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Incest confession of women(2018-06)

My daughter and my husband ...

yuna himekawa[34367]
I was 36 years old, divorced two years ago and worked for a club, but two months ago I remarried my current 52-year-old husband. My current husband is a customer, and I became a familiar customer at the store for about a year, and I applied for marriage, and I didn't want to get married anymore. I'm a person who can afford it, so I got married to a leisurely housewife, but I have a daughter who is a 15-year-old first-year high school student. It was Saturday afternoon a week ago. I finished shopping for lunch and went out and returned home around 4 pm. My husband is supposed to work, but he has a car? I entered the house thinking that I had returned early today, but it was strange that there was no master in the living room or in our bedroom, so when I opened my daughter's room to ask her, I was surprised that my husband and daughter were connected & # 10071; I saw the scene, and for a moment, why did I tell my husband, Maki is still a high school student and I do not know a man, but another one When she was in the back and her husband moved her hips, she really saw her groaning with an ecstatic face, and she didn't dislike it, even though I was watching it. Regardless, it seems like itta, when the husband pulls out the cock and puts it in the daughter's mouth, the daughter feels accustomed, holds it tightly and gets good with Chupachupa & # 10071; Then, in the room, when I asked my daughter later, I asked her why she didn't say that she was remarried immediately, and she said that she would be happy soon, so I couldn't say it, and I should put up with it. He said that he had put up with it, but gradually his body remembered and felt it. When I scold my husband, he says that I can part with you and marry Maki.My daughter is soothed to put up with my mom because I graduate from high school and go out, and every day is like a dream AV world. If you read this, you can imagine what happened after that. Are there any men who are so insane?

Father's day

17th was Father's Day, so I went to my father-in-law's house with my 4-year-old daughter. My father-in-law's apartment, my parents-in-law live on the second floor, and we live on the third floor. There is a staircase next to the living room on the second floor so that you can come and go without going outside, but on this day I was able to get in the way from the front door. My mother-in-law goes on a four-night trip to Hokkaido with her three sisters, and she travels every year with her close sisters. A little fashionable hat, sneakers, and my father-in-law's favorite sashimi, my daughter ordered to eat hamburger steak. My daughter Mayumi started to squeeze, so when I stood up saying "I'll put it on top," my father-in-law said, "I'll hold you, open the upper door." He hugged me. Going back to the bottom, my father-in-law said, "I have to give back the present, Yoshimi-san, I just came up with it. Will you come to my room?" When I entered my father-in-law's room, "When I went up the stairs, Yoshimi-san, you see. I was thrilled to see everything inside the miniskirt, so I wanted to see all of Yoshimi-san ... "I knew that I could see it well because I made the underwear white with a bright beige dress. Well, "Please excuse my father-in-law, I'm embarrassed." I had a premonition, and I had a slightly naughty idea in my heart. A couple of months ago, my husband said something strange, "Is it okay for Yoshimi to be one man, I don't want to experience with other men, isn't there such a man?" I'm persistently saying, "Well, my father-in-law is good." "What kind of father should I be with, my father?"

In-law of mother and son

I feel from getting to the 30s of sexual desire has become stronger. Such I am now of the man, the son of 22-year-old law, is Ken-chan. In and or ultra lewd similar to the father or because Ken-chan also young, you have on a daily basis asking me. I know I live for sex now with Ken-chan.

Mother and sister

My mother was even more excited when I was pretending to be sleeping and doing a sensation in front of my mother. Like every day, when I was pretending to be asleep in the morning and doing a sensation, my mother tried to touch my cock from near my cleavage. By the way, my mother used to masturbate almost every day in the middle of the night. With my sister. When I was 20 years old, when I was sleeping in the same room as my sister, I was still young, so if I was sleeping and squeezing my cock myself, my sister seemed to notice me, and my sister pretended to be asleep. I knew that I was wrapping my sister's hand in my cock, letting it squeeze up and down for about 15 minutes, and then when I brought my hand to my sister's dick, my sister's dick was very wet After all, I found out that I was pretending to be asleep. I thought my mother, sister, and I were all lascivious families with the same blood.

Mother and sister

I was excited about the mother If you have to pretend that he is sleeping has a Senzuri in front of the mother's eyes more. On a daily basis, the and slept pretend the same so that in the morning and from the direction of the mother when I was a Senzuri in from close to my valley, had been likely was touching my dick. By the way my mother had been masturbating comes in the middle of the night on a daily basis. And a sister. Around me is twenty years old, when you are sleeping in the same room with my sister, myself when I squeezed the dick yourself while sleeping because it was still young, was like have noticed in my sister, my sister is a sleeping was pretend they were of the hand of understanding sister so as to wrap in my dick, were allowed to 15 minutes position so as to the Senzuri up and down, If you went with my hand to the sister of dick, dick sister is wet really Te, I found that had a still sleeping was pretend. Mother also I thought that it was lewd family which is also the same blood even me flow sister.

Mother and sister

I was excited about the mother If you have to pretend that he is sleeping has a Senzuri in front of the mother's eyes more. On a daily basis, the and slept pretend the same so that in the morning and from the direction of the mother when I was a Senzuri in from close to my valley, had been likely was touching my dick. By the way my mother had been masturbating comes in the middle of the night on a daily basis


It's been 5 years since I got married at the age of 26, and I've become accustomed to the family environment of my husband, and it's strange that I can't have children even after I'm 30 years old. was? The teacher said that your husband may have a problem, so please bring him to the doctor once, but will he not go? That was last year. My father-in-law collapsed due to a cerebral infarction and is still working at the age of 56. He likes alcohol a little and seems to have passed. My mother-in-law has a job and can only take care of her at night. About two months before the hospital, my father-in-law came out of the hospital because he didn't like the hospital. It seems that the toilet is okay, but I can't take a bath by myself, and when my mother-in-law is off, I put it in the daytime, but on other days, I take care of her and take a bath. I've raised it, but for the first time about a week ago, when I washed my body, I saw my father-in-law's thing standing, and for the first time, I realized that my father-in-law was a man. It is. Until then, I was sick and I wasn't aware that my male function was healthy, so I was conscious of washing things in the bath, but after seeing that, my father-in-law was strongly conscious of being a man. Well, I managed to switch my head and wash it that day, but when I saw a man standing other than my husband, my body was strange and wet! Is every day standing from that day? It was the third day since I started to stand. When my father-in-law was washing his body while looking at what I was standing in front of, the hand of the person who could use it put my pussy in a little mini skirt and put it on the shorts. When I was touched by Kuri-chan and laughed and said that my father-in-law was useless, I wasn't having any fun, right?I was told to touch it for a moment, and I'm confident that I can escape now even if I'm attacked, and I'm confident that it's okay. I put it all the way in and touched the wet pussy while making me squeak, and it was hard for me to stand and I put up with patience, but my voice came out and I was good The finger finally enters the pussy. I was passed away saying that it was no good-it was no good. He was good and passed away immediately. After that, as I thought, I was told to let me go, grabbed the standing cock and turned it toward my mouth, I put it in my mouth without resistance because I was gone, until my father-in-law passed away I fellatio for quite a long time, and when my jaw hurt, a fishy thing flew into my mouth at the same time as a loud voice. I haven't drank it because my husband's smell is too bad, so I hurriedly spit it out and lifted my father-in-law from the bath. The day before yesterday got inside me and I had a relationship. Of course, my father-in-law is inconvenient to ride on top, so I led him in while riding on both of the two times I was involved, but the first time I had a relationship with my father-in-law My body got hot, and even with the same sex, I felt that it was a thrill when I was my husband. I was worried about it both times, so I'm afraid.

Fucked by my son

Housewife is of 44-year-old home anymore, anyhow become not is the state I have a son of my husband and 22-year-old 47-year-old was a mediocre home everywhere will become of it last summer, does not believe that It was my son's behavior that was apparently an unnatural behavior that was conscious of me.I came to the dressing room while taking a bath and walked naked in the house. And ... and it was the end of summer My son attacked me I desperately resisted, but I could n't help my son In the end I was raped by my son Since then my son has been me it continued to embrace the but was desperately resistance of course each time I also, last but was lost or trying to talk to ... my husband as it is his son, was a situation that does not dare the very thing like that in harsh conditions at work A few months later, the day finally came to be known to my husband. My son deliberately held me in the living room when my husband came home, and a nightmare happened. position in put raised the husband yelling was a situation is, son were also returned shouting to suspend SEX with me now to each other hit two people were originally poor of compromise and, my husband debt My son saw his husband no longer resist and started SEX with me again ・ Since my husband was defeated by my son, the initiative of my home has been transferred to my sonOriginally, the husband of a work man became more and more absorbed in work and did not meet his son anymore.The couple's bedroom also started to sleep with me and my son.The husband was kicked out and slept in another room. Now that I have no conversation with me , SEX with my son has been repeated many times, I have been doing various techniques, and I was also made to do a lot of service. And SEX in the kitchen has become commonplace. Even when the husband is at home, the behavior does not change, and the husband is left alone in another room. There seems to be no way to worry about divorce and other things ... I can't think of how long this situation will last or what to do , but my son got tired of me and told another woman. I just hope that you will feel better

Sumie's how are you

Not win in age by, had been a while hospitalized poor health. Sumie's recent is want to know .... It is proposed that that you have to still intimate and noble-chan. Takashi chan still What single.

My incest discourse

I'm a 48-year-old housewife. My husband died two years ago and now lives with his 26-year-old son. I can't do anything I think I can't live if my son is gone. The other day I heard from my son that my friend Tanaka is having sex with his mother. At first, Mr. Tanaka seems to have forcibly committed his mother, but recently he seems to ask for it from his mother. Mr. Tanaka also seems to have divorced his parents and lived with his sister, so he takes a vacation once a month and has sex at home. On Saturdays and Sundays, he parks his car at a love hotel or in the mountains and has sex. Even if my sister is present recently, I let my mother give a blowjob in the next room, or I take off my underwear and hold it over Tanaka who is sitting and insert it and have a normal conversation so that my sister will not realize it It seems to do. When she had sex on her dangerous day, she tried to get up so that she wouldn't get a vaginal cum shot at the end, so when Tanaka held her shoulders and made a vaginal cum shot, she later told her what to do if she had a baby. You can see that my son is making his dick bigger while talking. I get excited while listening to the story and get wet over there. We go to bed in agony with each other. I couldn't stand it last night, and while imagining that I was inserted into my son while caressing the clitoris with my finger and stirring the inside, I said many times what to do if I could have a baby without stopping inside. It was.


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Mother fucked by son

I am a 43 year old mother. I had an affair with my husband three years ago and my husband went to a woman, and I have a son in the first year of high school and a daughter in the second year of junior high school. Both of them chose to live with me, and it's been more than two years, and it was the first day of Golden Week at the end of April last month. My house is a small but built-for-sale housing complex. Since it is only about 2m open from the neighborhood, it seems that the situation of the households next to each other can be picked up. The trouble is that the bedroom of the newlyweds is completely visible from the room on the second floor of my son, and the wife there does not close any windows or curtains? I don't know the reason, but I don't like the feeling of being dark when it's closed, but I'd like you to close it during private time, but it was when it was dim around 6 o'clock on the first day of Golden Week. When I was able to eat and went upstairs to call my son, he turned off the lights and the room was dark, and when I thought he wasn't there, he was looking at the neighbor by the window. When I said that I was there, I closed the curtain and went out of the room, so when I looked into what I was seeing, the newlyweds were in the middle of sex. Unintentionally, my pussy was aching, getting wet , returning to the living room, and I warned my son that you shouldn't look at that , you 're still a high school student, but I kept silent. And did you go upstairs immediately after eating and see it again? The next day, I didn't come down in the same way, so when I went upstairs, the couple was in the middle of sex again, and my son was masturbating with a cock. surprised. Eh masturbation in the first year of high school? What are you doing unintentionally?When I said, I hurriedly put my cock in my pants, turned on the TV, and tried to turn on the electricity in the room. I don't know my daughter at all, so I didn't talk in front of her. It was the next morning. My daughter went out around 8 o'clock because she had club activities, but since she didn't come down for breakfast, she didn't have sex in the morning, so I thought she was sleeping, and when I went upstairs, I could hear the voice next to me faintly. My son was in the middle of masturbation, and when I said ah, he flew about 1m. I saw the semen fly for the first time, and for the first time, I was very surprised to see my son Bing's cock on the spot. Have you ever had sex? When I hear that, there is no man saying that he is already alone from junior high school? I couldn't be there, and when I was downstairs, my son came down, finished my meal, and when I cleaned up and washed, I suddenly felt my chest from behind and my hands in my skirt. As I entered, I was surprised and shouted what I should do, but when I was pushed down and my shorts were lowered, my son sucked and licked like sticking to the pussy, so I disliked it, I ran away. It doesn't come true, I finally gave up and licked it, and finally I grabbed the cock and hit it against the pussy, so I shouted that it was no good, no, because it was a parent and child, but I was not disappointed and the cock went all the way in By the way, I'm weak and accept my son to poke Guigui, and my son immediately gets it, but the cock is big as it is and I'm sick many times, so I have already reached the climax I hugged Taku-Iku-Iku and my son's body and ended up. It's been two months since that day, and I've always been there when my daughter isn't there.

I can't have a father-in-law

I will write from last year, when I was 37 years old and my father-in-law was 60 years old. It seems that my father-in-law, who had been suffering from knee pain for many years, had decided for a long time. I was hospitalized for about a month and a half, and I was supposed to take turns taking care of my father-in-law. One day, "Sachie-san, I'm sorry, but the nurse wipes my body with a steaming towel around 3 o'clock, but I have a problem and I want Sachie-san to do it from today, isn't it?"At first I didn't say a translation, but since it wipes my whole body, I wondered if it would be me if the man became big, but I'm aware that I'll ask too persistently. I'm done. A nurse came with a steamed towel at 3 o'clock. "Nurse, my father-in-law is telling me to try it myself, so please give me a towel." Nurse "Please help me." I wiped it carefully, and I tried not to look down from my chest, arms and stomach, but I can see it, I'm about half as well, gradually when I start wiping ... "Sorry, Sacchan will do it. That's why it's become like this, I want you to clean it with your mouth. "I thought it was amazing for a man to be so energetic even at the age of sixty. I couldn't help feeling that it was 40 years ago, and I was worried about what happened after my mouth. When I put it in my mouth and caressed it with my tongue, my father-in-law reached out and came into the skirt. I stroke it from above and push my finger in it. I touch my fingers from the side of my shorts, my fingers in a secret place that is already wet, and even my beans. I couldn't put it in my mouth anymore, so I let go of my father-in-law's big thing. I dressed like I straddled and put my father-in-law's thing in me. "Sacchan, it's dangerous, it's no good anymore." I was caressed with my mouth, and I sank deeply and deeply about three times and quickly left. When I hung a towel on it, the towel moved and ejaculated. I applied another towel to the wet place myself. I still have a relationship with my father-in-law.