the other places you do not pass through the living room.
Each room thin sliding door. There is a gap up and down your toilet. Bathing is enlarged in the kitchen next. Only curtain entrance dressing room.
It is not possible to maintain the privacy completely.
I did not see it at home. Each other only child. Was remember that look like you are living in the same room as two people? It was just that time?
I do not know exactly, but it was now as sons of junior high school students to the recently masturbation.
Life in a strange land. Life without good sex appeal saying that at all.
Zaza and I am excited to the voice of children is heard leak.
Opinion of Zaza and I match.
Our parents ended up committing taboo.
Children will have seen glancing to wear clothes a lot of little exposure on purpose. Biting than I had thought.
You ask errands children setup street, but does not work. And divide the children. I ask the children of each other opponent.
Boys around. The Ichiya to temptation.
Sons will ask you to pleasure you remember once.
My son in Zaza. Zaza son to me.
Time did not take subjected to perpetrate further taboo.
Son of each other were both have a relationship.