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Incest confession of women(2010-06)

I like you

yuna himekawa[31253]
Oh breath of suffering he neck, I tickles,
Saori he says, I love
Oh, and I, like you but, like I,

the person that's me, your breasts, big 揉Mimasu,
of my hands, breasts, tight,
of me , the nipple is pinched

From there, the pleasure, rattling Innovation,
like, electricity, like driving,
Ah, I do Iitsu,

person that you are my face, towards myself, towards me,
still, look at your eyes Oh, you beautiful, manly face, <br > Oh, I love, like I, you, like me

the eyes Tsumurimasu
Then, the lips, so as to Sashidasu,
Wait for that person, that person's

kiss, the lips that, gentle kiss Oh wait
, Give early, I was you I no longer

Oh, that person, lips are hot, hot, The lips of my
, lips, are Oshitsuke,
Oh is sucked, I sucked

glad Oh, kiss Oh Wait, I really kiss his lips together and
nice loving person,
Oh there suck, there suck There

the body entwined with tongues entwined, and Oshitsuke
Gyuutto, there hold

Then, also sucked sucking mouth,
of that person, the saliva, of me, some of the mouth
Oh, sweet, delicious <br >
anymore, oh kiss me, kiss me
Why this, of me, let your heart melt

of now, I what will become, like the person that
, to me, love me if
what will become of what will become

now, I'll wait
, the person know, what they wear, Lovely Idol ー I'll let
of me undress, wearing those, ー I'm Lovely Idol ,

two take off, the whole is what Hadaka because they embrace the
, there Oshitsuke
But still, his lips

the lips, and perfect, still remain tangled tongue
of my tongue, your milk of that person, the chest, leaving the person that was Oshitsuke

, right hand, and in my
Sorouri, there's pressure between the crotch, is not to Orthography · · ·
where there is already pressure Teru Yono

got wet Oh, finally the last person that
, hand, I plugged in
, we have to steward the wet pressure

Oh, No, no
I think they're here No, not on wet Saori
The steward then you do not you try

Saori <br > U tried to poop
Yeah ... We are one, now what

Dzui that big of a person and I was just burned my ー
the steward to have wet,
comes Ah ah Haitsu'm going to get · · ·

Dzuntsu and to keep most,
Yorijoritto hair is just not the same for Orthography < br> There Iitsu Ah Ah Aha Rub the sauce

Nan U s U ー <br > of that person, to Ugoki waist, like millet to
Ah, another voice is no longer the voice I

new steward , of me, the legs of that person, the waist, then another like
Makitsukeru because, the Zentai, seems to be Oshitsukeru
lips, perfect together

Oh, you, you
A Tetsu it's OK fine, I do not worry Suki Suki
- You'll like

Oh Me Udda even more useless
Torokeruu Shibireruu < br> uu uu go tea tea

I say I have my head, boy becomes dense, because it is exhausted, the power is missing <br > But, but only that there is a person, something, to tighten
絡Mitsui Gyuutto Oh Gyuutto

more ... nothing more, I do not need,
Kudasattara Sae Tei
you I'm just another you, anything, just do not want

, while , to that person, and startled
Dakishime noticed that
not, I dont like it, tea, and I'm not in the mother

that this, tea, and that person must
and the meaning is not, of me, but my son
, 18 years before, bore the real son of a

I'm not the person that the mother,
stomach hurt, real mother, why do you Yet a

this happen - but that person is on me, to love, that makes me
, like it, say us.
the body, to one, to me, always, always lets someone depart

, together with the
Kurasou I, and let · · ·
me to say I love you.

Oh, and I, you, love you forever
together, live
from you to leave

now, even if there is anything you like even
, they
me despite what you, I love you I love
That person is
, Mom says, I like
Ah, stop, stop, and say Mother, stop
by name, in yon, Saori Wait, I Saori, and other

yon, I will, you, Well Mom,
not just a girl you, love you just a girl
Saori, I

Oh, Saori, Saori, for me, I like
girl, I'm like, I love you
longer life and keep

Oh, you already
more like

Cherished son

A son and a narrow two people living in apartment high-1K. There is no almost private. Even when naked
seen even when the change to take a bath. Of course I also thought I was being seen naked family because I'm too fond and foolish parents. Sometimes a piece of
futon bed.堪Ranaku to love them anyway to increase the dick that is so my son hugging your body and allowed me having her
understand adolescent male sexuality. ‥ son with abandon.
during ejaculation has been upgrading and going to the penis is inserted 突Tsu込Nki pounding like by watching adult.
did not stop when they are inserted full of tears but was so happy. High school boys tireless terrible.

My discourse incest

My brother was raped by a friend in a time of high. Awkwardly touching my legs and hips raised him since my junior high school,
and I have been so strange and I stroked her hair was wondering, since I was in elementary school together I was not alarmed at all were playing together.
but he is clearly a woman was looking at me. I resisted, but of course I hate, but the shame of feeling more strongly Bareru friends and aunt,
or, "Do you like this guy ..." I think it is also true with the other hand. He was wearing an unusual strike lust in my school uniform and black bread.
course was raped many times even when in plain clothes, while in uniform was different but no harshness. Ordered to wear pantyhose and skirts in plain clothes.
first become to be able to gradually feel his arms out many times that I did not want to understand my point and he feels or
, which invaded the precise now. He was under par even looks studying all sports. In such a bad man's sexual outlet,
I became too excited to think I have to rise to around two to be held during his life repeatedly for more than half of my week almost as disgraceful aloud AV actress,
devour each other at first was a pleasure to rape each other, love and sex had changed.
embrace life around stealing each other's eyes and continued through the day before leaving his hometown after graduating from high school.

Part four deaf father drown in human speech

During this time, received a call from my husband. The recent report of the usual, it seems that led
multiplied many times in the third but Unan. I asked
detail, when the first time, they take a bath with your father's when I
Ru, tatami hear it was a bargain because of the hot water in the two playfully < br> not want. The second time, we have a couple of bedrooms upstairs with your father
to the phone is ringing was noticed.
that time, however, and the story of your father's and my swimsuit in the bathtub, your father's
I was not dressed out in front of it.
that time, I thought I would be your father's probably from his master. And when the third
, waiting in front of the phone Imashi first floor is also our father's or
the nature of my husband hung up the phone when you go out, be sure and re-seat after a minute I get 10
. At that time your father's suggestion, just below the bikini de
Motegi, while the topic connected to what I put in your father's face while sitting or
And sure enough, there was a phone call from my husband. And I answer the phone,
"What are you doing now, I'll call you three times." And my husband is a look of anger I
. And there are recent reports from my husband's father during which you are you going to move the piston back
. I became so heavy breathing out, struggling to endure
Mashita. And I also, "From your father's doing just fine with me.
From getting along.", And avoid having offended his master at the end, every Saturday at 10:00 to call you from his master
I promised to me.
to be free at other times I might want that too, even my husband's father, holding
you can talk to on the phone with, I know three birds with one stone. The two friends hugged
slept in your bed at night and that's your father, not to say

It is worrisome

Cheating on her husband Ralph and I travel frequently SEX 40-year-old housewife doing.
because I like a woman betrays her husband wrote
I think my gut feeling is no doubt that our parents and

married her husband, two children in The father died of grief
Orimashita living mother from cancer three years ago was about even looking at the poor side. Husband, "I beg your dad" and said to be careful with
Orimashita chin up something

an eye becomes father to go out alone with her husband and children The Masu, conscious that such a thing
I was living a normal day it is not
also began the new semester beginning in April. My husband went to school kids, of course, was about ten o'clock in the morning and began living alone, the father was standing behind a table in my living room was clean, your father's together I asked a tan
has put his hands inside her skirt is 抱Kitsuka suddenly from behind.

not believe in doing things I know I am doing that is more father-
"Eh, what happened?" my best to listen and eventually will be
remained, with not a Tada事 mind when he hands inside the pants, "says'll stop your father, Ken in!"
exclaimed, and I silently without saying anything 押Saemashi or.

pants already struggle to resist is taken 突Tsu張Tsu
hands were being rubbed pot pot, saw the face of the father at the time they become teary-eyed
" Let me ask Ken, "It looked like she says.
I missed in my heart and force: "This is a per-crust" In the end I even got to the father. To place one or two times a week ever since. I can not help but feel like the thing I know my husband just recently

First experience with my brother

I confess to looking at your posts it

brother Aki Hide it four years ago (1) I've looked at the time that it Shigoi cock in a virgin is a high some knowledge of my classmates even been told by many who have experienced had I not imagine just plain off the story of a friend - Nani - to see such a big cock was just thinking the first time his brother entered the room I hid my brother was in a hurry cock pants "do not want you to show the sperm of a man walking out of it and continues to do" "not experience my sister" "Oh So - Nani - with Think I'm out of my sister pussy puppet I've seen that I'm "" Do not show me her Hideo "" If my sister can do together, "the first thing to face each 初Memashita Fu said to Cock was increasingly becoming younger brother also had faster hands embarrassing each other "sister're out," "Because I do try out" My brother and my thighs are sticky spray for living well Ikimashita ejaculation man I had never seen

cock become hard again brother saw it, "I want to experience with my sister," I have to somehow hold this cock Iretai or would "To accept my sister," because my brother were both inexperienced and struggling to accept and I hurt a little while during my first came into being emitted from the yacht twice at the entrance of the pussy My brother became comfortably gradually Kie even the pain does not ejaculate Naka Naka from being emitted three times already
off change for me soon - Nani - I feel like Kell Haji something deep in the uterine comfortably over

to happen to the falls. It has five times the parents come back from a relative's funeral
continued to steal the eyes of parents and relations

今Wa H is also not satisfied with my boyfriend made it hard. At that premature ejaculation is enjoying

brother and younger brother still has not therefore H will be cool with me always twice

Couples living with my brother

My husband is a real brother pictmap. 8
18 years ago now I had an affair pictmap the night of the second day when the parents went on an overseas trip that my brother 21, I fall asleep while watching television imperceptibly I pictmap .
Dari was massaged and kissed the top of the chest after a while I noticed my brother pajamas.
pictmap was followed for several years in fact these acts.
"‥ or simply," I thought that with just pretended to sleep.
because you always end up there.
aloud because you had to move the body wince slightly away that night but felt the unconscious pictmap, ‥ pictmap brother noticed it in my ear
"I feel good grace? "It is said, was nodding my eyes closed pictmap. "Let's go to the room" is nestled on the shoulder and went in silence with only the words of his brother said.
much to heart pounding action ever happen to imagine the future.
have to hold me close silently turned around and closed the door behind him and his brother arrived at the room pictmap. Remove the hook of the bra off too
pajama buttons on the hand movements used to kiss, I was massaging my breasts Ro, pinch nipples, sucked, and I have wet the bite pictmap I understand that.
and unable to refuse again, my brother 頬張Rimashita alter ego bigger pants already down and kneeling before his brother's brother in fact actively No.
‥ want to please my brother in mind shook his head violently than ever. My brother
them, "Ugh," came the most sensitive place to lick your feet will greatly be open to me lying naked on the bed and pulled out of my mouth to say.
"‥ ‥ brother had"
"I liked before Megumi"
"Really? I love my brother too"
"Megumi, a woman today is only mine"
"I can ‥ ‥ happy?"
"let go of life"
"big brother came to stay around forever like ‥ ‥ Yeah"
time and became one pictmap me why I was in tears. kiss tears to skim
Waso brother "I love Megumi" When it was said, The Sun also 関Wara risk "out in the big brother in ‥" I said. Kiku Hiroshi
swelling hips violently struck pictmap Pukutto what my brother "I had come" to the uterus and sperm gushing 打Chitsukemashita many times when I thought hard.
continuing relationship of parent and pictmap by stealth, noticed two months have passed during pregnancy.
give birth without the parents said he told an opponent, so my brother helped me. I decided to live in the Kansai
chasing my brother and kids and a job in the wake of the Kansai region have graduated from college at the same time my brother was born a year later the boy safe.
seem vaguely aware of this behavior in parents.
pictmap my mother, "Is it my brother ‥ Megumi?"
I "‥ ‥ why are you in love I'm sorry mom but we ‥"
mother "I can not go into the family register pictmap, still good? "
" I hope if they stay with ‥ "
mother," All right, Dad, but I'll not tell, I will be happy "
girls as a couple and then the second person I also give birth to live happily.
a pregnant belly is the brother of the first three children.


I have 20 years experience reasonable.

sister happened to (25) coming home with her husband (the parents) when I came back, taking a bath Tarashiku brother is your brother went to wash my face with a naked toilet meet and ran smack away?

I saw I'm all the way?
in line with what this horse? I was feeling greatly hanging?

amazing how he grows I wonder?

By son

I was 46 years old, I went to Nagoya with her husband away from home. The house has two sons and live in a 23 year old. Sometimes my husband comes home, but her husband is reticent about doing nothing is no pussy. Instead, drink alcohol, but look, go to sleep immediately after drinking. After her husband slept upstairs takes you to call me son. On the second floor are going to get naked pussy.

I ask for out of town father

My husband was traveling a lot when no father-mother H is looking for something when it comes.
children from birth to one day a husband and father for not too much I might get accepted. At that time my husband

My father

When my father went out with full adherence state
last train at the next station I was Mukaiatsu crowded trains. I'm up O父Santara Penisuta
see that amount to me.
what's going to be the daughter feel like this?

4 What should I do

I created a new board had been before the full board. There are many little while but I was reluctant to write new writing, and speaking only truth is here, can really talk about my own story for people watching and doing as incestuous from now. I only write a bulletin board
that his mistress in a relationship with my father every day, thank you in the future.

Birth anniversary

After long argument with my husband in China, but sometimes my son is employed by the company in Tokyo, "Mom, you are fine" now and get mail. It is one thing months ago. After a healthy mother and loves her mother into the mail could not immediately be surprising reply. The next day, "I was surprised mother," I'm honest, my "birthday mom next week'll try on the day of commemoration of two from home" in the last hearts, and there is even mail a meaning Mashita. I joke, "I love Tomo-chan, I'm looking forward to the birthday" replied.
pick went to the station as usual, so my son came home last weekend. Go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, my son is taking a bath and go home immediately, as soon as possible to enter 急Kashi me and I always look strange. Towel covering my body in resolutely prepared, waiting for his son to the room with my makeup carefully, my son is already waiting in the nude Orimashita. My son took my bath towel strip, the bed was on its side. I was embarrassed over your eyes. Inhaled, or rub the breasts, but I forget the embarrassment, "Uuu U" and was issued a queer voice. The Nibe Tabeta unexplored wet immediately, when they are inserted into was full of joy juice.
That night, I was happy as a woman after a long interval of happiness coming and going as the mother had a strange taste sensation. Feeling well, "Aaaaa Aahaai Iii" and was suffering, sorry dad, in my mind many times had to apologize. Three days, the love of his son 受Ke止Memashita firm. By the time my son back to Tokyo Sunday afternoon, 46-year-old's birthday to celebrate really. We finish at that time still remains even after two days.

First joy

I came back to the countryside gambling addict husband divorced in April of this year. When I got married, became an adult was a child younger than 15 years cute. A month ago, has also drunk the company's after-prom party at my brother went to pick. Car home, usually there to drink that they may be reticent brother is talking about two adults who speak Deshimashita at home. My married life and the questions and answers, my brother recently learned that even when you break up with her.
three days later that my brother invited me to the pubs, then to a snack, drink beer after a long time, I got drunk. Supported by the hips until the taxi had to remember his brother, and later still to fall unconscious, is a hotel with his brother and holding.
no power to resist, still dreamy state of mind that my brother, my brother would love to accept. I woke up, lying next to his brother and has to kiss her sister said. The passionate kiss with tongues entwined, was the first experience. Taking a bath together and then shared the wash. The nod of the utmost was being too embarrassed to ask your sister You're beautiful pussy.
To hug a baby in bed, when it came to my tongue licking his face buried in the crotch dick brother was surprised, and asked for stop. Then my brother and me to the opposite position, open the legs so as to hold my face, my face hit the male genitalia and kneel down. Again have to lick my dick. Feeling well, while I called my brother, contained in your mouth. Re-erection and I'm going to have to change your posture from the insertion. A hug from his brother's body down with both hands I was thrust up from below the waist fit my brother move. I said to my sister out, I moved to abandon the waist, arms, force.
passionate kiss, this'll lick the genitals, ejaculation twice divorced her husband was not the first experience. Is there also be separated from his brother in childhood, sibling relations thin each other in the mouth, "my sister", "her happiness," but, calling itself the mind and body men and women.
then entered the barn together to steal the eyes of the parent, intersect. Did not broke up because her husband having sex before divorcing two years ago, I asked my brother waiting for.
brother sex (passionate kiss, this'll lick the genitals, ejaculation twice) or abnormal, but I do not know it was normal.

I want my son to 4

Thanks everyone a lot of comments. I am also busy with
Kakimasu more slowly today.

My twin sister and son

yuna himekawa[30763]
I am 42 years old. The three sons living with her husband.
a worker husband 10 years older. My son is 19 year old college student Takashi Hutoshi.
was going out with my twin sister and how he thought his son was a normal college student. No
"going out" I had a physical relationship rather than. It seems more than six months ago.
is in March. Mika and I met by chance in front of her son. The child from dating in high school had come to play well
"I come recently in the fight you doing?" to cross the evil face and asked, "broke," he says. When I asked
walking "was turned from Shun after having an affair ... and seems like a woman Then
aunt went out into the love hotel is opposite to the grill ... [and later I'm tailing in!] and had to break with it ... "
he said.
"lady like" is called "aunt," I wonder that some older woman, I thought. Since it was a good boy
Unfortunately, it was forgotten for a while. This is just the other day that
. My husband even went out from the day after that I get to go back to they go out from morning to late at night was supposed to slow
they meant to eat with friends.
I came home much earlier than planned because it did not get even one of my friends on urgent business.
shoes at the door even though my son is of course, there were shoes of my sister. "Hey, for I did something happen?" And walked into the house first floor
nobody quiet. Maybe
'm waiting for my son's room upstairs, I heard raised voices and I think the second floor.
Jaarimasen conversation. ANO is the voice clearly. It is a voice of her sister, but of course I do not
course not, stood before the room while I think quite confusing.
"Oh Yeah" more "amazing penis! Wow ~ broken" and or "mama Shun-kun!'m great!" and.
I opened the door momentarily. On a bed in front of men and women were naked. My son
shoulders upper body upright leg of women would insert my penis in the form and face.
been staring at me with confused eyes, tap out like a penis out of his stomach, I now turn to the form as well.
young face, that is said to be handsome were hung grotesquely unbecoming. It is shiny and wet
nulla-nulla, was twitched.
向Kimashita sweaty women here a moment later. Look just like me, had a twin sister added the world.
comforter for two people had fallen to the floor without hides, hiding the body caused by feeling a bit stupid arm.
I said, "What are you doing you guys," she said went close.
bedside trash and used tissues, used condoms thrown away there.
asked to speak just how did this happen to me from the dressing.
I was your sister, your son just last fall, after dinner drink to go with a relationship that seems to
temptation from my sister. My sister was a bad habit was originally divorced man. First
were both one-time experience, I was going, once again, before you meet each
son drowned sister's body, then I Yes. Mika said
While listening to "women like the woman who" reminded me of that. general elderly women
so, "Aunt" I was that I'll no. I
physical act of sex and thinking related to it now, when I had just seen a smiling man whispered in 2
"What you, you are so disgusting you guys," I say Octopus also remembered. After that I met

more particularly to say or not, and the people themselves did not say goodbye too.
to be able to meet the promise is made between adults.
to say goodbye It's a twin sister, because they might feel like I'm being held in were my son.
is now seen coming in a scene repeated in my head sometimes.
son huge penis, as I face flushed in a sweat, grabbing the hand of his son's chest, a used condom containing semen
son to fuck my sister to think of it, think things will be like I'm being myself.


Since my husband was having an affair with my friend, and I was involved with a father and husband Kaeshi too.

Mother and husband, and my three sons

I did not have any opportunity to demand from us pretty. Since then once
. per day will be to increase
. Wish to.

Touched by his brother,

I'm 16 years old, my brother was 14 years old, dimly lit room that is touching woke up feeling something strange in the breast only in pajamas and resting his brother is so hot was pretending to be noisy and sleep, or are excited to hand in pajamas, the rough breathing? When touched the nipple and gently massage the breast from the excitement and curiosity I also gradually. Big downpour away feeling cramps and my brother came out ~ Innovation is let go to voice startled, and I pretend to know what hope there is a bed?
Then, in the Shoutsu? The legs are indeed closed it and now I pretend to sleep is a little open crotch? My brother is a crack in its
~ hands trembling hands? ,
Was too wet? My brother slowly Nazorimasu a split? While
振Rue? ? Standing and patience to the limit when the hit the labia majora, oh yeah ~ ~ I hugged Innovation,

What do you think you have three sisters confess

You can also 話Masu ^ ^
last Saturday shopping with my brother (∇ ° ^ *) ♪ Tehe

Certification for Title

You are commenting on the license proceed. I do not know where Γ
cash remittances to it. License "

Living with two fathers

My sister will be coming to visit next month.
as I want to feel it is some progress will be the father. it does not have to Shimawanai
from what is less chance maybe my sister. Today
so no two will be home by going out in endless rain I have
mini skirt. Mostly I would like
men? I wonder if this comes
the father if Sematsu?

My father was seized

The 25-year-old girl. Last week, 50-year-old father was beaten.
I woke I was lying to the lower body Mozomozo, where fingers were stroking a sensitive turn put her hand into my underwear and my father opened the eyes. I can not get any scary voice was missing the lower back can not resist the state.
me naked to my father, and now have been attacking the back of my tongue petals. The tongue touching the lump, and reacted almost reflexively Pikun the waist down. My father, my body 弄Bimashita to enjoy the reaction of my tongue.
and has 乗Rikakatsu on me at last. Those hit hard at the entrance. Happen to live. . . It was just absolutely disgusting. I summon up voices,
"Father, forgive me raw"
"Why do not, I wonder pill drinking anyway. And I know I Chaa"
to marry me I'm going to assume that he was indeed taking the pill in preparation for sex with him.
"But for me to be like my dad impossible"
the end of saying so, my father came into the slip.
"Uoo, feels"
"Please, do not be put out in"
"Why not? Iidaro another"
"Oh, please"
"I do crazy guy anyway I wonder. I smell pants sperm you recently.
Indeed, after having sex with his dirty underwear was often emerged out what was inside. Why did it even .. .
"gone from my mom, I got a lot of comfort you pants. Before I had recently with good sour smell is a smell of flowers chestnut"
mother is 10 years died of illness ago, was home of the father.
"But, dad will still be permitted. Please"
"You're not a pretty even with less, sometimes a lesser Filial Piety"
father moved back hard, to feel good honest "do more But Nope, "I thought.
Eventually, my father in 逝Kimashita. However, I have less easily.
"Today I can even drink anything from Viagra from"
and still pull out and kept moving back. After all, that night was the fourth round. Sex
this was the first time. The lower back pain the next morning.


I talk on the relationship between three people drowned father

Kio Taku body away come to accept my bedroom every night, "her husband added it to fit to fit your lot."
Me crying last night ... this morning I came slowly off to sleep if her husband, was held, was fitted. "Give birth to a child's father-in-law put into your" What her husband is, seems to think that I give birth to my son feels thy womb, of a woman. What really give birth? I want to put in you pregnant too! I really feel that] it this time.

Three sons and I want

I'm so glad I
I let them ejaculate.
doubling as communication, but not as far as physical contact with my son yesterday and my daily routine and I was massaging

but also accelerates the course
my thighs and back (I think my son) and eventually tend Iki awareness around the groin.

pussy massage was less resistance to each other so many times and lost again

nervous stimulation of the thigh Nekara casually put your finger happens
Well yes my son is still swollen but before you wonder ^ ^

hope after all? Hey, what

Taka-chan? Hana Taka
What do you want her to massage and even the penis?
said the matter? ^ ^ (Son)
talking alone because the parents were
I hate what I think I will do if Dattarashi.ー
tell me I cannot honestly

bigger penis because it always seems they wanted to hear me

Really? Yeah U

do not have to touch is it? Yeah

Princess Sakura's summer and one-click fraud?

Princess Sakura's summer and one-click fraud?

victims who

"Start" ⇒ "All Programs" ⇒ "Accessories" ⇒ "Shitsutemutsuru" ⇒ "System Restore" ⇒ "Create a restore point" ⇒ " Next to "⇒" Create a restore point back to the days of month = "

Turned 60 years old

I know the joy of becoming a woman 60 years old. H as well as her husband did not like that. Recently the husband does not know you do not do once a month. From now I'll have more fun with my son. The period because there is still accepted as a woman, too.


I have one younger brother that he was conscious and there is no man.
But If I Had a brother about the difference between 3-5 years old.
sexually aware I'm sure it was an indecent obsession.

they are classmates of the girls was a childhood friend, brother, and I got kind of person my childhood playing well, you may have sex after becoming an adult. So might
. my brother
they really were nice people but his brother might have tempted the young brother in a way I'm sure.

I still know nothing of the elementary school, middle school students will play tricks brother.
older brother, you take off my pants, while the pubic mound against my penlight not grow anything yet, Gemasu breathe a little rough.

alternative elementary school in my pajamas and sleep soundly T-shirt, slowly shifting my brother, my chest swelled a little touching. I've
awake, the hits out loud while rolling over a little 寝惚Keta continue to pretend to sleep so I do not shame to still have my favorite tea.
surprised to Brother, with a bit of a shame to me to stop the mischief, and after her brother went out of the room, I learned just end up masturbating.

my ninth grade, while proud big brother will grow rapidly, is irresistible to miss a little bit would go away.
opened the door of my room a little, tiny voice, "I have tea with us," I would mutter while masturbation.
even embarrassing, to find Shimaitai Hey, I thought, I can move your finger while breathing a big Ge little rough.

become high school and in my brother's eyes, now we find that the time to kill with heat included.
and staring at dinner, and I 惹Kou attitude or take care not to deliberately terseness, older brother that is only when you ignore me.
So one day I, which is determined to seduce her brother.

finished a bath before entering the big brother, my underwear in a laundry basket, so to be noticeable immediately.
wanted to see my brother, my brother wanted to get on with the day I had to wear your favorite underwear.
to look into changing area that I pick up my brother's underwear was on inside out shorts smell.
that day happy and it just used a finger to a lot of thinking of my brother before going to bed.

a good brother in English, I have decided to study. The older brother
not come into my room was rarely are going to study desk next to me.
wide open down the chest wearing T-shirt bra is showing in a denim miniskirt.
was keen to learn a little bit, to feel close to my brother's body temperature, suddenly looked up and matched brother and staring eyes of my chest.

feel sorry for her brother in a hangdog face, I would cling to my brother.
and eyes a little moist,
"I like that my brother, how funny"
is inviting up-from-under look at my brother saying that.

older brother is a hug after I hesitated a little, but I will not do more than that. So I

"When I was little, my brother liked to play tricks on us being"
brother told me.

It makes me hold his arm strength brother.
still has to put up something.

"I have tea with us. The trick, for ..."
smell of the body while my brother, I say so.

attracted my brother's body, 押Shi倒Shimasu under the desk study.
some reason do not kiss, lips and neck snake will 肩口, T-shirt in his hand into. He grabs my left breast
remove the hook of the bra, revealing the chest down to my stomach just shifting the shoulder straps. The
brother and put his lips to my nipples.

"I have tea with you, I have tea with us"
I simply repeat it.

coming in from my denim mini skirt brother's right hand, left 弄Rimasu butt. Hands
in shorts with haste, to wade through to my pubic hair, cleft touches others have never touched yet.
if the big brother, I thought may have touched.
than it is to imagine that my brother touched, because it was his tampering with many times.

fingers brother, I found in my wet slimy liquid.
right thigh, I found my brother's penis bigger hit hard.
I grabbed the shoulder of her brother, but had been left to the brother.

"I have tea with you, I have tea with us"

My husband was the father thinking that

Another of the pregnant girls now one year old child had a 26
intercourse twice with a second father
I actually think the husband was pregnant at the time was just three shifts back
my husband when I was about 11 o'clock at night while asleep next to the kids to bed early when I come home late at night over a few minutes
and I'm going to insert myself in silence
you tired habit of sleeping in the bathtub

this day my husband told this day would be at about 12 left home and went back
<br > I have the dark room, something I have to sleep with me knowing about playing in the evening and the two year old child or husband was living
happens to feel signs of a man What I have sought and freely as usual I came home from work and leaving her body

of belief came into my dark room behind father I feel with different odors have always put your finger then suddenly turning to (who? --- ANATA?) in a voice muffled voices and then started (and I'm sorry I'm 00's 00's son secretly let me ask?) have to insert the fingers and even

I have struggled to dispel the dark hand of the father in the room
the power of man could also be what they are sleeping girl next door yet strong (I please stop, please stop it there daughter Moyo Shika is the bride's 00) was reduced at last but would hear of and resistance I have taken away the body itself came into my father-in is gone

me helplessly into the end or early
hope you can give pleasure felt emotion behind the movement of the father in the position of any state

4 dwarf rape does not come just spend time close to the pain I feel there is the middle quintile of Ralph outside
something sensible about it for me was to ejaculate suddenly without saying anything to me I would have thought I felt a sense
began to warm in a moment behind the ejaculation I pushed to the rise of the house light on her father
Fortunately the father fell asleep or stay awake during the ejaculation was stunned to see the room come
naked lower body became bright semen was poured from the first floor in the living room was next to

(00's son asked me to keep it secret that it was a bad 00's Warukatta bad) and I was sincere apology My words did not come out

went to my room away from moving off the fence and place to wear pants while Hasoku father is going to reflect that it was his 無用心It has not quite wipe spills on the floor and my husband just came back from the inevitable workings of their
husband came home washed away in the bathroom and then something had left the body The unpleasant feeling of something dying

and stepfather from it but then I once again had an affair
I did not have a relationship they are currently pregnant My husband and I are going to Masu
pregnant with second child
wanting the child's father I feel it may happen to like it, but I feel

My wife's nephew?

為Rimasu 38 years now. Two years ago, my husband and 連Re添Tta 12 years, We uncontested divorce.居Masen children. My sister (age 42) children, you 居Masu Jun 19-year-old college student now. I broke up with my husband during for children 居Nakatta, you Jun nephew, and he was a baby she ate more, stay with us even better at home, my aunt [!] 懐I with us Mashita. No! And forbidden relationship with his nephew, and to this day I did not see it! In April of last year, my home of his aunt, also the mother of your Jung's nephew, was asked, it is said I want room and board, in a large house, too, so ugly nobody, [Sure! Innovation] All right. From now houses the university's aunt, my house is more, there was your Jun hope so soon. Was passed last month for two lived together, at about 1 am, going to the bathroom, [gosh! I], and your room door is 10cm Jun place are open, if the light is leaking from it brilliantly, and you still have not slept or Jun? I thought, looking at the room space, with headphones, Nasty! Watching videos, naked waist down, they treat the penis, I [you Jun! 'll Do! And], it is unable to divert our eyes, the moment of ejaculation until I finally look into. I was startled [!] Returned to us, go to the bathroom, returned to her bedroom. That night, his nephew, it also warped 逞Shiku penis, ejaculation look, the resurrection of the forgotten, I also have a nephew that he was a man 気Tsu close to "now, sleep till morning stayed on without. The next morning, go out and nephew, and thought the bad, I entered the room, his nephew, nephew, had seen the video last night and looked over the headphones! I was surprised! The aunt and nephew [content] in depicting the passion and did Uncensored! Stop in the middle of the show, when leaving the room, stood in front of the door nephew. I [Oh! Jun you! ], [Aunt nephew 瑠璃子! I'll! Tsu me! I like! I liked Aunt ~ 事Zu before More! When divorced from the man, we just thought like staying together someday! ] Put your hand on my shoulder Jun ['ll sit with me, and keep things from my aunt! From love life! Now I'll just look, Aunt 瑠璃子. Trying to kiss me], Kemashita 近Zu face. [I'll not! Do not! And] to resist, through the headphone outlet on the momentum, the sound echoed in the room, the screen is a nephew and aunt, [Picha, Cha Pi. Tongue entwined with each other] [lady I love you! By Me, too! ~ Poke more going, going ik, we'll ~! An aunt! Filled out ~ Daily! Oh come ~!] Nephew aunt's face, while ejaculating plug the mouth, while my aunt penis [Chuppa 扱Ki! Chuppa! ~ I'll delicious! Teru Tokoro] sucking and was an instant - Oh ~ I'll disclose informal Noh play] voice, felt the force out, pulled the pair to kiss his nephew, nephew, seems like in my ear! I love you!] Was whispered, but I do not [you Jun roughly! I will settle for this!云I] and take off his pants, his nephew cock, sucking dredge Emashita saliva by smell from the penis become lightheaded, near the penis [Kiku Hiroshi 逞Shiku 為Tta wanted too! Tea please! Kucha!] Penis filled with the smell and sound of spitting into the room, the nephew [Whoo! Damn if! And], say at the same time, exhaled into my mouth all my aunt! For example nephew while sucking, and eyes looking up 瞑Ri [O ~ Daily!瑠璃子 Aunt! I like! While murmuring], kept shaking the hips, the video I also like the aunt, the last one finished drawing! Agape nephew, [s amazing! So full!] Innovation, 飲Mi込Mezu all, put the rest of the tissues, Jun [Satoru Hiroshi you? Nephew], see in this wallet came back to remember. So] I have a job to Sakae the day, at night while kissing, ejaculation and encourage hands on, or taking a bath together, [the nephew aunt! Breasts come out from the large? [I] So, try to breathe? I], [yeah! Chitsuyupa! Chuppa!], And not even around sharp pain in nipple sucking. I'm stupid [~ Daily! It's filled with the birth of a child to come out pregnant! Innovation], [Fu ~ s! Oh, yeah. Another nephew penis], and the erection 為Tsu raises and hand out my mouth naturally. After all, even 有Tsu aunt and nephew, men and women, and male and female. Nephew college for summer, hot night, a man and a woman [Jun!瑠璃子! In], deep kiss, 69, a positive high, back, sitting high, pine needles break down, and Doggy Style, 抱Ki合Imashita like an animal until the morning. That morning, his nephew-jun [from today alone when the aunt! Well I'm not! Because the real aunt and nephew, but not something on the wedding, me, to size, I'm saving up money tux! Let me wear a wedding dress in 瑠璃子, must take pictures! Ne!] Smiled and said:. I instinctively embraced the good lady like me [?] [S young nephew is still ~ Daily! Cute, too big tits, good styles, gentle, and 瑠璃子, without prior Innovation bum!] Is said to me, but came in second 潤N, [Jun!瑠璃子! I love you! Me, too! Kissed]. A month later, he booked a photo studio [瑠璃子! Fashionable today to go! Go to the photo studio] with him to take pictures of everyone, Photo Studio [Congratulations!] 云Tsu me, he, first, anyway, so great pains to take a piece we received! , I then his hope, open the chest a little, wore a white wedding dress, tuxedo Jun filmed in black orthodox. Over dinner that night, stayed at the hotel, celebrated the wedding night. Have signed a marriage bed, in the photo studio, dressed in wedding attire today and told me that the translation took Jun 2, [Today, 瑠璃子 and I, just a couple of time alone為Tta and in real aunt and nephew, even a real marriage, I can not even make the child his wife 瑠璃子, in fact, deep in his wife's aunt pussy 瑠璃子 want to ejaculate, but Then, 瑠璃子, but also from the hurt physically and mentally, but so far came with a condom, when the Sun is 瑠璃子 safe, they want to shield decorated with pictures of Uedengudoresu! Only at that time, 思Ikkiri loving, and his wife 瑠璃子 vagina, vaginal cum shot I want! The other day, usually, you give me two pictures that adorn the stylish, my mom came to our house, this is still seen pictures, and I can even 瑠璃子 married couples, knowing be. Like 瑠璃子!] Innovation, initially, at the young, but I thought it was just my aunt asked me to come, right! Is a real aunt, wife, and that of my body, even the appearance, I could only have people (Aunt 瑠璃子! 瑠璃子 sister!) Please do not call me, alone at the time of the (瑠璃子! You! Jun!) and call each other. 1 year passed since then, our aunt and nephew a couple of practice, without pregnancy, the kindness of her husband's nephew, in fact, heal the corruption of my aunt, the first night was also SEX now, the aunt of her husband's nephew, his wife, 為Ri someone depart so that we are sure to increase the body screams, I preferred another day (2 to 3 weeks), Sun safety is now But photos, wedding costume change, 貰I to know her husband's nephew, and sexual intercourse without fail, 貰Imasu Pies. Innovation without ~, aunt and nephew, and say they worried about whether we should continue married life, but when you break up with [her husband's nephew 瑠璃子 the husband 瑠璃子 me, hate is when 為Tta! I I like both before 瑠璃子 now! And saith]. His mother (my sister) and women's intuition, and is worried about whether Barenai. SEX and every husband and smell out of the living room, carpet SEX in, imbued with the juice and my husband's sperm and the vagina, Once in the room by others, ['ll do! This smell!] I believe in being so, now that her husband's nephew and SEX is the nephew of the room as possible, has to be. The real mother, aunt nephew relationship, you have a mother, aunt of the people, as the relatives are known, your mouth smells like caution. First, I wish it were you happy in this together ~ More!

Odious son?

I thought that what I do about my little boys underwear for women? What is your objective
really me? Looks like I'm supposed to be
of existence as a mother, not me. Not my mother
Kano Hana not only seen a girl look?

Until I

I am currently 48 years old, last month after twenty 居Masu son, 仕舞Tta is accepted as a man that his son alone.
But I, his son convinced Imashitara already experienced something that I do anything, so I inserted a slow process, the Innovation Could I kindly ask Why is not the first time I thought rather What I know and things that I expected 掛Kezu virgin son, and ask himself the first thing a woman is the mother of my son, but now I could not go back already. Eventually, it led me to take his son was the first time, in the end I just unable to handle it, as there are still too dangerous for me and let me use a condom since then, I buy when come to buy a condom Dorakkusutoa.

Fucked up son

I am currently 49 years old passed away to her husband is single. Only two children of 20 year old daughter and 23-year-old son. Is committed to his son. My son goes by that we usually serious, we are depressed and said she was recently dumped. It because of that. I work in the Tokyo metropolitan government civil servants. She is also the same office, becoming awkward, I said to resign. Lifted and troubled son. If that makes me anxious about my son, my son caught me, took me to my room, I have committed. I think it helped being fucked. My son asks me every day. Puppet sex with anyone that I am not her husband. I burned two years since we did not.

Mother's moan

Before this, the heavy breathing of the mother's brother from the room.
traveling father. There are errands to go
I definitely woke up.
it was mother's voice.
Is it doing this?
mother from the room but my brother has.

Seen her son masturbation

Lightning and this is seen doing a little masturbation before me.
math but I sometimes during the day, heard a noise in front of the room during the Tatte doing this before masturbation.
someone out there will sound. But
son only. At that time.

Fucked up son

My husband is now 50 years old is single 死Ni別Re two years ago. My son is a civil servant and slower every day. Regime change is what it now becomes Kan. Now late last night. I slept a bath immediately. I was going to do because it was waiting to comfort me, my son is nestled in reverse. I am a pussy can take it easy because I'm single. Must be 30 years old Morawanakya son and a wife, and I will miss pieces are one people. My son said, but do not worry Mom, I decided to be better that a young woman over there. I would like my son is a little entertained.


I am 33 years old, active high school teachers. My husband is 52 year old assistant principal at other schools.
ex-wife's husband died of illness 12 years ago, has two children.
child on the other side was employed by the company straight out of a 25-year-old man with an American university.
children of Kansai University has to go to a girl last year.
leaves their hands and 2 children, in March last year we lived in the house that her husband has married.
son they came back from America to Japan in May. Three things to stay about a month of work. His room is still
However, because it is not too inconvenient commute, I decided to have this house. He has a large body
They had a baseball in American schools, so that the strong face, nice body is a place called Abe Hiroshi.
not so gentlemanly atmosphere, however, feeling energetic, suffering eyes came to see I was licking.
incident happened suddenly. Friday night with a trip her husband was absent.
he went home while I'm taking a bath. It seems you've been drinking a little.
beer he was drinking out of the tub in the living room, "Once in a bath tooth" and Voice over Ittara to
"How about a beer in your mother's well on the bath," and next to him so I sat.
tries to kiss came a sudden hug. "It's nothing!" 突Ki放Shitara and was a slap in the big hands. I do not know about what happened
moment, scattered sparks on the back of a sudden.
"Well my father that serious, but he has not do not you. I'll be doing me!"
flew from one another slap to resist but I just 捕Maremashita around the jaw. I
underwear down with my pajama pants and he has been scared stiff, 割Rimashita legs.
still put out a voice that I have been forced to put his penis Komu twist.
experience so far is not large enough, I felt there is that burst.
"Oh, my Japanese is a good woman. Eii little dude." He sat happily move. I'm not shaped like a frog
was skewered in pain, had endured.
"Your mother's, long time, right? man really is. You're the father is not?" to the taste and so slowly 抽送.
I really did not have sex with her husband three years before getting married at all. I was married at the risk of it. I thought so too strong libido, I'd worry, and more.
found that expanding the body to the pain of the heat is comfortable, but he has been.
me, a virgin of course there is a bit less experience, have never felt so far, burning the body feel as confused.
"Eh? What? this" SEX aware until then that I no pleasure for the confusion.
"Sure, your mother's. Or, better teachers you say?" "sexual intercourse teacher is amazing, thank you"
while committing to embrace me as he groan囁Kimasu.
himself rather than complain about pain, but gradually become aware of the distance I noticed that feels aloud, and went soaring.
has 抽送 speed up his penis. Now I fainted. That "Itta" I'm that. He
disconnect from my penis, from the chest to face with hot semen erupted. found that for the first time in the sense of
was also taking off pajamas on the meantime.

H is the son of

My son is 48 years old 21 years old. My husband is away from home I go to Osaka. The only living son and two. But now I love my son. Do not sleep with me and said I can hold my mother from her son there. Then my son's not to say that mother knows. Come here and really Shitakerya. I'm gonna be holding me. However, pain and say. And, rising up in bed with a naked floor took two to say, split the pot stuck to chin.

Advice thank you

I'm a little strange that he and his dating to marriage at the age of 28 I am 26 years old. Condo usually the sex - I use my menstrual come seeking the system must be burned in error. The very act of another dick to get rid of the smell after that is unique to you out of my dirty red is more difficult to come flowing dark red blood and semen button button. What do you think this guy?

Father and husband because of premature death

My husband is 32 years old 33 years old child of a heart attack on one is my husband but I was doing a small noodle shop owner and father is 62-year-old father also 居Masu that two girls who died 居Masu

my stomach but now six months pregnant with a child dwells
this child as soon as a child my father could not have a relationship between a child and made master of the living

is to say, I thought my father-寄Seyou himself to children in proportion to their parents after death (or not doing this noodle shop with me) husband's residence is said to I took it I lost my body is forced to respond after a father-

身Gomorimashi can have a relationship to the child's father a few times before I was cleaning up around a month thereafter

or father is (to the public that no child is Kurasou son and pregnant with me before this house, so Why do not you think we Oke) a month and he kept saying While I have a relationship with her husband certainly

calculation may no longer fit, but I'm never
become pregnant during father's good report

not pregnant now but is increasingly leaning father
feel they live in a baby that the father can not stand even the prospect as we returned home to live there anyway I do this and I think from the loneliness of a woman

and untimely death of my husband to forget it receives a request
father I've been sticking my belly is low frequency
Mature and enjoying the pleasures of

sorry ANATA

Doting husband, son

yuna himekawa[30048]
Morning and last night welcomed the anguish I was a little disturbed after her husband, and her husband ate breakfast in silence as none of the two went to work, I'm ready to go to school for my son touching the lower body blew a hug from behind the ear lobe gently approached, turning their son was surprised "What is your mother!" "will touch you" "What edge?" "I sleep when I'm up to panties get rid of an odious "act stupid to know my son and I said" To be honest from the get mad, "" ... "to punish you now" What punishment! "" the same thing to me things that you Just accept the clothes off, "took off one by one with red face, the skin was the same as her husband suffered a dick, hard, erect and strip off the skin and stretch gently grabbed Zurutsu changed from dick penis" One is that sex? "" Yeah, every day doing "my" Yes "pop semen ejaculation gushing and encourage speeding rubbing motion, feeling sticky and sour smell will swing for years, many times the glans 絞Ri上Ge fundamentally squeezing the last drop, "I'm not that far unfair to Mother," "Oh! seemed, were a chorus - I'll make it to the source," "Let me let me also that" mind "Alright -" a great success "Ne Ne to come home early from school after returning Okay" 送Ri出Shimashita said,

Brother masturbation

I noticed a strange thing to have in my bed my brother was 3 when I'm small. My brother was in 5th grade, was sleeping on bunk beds in the same room yet.
on bunk beds, the top older brother, but I was sleeping at the bottom, and sleeping at night because I wake up shaking the bed creaking as though poor racketeering. Poverty
to extortion, shaking it fast, but bit by bit strange I thought, I did not know at the time the men's masturbation, and my brother and wondering if there is a strange habit Mashita.
had solved the riddle of this, when I was small I have 4. I was sleeping when I woke up tickled the ribs. Opening the 薄目 under dim light bulb, saw a figure that someone has entered the rubber hand on my waist pajama pants brother.
I pretended to sleep for fear. Then, my brother, down in my pajamas, under the thin cloth 下Roshimashita well. Is exposed, just embarrassing. But, because my brother was taking a bath together, sometimes could be seen if you just stand still.
But it just did not finish. I stroked my brother 回Shimashita my shame at your fingertips. And the smell of the fingertip after 嗅Gimashita stroked. Oh, embarrassing mess. I think that, my brother, my trousers and pants 下Roshimashita.
standing. . . Yes. What my brother, I was on pins and facing bigger. And little by little He started moving his right hand holding it.
vibration, I did. Secret is finally solved. Lower body while watching my brother have nothing on, hands kept moving. My brother is moving
hand, to kiss away my shame, my tongue licking and Namemashita. It was honestly a little entranced 気持Chi良Ki.
After a while, stopped moving, I saw that rely on tissue by pinching the tip. And saw a little liquid from spilling tissue.
brother, pants 拭Ki取Rimashita spills. Me and my clothes and picking up the pieces.
say that masturbation is about boys, you know something read in a magazine had the chance to look at is the first time. Now, extortion and poor brother, also solved the mystery of tissue boxes placed at the bedside of the bed you.
of or seen or touched but are embarrassed, and really thought lick it again I want to feel good.
from it, sometimes naughty night continued. I am also wearing underwear and cute little easier and a little opening to see a bit of leg, with some wickedly provoking her brother.
end, and I was so afraid of his brother who had been placed from, so I started the fifth and physiological, and became his brother to sleep in separate rooms, naughty naughty brother finished.


Body and come looking for her husband at a time from a baby, my son is only a state doting housekeeper, had taken an interest in the body of her son and a 16, I'm lying in bed shaking come to touch your body, grasp the nipple rub touching the breast'm putting her hand into the blanket, but I'm expecting nervous, feeling the difference between good and touching yourself, then go fast in my mind I think, come wet At this point I finally came to the pubic hair, clitoris Ijiru clumsy, while barely touching the fingers into folds by hand apart from the breast meat, and my hand moves Pikun stop, and 脱Geta Sururi not work moves a little when the aims and panties 脱Gasou, annoying "舐Mero early" thinking and spreading a leg, hitting his head on her son came into her husband at the time the door opens went out, but unfortunately it was a little later ~

What plaything

Intersection of the father in years and was a New Year's Eve last year I feel like doing the
, her mother passed away two years ago was 60 years old
father, 30-year-old I would not
交Waritai and I thought that since I was gently if you want to change it now since the father passed some time after the first death anniversary of her mother.

I've seen it but my father's brother
I saw my father opened the little sliding door leading to Imashitara father one day and like a beast in the back I know I'm from the state toward the neutral
I seriously looked at it but I'm determined from Yogatsu hips moving frantically, perhaps might have been mistake < br> I'm sure so telling.

Imashitara kotatsu watching television in the afternoon and passed a few days to visit their father
uncle, father was away, so unfortunately they went out and now I have not put I, said he has two back four o'clock, and told, came in saying so? kotatsu Okay, come to touch my thigh in the kotatsu a moment I was talking about The tan
Well, it is useless uncle comes to touch ~ but I still laugh once and re-sit, uncle, please stop joking, I saw my Iimashitara and Ayako, and eyes that glare
said, I do not know what I'm saying what I tried
do? Yes I would say
the hue you big brother, that is not doing with my brother yesterday and today
from when I came into my mind at that time was told that , the silence became bright red faces down
Imashitara, do not worry the talk, you know that I put into

alongside kotatsu uncle and finally
I cross the two, father still does not know a woman who lives
further two men are not even potatoes
husband to feel connected with me every day I'm afraid even Uncle Masu

sex life with her husband is at most three times or place in January but now I feel
frank is the three men since her husband left for work <br > com com comes naturally wet and see the faces of the father, the
Worse than We went from hugging me better, you might get three days to one day get potatoes, then becomes and what attitude is the feeling I get as

father is calling right now, go now ~ I replied
is now also being com com