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Incest confession of women(2009-06)

Not delusional

The 45-year-old housewife. strong upper body with his son
Rakubi I doing in high school extracurricular activities,
take a shower at home, troubled and where to look in the living room has a single hanging pants.
recently masturbate while thinking of his son is obsessed.

Incest confession

yuna himekawa[21010]
After the death of her husband, the father was a patron. With sex of course.
in one day affair, but in the eyes of two sons was behind the door! Do not they know
and I burned more fiercely, while I was packing rise to show off the joints. father-
back, cool off and have a shower, because my son came in with eyes downcast, sitting next urged toward a smile. Then my son holding
with me, I was just a mat 押Shi倒Sa. My son strip bath towel while crying like a groan leaking,
揉Mikucha to have become bare boobs. I thought no right to refuse is entrusted himself to his son while a token resistance.
"stronger bite. Oh ..." ran the whole body beauty current comfort, I strongly hold my son. Under stimulation to the breasts just because it was more than enough hot, wet, let live is inserted. "
Mom, Mom, Mom ..." He rubbed the 果Temashita in a matter of intense excitement and lust I was in a state, while the erection is back insert has been hitting hard again. Youth is
big deal. I was challenged six times, twice Ikimashita.


I am now 20 years old 22 years old brother liked
old brother and adorable for kids.
very special relationship and I was full of brothers and sisters from around the relationship but I felt good,
I was just sticking closely to his brother.
had maybe two people rather than being outside playing with friends so they lived in foreign countries.
about 5th grade when I said, "perverted playing" now you.
been superimposed on his brother in bed, legs were rubbing each others crotch. So the younger brother reached
Tooru Tadashi. After a while I received
sex education. Oh
comfortably thought that I was at this.
interested in how the body of the boy at the same time, now playing naked perverted. By the time I was in middle school
, no longer playing a little perverted returned to Japan in the wake.
was a little standoffish attitude since then.
I had come home in 6th grade when my brother happened to test had to fall asleep while in uniform.
brother came into the room but I knew, I was so sleepy ignored.
brother patting me on the head from a little crack on top of pants or Dari trace the chest rub, means where the smell was. Such relationships
continued for a while. During three
when I had her with me. So it was not unusual
girls' school, had her room 連Re込N well.
room next to his brother, and I think probably with ears erect.
arose early in high school I broke up because of her affair. I just came to my brother
Fute寝 in breaking up. Shows
posture where they can not be an excuse to put his hands inside my clothes, my brother caught a body.
unbearably cute to see it suddenly teary-eyed brother, and we crawled all over the body and tongue kiss, as she tried to. I fiddled
penis is touching breasts and buttocks, asked me to put up.
sent her to pick up the rubber in his room to keep them from bullying Nedara terrible. After he had put up Itabutsu
思Ikkiri and abuse. I stopped while I was patient, and back 爪立Tetara ejaculation. After that
Kitara I'm always up Nedatsu brother, brother M so unbearably cute.
you should build other boyfriend? Did I cry anymore I do not listen and hear, you going to do right now.
Now both of them college students, so, I rolled with it while it lasts.

Son and SEX

My husband died of cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 62. I am currently 52 years old at that time. A single 28 year old son was
. The son and the husband died about a year ago, had become a male and female relationships.
'll Come over was simple. One night my husband was away, I was watching TV together. Then I became intense bed scenes
映Rimashita. Born in an atmosphere somewhat awkward to watch it was
. And that silence as Yaburou

, two people got together to compromise voice. I've met
the eyes of each other. At that time I already have a hunch that runs
Mashita. And were also inspired by the bedroom scene, the man felt he had
. My son seems to have become the same feeling.
I was a woman in front of me. I heard later on, so I felt at the time her son
. I noticed that he was being held. In front of the television. Certainly I've been invited
Masu son. And I've had accordingly. Just feeling at the time. "I thing!"
Thought it was a slow time. And this was going to turn back now. The hot breath

son was being poured into my body. I thought it was irreversible
Mashita. But my son was different. He was subsequently confessed. If you love me even after
There were many different end, I accepted the love of her son.
One of the reasons that convinced me, I think he probably had sex with. Tatanu
first day on the third day in relation to do so, cross the Orimashita him again. After my husband went
, a couple in our bedroom, the room falls. It was said

between assays. Coming soon stormed the room and pressed against me on the bed, took a quick
sure I take off.
"Must Not such a thing should not happen Yamete"
but said that resistance was useless thing. After all, I have no reason someone can match him again
. Became a full-fledged fellowship. My husband had more independence and
. I no longer had this woman, again a full-fledged sex with a woman he took
was tempered. I had forgotten the pleasure 包Mi込Mimashita body.

slovenly legs spread, he would take the piston.
bear had killed a desperate voice, dull and finally fighting back, with a moan I
turning his arm and body.
day I have with him the first time. Was held on the bed he was naked I was the first day
. From that day on I became her son. My husband is not known definitely paid close attention to the different

action was stopped in the house. My son like to meet outside.
in once a week I could not satisfy me. In the love hotel to meet Tuesday and Friday night affair
repeated. My son is working overtime, but I say why schools with a culture.
only two hours, I became his woman. Kano was nothing to forgive all.
Out during a fellowship. Since there are no worries of pregnancy. Sex is also experienced. Just when my husband's sudden death was such a

night of the funeral, told me that word still mourn will never forget.
would allow someone depart husband still has a secret, I had regrets. I do
"you will be rewarded to see the things that really love each other and Yoshiko Noboru I think it will ease even
Dad. and leave it to you to say we received Yoshiko Noboru It. "
things that my son has a total floor before the altar may be insane, so we love Could I or
farewell evening was your husband and two sons with me.
愛Shi合Imashita overnight.
"you gave me at ease and happy I'm happy to see this"
and wet pussy with abandon, moan with vacant eyes at the altar of the masters < br> was shouting in my heart.



40 years, my name is Noriko. I
house a family of three sons of her husband and middle school.

I'm a disgraceful mother. How much longer do you pass
been with her husband been a while, when the body is helpless to 疼I so far, I was masturbating during the day for no one.
it earlier this year, by chance, I saw my son naked.
night, the light was leaking from the door of the bathroom and lavatory happen.
toilet in the bathroom from the dressing room is shared, I wonder if my son is taking a bath, and thinking, and Tatsuki Akira naked casually open the door to his son, stood with a look of surprise as .
seen naked son gets bigger from there, but many times, there was the son of a nude erection.
I closed the door I instinctively look away.

son is taking a bath at night they declined to take in high school this spring, but it was not unusual, it had gone to my son more aware of the naked, looking could not.
a few words through the door, after exchanging words, but returned to the bedroom, I was 寝付Kemasen Naka Naka with a throbbing heart. Masaki

is as much as her husband, No, more 逞Shikatta.
can close your eyes to sleep I could feel the eyelids had burned his son.
was a long erect cock. would not be enough
逞Shi 生唾 swallow a cock, but his son.

such events there is, after a while, when I was cleaning my son's room, but have stunned the mass of tissue in the trash. How is the boy from masturbating
but I thought about doing, I'm feeling full of the smell of semen from a rounded mass of tissue, one or two Is not it too. When I spread out a mass
, but mostly dry but not crisp, there are still those of mush, I ended up face close to smell myself.

strong smell and stuffy, I, I was excited.
nipples become hard enough to scrape this bra, I was too wet shorts. I get excited by the smell of semen
son, humbly think that way myself, I felt I was dying, take off your clothes and underwear off, turned naked into the bed of a son for masturbation.
while surrounded by sultry smell of my son, to face masturbation Nasuritsuke tissue mass.
this humble figure, and if my son's Raretara, Itatamarenai I think the body is hot 火照Tsu, there will be 疼I.

now has become addicted to masturbation to his son in the room.
is masturbation fantasies while being raped by her son get laid.
usually is the son quiet gentle, M. The paranoia I do not domineering, or cause masturbation dressed embarrassing to me, you will be rid of the semen in the mouth instead of tissue, begging to have sex dressed in bad taste on all fours or I will.
I seem to have stopped for a while like masturbation.


Mother taught me the sexual


The 21-year-old Mari goes to college in Tokyo.
now coming out from the countryside to live in college dorm.
the country is an office worker mother and father have a nurse. I told
little while ago, three years ago I was having an affair with his father.
the first time with a relationship with my father, I was around kindergarten time. When there is memory, the relationship has already been.
first, of course, can not insert was licking the whole body turning. Long clitoris licking turn, did not know the meaning of wet, pee Morashita thinks of, I was with a tearful face,
"I'd be all like this. What is it the feel good"
told me.
and after wet feeling it become a pee leaking, the electricity that runs the body
"Copyright" to say, the more it gets wet 濡Rere
"ik" < br> It would be hard to say, many times, "ik" taught me that.
rise to around elementary school was supposed to have done enough already to scrounge.
to take a bath with my dad, to Lightningrod feet,
"Donald Mitchell, wash"
me always careful to wash your tongue a joke? Natural father to head Osaetsuke
I was suffering from this.
hindsight, I might Masegaki in the world. (Laughs)
come to light as a mother, I was in my room and bath topic you end up with gradually escalating, not night-time mother is now in my father's bed .
when I learned I was not supposed to be like entering middle school without the other is his father's body was supposed to not live.
not stay at home on business of his father settle for masturbation, she ate came back to ask. Escalated to a place, or even outside in the car for.
me to insert the three when I was inside. Boyfriend made me the day I went to play with a little fancy dress. I was jealous, Iki brought to my room and come back,
began to violently torture. To taking out the rotor, so after a rickety Ikasa has suddenly inserted. I was still a virgin

"Donald Mitchell, Ouch!!"
押Shinokeyou to you and say
"from now will feel"
, saying direct rotor is addressed to Christo.
comfortably together but the pain stimulus to the insertion and chestnut, but the first time, I had it installed. Then, the relationship between father and became the body, including to insert.
night when my mother was getting up almost every night as she ate.
2 ~ my body to grow and years without 3 H has become the body is not live.
now living with his father, so there is no SEX Toukyou.
But I do like crazy every night with her boyfriend a lot too.
life without a man is not considered.

Son and SEX

My son is now 15 years old this summer.
from low vision was born to a middle school is deposited around the orphanage, I went into
similar group of people and life circumstances.
husband and son entered the school, but when the divorce was found partially sighted,
child support I got from the point that I helped us.
one occasion, there was a call from a dorm leader of the facility, its contents I was shocked I,
was around, so if you want understandable. Naka Naka
endless because it went back to the toilet son of a fellow teacher reported
駆Ketsuketara nursing care, and while it is hard in the bathroom with his genitals, a U
Itaso tinkering. I received a call that, but I blush to thinking, well
for parents to have discussions about furlough was decided three days. Head
day went by car, outside of taking lunch at a restaurant by the hand of his son,
is not a good time with the family a long time.
I, however, facilities for the conduct of his son caused enough, I can tell the news
not come out, I decided to talk anyway i go back home. Once you've
welcome dinner and a night Oh, my courage is the thing that touched. My son still did not answer
silent. Finally opened his mouth and heavy a few minutes, then
toilets on a daily basis to masturbate, and even more painful than my erection, I helped to make an impassioned plea painful and
. I confess plainly
Still facing down, so when my son wanted a feeling, this ability to say what
motherhood, 引Ki寄Semashi hand toward his son to take instant or.
-faced like her son was surprised, to keep silent as you said I just nodded
to enact, and when I saw it as a mother I was ready.
it will not do this, and shame as to expose any more trouble for everyone in the facility
Anyway, sorry for the people around than my son. But opponents of his son and my temporary Then,
better informed in future for something that is not there any girls? Think so.
masturbate than repeating indefinitely, a real female body know why adolescents might be awakened to realize
new thing. As a man in a facility that will be embraced
I hope to do with it 繋Gare behavioral restraint.
I asked my son. I teach you a happy mother of a man,
Are you sure? This. My son did not know
translation is so early, breast 当Teta moment I hand my son,
seems to have understood its meaning.
to locking up, and boil the bath, I head to the bathroom
Mashita son by the hand. Placed in the nude with my son, my son continued 座Rimashi before or after I
. My son put a face to ensure that the intensity is low vision looks into my breast. Reach out and touch it
gently, yet small genitals of the sky quickly poked
Kiku. Ge
rough start breathing gradually grew, but now my hand from my crotch, my lord went into a bathtub
stop it first, and said raising and body wash
it. Like it was reluctantly agreed, as a complete wash over the body and head a few minutes and
son hugged me from behind and can not stand 口走Tsu, its me by grabbing the left breast
押Shi倒Shimashita slowly over the tile.
I have had mercy on my son, hands outstretched to the vagina and crotch Sutsu
breast sucked in even when they were let free. The word according to
sit on, I sat still and lift up her belly with my son many minutes to put his tongue continued to lick your face is too
. vaginal
think I am no longer full of fluid that was washed.
Son noises and splashing sound of water kept it, in turn wants to request to speak
moved your stuff. I
per genitals so far as any son, my best to serve my own feelings
I continued licking and sucking on immediately. Or from the youth, one in accursed minutes
the mouth without a large amount of semen is expired, as it is in a state of atrophy without 屹立,
son lying next to me on the mat and are overlying, vagina immediately obvious in the wet was pushed
Innovation. Filled taste sensation shook the first time in years. This will only know what
son first heard a woman's body was crazy.
Nice to push up while hitting hard, lift the hips to put my hands under the waist, hitting the uterus intact
strong and repeated insertion of his desire in me to shout soon groaning I spit out all
then wash your body with each other, from the relentless libido son back to the room will remain
did not know that. Is tailored with morning near the end, that day was only part
were absent degree. But the son knew that fall into the spiritual body of the woman with the quote and I arrived
words, unlike this time so far back in the facility
Sze got himself confident that job me to say.
facts beyond a line anymore 覆Rimasen forbidden. But I have no regrets,
went to pick up her son at a sleepover once a month for permission, just
may also be staying in a hotel.
of the disabled is a serious problem, they want to have something healthy people do not understand
Masu. Social debate is good or bad over the fact that this man, apart from
made it, I want to Ru. Now I think it is honest.

SEX with my son

I would like everyone to hear about my concerns. This is the history from last year. Our family is a family of three parents and children, a single husband (50 years old), myself (45 years old), and my only son (20 years old) . At first glance, it's a normal family, but in fact, my son and I have been in a male-female relationship for over a year. The first opportunity was at the hotel where I stayed in Tokyo with my son's college entrance exam. The exam was over and the exam was good that day, so my son drank beer and I drank wine for dinner at a restaurant near the hotel . I went back to the hotel, took a shower, and talked while watching TV in bed, but probably because Hirao drank alcohol that I didn't drink much, I felt relaxed and was influenced by the TV love scene I was just watching . Somehow it became a suspicious atmosphere. There are son in the meantime has been clinging to me Nari Ki. I resisted as much as I could, but I only wear one yukata, and I can't beat the power of a man. Bread from being taken off the tee, has been left of the son of mind. (But when I think about it now, I think I could have resisted more.) Unlike my husband , my young son did not decline at all with one release, and released it into me four times until midnight , contraceptives. I didn't have any, so it was all vaginal cum shot. The next day, we went home almost silently. On the way, I told my son on the Shinkansen, " Let's get rid of this, " and he nodded.I knew my son had been masturbating in my underwear since he was in middle school. I was always releasing semen into the panties in the washing machine, and I wiped it off carefully, but the marks remained clearly. The child masturbates in the underwear of his mother or siblings. Is such a story, well read any woman weekly magazine something to sometimes I do, I think may be unavoidable because it around, could not stomach troubled to less seriously was. However, I never thought that I was interested in my mother's body. After that, my son didn't ask me for my body, so I was relieved. After all, my son accepted his first choice at a local public university and did not go to a private university in Tokyo. Then, I decided to go to university from home. However, this led to a resurgence of the problem . To make matters worse, my husband was transferred to Fukuoka as soon as my son entered university, and I was transferred to Fukuoka alone . The relationship began again shortly after Golden Week ended and my husband returned to Fukuoka . Came into the son suddenly bedroom in the middle of the night, like a time of Tokyo hotel, such to scuffle again there was ¥, eventually does not win the force of a man, is plugged in what was warped by the son of the firm want I was there. After all, that night, I was pierced through my body and opened in the morning so much that I forgot the number of times all night. The good news is that I don't have a husband, and from that night my son came to me every night. Unlike when I was young, my husband hasn't asked me very often for the last few years (every two months).I was losing interest in SEX, but as my young son pressed me every night, my body gradually began to react, and I didn't show my attitude, but I'm looking forward to my son coming to my bedroom someday. I started to do it. Before I went to bed, I only pulled a little rouge, but I started to wear light makeup, and my physical changes and my mental conflict that I shouldn't stay like this continued. However, my son and I only he is not at home, even while continuing to men and women relationship is night, during the day gradually long ago saw went to the stomach, normally also adapted or to the parent-child conversation. However, Nari as accustomed accustomed children from that time, or looming kissing even during the day, touch my body now come I, gradually escalate, intersect Among the soon daytime bright house now. At this point, it's almost like a married couple. A woman is a sad animal. When my young son was pierced by something that seemed to burst, his body reacted without permission, even though he thought he shouldn't, and he got his crotch wet like a young daughter . Much living room carpet is discolored, island leaking love juice you have. The days when classes start late and holidays are approaching from the morning. Morning, and I was like cleaning up in the kitchen, while late occurred son of pajamas behind me or turn the hand from, although is hanging from the top of the apron, will begin to massage the breasts of D cup .. At first, I used to shake my hand, but lately I don't have that kind of resistance, and I'm overwhelmed by my son.I was left to be overrun. Son, was like like my big ass and panty, bout, after touching the breasts always turning the skirt from behind, with a press Guigui the face to my big ass from the top of the panties will come only. I'm embarrassed to pull my thighs tight, but then the joy juice overflows from the shame . My son puts his finger from the side of the crotch of the panties, touches the shame part wet with love juice, and whispers , "Mom is easy to feel, it's lewd . " I'm vulnerable to those words and get wet more and more. Recently, my son was like managed to see through my kind of habit, KOR blame in the embarrassing words and partition be. In the meantime, from the standpoint of parents and children from around the autumn of last year, many things breath in terms SEX made many this is the instruction from the operator, a position that went reversed. At that time, one day the package was delivered by Takkyubin. The sender Seshi of underwear mail order had become Lumpur. While I think to remember is not ordered, and try to open, what takes color it had also entered panties five are in. Black invisibility lace, front cloth is a string panty that is only about the size , a bright red T-back that I have never bought, H that is very disproportionate to my age It's all about things. Such as in the very neighborhood of super, if stuff that does not buy embarrassed was borrowed.When I asked my son who came home, he seemed to have ordered it online, and he told me to wear it. It's also worn during the daytime, not in bed at night. The son of the request reverse et al now wear pictorial, there is no Toshigai reluctantly underwear. Then from time to time also, under a similar adhesive is delivered by mail, is now in my chest of drawers, it is filled with these H system of panties. These underwear can't be hung on the balcony in front of the neighborhood, so I always hang them indoors so that my neighbor 's housewives don't notice. My husband will come back about once in February, but it is necessary to note also, that when Dan housed in a ball, we have placed in the storeroom. Recently, my son's request has escalated, and in early spring I used to go out and shop with such H-type panties (of course my son is also accompanied), but recently it has become extremely hot outside, so I have become lighter. However, I was finally forced to go out with no panties last Sunday. The stockings are not pantyhose, but old-style left and right stockings, which are fastened with a garter belt. So I have nothing to cover my crotch. When I stopped by a large supermarket in the neighborhood, my son wanted to watch a movie, so I went to one of the cinema multiplexes in the supermarket, but my son was happy that I was wearing no underwear, and he was in his skirt throughout the movie. I was sneaking around my shame, I was nervous at first in the environment inside the movie theaterAlthough I was, gradually you get used to rolling up feeling at the same time, only son of the hand, asthma symptoms Noboritsume many times we would Ide. My son seemed to feel great, and as soon as he returned home and closed the door, he suddenly asked for it. I was rolled up my skirt while wearing clothes at the entrance , and my son's hardest thing was inserted. Although the front door was locked, the unusual situation of my mother and son meeting at the front door made me and my son more excited than I had ever experienced. In the past, as expected, my son also refrained when my husband was returning, but recently, even if my husband is there, I have been kissing in a place that my husband can not see and putting my hands in the skirt. At times, I take down the zipper, put out something that is enthusiastic, and let me give a blowjob. Reluctantly easy simply it is to the opponent, but Mai has been pounding and of being noticed by the master. If you are exposed to your husband, your family will really collapse. Just when my husband was back in early July last week , this happened. I was standing in front of the sink and preparing dinner. My husband Li on the other side of the dining table was watching TV sitting on the Bing of the sofa. My house is a face-to-face kitchen, and my husband cannot see my lower body . My son, who came down from the second floor, opened the fridge and suddenly rolled up my one-piece skirt while pretending to drink oolong tea . Then lower the panties a little and stroke the buttTurn it. I think of being noticed by the husband, and do the eye towards the master, master Our parents turned their backs to the child, you have a look at the golf relay. My son gets on his feet, unzips his pants, takes out what's already hard enough , takes my hand and tries to hold it. I am a little bit rejected, but the son is such weaken the force because it is casting, grip the son of engorgement reluctantly, as always the hand grip just a little bit up and down Sasema was. Then, when I whispered, "Forgive me," I finally left me. After my son went, I lifted my panties down in my skirt, and my eyes became cloudy with tears . I'm completely a slave to my son. The immorality of his husband tightens his heart, but it seems unlikely that he will be separated from the indescribable sweet pleasure ecstasy of the moment when his son's firm anger pierces him. A really sinful woman.


Since the fourth grade of elementary school, my house was falling apart. This is what my mother
parents are rich mother, I can not say no to my mother because the father works for the company run by the father and mother.
I learned that my mother has been having an affair with the sixth grade, but to stop cheating on my mother said, has not even listen to me.
is that one night and became the seventh grade. wake up at night to 寝苦Shiku
had heard some voices from the room of his father.
I thought I would look into a room mother Teru Kano unusual home, where his father was watching TV instead of his mother.
"What do TV," I thought I was, speaking to his father going into a room and look at what you have. Then my father hastily
very surprised and was looking to erase switch the TV channel.
I go to my father who still did not know better, my father is to reveal the lower body, groin, there was erected penis.
and TV were men and women intertwined.
Yes, my father and I was masturbating while watching adult video.
top of that, but my father had seen an adult man, and was a high school girl have SEX.
I have learned aversion to his father, his father has compassion on that hot to handle it and more, thinking "I'll give you," saying, Father's cock 握Rimashi or.
But if you're not sure what to do afterwards, Ppokara white liquid came out ahead.
At that moment, his face was troubled that his father even more. From that day on I
now helping his father masturbation father went to the room at night. I learned to see how the adult
that my father has. His father was
mouth "Stop" and says, immediately causes an erection my penis touched.
was all by hand only, will now soon be fellatio. Recently, while my father
fellatio, masturbation has even touched my dick.
Still, the relationship between father and does not become an adult, I feel that first experience dealing with you other than my father. The father initially did not even touch me,
recently touched me now is breast or vagina with a kiss on top of clothing. The women will soon become


What I got a pretty incestuous.
not interested in it but not myself,
sometimes anxious lately.
is my son.
while not I like it I sneak into my bedroom.
or is missing or underwear, or just under and back,
there and put in a different place or even cosmetics. So far I have not
and considered as the opposite sex, now would be seen as one about a man, now think what would happen ahead.


Father was born in a lukewarm, my life has been derailed.
forced prostitution by debt from his father for 10 teens, so I was
daily treatment of slaves to their father. Nipple hair man in the sky Bakkari transformation play in public will become even bigger
to be unusually calm in the wee Tsuchiya Yeah.
left naked men are relegated to a full day we had a terrible time it was returned to the house even when there
. Because my father do not hesitate to commit to
even at home, we were all paralyzed I felt better already
matter. But now I'm without a man
we'll need to live. The fate of this girl should be absolute
other in the world.


yuna himekawa[20929]
My father has a mistress. Actually I
became the father is that such a relationship at the time of high school freshmen.
came out at the hotel and one senior high school started to become a relationship, the couple had entered into a difference. It was my father
how that guy.
course, the other woman was not the mother. Of about 30 people or a company's OL was the wind.
amazement, I have become run-in on the spot.
divorced woman is bad for my partner and he expected his father to the situation, the spot went away a little earlier.
But his father arguing with me (I was one-sided blame my father) was followed for a while, I found staring at people going by, his father turned Itatamarenaku,
my went into the hotel without taking your hands. Even after his father entered the hotel on
reluctantly, my father continued to blame the affair. It was like that 怒Ritai
came to me from the hotel to his father, was seen by cheating, it was not much about anything. Just had to head down silently. I say nothing to my father
been angry increasingly Abisemashita many words to deny the whole person. I was going
situation has nearly 30 minutes.
father remained silent so far responded with kind words and I Pikun.
Honestly, I could not remember because I was too excited and say what words to say it was not.
to mutter something my father said in a voice little heard of Rhodes.
quite catch it,
"Did you say something?"
to say in an exasperated tone and
"that much to say [what?] What did you say?"
stood up and shouted, I've 食Rawase slap. I was so blown away
fell, 立Tase forced to pull my hair, my father immediately, and flat hand 殴Rishi defeated.
then dumped it began to complain to my mother and me screaming like crazy. In the meantime, let me stand 殴Rimashita many times.
afraid I could not resist.
father to throw down with me on the bed,
"were tired of so much cheating, or you can help me with an opponent" has been saying goodbye. awfully close to my father's face
鬼気, failed to escape, I was naked and fucked quickly.

My brother

May have been drunk from drinking a lot Nomasa
brother and I have ulterior motives before my brother I never drank my bad I did not think to go to bed
become Kura Kura The first sexual harassment by my brother when my brother was Omotta
H is a joke Shitarashii things, is it I could not go with the flow can shake
I was always a deep kiss
brother is my brother 押Shi倒Sa Nattarashii really care now that they are carried
naked on the bed while i was unawares as good as it is played with, where I was forbidden by my brother
insertion was done and the mess after sex
aftermath of mind is far better I think I had about two days
Iki was gradually depressed nadir <br > My brother may not have any sense of guilt


The mother has her son a massage. My son feels very good because it is enough to sleep. Shoulders, arms, hips, or more, they now say for shame.

What high school or a baby daddy ...

Or high school, I'm wondering what a baby daddy ...

In Rei Megumi or not, but now I want a baby daddy .... Even high school went anyway, I think I'll knife you're going to school also means we make babies then. Rei Megumi

like a father and husband and wife anymore. I make it obvious if a couple kids?

when you have sex with my father today [I think] Come inside Let me ask. At that time, I think that what I say or think about the reaction to see what your father.

Virile brother

I am a second-year university.
is to study hard at university because it was like working hard. In the future I want to get into the world trading Ryuu Hazime 廻Reru fly like his father. Father and mother of the family trading company, and his brother away in eighth grade (Ichiro) is a family of four.
is last Saturday. My father traveled to Sapporo
mother was alone with my Ichiro because he was absent on a trip with friends circle. After finished the dinner, we were sitting watching TV in the living room sofa. I have a love scene in
excitement of hands touching romance Warimashita sitting next to Ichiro. I also had my brother hold
Kaeshi Then, he was leaning. And I said boldly
"Hey, I did try. I want Ichiro virgin"
I was aiming Ichiro virgin. Ichiro
closer look at the face of the men were unusually virile beauty. The color black is so tight your body to exercise in the swimming club.
clearly understood that the erection can see from the top and pants by chance.
and say, he stood in front of me was excited rather than refuse. Is a large bulging front of jeans. This year we push the nose in there.
down the zipper, and knee Oroshimashita jeans. There before my eyes a blue bikini. Is clearly understood to be furious erect penis in it. The large number of stages than previous one-time boyfriend's penis. This year we push the nose to the line of the penis.
"Oh, this is the smell of Ichiro"
always had smelled an odor that he took off the bikini, and now I still wore in his smell. Junior high school and pee smell and the smell of men think. I felt that there comes suddenly wet.
I close my eyes, my nose was dumb to rely on only as much air bikini.
"I can smell Onatsu pants while I knew my sister"
when he said, surprised.
So every day after that wore the pee smell pee spilled many extraneous morning, completely wiping off semen after masturbation penis too, was also still wear the pants to confess.
so I pretend to listen so embarrassed, we were nose to toes the line of the penis. Among the penis bikini was so choking. I Nikake
bikini hand Oroshimashita slowly.
Sosori立Chimashita in front of my penis was hard as a rock. This is what seems to be a splendid tool Haarou 20 cm.
I had never seen something so beautiful up close like this. Engorgement that is exactly what it is like this.
skin perfectly and then towards the opening of my penis hungry are getting a little dark, but Shino Sugi masturbation still a virgin Komimashita parcel. I tasted the Department with a fully Tsukatsu tongue. I usually do not
rarely effusive, but rather with a cool brother, and he started violently Blow would - that I began aloud. If you look up to him with a look of ecstasy breathing heavily, has his hands firmly on my head.
was just feeling terrible.
his penis tasted of sweat and pee. Would - in his voice and breathing became harder and harder,
"ik, sister, ik!"
While hitting it began, the piston and mouth 早Memashita Orthography increasingly my tongue. My brother, Are out loudly for something hot and injection gushing inside of my mouth. It because of youth. The momentum is very odd in the amount not erupted. I drank every last drop what he is Musemashita out a little. Among drink I've ever had the strongest flavor.
He took his room pulling my hand. He
when you push me to bed, take off wildly in my upper body feels almost like a rape, violent kissed here and there.
"Ichiro, kiss me"
say he has put his tongue in my mouth without sticking out his tongue to his lips again before the match. Kissed like saliva spilling from the mouth to the side of the tongue Karame. He was biting my tongue, teeth, and does not 逃Sou from his mouth.
I did the opposite. While to kiss the hand of the Department since there was a touch on my panties.
"to take off the whole"
let Ichiro take off my skirt and panties.
moment I was naked, he was several times larger Fuffutsu breath. Seemed pretty excited. He spread my legs 思Ikkiri, let my tongue snake out there.
"Oh Oh I Aaa"
items were my voice instinctively.
"My sister, like a beautiful flower. delicious with it.'m also so Korikori clitoris"
and was impressed. He extended his tongue deep canyon in Tsukkon finger my pussy.
"really virgin?"
Ichiro I asked again and again. Was very good. 14 years really? I could not believe it. Bring a bikini and said that leaving it in his living room with Ichiro. Bring
He asked to eat pussy while Ichiro pants still smell. The best was a pleasure. Bikini while his smell, his tongue in my pussy that will crawl the
. It is also delicious, while a string of good.
also got down to 300 minutes. I went 3 times.
"My sister, can I put in?"
I asked
"it obvious"
and say, come Noridashi themselves, rely on over there now as a rock and a penis Mashita. I'm not a virgin entered without much resistance from. But with a little virgin you surprised to hear that because it was know to hang around the entrance. Moment I entered, were both
issued his voice. Department began a strong body motion. I'm going to stimulate the uterus shake violently pounding the back of the mouth of my womb stretched elastic penis larger.
"big sister, I feel really hot and shut"
he was ecstatic expression of his eyes closed again. I feel the words of his brother away more and more body movement have helped had a nice contrast to his butt. Just above my face Ichiro fearless, was moving up and down the body and swim in tight youthful honed.
"Hey, kiss me"
he asks me all over my face and licked my tongue, hard and let my tongue tangled. I like to get a hard kiss while moving your hips Morai strong.
my first experience last year, He was an instructor at universities through.
first experience was a wonderful brother and now a sex Kanaimasen.
through my brother Kakimawashimashita 30 minutes. In the meantime, I went 3 times. Quickly became more and more hip movement and breathing of the Department.
up when his penis when you ejaculate, he grabbed my boobs 思Ikkiri, I gave a scream.
He convulsed violently ejaculate while penis.
his body was wet with sweat. He has put all the weight on me. Heavy breathing while you were lying on me. Surprisingly, Ichiro was in tears.
"What happened?"
When asked, yes I was impressed by the beauty Amarino.
to him so that I love them anyway, and kissed him hard.
a shower together then. After the shampoo
with a passionate kiss in the shower head in two. Ichiro has a much higher stature than I, so I still held on his chest, hot shower was in
to come back to bed, and no one makes a 69, licking each other Aimashita. I became fascinated Ichiro penis.
"once more I do?"
He asked me so we crawled on my tongue in her pussy before I answer, this time also put a finger, tongue clitoris Rerorero with pointy.
really 14 years? This virgin?
thought so many times.
me that he has inserted his penis Yogatsu hot yet again. I am now over halfway. There is an unexpected pleasure from a different angle than the penis is more able to control this. Cried unable to hold back and I have Ichiro. Ichiro
seemed gradually approaching orgasm. I am deeply moved to the back of a horse stance more vigorously. He grabbed my breast. Hitarimashita a very great satisfaction to see that look in his ecstasy.
if you get voice, he ejaculated.
"at work"
he said, but because I was gradually approaching its zenith, as it is moving
果Temashita too hard.
again a shower together. Clothes and I slept in the arms to Ichiro. Marcolini was
brother ate. Nomerikomi while he seems. If you want to 頬張Tsu
hours of Ichiro penis.
two in the morning until the evening come back the next day my mother has been addicted to SEX. Is it going to strike
Ichiro per night. I just think there
do that Gucha, I know Gucha. It is never a bad
sister seduce brother.

Strong father

I know a great guy. Big, strong, never had seen a man more gentle.
is my father. My father was a craftsman, our company succeeded to the litter at the age of 32.
is now president of the company annual sales exceeding 50 billion. I have an accountant
company now 28 years old and his father will be OL.
I always want to watch it at home father of my favorite companies, went into his father's company. My father was a craftsman
around this me and my brother and me playing well. I love my father so
was looking forward to my father always come back early. It was a small apartment
, when I was very happy. The feeling is very cute
petite mother was acknowledged beauty in the neighborhood. The Company shall track 興Shita
father was busily every day.
late at night, playing with us anymore.
to two years, built a large house in Setagaya apartment is moved.
daily pick will be a black car to school,
from the neighborhood became known as the obsession with the princess.
luxury but was less to see the shadow of his father at home.
to hang worse, I fell sick and passed away in about half of the body is weak mother.
not even my father remarried and went over time.
and I graduated from college and employment but did not marry.
to you soon brother graduated from college and began working for his father's company.
my younger brother is married to the company immediately started dating a girl, who likes to live in an apartment and moved to two nearby
I quit working for his father to take care of it. People living with the father of two
would get lonely, it was very refreshing.
morning to make breakfast before going to the company, causing the father ate together.
always a treat to prepare the evening was very excited waiting for the return of his father.
Yes, it was a happy day like you want the newly married.
One day my father came home very drunk, Taeko has clung to see me call me. Taeko is the name of the deceased mother
My father was like watching the mother in me. I carried my father
bedroom, we tried to undress 寝Kasou.
in which the body on the bed next to my father it was a great big body.
as tangled and fall into bed, my father does not hold me 放Sou.
very strong force, but I could not move, and was not unpleasant. I have to make it easy
Remarks embrace the body and those of his father's body relax.
father has touched my body from behind.
breast and waist, with great hand to the sensitive area is increasing and at last, to come down the thin cloth Masagutsu
thick fingers.
was already wet as you can see yourself.
and hips were pushed against a hard erection of his father. Looking
hard erections that a hand behind him, it was a very long and thick.
Omoimashita to be about my arm.
it, you might fear what men think of others, if you love what my father wanted to accept
her there even if broken,
soon , We have been slowly inserted the tip of the vaginal opening is destined to have an erection that have a thick waist.
spread much hurt there is now so clogged breathing.
still seemed to be finally accepted by all. Tears spilled
Tomarimasen Why?
started out with my father, now shivering with pleasure that there was supposed to hurt me
gasped aloud as I think someone in that does not emit.
poster boy to the waist from behind the shock, I have gone in the lower body sensation that melts.
father is going to move as quickly to the deeper thrust of the vagina more. I was at the mercy of
was someone depart several times. When I think of the last
swollen erection imposed even greater depths of the uterine wall
felt a lot of sperm from being lashed with a low moan of his father.
I felt like it was my father finally got to her.

53 year old single

My marital status and children have not had a doting sister's son.
until this year, without even once married, unmarried people to me, "is flawed from the body, or can not marry, because I have bad character," or I said a lot, < br> 巡Ri会Ezu also think it's OK to marry partner turns out to be a single thing said this year 貫Ki通Shita a single result.
sister's son, my nephew is, and growing vigorously, welcome adult members of society was about, now I Ito Hukashi relationship.
sister was a nurse so, night and day is to eat at my home in the habit, when he had not become a member of society I also changed it slightly drink in my room, leaving the stream,
I now have a relationship with a nephew. Nephew came to borrow, before watching the video of sex, and want to have sex that day 無性Ni, I have to kiss his nephew had them undress. What impact
video? Cock swelled his nephew likely to explode, we stretch out to include the mouth of bittersweet. Since then, the nephew taking off clothes,
has come to hang, it rubbed the breasts, nipples sucked abandon, hands stretched shells came.
until this year, I experienced poor man cum I just touched a place like that. muddy and dirty where
nephew come to use his tongue to lick, lick me most have never been but panics, feeling away, I reached a second peak . My nephew is such
"You're pussy is a beautiful middle aged woman of the year in proportion, with it, I know the man", she said, using a tongue and fingers, to cum to me many times, leading me.
When I came inside from the back of my nephew, my pussy filled with dick and nephew, I have many times, reached a climax do not know how.
ended in me out. Loving nephew and many times, many times a week and still have sex nephew.

And one son

When your meal is a feast at a starting salary of her only son, my son, "from the mother to protect the happiness of the future" is said, I have tears of joy to overflowing.
Mother's Day approaching in May, and asked what you want from my son, "I'm happy just feeling that" had to say. Day, my son, "Let's go now to the department store" is invited, and gave me clothes to buy. Thank you again and again say thank you, I grew up feeling paid off so far with difficulty. A son, "I do thank the good" and asked her son is "separate" was only answer. That night, "I thank you" and to say thank you, and suddenly my son, "Mother," has clung to say. A son, "You mother, no good," but heeding Moraezu and soothing, I love my son to accept. Husband after the death, eight years and gave his son is kept Kita Misao.


The son of a woman who loves the cock. My husband's affair and part of the workplace and can not go home. Directed to put her husband in frustration, became friends with my son.

Memories of hot spring trip

During my honeymoon, every night, was asked if my husband left. Able in six children of the poor 子沢山. My husband died three years ago. Recently, hot spring trip took me to the 48-year-old son. You were sleeping in a smeared Mountain Food Japanese food and sake with a focus on wild plants and mushrooms in season. Chilly, and I wake to 素裸, and son naked next to it, "Well, what is it," I cried out involuntarily. Challenged son hit his finger in your mouth "Oh Shush" and. Chin bar and erection of a son already, "Mother," he said, has been interrupted by inserting them into the legs and body. Was expressionless for a while, to use a rhythmic hip son, was needed. When you receive a large amount of semen, forget the shame, thinking "Are there" had to speak out. My son, "the mother passed away" instead of his son 抱Kitsukimashita asked to respond. My son gave me that night in bed holding me. The acceptance of a long time, I feel the joy of a second woman.


Beautiful autumn day is the day fresh, working from the morning, had been around noon. After the shipment, I should have after the harvest of the field and at-home care. Then the father,
Oh, I forgot to come miso. I'm going to take a moment out of the way you do me the eggplant's 暁美 Moi? "
Went back home and say this. Moi was the eggplant I was left alone in the field.
eggplant is fresh and in the field of chemical-free, eat it raw. During lunch, my father was wearing a bite homemade miso eggplant determined.
should tell the father as I had the eggplant Moi. To see the long thick piece of eggplant, has become a little weird.
Meanwhile, in a game of baseball is doing a hobby Akira Taku husband broke a leg twist at the base and slipped into the home, had been forced to live on crutches. The course was not ready for sex.
me the male, they had built up considerable desire. I looked around. Fortunately, the surroundings will be found because it is surrounded by peach trees. Fifteen minutes later as the father should come back too.
my pants and panties down to work thighs, fingers stimulated squirrel ○ chestnut. Then, the solution had accumulated love has been flowing at a stretch. Just put a little force to the crotch Ategatsu large eggplant thick for me, as I slip into the application and cranes.
Oh, oh, oh ... "
voice ran out of myself. And premature natural hand movements. Stirring up the drenched inside, cum in me that I had eggplant masturbation. Discard the eggplant in a hurry out of sight and waited for my father as if nothing had happened.
as I thought my father came back for about fifteen minutes. Innocently eating lunch, I had a lingering feeling of masturbation. I closed the taste
Barenakatta the father by the father's eyes and stealing from them, had become a vegetable Moida abuse. Cucumber, carrot and corn .... But where to put the sweet potato masturbation finally after several months that I had found a father.
Oh, 暁美's, what? "
Father was upset, but became quickly look erotic. Akira Taku had to have heard a young father is cheating on you ladies looked terrible, but until now I have one side of the father suddenly appeared was hidden.
Ouou, potatoes contain lewd Okkina also Dano's like this ... 暁美 O "
Mushaburitsui father has stood on my ass. And take a sweet potato from my hand, I started out with.
Oh, oh, your father's, stop ... "
I would not want to really stop.暁美's than this imo, good thing you want more? "
Stepfather said to laughter and indecent Hihihitsu stand.
not, What good things? "
It reminds me of the father working trousers and pants down and stood up Zurutsu. The groin was the black shiny thing hanging huge. Eggplant was just like when I first used to masturbation

No lie

"Mother," "Well, you really? Parents we'll" I'm everyone. "" Do not lie. That. Never lie. " "It is true, I'm the mom, so I put to everyone." "Well, Did not you stop"


Miss two months to pay off their debts in Pinsaro husband. One week ago, my son came to the store. Restaurant is dim and dark, more private, I understand where my son was naked and lingerie that wore off, jump out immediately, and another woman got 事Naki turnover. That night, I did not like to meet her son is back home. My son is still anxious about what I noticed.

You care

Recently, signs of feeling like my son is trying to somehow become concerned about her son's behavior.

His sons

I was exposed to sex slavery and I'm going to shoot straight with you. The MILF is currently
I just turned 40, my husband is sick and died two years ago.
to say it was a quiet student was engaged in studying people. To tell truth, and my husband died
居Masu my previous marriage and four children together there is a difference in 20-year-old remarried.
We currently live in one of four men three women. Is not just a daughter of her husband disappeared at the beginning of last year, now three remaining sons are slaves of our.
over three years is between 22 and 24 year old 30 year old son. There was also the first time
time was ready to leave the house to myself I was almost home confinement
feet shackled to the two hands in handcuffs, leaving three days Sometimes there is crying
now staying at home when those fetters are not wearing clothes that we become the prey of his sons cock turns not allowed. Shin is the first
being told my husband that is also your fault when it was suppressed by violence, sometimes when I thought about committing suicide. Only recently
I enjoy every day we sent to you because I got to take me to go shopping or karaoke and free. We all live in harmony
what can act as a woman from the shame I threw away too.
SM in the house no doubt you'll feel like you think have good exposure in the video is complete,
something all hair was removed with tweezers, so the pussy is then shaved all Otosa Shaved of all state,
worst of it dripping with blood every time I walk at the time of the most troubled period tampon
only recently that we have these days is nothing Underwear is called underwear most recently without feeling we need to run out without buying. When you go out
underwear under her skirt and blouse or a full monty svnversion course. When you go to where its state. Only
nipples pantyhose when they're probably the tea in a coffee shop off the court from the cold We wear the exposed state,
Orimashita to mind first, but, like I said lady Since I abandoned my shame as I am afraid that anything is possible. Recently
But when I die is the greatest pleasure that the cock is inserted at night with his sons. I also have also been ordered to do what is not in pain. Recently
at bringing more friends in addition to his sons and son sex is also a time when turnover Komu example cock sucking position 6.
is no reason now, I cry every day and put the lives of drool dripping pussy is like a happy family that would be called crazy not you guys seen from one day to everyone
I have also changed in life also took down the runaway state
is now everywhere drooling over the mouth and lower mouth are Yusura in a big vibrator pierced nipple attached.


I am a hairdresser at the age of a 51 ×.
are engaged in small shops and beauty in the suburbs. Will talk to you my shameful past. nympho
be despised and is probably your own risk. My name is Yumi Makoto
name. Now parents have been living together. Ichiro
grade son is now two junior high school. I'm the father of her son
son actually. That will be another 14 years.
five years and life because estranged husband's affair, it was in the divorce.
one year since the first experience for high school and did not touch a man's skin is five years I never had no sex thing for a month.
thirst, the men who would understand Idakenai.
the first person you put in the photo masturbation young talent.
But So not satisfactory to the rotor, I escalated and vibes. Adult shop I bought that night I endured the embarrassment I had no time ecommerce. When first put
thick vibe, much of it is pleasant! Feverishly rubbing, euphoria and Ino Hukashi to 仰Ke反Tsu! Was as hazy.
"Mom, Mom, are you okay?"
come round and suddenly the voice called, stood beside his son.
vibes my crotch exits a covered soup was a roaring standing still vibrating.
"Mom, are you okay? I was screaming?"
me, it seemed to scream frantically.
eyes looking down to my naked son had been glued to my crotch. I was his son's legs are inflated as much as Chang Chi 切Ren.
"Hazime Ken-chan, I beg your pardon me, I could not stand the"
apologized and said hugging her son.
At that time, and trembling hips Bikun son,
"Ah, ah ~ Tsu"
I screamed a little, I hurriedly pressed to his groin.
Tsukimashita nose smells faintly of semen. G I let my son take off down the zipper of bread. My son followed in silence.
pants down moment, a strong smell of semen? Also, his penis was surprised
son thought I was a child growing up in what seems to be a splendid tool Moarou 20 cm.
little boy covered his son with a sticky semen covered with snow, from the tip of the glans is the rest of the semen was pouring out yet! I, at that moment was to her mother, forget it.
my head was in contact with men is five years gone wrong in an intense smell of semen.
first time with his son in a daze Wushe a little boy, lick clean the semen taken with Matowari. My son surprised to

"Mommy, dirty!"
"I'm from the semen of her 汚Kunai Hazime Ken"
and raised to dump the rest of the semen to kiss her son's face looking up at the glans.
to raise a faint voice, a little boy, grew bigger and Muku Muku. Even though it was d
years in junior high school was about the sky stretched out of his glans Kina Hiroshi Ella.
· · · 狂Imashita!
"Hazime Ken-chan, give comfort to mom?"
"Mom Tsu!"
押Shi倒Shimashita son screaming and hugging on the bed with me.
But I attach a bank penis butt.
"Hazime Ken-chan, do it slowly"
led to sexual intercourse with a hand on my son likes penis.
At that moment, was suddenly thrust from the base.
"Oh Yeah Daily! ~'ll have more slowly!"
, but his son continued to shake the hips in absorbed anymore. The penis hard butt 付Ka
uterus was holding my son with me in a daze too.
"Eh ~'ll poke more! Eh ~'ll poke all the way!"
was shouting like crazy.
and I felt that my son was screaming in my ear I heard a short. I could see the moment coming up around the mouth full of hot semen womb
"'ll Ikuuu ~!"
I have already reached its culmination in the back let 仰Ke反Ra hard. Ear
"Haatsu, Haatsu"
heard heavy breathing and his son.
many times that night, I received many times the sperm of her son. Was the day of ovulation. Perhaps this ties in with my son first
for pregnancy.
But from that day two years ago, my son was getting married the day before the intersection with my son.
And while going to honeymoon son Kenichi, Ichiro Emashita suck dick six years of elementary school had a peek at Kenichi sex with me.
And one week later, I was straddling the hip shake, Ichiro in the bathroom. How can you be abused and sex maniac.
I can not stand. I got to the intersection between child and son was not a human. I think this dirty blood
Yu Dzuri eloped with a young man abandoned by his mother at age four my children. Kenichi and 6th grade Akezu 3 days 51 SEX-year-old still is engaged in.
But Kenichi give birth to children because they no longer are over period.
I wanted to publish to everyone that the world may be crazy for this girl. Thank you for reading

Of persons with disabilities

yuna himekawa[20770]
I am a 29 year old nurse working at Metropolitan Hospital.
ever heard comes into the back of the information society in this world. The trouble with his wife
home one of them people with disabilities.
parents to make yourself the trouble seems to be handling your child reached puberty sex.
now do so to help the work done for people with disabilities of volunteers said that sex was not until recently in Japan.
people in the world but is Teru You often have the wrong perception,
volunteers and the assistance that sex is only sex and abuse, and to a sex partner never. From there go to
assistance to go to love hotel but a couple with disabilities, assistance will not be done with a couple of sexual positions,
young people go to shop but to go to sex shop assistance and go, people can not help getting in masturbation, which has assisted many other variety is just a few.
disability but it is supported by saying that reality is just a few.
to children who have mental retardation and those I know well.
the son to act now to hug my crotch and pressed against female employees of the facility to reach puberty and Tokoro Tooru. Tamarikaneta
wife is telling his son that it's an act of sacrifice, and gave it the first time to masturbate with the intention to teach.
first to act now embracing also seems to have been effective immediately, is likely to 見Kaneta wife had to handle a fast son of the second and third.
son is likely to become of them then do get often thinks of his mother for treatment if they act a hug. I like it a vicious circle. feel sorry for the late son
Then some point is likely to perform sex had become. I'm a downright sad conclusion. When pregnant with
among these flows, should mention before'm like a child born of a failure, I think really good birth?
Well, I think that the pregnancy is already a sin, yet parents?
born with disabilities or as a loving responsible parent can understand.
however, must be to respect social morality.
social problems if there is a resolution able to fit into your own heart is not life.
about contraception at least a minimum standard for doing so please.
are somehow made me think there is a familiar story told

Seductive Sun

I was expecting it, suddenly you really do not know.
was about two months before the boarding house of the college entrance examination for master's nephew.
mean that I take at home using my mind is quiet for Orimashita.
something that might feel the occasional glance, it did not particularly care.
day, and those stains are removed from the basket to the laundry in the morning as usual
my underwear was Nebatsuita part about it is dirty fluid in there yet embarrassing .
It was soon discovered that the smell of male semen.
And the smell of my husband and had issued a more intense smell different.
that polluted the young nephew now has guessed right, I have my heart pounding with shame
become suddenly aware that the young man was also an awkward gesture eyes adapt.
wearing a short skirt or with young eyes a little bit from the morning light makeup
inadvertently myself and was able to see the underwear on the couch a little while their feet combined.
nephew shoot lower body and feel, and found that Juwa wet and Kuhn come instinctively. Now I masturbate with
remember what went into the bedroom to care. It is also repeated when more
masturbate three times a day, want to be caught in the genitals of a young man gradually hard
now consider.
and was finally committed yesterday.
husband can not travel back in one week. I might have been what they expected.
shoot and also felt that evening in the kitchen preparing dinner. I was dressed far
's prone to knife-edge in a little short skirt.
I pretend to look for something under the sink on purpose, dressed protruding buttocks with knees on the floor that seems to
underwear ass.
already underwear to see how it should have. Looking down at his nephew was looking askance eye. If you keep pretending
look further at the floor 押Shi倒Sa suddenly grabbed from behind your body. What are you doing
I surprised! And exclaimed, let me! Overhanging
have shouted out over the body.
been violently taking off clothes, shorts skirt was pulled down in 捲Ra.
had lower body with blood in one's eye view of me naked, grasp her hand and reach out to move and hide
is pressed against the floor, I had a hard guy突Ki立Te have to crotch. Shortly
refuse, to stretch out violently inserted was ejaculate in Atto言U間Ni.
found to be nailed to the wall of the vagina is hot stuff and working hard Hikuhiku genitals of a man still in there many times. I thought I put a lot
, things will start moving quickly rather than hardness does not change at all.
Moreover, the speed of projection seemed hard to get my lower body to another living creature. My nephew
repeated time and again to ejaculate, I distracted by the desire to take the gang rape was an act
it for so strong a man's sexual desire but I did not. Then one week
underwear at home with me soon, continued to be committed. I think that probably 50 times
ejaculate in my body.
kitchen, toilets, even in the parking lot under her skirt so that it is not violated at any time with anything.
five times a day now I will ask.
has flowed from there throughout the day sperm.

My discourse incest

"Mom, please, from at least once, life's wish." Three years have passed since then.

My family

I am a 24 year old married woman.
marriage matchmaking for college at the same time. He was an 28-year-old who graduated from government officials during his son took after the old family doctor. The other family was the second wife
years away I Hito回Ri perfect college professor father. My husband is like a certain actor in over 180 face height, I decided to get married for the first time it was commensurate with my taste.
my first experience since the eighth grade, I worked with from more than 20 had no honeymoon wedding night, but nothing until I thought I asked for a date in the body.
But her husband was forced to leave the first night screaming from the first great technique did not remember so many times reached its zenith. 20 inch cock and was pretty close.
10 days of their honeymoon to Europe, people are asked many times every night, when the home was three miles of skinny.
expected but then returned to place two days now, still awesome.
But once a month, I have my husband home for a sleepover.
father was fine but I was quite mysterious, and pry into asking why I was bad. But that day six months ago, I was gone along with her husband.
弾Mimashita even chatting about wine and dinner at four.
mustering in the living room when cleaning is also already done, I suddenly began to kiss my husband. A dense tangle his tongue kiss too! ?
hands of her husband is starting to sway into the vagina from the opening of my panties without hesitation lifted my skirt! ?
"Stop! ~ Tsu Oh no!"
My husband even took off pants pants before I knew it.
And I was the mother cock sucking husband's example of dilation! ?
are licking their faces buried in the crotch of her mother and father! ?
violently shaken by her husband, my vagina was a sloppy start dripping love juice.
"Father, I'm ready"
husband's voice saying? ? ?
face lift and was buried in the crotch of a father-mother, took me to pressure her husband had been pressed down.
"Aa ~ Tsu No!"
want things imposed stiff and my legs and cry and came all the way to break in at once the father thick huge dick.
"Uuu ~'ll meet!"
仰Ke反Tsu I involuntarily screamed a huge blow to them.
father is intense, but unlike my husband, I did not rub it gave the advantage of a long stroke that cock!
"Stop! Stop! Stop ~ !····"< br> before I knew it was shaking the hips turn together while holding hands with my father back.
The mother is beside her husband while exploiting
"Ah! there! Oops! An ... Oh Yeah! U ~ Utsu die!"
while listening to her mother's Lovely Voice, Lovely Voice was raised to match the end of my father even unawares.
"Here we go!"
according to her husband's voice saying,
"in there! ~ I'll Give in!"
mother's Lovely Voice!
"Ugh!" "Uuu ~ Utsu die!"
"I give!"
When the father heard a voice say, I have become nothing more 判Ranaku Somehow, without holding was attached.
when I felt something warm in the vagina spread, Don and violently thrust up and was just speechless 仰Ke反Tsu the euphoria.
noticed when I was embraced by her husband.
in the vagina penis into her husband was. according to the end of her husband

"Ah! there! Oh! Oh! there !·········"< br> Embraced by the father that night with her husband several times Come inside continued.
soon, the couple started living together we got to the husband's family moved to.
twice a week, we will begin the evening of sex is a four crazy.
and I was pregnant. Husband? The father?分Rimasen. It is now five months pregnant
sex once a night.
has put out so you have cum in my mouth instead of husband and father.
mother is now 43 years old, who has gone well in our discreet and elegant. It is like my family

Beloved father

Beloved father-friendly, two years have passed. 65-year-old father has strong energy, not the day my husband is the father spent most of the room.

Father's bedfellow

Is that the other day. I stopped by going to work with my mother, "I wonder if my dad was a woman?" I have been consulted.
I said, "Do not tell me? no way that I can do ~!" but I say smiling, was pounding on the inside. Because women and because it is my father.
But, my mother had heard that this is because it wanted to cut out a divorce from my father is happy now.
mother that the house just is not going to play mostly with friends, and my father many years ago was sleeping in separate rooms, only robots I pay into the house of my father I have not found only in much or something.
even when I was 40 degree heat flu nightmare in my father, "very Utsuttara" Just, let alone take him to the doctor, I had to go out and travel around.
also had an affair with my father, was at the time of the flu.
not stay home on behalf of my mother, my father took care of me at work and rest.
attitude toward the mother's father daily, as a girl, but awful as a woman I thought I made the same father and are pained to see a high fever, my mother and father even more angry to have pity on Susan.
are a couple of days of high fever followed by night, caught a fever three days.
that I give to clean yourself,
"Looks like you like a mother"
with the wry smile and his father.
"cautiously? I'll become a good wife, what were really"
myself why, I said I did not know that. Those words were out of his mouth without thinking.
I was surprised that I told her I would say what was just his father's face. I was staring at my father's face.
a while, staring at each other just out of that match, I looked up from Iki close for a kiss.
not touch the lips and light one, too, was a fierce tongue hungrily will be involved from the beginning.
"I wonder what you have," but I think in my head, the body will not stop looking for him. My father seems to
puzzled, I had to stop somehow, even without regard to approaches that I violently, and finally hugged me from my father, a breast and honey pots gently caress me.
to truly put the penis, I was still hesitant, coupled with the force that I was on the middle.
father and tried to overtake the moment of ejaculation the penis, the body I was feeling fine Ikimashita father kept pressing it hot.
Since then, father and going to the hotel to meet after work, my mother fast asleep after SEX 見計Ratsu that relationship continues and the like. While the eyes of my mother stole
SEX is a very stimulating and exciting, is still my father got a divorce with my mother, I want to live alone with two as soon as possible.


Why, I wonder because it's useless 愛Shi合Ttara uncle and niece? Why would occur around the eye color change?
I've also loved his uncle more than 30 different years. When I entered college, I was late, saying congratulations, went for dinner.
only two, while watching the night, drinking wine, and conversation became obsessed with food, even too much of a forgotten time.
"Take a room," What do you mean it too soon for me to understand, I conducted after my uncle.
a toast with wine in the room, to kiss, my uncle had undress. My first experience
partner in his uncle, long accustomed to only two people, and I embraced the joy that my uncle was dying with joy after a long time.
uncle in bed while my body and I feel sure, are licking tits hanging wine, lick the hanging, repeated licking breasts sprinkled with wine from the stomach,
plenty of wine in my jungle over, when you put the wine into the vagina and the acme body burning hot, I was in agony, began using his tongue licking Chirochiro and uncle,
突Ki進Mi my body all at once at the height, Lift yourself in the foot, more, more ~ ​​lick and was screaming.
wine placed in the vagina several times, tongue and mouth to suck their uncle, who seems happy in it, and now uncle dick sprinkled wine I drink I got to taste.
but gradually increases in the mouth, ready to go into orgasm, my penis wine sprinkled uncle, repeatedly increasing and decreasing in the mouth, father 叔
Strikes I got into, I became the acme wine soaked, my uncle came into the penis and there.
scorching heat, feel the penis is rubbing his uncle at a time, we 上Ri詰Me emotion, clung to my uncle at a stretch peak pick. Eventually, the uncle put an end to my face.
I clean my uncle cock in the mouth.
loving times, have never eternally, to enjoy sex, I went to a prisoner of his uncle. It was found by his mother
of all the relatives gathered, as I judge from the date of trial is not the only family member having sex with anyone.
ruled by his uncle in my mind and body, except the uncle accepted.


I am 34 years old, a drought, 21 years old, divorced years ago, military wedding
only son, 14 year old junior, who lives 2

Recently, as a man my son I now see.
that taking a bath together, and his son have changed recently.
little boy grows hair, little boy has become an adult.
together and contained, we may have rigidly large.
would want to feel in the mouth without thinking.
, but to endure.

Son as a toy

I live with my son who was two year college. It is like a good mother like lovers. There is also a little touchy
with moderation. Last week it was taking a nap when you 済Mashi housework. I'll have to stop by his son
body massage as usual. I had a cool T-shirt under a sweatshirt.
hips and calves were prone to fall asleep right away and get another dreamy dreamy state of mind in Motegi massages.
can stretch as far as the hips and thighs critical finger. I feel that hand movements were very naughty recently,
while a bit scary, if you escalate,, was a little nervous. In addition to the likely fall asleep comfortably,
felt the heat is rubbed around the waist. Instead of rejecting the "no sauce." I had to wiggle back. My son was on his back.
been helped and now it has come back in front of each finger. Both of abnormal state of excitement. Innovation finally googled the vagina and fingers of my son,,,. The leg is completely closed
Omowazu not. The sweat is just as wet fingertip Ugomekimashita. I was desperate to keep the voice. I do not know what
state two of them anyway. My son has been out a solution. As clown pants off,
I had my hand held out longer frightened respectable penis. My son is in the fingertips and my sweat. I could not suppress the voice anymore.
release brought something wrapped in his hands of her son. About two years that I played with clit honesty. Long time did not feel totally cut off from the previous guy.
treated with tissue, I would like to excuse myself I'm like a mutual masturbation. But my son is lying to me, I had been taking off the sweatshirt.
are still bare legs open lower body, you no good! I had to keep a finger on the mercy of his son's words in vain.
penis is still not allowed into, I think a matter of time.

My son

After getting the device to set ○ son, now 2 years now.
now 21-year-old son, I am 47 years old.
son in energy are the most active time now that I am seeking an outlet for their sexual desires that you know are going.
Some day I want to have to stop, my son has a high back, and a muscular physique, to go from a cute child is still not clearing is also good at relationships and knowing not allowed.
husband, but it is still work in relation to house only one or two days in the month does not come back. Came back home after a long night, the source set of masters and there ○,
other days are the same as lossless ○ housewives public session, there were only comfort myself.
Nonetheless, I would like to set the device ○ my own son, did not dreamed up.
cried while holding back the joy in being unable to pierce the secret of the son born to his son and the first night, suddenly came on a sudden nothing.
one night, and I have a bath, I heard rattling in the dressing room rather Innovation, looking for the eyes are open a little glass doors should be closed, <br > There is a vague shadow of his son across the frosted glass, move your hands and lower body was naked Shikoshiko.
and take a look into the gap of the door, but I do naked peek into the dressing room had a son Since when, I was masturbating with my underwear off fresh. I have a cute face
slender son, Peter the size of the database ○ amazed.
I had an erection and, of course, I saw a sad face with a masturbation device while holding a pair ○ warped like a long thick nose goblin,
voices I 出Se I've seen so far as to leave no son ejaculation. I am also upset
the event of a sudden, I keep saying what you 分Ranai "by ear! riding are you doing!" just cast out from the spot and scolding her son is just Although I,
I've looked at have my underwear masturbation with my son, even out of the bath, the pounding heart is still not subsided. I
bedroom while Bodikeakurimu painted, Remember the scene can see now, "He wants to I'm sure my database and set ○" I thought. Just the thought of such a thing
, as the excitement welling been tightening in the chest, hand cream unconsciously, from the breast nipple, the back of the bushes and soft,
to the vaginal opening proceeded with the massage was a crack and chestnut.
"If, come into the bathroom naked son in that time, I was being forced into force this time, I wonder what had become the" head Let your imagination in 巡Ra,
I became increasingly absorbed, remove the vibe of a very thick hide that dresser drawer, pushing into the vaginal opening, deliberately and slowly began to insert.
"device is long and thick ○ son Peter had seen it, but hole slowly pushing my vagina, has been gradually invaded all the way"
"Ah! ... is hitting the back of the vagina is the son of Peter ○ device "
" has dedicated her son did not sit with "
obscene things that I imagined I moved the vibe so much in my excitement had gone to more and more.
breasts and nipples while caressing one hand, I have the legs to open out the vibe, you've Hadake bathrobe was already almost half-naked in his crazy.
full spread in the body gradually pleasure, euphoria began to come like fluffy clouds floated,
was once thought.
Lovely Idol that voice screaming so insidiously, they stood behind his son, take off your pants and wildly, pushing the bed raised to embrace me, looms I've seen.
still unsure what is what, I took the body has already reached its climax, as its urgent, with a hand on his son Peter ○ device was pressed against my vaginal opening .
came suddenly twisted into the hole is pounded into my vagina ○ 濡Resobotta source is hot son Peter, as I was violently thrust out many times in the swell of the back wall of mind-boggling enough pleasure wave,
aloud whether the new long and deep shame he felt the height was clinging to the back of his son.
son had been hit several times dick hot, and I've been kissed me suddenly, "Ah, mother!'m!" 言I放Chi and I "go! out!" to meet his son As said,
My son and I almost simultaneously, pick the best climax, the son of a hole in my vagina Dokun, Dokun, Dokun, and has put a lot of hot semen.
burned out after all, still led his son to keep my lower body, "I'm glad my mother," he said Potsuri and has been slowly sucking my nipples. ○
device that 納Matsu son Peter in my vagina to recover quickly and hardness, and the piston started again son, I have my son back legs entwined hungrily more pleasure to, I feel ashamed about.
After all, three times a day for the first time that day with my son slept hugging each other naked in my bed.
next day, the day my husband is not now able to sleep in my bedroom with my husband and son.
I have come to call home after a long time my husband and my son before my husband comes back, I keep a database session ○ next morning and left home, husband, Jealousy baked,
to my naked lower body sent the owner a head outside the front door, door knob 掴Mara we are coming up later inserted.
a few hours before, to the master database and set ○, 火照Tsu While still wet the vagina, lower body is naked on a doorstep, and now his son is set to device ○ The mean, the, will so excited.
I could hear the neighbors in front of the house, butt sticking out his son would just feel really excited to eat pussy and my tongue is my son.
hard to come by inserting the device and out from behind his son Peter ○, no longer take it anymore, but sometimes had to raise their voices,
think is suspicious neighbors While I am I worried about, and be 責Metate, they feel it unnecessary.
son is very anxious about how my husband and I set the device ○ day my husband came home.
and once at around 1:00 am and go to the bathroom, they occur in living son, beckoning me to call in, put your finger in my vagina suddenly, "
now, and my father I did it, "are you saying to the test. Jealousy
I burned a son, it just glad I somehow, and thinking about his future or
, scary to feel like, Yamenakya longer sometimes think.
But the body is hugged his son, and begins to caress the body, the body has gone without permission and if, still can not even stop,
ahead, and my son on earth to escalate far How will has become more 分Ranaku.

I love brother 3

Hiroshi Makoto is very happy to become a slave of my brother.
revived thread in it was using disappeared.


Made away with my son's relationship to one higher I can not stop prior to the body.
is taking off underwear at night, and I think my husband (my husband is something that comes from always sudden.)
in the mood but I also think that when you're sleeping with, "Oh, you Tsu Goi is, I feel good. "I noticed it,
husband and a different feeling, but my husband wanted most was stabbed in the back reach, it has been stuck 思Ikkiri," <br > Oh, lately you! decent! "gone from saying things like, no! No! Noticed.
could see his son face to catch a man's body. I scream for 怒鳴Ritai, as his son would this fit in a trap action had to get stuck back into the mouth
, tightly closed mouth had nothing to say, "Don Don "lost the momentum that comes nailed, I finally got out loud.
thing that has to peek and bathroom and dressing and naughty underwear or if I have to know Orimashita,
did not expect to come this far, which will be up to for so pleasant and I would, without What I have really bad, is bound to be played with the adjustments,
"feels good!" "pussy feels so good!" and told her to end up like they are,
was filled with broken dismiss a lifting force to come out so it is said that from her son while out.
what my husband and I wanted to say that, but it still to taste the sensation of ejaculation hot hitting into the uterus momentum,
son's incredible momentum, what is hot 突Ki抜Ka exposure to springing onto taste sensation, there is no worry of pregnancy,
was Kuni Kitsu aloud to hug his son. "It will feel good?'re Pregnant?" 応Etaku not feeling anything,
it helped to be a grudge against his body filled out, his sons are taking photos with their mobile, the tears came out Mashita.

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[20381]
With stealthy steps after noon, my brother comes into my room, hand tools have many.
unusual brother and I have a relationship.
brother by closing my mouth with a towel, mini and tying the hands, use a toy to tease me.
paste it in duct tape to make a toy snake body, the rotor orgasm Then, put the vibe, tamp down on tape. Because the mouth contains
towels, mini voice put out their hands in too inconvenient to move around because they are bound,
times, peak pick, even if you want to remove Even my brother noticed the mouth, hands and useless: some off depending on the mood, might be intact.
heartily, my brother played the mini-towel and pull out of the mouth, this time coming into the towel instead of a mini-penis. If you put up the throat,
saying I Egee bald, penis licking, my brother in the mouth, spit in the vicinity of the throat. Soon I will swallow it spit
brother once put into a toy, this time the vibe and anal orgasm, keep moving both hands, until I begged, my brother runs a toy again and again.
Kiri Hitoshi, and now the end of the play using your fingers touched my brother acme acme Hikuhiku that many times, using a tongue licking the incoming abandon. acme
first, it will put stet anal ends in me out.
mood coming into my room at my brother several times a month.

My discourse incest

Sought when I thought my son against my husband will not be lonely, became friends.

What good is it?

New semester beginning, my son began to attend high school.
train and go to school, I entered the same as in the middle school soccer club,
back on weekdays at 7:00, 8:00 and slower now. What training
Again it tough, or they've slept in the bathtub from the back,
by leaving the room and desk lights, or they may sleep.

even come looking for my body, but now only the day before the holiday weekend nights.
practice or game or if there is even Sundays and holidays, away to bed early,
was going on or if I am the only one. in such

, Golden Sun will soon say, We have received a phone call from my local police.


I have two years of primary school.
to me, but every evening my brother down in to 2 SEX.
chance, because I saw my brother masturbating accident. This is when things
last summer.
night, too hot to sleep so I took the cold barley tea in the fridge that went into the kitchen.
finished drinking, you go back to my room, my brother from the room was something strange atmosphere. I heard groans glance is like a nightmare or a dream that?
thought, I'll try to threaten, the door opened. Then my brother watching
hanging on the wall above the bed, saw the figure, such as those touching the stomach area. What are you doing
? Slide your pants you look closely, often with his right hand holding a little boy, and was moving up and down. The other
left, things have something like a piece of cloth, was devoted to his mouth.
faster movement of the hand gradually, over and cover things like the little boy had been devoted to the mouth piece of cloth, and hand movements are strikingly intense
"Ugh ーー'll う"
and admiration for a halt.
brother still did not leave upturned. I have this
Could this man masturbation? I saw my brother masturbating
heard from a friend did I dream.
Moreover, in two! ejaculation
Did not know really what is what translation is already close to his brother 近寄Rimashita gently against the wall that I wanted to be seen.
brother was not aware at all.
and covered with a little boy's rag, but I understand that something has changed colors soaked.
but carefully, to explore rag somewhere that
I have seen it! Today, I had to wear my underwear was.
"I do not use strange thing!"
I say.
brother, surprised Shitarashiku mess, and tumbled out of bed
"whoof! Since when I come in?"
knees in fright was saying.
snatching the underwear I was holding my brother left it immediately
"Ah there, so I got up!"
did say this.
"Tomorrow, I'm telling mom! I prepared to leave!"
Leaving those words, put the kick has been stunned by her brother, returned to his room with underwear. I observed carefully
Bettori underwear with semen from her back to the room.
and slimy to the touch by hand, but hey, I felt like pulling the string. The smell of semen
I went to get icky. It
odor, like something spinning, yet was attractive smell. my dick is throbbing with
and that smell, I feel myself.
unawares, but got the hands smell of semen, I was masturbating.
And remember devoted to masturbation dick while his brother went to the sperm directly
underwear after a few minutes and foot when I myself was almost Iki, a sign of life felt.
Yes, because I forgot to lock the door closed, and now I've seen my brother masturbating.
And also my brother masturbating while watching, I was a little boy Shigoi.
something to look at it, I'm feeling terrible burst

"My mom came here from saying"
and says his brother came in the silence. I

"little boy, I'll be in touch, touch"
from it, or what happened, I do not remember much.
air could pass, but on my little boy's brother
brother was working to dick. I know it is not translated into the vagina, penis is hitting your dick is so hot.
I gave him his brother led the little boy in hand.
"There coming"
think, It was a terrible pain.
But the next moment, my brother and me hot dick around Gaji ow are you ejaculate.
then until the day dawn for sex.
In the beginning, but contains little boy a little while until it was gradually repeated ejaculation ejaculation, longer, and it came to dawn into the whole.
hell, my brother many times did you ejaculate? I do not remember.
dick too me, and his brother Jim Johnson, to bed, the sheets on and sticky gooey love juice in my semen! It was really amazing
smell. (However, this smell, I love!)
The next day until early afternoon, both of whom were sleeping.
Later, during the summer vacation, will go out to work when my parents and my brother in the day, granted leave to have sex!
And I totally did not contraception.
since the end of summer vacation, but while I did not.
(just during the period! Inakutsu pregnant and I'm glad!)
period since the end of the night to turn again.
course, now contraceptives (condoms) to now.
(if you are pregnant so much!)
However, the younger brother
"put out into the condom is no fun (気持Chi良Kunai!)"
say so, make sure your mouth once We would live in the ejaculate.
(I also love it!)
These days, the moment you pull your dick go! Many things have become so attached to live to see the technique.
Hey, is the difference between a little boy better live comfortably, but I'm worried! Mr. Happy
also, very good compared to the beginning!
taste of semen may be, may be different than that from the start?
Until now, I had sex with people other than my brother does not. Same as me
brother. Life is no longer
SEX be incredibly passionate about. This is thought
same as his brother.

Is this a slave girl

I finished early! You're at the next knot.
果Temashita violently into the piston with a man inside of me.
comes hard and is thrust into the man's cock as soon as the end of the next one. whenever the sound is caught
Yuguchuto Kaki回Sa Yamaguchi is a lot of sperm in there. Meanwhile
looking at the ceiling, but only wait patiently for men to do one's desires.
But sexuality in young boys does not end once or twice.
time without any rest, I repeat many times to ejaculate into my body and inserted into another.
their son and his friends are few.
me to get into the sperm in the urine collected on a daily basis, it comes to committing there.
I am a woman is like a public toilet just get trapped in a man's sperm.

I really enjoy

Husband and seven years, we have already separated.
's good or bad does not matter which one now.
from appearances is important, I think of you and I have divorced my husband.
The house is built on the same site and our parents, like son
accommodating mother was raised.
honest, I did not like little kids parenting impossible. Not cute
likes you, a place to play gave many
had not heard from the mouth barely Satoru Naka about it.
I have become a fashion store owner whose father is pretty busy.
honest, I have lost a man there is no overlap in recent years.
I would have knew her mother well.
son in high school, parents are secret, a very intense fight with several
. Satoru Susumu and things go on like "a man do crazy, even though he, Enda Shut it." Considerable opposition was like a son.
But gradually as the drinking becomes
relationship of the two students began to approach it.
drinking again and has a living that we have hugged and kissed him
son. Some mothers would have leveled
about kissing.
But I made deep kiss tongue tangled.
not thought that there was a little bit, I could not reject the hand of his son is growing up skirt pillow, I had been at the mercy of her son. My son just
suddenly, thrust my cock, you were screaming out in desperation and bad.
son and I returned to my room to be satisfied.
Since then, my son is in the state had come to attack you when 分Ranai.
meet with men, might seem to strike suddenly and come back at night.
morning before going to university, it also pushed into my mouth.
but I was a little tired of sex, has become a very good stimulus.

Not only

Currently 38 years old, is one. I went overseas bachelor endless.
seem to feel left one son, but my son's 5th grade year.
together is when the rest Always alone, and even take a bath together. When taking a bath
are going to always thoroughly wash every inch. The penis of course.
Yarimasu drank semen in the mouth, so you always have to increase.
repeatedly asks for immediate and energetic. The other day I
be welcomed not want a penis and finally I both knew that Ikiritatta.

SEX with brother

I really stop, can not stop having sex with the brother ...
of the stop, because it not supposed to. Can not Stop
from pleasant. I'm comfortably
desperate. I'm a fool.
of adults and college students, I also argue that sometimes it Futsu siblings.
was absent on the first day of the memorial service parents,
to drink beer with his brother, looking for snacks if I find wine to drink wine Berobero've drunk, so .... So I did a direct
not remember clearly.
But Microsoft did not deny that I'm going but I feel it, I was drunk because I do not know.
around pretty drunk or violent acts, yet, I was feeling worse after throwing up in the vibrations that shake the body to stimulate and further my brother.
come to me and apologize several times my brother had also updating to Tiger diver was shocked.
I was trying to forget memories are vague and he was drunk,
... and so after half a month. This time I did not
drunk, but still Have not gone there and thought I'd surprise anymore.
At this time,'ve been given a kick to his brother ....
feel embarrassed enough to do even if doggy head. When my brother came in
I feel hopeless, even to death.
such a thing once a week. But what did you hate
first swing, during which impatient to
"Today is not your brother?" ... I got invited.
You stupid? I'm indecisive
my fault.

Son to come to (3)

[19 430] been concerned about his son (Part 2) Posted by: Kanako Posted: 2009/06/01 (Mon) 07:23

I am 34 years old, a drought in 21 years, got made
for marriage or divorce five years ago.

only son is 14 years old junior high school students are living together.
has recently become as a man's son.

that taking a bath together, and his son have changed recently.
little boy grows hair, little boy has become an adult.
together and contained, we may have rigidly large.
would want to feel in the mouth without thinking.
, but to endure.
to see what is written here, I feel I would too.


Akemi is committed to being the eldest brother. Recently, I thought why would I take a lot of video while my brother committed
got it to my brother's home page is up ....大Kikattarashiku repercussions, my brother is like crazy and going from work to take me to commit,
has been taken out for a night out on the outside shooting. Yesterday was behind the tennis courts. After once committed, I took the video has been exhausted,
second time while I'm guilty of shooting. ○ and take-up of man, and take out where, and how long we could take things out of sauce.
but I was put the handle of the racket was then prepared, it was very painful. It was my brother was using rackets,
Makare they have a round where the taping was stiff and did not have a tick for a while yet due.
brother was playing after the killing of the racket my chest networks.

It was my brother ...

My brother when I was a small 4, but have not been raped, has been tampered with experience over there.
still not forgotten. . Along with his mother in a tatami room, while watching TV, my brother has been approached straight.
I just wanted to try it next time just watch as it is, wade panties under her skirt from the hand of my brother, I came straight. .
to somehow irresistible, and is done to keep the words coming out next to my mother also why. . . I think I lasted quite a time followed by many minutes.
that day, but it ended in time, every night at midnight, everyone is fast asleep at his brother aiming is sneaked into my bed, I will just take off my panties without cause.
sometimes I was shaking sleeping of course. . Anyone say honestly. .
first time that I willingly went to his brother's room for some reason, put loud music inside, silently, from around
look like as if they were playing Then, from behind the bed 寝Tsu転Garu brother, and I think what some panties lowered, there was tinkering with carefully. . I am glad that I expected
I feel. .
still say around one day and lasted until the bigger high school Well I pick up a video camera in the room of his brother, had seen by chance. . . Shows
that reveal bare thighs panties lying on my bed sleeping night-vision camera was zooming over there I have been reflected in five minutes. . .
I wanted to say to someone when you first remember the horror, the daytime alone with my mother, barely able to say. . Safety and, while talking with my mother in fear,
stop the tears, body shaking, I remember hugging my mother had. .

14-year-old son

Hello, Hello. 31 years old. I'm doing a hostess. There are 14 year old
may not look it is young.
high school dropout at age 17, gave birth to, have lived together ever since then. Now you ー hi (a nickname for her son. Like Akira Hutoshi) is also a son, also a lover. Naka Naka
but I disagree because the business hours of the night, about 3 hours before match time comes into the store, take a dinner together,
and 愛Shi合Imasu. I think I'm, and I have sex with me but most Komyukeshon son.
each time, so I piled the bodies in time with my son. Diseases of the stores today
, I'm just back from me away from the rest because you ー
Hi I already really amazing feelings. You Me neither. Oh good, I do terrible, I'll do it out of the safe day.
from really good. Ah ah ah ah ah ah great. Ons to put it all out ah ah ah ah want
want deep Oh Oh Oh all dominated everything you want ー ー Hi Hi you going
- Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I'm sorry

You Makun

My mother is crying. Yet every day
as usual. My mother was crying softly
who raised me strong until now. I wonder
the adult world there are many nasty things. Outside, I wonder
have a lot to be sad and painful.
But I'm their family. I love my mother very
. I'm sure I'll grow a little more to protect.
but right now I can not do anything.

My discourse incest

Passed since her son turned 3 months. The sadness of a woman, so bad it was is now the body will react like a lie.

Did not know

I was looking at women's weeklies with friends at a friend's house in his store with a small coffee shop at six, the story of incestuous siblings were listed next of kin. It was naughty
brother and I always have and friends have read, my friend is "not stupid, we're not something that I have my brother" or
"my brother but my brother I'm much too crazy sister, brother and sister at least think about this. " The fact is that I had to have sex with the brother from the time of the three third grade,
brother and I thought that if the siblings are normal to me, "where siblings, parents and friends I feel good doing it in secret "was the thought that friends can say of course.
friend, "Emi ridiculous thing that I am, but hey I'm not your brother, mon parents were telling me." I said, "Yeah, I'll never be able to do embarrassing," he said.
things were not really any content of the magazine. I show my brother masturbating in front of my brother taught me, my brother was looking to end a call or I Wareme.
for his brother to the butt and legs and spread on the bed to strip
"big brother, the service Yes" My brother and his brother masturbating in front of each other and jumped on me saying Blow out the sperm and an older brother to
today after raising a leg and urinate in the bath end saying that I can get a pattern or lick to his brother,
even into the winter kotatsu Reach into my pants without regard to where his brother was touching her brother stuff. Objects were round or put your pen, and from this time.
for four years when sex, and have always licked different. In the period until I was out,
I was licking the erection of the pants and legs spread even in an amusement park Ferris wheel. Thing and knowing it would be wrong.


Legs spread wide, are bound by ropes and shackles mouth, collar, nipple attached to the rotor, I had my brother to bully us, while waiting Uruuru eyes. Kiri Hitoshi brother, views, or break even the clitoris knock a ball point pen, place a flashlight, and then until I look into your Kono Naka, Ma will rely on my clitoris.
squirm and break through to the pleasant, my brother would stop his hands.
feel it is not allowed. How much, but it feels pleasant, but I can not go it represents, and to say good brother, must withstand attack also say torture.
and shackles for the mouth, and collar.
feel pulled the collar, is worn on the nipple Turn the rotor is a little over Ma.
still can not go to see a swing feel. mood
attack by his brother, change, If I had to feel the fast, from there until I give you my love, full of minute liquid was patient. Switch to the vibes from
Ma, agitate brother, so I had to spit out of patience so far, in response to his brother.
swollen clit, and then blowing a lot of tide, and a full stop endlessly joy juice, Nowak my brother's penis into the mouth. Noisily, brother licking dick, balls from the rod, the ball anal, stuck out my request to come in silence where I want to lick my face on my answer. After
Rim, and the shackles are the mouth, itchy about love juice flowing, put the anal vibe sure has become soft, my brother comes into my vagina.
while changing positions, fun, easy to end without a vibrator into incoming anal penis big brother. Nevertheless
and softened with vibrator penis brother is coming into a big, not even feel pain.
Still, my brother move around in anal, anal sperm out. After
, my vagina also absent, putting the vibe, Kiri Hitoshi, and bully me to release my brother happy. Since the beginning of the second year
year has passed such a relationship, become the audience's brother, also a friend, I began to be bullied.

To 汚Retaku

yuna himekawa[20010]
Former husband, when I escaped from the house with her, was to lose her chastity until then only knew her husband may have other good
brother Morai while listening to the advice, I suddenly do things like that dirty
said as his wife's chastity from being dirt, so imagine if as a tragic incest, revenge on her husband thinks Because I think it
foolish in retrospect I think my brother had said there
might be more likely to drink 酔Ttara not saying I should be able to even joke
The drinking and drunk as
Tsurareru when the word reached the morning and my brother and I were tied to both incest incest
not remember that the most It had no doubt that with Misao Tadashi
I lost a brother and a part of the heart
again to meet one week and then were calculated from
my brother more remains loses the heart, forgive me away with his brother, incest or drink alcohol completely tainted
relationship with his brother about a year and then continued
the meantime, been deprived mind There was no doubt that there was a period of time or experience
was really awesome

Older brother

Miki was in eighth grade is from April of this year.
Please listen to my worries.
I have a brother to three years older. This brother has a headache. I did not have an umbrella
met with fierce showers on the way home from school last summer we went home soaking wet. Then, they came back wet in a shower is also a brother in high school
"Welcome back, I'm boiling bath mixer. That enters."
Said. I get wet in the rain without thinking Bisho
"Yeah. Thank you, I have tea with us"
said, as it entered the bath. I was wondering
思Ubeki not enter the bath of your brother is now considering why. Soaking in the bathtub that I have brother
"風邪Hiki seems too cold. And what I come?"
've Heard. I am so embarrassed I
of expected him to Hikasu a bad cold
"I did not look good to me were"
open the door of the bathroom like crazy brother Then, we erect penis out in front of my eyes. I

"big brother! and I'm going! ah did you see anything!"
hands cover their faces and saying
"I like that Miki ·! "
going to have to hug and kiss me. I'm really good feelings about
so parents have to come back
"big brother, looks I come back dad"
I resisted and said
" my father because I do not come back for some time drinking in the workplace "
is said to have been kissed again.
and "wanted to own something a lot Miki"
said, then
"Miki, you're quite big tits"
, etc. I started licking my nipples while saying. A very good feeling of
"already, no,"
I let out a voice.
narrow in the bathroom that was further unable to dry my hair back to my room. Lying on the bed with me getting naked into the room then the older brother. Konekuri
brother after carefully turned my nipples, including the mouth and started sucking.
has been hot out there on my tongue that is licking the nipple. When one topic that was not such a pleasant taste.
and brother are there to bring the hand into my
"You're wet pussy, Miki Na'm really horny, well, I'll give you more wet"
while and I Next there began to rub your fingers across.
I have become comfortably
I aloud.
getting more love juice overflowing from there, so now go along the thigh. I forced my brother's fingers are entangled in my love juice, lick love juice after removal and started rubbing my clit thumb. I
, masturbation, even when it did not touch the clitoris for direct, was attacked by a great pleasure.
"A great amount of it, I'll wipe my tongue beautiful older brother, Ini"
face, saying there has been close to.
"Oh, look at big brother"
over there but my face closer, sniffing the smell
"it smells like cheese, sour."
while so I started licking tongue.
first patient was still gritty feel sick.
"What, I can lick it comes out to lick. 好Kimono Miki is"
she said, now began to lick a little rough. It gradually becomes pleasant, and you feel it was pee out.
longer then my brother was loved like crazy. The penis is Okkiku
brother and I were virgins
"I want! I want!"
were in rapid succession. Each time the brother
"OK, now I stand when I was a little sore, better feelings about the mess" has been slow to say the piston. I
resounded in the room so I drenched sound to come out and put the little boy and the older brother. The brother on the way

"Miki, I do, I feel good?"
that we have heard, I saw tears
"feel good, brother" I have a word with
brother hears those words, suddenly became early piston. And the next moment brother
"Miki, go, Ugh"
I ejaculate on my belly to pull out the little boy said quickly.
飛Bi散Rimashita momentum is really up to my face.
fluid and blood was about my love for her brother's penis.
flowed from there to drop my love and my blood and seminal fluid have flowed to transmitted through the thigh.
I was hanging on to my brother I got in my head went blank for more exhausted. Brother also had got to just stand and wait.
brother penis is still erect to ejaculate even once, I wanted to hurt the other one turned
"I already have to stop"
brother say no longer force.
brother From that day comes at me in the holding room to steal the eyes of parents. In the absence of condoms
is drinking in your mouth or put me in my stomach. I also feel that some day get pregnant.
These kind of things I want to quit early, brother forgive me.
You also say parents know what to do anymore.
I thought only to be put up until.

Brother to the Zhang ..


Haruka is the only sex slaves brother Mitchel Chang ..
life I should support training for the transformation and I request for you ..

< br> ..
as Ikana said they now? waiting .. still has

Christmas Memories

Now divorced for 10 years brought a son. When the son is in high school ski camp 31 days away.
I also linked to his father in the meantime. Did six months ago, my father was a thing from my mother was in consultation with ED has become. 59
father, do not be helped, and I've responded. I'm still a teenager, I heard a voice from the room of parents,
"to adhere to stop sucking from the hand to study!" And the feeling was intense as the poles apart from complain There has. Perhaps because of that,
also experienced in ninth grade when I said, "I do you avoid pregnancy in the rubber," and just said to my mother. Simperingly were heard alongside his father. When I returned to my home even
to divorce me, away in the wake of the voice coming from the room of parents were nightly masturbation. Of course, my son.
and middle school son has just been impatiently at last. Lived under the same roof, even endure a desperate voice,
parents were not well known in six months. Still, "the rubber to prevent pregnancy, get them with only" they said. Since then, a voice was 張上Ge parents too competitive position.
So Just when I thought was a voice was heard from the room of parents recently. The last six months, came to make it remarkably 老Keta mother.
as changeable over, away thoughtful I also finally made up my mind. Last night, shine into the water carefully put away after entering the parents are also beautiful hair 剃Rimashita groin. Please check your
come out by rubbing your clitoris with a little juice, wrap a ribbon around his neck, wearing a red Santa hat and went to the room of parents in the nude.
They had a face, but was taken gave confused looks, "Dad, I received a Christmas present from me," she said, hugging his father attached.
"you!" and said the mother was solidified endless. "Is, Reiko!" And my father was stuck.
I suck dick for example Daratsu off your pajamas and hung his father's bed 押Shi倒Shimashita. And,
Kemashita further groin posture on the face of his father astride his father 69. I was rubbing his penis nothing besides my father, my father began to lick my pussy juice dripping with us.
start to feel good tongue licking my clitoris with his father, a Lovely Voice 張上Gemashita. And maybe, Muk Muk me 10 minutes after the father's penis! My mother looked stunned at the side,
"Also, I stand!" And tried to voice 押Shinokeyou 張上Ge me happily. But
, and fire away with my first time attached to the penis Wushe rivalry with her mother. Engorgement of the penis and harder for him.
"A big!" I cried out involuntarily. I'm bigger than my husband broke up. I
astride penis mother pushed my father before me. Nde I helped my father had her lick on the face of his father astride.
was desperately hip shake hands with my mother from behind. "Go! 逝Kuu Uu ~ Daily!" I have gone to the hips will knock my mother convulsions.
pushed back my mother yelling fall, my father's penis 跨Rimashita. Uterine feeling glans crush his father's crotch rubbing intense pleasure of his father cleared!
hip shaking like crazy, too. "In, out!" While waving the waist was too crazy when Dad said. Come in feeling hot in this thing until I have it! I have gone too.
was sucking the sperm and drink it with a crazy father in the mother in the crotch of my mouth. Last night, ED was the father I could lie like 3 times. I slept with three people huddled in his father across the ends.
this morning, surprised to see the faces of my mother before me happened. Well it was like this for six months back the only overnight!


Jururu splashing sound ... ....
obscene sound echoed in the living room. This is the second son of a three year university, but the sound of wet pussy licking my drenched Susumu Zirou.
"Oh. ... ... When Susumu Zirou cleared so soak ○ squirrels, mom anymore, she'll get mad ... oh, Huh oh, so hard not underestimate ..."
I lay naked on the carpet, It is left to the agony of the body to advance Jiro.
"You know, through Department of propriety, mom? not hard? say is a time, they're more intense when I really want to. Are we clear"
is forbidden to me Susumu Zirou that the act has, through the courtesy of the Department are looking to devour the third son sitting on the couch with the advice that his eldest son Taro Ryuu to graduate from college this year. I thank the Department through the words of his brother nodded.
"OK. You're okay if you violently. Maybe I should 吸E pussy more?"
and son oldest son while away the years a bit, the third son of a freshman high school yet, through Department of worship, the baby-faced Perhaps, seen only in middle school. I never utter a word Nasty little pussy through that ... thank Department.
"thank Noriyuki through, you see? Here is a list which ○ chestnut. In this way, because he is covered with leather, I'll flip through it with a finger. Then, you know, like the pink buds You come out. licking tongue licking it, I strongly Chutsu suck. and that way, and mama feel good, give me in a really 悦N "
Susumu Zirou make me greatly expand my leg to better view thanks to the Department through, and my body to actually sample, I showed that the technique is caressed through worship Department. This was taught that to be progress Jiro Taro Ryou earlier.
"Well, shame, not look, through Department of worship, look at ..."
and I said that, in conjunction with the earlier,? not look at me? when he says he is? Please look at my shame in lewd lascivious? The flip side of that feeling. Susumu Zirou Taro Ryou and know it well, I was grinning and smiling Nasty. Department
through worship is full of curiosity, I saw my crotch 爛 our eyes beaming.
"Wow, amazing. I did not know that I'm getting off LANGUAGE ○. I feel kind of bad. Numenume up to, I'm shining like a slug ..."
and say innocent, you'll Children Poi says thank Department through feedback. Taro Ryou said thanks to the Department through so innocent.
"Well? through Department of worship. pussy Mom, I want to touch?"
Then, through the Department said in high spirits thanks.
"Yes! ー I'll even touch me! I did it, but her first touch of her pussy!"
said, sitting cross-legged between my legs and spreading our immediate up with the index finger to put a finger on my pussy Wareme of a sudden.
"Hey, thank Department of intervention. do not panic.'ll get hurt and get into the pussy of a sudden my mother. But do not going to slowly and gently with"
been rebuked by Taro Ryou, thanks Department wince through the fingers withdrew.
"Please, I'm sorry, brother. Mom, are you okay? hurt?"
thank Department looked through my face anxiously. Through the Department of worship in three brothers is the most gentle to feel weak. It is dear to me irresistible.
"Do not worry. through worship Department. However, I gently touched. Then my mother from a pleasant ..."
and I say something nice, and thanks to the Department through a relieved look to,
"good. As a mother feel good, I'll do my best ..."
to say, this time with great caution, and fingers stretched Sotsu been fearfully, so tickled Sawa Sawa and pat me on my pussy with your fingertips.
"Yeah ... thanks ... I feel good through National ..."
at the last minute I move around or touch or not touch, it had gone to react strangely awkward fingering through worship Department, and hot Haatsu pant voice spilled.
"Department through ritual, each good for the first time. Now, just like I did, all the squirrel ○ chestnut peel. So I dare to rub lightly with your fingertips in the pink I "
thanks for the advice again through Susumu Zirou Department.
"this, how do I do this ..."
Department through worship, the left thumb and forefinger, and push jerk 拡Gemashita ○ chestnut squirrel skins. The core of my list ○ chestnut, the tip of right index finger, fingering the same as before, is a subtle touch lightly tickled.
"Oh, Oh Oh, Oh haa ...!"
○ list transmitted from the lower body chestnut, went at once and ran around like a current to the body more pleasure. I reflexively shook my whole body suddenly, through the Department of worship is a surprise to release the finger.
"your mom, I was hurt?"
through state Department of courtesy and asked me nervous.
"No, thank Department of intervention. This is not proof that your mother feels.'re good, I feel good I'll give more in tune with the"
Taro Ryou is praised, very happy smile floating, through the Department of ritual torture me and my gentle chestnut ○ list.
"Ah ... ah ... ah ... Ah ... I thank Noriyuki care, or mother ... ah ... we have, I do ... I feel ..."
every time his fingers brushed through sensitive parts of worship Department of convulsions shake your body like I'm shouting obscene voice. A mother would never sordid.
"Department through ritual, but this time I'll put my mom fingers pussy. You know, leave your left hand now keep squirrels ○ peeled chestnut during the pussy the right index finger and middle finger Try to put it gently "
Susumu Zirou as taught, through the fingers of worship Department, came in between my Wareme Brute man stir wet with love juice obscene, inserted into the hole and indecent Zubuzubutsu I went to the.
"Oh, Oh Oh Oh ... sigh ..."
finger through the Department of worship, and thicker than I had imagined, and 拡Gemashita Gugutsu my vagina. Back up and went into more over time and Zuzuzutsu.
"All right, put all the way. Then, all devoted to clear the right thumb ○ squirrel. And I loosen or three fingers gently pinch"
touched first in the pussy Even though addition, through the Department of worship should tell her brother to protect us to the point I feel exquisitely stimulating.
"Oh Oh, you, great, thanks ... more Department through, you'll PacPac fingers for more!"
I have hope in a sensual voice. Department through the ritual finger came into force gradually went Brute man stir bigger sound that you hear obscene in my pussy.
"Well, thank Department of intervention, and dare to put out a finger and, hard, and fast!"
is said to Taro Ryou, thanked the Department through the finger movements had to be massaged, changed to a linear piston motion.
while rubbing her pussy through the slippery fingers and out through Department of worship was intense. Since the fingers bent slightly, grinding my G spot is stimulated and has already hit an incredible pleasure.
"Oh ... no good! ah ah, mom anymore ...'ll cum again!"
and I cry, and blowing out her pussy with my Byubyu tide was almost at the same time. I am addicted to ecstasy on reaching deep pleasure, I was embarrassed by the finger of Otsuyu 掻Ki出Sa through the Department of worship.
"う, Wow, I was pee mother let out!"
care and know that the Department squirting thank cried so surprised. Taro Ryou and Susumu Zirou is through laughing, watching the ritual Department still ignorant,
"Well done, thank Noriyuki care. I'm the mom made you cum ..."
compliment brother was


I am a 29 year old housewife.
lives happily with her husband two children.
But I have to tell people the past. I want to make someone feel better to confess to you here. I am 15 years old
is the story of his brother at the age of 13.
now is nothing ordinary siblings with each other. At that time, my students had accumulated stress exam study. At that time I was still a virgin, was to relieve stress on masturbation several times a week. that there
Saturday. Parents had to travel away from home karaoke circles.
I was inwardly pleased that the absent parent. I mean, I had to find that there is a sex toy before the parent's bedroom, and I had to try to see.
sneaked into the bedroom of the parents immediately, remove the type vibrator big dick from behind a chest of drawers in the room
started masturbating. Vibe was put on stimulating the clitoris because it was scary.
Until then, it was only because the fiddle by hand, and the voice beside the pleasure of the first
give away, the firm has seen masturbating at that time that my brother It is.
not even knock on my brother came to misunderstand what was also injured in what I stood on the spot after the opening at the sight of my stride, back to my room and slam I. That night I filled
mind that his brother was seen
I cannot sleep I was thinking.
thought that there were things that I tell anyone if you build a secret between me and my brother and his brother. Brother and then of course I do not think trying to SEX. But one step in front of it 思Ikonda
would arbitrarily shut up once to be his brother.
morning, around still dark outside, I 忍Bi込Mimashita brother's room. My brother was asleep. looked at the sleeping face of his brother
yelling, I had fallen into a tissue so close to look closely at the strange smell something like a flower of the chestnut. The tissue had been Gabigabi dry.
thing I blew my nose and I
Sutemashita and trash.
and started to take off its pajamas under his brother Whoops.
was worried about whether my brother does not occur, I thought I should forcibly committed by his brother woke
Mashita happened. Speaking honestly, it was seen at best irrelevant and masturbated myself, just to see the penis of a man. Put my hand on his brother's penis is not hard-up pants, was surprised.
To think of it in whispers brother is going
"Are you awake?"
Have heard, there is no reaction. Well, I think you do, look out forcefully 脱Gaseru penis pants finally saw it the moment my body became hot. My brother had a penis 20 inches in size almost unimaginable to me. Not knowing what to do, as you saw in the video for a while after the observation, contained in the mouth gently.
And I remember the scene with the opening down the video. This time, things are happening I knew my brother. My brother pretended to sleep while occasionally
"Ugh, poop!"
It was with heavy moan. I am relieved that my brother accepted this act boldly than I, while his brother Shigokimashita penis up and down with your fingers.
and fired a lot of sperm and finally Pyutsu. Has been transmitted from mouth to nose the smell of sperm into the mouth of my brother.
that time, I knew he wiped the sperm tissue of discarded trash.
mind of what my brother, 起Ki出Shimashita. I

"I look at masturbation, but did you even masturbation?"
brother nodded and answered, honestly, Nedarimashita wanted to show me her pussy. I was excited
penis licking his brother's face once again astride his brother, his brother licked my pussy.
After that, I stress I have now my brother lick her pussy. I was able to pass the high school
also famous thanks desired. Rim matches
relationship continued for several times after that, I had become impatient with my brother at last. It was a lot of trouble with
virgins and virginity to each other. Besides his brother
cock huge dick it was still never met 29-year-old. I finally was able to insert a couple of months after the sore, it was very painful and embittered.
relationship with my brother get married until I'm 24 years old, and lasted nearly 10 years.
at the time, most every night as I was a SEX.
in the first and I was always the last to swallow my cum in your mouth. But a few years
SEX Sex was supposed to be more likely to remember the butt ejaculation.
I did not understand that time is a good kid with a huge penis.
But now with two children who think every day is a nostalgic or want to be held.

Sexual activity with his son

The 49-year-old mother of a divorced single mothers. My son is 25 years old in July.
divorced since sixth grade when my son has been living together with my son. There was also the first divorced
fear of the future, to work from the time it was
Fortunately, we were able to work hard to live for one growing son.
However, my son and my thoughts and say that, contrary to blame the parents do not
What was this guy still, I mean middle school Gureta little hang out with bad company, <br > or to fight, or to a night out, by the time it had done so well in the first trial,
There was also concern aspects, for me, it has also single mothers, health Where there is a gentle caring for or
me, and the girl who did not speak well for anything.
son seems to take the opportunity I had at high school and changed the attitude towards life, after high school entrance
, I had become a household to help with a job in this <br > I had become since it expect a son.
But, I dream did not become a relationship like now with my son never,
did not expect to be given a real joy and fulfillment as a woman for his son ,
who are rich enough to spend their days in front of my 50 year old women who do not think we can.

Virgin man with severe physical disabilities in their 50s

A teenager, and rather to discourage women from my mother to know, let parents and children, and rebuked by his son this horny idiots. Just to the sleeping woman in trouble
居Masu not be touched more than ever. I want to know the reality of the post incest families with disabilities. Can you tell me. Regards

My brother

One day I was, now has been that my brother was when I was Nozoka to masturbation. But the situation can not stop it
. I keep
feel like I was embarrassed. Show them but I feel that
. Eventually I continued until
Lightning comfortably.


Recently, I was washing my pants be lost. I have dried up in the house, it should not be stolen from the outside. Care and 17-year-old son around, yesterday went to clean the room during the day that my son went to school, and I rounded the side of the mountain Tesshupepa bed in it in my pants There. Some changes to brown and light blue pants pick was obvious that the semen stains on her son. What should I do, my husband is embarrassed to talk can not do, my son came home from school that lost out. Is alone with his son the way I thank you not to embarrass his son.

At any time you like ...

I am a 39 year old housewife. 16 year old son and now incest was a middle school son from the time of year. From the loneliness not get bothered my husband, son seduce me is I have a physical relationship. Is preparing to escalate action, devoted son, anal virgin. However, a paraplegic in a car accident and her son, now I can not sex anymore ... and yet, for my son, tongue and fingers, and toys with me to comfort me. His son to such a climax in tears every day. To a miraculous recovery, and sex When you are ready, I want to wish all of you my son

Nephew and fellowship

In my house, my nephew has sex with a boarding house for this spring. Coming out of the country for two months, was raped while being attacked by open nephew came home drunk last night. Resistance is also a woman, after all is only the beginning, I have 力負Ke. I am a long time at the bottom, the smell of semen and rubbed and felt her joy.

32-year-old son

My mother is 56 years old. Two sons and lives in a single 32-year-old.
still in elementary school when her son, one that we have grown to divorce herself, her son said, "was a struggling mother minute, this time I'll take care of my mother," saying,
something nice for us. For me, there is precious son.
One night, when I went to my son's room with fruit, son, I had to look for rough breath masturbation on the bed.
surprised himself, could not hide it immediately. To me, the erect penis've seen their "A" and was left speechless. even more
me, somehow 気Mazukutsu, "I'm sorry there. 利Kanakutsu to mind ...." Then he said, naturally, were caressing the erect penis to hold my son.
that time, I was not sexually excited. I'll wipe that body on the bath towel, was just such a topic in the normal sense. My son is not the subject of me. This is true.
However, it is my son, ask for leave now'll help masturbation.
When I blow off my son, without knowing her age, the son was not even married yet out of pity, sometimes filled with sadness.
Still, my son, "It feels good mother," I heard a scream, and I think I will, and this practice continued.
masturbation that helped give it every day, several times, "Mom let me put in" The appeal has been in a bitter voice, and every time you hear it, I with dignity as the mother, has been rebuked by his son.
But in reality, appears to come want to let nature to love a woman, my chest hurt and Kiri Kiri.
But day by day, my son now wants to cry let me insert.
(if you want to say something like that son ...)
(if you like me ...)
soon son, so far as sex was becoming increasingly involved.
to have sex, and her son crying. It is not like an animal cry, "Mother, it feels good to ..." I shouted that. I feel love than to shudder.
His voice seems to cry like a male.
I, after sex, and imagine the future of my son, you uneasiness. The son wants to have sex with me, you would by hot rock for a while will not cease.
But anyway, my son did not know how to resolve other sex we think will happen next.
future, as my son unhappy memories, so never look back, what do ...
Agerubeki consideration when having sex with her son every day, numb myself becoming increasingly The feeling of loneliness Tsunorimasu erogenous decline.

First Post

I am a 65 year old widow. I look forward to reading your post I was embarrassed. The owner lives in a neighboring town, "but the meal," I sometimes receive invitations. My brother's very serious like my husband, I will not develop the relationship between men and women.
a week ago, someone's dream of being a husband smiled and embraced his brother's. Now women go hand in it and unexplored. 'll Paint just to touch it yet. I can accept a male and had a peek at the wet this morning. Embarrassed, stop now.

has refused. But once,
38-year-old son has lived in Tokyo for me too.


Kazuko is a housewife who lives in a peaceful suburban house 1.
husband works for a family office (45) Yuichi and only son (age 16) is a family of three. It is the beginning of last month

husband was away on business they went to Sapporo. I just raised my son being raped in high school when he was drinking beer at home for a bath.
I was a kid I thought, back higher than I have already noticed, my son had grown much stronger power as well.抱Kisukume is strongly
"I love Mom" ​​
to be whispered to
"Stop the stupid thing"
while resistance was weak force has become. Whether any form
my son "love" her mother would not feel that bad and it is said.
I ended the day since it continues to drift and son relationship. Contraception because it was the better for me every time my son about sex, I suppose for me this kindness,
I think trying to think positively and to allow the body to his son. And now
act now enjoy with my son too.
by stealth master, and they've inflamed the sense of corruption that I have forbidden sex with my son. Sex
17 years of marriage to his young son along with it, the only husband and SEX are not up to snuff, but does not become a tool of elimination.
to seek his son became rather more aggressive to me.
was recently son whispered still penetrated.
"my girl is already Kazuko"
"No, do not call it like that"
crying, I felt it bitterly.
it had been attacked by the honorific masochistic joy of my son. I clung
Kuni Tsuyoshi crazy son with a severe deep kiss. This is also a tacit understanding that they act as a woman without her son.
is said to have contraception, safe in recent days as it is now.
young son's annoying is the ejaculation condom each time so many times in a single sex. Do not just pregnancy
absolute. Joy is stronger than love many times I know that. I think I'm pregnant hard constitution. I have a lot of people
incest and child looking at this board. You 安Rai
and somehow I think my heart One of them, too.
adult son until I am determined to her son in the matter.

Rainy days

yuna himekawa[19722]
Heavy rain and effort the house, went home drenched. Nobody can do that, things are wearing off in the living room,
a shower. Wrap the body without even a towel, when I returned to the living, 固Marimashita. I stood my brother.
transformation, and say that looks like Kireta, Do not you see yourself, you will I'm going with my father? And said
(would certainly go out.) And I say go from there, pulling it down with me on the sofa.被Satsu been covered,
while and I'll let my father forget things like that, we can massage your breasts. Stop it, you're a brother and sister to say, and did not cease
. Hey, just get naked and lower body have become hard to push those. That I really
large (usually when I've looked at it several times.) Still have wet start to fuck me over there,
dad because he always is played, or say I'm easy kanji,
has suddenly pushing the array. Stop it, or say I can not say because she can and siblings have been in a long life.
still feels good to jerk comes in, much better than those so far. Dasa I was in second in the full sense.

Since then, employment at the time of the day her brother was at midnight, when the night is now in the early morning. The brother and
to make, but everyday, sometimes I can not even break up with a doubleheader to the father.

brother that night I'll be back soon wear mail, becoming naked in bed waiting.

My discourse incest

Heavy rain and effort the house, went home drenched. Nobody can do that, things are wearing off in the living room,
a shower. Wrap the body without even a towel, when I returned to the living, 固Marimashita. I stood my brother.
transformation, and say that looks like Kireta, Do not you see yourself, you will I'm going with my father? And said
(would certainly go out.) And I say go from there, pulling it down with me on the sofa.被Satsu been covered,
while and I'll let my father forget things like that, we can massage your breasts. Stop it, you're a brother and sister to say, and did not cease
. Hey, just get naked and lower body have become hard to push those. That I really
large (usually when I've looked at it several times.) Still have wet start to fuck me over there,
dad because he always is played, or say I'm easy kanji,
has suddenly pushing the array. Stop it, or say I can not say because she can and siblings have been in a long life.
still feels good to jerk comes in, much better than those so far. Dasa I was in second in the full sense.

Since then, employment at the time of the day her brother was at midnight, when the night is now in the early morning. Although my brother and to make every day, sometimes I can not even break up with a doubleheader on dad.

brother that night I'll be back soon wear mail, becoming naked in bed waiting.

Father's Cock

Please listen to my experiences. Irresistible to want to ask someone for some reason.
I × 27-year-old is the Aichi area. The matchmaking married upon graduation from junior college education from kindergarten to the escalator.
lost virginity honeymoon wedding night. Night life husband and once a month from the beginning, it was 10 minutes. I'm a little wet and 2 ~ 3 times a kiss was a pattern and the other end of the road waving the Most said waist husband. SEX Since I only know my husband and I thought those things.
six years and then became a state more than a year without sex even once I have never experienced the pleasure.
friend married twice a week, the story I was doing more than an hour I'm lying.
And we found that they still dating the woman was dating my husband before marriage, divorced immediately. I do not know anything
company work is indebted to his father lives back home.
widowed mother and father at the age of 10 I was brought to me I did not even remarry.
back to when I was six months of home.
father came back from a year-end party at night after becoming the men who backed the company, so one person was so drunk Berobero stand. The sight of the kind of father was the first time.
colleagues from carrying his father went back to the bedroom.
one who managed to take off my suit, I hesitated a bit pants to 脱Gashimashita. The moment I saw his penis and
Daratsu father, I was stunned.
Because I'm thick and longer than my husband's penis becomes larger when broke?
male penis until it becomes larger than 10 centimeters, when sex is something that I thought from the peel of the tip.
back from his bedroom and did not sleep floating in front of his father's penis. I wonder how much
a penis that grows?
came with soggy fingers pull a string fluid in the crotch 当Teta chance. And
! The clitoris was protruding from the crack grows in his groin.
electricity runs around the waist and touch, I rub like crazy.
next morning, but my father has been going on as usual, I have become concerned about my father's legs. It was
from masturbation in bed each night imagining the penis of his father.
York State Of Mind
"Dad, turn! example'll poke hard ~!"
me saying. I also stay at home household
day, I was in good shape gradually during the day to masturbation. When I came back
drinking is welcome party for new employees a week ago and my father. Or from the drunken father

"Hey, Eli, or take a bath together!"
I told you.
"I had ~, sex dad!"
saying I, I, I take a bath together to watch the father's penis.
"Oh ~ Tsu, Eli ~'ll wish I was a pretty big breasts!"
been told, thinking
"Wow ~ I"
hands covered me saying .
eyes go suddenly in the crotch of his father, was a little bigger penis! I did it since elementary school
take a bath with my dad.
浸Karimashita the tub's back together with the shame.
But I steadily hit something hard in the ass around. When my father got up from the tub
, There has been a huge chunk of meat in front of me turned around!
I divorced my husband looked at least twice. My father's penis, I suck instinctively example.
"Stop Hey ~ Wow!"
but my father said, continued to suck for example intact.
It is thick, long, and above all I'm a hard!
feverishly shook his head again. But did not enter into a very full mouth. Hikuhiku convulsions
penis was the father. I spilled tears came, my heart 口走Tsu the thing until now concealed.
"Dad, please! Put Eh! you feel me!"
I've said.
legs open looking down at me lying in scullery
"Do you really?"
when they came inside my father's penis, and when her husband divorced, unlike Merimeri feeling and push open, my lips hurt 堪Emashita biting pain.
But the itchy feeling around the waist and immediately started shaking his father back!
"your father, and more! more!"
retroflexion but ran back electricity to the spine strong, intense white light shining moment disappeared in my head was like fainted.
"Eli, Eli Hey, are you okay?"
returned to his father's voice startled us.
"you, I was screaming in great voice!"
Hikuhiku convulsions were still hard, thick penis in my father.
"I'm not you frigid! Please! more poke! Eh ~'ll poke all the way!"
father and began to thrust violently. And
"Oh Oh, by, you'll go!"
Overtake and I was saying, I, I was entangled at the waist with a leg hugging his father in a daze.
"Oh, oh, oh ~ Tsu!"
father and we sat convulsed violently in the back Bikun was my ejaculation. father's penis twitched
convulsed. When they filled more and more things
lukewarm on the back of the vagina, is strongly 反Ri返Rimashita back.
"Oh Yeah ~ Tsu, have,'ll Ikuu ~!"
me, not you I'm frigid.
after the termination has been filled with happy tears.
抱Ki起Kosa when his father, his father fell from his groin and Botatsu sperm.
It is a translucent liquid Sara Sara no, it was a mass of white jelly!
to go straight to bed as it is embraced by his father. And for the first time 跨Rimashita penis.
spree rubbed muzzles womb screaming sensation of the penis and father cried wolf a kick while vigorously shaking his hips.
"U Ugh, you can query sweet?"
saying I, me from under my breasts massaged my father.
"Dude'll feel good ~! Dude'll feel good ~!"
responded crying tatters. Doggy
the cowgirl, and when done in a normal position had been more than an hour. And every day I have
sleeping in the bed of his father.
Now I feel I have become a delicious fishy semen drinking father.
I myself did not know she was so horny.
father is now 51 years old are working in Full Bloom. What is
Tsutomu Kiyoshi was forged in part because the boat was a student I was strong.
has led us to the dazzling world of pleasure to me every night.

Brother and incest

Yesterday, Yantoetchishichaimashita Chi brother.
up in the morning, and if I come into the shower bath Unexpected [body] I'll have to wash said.
washed up and I usually close my eyes I was pleasant, I came to rub my chest with foam by hand.
surprised to hate [!] I'd like to try to stop saying that, my brother has been tampering with the nipple intensive bubble slime.
in my head came gradually become strange, [ah, ah, there'll ...!!
gone [out loud the voice is so cute and shy like a 18 + voice, and let more up] and say,
lukewarm water out of the shower faucet twist has hit the place has become sensitive to me. There [... awww!]
Surprised and stimulated to make a voice suddenly came, my brother has a shower with his right hand, left-handed swing has been served with the nipple position.
and body move comfortably, rub the nipple in the arm now, and get extra pleasant, with flowing water, slimy nectar flows in me, I was so embarrassed.
After that, got carried to bed for the last minute. Then from late brother there is [something], and me with a rubber me to worry about me.
now come to remember hot body and I want to touch [...] I would think.
brother and I go in the room?

Favorite Uncle

The good uncle sex <T.> be here in a love hotel with friends. My uncle has a sex-related work still tired from sleeping sex. A dragon tattoo on the belly proud uncle, a red pen, water <men non-binding> for mischief did this. Came home and I think it will fight the potatoes and I slept with my aunt found six years older. Uncle time hold me, and the body results not yet me praise the best, an hour me to the Sex and down above, 帰Ri際 has put 50,000 yen in the Pantei likes spending money come. I'm such uncle and my mother loves my brother to be careful because raver, always says. I also when I saw the body of his uncle's tattoo is scary the first time at the hotel, and friendly uncle. I am the uncle having sex with other men in not satisfactory, no longer. Mother knew about this thing, I would be flabbergasted at the kit.

Son and wife to

Beyond a line of 36-year-old son and it was a year ago. Husband after the death, but something strange appearance of his son's mind now. Or if I've changed the location of the underwear in the bathroom off the dressing room now has a whiff peek. And I'm coming up from the bath, but be here in front of the house at the farm house. Maybe he feels that something always in the dim light and peek, now that the sight of poor diligently to expose the lower body to masturbate. Two days later, taking a bath with 見計Ratsu that the meaning I never have my son and went to go inside Want me to wash in the nude. Son, what happened a moment everything was covered cock in hand I turned away but turned around immediately. Its size I was surprised, and I was washed back calmly seated in a chair. I will be washed before and refused to wash himself from. Like big, and were silent and let me touch it gently persuade at least once a mother too. Bodeisopu put hands full, and have raised my son put his hand to wash my head, while the issue of sperm 飛Bi散Rimashita voice and aah. After ejaculation cock pins are tightened waving. Then I would say wait for the bed, my son went out with a nod.
today is a special sun, waiting for his son to bed and carefully wash the body. His son cock can not get it out to the side with a Ku erection weeks so I have to look up at the sky. You, and ask the first time, my son shook his head vertically likely to embarrass myself. I'm used article of the father, and then I confirmed it, went back to the sink so as to hold the feet of her son. Insertion, was impressive in his son and smiled sweetly. I have one, twice, just moved back in with the release. That night, my son put out in me twice. My son did this for me and freezing of your second child. My son was a true virgin. About a year passed since then, my son will have sex well. Son every day, sleeping in an embrace all in buff. I can not worry about my pregnancy, and where to cross the son at any time. Recently, those parents, I get along, I would have doing kit, I also know that there are rumors of this.


It is obscene that the mother is nestled in 16-year-old son. The relationship began in May of this year. 35
was my birthday. Many times through my adult 躰 grown now and both are different from waking up wake up naked. The teen
凄Maji of energy is unimaginable. Will okay a week filling up your skin in a dozen.
're counting on a sigh I'll let the ejaculate in your mouth or hands even more. I'm being too
someone depart in considerable terrible cry from being inserted in those with oral caress. It is true that you become a habit
yours young to know the sex. I'm hooked.


Can not take it anymore, give me to drink soup, your request for ー says. Possessed by a strong desire forbidden excitement and last night, waving the Big erect oversized cock sucking son for example, 包Mi込Mimashita cock in messy wet vagina son bury deep in my ass huge glossy. Big time rock and Yusayusa son shake hands grab my waist, pants with joy and pleasure with the crazy lesbian couples. A year ago, on a daily basis to study and work to take his only son, "Good luck" I had to 労Tsu. Three years ago, while a divorce due to husband's infidelity, frustration not satisfied, but that body is cutting ripe obsessed with burning desire, had been peeping into her son was confusing care in masturbation. "‥ ‥ to my mother alone as try masturbation" was started.

Seen in younger

Nde enjoyed masturbation
in the room was big time. It was opened in stride in a bed, rubbing the clitoris. Fill with Oh, now, my brother at the door if I KUU
rush toward the back, I'd bloody murder
hidden masturbation Yoguchonoasokowo Deguchi ~ ~ ~ ~ I forgot about the (>_<)! ! !
Vibes ass holes that were put! ! Just grew pink in the ass hole good vibes

seen in younger brother has been touching me there and say Wow. I was just surprised cum
Lightning. The Ubiquitous
saying to my brother waited a bit, look over there while rubbing my cock out, was going. If it had remained an ass vibe, looking at his brother's cock,
echoing the splash, I was very excited. The voice was difficult to keep track. Did unusually wet than usual but masturbation. "Ah Aaa unbearable."
I say I am also.
just put a little, asks is said, younger brother has put a cock. Comfortably and we have entered.

This is also

And was reading a post you will be stronger and paranoia 交Waritai son too. One manifestation of the frustration may be, too.

My discourse incest

Suddenly email from her son in spring of this year, "the mother pussy!" Went out of her son?掛Kemasen did not answer disturbed.
but declined to become a third year high school exam this year had no idea at all what Tsukimasen do? "I take the stress.
But think about some things like that, and it is not from the parents and children to survive to take the exam, I find a nice boyfriend."
Still just want to mail, sent me to various sites as well.
refusal to attend school and immediately become a third year, will not meet me from school phobia? I saw a site that was ignored, really? I can only suspect was
, with his son at the age of either true or false, not the "I want!" I feel like become a target. truancy
week, two weeks, a month, it said many times "I want!" just words, but the sex talk to my husband or I should I talk to my husband,
directly to his son to give the money to go to the genre, his son told the latter the result of thought. My son was beaten to his son in a fury, "I love you mom and my mom!"
Came back out I went home at night. To see the site many times since his son went out of puberty "I want!" Rather than alone,
I would really love her mother as a woman, is that true? A lie? And most worrisome, it closes off once again not the hoop,
from a body that knows sexual dissatisfaction can also be filled in after the middle of 30, I think reading the site, weeping husband I want to talk to,
son waving frenzy now felt that the momentum can not do things you do?
no thought of the family comes together to talk my husband into it, things have gone in shatters, the relationship with her son still not avoided,
confusion and incoherent thoughts crossed to the conclusion it was not anything. Begging for my husband over the weekend, burning strange enough to think my husband,
son went to the shower room from my husband at work Monday. Turned back in an attitude of ignoring her son, "Hey, I really like your mother?
Hey, really?" "Promise, I absolutely do not know your father. It is absolutely contraception. This is a promise never kept. "
I entered my son in his underwear in bed undressed. Waiting and feeling unsure how to express, my son went out of the room,
sound going out the front door. I could not think of anything more, I think that what you think of my son, my son will know all things.
are intended response to answer his son out and I went out that his son was also to be understood this. Now suffering,
I decided so far, no other thing left to do, then I feel like there is like giving up and just decide to care about my son.
son came home late afternoon and was hugging me back, to kiss, but I also think it can not escape, I will answer it.
son went to the room, lying on the bed, is taking off clothes, I leave my son at the mercy of 瞑Tta eyes, and I will remove the bra come off,
been taken nude underwear I have seen the son of a son of the foot gap, I accept my son to open the legs, followed by the sound sounds like a shock not stop ringing in my head,
man insane momentum I stuck out, write over the site "really great!" realize that, we knew that the woman is drawn to the body's response. Even where
hard, pierce momentum, as that term 突Ki抜Ka, as they were lifted up through my body 突Ki抜I.
pleasure is no Ue also be stimulated, however the reaction of the body go numb for no regret chance, hug her son writhe pleasure obsession was totally drawn into the trap fitted.
ejaculation hot body and expelled, "this really will become." forget to taste the pleasure of ejaculation pregnancy and that was the site recalls.
concern during pregnancy had a little off, the impact of the body was filled with more than words can not imagine.
started second, and the body would have been earlier and continued momentum 突Ki抜Ka body, which will be newly married at this age since the frenzy, it is dangerous precisely because of this age,
knows not only pleasure Welcome, physical agony to ripen on the street, drawn voice scream pleasure to say so,
continued to taste the pleasure of his son go to the top hung on momentum. Know the answer myself when I keep hugging each other while still entangled devour groin strike continues,
scattered through the body again ejaculation size hot pressed to confirm that I opened the door into hell Mashita. Embracing his son, rather than the free release,
it was his woman, it looked like my beloved appeal that continues. Ripe pussy is filled,
know the ache of moving things to put on without releasing the man wrapped his son.
my body would change his son would change in momentum and a mistake of so much.

Been anxious about his son (Part 2)

I am 34 years old, a drought, 21 years old, divorced
shotgun wedding five years ago.

only son is 14 years old junior high school students are living together.
has recently become as a man's son.

that taking a bath together, and his son have changed recently.
little boy grows hair, little boy has become an adult.
together and contained, we may have rigidly large.
would want to feel in the mouth without thinking.
, but to endure.
to see what is written here, I feel I would too.

Experience with three

My husband is 45 years old, no sex since I was young there once a week. When newly married, a friend of mine got married last year, "My husband and I every day," I thought your joke to talk with 惚気. Two years ago, was invited by your son's friend's mom in high school, went to karaoke. People can stay in the shop three men one woman, is played during the evening to sing in a fun Deyuetto means where Dari formed a shoulder, holding hands and the man. This time the man was invited for dinner at one and, once exchanged phone numbers because it is a nice way to refuse. Three days later, now treat lunch at a restaurant. Is the opportunity to kiss off a waitress's seat, now being pushed in a passionate kiss with the tongue side that knocked down with a smile. The milk and rubbed on to grab a charmed experience first hand when he entered into the skirt was rejected. What has been wet sadness of the woman. Also entering the power to resist, but that is still taking off his pants, has been inserted. Sixty Nine is also the first time, licking each other hard parts left groin and said, this was a wild beast seeking his pleasure. I think that was one time intersect. The next day, and there is a telephone acquaintance to her mother's friend's son from Arita, your body is said to praise us and it was great, was not issued, the word for shame. Six months ago, and was blamed for things I know that my son's acquaintance with Arita. My husband is not at night, apologized to his son crying. My son and gently 労Tsu me forget it, 交Warimashita at that time. Son, Mr. Arita, a husband and three experienced people, like most of the sex with the son for the first time.