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Incest confession of women(2006-06)

Brother and incest

yuna himekawa[2382]
When the summer was when my high school three years. It was when I went on a trip to Italy planned for some time my parents had. My brother was a businessman two years after graduating from college last year. Only two people will live with my brother, I'm supposed to show all housewives panache. Tsu Tsu endless love together with his brother! I just did not think so euphoric feeling exhilarated. It is a wonderful brother and my friend, is the proud brother of the very enviable. I think we can look handsome from me. Night and departed parents, I was greeted by his wife like panache.
Making dinner, I happily drank beer together to prepare the evening drink. I drink too much and I, spent time away atmosphere hung about, I had to sleep without knowing it. Awake and then shift, I was sleeping next to my brother. They hung there on our bed without knowing a single skin. Sotto I wake up and causing a brother, stood on the toilet.
I returned from the restroom, I was still staring at his brother while sleeping face. There is only envy my friends, is the really attractive features. I tried contacting the cheek to cheek close to Sotto and consciously. I tried to look away now But her brother was sleeping with Suyasuya notice anything. This time it went a good point by bringing in a little stronger. I had my arms wrapped around his neck Then suddenly my brother.
I was surprised, I was away from my brother, my brother is coming to focus increasingly more hug.
"Oh sorry! Brother!"
I thought I had to wake my brother, I tried to wake 突Tsu張Tsu upper body arms. My brother gave me away to focus on without saying anything further.
I give up, and I only occasionally Majitsu Damn cheek of his brother in the face.
Then, the smell of my brother can not say downright gradually it has become charmed. Then my brother to accompany her hands on my face, I've seen my brother pressed his lips on my lips suddenly.
"Ugh U"
I tried to let go of his lips desperately, my brother is now increasingly focusing on the tongue has pledged to crack lips. And to be honest I do not like my brother very much time coming, I want to be like that once with my brother, I wish there was a faint. So I just got to stop the resistance. Kojima saw my brother put it into my mouth my tongue, gums and teeth and licking it Around me.
I got quite excited. I did a hard kiss you just love my brother like this, it has become another blow. When I hand in my brother's heart soon, I'll do as I touched my chest. I was thinking. I was downright drunk with comfort rather not say.
"Reiko, feel good?"
When asked "Yes."
I've had to answer this.
"Well, then I'll feel better"
While saying this, his back to me, it has crept into the hands of my brother's abdomen.
"Updates! Tsu Tsu useless brother. There by useless"
I am thinking of his brother holding his hand, had a hip twist.
But the hand of my brother and I was already holding a place in my important today. May also get comfortable with the current Biribiritsu that moment, I was twirling my body the whole body.
"Oh ~ Tsu-up"
I was moaning voice out of my mouth without thinking.
"I would feel good. I'll feel better for more Big Brother"
"Dametsu, by bad!"
She said, the resistance I was gradually weakened. Fingers and his brother were to come touch the most sensitive clitoris, I took longer to become to be magic, could curb Kikimasen.
My brother and I will know more and more boldly, I even had it been left by my brother anymore. My brother broke my knee has slowly inserted into the symbol of my strong man. We at last, is over the hurdles that had not incest. Since that day our relationship is our ongoing. Of course, parents also came back, but continues to steal second. We went to the hotel when there is fashion, relationships and go on an overnight trip to deceive parents went. When my college for two years, but it had been known that at last our mother. Second, it was on fire I'm about eyes. If the relationship is temporary 絶Chimashita was bad too. Dangerous Liaisons is still such a thrill that could not break. Now I have to a certain airline's flight attendants, to marry each other, no, stop it even may be able to marry.

Rough sex is attracted to her son

I am less than 150cm in height.
170 cm were reasonably separated from her husband.
My son was a sophomore in college football but also brilliant in there trained nearly 180 bodies, a long penis is really hard.
My boyfriend is a long dated considerably older, but I thoroughly condemn rather abnormal sex ,,,,.
I came out with a target of the shower to come back at night,
My son was a woman.
It was a black mood 利Kanai mouth, barely enough,
Eventually realized that it was jealousy, I accepted.
Repentance is an instant, I got really excited by the reaction of the body.
Morning blamed the day was around Akuru move more painful.
Be happy to wait until there is no pain, then it can really 楽Shikatsu.
Sure the word again, a storm of sex.
Your body getting used to, I will install more than once.
I'm a sex beast 化Shita Nedarishi your other son,
We played with anal and agony I could not resist.
Despite your good enema, son penis was too dangerous.
Past the penis enters the rectum, was forced to fainting peeing to resist. Born in thickness but, I just long.
Do what you feel and so far in the anal, I thought.
To go out of my sight, "I'm a woman in the ass ik. Mother."
Says happily.


Estranged husband has been a long time. I pull a woman today means where appropriate.
Teru Hashi money and I'm having an affair have also found, as a couple is a good relationship.
My son and I get along like brothers.
And the occasional meal together. I thing I say to my son that.
Toy with her son every day you are in, you thought it was rather strange you feel something husband.
"Well, (to sex) from a suitably awesome guy."
Went home and told his son.

While exciting,,,

The 16-year-old living alone with her husband and two sons.
I dated a man before but I had been accustomed in all other unparalleled transformation, now parted many a dispute.
Come and hug his son reached puberty, it is said I'll give you a massage before bed, I was made to crawl on hands and come up and this very tricky.
Then of course my son was in my room,,,, I imagine I'm hot and all.
女Rashiki 出来Tarashiku what he recently did I feel quite sad to hear you talking on the phone.
Sleep something that day, something I was watching TV, drinking wine.
Son, "What are you still awake?" And "rubbing his body has been saying." Oh, You were just sure to massage? "
Demashita saying I enjoy the feeling.
Barely touch the nipple from the back around, we crawled hand
Have to rub the inner side of thigh.
"Oh, I can not stop change, to stop mm"
I happily cry for a change, this is my son,, thought it.
From behind, rubbing his palms have much to grab the chest to your bra pajamas.
Nipple is stimulated, "sauce,,," You have a voice in thinking this.
"Wow,, Ero," the son of a joke and still feel.
From the hips, touching around a little more over there, we crawl on your hands "Oh, ー anymore" and went back to the room.
Have entered the room with his son for a while.
Pants and raised his son burst into crawl.
I said nothing, took off all the bed and raised his son.
"Hey, (sex) I want?" When asked Unadzukimashita.
Passing out condoms, "fine,, you?"
Then close your eyes,,,.
Me being filled while the opening leg and was played with much vagina.
Hold a hurry to become violent, while I taught at a weak lead finger according to his son and moved back, reached.
When the piercing, and her son "painful," rather than embracing Karamemashita legs.

Brother and incest

In the head, but you know, I have never really experienced H and watching the adult in the room, was playing with boobs flop. After a while, so you have hot Koh, I was wondering what to do, and my brother came into the room, the sight of me, H What do I want? I've heard, nodded. Then, I'll teach it from one brother, licking nipple to the naked me to say, or touch, for you out or put a few fingers to the shell to expand the crotch, and feel, the voices had mentioned. After a while, but your brother Nn, etc. in my shell - I came with. It was incredible the piston movement and immediately ran out of juice in your shell. The following is the movement from the back and say anything more pleasant, had to limp. The shell is really good for me like a brother, then the H's brother and have fun sometimes. H away I wake up, and men are doing a lot of H.

The son and grandson incest

Last spring, I changed the look you came back from trips Hide my son.
Bruises and scars on his back arm is broken or socks, and it was often get home from school with uniforms or become muddy.
I hear you tell me the translation for you Hide.
Reluctantly, I asked her about it to your good health Hide "It was the only uncut on a school trip to the bath Hide Once, I was a fool by everyone" and the answer is
My husband is not home (I have 10 who died in an accident years ago cave.)
I have to do something? I thought.
After returning home from school to chase after her to his room shut Hide your answer without ever I Hide you "I was too cavalier daddy. Phimosis'm half Japanese. So care It's no good "and lied to persuade.
"And to cure my phimosis! Or said I say every time you see me Chinchin Hide smell everyone. Nen shame" for the first time to speak with me.
I said, "Now do not be shy You Hide, show cock Mii," says, muddy pants down, showed me a dick for me to wear down and the pants were inside.
Since the tip of the cock glans I saw a faint, but I slowly 捲Rimashita part of the skin by hand.
The first was of pain, skin 収Marimashita Cali to see the minute parts of the glans beautiful pink and grow at the same time Muku Muku.
However, I pinch my nose is really bad smell.
Let you go to the bathroom for what it is Hide.
I washed carefully Hide your cock.
Hide Torture on the following day was like you anymore.

But then, what is terrible, I had no experience or more years is 10 SEX excitement away from the day you saw Hide cock.
It leads to repeated masturbation.
After one week away is just going to peek Hide your masturbation, I have never done incest Kazu Toshi and Hide you say things in the mind body and not thinking.
I've been stupid not to take birth control at all from the beginning you do not Hide.
Noticed something strange in the body in early December, went to hospital "three months pregnant," I was shocked and told away.

Hide you went to teach abortion to prevent a change in my body.
I went to the hospital for abortion in early January, it has become and I bump into you to enter high school girls wearing uniforms and Hide from the hospital after a waiting room.
Hide was surprised you, I was more surprised.
She is wearing a schoolgirl uniform Hide your, my stomach was also seen in uniform.
Getting them to things I put off, asked to examine her.
Abortion may not contain the other 23 weeks I have been told is impossible.
Direction and eventually give birth that night to consult with her parents and teacher.
I was born on May 2 was a cute boy I have become her grandmother as early as 36 years old.

My stomach is called, has grown steadily in the eight months now.
I do not like something I would have the same grade in the womb with a baby grandson.
If not, I have the same dad.

And then I, Hide Your son is now home for spending in the Newborn Baby and her wife Aki have it every day to commute to work from my house.
Pants that touched the inside of the washing machine started spending most of my house you Hide, I'm with a lot of jelly-like semen.
You've thought of processing their own with masturbation.
So when you go into the bath Hide, I entered the bath together to get naked, too.
Hide your cock of course and could well become the state's nude horny me.
I'll give it to include the processing of your mouth to wash hands carefully Hide your cock.
Fits licking each other's bodies while wearing a figure born in the bathroom as well as each other on the bed in my room from the bath to rise.
Moving violently from below the waist you turned on your Hide Hide I vigorously massaged my boobs are out of the semen into the stomach while sucking milk out of my nipples.
So you spend every night.
Go to the hospital this morning, My baby at 31 weeks came back to the doctor and been told well.
Hide your two days from tonight, so stay at home is a thing of the Aki-chan, I have to masturbate with vibrator purchased from the Internet must also distance.

My discourse incest

The 20-year-old college student.
3 months ago, the younger brother of six under, I was raped in silicon.

Historically, the scrutiny and a change of clothes and bathing, there was a thing called masturbation and to bring underwear.
But I was thinking of but I guess it's no use for middle school, the younger brother of quiet personality,
I did not think I never attack you.

Of them with both parents working, it is slower and a lot of things together, as usual the day was the day my parents coming home late.
I come home from a byte, silicon was in the living room to play games.
"Oh I'm home," "Welcome back toots. I were both slow," "Yes."
The usual interaction.
I undress quickly into the bathroom had just been wiped sweat underwear.
At that time, I heard from behind a Gatan.
Over there and see that I unintentionally did not shut the door at the same time tax.

Out into the hallway and leave his underwear and Na I helped, as the silicon hurry, "Please, I'm sorry!" And apologized.
As I drew closer, "Kei, did you peek?"
"I Chigau"
"I lie, then I look at this before! I know I'll"
I said in a strong tone.
"You also had time did you have my underwear! That odiousness!"
Silicon is becoming tearful face such trouble, I've suddenly Tsukamikakatsu.

I first had nothing to do with surprise.
押Shi倒Sa corridors are to be taken as peeling a bra, silicon has buried his face in my chest as Shaburitsuku.
"I, my sister things forever"
But I feel like I had said such a thing, do not remember well.
I have resisted the rage, strong surprisingly, did not escape easily.
"No, Kei!" Even if it says, has changed in the first silicon was not like hearing.

The resistance will be struggling with a foot, but it is forced to be naked shorts Hikichigira immediately.
I have power from entering, and fill the face to my dick, cinnamon Koraemashita crying.
I think that in such a way that something like this to my brother, has been inserted into the vagina is not wet almost suddenly.
I do not get wet, it hurts really really painful.
Kei is not just a little hip shaking, I got in my install soon.

After that, silicon will be surprised by his own thing, alone in the room did not come out.
I'm dazed, I went to the bathroom.
The vagina is full of a lot of white liquid came out of the tax.

Fortunately, pregnancy did not.
The face to face Zurakatta while.
Kei that he liked so much as a cute little brother, but I'm big shock
Now I wonder if there is no way I think.

Later about half a month, apologized to me this thing is silicon.
Now, no production has been reversed and got licked licking.

Central to his son,,,

Shiro said he often introduced his son as a joke man.
However frequenting a place of her husband young, I've had to break up with a younger man before me a little luck.
Whirlpool wife It is no good after all.
And son, "I do not need weird things alone." (Masturbation thing)
It is said, I just saw the video Asetta what naughty son,.
Tit for tat, the relationship between men and women led to playing in both serious and mischievous joke even Tsukanu.
Since then I have become the sex of the experimental body of her son.
Used tools such as the presence Iwasazu toys, anal are receiving full-scale development was at best a finger fuck, now I've been completely absorbed by them.
They will speak to our house so often is a hangout for my friends son.
Story and the first experience, "○ ○ ○ Yaritee with that!" It was really fun and I never heard about.
So I'll never say to a man masturbating occasionally, I've seen come to bite in sham Hukashi Hukashi interest.
Put your hand inside her skirt "Well U," I just turned it.
"Oh, erection, erection," everything, I said to imitate rub and "not serious, I'll help you." Why is a child who never shook the "Oh." And.
But not impossible.勃Ta not. I'm itching for my son.
"Oh no way." What its children, "give up next?" Everyone told me to flinch.
I took what came to picking my son suddenly violent, all "押Saero" What.
Open the legs are soooo, I blow you Shiodome.
It was one after another from the penis. It is Seifusekkusu condoms properly.
From the front, from behind, from the side, the huggy, or turned on.
Sun Akuru are off school and work, leave is played much too anal.
5 people, or whatever more than 30 times in total.
I'm someone tampering to it every day something rather from its being 0.

In your language training

Although it is that this year. Language training where the eldest son of the family. H I have been feeling that Suriyotsu try.
The first (which I wonder what ー?) I thought. Came from around the waist to touch,
Somehow I've noticed. And suddenly been a deep kiss, T has been raised on a bra to give the shirt on.
Could the chest while Nao Ai was nothing besides the nipples licked. After a few have touched my dick.
Since I've been feeling in the nipple was Gushogusho dick. Still, the enemy came to touch,
They are very noisily Iyarashikatta Brute man stir.
I think later on, was ashamed that so great was gasping aloud at that time.
"Oh I Aaan Ann sauce"
After that, I suck and I was touching the penis of the other example.
Opponent, "Oh · · · oh ..." Demashita likes suffering. .
Then, because my sister came home after just a little bit and stopped immediately.
Could only be amazed to experience the first time?


Corner, but woman wrote a woman who wanted to read. I saw the mother as a woman since I was in elementary school, from the wash, always remove the mother's panties were made in the accursed smell the cock. But still did not remember because masturbation was also unable to do everyday. One day, learn how to masturbation hentai had hidden from his father, but desperately Shigoita, thunder enough, but the end is a tired arm away, first one gave up. A few days later because it was alone at home, hanging cock to milk of mothers and naked, to double the comfortably than last time to slippery to start ironing, and almost Iki finally tried to fire up their backs with I stretch out a lot of pink panties while watching my mother's mother was a skirt that day I would not stay 寝転Gatta

Very well

My son is 16 years old. I was six months ago will Oita.
But it was only like 弄Ritakatsu, but I thought one would be bored.
Pantei coming off his own son reminds, however, open leg wound Kuri上Ge skirt.
Suddenly, "doing ridiculous," I've got in mind I was so excited.
Until I ik, I think that when people take time to reach pretty suddenly looked away.
"No, no," but the power to escape Hairazu Oshinoke son, I'll figure I'll show my son Lee.
I lit the morning I had my son Mito Atsushi.
The son was treated with mouth and swallowed five or six times I think.
Hourikonda a basket of condoms at the supermarket, not to say overnight.
Progress is really the first time my son, I know my weak "I will always Sera squid." Is like saying.
Take a cell phone vagina screwed by the "Ya I'm always the woman." It seems to have said while showing others.

Older brother

I liked that much about him seven years away Koh.
From knowing that my brother got married this year but I thought is like dream, is quite confused.
I want someone from the once - I thought that continues to swell.
What Can I confess something to me like this?
During a time of the way, once received a kiss once.

Son as sex slaves

College students this spring when my son was in high school hungry.
As a single mother after all, thanks to fine parents grew up.
What feels like a brother and sister rather than mother and child.
About two years from high school when my son, or rather as conscious men and women,.
Six months before the body is unable to Makaseta Sashitaru to resist.
It is also the son of a university far, my son began apartment living.
Attended a "wife" I live on. Most "night:" We Come in Bitari.
I was a little abnormal Nomerikon period for sex.
Not satisfied with regular sex, I Sarakedashi everything for his son.
I just mess with your clitoris Ikeru yet? Already seen it yet,,,.
I also love your enema. Dirty but carefully prepared the Nde earphones.
After the glycerin enema, and then several times in clean water.
Lubricating jelly is injected, I get to see my son in his leg Kakae opens, if the knee enema fig.
I will install as many times as the moment out.
I agonize every time his face and remember "I'll erection."
My name and my son.
Fuck around during the week before the weekend is have anal sex with real feeling.
His son cock hard and long, rather than feeling I stick inserted.
Before, of course, is completely lost resistance to anal, I've been without foreplay Sashitaru acceptable.
Even when out with my son during the day, Could you let me put underwear.
Even if curl skirts, should I be accepted at any time to Tokanai.
I went shopping back to the vagina from the back of the toilet behind a tree brought a small park. It hurt at all excited because they get wet without underwear. Press the voice endured death.
Spread your fingers and the anal ー ballooned.
More likely to faint. And Anal.
As the victim to rub the clitoris with your fingers crushed, was thrust violently ass.
I feel faint and not far away.
Incontinence and found himself, Bichobicho legs. I rush to the apartment while staggering from leaking anal Cum in and wipe Teisshu. I soon 悶Etai out loud.

Two people,,,

I married my husband in the first marriage.死Ni別Re married 16 years ago with ex-wife.
Another 20 year old little boy was five years old at the time. 15 year old son was between the husband. Siblings very chummy.
I got to make her husband a good year.
But I had given up separately, I was very upset children.
Lightning chase husband.
The middle, the son confessed to the Lightning.
I thought like a real son, I had the bad feelings I have.
I wish a little awkward to me Jean.
Strengthened by the soccer body's pale face and tall Korean.
Kanji feeling I wonder if younger son. ,,,.
Naked body is realized something comforting two.
Until it was there.
And the best sex. Been relegated lick knockout.
Collusion by two people who have been something.
Every day is followed by two toy.

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[2313]
The 43-year-old mother as a shameful thing, I was tied to the son of 18.
I do not think anyone one day, AV had to learn while masturbating video
While watching the video into the vibe of excitement over trousers and pants off,
Where he was a fun person, and what are you suddenly came into the room son
I came to the side, and hurriedly tried to stop her pussy is while it is Vibe, who showed his lower body still have not put anything Sarake出Shita. The excuse does not pass where he was put on underwear without seeing change,
My son would I was that funny, Mom is asked to please not tell anyone it is said I know, is also said that the husband was hesitant been told I'll keep silent if you show me pussy scared
When asked who they really silent, nodded down so determined to mind,
I understand you really saying, is said to listen reluctantly to say 寝転Be,
Lie down and have been ordered to spread the legs open crotch. Vibes looking to stay alive as her pussy is said, are increasingly feeling good bites out 其Re took the pussy torture, had been left by her son at last.
I thought I was responding to what will become of my son anymore. The bear had been by degrees Noboritsume Ikasa likely to be more than the feeling, and had been joined together to make a voice Ikasa unable to put aa.其Re come from the overlap to take a ride on the underwear like my son, came suddenly into her pussy cock.
Because you are entering Ikasa Sururito once would be great to be put.
What was good in the longer wanted to become a normal woman once placed.
Life is better than tension Arrow Vibe, and forget that crazy son,
That day had been three times Ikasa. Pussy covered in cum from the hole is flowing muddy white liquid dripping. My son came to mind,
The cock is licked into the mouth fresh out now. Kiku Hiroshi found out the first time in its thick. Rub hands with his son has gone to lick in the mouth Uutsu saying. But we went back to my room cleaned or satisfied cock my son was a shame to have a serious thing to think and be alone.
Because I do not want to say, it also might give a good feeling about the body opening ride,
Head went flying off. From 其Re was once thought, the
My son asked to see the approaching time will come. Useless and has been put into the body to keep out his son is said but I carelessly.
Good thing my son recently skirt like a lesser order, said a boulder out of your pants
Reluctantly comply. Now his son to become even more sought every body.
I love you enough to get into if they are going 馴Rasa Ikitaku too.
Wet pussy against naturally required to see my son, do not have time to remember the faces of masturbation son alone as usual.

My discourse incest

Meanwhile, her brother (a high) and I (1) for two people answering machine. I love my brother, someday Just when I thought you H, I, ☆ has committed
Your "○ ○"
Was suddenly likes kissing. She (have) suddenly brother is disabled friendly - has been Pukisu.
I "Just as I to do?!"
No surprise because it did not conceal that I think my brother has never done this.
Your "○ ○, I do love me?"
Me, "What? Regulations in coming to love! I love you!"
So suddenly that I did not hear a thing.
Your "good. I love you, ○ ○"
Having said that I was taking off clothes brassiere - shirtless now been removed to.
"My brother!? What are you doing? Stop it"
Over say, older brother and came to kiss. The older brother has a baseball team affiliated with the resistance to no avail.
Your "I love what I'm trying really ○ ○ my future."
And my heart at first but gradually came gently rub vigorously.
I learned a pleasure to come together and what do you want to gradually nuances brother.
Rub hands and my brother was still went downhill stretch and gradually
Your "I Ugh! Tenjan wet again! Lichen feeling?"
Your brother will continue to say that more and more nasty.
I "Oh yeah!"
Then, come up two fingers into my vagina's tough brother, began stirring.
"I was going!" Stop
I went more and more lethargic.
From the first time I was a little dick "blood" came out.
Us, "Wow. Tenjan blood out. Right? Now, I'll clean up."
And now came to lick. And also di - Pukisu. I was furious than before.

Parents are gone come back there, but my brother did not enter the vagina, the last brother "And I'll do it."
He said.
I felt scared of her brother.

From not playing

The two lived two years in high school son and divorced five years ago.
Come to my son at night and Mozomozo prank, I felt a little happy but angry.
I felt lonely and become quite mature, I did not get to the other party was just playing with her.
I honestly do not like that much sex, I was a little dull I kind of maybe other than women.
- Husband and married a virgin, just like sex put out well.
But I'm not not have sex with men after divorce,
Well, I feel as though I was acting up.
I thought about how I feel and what I ik.
"I played with to make the put." Lightning is ask forgiveness.
My son bought stocked various tools. So I never get wet there is not, you can use lubricating jelly.
The stimulation of the rotor surprised. Really feel the electricity running.
Kyaakyaa I say run away, and finally both hands tied in stockings, tied his son to the table legs to keep torture.
Squid much I have never, or rather feel embarrassed pee leaking lately feeling cramps throughout the body from the spine-tingling Innovation mind-boggling.
Yes, I've installed the first time I was born.
Blamed on a daily basis, I am totally hooked.
More obvious as the penis is sticking to me naturally.

H son incest

My son's in high school to like stockings, a video room and there were several women wearing stockings photo album.
Most of the clothes still have those, too, is not much hot stuff, like my son is called Pansutofechi.
Women wearing stockings around the house because of this if you like or do they usually entertained so many eyes?
But the fetish may be transferred, I love the clean hands of a man in hand fetish.
I prefer that my fingers are long and slender.
Boys will be helped because it Pansutofechi, has spent pretending to know.
Skirt style but I have confidence in no armor with ourselves I think that choosing a little shorter.
My son is such a common thing that I knew my leg.
That day I only had a meal after Katazu wearing shiny stockings short skirt a little.
Later I heard my son seems to be the most lust Sutokkinggu glossy.
Curious felt much pain in my leg stuck in sight of her son.
"No way, I what are you looking at a while"
"No, not really"
"Hmm, I like You I'm stocking tea hue?"
"I know, do things in the tea room hue"
"I did not want the mother's legs?"
"... U do, pretty legs and Mother"
My son replied in a low voice.
"I'm glad, I get to say I'm pretty tea hue"
"I do not I look more service with you."
I sat down I gave my son to see his son sitting next to the couch, watching my son did not do so because of shame.
My son 乗Semashita on the legs and thighs.
My son has a delicate sense of touch about what you touch my feet to touch.
Maybe because I felt it was very easy to write you both my husband and I were all things Mai came away feeling in the hands of his son.
I dont feel this is so repellent to her son's legs from thighs.
"Will not do anymore, just look ne"
What was earlier said his son was in the mouth from the top of the toe of my stocking.
The experience of being caressed the top of the stocking first time, become out of control and I felt my body to say.
"No!'m Almost over"
My son heard me.
"No! No!"
My son kept intact.
"No! No!"
Another thought came to feel good anyhow.
If only I forgive my son anyway and I just love stockings legs.
My son is right finger, left finger licking Makurimashita.
I felt I knew so their toes for the first time.
I was beginning to leak away moan, feeling that was completely aware of your son as well.
"I give voice Yarashii Mother"
"I hear voices that no father and mother's day and night"
I have had my masturbation.
Known soup and did not want my son far.
I put a hand on my son that my pants like that.
"It's useless!"
"What are you talking too late"
My son suddenly caress my clit, I became more completely defenseless.
"Feels good! Feels good! That put"
I cried myself to put the son.
"I also like Mother"
When he had said was very embarrassing.
"I'm wrong Crap!"
It is too late.
My son had clothes remained, came down halfway into my stocking.
I sowed away quickly reached.
"Another mother of a went eh?"
I was the first time reached so quickly.
Despite the other son, I reached very deeply.
We do not yet reached his son, and sat Furihajimemashita.
"Ah! And"
"Now we, too,"
I have two people at the end.
"HOW WAS? Satisfied?"
"It felt the best"
Seeing that things suck while her son had recovered "from the back to turn"
And I came in from behind.
What about the day was five times the ball well, I think it was the best times ever.
Then the young body is not my husband at night any day in the morning I asked.
And I answered.
My husband went to bed later sought from my son's room.
It is very shameful story, I will not do crazy week.
Sex is a very good friend has a son can.

The mischievous little,

Return to the home to divorce, I live in very rural people and 16 year old son.
The verge of a prank I was getting my son every night.
Where the first chest I sleep now before we get to the bottom and gradually.
I do not mind my son from another cute, messy, to be awakened at night, and I was let free on the bath to a certain time.
I thought being in the bright, I feel quite vividly.
I'm treating fallopian tubes, while I did not even accept penis pregnancy concerns a man I truly feel.
My son and I usually try a different foolishness, I get to sit down and tampering 買I込Mi like Vibe and quite liked.
I did not really feel it would use such a thing.
Used for anal vibes, and really exciting.
The location must be played with his son did.
As you become worried about the enema to leak the looks, feel more and more.
Massage machine is to buy the influence of video transmission, when used over there I really thought that I feel makes sense, common in finicky, I thought it would be bad quite makes sense.
And out while being Anarubaibu, and I was forced to used the massager fainting.
What I repeated many times Lee found himself.
Exhausted and jet away to pee a lot too.
Every day since then, I feel hot and there is always Gene Anal. Also at work (although cooperatives in the country office.) They may become irresistible comfort in the bathroom.

Incest soon

Long time no life at night, I have my husband travels a lot. When I'm occasionally ignore the burn in a word or even looking tired. Blow to be annoying. Reluctantly, I am next to the vibrator against masturbation. I want more raw cock. My son (5th grade) ~ I was soon be greater. To accept such a mother, and come back to where you were born. 42 years have not withered yet? I think this.

Sex Drive

The two-hour drive to the seaside villa Saffle log cabin stood a hobby. Rather it is a hut.
Boyfriend caught in the ruse, I was having sex with her son about six months ago.
Kinky sex photos showing abnormal about my husband and I argue in divorce. I do feel rougher.
"Say no more story." I was getting pretty tired of the boyfriend who humiliated me in or out without underwear outdoor sex is a fact.
Suddenly in the first tied house, the sons of the men appeared in another pair! Men trampled over me screaming.
Suspicious enough to faint several times, was an immoral pleasure.
- Husband like a tall, long penis, how are stiff yet.
Even though the anal enema many times, I felt like a strong stimulus to wetting.
"Oh, dude. ー be cool I'll be your ass on cock."
It has become the heart and soul to her son overnight.
You do not need another man again.
My son got a license to enter college. It usually leads you to heaven I desperately working for a living.

Brother and incest

Last summer, for example going to the beach with his brother, when I stayed at a pension,
Initially, my friends were going on my brother's four aims of course, friends of my brother, my brother, the aim of my friends,
The day before, excited to sleep together with his brother, until the morning, was serving up the story (his brother is still 童貞Rashiku been saying many times and I'm gonna do), I naturally , the intention was to decide tomorrow,
However, it also two in the morning Dotakyan
My brother and I both, quite a shock for some time, was distracted, after a while, I think it helped,
From my little brother (from a book put even a couple, go) and invited ,·····
Anyway, go to the sea, swimming 思Ikkiri, played, my brother and I both so you can brag to friends later, loudly baked skin,
And that night my brother and two people, much drinking, drunk in full
Anyway, a friend and I both Complaining brother was there to comfort each other
Then, after a while, I heard a strange voice,
The voice, coming from the next pension, that is the voice of man and woman ,···· gradually become too loud, it
Consisted of a red face I expected,
I rushed to my brother (go for a walk) and invited,
Indeed, just the voice I was stuck in my head,
While walking, Kizukimashita around is full of couples,
And you guys kiss, or they embrace, and some have SEX until the couple was also ,·······
Hey, lady, this is embarrassing, because my brother says, I (Well), he said,
(The rooms, however, hard to return it) and my brother and said that,
Whether pretending to be a couple, (and I say brother), it may be good,
And I said, we were turning their hands to shoulder his brother
In this state, we walked to the sea for a while,
Suddenly my brother a kiss, so come to (Stop) said,
A couple swing, not the opposite of weird, is said
Now we have to put the tongue ,······
Truly, angry

Penis pierced by a dear,

Five years younger brother is an office of real estate.
Return to the home three years ago to divorce is when only the first six months helping the office.
His parents divorced husband, and was once a business partner who 縁戚 ago on friendly terms, not me of course welcome to have a good look.
It was the affair escalated to divorce each other, I felt awkward for me to say there is no non.
But my brother greeted me with gentle kind, was feeling really saved.
It is the night a little far out with my brother at work.
He was the younger brother was in youth drinking, and confessed to having had a desire no good to me.
Laughing, Wow, I was still talking I "remember, I have thought of that Yaritee." I said out.
Conscious rather than as a man, or rather have been recruited dumb love.
I ended up feeling quite strange.
I return to driving, so I decided, as much alcohol was drunk lick something.
I go home if you run two hours, "Come to stay.'ll Visit you drink." A thing.
Stiff and stay up too late? OK but I thought my brother stocking liquor and first stopped at a convenience store to drive the car.
My brother is a twin room boutique hotel is Mitsukari hesitation.
Well I do because sibling,. This.
Just beginning to talk about drinking and sex. Sometimes even starting to see two adult hardly watched.
I mean I drank pretty much did not get drunk.
It "or going to bed." The first time was 浴Biyou showers and brother.
"Bathe together?" "Yaayo. Not sex." Brother saying I will start off your drunken act.
Too much resistance in pretending I was not drunk.
Bare legs are spread, the vagina has suddenly tampering.
Is played with carefully, I have a knee Kakae myself, I was've reached.
"Just buy once belonged." I bought at a convenience store with a condom Oitarashii. I was watching I would actually pocket.
When my brother brought in a stout penis, tongue hanging was looking for.

The Tomoe.

After a long, post.
Tomoe, and now my son is finally relaxing day enjoying sex.
Anal adaptation also is a pleasure for both storms.

Only, of e-mail to answer, even some people (right now, and reading my master), now a prisoner of the trainer.
The report will also intolerably embarrassing.
Good luck and post again.

At your own risk

yuna himekawa[2217]
25-year-old son is a so-called NEET.
I often hang out at home, whenever that rape incidents in the city, Orimashita would not worry about whether my child could not be.
Also say, because they were looking at a magazine that many young people and sexual anguish have a steady job in handling the criminal case like that.
One day, I have decided to travel to Tokyo for my husband suddenly. I have never gone rarely had to fall asleep without 寝付Ka easily. Then wake up and feel quotes what his son was standing beside the bed.
Voice that surprised even put out, and suddenly my son, "Mother" has clung to say.
"It is not stupid," but with the resistance, "Mom, I'm going to be crazy to want to do with the woman," "but that the ambush was also a woman, not afraid to have "Son of 切羽詰Tta voice," I have resisted 追I返Shitara, not the son or the case would cause a nuisance to others, "floating in his mind, and I missed the power to resist.
"I'm just Mom.'m With You should not do this to another woman," said her son prepared to decide this.
Then, leave the body entrusted Have not my son. Pulling women experience several times, the act went forward smoothly. And I have my son go into the last.
"Mom, feels good," and the sweet voice said.
"Do not say something stupid," was barely able to say. "End soon" was embarrassed to say that mind and thought.
However, his son continued to thrust my body over time surprisingly.
Then, put the intensity to be bombarded erogenous zones, 薄Ragi regret that even a difficult situation with my son, I started to feel pleasure. Finally, it is disgraceful story, I reached orgasm while.
Nevertheless, continued to attack his son, according to my second orgasm, I had his limitations.
After all, the night repeated the act until three o'clock in the morning.
The surprise on the strength of even the sexuality of the young son, the son of ways to prevent crime, I felt it necessary to do well to take me.
After a while, after the sex with her son, was tormented by remorse, before looking at a variety of information and opinion on the Internet and, more recently, "can stop the advance of the runaway sons The family served as important or not. In that sense, but that not much trouble to others, even though that is for genetic problems, even if contraception is solid, "and now divides.
And now decided to talk once a week, we request of her son.

I think that many mothers who had a son in the troubled country neat as well. Incest is certainly desirable, but in modern times to a new situation that has occurred freeters and neat, the process may be due to the taboo mother and son do not think.
Of course, any time instead of having a relationship as husband and wife indulge in lust, or once a week to discuss how many times a month, we need to handle appropriately the terms of accumulated libido.
Like under the care of bedridden elderly people and baby diapers, I think in the future may become a time for us to be good to his mother, Ge libido treatment freeters and neat.

Many times × 2!

I want to do that on several occasions 往Ka son. My son became paralyzed right arm and right leg in a motorbike accident in high school, and even after five years in rank quickly, but early treatment may help by hand while I stayed to the finish, most recently It comes just looking for something less than a fellowship in the body. When the fellowship was promised once, so it is useless too, became a habit to have a relationship of communion sex once even towards me but also my son's genitals young son are times I become good more many times and eventually I lost my mind from the vagina comes with the sperm of her son fall flows. I am now 49 years old yet, because there are physiological, while the other take care of my son, and tell 居Masu gratify himself.

Incest can not help without

The peeps at her son today I have a masturbation.
Kio Hiraku groin has put a finger while swinging Kiku Hiroshi understood, but knowing.
While watching my son wants to hide what is not noticed.
I have seen her pussy is excited to reverse without coming 止Medo 淫水 streamed out.
Son to move your hands and legs spread like Kiku Hiroshi 見Se付Keru son for more bodies. Tension masturbation Shidashita arrows. And masturbation have to understand that I could feel the wind coming solo solo son Kon Kadui that pretend to know while caressing her pussy for the face next,
JIT sees me masturbating in 屈N to the occasion. Gushing out but felt too Komu 淫水 insert fingers into it and want to show 堪Razu.
I called out about her son unable to take it anymore. Come this from a good
Then my son and apologized like a sorry surprise. Take off your pants come this from a good
My son pussy put to point to your own side, as it has been the subject U,
乗Rikakari came into the pussy above. The first time my son was put in,
This really is hard to feel forced open pussy stretched always feel different from Kin Kin. Had to understand that while you have seen me thinking Raretaku You can put the mother's place 入Retakatta even what time to watch.
Put what, I really feel that my mother got to put your favorite comb,
思Ikiri poke digs from the back until I say you can cum to mom
But my son has gone immediately. Bukkake Hajiki飛Bashita to hang in the womb.
Copyright and son and also tightened pussy ah good feeling 其Re exclaimed involuntarily.
Gone too soon and the second time the urge to go fine.
For example things suck her son lying on his son from spanned Ikitaku I feel frustrated,
Backed by his son took his hand and turning the dough very pleasant to sit down Niatari uterus,
Twice in quick succession did not care I used to sit 思Ikiri stet.

Pregnancy gave birth to a child's son

Everyone to meet you. The 42-year-old housewife.
Pregnancy gave birth to 5th grade son and sex at the age of 31.
打Chi明Kemashita pregnant when her husband the truth.
My husband is angry, forgive me baby.
At the time, was also son and pregnant daughter had sex Naka Hazime.
I think my husband as my children were going to Teru Iku.
I am a girl, the daughter gave birth to a boy.
Immediately after birth, my husband is "making children and my daughter," he said,
The following year, my oldest daughter gave birth to a girl and a boy between my husband.
Registration is on a twin and second child born within a year.
Second son, daughter, and her three youngest son also grew vigorously.
We lost to a sense resistor and put three fingers in her crack and my husband and eldest daughter have the habit of a little boy peel the third son of the eldest son of the curious things like sexual York Times.
I feel close to the entire family incest.
Maybe a family like that.

Recently, with the mind!

Recently, I have stayed in the bedroom of my old cage smell, it smells of sperm release in the son, who is like masturbation.
But, like the Trash which was known to me on purpose Why?
The 21-year-old son freeters, I am 44 years old housewife, what masturbation while imagine staying with me in my bed, sometimes even against the mother or me, touched the underwear and mark, what with staying in masturbation while watching it, and so, maybe I will come to transfer this action against any! ?

Some of you even ※, who stay with a sense of danger or his son's behavior 居Masu and talk together.

I am 43 years old and

It is just a month before last.
During the day, a figure that masturbate in my room, watching everything I was supposed son of wanted to go out absent.
Of course, at that time, so I took off all the lower body naturally, then it is 押Shi倒Sa committed to my son, and that relationship is still continuing.
I am a mother too much, so a woman alone, the greed of even weak, for once, and be obsessed with magic, can after it is turned back.
My son this spring, the students were young people Tsutomu Kiyoshi 強Kutsu even every day to his mother hooked me, but may come to hit me, but I myself have succumbed to their sex This month, yet, there is a delay in the coming thing, and Siemens has not come! ?
If there is no period like this, when it comes to pregnancy

Disastrous incidents from occurring

Recently, a series of incidents that are killed by their parents to son, is indeed tragic.
In fact, my son has been messing around in the house neat, I was thinking Orimashita what should I do with her husband.
One day, I opened the door while trying to clean out my son, my son's penis is desperately Shigoi rage. Have fled in haste, my son caught chasing away desperately, "I entered the room silently forgive," and I 押Shi倒Shimashita.
Then, desperately resisted, nor would win the power of man, I fucked my stomach hurt my son.
Since then, at a pace that would have involved several times a month, it is disgraceful story, and a strong sustainability Nechikkoi foreplay tongue, forget the guilt of having an affair with his son away to reach orgasm Masu.
And when are you dressed, I regret attacks a incest.
But, such incidents often occur during killing his parents a son, if he can keep in parent-child bond in incest, which I think is now in good at it.
Son, "but when you have sex with the mother, the best minds at ease, but because of the mother, also came out that well 働Kou" will say. If you think, I am sorry to my husband, nor a person does not have inconveniences, if you will have recovered the body of my son, it may be good though.

Lord son incest

55-year-old housewife (intended), my daughter 26 years old mother of two sons, 24 and 30 years old. My husband passed away 10 years ago. Me then I give up the college cafeteria son family business. I work with, too. This is the basis of life. The second son job out of college, lived in the same house but I travel frequently. Totsui daughter is in the distance. So now three people are living. All were over 10 years ago was not for his son. Is the eldest son of the family who helped me and all the expense. I'm not even going to get married. Is to protect me. My son feels such increases depend on every day, and reliably, even to respect. I would secretly like to see his son as a man feel like more and more arrogant since last year. Most aware of his son now is the time for consoles still secretly masturbating. At first it was just the guilt of thinking is now fading day by day now known to be at the peak of your son. Closed the day before the work is up at such time (when the trip is the second son) was absent at 3:00 in drinking at home. I was pretty drunk.
I woke up in the dark for some sign of chance. If you can finally clear my head and look vaguely like I was getting used to the staring eyes for a while, we know the situation. I had my son masturbating on the side of costs.
When I noticed the situation has exploded in the heart, the pulse is heard is about her son wanted. I have a little breathing 立Temashita continue to pretend to be sleeping as it is. I wanted my son is fast asleep and I'm drunk.
I had a feeling of wanting to feel good here, do not give anything to daily dilemmas. Hand movements, has jumped into the vacant eyes and signs of excitement. That I have come very close to my face anymore.
I felt I was the man for his son every day, was giddily excited about the amazing contrast. I would have agonized, rubbing his penis in front of my eyes I'm sure Kii Hiroshi. Was irresistible to love them anyway to love them anyway. At that time he faintly, "Mother" "Mother, I want" is like. I thought it was a lie. But after all those it again. There has to be the pinnacle of excitement, I already missed the first I had thought there momentarily. Gently called my name at the moment of her son. My son was surprised, "Sorry, sorry Mom" is a mistake to. "I do not say anything"
"Sorry, Mom. I could not stand me."
"Hey, you okay with my mom? Say" I'm the only mother ever been "
"I'm not just a mother"
I was thrilled.
"You ~ I'm really good mom?" "Yes."
"You can forgive me you were." "I have this thing at a secret"
"I have a secret, just between the two today," it said.
Shigokimashita it slowly in front of you still be up in arms.
He was honestly excited. I included the ones in my mouth boldly in his hand. My son was ecstatic. It seemed to me that ever say anything like atonement.
"The mother ~ s" "Come, come into," "I really?" "Say nothing"
The two become one. Out in front of the family since then and continues to be a parent and child. But in my mind is a husband and wife together. I promised myself. Always will be. Repentance is not. Is there a world only in the mind with as little disruption to anyone. I think a great life. During the course alone there are more than satisfied couples. Kizuita husband and I are absolutely no such complaints can not say I could not. One flesh and that is known to feel that before you say this thing. Incest mother and child is a crime in the world. But one mother and child are met, come together perfectly, I think this is the truth. Their relationship will continue in the future will continue to keep a secret until his death. I swear.