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Incest confession of women(2013-06)

Master of mama's boy

Six months with matchmaking marriage. My husband I'm a mama's boy than you think. Standby screen of the mobile phone is also a mother-in-law, and my husband chose underwear of mother-in-law even when you go to shopping the other day with three people. There was no word in the surprised anymore. We suspect it is the master who liked no dating experience with women, sex Toka kiss seems very accustomed to, and do in there is a relationship with mother-in-law.

Woman of son

yuna himekawa[4399]
It was confirmed unsightly appearance of the son when you go to call the son that went to play next to you. I was surprised enough to escape waist than anger. I thought from the fly son, here and not have to be calm, I came back to the house alone. Evening of the next day of business trip, I went into the room of my son is my husband. \"You, yesterday, what have you been doing it? Mom, gonna know what you were doing. Son, do not say anything to distract the eye. The\" dad, you'll get silent, 2 It 's such a bad thing to a degree. \"I left the room and say so. Grandma next to your older, there is a sexual desire in man than me son I remembered the first experience of the 18-year-old was attacked by his master.
I've decided there. It 's useless as a child Anna as \"twice. Kashiku Te shame,\" mother because your opponent, so I do not absolutely another with grim determination mom \". My son had a face like I was surprised, but to become a bed naked. Take off the pajama pants, my son has been attacked immediately son. It was a beast itself. It has been pressed against the crotch of my hard penis. I thought that this would not do, but ashamed even while I think whether not this better energy than facing away strangely. I think peace of mind your Bachankara next to your son if of us interested in me. Facial expressions and words, had been rejected, but the body was not resisted by a strong force. Son I had taken care of Grandma from about a year ago. Dear friends of the son was're taken care of Grandma. It is at the beginning, and aimed at the absence of my husband, my son will ask me. It has become one of the female libido treatment of his son now.

From his son with a Fubin


The love even once even without still will have one son Singles under 37 years old, you have master that old quite retirement age still wearing The farther away the better of the marital relationship, such a husband to me that there is no experience with women courage gone become poor if you think what will end life his son also been weak one and I watched, and without knowing what the result is or becomes at the son the other day my husband was in the bath when the night shift It went on dressed wearing only pants out the Well you will be surprised, roots, ,, it of not it wrong ,,, place are you doing (what mother because I'm going into in one piece pants in place of son , I was told) and I get out mom, but ,,,, Anta nice ,, of good (the withered remains this, mom you are a poor finished, I say ,,, Leave it to mom is not fazed This increases the size you look looking son and rub the minute hand you've silently and washed out to put the soap while showing a practice swing to wash the body of his son reluctant with cringing and returned the words is not have Kanpatsu) and Ne I (and mom, because I have shoud think, as soon Try to say) it and did along with the words, and do you have become to the mind also the parent how much only there had become son just Te, I held out in front of me the cock went up sled hard to get up As soon say a word with (mom ,,,,,) can no longer endure, last was the son all of the things that you've been with my husband ever after I I think it was ended with the ends in, but more of joy to say his son was able to finally and absolutely no feeling of pleasure I was strong for me, and would then come asking me son is also a mother future but accepted I'll do is

On the way back of the fishing

33-year-old housewife. Children 2 people. The ayu fishing Tenryu, father, I, is when the ayu fishing, by rounding up to the early fishing, it was running a dry riverbed in three sons and, under the knee hanging, hand of his father Junko ... okay in the evening hands Masashi (children) I and from sleeping, extending skirt, was a strange feeling in the thigh of raw foot, to run the river, not that dispel hands me, I would accept and, and you hear in the men and women without telling Junko ... Mom, since you have made the children, We are the etch three years later, his father and stop the grass the car, a child is asleep Make sure, father issues a cardboard, I put out a knee hook, pull ... I pull the knee hanging cardboard while you have went away from the car, the grass is lush, I sleep in knee meshing us and, and very quickly When you are seen soon Dad, I would float the waist, his father and Nugaseru underwear, and'll have a little wet Junko ..., father and take off pants, pants, useless, covered spoiled my body Te, I rubber from bag


Is there every day except during physiological and horny husband, but you have seen my son in elementary school is sleeping next door. My husband is a 49-year-old husband has 17 years age difference.
 We show normally in the manner not hide especially naked because I am together Bathing and son, but was told <Mom, I overlaps with the dad always> me from my son. Husband of licking the dick I also I knew. It was I have been told <Mom, I want to lick also> I. The bottom of because I have seen the crack thin as hairs are hair, are you a good look when I straddle the tub also because you know, I had gotten to easy-to-read son.
 You Tsuke lay I wound only a bath towel after a bath, and <I slept, do not look> and was raised included the nipple to his son to open the front of the bath towel goes into the bedroom and son, but actually and I have seen a couple of sex. I also I would cry my husband to use the waist on me, but are you looking at his son also occurred to know, and to include the nipple hugged naked son is home from school, to teach my body I welcome. Son became the sixth grade to enter the inside of me, it will hug strongly feel really into the uterus to release the back also semen. It is easy to feel the uterus received the semen of my husband and son, and is generally considered to be my husband <s o ○○ children that get wet often>.

Bus tour

My husband joined the tour trip to Silver Okuhida and brother-in-law when the couple not come to demand, has become frustrated not satisfied even though I have fully ripe flesh. Seat banquet at the time was decided by lottery at the suggestion of travelers. I now sit and brother-in-law's happens to be. Brother-in-law's, has come to speak to me there also be drinking beer edge of something, say it is likely this. That night, leaving the hotel the sister-in-law and husband weak to drink, and I went out for a drink to the bright lights with two people. I went to a love hotel remains are invited to Akio's in the way home. Brother-in-law's ended up screaming caress sex is with your mouth in Ojozu continued long, I come quickly rocking Tsuyashiri and uncontrollably the lust ripe. To the world of pleasure, one hour Crossbow stick strong pleasure and passion about Kuruoshii, of Akio, who to me beasts, is a forbidden act of obscene from a big cock. Sister-in-law and my husband was sleeping Returning the room. My husband who does not know anything the next morning, had asked to be \"what was drinking Akio, until late.\" The sister-in-law's, I say return it and if I have you payment. Secret of the only two people with Akio-san is from it's started. We are calling each other \"Keiko\" and \"you\" when it comes to the only two people in now.

Virgin Play

Was to play the virgin for the son, was a long weekend before last month. listen to the voice, \"I'll keep playing will probably come the holidays, a virgin, I'll give to you, hugging the mother\" glad you came son on the other end of the phone \"Mother true! ... It's me playing a virgin! Mother ... ... even's fine and I'm not a dream? We were playing a virgin in that I think that what I become your lover ... you want to give to the \"you\" \"son me at Etsun. Son was a homecoming of around midnight of the 2nd, and so was the last train, I had become concerned about the son that does not come back easily. \"I'm home, Mom,\" I was a long deep kiss hug son to stand at the door. Rising wants the nipple to sleep with me that night, while sucked her tits like a baby to be included in the mouth of my son, my son would be Netsui. I was wondering it is said to want to embrace to go to hotel somewhere son, and Dakiaeru such a person is being relieved me, and will have to go to the hotel in the afternoon at breakfast three days, I change into lingerie just bought still I was. It was bought for this day that you get undressed to his son in cute pink lingerie. It became naked Have undressed to his son before entering the bath. After you kiss hug me that it \"s mother beautiful\" naked, entered between the legs with a kiss like lick the body, \"delicious smell good mother\" I am the head of my son sucking on the bottom and I had to like pressing on the bottom. It was hair that get wash your body to son, was a thinly care for his son. In the state, such as hairs most, it had flowed loosely against the shower while washing by hand gently gently bottom.  The Ai Sucking entwined tongue deep kiss is lying on the bed, and gradually shift to lower tongue of the son is like licking the body, and I was tired Sucking on the bottom is wide open legs. Lick up slowly from the bottom to the top, I had aloud tongue is raised licking chestnut-chan. Tongue son \"is cute Mother\" is raised again and again Rim, was Mashi Nokezotte it aloud. It was a pleasure to become a sensation sucked strongly at times, such as going to escape the power of the body, to know for the first time. There seems to have been made ​​to melt like sucked licking. We were been inserted as push open the inside of me slowly, \"I put my mother\" son \"... come\". Insertion seems to have been smooth bottom because it was melt state, but so was hard. Ouch! \" \"Mother\"! · \"Son I tried to pull out, but I was way to insert in the back as it is. \"The yo okay uh over ... uh ... hurts more okay\" I had to put up with pain clings to son. \"Back to come more Oh ... by the woman of your mother\" son becomes one with the perfect to the back of the I, I, such as fainting fainted unawares. And I remember until gave violently pushed up to his son, but it was as had fainted at the same position at the moment that was issued the semen in the back of my son ahead. I would leave the dirty sheets so was bleeding. Son gave me very pleased, but my son wash gently and carefully the body of me from over worried me, lingerie is also had me wearing. It is possible to dedicate her virginity to his son, it would be to cry for joy, I had been nestled in the chest of his son.  My son phoned worried me since then. I know the joy is nestled in the gentle son.


Husband after the death, there was no fellowship. To snack, drank together in four people, including younger brother of husband of Yoko and invited it would be lonely to Yoko was good of terms from the time of high school. Yoko couple was go home earlier to be \"because he is to go Setsuko, Ken-chan would like to drink with two people.\" And to get drunk enough to drink, Ne, might be good, the hotel remains are invited. Pleasure of sex after a long time and of a man other than my husband, was the best. The next day, moody itself son and was the staying, feeling that want to be friends and more son to become this year has sprouted I When I came early in the morning. Ties physical as well as spiritual connection also became want. You do not sleep together for the first time in a long time tonight? I was accosted by the condition that. Then my son gave me to understand easily surprisingly. I have both the floor and son for the first time in years that night. Of course, my son has been asking me. It is the night later, but can not speak to the fun people in the mother and child, I began to send a sex life.

It is linked with father-in-law

No reason to think So I'm linked with father-in-law, I do not know even now whether became so why. It or anything or visits on a regular basis to the hospital, and in that I go always together, walk also had become like Arms Crossed or from when I was in together. The middle of the walk, I I became want to pee that day. And I was ashamed really, but ... your father, that pee is surprised ... your father, not the location, such as the hidden, because there is no way, crowded squatting in the bushes of grass, your father There was me hidden so that it is in front of the eye, is not seen in people towards the back to me. Just the sound had been heard of course. Rising to fix the skirt finished, we were back to home join hands from those of your father and from over a voice to me ... paddle ... okay your father to see the face anxiously me , after the mother-in-law and my husband went out the next day, I got in love and tied to one and finished the shower and your father, to accept your father. .... Thank you. You have a beautiful body so, I've felt tired Sucking nipples like a baby to your father ... paddle was good with me. This, of course, is the secret of your father and me.

Is first experience

I am a housewife of 36 years old. I will be in six months and so as to sex father and husband are living together. Your father-in-law-like, I'm a man of the second person of me. I am five years and have been married 31 years, was greeted honeymoon first night in the virgin, there is also blame parents and grandparents were strict to only discipline, there was experience of unrequited love, but there was no experience of love. So, being held in a dark room sex life with her husband is also not accustomed to aggressive, turned off the electricity, rather like cunnilingus and also Ofera, I was annoy her husband. Night away, it is, I was intersects the father-in-law on a business trip husband happened.

Dad truly

I would have a relationship with the father of the husband. It is the event my husband on the road. No children we couple, long-term business trip for the first time, my husband was asked to come to the house. On the night of its three days later, I was fucked. It is of such better bland to say my husband either, but old sex well muscular her age, and gone feeling in humans Mote fear, when it was said to be \"would be better than him\" father-in-law is \"Dad I will be honest I have more of a \"feel good. It has since enjoyed stealing the eyes of the master. It 's you come from lunch today, but I'm looking forward to taking a bath from now.

Dutiful son

2 years ago, repeated the not return by the debt it off of gambling mad husband, I was wit's end was a divorce in consultation son. Loneliness came attacked on a daily basis and I try to become one human to me. I expected that I thought I can live happily free to divorce was I have been betrayed quite easily. And I have expected to some extent when you divorce was loneliness more than expected. I came to be let Hakura home at such time, the son who lives in Tokyo came from up close on a business trip. That night, I was told by the Wabi of single persons when you have a small talk to my son. Then what son what was mistaken, I came naked to my bed sleeping and \"mom\" midnight. In a word [I also I wanted to do] of, eh, no way was the reality. Well, spirited ejaculate even three times until morning, 38-year-old son gave me sleeping hugging.

I was committed to the father-in-law

yuna himekawa[4145]
When you release the plan of Hokkaido trip to Golden Week husband and father-in-law to, and marked \"your farewell present\" to Mizuhiki door but little, I received 50,000 yen. The day after returning from a trip, I visited an apartment in return with a souvenir. I went to a Chinese shop nearby and recommended a lunch when I will go home pass a souvenir, because you are reserved. It is now feast and drink beer in a private room on the second floor and there you have your phone before you go. When you leave the shop, feet too much to drink at the recommendation of dizzy father-in-law, I do not drink went back to the apartment by taxi Backed by father-in-law to me. And I fell asleep with sleepiness down suddenly and are drinking cold water in your drawing room. If you open your eyes in the faint memory, I was sleeping place the head on the knee of the father-in-law. I also noticed that it is a naked and at the same time I think the question \"Akemi, or woke up,\" said the father-in-law, eh, and the dad naked. And I was being fucked while sleeping. The Inokoshi a fool of dad, I jumped out an apartment. We are still hesitant you to confess to shame her husband.

I have a brother and sister couple

I was in school from the house of his brother. Sister-in-law had a very beautiful longing. At the triangle of pants bulging Plump skirt is turned up on the day that her sister had a nap back home from school, I quickly stroked Innovation so with it gone so excited when you see it. Soshitara at the crack has been wet.
And I had been awake your sister, your eyes. Pretended asleep. So I had to touch as it is the plunge. Did you wanted to touch more!
Onesan, Ai-chan? And say, with confidence, even while surprise was heard to say it so I've been me touch If you think while so good Welcome back, and good feelings.
Ai-chan, a woman is I's the love? I also really Nano. It gave me kiss while saying. I, gone entranced.
The other, I wanted touched I wanted to touch the rest.
Finally Ai licking me take off underwear to each other, many times I came stomach there lid. Was Kofun.
That evening, her sister I had talked about it to my brother that came back!
I would be etched in three people after all. No way, I did not even think that would be sex brother and real but me I'm told, put in chooch the cock of brother. Kashiiーshame! But you might want to again!

Relationship with dad

I am a part-time job of 20 years old.
It is a four person family dad, mom, sister, but will be about three years since I became a relationship Horny dad. It 's cool look at a young age, at 39 years old dad.
Are you going to do well hospitalized sister is a sickly, but you can all day and SEX dad whenever mom go to sympathy.
Dad in S, and will show them in front of Papa masturbation prior to SEX. I met a lot, Masturbation goods has been trained.
Put the switch Daddy put the rotor in the pussy of me, and fixed with a belt in the thighs, you can spend all day, you can be no Bale and is taken to the shop of an acquaintance of Papa. It is love to taste the thrill.

Mother 4 to doting mama's boy son

You should make a thread for the time being so full. Thank you.

10-year-old son

Is the fourth grade my son,
this child is Carrara the days of kindergarten,
Onani my horny mother I, - was allowed to help with, since the beginning of elementary school, I actively son You will be allowed to crawl the tongue to the crack of, I also give lick the penis of his son in return,