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Incest confession of women(2017-06)

Is the daughter-in-law of being asked to son

yuna himekawa[31058]
Some men of the page, and the daughter-in-law asked me to his son. Father-in-law is posted
saw to that. No way my husband consultation Anna that the father-in-law
did not know Nante was, certainly I will, that desire is
think you are that strong irresistibly, but just that thing every day
I is not you're thinking, that day, yes father-in-law and
is the day that has become to that sort of thing, certainly, the chest
is wide open, I looked up to the navel of the bra and under it
I think. Father-in-law is me over the voice as \"a little Once you rest\"
because I was served ice coffee, at that time, imagination
is it does not adhere as well, father-in-law is, what, coffee, including in the mouth
with mouth-to-mouth, and to drink to me and I was me, so I, \"Oh,
I said that he had gone to kiss and your father-in-law's\", the body
I had light is Tomo' to the core, taken the Burajaya,
I loved the nipple, in conjunction with the shorts medium is tingling, raise the hips de
ask is to, rubbed your beans, and the finger is placed, nasty
to obscene sound. Today, please allow up to here, you have to touch from the top of the napkin. I'm sorry.

And a son from loneliness

\"Hey - you! The other, three months also long silence by ~? My body, ~ I! Hey, are you going crazy you!\"
\"~ Me a break because such a feeling does not occur!\"
At the usual husband's favorite phrase did.
There is no way, put your hands in the panty, had had comforted alone.
The next morning, after her husband went out, come son is happening
, \"Mother, last night I ~? Apparently could not be the father.\"
\"Why, such a thing, - of you know?\"
\"I mean, alone, to play around with pussy ~ do not you have comforted! \"
no way, Nante had been sniffed by his son, it was filled with embarrassment.
Son, to show the meat bar was erected in front of me down the pajama pants and pants
\"Mom, - I use my cock!\"
\"- of what are you saying that stupid? Early, Take it away! \"
son, suddenly, grabbed my hand, in the prone position on the table of the table, it did have to lower the panties I sow the skirt until the foot.
My hands, is wound on the back, because the son has grabbed firmly, was the stuck did not take.
\"A'a'! Takashi! ~ What do? Aaa ~ ~ ~ do not put penis!\"
Son, was to have been inserted in anyway the Zubozubo and meat stick to deeply Chitsuana.
Unlike the husband of squishy Timbo, with thick, it was was the cock was rigid in Gingin.
Than technique, it left to the youth, was was not wildly meat stick to the piston movement.
\"Mom, the other, limit it § ~! Ik by ~~\"
\"A'a' !!! mom'll be! ~ Together to Te said! Ikuiku ... Takashi!\"

Cock of the father-in-law

It is 31-year-old housewife with a father-in-law relationship. Father-in-law is 60 years of age, before the mother-in-law is six months, passed away in the disease, but we live in husband and three people, my husband is the long-term business trip to Sapporo from April to October.
Only come back once a month. Father-in-law to the contrary, every day from May reached the retirement age, now at home. Married a year and a half, honest, once SEX in things less than a month, had spent every day of frustrating.
A mid-June, the evening, when the bathing of the father-in-law, when performing the underwear of the father-in-law to deliver to the dressing room, father-in-law has come across as coming out of the bathroom, I have seen on whether Seriously the array of father-in-law .
I jumped out of the dressing room and \"I'm sorry\" in a hurry. There,
father-in-law of the array, erect and not to that thickness, that length. Will no longer away from the head, that night, I have comforted myself with imagine was erection.
To ridiculous behavior from the next day.
Skirt is seen through short, underwear blouse. I was spent in the house in such a dress. Day by day 4 day feel the gaze of the father-in-law in the body, finally Les ◯-flops? ? ? It has been.
\"Yasuko, Anta is I Ja'll bad\" came Shaburitsui to boobs tucked up the pink bra tear the blouse pushed down on the sofa saying. I showed a practice swing to deliberately resistance is \"your father-in-law's, what, I'm what you, please stop, hate, please release\" was flopping the foot.
Was \"Sorry, please Well, ask only once\" and lowered his head. \"I only once, and you ask\" deliberately stopped and said resistance. Father-in-law gave me politely Ya seems caress over time to every corner of when my naked body.
Toes, even the soles of the feet. At all different from the bland SEX master.
The array of the father-in-law, which was issued in front of the face and \"now ask eagle of the\". It was involuntarily speechless.
Not did it seem the 60-year-old, large thick. It was as I thought. It is enough to throat and move up and down in barely contain the mouth. \"Yasuko, Iizo, I pleasant, you in such a thing, and Ja like a dream Nante get to,\" I was pleased with.
\"Your father-in-law's, I can not stand, thank you\" and
had reminds. \"I see, I see\" saying, greatly expanded my leg, came sunk over there.
\"You, you, terrible Ii, large, Oh An'aa .......\" until now, but was SEX and the four men to a single era, including the master, so much people of the big penis is the first time . Indeed piston movement is not fast, but once once reach the uterus, taste-free pleasure of being tasted until now, had lost the care unawares.
Notice When the father-in-law had to ejaculate a large amount of Cum in the valley of my chest. And I was also soiled with love liquid of peeing was such amounts on the sofa
Day-to-day of lust is the beginning of the father-in-law from that day, but you passed since half a month, fellowship with the father-in-law from the morning, soap Play, afternoon play align the tools such as Vibe and rotor.
Night, and fellowship again.
Indeed one day, morning, evening, but it is a shame not only can twice, but the difference by the day in the house, thinking just of looking garter in fishnet stockings in transparent was negligee and black bra, always to the father-in-law It will be allowed to stay dressed touching. It is devoted to the forbidden relationship between the father-in-law.

My relationship with my grandfather

When I was just in high school, I always woke up with a mysterious dream. To be clear, it's a [horny dream]. I've been seeing it a lot since I was in junior high school, but when I entered high school, it was a strangely realistic feeling. Sometimes the pajamas were unbuttoned and the dick was wet. "I think I'm a very naughty girl and I'm unknowingly doing one naughty?" I was depressed thinking about that. One night, when I was sleeping on a futon, I heard something rumbling. Am I asleep? Are you still dreaming? It feels like the towelette is rolled up if you can't judge. After a while, I started to feel the line of sight of someone looking at me right next to me. The lord of the line of sight began to stroke my chest over the T-shirt I was wearing instead of my pajamas. I thought I was about to get up, but I felt strange fear and awkwardness and continued to pretend to sleep. The hand gradually began to groping the nipple intensively, and I found that the nipple became sharp enough for me to understand. This time, I moved to the lower half of my body and looked inside through the gaps in my shorts. Soitsu also touched his chest, and found that his abdomen became cooler and his shirt was rolled up. When one of the breasts is exposed, the nipple feels slimy and someone is licking it. My body, which I had never dated with a boy, was being tampered with like a toy without my knowledge. When I took the plunge and opened my eyes, I saw a "grandfather" stretching his tongue on my chest.I closed my eyes tightly again, and I couldn't believe my grandfather, who lived with me, was doing this. As I got used to, my grandfather quickly returned my shirt and towelette after licking his chest a few times and left the room. I realized that it is often convincing to know the true identity of [Naughty Dreams]. I often dream of such days as staying up late and having a deep sleep, or days when my parents are not working at night. Well, it wasn't a dream ... If you look carefully, it seems that the underwear in the undressing basket and the chest of drawers in the room are also being caught. I was horrified to imagine my grandfather, full of senile plaques with thin hair, sniffing his underwear. It made me want to cry when I remembered what was done in the middle of the night. My family is a family of four, my grandfather and my parents. I couldn't even talk to my parents when I thought about the family relationships that were going well. I kept a distance from my grandfather to the extent that it didn't look unnatural, but it didn't seem to be very effective. After that, my grandfather came to my room many times without knowing that he was aware of it. I slept in a curled up position so that it was hard to touch, but in the end I was groped in my chest like every time. At last I decided to protest my grandfather. That day my grandfather came to my room as usual. After touching through my shirt, I stuck to my bare chest. I could hear a faint sound of my grandfather caressing my breasts in a dimly lit room. After repeating licking and lightly sucking several times, my grandfather leaves the room.A few minutes later, after calming down, I went to my grandfather's room. My grandfather, who was surprised at first, had a strange expression when I started talking. After listening to the end, my grandfather apologized to me and confessed that my desires could not be suppressed. And I promised I would never do this in the future, and I decided to forgive my grandfather. On my way home, I was given OO million yen like a "compensation", and I was surprised at how much money I had without a part-time job. I thought that this would solve everything without the collapse of my family ... But even after that, my grandfather didn't stop coming to my room. I began to touch my body more boldly than ever before, and when I noticed and was careful, I apologized many times and offered money. "Maybe my grandfather is a little strange mentally, so I can't stop it." That doesn't mean there's nothing left to do, so I took the plunge and made some suggestions to my grandfather. ・ I will never do anything nasty when I am sleeping. ・ To be honest, if I can't stand it, I can touch my body as long as I admit.・ This is absolutely secret to others, including my parents. to propose that this is out of my, grandfather was OK nod again and again. And on the night of the day I made this proposal, my grandfather immediately called me. Immediately after my parents went to work at night, they went to my grandfather's room. I didn't even take a bath, saying, "I'm licking my body anyway, so I don't mind later."When I entered my grandfather's room, I was given the money first, which made me feel uncomfortable, but I thought it was a "nuisance fee" and received it obediently. My grandfather, who had an indescribable "nasty face" lying on the futon as he was told, rubbed his chest from the top of his uniform. "Oh, my dream was to stay like this," said his grandfather. I felt uncomfortable, but I didn't want to do strange things in the dark, so I was watching my grandfather's actions. I quickly unbuttoned my uniform blouse, opened my shirt, buried my face in the exposed bra, and smelled it. "I smell sweat, it was hot, don't wear cute underwear today," he said, licking his chest from the top of his bra. The excited grandfather slammed his bra roughly, and the grandfather who saw my chest in a bright place for the first time seemed very excited. After rubbing her chest with Gnu Gnu, she squeezed her nipple with her fingers, and immediately looked at the nipple that swelled greatly with a nasty look. "I'm so swollen, this milk isn't sensitive," he said, and then stuck to my nipples with his dry, wrinkled lips. My grandfather's red lips and tongue crawl around the brown nipples that have swollen many times, and I felt both uncomfortable and comfortable. While licking and rolling the nipple with his tongue persistently, he repeatedly said, "This is delicious." My grandfather reached for his lower body, and under the rolled skirt was white pants that matched his bra. My grandfather forcibly spreads his legs and brings his face closer to his crotch, and he wears it for a day and buries his face in dirty pants. My grandfather who started licking while sniffing, I could feel the movement of the tongue as if searching for a crack in the pussy even through the pants.So I stopped my grandfather. I regret that I didn't know when to stop it, and I made it quite bold. After that, my grandfather started calling me, aiming for the time when my parents weren't there. If I let my grandfather like it, I could touch my lower body, so I exposed my chest and touched only Soko. I rolled up my clothes and shifted my bra, and I was reluctant to get naked in front of my grandfather, so I kept my clothes and underwear on. I touched my breasts as if I was breastfeeding my grandfather who put his head on my exposed knee pillow. My nipples were easily sharpened by just picking them with my fingers a few times, and my grandfather sucked on the bulging and enlarged nipples deliciously. After that, my grandfather further groped my chest laid on the floor. For some reason, my grandfather, who was abnormally obsessed with his nipples, was groped persistently until it tingled and hurt like every time. At the end, I was always given money by saying [pocket money]. Such a relationship continued until my grandfather got sick and was hospitalized. The last time my grandfather touched my chest was about a month after I was hospitalized when I went to see him. In a hospital room filled with the smell of medicine, I extended my chest while being begged by my grandfather. I opened the front of my uniform and shifted my underwear, and when I pushed my bare chest out in front of my bedridden grandfather's face, I happily sucked on it. When I saw my grandfather with his nipples in his mouth while saying "delicious, delicious" many times, I felt sad. A few months later, my grandfather passed away.

Son's penis

My son started his life as a member of society. I continued the part, wondering if I could finally lead a quiet life. There were days when I came back in the middle of the night, got drunk, and prepared meals while feeling like I was a full-fledged adult, and wanted to get married early. Unusually, my son, who came home early from work and was shut up in the room, was ready for dinner, so I went to the room. When I opened the door, I was masturbating with my lower body naked on my back in bed. "I'm sorry! I'm ready to eat!" I hurriedly closed the door. After a while, I came out of the room to eat and immediately returned to the room. Very awkward, I was a little nervous but went into the bathroom. As I was washing my hair, my naked son suddenly came in saying, "I'll take a bath too." Son soak in the bathtub, and I wash the body, "we've seen the mother," "not it unavoidable? It's a man of you, there will! To anyone desire" little by little while to enter two people on the bathtub conversation When I was calm, I said, "Wash your body too! " And stood up, "Yes," and sat down on the bathtub, spread my legs and pressed the penis in front of me. "What are you doing! Stop it!" "Look carefully, mom, there is no woman who can have sex like this!" So when I turned my gaze to the penis, it was a wrinkled grotesque even though it was not erected. I was surprised at the thick penis."When this grows up ..." "Touch it," I put it on my hand and rubbed it lightly. The finger does not go around and the length protrudes from the palm. Then, while pulsing, it became stiff and turned upward. It is about the same thickness as canned beer. When I was disappointed, my son went out of the bathroom as it was, saying, "Isn't there a woman who can have sex? With such a body!" With a bath towel wrapped around my body, I also chased my son and followed him in his room. "Wipe your body, lie down on the bed, turn off the lights." "Okay!" But I turned off the lights and let my son sit in bed. He knelt in front of his son, rubbed his penis that couldn't fit in his mouth, and entwined his tongue and was put on the bed. After a while, my testicles became stiff, my legs cramped, and my hands were on my head. "Well, I'll get out!" "Get out! You can get out." When I rubbed violently with both hands, I pushed my hips up and ejaculated on my face. "It feels good! Huh ! Let my mother lick it too." "No! It's embarrassing!" I was held in my arms and my legs were broken and I was forced to cunnilingus. Even if I resisted, I couldn't stand against my opponent, and my ass was held by force, my tongue was stirred in the back, and my voice leaked. I was also absorbed in licking my son's penis.I woke up my weak body and said, " Well, let's put it in?" "I can't, mom, you don't have to overdo it." "Stay still ," pushing my son's penis against my dick. There was no sign of entering at all, and I was pushed up and felt pain. "I can't enter, I can't enter," I put up with it, but I didn't. After all, the night ended with a bare thigh. I couldn't put it in the next day, so I put my son out with my bare thighs and I got excited with my fingers and tongue. I ejaculated once and tried to go with my usual intercrural sex for the second time, but I grabbed my ankles and thrust them. "Well, I can't! It hurts! It hurts! Stop it!" I begged my son, but a hot and hard penis was pushed in and I fainted between pleasure and pain. Even if I returned to my sanity due to pain, my son's hips did not stop moving , and I noticed from "finish early, put out early" to "Ann, Ann Ann, put it a little deeper, okay! This time, I was made to lie down, and when I unconsciously pushed up my butt from behind, "Mom, mom! Raise your butt" , "Oh, that's good!" My son grabbed my butt and ejaculated on my back. When I noticed it, it was morning, and I became sick and took a rest from the part. My son went to work without eating.

My incest story

I am 50 years old. It is OL.
Family is her husband, is the eldest son and the 22-year-old daughter of 23-year-old. I'd be a commuter bus ride to the nearest station from home, when overtime is often has asked to come to pick the car in the liquid. 
For about three weeks ago, the children abroad, her husband also became to me alone about business trip and for four days. That day way back was also slower in overtime.
Form I thought go home by taxi for the station is, it was from me brother.
Take the brother rest living in Yamanashi, now, I to was found to be in the vicinity of the house. My brother came to pick the car after a while.
Brother had been for a while running a car was stopped the car to where there is no empty. Suddenly and directed toward my brother as a \"what's up\", his brother was embracing me.
Although I have said that, but I was surprised, \"Give up\", his brother began to touch my \"over there\" in the right hand to my chest with his left hand and a kiss on my lips.
\"Sister, nothing today without saying me to deposit me in the body. That of sister liked from childhood.\" Is said to be, and I was helpless in front of the brother of force.
Is taking off his jacket and shirt, it was also removed bra. My brother has caressed around my upper body Musaburu so.
Back, face, ears, mouth, nose, shoulder, arm, stomach, and the breast. I've found the burning sexual woman. After that, his brother is also in bare my lower body, thigh, while caressing and legs,
my vagina, was stimulated by hand Kuchitorisu. I ended up saying, \"No, but not stop,\" in spite of himself.
Then his brother whispered \"I have gushed a lot man juice sister. Was a while how much the husband\" Te my Mankoomi and in my ear.
Certainly my over there I was beginning to wet \"Jukujuku\". My brother came in in me. My there is now accepted his things became big thick while making the sound to go cram school
I and the pure white anymore in the beach anything not considered, those of his swinging hips to match the brother shake be hip but
when it came to the most impressionable spot, the first land in the car and Zessho as \"Aiku\" it was the end.
Two people burned in the car, the time being, we decided to go to my house. Although brother upper body was wearing the shirt remains of the lower body naked.
I am naked. While driving a car, his brother was referred to as the \"sister, I licked my cock.\". I, I was a blowjob added to the meat stick remains brother naked.
When I got home, I opened the house key down while out of the car naked, was welcomed brother. Now suddenly brother in has been cunnilingus over there of me.
I was Blow the thing of his brother. In the living room, in the bathroom, in the toilet, in the couple's bedroom, and in the children's room, we love one in every place, was Noboritsume.
Some of my vagina became Brute man stir in my love juice and his love juice. In this way four days until the family comes back, we did was in love.
My brother went back to kiss me saying \"come again\"

Happiness of the woman who was given to the son

Now to my (49 years old), there are men who love you dearly. Pregnant in my uterus to 24 years ago, is Katsuhiko son that gave birth to hurt the stomach. That became a relationship to be loved as a woman from Katsuhiko was the last year of the fall.
The first is us remember that love also Katsuhiko was a little Araarashika' gently my woman's body, where the whether the sensitive easily feel, me I have discovered noticed in my disturbed reaction may not issued to the mouth Te, it has me completely be satisfied by now.
Pure white result, when enjoying immersed in deep lingering in Katsuhiko warm arms pillow, I was also think of agree with Katsuhiko to say that \"I was about to become this was too late.\"
But by the time that has been embraced for the first time in Katsuhiko It was the length of the hair of the more applied to the shoulder, will extend to completely back now, I'd like a little off because it has become difficult trimmed've been hotter, Katsuhiko is not me yet forgiveness. Because disheveled hair is sexy, and would stroked gently such a long disheveled hair in Udemakura, you will feel the bliss of time as a woman.
Sometimes Katsuhiko, we wanted to embrace in Suppin that let me drop the makeup. Though came to show any number of Nante until now true face, will remember the little shame in your makeup also means is different to drop in order to be nestled in the Katsuhiko. Such corner of the eye to the real face with fine lines, nor chin thin eyebrows nor cheeks also the tip of the nose also lips forehead, for us to caress with carefully lips.
From three days before the promise that is nestled in the Katsuhiko, it will also be prohibited my armpit of care. Hair began to stretch thin the armpit is Katsuhiko us carefully up shaving with a razor. When the turn-high tongue extended its armpit Katsuhiko of long, really it is embarrassing for you, you will because of feels still got been found that there is my erogenous zone in there.
Recently, escalating a little bit, would have been proposed, \"Let's I'll be tied up a little\", and is embraced is lightly restrained in my stockings or bathrobe cord, of it feels like a new discovery is also on its own It is, might be a woman of nature that can not be hidden in the son.
Even at home with me to come back on the weekend, had not at the time of just the two of people of my husband, I have come with also Katsuhiko and toward the restroom and close the door and entered together. Then, and observe my pee from close range squatting in front. This is not yet familiar with, I would hide the face with both hands, the sound and the appearance out of pee, me stroked said \"cute I\", wipe clean, too many times over there in the paper now to give me.
A promise that only once, Katsuhiko was taken with a smartphone the figure that I have been bombarded from behind. Though it was the promise of only once, it is sneak me in the car scene to love the things of Katsuhiko, was taken let me lift the long hair. Until the last, is Katsuhiko out in my mouth, it I is the scene of up to pouring into the back of the throat, and be shown to play, did not seen very decent.
The such Katsuhiko, really in the relationship beyond the parent-child, feel the happiness

Cheerful nephew

Of 43 years old Sachiko. My husband is only son died in the two years before the accident had to enjoy living alone and went to the University of boarding. Nephew of 17-year-old go to that time prep school has come to stay.

If I is not taking a shower because the sweat at work, nephew came back from prep school came sneak to the bathroom. Found my bra and panty from Sendaki basket, it seems to have pressed to his face spread out apparently. I opened the door, \"Yuji, are you in there, what are you doing?\" \"Yes, that, that,\" Yuji had squeezed out the Ochinpo lower the pants and pants. Because it attempts to return to the room in a hurry, \"the likes underwear Aunt\" Grasp the naked Yu upper arms, \"I'm sorry\" like height is large in decent Yuji you, but cock slightly thin at 165. Something woman underwear even though it has already been supple looks like this is interested.

Yuji now want to see bullying. I took the room wrapped a bath towel, was standing a Yuji in turtle Pong and undress also shirt undress the pants and pants. Muscles slender as I thought is not attached. We head down to hide the front by hand.
\"I'll put because you like the aunt of underwear.\" \"Yes, such a thing I say or\" By the way, I have a muscle because it is 50 kilometers 160? Had been the sport.
 Stop the hook at the back with a my bra. Fine suits. Then let Jaca the panty. Since the cock had wilted it must not be in the way even if the tomb bread hand. Since the hair is also thin now quite clients and put the underwear. Now something suspicious Rashiku unpleasant atmosphere and try to mirror image \"Oh ~, I quite look good. But I remain troubled cock shrink. I was embarrassed to want to masturbation,\" \"No, that, that\" sheepishly to you.

I also became naked remove the bath towel. Align the Body asked lips Yuji. \"Karame put the tongue\" by grabbed the breasts take the hand of the \"Yes\" Yuji, and is entwined the tongue while kissing, those of Yuji came standing. When the pinch picking Yuji nipples raised tucked the bra \"painful Aunt!\" It has been further happened any time. And grab an erection from the top \"What in the cock that stand to hurt\" \"Yes I'm sorry\" panty has protruding from the side is already firmly. In squatted down lower shear the panty and large made in Cali neck had already picking. I example mouth it, which was a little smell in my mouth. When I Tsume' the nipple stretched out arm \"it is the aunt no good. We will exits\" I removed your mouth immediately, but I have been face full ejaculation.

Young because the grassy semen was attached to the nose. But I do not hate smell. \"It s not another ginger, Nante will put out suddenly. Though not yet happened than three minutes.\" \"I'm sorry\" Araa, but I do not yet collapsed. After all, it is young. The Yuji \"Yuji now be allowed to feel good the Aunt\" lay next to, the semen that is attached to the face, was rubbed on the lips of a finger Yuji. \"Yuji, the face of the aunt of dirt in your semen, your tongue clean to at\" \"Yes,\" said the street, Yuji began to lick their semen my face. What Ochinpo and licking face throughout is I have been jumpy. Once you give in to kiss the lips grabbed it, Yuji came Karame the tongue like crazy. I was thrilled.

\"Now pussy lick of Aunt\" and spread the legs make a knee. Yuji has entered into between your crotch. I have \"seen the clitoris. Here gonna lick\" to expand the Birabira in finger Yuji is poor but me licking hard like a dog getting used \"is Some finger, slowly more gently licking\" \"Yes.\" When the finger two put, me licking move in. Since I became crying now can stand comfortably, covered with either a condom to Ochinpo be on top of the Yuji, it was made a boy of bra appearance.

Fraught with child of righteousness son

yuna himekawa[30986]
Entered the husband of stepchildren I have can (high school students) and the physical relationship with his second wife
to the husband difference age 18 also, after that 8 differ only the stepchildren, I Loli face
the stepchildren of similar husband since the very high school students aging does not seem to face, and parent-child three people are aligned,
will be mistaken for the newlyweds and their parents, in fact, it seems that it is with the husband that it is a parent-child

is justified son of stepchildren, husband long-term would be able to in a business trip, has continued since the relationship
has plenty since the time are living together, the etch has almost every day
there was a relationship before marriage and husband, the number of times from the married also became less
What the fill-in-the-blank, is the number of times that people with righteous son to etch is now
now, but there are children in the stomach, was etched live in dangerous day because towards the righteous son
probably children's father who righteousness son, husband Both Although alibi sex was,
to different from the semen of the amount and the righteous son freshness, because washing the vagina immediately in the video after the husband,
belly of the child is the seed of righteousness son, daytime when there are no husband to hugging each other in righteousness son and the bed
got me refers to the stomach to him, and me bore a strong child comes with Icha
you I Get sorry, but children are a good idea because no difference to your descendants!

Is No way mother and brother

68-year-old mother died I went back to the home for the funeral. The home you live in one person is younger brother to become a 40-year-old. Before mother died were two people living mother and younger brother. When are talking about the night his brother and mother, who finished the funeral, I was told the shocking story from his brother. The brother say you say that there was a physical relationship between mother and 20 years. Certainly mother is also wonder part because it was younger brother Bettari. It than was more surprised is that it was told that was able to children between two people. Since we can not give birth it seems to have soup. Is between the two people that was pregnant with two children younger brother made in the relationship such as husband and wife is the case began to call in the name of my mother. Sex is so had to every day until the mother is eliminated. We couple with or not Bale to us by the mother and sex even when they stayed at home both of them seems to have very excited. My mother was so had to say and wanted to give birth to children of Toru until the end. It was shocking story but I was over there is wet very excited place that does not stand as it is. I've been like a sister mother to the younger brother. When it was said that it should penetrated over there in the cock of his brother, even right now. I thought. My husband and does not have any sex for years. At that time came back after a few days without being told the feelings to his brother. I think and younger brother at that time even now I think I probably wanted to embrace me. I do not know what will happen from now on, but comfort yourself to imagine that the appearance or your mother every day has been embraced by the younger brother is embraced by the younger brother.

Son with a habit of dressing as a woman

Nice to meet you, my name is Natsumi. I am 36 years old this year. I have a license as a regular nurse, but considering my son, I work as an assistant at a dental practitioner only during the day. My son is a middle-aged 3 and divorced 10 years ago and is a single-mother family. It's been almost a year since I had a physical relationship with my son. The reason why this happened was to correct my son's bad habits at first. One day when I got home, my son in a blouse and skirt was masturbating. Moreover, I even wore slip bras and panties underneath. At that time I terribly scolded my son. But maybe that wasn't good. Even if I promised not to do it again, my son hid in me, put on my clothes and dressed as a woman. After scolding many times, my son said, "I want to be a girl's daughter." I don't hear even if I say "You are a man". But if my son dressed as a woman outside, I was in trouble. So I decided to make an appointment with my son. Never dress as a woman outside. And when you dress up as a woman, do it in front of me. My son understood. I'm sure my son was embarrassed and couldn't dress as a woman in front of me. And the next day I promised. When I got home, my son couldn't wait. My son said, "I want to wear the clothes my mom wore today." I faltered, but promises are promises.I changed my clothes at the dressing room and handed everything including my underwear to my son. Then my son took off his clothes in front of me without any embarrassment. And I started to go through the panties I was wearing. I was already panicking in my head. When I noticed, my son wore all my clothes. (My son is thin and the same size as me) He stared at me and said, "Hey mom, can I masturbate?" I had no choice but to nod. The son began to rub his chest with both hands and eventually rolled up the hem of his suit skirt. There was already a penis that was sticking out of the panties. When my son squeezed his penis, he began to gasp with a voice he had never heard before, saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, hey, I want more of this." My son has become a woman. The left hand is rubbing the chest in the collar of the suit. And while shaking his hips violently, the penis is already sticking out of the panties and squeezing directly. At that time, I was caught in the illusion that I was being violated. No one has had a relationship since the divorce. But with my son in front of me, the true nature of the woman awoke. But at that time, I didn't want my son's penis for some reason. On the contrary, I wanted to commit my son. "You're already a girl's daughter. Then mommy will commit."I made my son stand and squeezed his penis from behind. "Hey, it feels good, look," "Oh, it feels good." "Hey, tell me where it feels." "Oh, the clitoris feels good." My son is just as I am. "Ah, I'm going" My son fired a lot of semen. In the end, my son fired two more shots with my hands. The next day, when I got home, my son wore my clothes and the days I squeezed began. But it only lasted for about a week. I couldn't stand it in front of a young penis that hardened quickly no matter how many times I fired it. "Hey mom, I'll do something more nasty," he said to his son, straddling his son's penis and shaking his hips. Penis for the first time in years, I'm crazy about it, I didn't pull it out when I fired it, and kept shaking my hips until the penis stopped happening. And with my son dressed as a woman, the days that led me to commit continued for about a month. Then my son said, "I want you to put it in my pussy too," that is, I want to be blamed for anal. At that time, I thought I couldn't go back anymore, so I bought a strap-on dildo with a double-headed vibrator. First, my son and I face each other and start masturbating so that we can see each other's genitals. And when I get wet, insert one of the vibrators inside me. "Oh, I want you to come in as soon as possible," the son urges.After confirming that the inserted vibrator is completely wet, I remove the vibrator once, insert the other vibrator and tighten the band. And I will insert the vibe that was inserted in me deeply into my son's anal. "Ah, it's amazing, it feels good." My son gasps in a loud voice like never before. "I'm glad it feels so good. Then I 'll make it more violent." I switch on the vibrator, squeeze my son's penis while exercising the piston, and squeeze it violently. Every time I stabbed my son's anal, I was struck violently by the reaction, and I became irresistible, and when my son fired, I went with him. And I kept poking my son's anal until my son's penis disappeared. My son was absent from school because he was closed today, and he was poking his anal from morning till a while ago. I wonder if it's okay to do something like this, but I'm relieved because my son doesn't dress up as a woman outside. And since it doesn't fire inside me, I never get pregnant. However, I am worried about how long this relationship will last.

Son watching AV

About a year ago, I saw my son watching AV in the room. The son who noticed it was in a hurry to turn off the TV. My son was Sho 6 at that time. My son tried to turn on the TV anyway, so the big dick was bare. "What are you doing". When I said it, I was sick and hid it in a hurry. At the moment I didn't know what to do. Anyway, I came out of the room telling me to dress without doing this. My husband often travels, but that day was also a business trip. On that day, even when I was eating with him, my son felt uncomfortable with his face down. After the meal, I said, "Enter the bath." After that, I never decided to take a bath with my son. My son is usually alone with his husband, so I haven't been with him for years. My son was surprised, but I thought he could do anything naked with each other, but that was a mistake. I'll give it to you, so I forced you to sit down before getting out of the bath. When I tried to expose my son's body without incident, my son's dick got bigger. My son turned down with a crying face. This child would have seen the body of his real mother. I was surprised. The size was the adult itself even though I hadn't grown hair yet. It was bigger than my husband's.I've been squeezing well. My son was "occasionally". Did you look at your mother's body like this? I nodded when I heard that. I wanted to touch a big dick for a child. And will my mom do it? When I heard that, he said "Eh". "You're interested in a woman's nakedness." "..." I didn't reply, so I grabbed my son's thing with interest. My son seemed to be surprised for a moment, but he turned down again. When I asked "what's wrong", he said "it's embarrassing". My son asked me why boys would one day show up in front of women. Taka-chan will soon be able to understand it, but I wanted to peel off my son's little skin. He said he was scared to be patient. When I put on the soap and peeled it halfway, I put my son's dick in my mouth. Then I moved my head up and down like my husband did. About 1 minute. A fishy liquid was fired in my mouth. I licked everything clean. And when it felt good, he said "Yeah." And this time, I was happy to like my mother's body. My son just touched my terrifying breast and began to rub it.Then my son's dick started to grow again. I didn't try to get an erection anymore. And he said, "Mom, I want to have sex." I didn't think that would happen from the mouth of Sho student's son. When I heard that I knew what sex was all about. You stick to it and suck your boobs, right? Say. Isn't that the only thing I hear? I heard that. I was saying, "I don't know yet." is it wrong? It was coming, so it was a little different. I said, "I'll teach you in the futon." I'm willing to tell you. Although I thought it was a little bad, I let myself go through sex education. And when we got out of the bath early, we went to bed naked. When I said that I liked my mother's body as I did earlier, I started to rub my breasts again. At that time I was 32 years old. I have an E-cup on my chest, but I haven't leaned so much yet. And this time I sucked my breasts. A son who is crazy about breasts. During that time, I was touching my son's dick, but it became hard and big. As expected, I was at a loss, but I opened my legs in front of my son. And my son, who only talks about how to ejaculate, was letting my mother and I put it out.I said I could spread it over there. What were you doing? Do you want to I was going. "Yup". I didn't seem to understand it yet. You can put it here. I was told to put it in quickly. My son managed to get the dick to me by my lead. The feeling of being one is no different from that of an adult. Then my son moved his hips, though I couldn't tell him this time. Is this a man's instinct? When I think about it later, it seems that I had already prepared for the video. After ejaculating once, it lasted a long time as a brush. I think it was close to 10 minutes. After having sex with my son, I noticed a change in my son's body. My son's dick had intense sex and the skin was completely peeled off. I'm already grown up with my son and I'm sick of him. After having sex with my son, I honestly went to Sho students. After finishing, my mother made a great voice, so I was excited. We have no shame or embarrassment anymore. I started the second round. This time he is an adult son who has peeled off. Since then, I've been doing it about three times a week. My son wants to do it every day, but he tells me to put up with it because he has a husband. It's been a year since then.My son has improved his technique every day, and about a month after having sex for the first time, his hair started to grow, and nowadays almost all of them are bobo. I have been watching the growth of such a son. Even though I had sex, I was embarrassed when I started to grow. I think that the penis will still grow (grow). Currently it is about 16 cm. I am happy to see my son grow up.

My incest discourse

I'm 26 years old overseas ♂ 180/60 Men's glasses 27 years old in Tokyo ♀ 155 / Similar to Yumiko Shaku A property that was warmed up for a business trip to Japan. As far as I can judge from the photo, the clothes and makeup are flashy, but the contents are simple. There is no erotic story in the email. Initially it was planned for Disneyland, but according to the weather forecast in advance, it will rain on the interview day. We met at a certain station to safely go to Odaiba. When I left the home and made a phone call, it was said that the other side had already arrived at the meeting place. When I arrived at the meeting place, I found Yumiko Shaku with a little thin lips. (Hereafter, Shako) There is a cute girl there than the photo. If you try to call out while pretending to be nervous, you will be able to talk to me with a smile, just like the atmosphere of an email or phone. It's a little mixed with dialects, but it feels cute again. The two of us got along and chatted for a while while being shaken by the Yurikamome. Shako is very good at speaking. I enjoy talking with a stance that spreads the story of Shako, thinking that this is easy. While enjoying walking around Odaiba, pet shops, bowling, darts, etc., thanks to Shako's personality, when walking, they naturally hold hands with each other. Well, when I think it's fun to have a date like a date after a long time, the day is declining before I know it. When asked if he would like to eat rice in Odaiba or return to the Yamanote line, he said that it didn't matter.Then I decided to head to the shop with the best atmosphere that I could know. It's a ball that I have to walk a little from the station, but it's a distance that wouldn't be a problem if I got stuck. It seems that Shako also liked it, and I smiled with a smile. Sit in a private room and enjoy cooking and drinking. The private room here has a sofa, and you can drink alcohol as if you were going home with your shoes off. Sure enough, Shako comes as a trone as the liquor progresses. It leans against you, so lightly kiss it to check it. I don't hate it at all, but Sakuko is always shy. Shako is cute, Shako. Deep kiss as soon as I got today's game. Sakuko who actively entangles her tongue is already foolish. After enjoying a kiss with Shako for a while, check out. After leaving the store, I deliberately ask, "What should I do after this?" Shako smiles cutely, "What should I do?" "Would you like to drink a little more at the place where I'm staying?" , While playing a refreshing feeling (actually, it's the only secret that the foolishness was in a light bottle state with the afterglow of a kiss), with a smile "Yeah" Shako who answers. I'm sure you know what you're doing, but the gestures and facial expressions are cute. While thinking that this child is probably the type that girls dislike, I went to the hotel with a taku while being tossed by the charm of Shako. At a convenience store near the hotel, buy sake and a staying set (for Shako) and enter the room. Sakuko smiles from beginning to end and leans against her.I think he's definitely used to interviewing, but in front of Shako's cuteness, that feeling is trivial. While drinking alcohol, talk about each other's views of love. Whether it's serious or bluffing, Shako's view of love is quite serious. It seems that he wants to get married with the next person. Hmmm, I thought that the child who thought that kind of thing wouldn't come to this place with the Mel friend I met for the first time, but I was kissed by the cuteness of Shako (rya, aiming for a chance that the conversation was interrupted a little . Kissing in the face while feeling comfortable. After kissing for a while. Moving to the neck. The voice that seems to be killed sometimes leaks is so cute. If you lightly shave your hands, thighs, back, neck, etc. wet eyes come to look at me in. "from the turn off electricity. I.." and, come over smile cute. silently turn off the electricity, go Nugashi little by little. I'm al wwww it wwww game underwear wwwwww and I'm excited about the garter and take off my clothes while kissing slowly. It's a shame that my chest is small (it's a big skier ...), but it's a nice boobs. I'm licking licking in the order of left and right . He seems to be excited about the sound and requested " Lick it with more noise ." Okay, I'm going to try it with Ora, so I'll lick it while making a loud noise. It 's called Jurjuru or Jabjab . A loud sound.Sakuko's voice, which had been killed little by little, turns into a high-pitched one. When I reach down, it's already slimy. When I stroked the chestnut with the pad of my middle finger, I was surprised but my hips came a little closer. I'm binging again, but I don't want you to put it in my mouth because I haven't taken a bath. While thinking that I'm only attacking with all my strength today, I started fingering at the place where I played with chestnuts. The dead old man promises not to lick the unwashed pussy, no matter how beautiful and cute the girl is, I'm sorry, but I'm just serving with fingering and caressing. After a while, I couldn't stand it, so I whispered and asked to "put it in." Alright, I'm going to do my best today, and while I've been standing up many times today, my son, who wasn't given a turn, finally got a chance to participate. The inside of Shako, which is already soaked and very slippery, is surprisingly narrow, warm and comfortable. Try to put in and out while looking for a comfortable place for each other, missionary position → face-to-face sitting position → cowgirl position → back. Shako likes to sit face-to-face, so she kisses again while sitting face-to-face. If Sakuko's kiss was so intense that she couldn't breathe, she apparently died. After that, I got it back to the missionary position and finished. After that, we took a bath together and washed it, and then the first round. It was the best night. I succeeded in Saffle Sleeper for the first time, so I posted it!

In Oji-chan and raw

 Since I can not say to anyone expectorating here.
 Paternal grandfather and secondary, have a physical relationship for the past three years.
 I since I was a high two.

 My grandmother is gone by the time I is small, it is a grandfather, father, mother, my family of four.
 Oji-chan have me doting me for a long time, I loved the people of Oji-chan than myself strangely severe parents.
 It bath had entered together until junior high school, together to sleep My God be all the time.
 But the other party was not also thought to did not do any imagine \"grandfather\" So sexual thing.
 High 2 of summer vacation there was a change.
 I entered the room of your grandfather-chan without knocking if there is use.
 Soshitara your grandfather-chan had been masturbating in a naughty magazine. I was surprised.
 They fled in a panic to say that I'm sorry, but the sight was not away from the head in the array is brilliantly erection state of Oji-chan.
 Thin much closer to the Shaved but the hair also a pure white dick, Yet array is very large and if you are Gingin.
 3 virgin because it was reasonably fine Bitch also etched experience after graduating from the old Allen past the middle-aged was nothing but surprised Nante's amazing to An'nani large in. 
 Then about a week it is also not to speak somehow awkward with Oji-chan, was spent remains in the air, such as that it was not.
 Something that labored up voice before from your grandfather-chan of the room Once through the sometimes room.
 No way Toka Toka heart disorder of the body? Your grandfather chan When you rush in addition without a knock become anxiety and has been an also masturbation on the futon.
 And it had with the side dishes my shirt and panties.
 I was surprised to but was picked up screaming something like angry I \"returns!\", Was saying \"I'm sorry na\" as Shobon Oji-chan really is, whether ... that somehow shock to reverse
 disgust than say Toka disillusionment, or rather Naa'm Oji-chan also a man of the people, I wonder if it was very I rather like this problem because it is the elderly, to think that.
 Sorry for shouting, and say, helped also angry, and Oji-chan.
 Really, it is that very strange, love the things I thought Toka guilt had yelled Oji-chan, I want to help, also overlaps the strange feeling that, I'll pull out from the direction of me, and of Oji-chan I was raised by far holds the array.
 The first is Oji-chan also like was surprised indeed, Toka I do not need, I bad, and sheepishly.
 But the like have become comfortably in suffering as moan gradually, it was immediately ejaculation. Thin to amount has also surprised Datte'm out properly semen Even though such year but less.
 This I huh incest, but I have been known to will not be able to put up with horny and Chau I also here Madeki, I was masturbating while raised to show the dick in Oji-chan.
 Try to lick? When I heard that, Oji-chan nodded a little lost, gave me full licking dick.
 When I think I have been cunnilingus to favorite Oji-chan, and feel Datte tongue of Oji-chan will feel really more than anyone else in history boyfriend, it is to put up the voice was hard.
 Oji-chan of the array is not also erection, I have as it is to live sex without a rubber.
 Oji-chan piston also a decent because immediately physical strength is lost, was raised to full comfortably I become a cowgirl.
 I also think I have cowgirl etched with your grandfather-chan, moving as handed down Toka hardness Toka size of the array of Oji-chan will feel really, suffering much Anan even after the Oji-chan Chat middle Dashishi He had continued to move in.
 Then, the relationship is etched with your grandpa-chan at a pace of about a week two.
 I think that is not Bale probably to the parent.
 By the way, Oji-chan is 69 years old this year. I am 20 years old.
 Now 's Oji-chan and etch the pleasure = immorality feeling than any boyfriend in addictive, does not have to quit is likely.
 Much dangerous and become addicted I Oji-chan of the array, it is amazing. . .

Committed to the drunken brother

It was committed to the drunken brother.
Carrying the brother came home drunk to drinking a base Ronbe Ron of something to embrace suffer the room from the front door lay in Beck door suit and Y shut in of pants in interest deeply have stood over there and Nugasu pants I was looking through the array of in.
At that moment even with vigorous resistance is kiss sake smell mouth is Osaekoma brother rubbed the chest is Osaekoma by the difference of power, finally was touched also on private parts.
And it puts the array of brother in the mouth.
Brother to it hard and be drunk array because moving the hip
was likely to throw up now Te \"wet ~!\".
The blink of an eye has been inserted is also tampered among tampered the private parts are made to take off below.
Painful because was not a virgin I'm not, but what is committed to the brother of the fruit came out full of tears in shock.

Among the kotatsu

Son to New Year has been the H mischievous.
That day, I was taking dinner in the kotatsu with her husband and brother-in-law and son and four. Liquor was also drinking.
My husband was a good humor recommend the drink to the son of college students. I even tipsy mood, was a good feeling. I frequently noticed that hit the son of hand to sit next to in the kotatsu around but the knee.
I think my imagination had been left alone, but of the hand began stroking slowly toward the thigh from the knee gradually.
\"I hate, it is kana? I have drunk mother yo ~ What do you intend?\" Brother-in-law can have, had endured patiently so as not to be noticed in embarrassment.
Son of nasty finger surprisingly came in contact with the sensitive part of the back of the thigh of the base.
I have dispelled the hand glared several times son, but you continue to caress the back of persistent thigh.
And we've been down shear until around the pantyhose of the knee after a swift movement to the bold things.
It has become can not be out of the kotatsu when it is up to here.
It then also nasty hand loincloth stroked to stick to the thigh, are carefully caress the most sensitive parts from the top of the underwear, helplessly be rejected in the mind, the body has got to sensitive directly below.
At such times, brother-in-law and my husband, we continue to go out and said something about it mahjong.
But was relieved, I am caress the most important part to his son, and that the body is sensitive to an extent which could not be imagined.
But in reality the body had become hot. Now filled in with so I think if shame.
Son of caress continued, had become to feel you can not control the other body.
Desperately gasping voice had killed push against the finger to the lips, but was unable to put up with.
Son down the underwear, we have inserted a thick finger.
Start moving the waist to indecent to match the movement of the finger, it had become indecent woman incredibly myself.
I, I have kept alive the son.
After a while, there was a son of the face in front of the eyes and notice faintly.
\"I useless, I do not go, please stop, bad'm So I'm getting a parent-child of No I to near ×××\"
although resistance in words, would easily accept the lips, while embraced like a lovers, far away of the gas made such a long also I had a fierce kiss.
Gently it will come as soon as wildly massaging the breast.
I was entangled without refuse the son of the tongue. Son of burly ones have also been held.
If it is such a thing, head with it that is not allowed it had become full.
\"Soon, I want through this flushed the body\" But, was not supposed to say such a thing.
Son've watched enough say and spread my legs, no me.
Then, it is caressed shame hill in the gentle tongue, the waist is now likely melts.
Then, it is time that more than a line.
When I think that the son of the tongue away, his son has been overhanging.
\"It just is not I! Parent and child of No I! Forgive Do!\"
While but the knew'm not allowed to absolute act, this body is if want a son without trying to, there was a yourself that you want pierced.
The next moment, had been penetrated to his son.
And son began to transport slowly, inserted to gradually hit deep into the vagina, began a vigorous rhythm.
I, I have ascended while raising the Hashitanai voice.


I can work, but I am a selfish and selfish host. My husband is not homely at all. Besides, I'm busy with work and only on business trips. I also felt suspicion of cheating many times. A husband who cuts back when asked. A husband who talks about what I do on a daily basis. You just have to do your house properly. I finally got sharp and declared, "Can I like it anymore?" My son, who became a college student this year, has grown up for a long time and has a cold personality. It was an attitude that I didn't care about even if the couple became ill. But more than me? A son who hates her husband. I have also been sharpened by my husband who preaches heroically. My son has a girlfriend who is one childhood friend. A cute girl who is polite and I like her too. But my son's girlfriend might have felt a lot of jealousy. Because my husband has that kind of attitude, I was mentally dependent on my son. I thought I was doing something strange in the room, but I thought it couldn't be helped because I was young. As a parent, I thought I had to say something, and one day, during the daytime when my husband wasn't there, I said to my son, who was playing a game in the living room, "I like her, but do it properly." My son was staring at me. When I said "What?", I grinned "Nothing." And suddenly, "Mom, aren't you?" "Hey, already" I've been sexless with my husband for quite some time. I haven't been cheating and I haven't done it for years. My husband had plain sex, and I had two men before I got to know him.It wasn't a long relationship. However, it is certain that I felt it as it was with my husband. "Don't you want to have sex?" "Well, sometimes . " Honest impression. " Why don't you make a man?" "Eh? Hey. I'm scared to go out with a man anymore." "Then, what about me?" "Eh?" "I can have sex with my mom." Sudden confession. And he said he had many dreams of having sex with me. "Hey, hey," I feel weird while being very upset. Dangerous atmosphere ... My son hugged me on the couch from behind. My breasts are rubbed and my hands in the skirt (what do you do?) I repeat myself asking myself. I was laid down on a carpet and my underwear was taken off in no time. The skirt is rolled up ,. I had my wrists pressed against my chest with my son's left hand. And my son's right hand is my pussy. "No, no" struggles, but my son's fingers invade. A son who slowly puts out two fingers while kneading the clitoris with his thumb. "Hey, a little" No , I really feel it, I struggled violently. "I've done it so far, isn't it?" "Already," I made up my mind.Everything I'm wearing is taken off and stripped naked, and it's a big letter on the carpet. "It's nice. It's beautiful. Your boobs are also fluffy." A son who whispers his nipples and stirs them with his fingers. My son suddenly put a cushion under my waist. I felt like I was bridging, and I pushed my fingers up. The pain is instant, and I've never felt it before, yes, it's an embarrassing feeling that something leaks. "Oh, hey," I twisted my hips, but my son pressed me down, and after a short rest, I pushed him up again. "Ah, no!" I lay down on my body and shook my body violently. I climaxed with the caress of my son. A son who puts his penis in and out. Pleasure that I could not taste in sex with my husband. "It's cute. It's so cute." My son said to me, who was breathless while cramping his hips. My son, who prepared the condom carefully, attached it to the penis. The very hard penis is inserted in me and it's alive in a blink of an eye. Premature ejaculation seems to be similar to her husband. I was kissing while hugging each other for a while, but it's about time for dinner. After straightening my hair, I drove to a nearby family restaurant saying, "Let's eat outside." The road was crowded on the way back, and my son was driving. I put my hand in my skirt every time the car stopped. As soon as I got home, I took a bath together and started again."He (she) looks like acting, but my mother has a serious face." ... My son's jealousy towards her is getting stronger. I want to monopolize my son. Such feelings are getting stronger day by day.

Virgin is drunk in the master of the technique

Then, go where your master's after the lesson, after the shower, will be naked remains are said to your master's, the whole body to be crawled the tongue, big's your teacher is hard to suck, many times It had been the ends.
And the date on which not to go to the lesson is followed by even 3 days secret of starting to throb, now resulting in a masturbation.

I think that I do not just

yuna himekawa[30929]
I only when the husband comes back once a month at the bachelor, did not have a married life.
For my woman is strong sexual desire, as was that unbearable.
Husband or even if you know it, when you appointed Single went pass the vibe to me.
But I am a woman who does not want to know the crap is masturbation Vibe also dead.
Such I did not even No way I maintain that such a thing from myself.
Some physiological the night before, I had a telephone SEX to call Terekura in my room.
In the meantime, I have masturbation remove the vibe from the drawer.
At that time, a high school student son came in to my room suddenly.
\"Mother, it's had a thing to one that does not have what are you doing? Dad,\"
I got off the phone.
\"What are you doing in your Datte my underwear\"
son has or has put Bettori the semen in my underwear.
I was pushed down on the bed to pull the son of hand.
\"Mother, what are you?\"
I pulled down the son of trousers, was Mashi suck an object.
Then, violently suction potash, and fumble the ball bag,
\"Mom, can ... feels good ... the first time I ... of these do\"
so good, my son was the ends of a blink.
The amount that my son was out in my mouth, did those who I am more than you have ever experienced.
Pleasure of the men I was very happy that I knew to be proportional to the amount of ejaculation.
\"This is by a woman, better able to Ru-a-down-with\"
\"or, Mother, I for the first time What\"
\"I okay, gel tell me is my mother,\"
I, the things at once son ride on top of son It celebrated.
\"Mother, what was that?\"
\"I did you the man you.\"
Son of thing, but losing to what my husband thickness, it hits me a good place if there is a length. I was very fond of hitting the back, is I am madly in love anymore that feeling.
I have continued to turn the waist.
\"Do-mother also go\"
\"I-Ha'an, more ... This - these ... physicians and go\"
son and I were the ends at the same time.
That day, was turned 5 in total.
Once you do not quit anymore once you become so.
Every day to go to the son of the room, I ride to his son.
Son, sex life in the retracted Flip sauce is my led even now.
This SEX does not quit the peace of mind to say that young man, son.
There is I think that it is forbidden, but it does not quit and start once.
This I think is I think not just me.

19-year-old virgin that has been played with the master of Nichibu

College student of 19 years old.
We learned Nichibu from the time of the 4-year-old under the influence of the mother.
At the age of 16, it is no longer your teacher who had taught for many years, had learned from the young teacher of the son.
17-year-old summer, had received special training in staying cliff from the young teacher's order to appear in the fall of the recital.
That day, other students went to training camp in Iemoto, only I had received special training.
Dinner, been brought to the young master's, become a feast of Japanese cuisine, back home after your master's was finished bathing from me also not bathing, in yukata is called to your master's, Mr. priest of go to the room, I had received a recap of the dance.
To take a break, and I have heard a variety of talk and give you put a cup of tea, but shrugged be ,, I Idaku to your master's tried to escape desperate, and hamstrung been holding is in a Kizu in , among which we continue rubbed the chest from the top of the yukata I no longer have the power to refuse attacked by a strange feeling, imperceptibly solved a band of kimono, are spread out before, is Dzura a bra on, palm in rubbed so as to wrap the breast, because it rubbed across the earth t neck to fingertips, underwear was wet.
I was totally result not fully bear the genital area is inserted a hand in the underwear from the belly of the place is caressed by a fingertip.
When I was a light-headedness, are caress the genital area to your teacher's tongue, it is sipped a love juice overflowing, embarrassed and, I have the ends again for the first time feel pleasure.
I your master, who is limp is laid on the bed in the next room faced me, nothing is looked at my naked you are not wearing, or are held to the hard of your master's, is the kiss, the body the medium-under is laid,
it has been End many times in pleasure.

Is Segama the younger brother began to live together with the brother ...

It is the OL of the 24-year-old who lives in the suburbs of Tokyo.
From Gunma of parents now live with his brother he was enrolled at the University of Tokyo.
My father gave me to borrow, prepare a meal in the apartment of 2DL had been or brother or me.
Brother \"Now, Toka's not the boyfriend, the body is not it aching\" I know that he was a student so doing Toka make fun of me I also \"Shin-chan what, from the accumulated she not have such a thing'm you \"and talk back and\" that so say, I was or to talk to the I unsatisfactory be \"masturbation.
I also said to his brother, of being confronted or the sight of only pants of the bath, sometimes're increasing the crotch, secret part is more and more sleepless nights and Jin Jin, younger brother has finished the bathing I also see a're intertwined men and women and the younger brother enters the brother of the room I see you are looking at PC poured into two glass of cold juice finished bathing, look I \"like this the well and I say Ne \"is said\" Let's see sister also together \"I have seen sitting side by side in the younger brother of the bet, see secret part will wet, brother while to embrace my body from behind hot breath is applied to the nape of the neck have, \"I have an erection as penis hurts, sister is not for anything\" Mimimotode and because whisper as \"not feeling anything look of friendship is not it about people of old\" say and brother finger is touching my breast, the nipple Nazeru because I am thinking \"not a feel to be that such\" a leaked voice greater than that of his original have an erection hard to the touch from the top of the pants so say, \"I'll have to hold the\", I and are so squeezed, put your hands in the pajamas to his brother, is caress the breast and nipple, unawares brother and I have also directly grip handles the penis is on the underwear while such the thigh with one hand from why the genital area, so dive the finger from the place of the thigh of the root \"is not it full of her sister so your soup, take off Once\" and said that underwear is wet feeling my squatting on the bed and take off because it was bad the genital area to fill the face is caressed by the tongue in the groin, labia minora from the labia majora of the crack, and rubbed the middle in while being caressed by the previously been peeled the clitoris of skin finger and I is such a thing, \"Shin-chan It made the change, even if the stop it. \" Continued the撫, I was totally End.
Brother to be forced to Blow, each other and caress at 69, was intoxicated to the pleasure to accept the brother.
Brother from the next day to prepare a condom, had the ends together in my wearing the condom blame me live.

Teach using the body to nephew

Currently, I am 38-year-old husband 45-year-old, it is a couple that were not blessed with a child.
From about two years ago at the top of the sister of 4 sisters children (nephew) to Yuya I have been teaching the study.
Yuya is I had a study of the university entrance exam just turned at that time high-2, but I was supposed to teach that out of the Tokyo University as results than I thought says my sister was suffering does not rise .
House of my house and my sister husband of the sister in about 15 minutes by car is going to be technical guidance now also to Thailand at that time, my sister was living in two children and three.
Study has Yuya began to teach to come to my house directly after the end of school.
Serious and because the head of the good girl I had thought that as soon as results also go up, but I like have fallen back does not increase the performance even in the first semester of the year-end test.
I was thinking the carefree wondering what can not be helped still because first it but was not I be worried about even in the second semester of intermediate test scores does not rise.
I also, but I have a prep until late in advance before I do not think I have to tell the good night.
However, it began to say that my husband was watching the figure is ridiculous.
I \"You, what is taught in the dressed when you are taught to Yuya.\".
\"I do so,. Of so what,\" said, I tried to look at my cuckoo.
I skirt appearance to an ordinary T-shirt because there were still lingering summer heat to say that autumn.
But, wide open before causes and T-shirt said from his master, skirt above the knee 15 centimeters of things.
Chest of crack is seen looking at the breast even a little from the top, are you also visible pink bra.
I knee on a 15 centimeters standing skirt, but I shorts which is likely to appear in a little more because there is no pantyhose that little wear in the short will house if sit.
This is to say that even if I'm studying a stimulating to the adolescent man does not enter into my head.
And my husband I come to this kind of proposal.
Usually the After taking a method of increasing the reward if rises grades of Yuya and the dress worked as more guard.
When asked \"what kind of reward?\",
\"Do It Yeah ,, likely, Toka ,, I'll not touch Toka I'll show the tits of Maiko\"
I \"That, to me that say white naughty things. partner with'm nephew. \"I have angry and once again a bad habit of my husband went on a proposal of the master.
That day, but I've finished with it, it might be my teaching to be a problem considering calmly.
I have since the Yuya also made many times challenge you only have university entrance exam once a year if the high-3 is waiting.

My brother and bathroom of fastidiousness disease

It is a 19-year-old student.
Become a fastidious property from around the junior high school, but I is not so much to the family, there is often visitor in my house, you or stayed.
Bathroom, there is a little away from the main house, Masu Mari pull the hot spring.
Not like from entering after the visitor has entered the bath, there was also be dispensed only in the shower.
Also that day, and talking with parents coming two people of the customers are, because the younger brother (second-year high school) was taking a bath just because sweating in the practice of baseball, I also, that contains the brother It enters the bathroom,'s a brother because they finished the classmate and sexual experience prior to graduating from high school Haiiri said, \"probably I entered together because I do not want to go after those people\", a large tub and sink the body brother and if Haiiru and brother \"I wish chest quite large sister Rika ~\" I brother hear the \"I want to touch,\" say, \"I want to touch Yeah,\" I turn my back to the brother said, \"I say\" in the massage as wrap the palm both of tits so as to embrace me from behind, rubbed across the nipple to the finger, the feeling would be, though by turning hands behind to touch and hard erection dick brother high school his larger than the length of the Nottoki also seems to be, I am their Lightly gripped by squeezing and whisper his brother as \"Rika sister, I's a good feeling when it is so\", touched between the crotch, because it is full of Otsuyu, I'm out in \"Otsuyu of hot water When you stand up just because \"troubled Once, because the younger brother hangs over the chasing from behind, would rubbed a crack in the previous and poke their hands in a bath of edge I is inserted and protruding ass feel Zubu' , is inserted and removed, deep thrust fried brother I have I also talking to ejaculation to the outside.
Me and my brother are using in the next aligned with the two there each study room and sleeping in a room at the end of the main house, at night, and sleeping brother is caress the chest came into my room in the tongue, split are caressed, are inserted I have been over whether the time because you put a little while ago.

Mischievous brother and brother

Brother and brother came to my room at night
is naked will be a prank.
My virgin, was deprived of his brother and brother.
And it has entered the bath one person you came in brother and younger brother.
It is always a prank on his brother and brother and so on.
Terrible time, brother and brother will come in the place where I'm dressed.

Been invited Proto is groping in the crowded train

I live in the suburbs to shoot, we go on to Tokyo of private girls' high school this year.
Morning, train to school was so crowded go-between, is always crushed likely.
Always people from the number of days before my next to the man of handsome because ride to the fixed vehicle and body were touched, that day, will be pushed to be his and face-to-face, he is me in the thin bag that had Although I was to intercept between, his hand is in a strange mood rubbed the chest in accordance with the shaking of the train has touched the chest I was head down.
Yuku also becomes the same state as the day before the day, he rubbed the chest in the same way as yesterday and feel that you have to be that way, rubbed with a fingertip is also near the bottom, it is also head when you are receiving tuition It had become strange.
Was not hard to get to sleep is recalled that has also been to him about the floor to go home.
Or the next day I was also a little expectations, I was down a little head he is so smiled approached me.
He rubbed the breast face each well with me, was pressed against the became harder is why the place under the thigh.
He and walking out of the ticket gate down to the home while being massaged in many of the castle arrived at the station came next to me asked me, \"the school will end at around what\" I \"today is 3 Tokimeshi around I from went away away is \"the answer when it comes from there next to the ○○ store of the station,\" say when.
The lesson thinking about that thing when you are in school had been received in the absent-minded.
But hesitated what to do the way home, he enters the ○○ store got a cup of tea will be asked to drink sitting in front of his Hand Raised to stay towards the back, he heard the direction of the residence or to enter the parking lot and leave the shop said, \"I also'm going to send it because it is the same direction\", put on the passenger seat of a large one-box car that had been parked, where I is the story while running car move to the back seat is said to say \"because towards the back is wide\" and I let rest a little and in the middle and are're not sure what ran stop the car in the absence of empty going to enter into the forest. \" and asked embrace me, will likely to be the kiss I put the hand is Tagra the hem of refuses desperately shirt, it has been rubbed the chest is Dzura above the bra. Among that are tampered nipples with your fingertips, become a pure white is in your head, it is entangled the tongue is the kiss, is why the place embarrassed from above pushed down is in the underwear, was full of warmth of is.
Tampered with directly fingertips put your hands in the underwear, and has become likely to be far away I feel the caress the place sensitive, are taking off is lowered down together taking skirt underwear from the direction of the ass, he in it can not be hamstrung been pressed from the top, he's \"stop, please, stop it\" weeping in great pain coming in. However was screaming. Nari pain floats electricity to the whole body poked towards the back has become not know running.
Notice and have he's still Haii', he was a splashing sound embarrassing sound Every move, he attacked and that the softening pleasure remains to be, feeling vaguely that he is poke violently, he is \"Uuu \"and while felt the thing warmth during aloud has been issued was would I also result in.
Replace the number address of the mobile phone to each other, he and sometimes made to fit, drove up to Gotemba in the drive to the rest of the day, enter the love hotels that are lined up a lot and get off at Inter, he is many things to now or give in or.

Beloved son

"Okan ..." When Hiroyuki's hand grabbed my breast with a smoky breath, my heart was fluttering and I couldn't say anything. Each other was trembling ... I was naked and Hiroyuki was naked. It was no wonder they were sitting on the bed. Hiroyuki was the only one who was drunk, and I was almost straightforward. The day before yesterday, there was an accident on the way back from the funeral of my relatives, and both of us were tired of the traffic jam, so we decided to stay somewhere and go home the next morning ... I got off on the highway, but there were only mountains around There was no business hotel, so I had no choice but to go to the love hotel district. "Where are you going?" My son asked shyly. "Where are you going ... Mom, I 've never used a love hotel ..." I died, and my husband never used a love hotel. "Then, is it a garage-type love hotel where you can go in and out without seeing anyone when you leave?" My son often quickly found out if he was using it and quickly put in the car. "Ah. I've arrived, I've arrived." As soon as he got out of the car, he stretched out in a loud voice. I'm in a hurry. "Hey, Hiroyuki, don't make a loud voice, it's midnight." Because it's a garage type, the voice echoes quite a bit, and it was around 1am. "It's okay, let's go." I hurriedly followed him to hide behind my son's back. When I opened the door, it was a pink world. The phone rang as I looked around.My son took it quickly and told me to stay. "Something ... it's embarrassing for parents and children, " said his son, sitting on the sofa. "Oh, I don't care ..." I had never seen my son as a man. " What is it? Alright! Let's drink." My son seems to be trying to erase something with alcohol. I decided to go out with my son. My son ordered draft beer and a little knob. My son started to karaoke when he opened it about three times with a large mug. When the two of us started a duet ... my son put his hand on his shoulder. I was tipsy and my son was ready. My son was tired of karaoke and started watching unpleasant programs on TV, so I couldn't keep up with him. I was a little angry ... "I'll take a bath and go to bed quickly." I told my son and headed for the bath. It's normal in the washroom, but is it a toiletries for two people and a very short bathrobe? Is it a yukata? There were two things I didn't understand. Huh ... I sighed for some reason. I shook a little when I took off my clothes, but I felt good and opened the bathroom door. "It's wide." It's an honest impression. It's all glass. Why is it next to the bathtub? There was a big mat with vinyl pillows ... I washed my body in the shower and stretched my legs into the big bathtub. It's a bathtub that I don't have at home. I always hold my knees in the bathtub. I feel very good. Tiredness seems to come out from the tip of my foot.When I looked sideways, I found an adult toy casually placed next to the aroma set. Vibes and rotors, I'm embarrassed about masturbation after my husband died, but I've become more frequent, stress relief. The rotor was relatively available as a massage machine, so I kept it in my bedroom. Get up from the bathtub and reflect your body in the mirror ... pose like a model. The style is good for 48 years old. It's similar to the self-proclaimed Yuki Amami. Every day, running with the dog I left behind seems to be working. There is no wasted meat around the waist, and the breasts do not hang down due to their small size. Dick also gave birth to only one son, and since her husband died 15 years ago, she hasn't had an affair, and she only comforts her with a rotor at midnight, so it's almost pink, not dark. I reached for the rotor probably because of tipsy. I sat in the bathtub and comforted the dick with the rotor while looking at myself in the mirror. I bit my lower lip and tried not to leak my voice as much as possible. The rotor was stimulated with the right hand and the nipple was stimulated with the left hand. Whenever the dick becomes thick, the rotor is put in and out. "Nhu-n" "N-n-n" The place was so excited that it passed away immediately. When I go out to the washroom in a good mood, I have no clothes or underwear. There was nothing but a bath towel. That weird bathrobe too. "Already!" Hiroyuki. Even though I got out of the bath feeling good. I was angry because my tipsy thought that I could sleep comfortably was broken. I wiped my body, wrapped a bath towel around my body and headed to the bedroom. Then it was pitch black from the entrance to the bedroom. "Hiroyuki! What a prank like a child!"When I went to the bedroom, a faint light was shining on my son ...? I'm naked. My son was lying on his back on the bed and clasping his penis, squeezing many times towards the root to show me. I was surprised & # 59139; and didn't even speak. My knees trembled with the anger I saw after a long time. As I stood beside the bed, Hiroyuki quickly reached out, pulled me to the bed, and sat down. "I'm excited ... see." Hiroyuki pointed my finger at me and turned around, and it was in the bathroom. The dim light was leaking from the bathroom ... The mirror in the bathroom was a magic mirror that could be seen from the bedroom. "Oh my god! ... Uso' ..." I have a ... a place that comfort dick "chills! ..." ... son smell alcohol has attracted me and at the same time peeling grab a bath towel to his Junn When I looked at each other, my breathing became rough ... Both of them were trembling ... However, my son attacked at once. When I caught my breast with my right hand, I kissed my neck and licked it with my tongue. A rough breath hangs on my neck. I had seen everything, and the caress I hadn't had in a long time suddenly caused blood to rise in my head, and I was vague and forgot to even resist. My son devoured my body with a rough breath, muttering "Okan" and "Okan" like a spell. By the way, I remembered in my thin reason that my son also lamented that she wasn't there for about two years. Wrapped in a sweet sensation ... My son stimulates the nipple with the tip of his tongue and massages the breast. "! Ahhhhhhh"I get a sweet voice that I never let my son hear. My son reached out to his lower body with his right hand. I put my finger in my dick, which is starting to get wet. When I squeaked, the reason I had forgotten returned. Yes, we are parents and children. "Hiroyuki! Stop! Until now, we are parents and children!" My son's movement stopped for a moment, but he started to continue. Roughly blame me for shaking off something. I also put my hand on my son's chest and tried to resist, but when he kissed me and my tongue licked the back of my teeth and started to play with my tongue, I also entwined my tongue and my son's head I was turning my hand. "Ah" Spread your legs so that you can easily accept your son's fingers, and your hips move to fit your fingers. I became a nympho woman who had blown away her reason because of her sickness. "Ah ... Hi Hiroyuki" My son's fingers are violently put in and out. The waist becomes jerky. " Oh, I love you." When my son said so and pulled out his finger, he put his mouth on the dick. Licking the thick dick and making a slurping sound. "Ah! Hey" The slurping and tongue stretched out to the back. I couldn't stand the stimulus to the dick other than myself anymore. I blew the tide lightly and got it. "Yi-n-fu-n-n-u-u-" My son's legs crotched my head, my son's penis appeared in front of me, and the big anger was overflowing with patience and jerks. I chewed into my mouth without hesitation. I continued to suck the angry anger that moved like a rampage in my mouth.It's 69 for parents and children. Caressing my son's angry blood, I was licked my dick ... I never felt this way, I was yelling. "Hey !! ~ Ahhhh ~" When my son slowly pulled out his anger from my mouth, he moved to my lower body ... and finally came ... my dick wants his son ... The dick is squeaking ... "Oh ... I can't go ..." My son hit the dick with anger ... Kuchu ~ "Hiroyuki ... Come on ..." The anger spreads the dick and comes in. I did. .. The penis comes and goes after a long absence. There was a squeaky and unpleasant sound. I lifted my hips from below in response to my son's violent hip movements. "Ah ~ Hiroyuki ~" Grinding my hips "Okan ... It feels too good" My son picked up my leg and I was curled up like a pill bug. This way, I can see my son's anger coming and going to my dick. My son slowly puts in and out to show off. "Okan ... Can you see it?" Guchu ... Guchu ... "Hiroyuki-I don't like it." My son's movement is getting faster. ・ ・ I put my hands from my legs to my armpits to speed up my hips. "Okan ... Akan. I'm going. " My son hits his hips. "Ah ... Is it going to be good? ... Ai ~" "Okan. ・ Is it okay to go inside? ... Naa Okan." "Ah ... Ah, Hiroyuki Nakae ~ Put it inside ~ " I entwined my legs around my son's waist and led the anger to the back. .. Like a female instinct that wants a offspring ..."Ah! Iku ...! Okan." "Ah ~ Hiroyuki ~" I pulled my son's head and screwed his tongue into his mouth. "Nun-u-un" The two sweaty people sucked each other. And my son's anger burst in me, the inside of the dick was full of heat ... "Ah ~ Hiroyuki ~ I like it. I like it ..." I hugged my son's back tightly and kissed again I asked for it ... I wonder how many years it's been so fulfilling that my husband couldn't feel the sense of immorality ... " Oh, it's the best." My son gently kissed me with a tissue. He guessed it. My son's sperm was slowly coming out from the dick ... When I looked at the clock, it was around 3 o'clock. I hugged my son's chest and slowly closed my eyes ... I have no regrets.

8 years with my son

The first time I had sex with my son was on his 20th birthday. That day, I went drinking with my son and my best friend Maki. When he left the store, Maki shyly stepped back as he tried to hold his son's hand. "Oh, this kid is a virgin." "It's not natural, because I raised it carefully." After having such a conversation, I broke up with Maki in front of the station, and when I became two with my son and I extended my hand, my son was obedient. I held my hand. I walked hand in hand, hugged my son in the park on the way, and kissed him. My son does not resist and leaves himself. Eventually, I felt that my son was getting harder over there. "Well, I'm in trouble. I have to punish you when I get home." He said, holding hands and returning home. My son was the first to kiss, so he seemed to be boring. While getting out of the bath and getting ready to go to bed, he said, "Now, I have to punish you, so go to bed in my mom's room tonight ," and my son followed me without resistance. When the two of us entered one futon, I took the lead and took off each other's pajamas and underwear and taught them how to caress. My son caresses me very hard. My important part was also kind and ready. When I laid my son on his back, I saw the cock that had been erected for a long time. It was clicky, but it was completely covered with skin. When I peeled the skin and exposed the contents, I became a horse-rider to my son and said, "I'll give you a dick where you came 20 years ago."I plugged it into me. And I sank, stuck to my son's body, kissed and squeezed my dick, and after a few times my son was dead. Starting this night, we started to sleep on the same futon every night. I bought an apartment two years ago and it's a small apartment, but it's enough for two people to live in. I put a double bed in the bedroom. Then, I decided to set the day I moved as my wedding anniversary and live as a couple from that day. The first night was quite difficult, so I remember it. When I went to bed, I said. "Promise me to work every night from now on." "I ca n't do that." Certainly, my son, who asked me every night when I was a student, was tired of work after I got a job. I felt like I could barely do it 3-4 times a week. "I'm not saying that I'm going to the end. That's why I'm talking about night life. If you're tired from work, you'll lose your energy and moms will gradually become grandmothers. with each other care for the body, if the penis is Let's "do my best until the end when it is healthy but is a first night I started to say so, son tired of moving the daily tired together, penis is cheerfully any I can't. He caresses me as usual, but it's the first night, so I want to be with him. When my body was reasonably satisfied, I turned my son on his back. Dick is completely shrunk. I put it in my mouth, licked it for a while, and then peeled it with my lips. And I shook the sensitive part with the tip of my tongue. There was a little reaction. You can expect this.After that, I wondered if I continued to blow for about 10 minutes, and finally I got well. I straddled my son and inserted it as usual. Most of our positions are female. That way I feel and my son seems to feel my body. "Mom's charm point is the line from the back to the buttocks," he says. When I put my body in close contact, I moved slowly while kissing. I wanted to live today. It always ends on the verge of squeezing, but I want to live today. Because it's the first night. My son put up with it, but after all it was almost over. In my son's ear, " I'm mean, why don't you make me squid. If this is the case, I'll lay it on my ass, my husband." I started my marriage like this. It's been almost two years since then. Of course, I work every night. I want to get acme quickly, I have to get well for that, I take care of my husband, I will love it very much when I clean my dick after sex and put it on the skin at the end, in that case I'm a mother I'm spending every day thinking. We are happy

Brother on the two co

yuna himekawa[30843]
I am both feet fit in a traffic accident two years ago is no longer move and there is no wheelchair become crippled.
And the whole body to stay the brother on two that will look around the body, I do not she be because of me, to my brother when such a brother is sorry
she made Leave me alone, \"Hey brother my thing also do I'll say, \"
say when
I say,\" What a stupid thing, she if Thats you are there \"
Moee'! was.
\"I Thats not for many but you got to also be a variety or kiss if she\"
\"What, what I want you to.\"
\"Yeah, she and if I say\"
\"beauty found, ready Shiroyo\" and said have worked lips lifted my chin.
Life's first kiss was with your brother. It shook a little.
Lightly it was kissed, but in private I felt long, and
say with courage and \"Sondake? Still not you sometimes to the other.\"
\"What else?\"
\"Look! Chest the touch will do or \"
\" When I breast! do in earnest may go reason is no longer asked to the end \"
but\" I am more glad that, could not be bubble think that can not be because it is such a body. \"
\" it 's nice woman with such a thing I do not you can go cute, but I'm put up I think because it is brother and sister. \"
\" I had thought that I like that the older brother I want you to embrace if good in such a body. \"
\" regret was not na \"hundred children
\" Yeah \"
and my brother has been a very different kiss a little while ago overlays cover me take off all also brother Nugashi all the clothes you are wearing carry me to Beck door. When drunk in melting such a sweet ~ Lee kiss I have to react when rubbed and wince the breast, and then I felt like I ran a current in and sucked the nipple body, and to the local areas of the secret hand has been caressed to come. An attempt was made to broaden the foot does not move and does not sink after another has been extended at the hands of brother does not move as well as Vic, was obscure face embarrassed seen a local.
And it came in those of his brother.
Pang ran
was cause shouting me \"Tsu hurts\". Then my brother
\"or I'm sorry Do not hurt, the other quit or\"
\"Uh-uh, I continued because it was hope of a good\"
brother been put slowly
\"I went all, painful or\"
\"Uh-uh okay\" Nevertheless said brother but was severe pain whenever the move patience, patience, was put up desperately I think I would quit if peeling pain. It seemed after a few hours but flew to rub the brother of alter ego on my stomach with his brother pulled out in a few minutes liquid.
Where the liquid pops out for the first time saw alter ego,
everything was the first time that the 20-year life.
Impressions became the woman was only just hurts.

Being hit by my son

I have a relationship with my 19 year old son. The reason was that my husband woke up to a strange hobby. When I was a married couple, I brought out the handcuffs I bought and tried to put them on me. I absolutely refused. Once, I tried to force it. My husband seemed to give up because I resisted so much. At that time, my husband's long-term business trip was decided. I felt at ease. It's been a few days since my husband went on a business trip. It was the moment I came back from shopping and entered the bedroom to change clothes. My son came into the room to chase me. It was something different than usual. I felt like I was thinking about something. What happened to me? Suddenly, I faced with a scary face. And I pushed it down to the bed. I was pressed down with tremendous force, and I was put in handcuffs and legcuffs. The handcuffs and legcuffs were roped to the four corners of the bed. I was tied up in a big letter on the bed as I was back from shopping. I struggled to remove the restraint on my limbs, but it didn't work. I was really scared inside, but what are you going to do with this? I was angry with my voice. The son silently took out something unexpected from the closet. It was a lot of naughty toys. My son picked up a pink egg-shaped one.I couldn't accept what was to come. When I thought about using such a thing for a body that couldn't move, I was overwhelmed with disgust and fear. Don't be afraid! I'm sorry for doing this! Ignoring me who got angry, my son turned on and crawls all over my body. Since it was from the top of my clothes, a little vibration was transmitted. However, I felt like I was getting naughty. Every time I made a humming noise and pressed it against the bulge of my chest, I was about to make a sweet voice. I clenched my teeth and continued to put up with it. Things were getting worse. My son gazed at me with a hole and slipped a pink one into his skirt.  I gradually climbed up while crawling around my thighs wrapped in stockings. I desperately tried to close my legs, but to no avail. The moment I was pressed over there, I inadvertently leaked a pant voice. I was ashamed and my whole body became hot. With a nasty smile, my son unbuttoned his blouse and put his hand in. I couldn't stand it anymore. My body moved in a wavy manner, and I was making a bad voice. I was even excited about the situation I was in. My son grabbed my chin and kissed me greedily. When the tongue came in, it was unpleasantly entwined.My son took off his shackles. But when my lower body was stripped, I was detained again. Then I picked up something in the shape of a penis and turned it on. It moved with Kunekune and approached me. I'm scared, no! said. My son grinned, sitting between my legs, hitting the tip over there, and tracing up and down. I found myself getting embarrassedly wet. I was so indecent that I couldn't help it. I was going to be crazy when I was sometimes pressed against the entrance. And finally it was put in. The moment I put it in slowly, I felt it trembling all over my body. While moving, my son was screaming at nasty words this time. I seemed crazy about shame and immorality. I felt like it wouldn't stop anymore. I thought it was more messed up. I've finally said something I shouldn't say. As if my son had changed suddenly, he pierced me all at once with his limbs restrained in the bed. And he was violently violated. He took off my handcuffs and legcuffs, which were stunned. To my surprise, my hands were immediately turned around my back and the handcuffs were reconnected on my back. I was made to look embarrassed that I refused even if my husband told me.He was made to look embarrassed to be prone and lift his hips high. It was a fierce waist errand that firmly grasped the waist and hit it from behind. I have completely fallen into the abyss. I was used by my son many times.

That the brother-in-law and a Rogue in the sister of hospitalization

28-year-old, he married two years ago, had come in place of the parents divorced six months ago.
Last year met with sister traffic accident in which the married, so was admitted, went to the hospital asked me to parents, will not become Hatewa not deliver a side dish not only change of clothes and hospital food, apartment living with my sister 2LDK So So a stay was going to the hospital, only about a week, after the brother-in-law finished cleaning up after dinner was a bathing I also bathing, and watching TV while drinking a cold beer is immersed brother-in-law carried by the phone of consuming brother-in-law I went to the next room, was discussing something.
Since the two and look for the remote control and trying to change the channel of the TV when you take a single remote control video is reflected, projected adult of European products, moved that the white skin of women are we blame the men, I'm with and have tried drinking Katazu because the brother-in-law came back I is determined because bad \"has is reflected If you make a mistake on the remote control, if you do, can switch\" artificial arm and say that \"without switching separately, sister since the intertwined violently and have seen reluctantly I say that you'll \"see with me the body is hot flashes, that part of the abdomen had wet and Jin Jin.
Changes and get me with a sigh have a look at a white woman and black of the photographed the long large black white women are cheek aeration in the mouth brother-in-law is \"older sister is not anything for a while long silence screen it will not be \"not anything so listen and do\", brother-in-law and answer the show I made a strange feeling and be \"the friendship is hazy as\" in my also Kokontoko long silence, are in the sister and thus two people because say Teru do it, \"he says\" I at Ryoko and between differences is not attacked me, \"\" sister, Na because it is attractive if there is sex appeal, called a bust, called the constriction of the West, refers numbness man's feelings not you, my sister to know although the erection and see glanced and his crotch say that I'm in trouble crotch is starting to throb \"in numbness leave, such as, full of Otsuyu, heal just can not put up with\" watermark I hope also cited \" Cormorants and brother-in-law is \"thank you\" to come closer-out near the good, because the show off to that erection lower the pajama pants I \"quite respectable ne while Yari to handle holding lightly, Ryoko guess happiness, friendship referred to as the so beloved \", brother-in-law is rubbed the chest is asked embrace me, is crawled the tongue to the nape of the neck, and has become crazy likely, touched the genitals to the brother-in-law, are caress\" is full of so your soup , we will take off your underwear is wet is said to take off Once \".
The caress the chestnut and medium with the fingers of the brother-in-law I would include the mouth of the penis of the brother-in-law not unbearable brother-in-law is cause genital by replacing the body result is kneaded the middle with a finger while in the tongue. Brother-in-law is reluctant to have both feet blame inserted in a normal position in, is sucked the suffering was toes I numbness the waist twisting functional, in turn, are holding a waist, put on the knee so as to project the genital area been caught shallow from behind stuck on my back while the chestnuts while being pushed up from the tongue has been and I feel tampered with fingertips resulting in the ends become a distant likely Niu Su is is rubbed the chest poked deeply overlaying me or undergo do from being chestnut in the tampered been die I think, while using the waist because whisper as \"sister, mood How\" and whisper \"more cONTINUED want\" and \"the other, useless dying\" vigorously exploiting I was result he also together with the conk say.
Body wash, had continued to live his relentlessly blame to in bed.

Committed it was seen dressed in a student ...

Come to work in junior high school out of the physical education system of junior colleges, he was in charge of physical education classes. Around the time summer vacation was approaching, to end the practice of up to late, because it is how the students got home, took off his sweaty entered the infirmary shirt, and take varied remove the bra that is painted with sweat since a large bust, what of one of the students came during the hour was staying nearby.
Because say can not be to not put a bra When asked \"What '\" he said \"I came to me a calf of the taping that are injured,\" and thinks back to say \"I like health teacher went back\", It is hugged a of the static, I \"as such this is useless I, release the\" both hands pressed to be rubbed the chest to say while refused, while applying the hot breath on the nape of the neck, \"the teacher, and the other who continued massaging while whispers and also I do not have \", crotch hard to have numbness is probably because the body, which had also he was dating a student of a is pressed against the buttocks, has the power to refuse one that is rubbed across the fingertip the nipple no, becomes Koshikudake, and are leaning on the back of the a, put the hand from the stomach of place in shorts and underwear in a, we have touched on the genitals.
Already because love liquid had overflowed A is whispered, \"I wet my ear in the pussy of the\" teacher is much \", I was mingled that the body is numb in the embarrassing and pleasure.
Been tampered the clitoris with your fingertips, I love liquid is kneaded in is placed in the finger I have overflowed.
He and has become the mood pleasure is so a distant feel revived also one that has been poked put him to the from behind made taking off shorts and underwear pressed against the health of the bed of me growled as \"Uuu\" we have to release the name.
On summer vacation, and are preparing to go home door chime opened the sounds doors and and are embarrassed because he is standing he was hugged come in your shadow, is pushed down, under the T-shirt What also why the breast is turned over the hem of the T Tokorotsu I did not put the genital area from the top of which turned the skirt is caressed by the tongue small Pantei at your fingertips, the caress the place sensitive so preferably under a finger on the underwear I If you then remain to be his, is taking off skirt door underwear down to the bottom, seen the genital area, which is to reveal, is caressed by the tongue, the top of or under the medium is opening the foot with a finger love juice rubbed by moving fingertips felt endlessly overflowing the.
Is inserted, he rubbed the middle because, raised butt, I had carelessly aloud.
\"It was good teacher pussy, teacher also good like it I was,\" he even while overlaying on top of me End whisper in my ear, I hope the form of touch \"teacher of breasts in the chest, a small nipple is facing upward, while whispers and large it's a good tits \", becomes hard while you are moving the hips, is accused again move the hips, it is of which my waist as projecting the genital area and put in his knee, has been inserted been tampered and is closed tightly embarrassed eyes seem to have seen the treatment of the clitoris with your fingertips, pushed up from the bottom is why the soft and fewer of the pubic hair, I was stuffed climbing continues.

It becomes brother of the bride

Today is the second day, my stomach hurts.
But the feeling is full of happiness.
You go to your brother and shopping from now on.

I was told your brother this morning.
\"Nao, today shopping go\"
pleased become immediately \"Yeah, Eventually\" I.
\"I do not buy only cheap, buy wedding rings of two people,\" I, I told your brother.
Also cried.
This morning was quite crying.
Since the mother was the room, I cried and clung ready to take the plunge into the chest of your brother.

Is satisfied not satisfied body to younger childhood friend

26-year-old, but were married two years ago in the only daughter of Akita farmers, my husband died in an accident, but is aging parents and three lives, childhood friend of the younger 2-year-old next to the second son the help of farm work are you with me.
He's had help with farm work of the house to come back to home and leave the university, but last year, now help to me since there is no master.
He has a good physique, had become Horny every time you return home to go to university.
His house even make a living in my house also orchards and vineyards (green soybeans), pruning of fruit trees, we had a pretty busy day-to-day, such as the removal of the pest.
My father can not work suffered a stroke a few years ago.
Or talking while working with him and the two people, I had Ia' a joke.
As you afternoon rest of the hot days of summer he is \"Sumie chan, your son-in-law's look not if,\" because say he If you answer \"I do not have people who come in friendship processing\" is \"is still young of marriage experience Nja so say that you got a \"when the body is not able to sleep starting to throb and say\" do not ask nasty things, \"\" Sumie chan, have exuded sex appeal or because married, hard and crotch and looking at the sumi-e-chan Please do not hit \"because say is I would\", but, I do not say to people, I there is also a time to be painful, \"says he while you are talking about, such as\" is not to find a fast good he \"is me \"useless because so embrace I leaned to him\" week-chan friendly No I \"sum Tze since touching a strongly hugged breast me and whisper and is rub slowly the chest is also firmly embraced as attempts to leave to harden the body , saying stop it. \" Stop Could not dispute is being continued, body hung the hot breath on the nape of the neck had been entrusted himself to Kere become hot.
Bosom put a hand on, feel is full of warm is caressed directly breast and nipple, and is set to light-headedness, I saying \"No, no,\" because he put his hand from the place of the stomach in underwear to escape it and was How can he not escape made me spread the knees entangled the legs to my knees, is why at your fingertips Tsu touched the wet genital area, is or placed in a finger or tampered the clitoris care is a distant happens when I have become likely kiss, among shining I had each other entwined with him tongue.
The next day, looking at the intervals of work, entrusted himself to his caress, it has the ends.
Then, when a break, he is caressed signed a kiss is asked embrace me, that he has become hard and greatly caress was not held me, I felt a pleasure.
When I was only about 10 days, \"and so wet, I Shimae took off,\" he to inspire is to have been caressed and is resting in the work shed in the rain is said and I took off him pants and take off only at the bottom in the skin called fine-tuned a ne white \"sumi-e-chan hugging me, my feet are relentlessly caress the genital entwined legs to stop the movement of I is likely to result finger, is slowly caress the\" mine whispered a more manageable by \", he's a been Stop playing cat and mouse is Me hand more fairly thick as large as thought to have and to become his likely result is tampered medium in Keritorisu and fingers when the movement of the fingers of his master while ironing crying will want feelings are allowed to splashing sound sound in your soup that overflows to implore the \"nasty, disgusting teasing\", buy the farm and, and have become ashamed, splashing sound sound every time it is caught is he to be unsuitable behind insertion I had been.
Was the ends with him and shouting, \"I also\" to the voice say to him as a \"go. Go.\"
Rest of the day, turned down I'm going to buy him and went out, taken to a love hotel and finished the shopping, together to play in the bathroom, I spent as much of lust to your heart's content a large double bed.
That he is the master now.


A high school girl who forgave her classmates and felt pleasure

I am a high school student attending a local high school. Last summer vacation, my classmate invited me to go to his house. I asked a friend that his house was a wealthy farmer and it was a historic mansion. He showed me the main house and barn, took the cold barley tea that his mother gave me, left the house, and he said, "I still have a hideout, but why don't I go?" So I followed him. There is a Western-style gated building on a hill by the sea, he has a large living room with me inside with the key to the door, there is a large reception set and decorations, and he is guided to the second floor and goes deep. When I opened it, there was a bed and a study desk, and he explained, "I'm here in my room for winter vacation and summer vacation," so I said, "I'm jealous." With a sigh, he sat on the bed, sat beside me and hugged me, and I felt somehow romantic and leaned against him.He asked me to kiss him, and when I refused because I was embarrassed, he said, "Do you hate me?" And I answered, "I'm not embarrassed," and "Rumi had her first experience. When asked, "I don't have that," I said, "I know that Rumi's friends have a lot of experience," so I said, "I know, but I haven't." When I said, "Rumi is cute and I was invited," I said, "I've been invited several times, but I don't like it," and said, "How about being invited by me today?" He asked me, "I loved it for a long time," and he hugged me and said, "If so, it's okay," and I was kissed and put my tongue in. He patted my chest from the top of the T-shirt while exchanging, and then I put my hand in the hem of the T-shirt and patted my skin while hugging my bra and unhooked my chest. I was rubbed, or R4 sub, but it became hot and my pubic area was tingling. Careed for a while, he pushed me back, covered me, kissed me, entwined my legs around my legs, and before I knew it, I put my knees between my knees, and my pubic area was touched and stroked from the top of my underwear The soup overflowed and my underwear got wet, and I was embarrassed to mutter, "I don't like it." He slipped his hand into the underwear from his stomach, and when his pubic area touched his finger, he said, "Isn't it so wet?" I muttered with my ears and caressed the sensitive areas and entrances with my fingertips, which made me feel disappointed. For the first time, while being caressed, I felt strange and felt like electricity was running through my body, and I couldn't understand my body trembling. When I noticed, I took off my T-shirt, took off my bra, made me look like I wasn't hurt, and took my underwear.I was being watched by him. When I closed my eyes tightly with embarrassment and resentment against him, his hard rubbed my pubic area and crawled in. When I felt it was shallow at first, I was put in the back and it hurts, so when I shouted "It hurts, it hurts", he stopped moving while covering me, because after a while he whispered "Did it hurt?" I whispered, "He took Rumi's virgin when I said" it was very painful "," so I said "I don't know," and hit him on his back. I was moved a little slowly, and when I was stabbed in the back, I felt something, and when he asked me "Doesn't it hurt?" And I answered "It doesn't hurt," I used my waist wide and was stabbed in the back, and I was strange. "Haa, haa, when I was out of breath, he said" Iku, Iku "and got stuck on me , he gave me his pants off to the pubic area when he left me. I was pushing. He went down and came back after a while and was told "Wash in the bathroom" and I went into the bathroom and washed my pubic area with his semen like a white ride. When he was washing his dirty underwear in the bathroom and drying it with the dryer next to the mirror, he came by and said, "Are you dry?" And answered "I'm yeah," he said, "Which one should I give?" Take it up and put it in the automatic washing machine with the underwear I hit. I pressed a few buttons and said, "I was told to go up because I could wash and dry it, and I went back to my room without underwear, and I was sitting on my bed with my T-shirt on my knees. He was hugged and kissed, his chest was caressed with his tongue, and when he was disappointed, his pubic area was caressed with his tongue, and a shock ran to the top of his head, and he was caressed by himself. He was put in and was blamed for a long time and gradually became more pleasant.

When Why that

Just two decades ago, when I was twenty five years old.
Have change of clothes in your room, when I stood in bra and panties, the door
is I was knocked, without, in a loud voice that you hesitate at all
I was \"Hi\" reply, immediately the door is opened, it contains a brother
I have , but I think that was not special surprised, brother also \"wearing
what was in place, even so, Do not wisdom became clean, glare
Shiiyo\" around behind me, remove the bra hook, big
with both hands, breast I was me wrapped, and, neck and ear
licking tab in the tongue, then crawled slowly tongue in the middle of the back, hips
when dropped to near, served with you at the waist, turning my body, Sha
at the face of the cancer's brother, at the panties, there stuck the face
, nose, oh sensitive there clitoris, involuntarily \"brother
do not you quit bad there, the dirty, ask now useless.\"
\"It is not dirty, wisdom smell of I, multiplied by the love but by \"both hands in panties, in and under, me, up to alternating one leg, my
I'm left to take off from the\" great, I'm really beautiful, more
is all like a \"me, a little self-confidence It's there, bust, hips
to some pretty, constriction around the stomach, especially bust, a little
upward, nipples as Tsun, \"more all is looking in
I want to see parts\" I'm sorry, strange to the one you are writing It not over has become ...

Married to spend every day of the brother-in-law door of lust

27-year-old, third year married, my husband had spent every day that are not met three months too and bachelor in painting.
Mikane the life of the only daughter of the 1-year-old and two people, we will spend in the house of his father-in-law who are growing crops.
House of the husband, have engaged in the orchards and greenhouse cultivation, but was 3 people living in the artificial arm of aging parents and single, daughter and I will be taken care of, 2 between the chitin away, and the daughter in the bathroom dwelling so you I am.
Brother-in-law she is separated husband and 5-year-old, had been Seidashi to farm work alone.
I am not able to, on the phone with her husband, was made in helping with farm work entrust the daughter to the mother-in-law and father-in-law.
Brother-in-law is, there is a significant difference between the liberal arts of the husband in the Athletic was the body due that had been a student rugby, I felt Tanomoshiku.
Hemp in place orchard Toka House is away, respectively, it was every day with the preparation of lunch back to 3 o'clock go out in the car.
Half-moon also and are working with us had come to to talk was melted What time is such that a break to come frank gradually.
Night, when you are resting entered the floor, stature of the brother-in-law than husband was starting to throb is the body that is not met now crosses the head.
Small room to rest when there is a work hut theft monitoring in the orchard There was.
One day, because the day is likely to rough weather, but was supposed to go ahead of the orchard to the patrol house, it becomes a great heavy rain while you are Mimawa' the orchard, looking at the situation in the room in the hut while among you are talking with the brother-in-law, \"But I'm lonely, filled not blame kana\" to the brother-in-law (the name of the brother-in-law) and heard \"and nasty Ken} and chided by\" But What is really likely, become another 4 months so as to work as a \"sister and is talking to\" from, and, watching the sister
night, even sleeping sister figure is said to be floating in masturbation and Chanda \"to the eye. I will not even try to answer, with when the brother-in-law while you are talking to, such as \"I have I there when it is not able to sleep the body is starting to throb but not until there\" is to have him in the body because the embrace lightly me , he rubbed the chest from the top of the stomach there, and hug him, had entangled him to be asked to kiss tongue.
Have been caress directly from imperceptibly of is coming shirt hem is offset on the bra wo put a hand, I was also why his crotch.
He pushed down which is held in his knee, had become pure white is in my head is already wet with embarrassment and expectations touched the genitals are.
The caress the breast that was Sarakedasa been turned over by the tongue, is caressed sensitive inscription, love juice is overflowing endlessly, tampered the middle with a finger, leaking the voice is suffering without you Kotaeyo, has issued him down the pants while feeling that long be larger husband while squeezing grip that the had received the caress of the brother-in-law.
Among the brother-in-law has been repeated loading and unloading is inserted overlies me, turn, turn, correct and fully numbness in a sweet feeling, it is is twice three times and the result, and he is to perish in agony himself to his violent thrust It was the ends together.
Then is, in the next room where my daughter is sleeping, or was sometimes filled with him in the hut of the orchard in his room of the main house.

Widow every night has been healed in the father-in-law

yuna himekawa[30793]
32 is the widow of years old.
They married five years ago in the Tohoku Earthquake and was the third year.
We have 60-year-old father-in-law and husband, It was a family of four daughters became 2-year-old, my husband at the time of the earthquake, no longer become trapped under houses that collapsed on the go.
Our house also shed water, the three father-in-law and daughter now spend in temporary housing, and calm come, my then 27-year-old look like every day the body is aching continues, father-in-law in one room of temporary housing there are sleeping near, whether the father-in-law had guessed my tingling, one night, I approached is Dakisukume sleeping toward the back to father-in-law, the caress, continue to be caress to force also no longer father-in-law to carry 2 is inserted from behind after being squid continued every time, it has been again twice result.
Father-in-law has a leadership, there is also a respected, during the day and moving around, such as negotiations with people who care and government offices in the vicinity of, the daughter of the 2-year-old is Drops to the father-in-law, \"Jiji, Jiji\" together to say that I was taking a bath.
When fall asleep daughter night, father-in-law to caress me like a being noticed even wake up daughter eyes from behind me nightly, is inserted, I was healed to the father-in-law while holding the panting voice.
Father-in-law does not ejaculate even hugging me, once a week, had the ends together that I buy the farm and put the condom in the middle of the act.
Is the father-in-law has assets in Sendai, which was the original residence, owns a large parking lot and rented house near the station, passed a sufficient living expenses even lived sparsely populated residential, me pay all utility bills and large shopping but had been \"as much as possible deposit the keep and\" is said to repeatedly say, \"do not it good to think remarried\", every night is the night, asked for my body, had become as I also seek .
3 years ago, to buy an apartment of 3ldk in Sendai, gave me so as to send their daughter to kindergarten.
Father-in-law is familiar with the economy, and I so that inheritance is less when he died, and I every year, you have me bestowed every year an amount not to apply the tax to the daughter.
But now sleep from moving to the apartment on their own separate room, I went to the room of the late-night father-in-law, lock the door, was not in the previous sparsely populated residential, my body was naked in the genital area or is infested the tongue received a caress in the tongue and fingers, make my father-in-law in the mouth, every day to indulge in luscious lust while changing a bold Positions.

The cousin in the countryside of the sea of ​​Kyushu

Is a high-2, which is attending Kansai of school.
Went to play in the home to last year's summer mother, it was a for a while stay.
In the house of her aunt had done a guide to the close to me have two years older cousin.
When there is a sea junior high school students near, \"Na want to swim go sea. Swimsuit also bring\" to the cousin because it may swam in the sea say when the cousin is \"it 's tomorrow m weather as also good is said of going out \"went out with a lunch that I had made to the aunt.
Because before I had dressed swimsuit to go out, take off the clothes, but cousin is empty even in sparsely populated areas in Te transmigration entered the sea caught in the tires of the truck that brought bladder had a playful and cousin not visible, cousin but will go to the little you or said to be if not out of reach of foot child go towards the offing, I from behind me that are caught in the jar bladder while saying and shouting \"scary scary\" cousin is \"okay, I'm\" It had been entertaining way.
Cousin is touching my chest, whispered my ne Yukari tits pretty big in my ear, \"I had been slowly rubbed. Among them are caressed my staggered Separate of the swimsuit above in breast and nipple I can not escape in the sea \"brother, I do not want, Stop it,\" whispered say \"It's like Yukari\", is dispute was to become a strange feeling of being, it touched the embarrassing place put a hand in the place of being pressed against the things hard in the ass stomach with entwined legs to my feet swimsuit \"cousin is\" Yukari , had murmured so is said to put out the soup, \"I am ashamed and just\" brother, yea, and hate. \"
Sensitive continue to be caress the place Tsu I was totally limp by Bikunbikun the body will likely mind far away now.
It has been the kiss hug to your brother in the middle of the forest to return wore a swimsuit up from the sea.
I was pretending was nothing from home.
The caress the breast or is kissed him Tsurechi to the brother of the room a few days after the family of people who are in only brother and two people Dehara', is pushed down, the caress the genital area, held big a brother Saonii ty do to caress the genital I \"you Nichan'n, and sue and likely to me strange, look at the place embarrassing and take off your underwear I'm ty stayed tail\" Yukari Nugeyo is said to be \"ashamed are \"soft Okeke's Na\" and murmur because your second place ty do the hard older brother it was a very painful clauses crying when they are encased stuck the genital area is no longer painful and are staring is, is your brother and is the older brother began to feel no pain out has had overlaying me shout \"Ikuiku.
the next day, go out and talk to come to Aunt walk somewhere in the fishermen's halftone Was embraced by the older brother entered into are gone hut, I was also overflowing well become your soup is feeling blood and have been being held on day two times. \"

Female Teacher of the original high school I met by chance and students

I was a high school female teacher in a certain city of Kanto, but the end of the affair with colleagues of the teacher, is a woman teacher of 27-year-old has worked in high school in the suburbs of Tokyo.
When are the shopping time and go out to the metropolitan area of the Golden Week holidays, by chance, I met the students of the original stomach high school.
He I was over the eyes to him in performance are very good students, but come to the affair with a teacher with a wife and children of colleagues, was moved to now of school farewell.
Nostalgic met him, he and Teru a variety talk at a coffee shop and go to the famous school of Tokyo, had been talking to apartment living in Tokyo.
Because I do not want to break up with him, will be to go to the apartment from the invitation to dinner, it was the second floor of 1LK go to apartment living to him in the Suginami.
Well cold Jeu tidy indeed and have been impressed with the characteristic of him living from the refrigerator - me out a scan, and his has praised the life the first time he is joy and \"Na happy to be praised to the teacher\" is \"I teacher I was like, but, like the teacher even that teacher because they were such a sad \"speak going out,\" I'm sorry, but that time is be was impossible because it was a teacher student \"and says he is\" I now I \"and so say I have been pushed down is Dakitsuka to him and say\" I so glad when it is said \", could allow being forced to kiss overlies in my body, he rubbed the chest while a kiss rubbed the genitals in the knee, I remember the pleasure.
He difference between the inserted into the rare I say \"Because bright,\" he then remove those that are my wearing close the curtain, I have been inserted where already Nuresobo'.
He's the Horny be larger than the original he is, among which has been blamed, but I have the ends earlier than he Mai has become in the beauty he continued to act, I was also the ends by bubbles in him perish. And have hugged him Itoshiku his body lying over me, he's is I have intoxicated after a long time of functional blame becomes hard again.
He went into the bathroom is said away from me and \"together in the shower.\" Love juice is flowing out of the penis that the soap is multiplied by the hot water of the shower each other rub the body all over in such sipping put face to face and embrace body has Tsu arouses regained vitality has been rubbed the genital area is sandwiched between my thigh, he I felt the absence of pleasure until raised against deep now be inserted into and out shallow and kept at the shoulder to lift my foot.
His back to the room and wash the body decided to stay are said to \"go staying's a long weekend\", go to the shopping of breakfast and dinner with two people, it had become the happy mood.
I have toast with beer with two people to make a dinner, he delicious, was full of is said and delicious happiness.
Well and prefix the finish and finished the clean up sit next to him he asked embraced me, signed a kiss, bra 7 is also caress the body, which is also taking underwear, he was brought to backward across his knee is inserted Te had been caught in the vortex of functional rubbed the breast while raising thrust from the bottom.

Cute mother of Yae

After the earlier father went out to work, I called the mother of Yae in the room. Yari licking Yae of the vagina, entered by dividing the thigh of agony Yae, was when you are trying to insert. Since the mobile phone the sound of blaring forever Yae has jumped up, it was to show me the originator, which was caught off guard. Father that I would, urged the Yae and Let's coming out of retirement. Yae touched your milk of Yae have apologized and I did not dry the laundry. Then at length Yes, let sit a Yae, which replied that yes the knee, and I'll lick your milk, I was beginning to feel moving the hips. Yae refers to lie and I audience could see, I was hung up the phone. I forgot the important documents, was that of a want to bring to the future city hall. I there is Yae blouse and skirt appearance because I'll go ride in the car was riding in the car. Between about 30 minutes to arrive, I had been toying with Yae of the vagina of wearing no underwear. Yae was each other rubbing my cock. Yae is still overflowing of love juice, handed the documents to the father, who was waiting at the entrance of city hall, I came back to the house. Yae was posted to chance went to the toilet. We'll plenty cherish the Yae future.

New woman teacher was committed to teacher colleagues

I graduated from junior college, became the teacher of physical education part of the local high school.
2 months as there after school had received guidance to senior teachers, the time that had been inspected by two people in the storage room of stature tool, is hugged a teacher with a wife and children of the senior, but I woke up desperately resistance chest the caress, no longer has the power to refuse out, which is why the genital area, I have been committed on the mat.
After that had received his request been lured with a softening reason on a daily basis.
A holiday of day lured him to enter the been placed on his car love hotel, is to together bathing, licked the naked body, remember the pleasure of being caressed genital under, climb over and over again It had been packed.
After a few days, the end is gym class, say if one of the students have brought storage room of tools to help me put away the physical education equipment and its students but I have something to talk to the teacher. \"I When asked \"what,\" \"During this time, ○○ teacher and say Nagisa I was a good boy in a love hotel\" is said to you I'm doing is \"over there is my father is from and are confused received a great shock I, I seen how you're doing in a different place, I that day is told that frayed or damaged accepted \", he refused because pushing me on the mat, not also be hamstrung as trying to escape from him , he is on the \"you're beautiful body of teachers, many are in me is show're in agony and I had been masturbating in ○○ teacher\" is turned over the hem of the jersey you are wearing saying in bra the chest raised shear is exposed to reveal眺 Was I was I felt the pleasure of being groped rubbed and closed his eyes embarrassed nipples.
\"It is so wet teacher, felt Yasuindaa\" he touched the genitals is put your hand into the underwear or the caress the place sensitive saying, head tampered the middle with a finger is going crazy and stripped what you are wearing from the direction of the ass, will be inserted into his thing, down from me is he full of endlessly love was felt the pleasure mat of which are repeated insertion, the legs attracted me after having been accused changed, allowed to face down to the mat, even if the result does not fully come because like thrust deep is to put may appear shallow from behind continued the act to him, it has been End many times .
Now, it has been played with in his ○○ teachers and students.